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Topic: Air Canada Concorde
Username: ILS
Posted 2001-11-09 18:53:51 and read 2516 times.

I found information that AC ordered 4 Concordes, but then cancelled the order. When was this and why did they cancel?

Topic: RE: Air Canada Concorde
Username: Airman99o
Posted 2001-11-09 18:55:15 and read 2473 times.

It cost too much. In regards to fuel and range.

Topic: RE: Air Canada Concorde
Username: GOT
Posted 2001-11-09 19:07:56 and read 2455 times.

Lots of airline ordered the Concorde, for example i think Singapore and American did it. But they got cold feet and the only buyers became Air France and British Airways, since the a/c was developed in France and the UK.


Topic: RE: Air Canada Concorde
Username: GDB
Posted 2001-11-09 19:26:42 and read 2428 times.

1973 oil crisis, big cost of the new widebodies entering service then, no supersonic flight overland, hostility from the Nixon administration and the rise in anti-noise protests.
Actually, only BA and AF ever ordered, the rest were just options.
Go to for a drawing of a pre-production Concorde in AC colours. 4 were optioned.
Shame they cancelled, could have been viable on routes to the UK and France from the late 70's.

Topic: RE: Air Canada Concorde
Username: Teva
Posted 2001-11-09 19:42:44 and read 2394 times.

GDB, this is a perfect answer.
For the other members of the forum, do you know that even Flying Tigers had options and wanted to use them to start express freight?
Could have been very interesting... Remember, at the time of the options, Fedex was only in the dreams of Frd Smith....Express industry we know didn't exist....
Maybe FT would still fly today???


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