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Topic: The Media And Air Disasters
Username: B727
Posted 2001-11-14 18:24:47 and read 2083 times.

Does anyone here get the impression that Don Henley knew what he was talking about when he wrote Dirty Laundry? Specifically:

"We got the bubble-headed bleach-blonde, she comes on at five, she can tell ya bout the plane crash, with a gleam in her eye, it's interesting when people die, give us dirty laundry."

It seems to me that the second an air disaster occurs, the media literally falls all over itself getting anything, of substance or not, onto the air, just so they have something to say. Hell, CNN was calling the Airbus that crashed Monday a 767 until someone decided to actually find out what it was. That took a good two hours alone.

The media in this country has played fast and loose with the truth ever since someone told them we were really serious about freedom of speech. Someone should have suggested that they avoid saying anything until they had something to say.

Not once in all of this media hype about the crash have I heard them mention that more people die in cars in the USA every day than you can fit legally in a 737. Every day. You have a better chance of dying on your way to the airport, than you do once you get on board. Why, if the media is so concerned about the effect on traveller confidence after these crashes, have we not heard that statistic? Because the truth is not sexy. Hype, hype, hype.
So lets let the NTSB (the professionals) do their job, and wait for some credible information.


Topic: RE: The Media And Air Disasters
Username: Singapore_Air
Posted 2001-11-14 18:36:16 and read 2062 times.

I thought the coverage of the SIA006 crash was quite well done. By the BBC anyway.

Topic: RE: The Media And Air Disasters
Username: FearlessLeader
Posted 2001-11-14 18:45:36 and read 2054 times.

I have to agree, the media in America is really terrible at waiting for the facts to report, before going ahead and reporting.

Topic: RE: The Media And Air Disasters
Username: LGB Photos
Posted 2001-11-14 19:20:37 and read 2048 times.

I hate the god damn US media. It is because of them that this stupid nation is scared sh**less about the anthrax crap and about flying. I believe that the British have some of the best news coverage(BBC rocks!!) as well as putting out some of the best aviation books(Air Britain) and magazines(Propliner/Airliner World). I wish that some of the US news reporters could be slapped with a large tuna once in a while. Big grin


Topic: RE: The Media And Air Disasters
Username: COPTER808
Posted 2001-11-14 20:31:10 and read 2022 times.

I suspect that people (media in this case), just want to jump in and be the first to report the "facts"! Problem is, that they don't have the "facts" yet.

Same thing happens here on the forum. Take the time to locate the initial thread on both the recent NYC crash and the 9/11 events. Makes interesting reading--now that we have the facts.

Topic: RE: The Media And Air Disasters
Username: FearlessLeader
Posted 2001-11-18 16:57:09 and read 2000 times.

I must say that the BBC has never failed to impress me with their high degree of professionalism. It saddens and embarrasses me that the American media does not measure up to the standard set by our most worthy neighbors across the sea. Some of the things they say make me cringe (okay, most of the things).

Anyhow, I'd suggest to everyone that when a crash story breaks, you just try to get your own data from reliable websites to augment the piss-poor reporting.

A spoonful of truth makes the tripe spoon-fed to us Americans by our news media a lot easier to pass on.

Aaaaaanyhow, back to our regularly scheduled aviation stuff...

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