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Topic: Some Very Odd Flight You Might Want To Know
Username: ILS
Posted 2001-12-09 06:31:48 and read 3228 times.

Unusual Flights (Most Discontinued)
Portland-Seattle-JFK-Frankfurt TWA 767-200ER
Paris CDG-Boston-St. Louis TWA 767-200ER
Vancouver-Seattle-Chicago-Boston United DC-10
Newark-Tokyo-Taipei United 747-200
Orlando-Miami-Caracas-Port of Spain United 757-200
London LGW-Detroit-Atlanta Delta L1011-500
Orlando-Frankfurt Delta L1011-500
Bangkok-Taipei-Seoul-Portland Delta MD-11
Washington IAD-Frankfurt Delta 767-300ER
Washington IAD-JFK-Frankfurt Delta A310-300
Atlanta-Pittsburgh-Toronto Delta 757-200
Mexico City-Orlando-Newark Delta 757-200
Ft. Lauderdale-Newark Delta 767-200
Atlanta-Boston-Montreal YUL Delta L1011
Toronto-Regina-Vancouver Canada 3000 A320
Vancouver-Whitehorse-Frankfurt Air Transat L1011-500
Vienna-Munich-Miami Lauda Air 777-200
Zurich-Washington IAD Austrian A310-300
Winnipeg-Toronto-Frankfurt-Vienna Air Canada L1011-500
Vancouver-Calgary-Newark Air Canada A320
Vancouver-Calgary-Glasgow Air Canada 767-200ER
Toronto-Zurich-Zagreb Air Canada L1011-500
Toronto-London-Bombay-Singapore Air Canada 747-200
Honolulu-Chicago-Newark United 747-200
Fairbanks-Anchorage-Chicago United 767-200
Los Angeles-Newark-Boston United DC-10
New York LGA-Chicago-Burbank United 767-200
Los Angeles-Boston-Hartford United DC-10
Chicago-Portland-Tokyo United 747-200
Denver-Honolulu-Hong Kong United DC-10
Cleveland-Chicago-Minneapolis United DC-10
Long Beach-Chicago-Ft. Lauderdale United DC-8
Chicago-Sacramento-San Francisco United 767-200
St. Louis-Washington IAD-Harrisburg TWA MD-80
St. Louis-Hartford-Portland, ME TWA MD-80
Toronto-Barbados Canadian DC-10-30
Toronto-Puerto Vallarta Canadian 767-300ER
Regina-Minneapolis Time Air F28
Reno-Los Angeles Northwest A320
Reno-San Diego Northwest A320
Reno-Seattle Northwest A320
Minneapolis-Chicago Northwest 747-200
Seoul-Manila Northwest 727
Seoul-Taipei Northwest 727
Toronto-Milwaukee Northwest 757-200
Ft. Lauderdale-Quebec City Air Transat L1011
Paris CDG-Quebec City Air Transat L1011
Manchester-New York JFK-Toronto British Airways 757-200
Toronto-Los Angeles Air Canada 747-400
London, ONT-Orlando Canadian 737-200
Saskatoon-Phoenix Canadian 737-200
Edmonton-Palm Springs Canadian 737-200
Toronto-Anchorage-Hong Kong Canadian DC-10-30
Toronto-Calgary-Tokyo Canadian DC-10-30
Victoria-Reno Canadian 737-200
Kelowna-Kamloops-Reno Canadian 737-200
Vancouver-Reno Canadian 767-300ER
Saskatoon-Regina-Las Vegas Canadian 737-200
Winnipeg-Los Cabos-Mazatlan Canadian 737-200 Winnipeg-Puerto Vallarta Canadian A320

The Delta MD-11 Bangkok-Taipei-Seoul-Portland and the Manchester-New York JFK-Toronto British Airways 757-200 both shocked me. This is very interesting. Some flights that people may not know about. Anyway, just FYI.

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Topic: RE: Some Very Odd Flight You Might Want To Know
Username: MAH4546
Posted 2001-12-09 07:04:19 and read 3094 times.

UA's Orlando-Miami-Caracas-Port of Spain flight is now O'Hare-Miami-Caracas. Does not go to POS anymore. Lauada's VIE-MUC-MIA flight was a codeshare with LH, which brought in the MUC passengers. Flight suspended for winter. In the spring, they will either re-start it or LH will takeover MIA-MUC. Some more routes:

Lima-Guayquil-Miami AeroContinente 762

Santiago-Punta Cana-Miami LanChile 763

Vienna-Orlando-Puerto Plata Lauda 763 (discontinued)

Amsterdam-Miami-San Jose Martinair 763

Miami-London Gatwick Delta L1011 (disc)

Miami-Frankfurt Delta L1011 (disc)

Miami-Port Au Prince-Pointe Pitre-Fort de France-Cayenne Air France A320 and ERJ

Caracas-Fort de France Air France A320

Miami-San Pedro Sula-San Salvador Iberia A319

Cape Town-Ft. Lauderdale-Atlanta SAA 744

Helsinki-Bangor-Ft. Lauderdale Finnair 752

Dusseldorf-Ft. Meyers LTU 763

Topic: RE: Some Very Odd Flight You Might Want To Know
Username: Bacardi182
Posted 2001-12-09 09:22:00 and read 3032 times.

montreal-chicago-san antonio AA MD-80

Topic: RE: Some Very Odd Flight You Might Want To Know
Username: Brains
Posted 2001-12-09 10:37:30 and read 3018 times.

whats so odd about PWM, its in the top 100 airports in the country?  Smile Anyway, the St. Louis-BDL-PWM TWA MD-80 route has been discontinued as of the AA buyout.

Topic: RE: Some Very Odd Flight You Might Want To Know
Username: AFa340-300E
Posted 2001-12-09 11:32:23 and read 3003 times.


Wasn't there a LHR-YUL-PIT route by British Airways using 747-100s?

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Topic: RE: Some Very Odd Flight You Might Want To Know
Username: Islander
Posted 2001-12-09 11:43:55 and read 2999 times.

Alain Mengus

I think the BA route was LHR-YUL-DTW.

Topic: RE: Some Very Odd Flight You Might Want To Know
Username: David_itl
Posted 2001-12-09 13:39:18 and read 2987 times.

BA never repeat never operated MAN-JFK-YYZ using 757s. Primarily because (a) operated only a few long-haul flights - arround 10 a year - from MAN used 757s and (b) they stopped serving YYZ from MAN in 1980.

The regional long-haul flights from BA in the mid-1990s were:

GLA-JFK-BOS using 757s
BHX-JFK-YYZ using 757s
MAN-YYZ using 767s
MAN-LAX using 767s

They marketed a through route to BOS from JFK to MAN passengers.

But if you want an odd flight from MAN, try Air Seychelles 767s in 1994/5 to Seychelles.

David/MAN: 228 and counting

Topic: RE: Some Very Odd Flight You Might Want To Know
Username: YKA
Posted 2001-12-09 14:16:15 and read 2972 times.

Kelowna-Kamloops-Reno Canadian 737-200 was way cool, I still remember seeing CP 737s then. I think they should bring that route back.

Topic: RE: Some Very Odd Flight You Might Want To Know
Username: FlyDLjets
Posted 2001-12-09 19:38:19 and read 2934 times.

When DL took over Pan Am's north atlantic routes, we got all kinds of screwball PAA leftovers. Initally the CLE-DTW-LGW route was with A310-300's then Delta transitioned it to L-1011's. We had some Miami routes leftover, to FRA and LGW but those didn't last too long. I am kind of curious how a DL A310 would look in the wavy-gravy colors arent you? Big grin

Topic: RE: Some Very Odd Flight You Might Want To Know
Username: JetCaptain
Posted 2001-12-09 21:26:22 and read 2914 times.

A few others off the top of my head,

JesAir, A310, Sofia, Bulgaria nonstop to Ottawa, Canada.

KLM, B744, Amsterdam-Halifax-Ottawa.

Eastern, L1011, Toronto nonstop to Buffalo.

US Air, DC9, Toronto nonstop to Erie, PA.

US Air, DC9 and B737, Cleveland nonstop to Montreal Dorval.

Braniff, DC8, Montreal Dorval-Toronto-Dallas.

Pan Am, L1011, London nonstop to New Orleans.

Eastern, L1011, Miami to Ft. lauderdale.

Eastern, L1011 and A300, Ottawa nonstop to Baltimore.

A few airlines also operated jet service between San Fransisco and Oakland.

Alaska Airlines, MD80, Los Angeles nonstop to Toronto.

EL AL connecting service from Montreal Mirabel nonstop to Chicago, Boston and Miami, operated by a First Air B727-100 using an "EL AL" radio callsign.

Sabena connecting service from Montreal Mirabel to Detroit, operated by a First Air B727-100 using a "Sabena" radio callsign.

Air Canada, B747, Montreal Mirabel to Moscow, USSR.

Before the RJ's United used to operate jet service to every State. B737's to Deleware but I can't remember what airport and from where.

Air Flordia, DC10, Miami nonstop to London, Paris and Frankfurt.

Pan Am, B747, service to Tehran, Iran. Did they ever fly to Bagdad ?

Keep em coming ........

Topic: RE: Some Very Odd Flight You Might Want To Know
Username: Greenjet
Posted 2001-12-09 23:55:54 and read 2867 times.

Continental 757-200: Shannon - Newark - Las Vegas

Topic: RE: Some Very Odd Flight You Might Want To Know
Username: Redngold
Posted 2001-12-10 00:34:41 and read 2852 times.

NW DC-9 Flight number goes Cleveland-Detroit-Saginaw but the aircraft goes Cleveland-Detroit-Allentown PA


Topic: RE: Some Very Odd Flight You Might Want To Know
Username: CVG777
Posted 2001-12-10 04:13:10 and read 2820 times.

Amsterdam-Miami-Aruba Martinair 763ER

Atlanta-Albany,NY-Portland, ME Delta 727-200 (disc)

Atlanta-Providence, RI-Bangor Delta MD88 (disc)

Portland, OR-Seattle, WA-New York JFK Delta 767-300ER (soon to be operated, if not already)

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