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Topic: Finnair To Lease A320 Aircraft (again?)
Username: Dragon Lady
Posted 2001-12-14 13:54:38 and read 2164 times.

Finnair has leased two A320 aircraft from Boullioun Aviation Services and one A320 from S.A.L.E. The aircraft are to be delivered in 1Q2002.

Speednews reported som time ago that AY had leased three A320 and one A321 from ILFC to be delivered in 2003. Does anybody know if this deal still stands (AY has not announced anything about theese a/c)?


Topic: RE: Finnair To Lease A320 Aircraft (again?)
Username: TransSwede
Posted 2001-12-14 15:57:27 and read 2104 times.

I assume this is just a part of their ongoing DC-9/MD-80 replacement plan.

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