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Topic: Best Airline to Rome/Athens
Username: John Redmond
Posted 1999-01-06 03:54:27 and read 1847 times.

We'll be going to Rome and Athens this summer. What airline is best to fly to Rome and then from Rome to Athens, or vice versa. Probably have to leave from IAD or RIC. Who has the best safety record? Thanks.

Topic: RE: Best Airline to Rome/Athens
Username: FAUnited7
Posted 1999-01-06 04:12:40 and read 1841 times.

I would of course say United, and they do have a 99% clear INTERNATION safety rate, with only 1 incident. You would use IAD, that being on of our hubs. I would also recomend Alitlaia, they have lots of service. My suggestion is IAD is the waay to go. Well, enjoy your flight. You'll have to double check on that United flights to Rome, I am not sure they still exist. Have fun

Topic: RE: Best Airline to Rome/Athens
Username: Laura Watson
Posted 1999-01-06 21:15:02 and read 1844 times.

UA unfortuately does not have service to Rome or Athens anymore. If you want to leave directly from IAD, take BA thru LHR or LH thru FRA. If you don't mind going thru JFK, DL flies to both Athens & Rome non stop. TWA does, too. Have a great trip !

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