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Topic: CO 764
Username: B764
Posted 2002-01-08 03:33:58 and read 1668 times.

I noticed that initially CO used the new B764 on routes to LGW & CDG. Will they ever be used again on the EWR & IAH routes to Europe?

Topic: RE: CO 764
Username: ContinentalEWR
Posted 2002-01-08 03:38:37 and read 1607 times.

Yes, probably. They were moved off those routes for two reasons. Immediately after 9/11, Continental cut flight schedules by 20%, grounded and retired its DC
10-30 fleet, which were operating Hawaii flights from
EWR and IAH. The 767-400's were needed to fill the
gap in the Hawaii and Guam markets where the DC10
used to operate.

The 764 was used on one of two daily EWR-CDG flights which was suspended after 9/11. The 764 also operated on the daylight EWR-LGW flight, which was downgraded to a 757 after 9/11 and now operates with a 762 but in the evening. It has replaced the VS flight that used to depart at 6:30pm.

The 764 was going to be used on the planned IAH-AMS route that begins in May but Continental will now use the 767-200 it is rumored.

The 764's are slated to be reintroduced in Atlantic service this summer, to Ireland (SNN and DUB from EWR). The airline is going to take delivery of 6-8 this year. EWR-FRA is going to be a 764 by summertime, replacing the 762. This route used to be a 777.

The 764's also operated from EWR to GRU pre 9/11, and now that flight goes out with a 762. The 764 also operated to MAD from EWR on occasion.


Topic: RE: CO 764
Username: B764
Posted 2002-01-08 04:02:12 and read 1576 times.

Thanks for the info. I'm planning a trip to CDG and would like to fly on CO's B764 if they will be returning to Paris. What type of inflight services are offered on the 764? It's a very sharp looking aircraft in CO colors!


Topic: RE: CO 764
Username: ILS
Posted 2002-01-08 04:42:18 and read 1544 times.

Everything is available on the 764 that their is on a 772.

Topic: RE: CO 764
Username: Afitch7881
Posted 2002-01-08 06:56:20 and read 1497 times.

32' Seat pitch in coach, ptv's with games and movie selection. Biz first is the same as the 777, 762, which is a great product with 180 degree recline and tons of legroom.


Topic: RE: Afitch7881
Username: Redeye
Posted 2002-01-10 17:14:32 and read 1435 times.

BizFirst is great, but it's not a fully-flat sleeper on either the 777 or 767. It's more like 150 deg recline. The seat pitch is 55", which I don't think would allow for 180 recline...

Topic: RE: ContinentalEWR
Username: Redeye
Posted 2002-01-10 17:17:11 and read 1436 times.

Is IAH-AMS really looking like it will be a 762 instead of a 764? Even with the KLM codeshare? BTW, Do you know if there is any chance IAH-GRU-GIG might go to 764?

Topic: RE: CO 764
Posted 2002-01-10 20:02:09 and read 1378 times.

I would sure hope that IAH-GRU-GIG is changed to a 764. As far as I know, the flight has very good loads, so it would make sense for CO to upgrade, especially when it coes to the holiday season.
I'm not too sure about if the planned IAH-AMS will be a 762 or a far as I know, it will be the latter.

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