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Topic: Cuban Stowaway Found Wandering On Toronto Tarmac
Username: Mcdougald
Posted 2002-01-21 16:09:46 and read 2151 times.

From the Toronto Star this morning:

Cuban stowaway found at Pearson

Man likely hid in luggage compartment of Air Transat plane

By Mira Oberman
Toronto Star Staff Reporter

Immigration officials are interrogating a man who appears to have stowed away in the baggage compartment of an Air Transat flight from Cuba.
The man, apparently a Cuban citizen, was spotted wandering on the tarmac at Pearson Airport shortly before 3 a.m. said Sergeant Russ Anderson of Peel Regional police. Medical staff determined the man had suffered no serious effects from the journey.

"(He) was handed over to immigration," Anderson said, adding that airport employees found him wandering around near the plane and suspect he was hiding in the baggage compartment.

Anderson said stowaways are quite rare at Pearson, but not unprecedented.

On February 19, 1990 two stowaways from Trinidad were discovered in the wheel well of a BWIA International Lockheed L1011. The two men suffered from hypothermia and were both later deported.

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