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Topic: Eow?
Username: Afreedma
Posted 2002-01-22 01:30:28 and read 3965 times.

On US Airways Shuttle the safety card reads: "Airbus A320 EOW." What does the EOW stand for? Extended Over Water? Does this have anything to do with ETOPS, because I didn't think the A320 was ETOPS certified. Thanks for your help!

Topic: RE: Eow?
Username: USflt1778
Posted 2002-01-22 03:50:30 and read 3945 times.

These aircraft are equipped with additional safety equipment, such as liferafts and lifevests, which allows them to be used for over-water flying. I'm sure there are other features, too...

US operates a number of 737s that cannot fly overwater (i.e., no Carribbean destinations). They have only seat cushion floatation devices; others are equipped with the lifevests and rafts.

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