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Topic: Westjet Adds The Route Again
Username: Fly_yhm
Posted 2002-01-22 22:09:51 and read 2365 times.



JANUARY 22, 2002 - 10:02 EST

WestJet Announces Non-Stop Jet Service From Winnipeg to

CALGARY, ALBERTA--WestJet announced today that they will be
reinstating their Winnipeg-Regina service effective March 4, 2002.
WestJet will offer 12 non-stop flights between Winnipeg and
Regina weekly with one-way fares starting as low as $84.

Bill Lamberton, WestJet's Vice President, Marketing and Sales,
said today: "We are very pleased to offer more and more services
for the residents of Winnipeg and Manitoba. Winnipeg is rapidly
becoming a major focus city for WestJet. Our expected growth in
our Winnipeg hub will see WestJet increase guest traffic by 50 per
cent in 2002, offering 11 non-stop destinations from Winnipeg."

WestJet serves the 20 Canadian cities of Victoria, Comox,
Vancouver, Abbotsford/Fraser Valley, Prince George, Kelowna,
Calgary, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Fort McMurray, Saskatoon,
Regina, Winnipeg, Thompson, Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie, Thunder
Bay, Hamilton, Ottawa and Moncton. WestJet will be adding service
to London, Ontario beginning February 7, 2002. WestJet operates a
fleet of 27 Boeing 737 aircraft, featuring four state-of-the-art
next-generation 737-700 aircraft. The airline will be adding a
fifth 737-700 aircraft to its fleet in February 2002. WestJet is
publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol


Siobhan Vinish (Pronounced Sha-von)
Director, Public Relations and Communications
(403) 444-2615
(403) 444-2261 (FAX)

Why do they add this route then take it way then add it again or did they say that this is a seaonal run?

Also whats this about winnipeg being a hub. I guess that guys who keeps thinking that it is was right?

Topic: RE: Westjet Adds The Route Again
Username: Mcdougald
Posted 2002-01-22 22:32:33 and read 2317 times.

I suspect scheduling was the problem with YWG-YQR the first time around. The eastbound flight was in the morning, arriving in YWG around 8:30 a.m. The westbound flight was at something like 10:30 p.m.

Say you worked for a company in Winnipeg and had to go to a Tuesday meeting in Regina. You couldn't have taken Westjet unless you left Winnipeg late Monday night, spent two nights in Regina, and finally returned early Wednesday morning.

If I were a leisure traveler, going to YQR to visit my relatives out there for a long (Saturday-Monday) weekend, I would have had to leave late Friday night and then return either Monday morning (thus losing the day) or Tuesday morning (and go straight to the office from the airport).

This time, the westbound flight (leaving YWG just after 6 p.m.) is better-timed, though the eastbound trip (leaving YQR at 7:20 a.m.) might not be so convenient for the same reasons as above.

Topic: RE: Westjet Adds The Route Again
Username: Ywg777
Posted 2002-01-23 01:36:45 and read 2289 times.

Well I wasn't expecting Westjet to announce a hub in YWG. I didn't think our airport had that kinda of traffic. Now we can all say Westjet has 3 hubs in Canada. Calgary (western hub) Winnipeg (central hub) and Hamilton (eastern hub). I think Westjet will like what Winnipeg has to offer them as well as this will be the year for Winnipeg as we continue to get more westjet flights. All I can is I am a big westjet fan right now and hope that YWG continues to grow with more and more westjet flights. I can see a expansion to take place on the westjet side of the airport hopefully this year or next year. Any thoughts?
I also argree that the Regina route is comming back that is a good thing for the 2 cities as AC totally domenated it during the winter. Well that sure will change come march.


Topic: RE: Westjet Adds The Route Again
Username: Fallingeese
Posted 2002-01-23 01:44:28 and read 2286 times.

Mcdougald-I remember the times to Regina were horrible.

Westjet doesn't do a hub and spoke system, they are point to point. So in a sense they don't really have hubs. Though YYC, YWG, YHM are all key WJ service locations. YYC's Westjet terminal expansion is underway.

Topic: RE: Westjet Adds The Route Again
Username: Ywg777
Posted 2002-01-23 06:01:14 and read 2263 times.

I think its a good thing that finally YWG gets what it deserves. I just hope they continue to add flights. I thinkWAA may need to start a expansion project sooner then expected with this announcement.

Topic: RE: Westjet Adds The Route Again
Username: AC183
Posted 2002-01-24 05:22:52 and read 2238 times.

It appears the YQR schedule is the same lousy times. After the daylight savings time switch, the flight leaves YQR at 06:20. For a carrier like WestJet - with lots of casual travellers - who wants to leave on a leisure flight at 06:20??? Even business travellers aren't going to be too enamoured with departing quite that early. The connecting network east of YWG may make this flight somewhat more attractive, but IMO they really need a midmorning or early afternoon flight with good connections if they want to appeal to their clientele (I'm think a schedule more like the Saskatoon run...). Either that, or add another roundtrip to offer evening departures and morning arrivals at YQR, and move back the schedule of this flight to depart at least at 07:20 or 07:45.

Topic: RE: Westjet Adds The Route Again
Username: BO__einG
Posted 2002-01-24 05:24:51 and read 2239 times.

Wait til Spring comes. Or when they get another 700 plane.

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