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Topic: Questions On The Future Of Westjet
Username: JU101
Posted 2002-02-01 00:49:13 and read 2867 times.

I was recently informed that Westjet aircraft do not provide meals, music or television on any of their flights. Can someone confirm this?

Furthermore, do you people think that the Canadian government will provide indirect support for Westjet so that the monopoly of Air Canada over the Canadian civil aviation industry is decreased? What do you see as Westjets future at YYZ?

And finally, do you think Westjet is a worthy airline to invest in these days?

Topic: RE: Questions On The Future Of Westjet
Username: Dash8King
Posted 2002-02-01 00:52:04 and read 2857 times.

Yes they are no-frills and that doesn't bug me one bit. I bring my music and my food and that way I know I like what I am getting.

I would not invest with them right now however as they are something like 13 times the p/e ratio but they have a promising future. I think they currently trade at 25 bucks or around there.

Topic: RE: Questions On The Future Of Westjet
Username: Fallingeese
Posted 2002-02-01 01:37:20 and read 2848 times.

Westjet is a no frills carrier. The serve drinks and bags of pretzels, which is the same as half the Air Canada flights. Westjet's net worth is around 3 times larger than Air Canada. They have a value of over a billion dollars. Their stock price is at $25, while Air Canada's is at $5. When the goevernment was providing aid for Sept. 11th (This was when MIlton said he would need 4 billion) Beddoe said no thanks to government help. They turned another profit this quarter. The second largest profit in North America.

Westjet's future in YYZ will be a transcontinental base. The Eastern hub is going to stay in YHM due to 40% lower operating costs. The 6 slots in YYX are to be used as flights to YYC 2, YEG 2, YVR 1, and YXX 1. I see Westjet doing very well on these routes.

Westjet has a great future ahead of it.

Topic: RE: Questions On The Future Of Westjet
Username: JU101
Posted 2002-02-02 02:11:50 and read 2834 times.

Thanks for the information.

Does Westjet have any plans in opening its services to USA?

In the long run, Westjet should consider tapping into the long range market, particularly linking Canada with Asia.

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