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Topic: Gulf Air CEO Sacked
Username: Qatar
Posted 2002-02-16 04:23:43 and read 3662 times.

Seems like more problems in Gulf Air

Gulf Air CEO sacked; Qatari tipped for job
Web posted at: 2/16/2002 3:26:22

Source ::: The Peninsula

Ibrahim Abdullah

DOHA: The Board of Directors of Gulf Air meeting in Muscat on Wednesday decided to relieve Ibrahim Abdullah Al Hamar from the post of the airline’s chief executive officer and chair-man, an Arabic newspaper repor-ted here yesterday.

The newspaper said Abdul Aziz Al Nuaimi, former director of the Department of Civil Aviation in Qatar, was one of the strongest conte-nders for the post along with other prominent aviation personalities from the GCC states.

The airline is owned by Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and Abu Dhabi. The airline has been facing a financial crunch and the board has appointed Simat, Helliesen & Eichner (SH&E), an international air transport consul-tancy, to introduce a plan to restructure the company and increase its profi-tablity, the newsp-aper added.

The board of Directors also took a set of significant decisions to reva-mp the company following the deterioration in revenues which began about two years ago, the Arabic newspaper said.

Topic: RE: Gulf Air CEO Sacked
Username: Kdonohue
Posted 2002-02-16 19:09:22 and read 3546 times.

How come other gulf news agencies haven't picked this story up if it is true? I sensing that it would be bigger news.

Topic: RE: Gulf Air CEO Sacked
Username: Hoffa
Posted 2002-02-16 19:50:28 and read 3537 times.

Gulf is in a lot of trouble these days...seems there can be no way to deal with Emirates which is already 3 times the size.

The only answer is to do away with this "4 hubs" nonsense and focus only on Bahrain as an international hub with shuttle service to DOH, AUH, MCT. BUt of course, since Qatar, Abu Dhabi, and Oman each control 25% of GF, they will never let it happen.

Topic: RE: Gulf Air CEO Sacked
Username: GF-A330
Posted 2002-02-16 19:58:24 and read 3533 times.

Mr Hamer tried his best. He had a very focussed agenda of what he was going to do when he joined. He had bright ideas for the airline, and now I presume they have failed. Oh well atleast he tried.

Also the Vice President resigned a few weeks ago. He was the German guy who had previously worked for Lufthansa. He had enough and decided to resignate.

I hope the new CEO the very best.

Topic: RE: Gulf Air CEO Sacked
Username: Eg777er
Posted 2002-02-17 12:15:14 and read 3495 times.

This is not true.

Hamer is still there.

German who resigned was VP Ops and had been over promoted anyway.

Hoffa, your last point may come true within the next 4 months.

Dunno about EK being 3x the size - GF still carries 5+ million passengers a year.

Topic: RE: Gulf Air CEO Sacked
Username: Qatar
Posted 2002-02-17 12:29:06 and read 3489 times.

It is true

Topic: RE: Gulf Air CEO Sacked
Username: Qatar
Posted 2002-02-17 16:06:55 and read 3474 times.

Hoffa you are wrong.

Let me explain

Once upon a time there was an airline called Gulf Air operating out DOH, BAH, AUH and MCT hubs. It was succesfull because it was the only airline serving these hubs with a lot of flights on key routes. They didn't have to worry about costs because the owners Bahrain, Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Oman will always cough up the money to support the airline. In Qatar and Oman to start ups were trying to gain market share in there own hubs and compete with Gulf Air. In the mid 90s service on Gulf Air tanked, the interior of there aircraft were poorly maintained and they had a very very poor on-time performance. So the pax in DOH and MCT decided to use the new start ups Oman Air and Qatar Airways as an alternative to GF. Oman Air and Qatar Airways grow. GF with there poor service and high cost structure can't compete with QR and WY and so they start to loose money and reduce service from the DOH and MCT. Some countries are to tired of covering the losses of GF while their own airlines are very succesfull. Qatar wanted to withdraw from GF but political pressure is taking preventing them from doing so.

I have to disagree with Hoffa I think that GF should keep BAH and AUH simply because they are well established there and there are no airlines based at BAH or AUH.

And about reduced service out of DOH and MCT it is happening.

DOH had a huge flight reduction from the pre-Qatar Airways GF schedule. Now they only operate (out of DOH) 2/3x weekly to AUH, 3x weekly to BAH a daily to DXB. Once weekly to BOM, KHI and JED

Topic: RE: Gulf Air CEO Sacked
Username: Eg777er
Posted 2002-02-17 18:23:56 and read 3459 times.

Qatar, I'm afraid that you are wrong. The board meeting reaffirmed support for Hamer and agreed on a plan to turn the airline's fortunes around.

And, your assesment of Gulf Air's problems is incorrect. It remains a very good airline as far as long-haul service standards are concerned. I have flown GF Business Class and Qatar First within a week of each other and Qatar First was nothing compared to GF Business.

If anything Gulf Air's problems have been caused by Qatari intrasigence about making a choice between Gulf Air and Qatar Airways - if they had sold their share rather than continually doing-down something that they owned Gulf Air might have been able to ditch the DOH and MCT hubs entirely, and concentrate on more profitable airports!

Topic: RE: Gulf Air CEO Sacked
Username: Qatar
Posted 2002-02-17 19:00:28 and read 3455 times.

Correction the 3x weekly to AUH and BAH is suposed to be 3x daily.


I guess you think that i mad up the the website for the Peninsula Qatar just to diss GF. First of all i have to remind you that the seating in the A340 First class was 62" pitch and the QR first class seating in the A300s is 80" that is why the GF A330s have 80" inch in first class. Second thing is that the QR and GF use exactly the same seat (manufacturer / model) in F class for their A300 and the A330-200 with exactly the same pitch. Second thing is QR J class has more seat pitch in than GF business in fact it has the biggest seat pitch in business of any gulf carrier.

Secong thing is i am a member of the ruling family of Qatar and i know quite a few people in the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority), Qatar Airways, the local newspapers, al-jazeera , ministries etc....(which audits GF), GF country manager is also a member of the ruling family and so we are related (very far). I am also related (not very close though) with the main shareholder of QR and Air Gulf Falcon and so even though i am a teenager i have good background knowledge of the aviation scene in the Gulf and especially in Qatar.

Now You might of taken a flight in QR first in 1999 when only one (afaik) of the A300 was refurbished in the new F class seats. EG777er have you taken a flight on GF A320's recently. The last time i flew GF was in March 2001, I took a flight from LHR-BAH-DOH. We were delayed in London for about 50mins we arrived in bahrain and boarded the A320 to DOH which was full btw. We were delayed nealry 2.5 hours with a different excuse every time i asked (engine problem, late passenger, security breach, lost baggage container etc. etc.) I sat on the A320 F class seat, the aisle carpet was torn there was grime in the arm rest, the little bin where you put cigarretes was filled with empty sun flower seats. The seat didn't recline at all and the arm rest was nearly detached on the seat and i was instructed by the F/A not to apply pressure on it. This was all in F class remember. I am not saying that GF is bad, I enjoy flying on there A330-200 and on long hauls there service was good but sometimes it can be inconsistent but on short haul flights they are terrible and the condition of there A320s and the B767 is appauling.

Eg777er where is your source that Mr. Al-Hamar had his contract extended. I have provided a source and have based my post (well the part about the sacking) on that source (which is The Peninsula Newspaper, Qatar)

I was on the first commercial flight of the Gulf Air B767-300ER, A340-300 and the A330-200 when they were delivered.

Topic: RE: Gulf Air CEO Sacked
Username: Eg777er
Posted 2002-02-17 20:12:46 and read 3445 times.

"It remains a very good airline as far as long-haul service standards are concerned."

This is what I said, and I will say it again. I agree with you, Gulf Air shorthaul is not very good - I flew their A320 DXB-BAH in August 2001 and the quality of the Business class seats is similar to what you describe in F! I can't make a comparison to QR A320s as I haven't been on one - their aircraft I'm sure are in a better condition as they are newer. What I'm saying is that GF service is better (in my opinion - but only based on a couple of flights, granted) than QR - I'm sure you'll agree that seat pitch is not everything. (Although I did fly an A340 on BAH-LHR last December that was looking a bit tired as well. The service and quality of seats etc I have had on the A330 is much better).

As to Mr. Al Hamer's alleged 'sacking', I have found nothing about this in either the Bahrain newspapers the Gulf Daily News and the Bahrain Tribune Or on the wider internet. Or on the Gulf Air website.

I have also contacted my contacts in Bahrain who are very close to Gulf Air. I am not willing to discuss these on an open forum, but if you email me in private (address in profile) we can discuss this further.

Topic: RE: Gulf Air CEO Sacked
Username: Kdonohue
Posted 2002-02-17 21:11:24 and read 3442 times.

Just received a press release from Gulf Air that names Ibrahim Abdullah Al Hamer as the CEO and comments on the airline's positive improvements in 2001.

Don't know what you've been smokin' Qatar?

Topic: RE: Gulf Air CEO Sacked
Username: Qatar
Posted 2002-02-18 04:35:20 and read 3421 times.

I am sorry everybody.

And eg777er I see your point and basically i don't like arguing and so let's end this arguing.

Kdonohue as i sad before, I have used the The Peninsula's (a respected local daily newspaper) website as my source i have not made up comments, and so as it turns i ain't smokin' anything. Now if it turns out to be false then i am really sorry but it is not my fault it is the newspapers fault.

 SmileI love Qatar Airways, I love Gulf Air, I love Emirates. Smile

Topic: RE: Gulf Air CEO Sacked
Posted 2002-02-18 04:59:34 and read 3423 times.

hey if you are the royal family why dont you just ask your big daddy Sheik Bin Khaliffa Oil Bin Mohammad Bin Petrol about whose really going to take over the job??

might be easier than relying on some newspaper with a website designed by a pakistani second grader.


Topic: RE: Gulf Air CEO Sacked
Username: Eg777er
Posted 2002-02-18 09:56:08 and read 3399 times.

Qatar, no hard feelings, I guess the 'Peninsula' must have been wrong.

Here's an article from the Gulf Daily News (Bahrain) today:

Cost-cutting saves BD11m for Gulf Air

JOB cuts, flight reductions and other cost-cutting campaigns saved Gulf Air BD11.3 million last year, it was revealed yesterday.

In total, 392 jobs were axed, including executive management posts, through cuts or early retirement, said Gulf Air president and chief executive Ibrahim Al Hamer.

"Business policies that were put into place have now shown positive results, and I look forward to further improvement," he said in a statement reviewing the year's performance.

"We have placed a strong emphasis on teamwork, reliability and pride in performance."

Gulf Air had been able to react quickly to the dramatic impact on traffic of the September 11 attacks in the US, said Mr Al Hamer.

"The rapid response in reducing capacity levels ensured that capacity remained balanced with traffic demands," he explained.

Restructuring, retraining and re-focusing of management and staff helped improve performances, according to the review.

It said that more than 73 per cent fewer passengers were denied boarding last month, compared with the same time last year.

Revised schedules and routes improved schedule efficiencies and reduced exposure to poor performing routes, said the statement.

Cargo achieved a 2.3 per cent increase in freight tonne kilometres, despite all the problems.


Topic: RE: Gulf Air CEO Sacked
Username: Qatar
Posted 2002-02-18 15:16:15 and read 3382 times.


You are correct i alsdo read Al-Watan a daily arabic newspaper here in Qatar and it carried a similar article. The Peninsula sometimes translates arabic articles into english because it has a cooperation agreement. In arabic the arabic article said "Mr. Al-Hamar was releived about his performance". So the translator in the peninsula probably thought it mean "Mr. Al-Hamar was releived [as in sacked] because of his performance"

I will act like an adult and appologise to eg777er and all the other members about posting this article without checking my sources first. I hope none of the members will suddenly think i am a liar, or a GF hater.


hey if you are the royal family why dont you just ask your big daddy Sheik Bin Khaliffa Oil Bin Mohammad Bin Petrol about whose really going to take over the job??

might be easier than relying on some newspaper with a website designed by a pakistani second grader.

I hope you don't become dissrespectful as somebody from the gulf could be offended at your stereotypes. Being a member of the ruling family in Qatar doesn't mean I am the Emir's son or that i am living in a palace with an oil well in my backyard. It means i am a decendant of Mohammed bin Thani who in the 19th century united Qatar and succesfully gained Qatar it's indpendence from the Turks and so the tribes of Qatar pledged there allegiance to him.
I live in a modest home, in a normal neighbourhood and no i don't see any oil wells any where around me, and anyways whats wrong with Qatar producing oil and selling it.

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