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Topic: Ryanair Denied Boarding
Username: Pressclub
Posted 2002-02-21 17:53:31 and read 2012 times.

A Ryanair captain refused yesterday evening the boarding of 50 Feyenoord supporters on a flight from Charleroi to Glasgow. The captain was affraid of problems with the guys after some 'turbulence' during the check-in.

I have never heard before that so many pax were denied boarding. Who knows more?

Topic: RE: Ryanair Denied Boarding
Username: Sabena 690
Posted 2002-02-21 18:36:53 and read 1949 times.

Hey pressclub,

I already heard that 50 pax or more were refused on a flight. But that happens almost never.

For drinks on flights of Ryanair, you must pay (and quiet a lot). Should they have bought so many drinks on the plane if they weren't refused on the flight? Possible, but the f/a can also refuse giving more alcoholic drinks on a flight. But I think, when a captain refuses pax on a flight, he must have a good reason.

Best regards,

Topic: RE: Ryanair Denied Boarding
Username: Apuneger
Posted 2002-02-21 18:42:31 and read 1931 times.

Well, it's their own responsibility. If they want to make a lot of noise during check-in or so, than they have to pay the consequences.

People often forget that flying isn't just a thing like taking a train or a bus. It can be very dangerous, especially when people don't behave like they should. I fully respect the captain, and I'm sure he made the right choice.


Topic: RE: Ryanair Denied Boarding
Username: Carduelis
Posted 2002-02-21 20:21:07 and read 1888 times.

A passenger who boards a British registered aircraft when drunk is committing a criminal offence, and Conditions of Carriage allow the airline to refuse travel.
It is the responsibility of passengers not to be drunk or get drunk on the aircraft. If they do so they are committing a criminal offence under the Air Navigation Order.
The crew may, at the absolute discretion of the Captain, remove alcohol (including a passenger's duty free supplies) for safe custody.
Failure to obey the lawful commands of the Captain is a criminal offence.

Topic: RE: Ryanair Denied Boarding
Username: LN-MOW
Posted 2002-02-21 21:56:50 and read 1850 times.

A few months back an entire planeload was refused transport from Glasgow to Belfast(?) after a Rangers-Celtic game .. was that easyJet??

Topic: RE: Ryanair Denied Boarding
Username: Prebennorholm
Posted 2002-02-21 23:42:40 and read 1818 times.

A friend of mine, who is a TAP F/O, told me the following episode which he experienced himself.

Some years ago a large Danish group - a couple off school classes - were in Portugal traveling on TAP. On the way out they played havoc on the plane and created the outmost discomfort to other passengers. The cabin looked like a disaster after deboarding in Lisbon.

On the way back home some days later it was another crew, but they had been told about their behaviour.

At the gate the leaders of the group were called. They were taken to a separate room.

There the captain told them that if the slightest episode happened on their way to Copenhagen, then he would turn around and land in Lisbon, they would deboard, be taken care of by police, TAP would never see them again, and there would of course be no refund.

There were some noisy arguments to which the captain said: "I have four stripes, it means two things, I give orders, and I don't listen". And then he left the room, leaving it to some flight attendants to show them the way to the gate again.

The flight to CPH was as silent as on a cargo plane, and the cabin hardly needed cleaning at CPH.

Regards, Preben Norholm

Topic: RE: Ryanair Denied Boarding
Username: LMML 14/32
Posted 2002-02-22 00:10:28 and read 1796 times.

Now there's a four striper with balls. I was punched by a drunken pap for refusing him on board but the gate agent got the worst of it by being thrown to the ground and kicked. These guys are now in court. I have no qualms offloading people who are deemed unfit to fly. Most pax are decent citizens and they expect to fly safely and comfortably. We have a duty towards these people and I can say that I am very scrupulous at that.

Topic: RE: Ryanair Denied Boarding
Username: Boeing727
Posted 2002-02-22 00:17:10 and read 1789 times.

Wasn't there a Tower Air flight that left a couple of years ago with over a hundred people still in the check in counter becasue they were not able to process them quickly enough for the scheduled departure?


Topic: RE: Ryanair Denied Boarding
Username: Bmi330
Posted 2002-02-22 00:31:21 and read 1780 times.

it was cause there is hevay threat of violence 4 the RANGERS v feanonord and there was a bit of crowed troble at the start when the feanord fans where wanten ta fight the police same 4 the RFC + cfc game can u imagen a righet 35000ft up

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