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Topic: IFE On KLM's 738's?
Username: JOSEMEX
Posted 2002-03-21 23:33:51 and read 1765 times.

In a couple of days I'll be flying KL MEX-AMS-MAD, the AMS-MAD leg being on a 738. Does anybody know if these aircraft have any kind of audio or video entertainment?

Also, do KLM serve Coke or Pepsi onboard their flights?

Thanks for your help.

Topic: RE: IFE On KLM's 738's?
Username: Gr325
Posted 2002-03-21 23:47:22 and read 1730 times.


Lat time I flew with KLM (06 jan 2002) they served coke on board and I was pleased. Because I think pepsi sucks.

About the in flight entertaining.

I am not really sure but from what I have heard the do have a entertaining program on board.


Topic: RE: IFE On KLM's 738's?
Username: CLEfan
Posted 2002-03-22 00:31:51 and read 1710 times.

Last time was also coke. The can they use for the coke is quite cool and funky looking. I took it home. I think I was on a 737-300 (cant remember) but there was no IFE for our flight. AMS-Berlin Tegel is a short flight, so i dont think they would use IFE on that route anyways.

Topic: RE: IFE On KLM's 738's?
Username: Aeromexico757
Posted 2002-03-22 01:06:11 and read 1698 times.

Hi Jose Manuel, I flew exactly the same flight like you 10 months ago in flight KL686 in a 744 from MEX to AMS, the entertainment was TV monitors on the bulk-head and audio channels.
Then in flight KL1705 in a 738, there is no entertainment at all, and for food just a sandwich a soda and an ice cream or chips, but you won´t be boring, just try to get a window seat and the view is fantastic.
Hava a great trip.

Topic: RE: IFE On KLM's 738's?
Username: Racers22
Posted 2002-03-22 02:38:14 and read 1671 times.

Last summer I flew a KLM 738 from CDG - AMS. There was no IFE, but the food onboard was great! Hope that you have a good flight!

Topic: RE: IFE On KLM's 738's?
Username: KL713
Posted 2002-03-23 21:01:13 and read 1638 times.

unfortunately, only the 747, 767 and MD11 at KLM have IFE

too bad not on the 737NG, like a lot of other European carriers have......

Topic: RE: IFE On KLM's 738's?
Username: Dutchjet
Posted 2002-03-23 22:26:17 and read 1622 times.

KL uses its 737s, including the new 738 and 739 aircraft, mainly on short-haul european services; flights rarely have a duration of more than 2.5 hours so the decision was make not to install an IFE system on the aircraft. I guess the decision makes sense, but I personally think it cheapens the product and makes even the newest planes feel old-fashioned. Also, if KLM ever decides to utilize the range of the 738s on routes to say, the middle-east, a key element of the inflight service is absent.

Even on a shorter segment in the US, such as NYC-Florida, which is about 2.5 hours, its sometimes nice to have a movie or the airline "magazine show" with tv shows and news as a distraction.

Topic: RE: IFE On KLM's 738's?
Username: Dexter
Posted 2002-03-24 01:32:16 and read 1597 times.

I flew KLM just over a month ago (MAN-AMS-VIE-AMS-MAN). I was really surprised that they didn't serve any food. Is this due to cost-cutting after 9/11 or has it always been like that? It's really weird, considering the fact that KLMuk serve hot dinner on their relatively short flights!
There was no IFE at all, which made the 737NG seem and old plane (I bet an average person, who doesn't know that 738 is actually a NG, would have thought KLM had a really old fleet, which certainly isn't a good thing for the airline's image!)
The service was pretty bad too on the AMS-VIE leg.

All in all, I wasn't too pleased with KLM to be honest (mostly because of delays), but wish you a pleaant flight.

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