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Topic: Older Aircrafts
Username: Flying-b773
Posted 2002-03-28 02:14:20 and read 808 times.

how economic viable is it to operate aircrafts like the B742, the B732, etc?

also, is it more viable to operate in large amount or small fleet? thought that maintainance for older aircrafts are very costly. why dont they change to newer versions.. (B742 - B744, B732 B736) etc.

Topic: RE: Older Aircrafts
Username: Iflewrepublic
Posted 2002-03-28 02:32:32 and read 763 times.

If an aircraft is already paid for (and still turning a profit) and is still air worthy, why should an airline switch to newer aircraft? Especially given the current circumstances.


Topic: RE: Older Aircrafts
Username: A/c dxer
Posted 2002-03-28 07:44:35 and read 746 times.

because of higher maintance cost and more costly inspections.

Topic: RE: Older Aircrafts
Username: Il76
Posted 2002-03-28 11:19:34 and read 725 times.

Yes, but the purchase costs have all been written off. So your yearly costs are just variable costs, not fixed ones. Buying a newer aircraft is very expensive. Same with cars... There is an equation to make, and sometimes older cheap equipment is more feasable. Look at NWA for example. They say that their aircraft operation strategy (older paid-for aircraft) made them survive the blow of 9-11 with greater ease...


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