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Topic: ATA L10 Went To Oak Harbor,WA Today
Username: Big777jet
Posted 2002-06-09 04:57:47 and read 1087 times.

I found flight tracker today. ATA L1011 went to Oak Harbor,Washington that where Whidbey Navy Air Base is at. ATA carry military today to IND. That's a rare widebody in the U.S. island in the mainland. Here it is:

Airline American Trans Air
Flight Number 7158
Departure City (Airport) OAK HARBOR, WA (NUW)
Departure Time
Arrival City (Airport) Indianapolis, IN (IND)
Arrival Time 06/08/2002 10:48 PM
Remaining Flight Time 01:01
Aircraft Type Lockheed Tri-Star (all series)
Current Altitude 39,000 feet
Current Groundspeed 579 mph
Flight Status In Flight


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