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Topic: B777 @ SFO,LAX, ORD
Username: JMO-777
Posted 2002-06-08 18:25:00 and read 2126 times.

does anyone know sth. about new 777 routes flying to or from SFO, LAX, ORD.
Or any new 777 airlines to those airports in the "near" future, (AZ to ORD?..)

Hope to get many answers  Wink/being sarcastic


Topic: RE: B777 @ SFO,LAX, ORD
Username: Arsenal@LHR
Posted 2002-06-08 20:03:43 and read 2093 times.

I'm thinking Varig, maybe they migght send one of their 777's into ORD or JFK. Pre speculation though.


Topic: RE: B777 @ SFO,LAX, ORD
Username: The777Man
Posted 2002-06-09 02:41:44 and read 2042 times.

Not much to say about new 777s to those airports. SFO gets SU, OZ, BA, UA and NH 777s. KE will resume 777 service their in Sep and AF may resume in Nov with 777 (now a 744). SQ will start 777s there 1Sep02 via ICN so that will be a new flight. LAX gets AA, CZ, LY, AF and UA 777s and probably won't get any more 777 carriers for a while. Perhaps MS will restart service there again or KE switch the ICN-NRT-LAX flight to a 772 for the winter? ORD gets KE, SQ, UA and AA 777s and BA in the winter. Possibility of OZ flying there with 777s since they will join Star Alliance and NH may return there with 777s as well ? Thinking of going there, Jan ? The777Man

Topic: RE: B777 @ SFO,LAX, ORD
Username: MAH4546
Posted 2002-06-09 03:10:19 and read 2034 times.

Arsenal@LHR, Varig does not fly to ORD. Thier US route network includes LAX to/from GRU/NRT/NGO; JFK to/from GRU/GIG; MIA to/from GRU/GIG/SSA; and MIA-MAO-BEL-MIA. Varig's first 777s to the US would probably be used to LAX on the Asia routes.

Alitalia's first 777s will go to Tokyo and Buenos Aires. As more come to Alitalia, I would expect JFK to get them first in the US; then ORD and then MIA, followed by BOS and EWR. That's just would I expect.

Topic: RE: B777 @ SFO,LAX, ORD
Username: ZK-NBT
Posted 2002-06-09 05:14:13 and read 2004 times.

UA's LAX-AKL route is now a 772, it was a 744! Not a new route but an extra 777 service!

Topic: RE: B777 @ SFO,LAX, ORD
Username: 9V-SVA
Posted 2002-06-09 10:48:35 and read 1969 times.

Singapore Airlines is to operate its two-class 777-212ER aircraft to San Francisco via Seoul-Incheon from September I guess.

SIA already operates the 772ER to ORD thrice weekly.


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