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Topic: Great Day Spotting!
Username: Spark
Posted 2002-06-26 07:57:36 and read 1241 times.

I had an absolutely awesome day spotting at SFO today. The weather was crappy by Bay Area standards for the summer. For you Europeans that means it was about 20 degrees, with only 6 miles of visibility. Ok it was windy, and did get cold at the end (I should have worn more than just a wind breaker).
Anyway, I took my scanner and video camera to Bayfront Park, and immediately saw a BA 744 come in from LHR. There was a crowd, including twins who were also enthusiasts. The twins asked to see the tape of the BA landing, and I got to share my expertise with a crowd. They were eating out of my hand, it was awesome. I actually got to use 744 in general conversation (the twins knew what I was talking about).
The audience was defiantly the highlight of the day. I loaned my scanner to a nice young lady whose fiance was flying to London on the first BA flight of the day (5:13). He will be swimming accross the channel. I continued to share my expertise with complete strangers (I'm a great bullshitter, and was loving it).
Finally my audience went on with their lives, and I continued to watch. I knew that SQ2 was due, and I deperately wanted to catch it on tape. I got to see the Virgin Atlantic,KLM, BA, and EVA all take off, and captured the BA, China Air Lines, and SQ 744s on tape, along with a Fed Ex MD11, and a ton of UA,AA, and Alaska flights.
My battery died just as SQ2 landed, but afterwards I got to see my very first 340 landing. (We don't get a lot of them out here, and I've only seen them in the gate)
Unfortunately, the 340 doesn't do it for me.
On a scale of 1 to 10, the 340 is a 7, a 777 is a 8, and a 744 is a 30!

Topic: RE: Great Day Spotting!
Username: Leftypilot79
Posted 2002-06-26 08:04:18 and read 1233 times.

Im glad you had fun being the STAR for the crowd. Im sure you loved it. Its always fun doing that.


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