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Topic: Question About SWA's New Seating Policy.
Username: LanPeru
Posted 2002-07-06 09:00:36 and read 2619 times.

The third week of August I will probably be flying to TUS from LAX on WN or AW. I was wondering how does this new policy work, my brother and I are both flying, he is smaller than me and probably takes up only some of the seat. I am bigger than him but we don't mind raising the armrest for the extra room like we have done before. So I am wondering if I will have to buy an extra seat? I am guess no because my brother and I don't mind lifiting the armrest while other pax might. Any answers?

Topic: RE: Question About SWA's New Seating Policy.
Username: LoneStarMike
Posted 2002-07-06 10:04:33 and read 2603 times.

This is from Southwest's website with my emphasis added:

We are simply asking a Customer who must lift the armrest in order to sit in the aircraft seat and who, at that point, is obviously occupying a portion (or all) of the seat next to him/her, to pay for the additional seat being occupied. Again, we will offer a refund if the flight does not oversell.

Let's assume for a moment that you were not traveling with your brother. Could you physically fit in between the two armrests (regardless of whether or not you were comfortable?) If the answer is yes, you won't have any problems. If the answer is no, you would be asked to purchase a second seat. That's the way I am interpreting this rule.


Topic: RE: Question About SWA's New Seating Policy.
Username: PropilotJW
Posted 2002-07-06 20:23:37 and read 2553 times.

Finially Southwest is buckling down. Lets assume this isn't the airline business and that we were in the storage business. I rent an area for $40 a week. I fill that area and need more room. Should I be able to use the neighboring area for free b/c mine is full? No. You would have to pay for all of the area you occupy. Same goes for Aircraft. If you are using more, you simply have to pay for it.

As for you and your brother, I don't know. You may be able todo something but remember there are 3 seats on each side so chances are you will have a neighbor. That question is..."what will they think?"

Topic: RE: Question About SWA's New Seating Policy.
Username: Continental
Posted 2002-07-07 00:03:12 and read 2524 times.

That's kinda dumb. I was on Lufthansa overseas many times, and in the middle rows there'll be no one. I'll lift up a few armrests and recline across a few of the seats, and none of the F/As care at all!


Topic: RE: Question About SWA's New Seating Policy.
Username: Shaun3000
Posted 2002-07-07 01:06:24 and read 2509 times.

Same goes for Southwest. If the plane doesn't sell out they will refund you the price of the extra ticket. However, due to the way Southwest runs their business, they don't know if the flight will sell out until the last minute. This is why they do it, this way.

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