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Topic: MAS Close To Order A450NG/A320! Hot News!
Username: Pandora
Posted 2000-02-17 19:10:46 and read 2332 times.

Malaysian Airlines are in final stages of negotiatios with airbus for an order for 80 aircraft!!!!

The deal include:

10 A340-600
8 A340-500
and up to 62 examples of the A320 family.

Boeing is pushing hard to sell the 737NG and 777X

Malaysia is understood to be seeking agreements over technology transfer and participation for the country's growing aerospace industry in Airbus subcontract work in return for awarding the order to the European consortium.

another sad day in seattle :-(

Topic: I Meant A340NG!
Username: Pandora
Posted 2000-02-17 19:12:31 and read 2244 times.


Topic: RE: I Meant A340NG!
Username: Flying-tiger
Posted 2000-02-17 21:13:50 and read 2241 times.

Pandora, please remark that only two days (or less) ago we had this theme, based on the Flight International article you´re refering to. So I think a new discussion does not make much sense. My personal opinion.


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