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Topic: Osaka/Kansai Airport Is Sinking
Username: Frequentflier
Posted 2002-08-05 20:32:55 and read 6764 times.

No, this is not new news, so don't attack me for being behind on the latest aviation news!

I saw a program last night on TLC about Osaka/Kansai, and that it is sinking 1ft./year. What is being done to stablilize the airport, and will it survive? Does anyone have an idea for what SHOULD be done?

By the way, anyone who transits through Osaka/Kansai is SO lucky-that airport has got to be one of the finest in the world!

Topic: RE: Osaka/Kansai Airport Is Sinking
Username: BH346
Posted 2002-08-05 20:57:36 and read 6730 times.

I just did a transit through Kansai like a month ago, it is definitely a great airport, my favorite. Such a shame that it's sinking. They are in the process of making another island next to it which will have a new runway or two and space for a new terminal. I'm sure they learned from their mistakes with the first island and will do better with the new one. The new runway should be in use around the year 2007. I'm not sure what's being done with the current airport, though, I'm sure there's something being done. BTW, I saw the show as well.

Topic: RE: Osaka/Kansai Airport Is Sinking
Username: PW100
Posted 2002-08-05 21:12:10 and read 6702 times.

No. There is no way to "stabilize" the airport. The reason for sinking is that the soil 25-100m below the the airport is unable to support the giant weight of the airport above it.

If the aiport continues to sink at present rate, the only option they have is to construct large seawalls that will keep the water out. The seawalls should be enlarged/heightened as the island sinks further and further. Thereby eventually they will have produced an artifical island below sea-level...

As soon as the island surface sinks below sealevel [the seawalls keep the water out!], Archimedes law dictates that a floating force will be in place. The further the island sinks, the higher this force will be, until this force equals out the weight difference between the land and the water. So now they will have produced an artificial island that in effect has become a floating device [boat] tied to the seabead by means of millions of tons of dirt/soil, which caused it to sink in the first place...


Topic: RE: Osaka/Kansai Airport Is Sinking
Username: NebFlyer
Posted 2002-08-05 21:20:44 and read 6688 times.

I first saw this program about a year ago, as well as the rerun last night. I was hoping they would have had some sort of update on the airport's status. I would assume they will eventually build some sort of dike or seawall system to keep the water away. The only problem with this is that the water would probably start seeping upwards, and they would need some sort of pumping system to keep the (now-below-sea-level) island dry.

Topic: RE: Osaka/Kansai Airport Is Sinking
Username: Bigo747
Posted 2002-08-05 22:34:36 and read 6623 times.

The airport begins sinking since 1995.

Topic: RE: Osaka/Kansai Airport Is Sinking
Username: Coolchris122
Posted 2002-08-05 22:39:49 and read 6612 times.

haha I saw that show on TLC last night too. Looks like a beautiful airport. I Would hate to see it sink.

Topic: RE: Osaka/Kansai Airport Is Sinking
Username: ScottysAir
Posted 2002-08-05 23:17:18 and read 6580 times.

Yeah, me too!! I was watching with the t.v. by the TLC as for about with KIX airport by Sunday night. And it's was very nice airport into Osaka, Japan. I did hear about with the news at KIX airport by second new runway. It's will be keep growth more new routes and taxiway, and etc. It's was start construction on April 1991 by the new airport. I remember that what he said on the T.V. So anyway, I'd will talk with you later.

Topic: RE: Osaka/Kansai Airport Is Sinking
Username: CcrlR
Posted 2002-08-05 23:47:55 and read 6556 times.

I've seen it a couple of times and it was a great show. Would be a nice airport to go to. It can withstand a earthquake but it's still sinking

Topic: RE: Osaka/Kansai Airport Is Sinking
Username: JAL
Posted 2002-08-06 00:01:41 and read 6529 times.

I never been there but it looks amazing hope they find a way to help stabilize the airport.

Topic: RE: Osaka/Kansai Airport Is Sinking
Username: CXCPA
Posted 2002-08-08 14:52:00 and read 6388 times.

The Japanese are trying to reduce the rate of sinking. The rate of sinking is greater then expected. No one will build important facilities on man-made islands again....
Actually, this airport is not very large, but is modern.

Topic: RE: Osaka/Kansai Airport Is Sinking
Username: Android
Posted 2002-08-08 16:20:54 and read 6337 times.

A five story building at the end of the island dedicated to Aircraft Observation.Japanese are great about letting people spot aircraft and it is really promoted by every airport. You can take a bus from main terminal for 500-700 yen if you have time to kill.Kansai is a modern marvel and to stand inside of that mile long terminal building that was nothing but Osaka Bay 20 years ago is really cool.

Topic: RE: Osaka/Kansai Airport Is Sinking
Username: Pacificjourney
Posted 2002-08-08 18:25:55 and read 6249 times.

Agreement has just been reached that another 'island' will be built in Okinawa about 3 times the size of this one and a USMC (Futenma) base moved there.

Two other islands made in Tokyo bay for the Bay Bridge have experienced few problems and the same technology is to be used to make a bridge across the Tsugaru straits between Honshu and Hokkaido so some one must think they have this problem licked. Let's hope so anyway.

Topic: RE: Osaka/Kansai Airport Is Sinking
Username: Godbless
Posted 2002-08-08 18:51:32 and read 6229 times.

That the airport would sink was known already when they built it. I think I once read that it would sink at least 30ft. before settling.
Has it already gone deeper?
Are they expecting it to still stop sinking in the near future or are they talking about the airport going "byebye"?


Topic: RE: Osaka/Kansai Airport Is Sinking
Username: BDRules
Posted 2002-08-08 19:05:41 and read 6223 times.

It is built on top of a silt bed so it is just like sand. this means that it needs to compress as much as possable before it stops. It has only sank a maximum of 7-8 feet. some of the silt was transfered from England and when you walk in a river and the water gets all merky the particles in the water is the silt. thats why it is sinking. the particles are so fine.

And that concludes my little geography lesson for today  Smile/happy/getting dizzy



Topic: RE: Osaka/Kansai Airport Is Sinking
Username: AA61hvy
Posted 2002-08-08 19:55:58 and read 6194 times.

when i did a transit, it was pretty easy. but i did not care for how long it is. i mean its like 2 miles long isnt? thats a bit long....

Topic: RE: Osaka/Kansai Airport Is Sinking
Username: BH346
Posted 2002-08-08 20:10:36 and read 6172 times.

It's a mile long, isn't it the world's longest building or something like that? It isn't too hard to get around the long terminal if you use the moving walkways and the Wing Shuttle.

Topic: RE: Osaka/Kansai Airport Is Sinking
Username: AeroGlobeAir7
Posted 2002-08-09 20:11:10 and read 6089 times.

Maybe the Japanese should get in touch with the Dutch. They're pretty good about building dykes.  Smile/happy/getting dizzy 3/4 of the Netherlands is below sea level, or so we read in my Honors Geography class last year in school. (maybe it was less, but still, a very large portion of the country is below sea level). I hope at some point luck turns towards Kansai. I've never been there, but just from the shows & pictures, I'd say it's got to be one of the most beautiful airports in the world. Where else do you get an airport on the water?  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

Topic: RE: Osaka/Kansai Airport Is Sinking
Username: PW100
Posted 2002-08-09 20:51:46 and read 6070 times.


Indeed, if we wouldn't have any dykes in the Netherlands, almost half of the country [along with 3/4 of its population of 16.000.000] would submerge.
Actually, the ninth largest airport in the world [AMS, 40M pax in 2001] is 12ft BELOW sea level. So, still along way to go for KIX before they break our record of lowest airport in the world [actually its RTM which is 14ft below sea level, but AMS is a close second...].
We know how to fight the sea!


Topic: RE: Osaka/Kansai Airport Is Sinking
Username: Smolt
Posted 2002-08-10 09:09:24 and read 5992 times.

As you feel awful about the Kansai Airport, it struck me as surprising that
the construction of floating airport is so uncommon in the world and thus the airport is so striking to you up there.
Sinking itself is nothing special to me, since that was previously expected,
except the fact that "sink rate !" is a little greater than expected and that
sink rate turn out to be uneven from point to point to call for partial jack up
like when you have tire of the car burst.
During taxi you will find crack on the taxiway spreading radially, being filled up with rubber to fix, which spoils comfortable taxi, vibration transmitted through the tires. Only when, I realize the problem with Kansai Airport.


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