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Topic: How Well Does 737-900 Perform?
Username: DCA-ROCguy
Posted 2002-08-25 08:13:52 and read 1818 times.

Dear Gang,

What do you all know about the 737-900's performance? Is it turning out to be a cost-effective airplane, or is it "too much airplane for the wing?" I've seen a few CO 739's recently at BWI and CLE, and was wondering.

It seems to me that an airline that wants to keep family commonality, but wants something bigger than the 738, might find the 739 an attractive option instead of adding a whole new family with the 757 (especially if their business plan favors having 10-15 fewer seats). Does the 739 come close to the 757's excellent performance?


Topic: RE: How Well Does 737-900 Perform?
Username: Leo
Posted 2002-08-25 11:07:35 and read 1770 times.

B737-900 is an economic joy, money is just rolling KLM.

Topic: RE: How Well Does 737-900 Perform?
Username: ScottysAir
Posted 2002-08-25 14:27:44 and read 1700 times.

Actually, that I was flew on the newest B737-900 as for us from FLL-IAH, IAH-FLL were great. This is amazing with the new aircraft. I did use fly on the Continental Airlines as for last May 2002. That was went flew to PHX flight. So if you like to know about anything to do. I do know about B739 now is in service with KE, KL, AS, CO and next will had Jet Airways on the orders new B739. So well, good day as for now.

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