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Topic: Why No DL MD-90s Into Atlanta?
Username: DeltaRules
Posted 2002-08-27 22:21:16 and read 2797 times.

Why aren't the MD-90s used on any scheduled routes into ATL?
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I've looked through the timetables for a long time & there haven't been any flights into ATL listed. (There are interior pics in the database with the MD-90 in ATL, but they were in maintenance.) Is it because there are so many planes with similar capacities used there (MD-88, 727, 737s, etc.), or another reason?


Topic: RE: Why No DL MD-90s Into Atlanta?
Username: N79969
Posted 2002-08-27 22:42:22 and read 2767 times.

I don't know the answer. I flew the MD-90 for the first time between DFW-DCA last week. I thought it was a great aircraft overall and liked the sound of its engines. It's too bad that the MD line is closed. They built some very good aircraft. The F/O seemed to love it-- he said that MD fixed everything they did not like about the MD-88 in the -90.

Topic: RE: Why No DL MD-90s Into Atlanta?
Username: Delta737
Posted 2002-08-27 22:42:40 and read 2776 times.

Well they're mostly used for the west coast because of performance issues. We also have some that fly between DFW to FL, DFW to DCA and SLC to ORD and MCI.

I've flown an MD 90 from ATL to DFW once, but we were under some pretty irregular operations.

Doug Taylor

Topic: RE: Why No DL MD-90s Into Atlanta?
Username: CF-CPI
Posted 2002-08-27 22:48:32 and read 2759 times.

I believe the MD-90 flight crews are all based in Dallas. Whether or not that has anything to do with its rare appearance at ATL, who knows. The MD-90 is range-limited compared to the rest of the DL fleet (of similar capacity) so perhaps the central location of DFW is better for its operations. Also, the MD-90 is the only plane in the DL fleet with the IAE engines. I suppose this in itself would dictate that it's good policy to limit the number of stations served by the type to reduce spares inventories.

I have heard it said that when the 737-200s were first delivered to mainline Delta service in the 80s, they were almost completely confined to the area around Texas so it wouldn't be the first time DL operated such a 'regional' jet (pun intended).

Speaking of DFW, AA has never scheduled the A300 there, despite the airline's huge presence. Weird things do happen.

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