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Topic: KLM@IAD?
Username: Atwingo
Posted 2002-09-01 23:07:16 and read 1418 times.

Any chance of KLM equipment returning to Dulles instead of the NW palne?

Topic: RE: KLM@IAD?
Username: CLL777
Posted 2002-09-02 03:21:11 and read 1356 times.

No the DC-10s are better utilized on the Atlantic-AMS,and since KLM and NWA are one across the atlantic then they will use NWA.

Topic: RE: KLM@IAD?
Username: Stretch 8
Posted 2002-09-02 04:04:14 and read 1338 times.

KLM did operate IAD-AMS a few years ago. What do you mean "KLM and NWA are one across the Atlantic"? And why ot fly a KLM Boeing into Dulles, rather than that sorry old D10 rust bucket forced on the poor fools who are stuck with NW?

Topic: RE: KLM@IAD?
Username: Azjubilee
Posted 2002-09-02 04:36:59 and read 1332 times.

Stretch 8 - the reality is that NW/KLM operate as one carrier accross the atlantic. It is called an alliance with anti trust immunity. The two airlines share revenues on these flights. That is what is meant by "NW and KLM are one accross the atlantic."

You can take as many jabs at the NW DC10s as you want. Sure, they're not the newest planes accross the atlantic, but they are well maintained, newly refurbished and are being replaced starting enxt summer.

Nobody is "stuck" with NW... people have choices. They can fly UA or connect in other cities to get to IAD.


Topic: RE: KLM@IAD?
Username: FutureFO
Posted 2002-09-05 05:36:00 and read 1258 times.

Well considering 5 out of 7 days the NW DC10 will return to the gate on MX. I would rather have the good ole KL 743 or 744 Combi then the crappy ole DC10 and I do mean old!!!!!! I wish KL would return to IAD it would make a lot of people very happy.

Topic: RE: KLM@IAD?
Username: Jfidler
Posted 2002-09-05 07:10:00 and read 1244 times.

I've flown the NW DC10 flight IAD-AMS twice in the past few years. The DC-10s really lack the comfort of the competitors. I specifically avoid that flight anytime I fly trans-atlantic out of IAD. I've flown all the other major options out of IAD: 777 (UA), 767 (SK), 747 (UA,BA,VS,LH), A330 (LH,OS), and all are better than the DC-10. If NW flew a different wide-body out of IAD, I'd fly on it.

Three of my friends recently flew the IAD-AMS flight on NW (one flew it as recently as Sunday) and all complained about the aircraft, and they're not even airplane enthusiasts who notice the small details.


Topic: RE: KLM@IAD?
Username: Nwa747-400
Posted 2002-09-05 09:53:09 and read 1225 times.

Rust bucket? Hardly, some of the best maintained aircraft in the world belong to NWA, show me another airline that can operate the aircraft NWA does with such a high dispatch and ontime reliabilty rate!!

Return to the gate 5 out of 7 days for MX (I assume you mean maintainence?) I keep tabs on flight 36 out of IAD every couple of days because it is a flight I used to spot a lot back in my days as a virginian...The results...the flight leaves the gate early almost every day and if it does leave late its a couple of minutes late out of IAD and 15-60 minutes early into AMS.

I have flown NW 36 several times and each time we have left the gate between 15 minutes early and ontime and arrived in AMS between 60 minutes early and ontime.

Sure, the DC10 lacks the modern conviences that some now require such as PTVs and winged headrests, and they do have the dreaded 2-5-2 go ahead and fly UA with their 2-5-2 777 IAD-AMS and wait until the A330-300 rolls in next year with 2-4-2 seating, ondemand PTVs etc etc etc.

I just don't understand why we beat the DC10 topic to death on here. NW has been so smart to keep the DC10s that they own around and carefully replace their fleet so as not to plugne themselves into bankruptcy. NEW AIRPLANES ARE ON THE WAY IN LESS THAN A YEAR TO REPLACE THEM>>>WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO SAY....other than if I had to fly an IAD-AMS trip right now you had better believe it would be on Northwest Airlines and on their DC10-30 (that are just a couple of years older than beloved CO757-200s making their transatlantic runs)!!  Smile

A new plane coming every 2 weeks...Now more than ever,

Topic: RE: KLM@IAD?
Username: FutureFO
Posted 2002-09-05 17:46:23 and read 1167 times.

When I used to work at IAD that was about the regularity of the RTG (return to gate) ratio. It may have gone to 2 out of 5 days but they are still crappy airplanes. And as far as Reliability in Dispatch record look at Icelandair and the 752 with RR RB211 engones they have almost 100% reliability and dispatch over the NW DC10's.

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