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Topic: Boeing's Next Jet
Username: MIA777
Posted 2002-09-10 04:30:01 and read 1498 times.

What can we expect from Boeing in the future aside from the Sonic Cruiser? Not another model of an existing jet but a completely new design. In other words, what type of jet could we expect the "787" to be?


Topic: RE: Boeing's Next Jet
Username: Boeing nut
Posted 2002-09-10 04:45:49 and read 1479 times.

My guess would be the "conventional" replacement for the 757/767. Maybe in addition to the Sonic Cruiser. Look for the conventional design to come out first before the Sonic Cruiser. If it ever does.

Topic: RE: Boeing's Next Jet
Username: Hurricane
Posted 2002-09-10 04:52:32 and read 1472 times.

With the current situation of the airline industry, my hypothesis would be an ultra-efficient, longer range jet with room for 125 or so *like* the A318. I don't believe the 717 can cut it, but this is only my opinion, and it is quite late here, so forgive my sleep-deprived soul.

Thinking about it, the oldest aircraft in production are the 757/767 lines (73,74,77 all are new/have new derivatives). Take into account the 764 and the prime candidate looks like the 75. But I feel this is far off into the future.

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