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Topic: Required Runway Length....
Username: Mia777
Posted 2002-09-18 04:45:58 and read 36897 times.

What is the minimum amount a feet it takes for teh major planes (e.g. 73X, 74X, 75X, 76X, 77X, A300, A310, A320 (entire series), A33X, A34X)....if anyone knows I would appreciate you spreading your knowledge...thanks


Topic: RE: Required Runway Length....
Username: Mia777
Posted 2002-09-18 04:58:51 and read 36871 times.

.....somone please answer! My posts always go ignored. I hope they aren't that stupid...hopefully when I wake up someone will have replied


Topic: RE: Required Runway Length....
Username: Ren41
Posted 2002-09-18 05:00:37 and read 36870 times.

I'm pretty sure the minimum for a 744 is around 6000 feet. Not aure about the others.


Topic: RE: Required Runway Length....
Username: Beefmoney
Posted 2002-09-18 05:09:36 and read 36858 times.

Its very dependate upon the airports altitude, the temperature, the wind conditions, aircraft weight, etc..... But 737s and the like here at PHX usually use about 1/2 of the 12,000 ft long rwy.

Topic: RE: Required Runway Length....
Username: Flyf15
Posted 2002-09-18 05:32:43 and read 36842 times.

Yeah, there are an enormus amount of variables to takeoff distance. Aircraft weight, engine choice, field elevation, temperature, humidity, runway slope, runway condition, etc. I assume you're looking for the usual, standard day, maximum takeoff weight, sea level, level dry runway. If I get some numbers, I'll post them.

Topic: RE: Required Runway Length....
Username: Nighthawk
Posted 2002-09-18 07:19:24 and read 36818 times.

quick list i pulled off an EDI newsgroup:


Here is a list of some aircraft takeoff/landing figures. Not a full list
but will be
updated. Other aircraft types will be added later.

They are all sea level/ISA figures, included typical pax loads
(usual 2/3 class split depending on type) and ranges for this takeoff length.

Based on most common engine choice so published figures can be variable with
different engine options. Range figures included which incorporate
maximum tankeage at this airfield performance, on some aircraft this means
the fitment of additional tanks at the detrement of cargo capacity.

Therefore this may clash with some figures you have seen published as they
normally only list range on standard max fuel.

Paragraph belows details EDI runway length, TORA,TODA,ASDA,LDA.

EDINBURGH EGPH 5557N 0322W 135FT (41.5M) 06/24 8400FT(2584M)
06 TORA 8400FT (2584M) ASDA/TODA 8600FT (2646M) LDA 7700FT (2369M)
24 TORA 8400FT (2584M) ASDA 8600FT (2646M) TODA 9865FT (3035) LDA
7700FT (2369)
Runway is CAT II/IIIa with full autoland facilities.

TORA-Take Off Run Available
TODA-Take Off Distance Available
ASDA-Actual Distance Available
LDA-Landing Distance Available

Aircraft and Range Minimum runway requirement

Concorde Takeoff : 2900m, Landing : 2150m *Payload Limited"
6,200km with 100 pax

Airbus A300 B4-200 Takeoff : 2850m, Landing : 1635m *Payload Limited"
5,270km with 251 pax

Airbus A300-600R Takeoff : 2280m, Landing : 1489m
7,700km with 266 pax

Airbus A310-200 Takeoff : 1860m, Landing : 1480m
4,633km with 220 pax

Airbus A310-300 Takeoff : 2290m, Landing : 1490m
9,600km with 218 pax

Airbus A318-100 Takeoff : 1355m, Landing : 1356m
5,270km with 107 pax

Airbus A319 -100 Takeoff : 1950m, Landing : 1450m
6,800km with 124 pax

Airbus A320-200 Takeoff : 2090m, Landing : 1530m
5,500km with 150 pax

Airbus A321-200 Takeoff : 2180m, Landing : 1577m
5,500km with 185 pax

Airbus A330-200 Takeoff : 2220m, Landing : 1750m
12,300km with 253 pax

Airbus A330-300 Takeoff : 2500m, Landing : 1750m
10,500km with 295 pax

Airbus A340-200 Takeoff : 2990m, Landing : 1890m *Payload Limited"
14,800km with 239 pax

Airbus A340-300 Takeoff : 3000m, Landing : 1926m *Payload Limited"
13,500km with 295 pax
Airbus A340-500 Takeoff : 3050m, Landing : 2010m *Payload Limited"
15,750km with 313 pax

Airbus A340-600 Takeoff : 3100m, Landing : 2100m *Payload Limited"
13,900km with 380 pax

Boeing 727-200Adv Takeoff : 3033m, Landing : 1494m *Payload Limited"
4,720km with 134 pax

Boeing 737-200Adv Takeoff : 1990m, Landing : 1350m
3,700km with 120 pax

Boeing 737-300 Takeoff : 1939m, Landing : 1396m
4,790km with 141 pax

Boeing 737-400 Takeoff : 2540m, Landing : 1540m
4,625km with 146 pax

Boeing 737-500 Takeoff : 2470m, Landing : 1360m
5,550km with 108 pax

Boeing 747-200B Takeoff : 3190m, Landing : 1890m *Payload Limited"
10,660km with 452 pax

Boeing 747-300 Takeoff : 3322m, Landing : 1905m *Payload Limited"
10,360km with 452 pax

Boeing 747-400 Takeoff : 3018m, Landing : 2179m *Payload Limited"
13,320km with 400 pax

Boeing 757-200 Takeoff : 2377m, Landing : 1544m
7,400km with 186 pax

Boeing 757-300 Takeoff : 2550m, Landing : 1750m
6,410km with 243 pax

Boeing 767-200ER Takeoff : 2620m, Landing : 1524m
12,300km with 181 pax

Boeing 767-300ER Takeoff : 2713m, Landing : 1676m *Payload Limited"
11,400km with 218 pax

Boeing 767-400ER Takeoff : 3382m, Landing : 1859m *Payload Limited"
10,440km with 245 pax

Boeing 777-200ER Takeoff : 3018m, Landing : 1630m *Payload Limited"
14,400km with 305 pax

Boeing 777-200LR Takeoff : 3170m, Landing : 1675m *Payload Limited"
16,405km with 301 pax

Boeing 777-300 Takeoff : 3703m, Landing : 1844m *Payload Limited"
11,080km with 368 pax

Boeing 777-300ER Takeoff : 3260m, Landing : 1920m *Payload Limited"
13,330km with 365 pax

Boeing MD-81 Takeoff : 2210m, Landing : 1478m
2,897km with 155 pax

Boeing MD-82 Takeoff : 2271m, Landing : 1500m
3,798km with 155 pax

Boeing MD-83 Takeoff : 2553m, Landing : 1585m
4,635km with 155 pax

Boeing MD-87 Takeoff : 1859m, Landing : 1430m
4,395km with 130 pax

Boeing MD-11 Takeoff : 3115m, Landing : 2118m *Payload Limited"
12,805km with 285 pax

Ilyushin Il-86 Takeoff : 3350m, Landing : 2300m *Payload Limited"
3,600km with 234 pax

Ilyushin Il-96-300 Takeoff : 2600m, Landing : 1980m
7,500km with 235 pax

Lockheed L1011-1 Tristar Takeoff : 2423m, Landing : 1737m
5,735km with 310 pax

Lockheed L1011-100 Tristar Takeoff : 3292m, Landing : 1768m
*Payload Limited"
7,030km with 310 pax

Lockheed L1011-250 Tristar Takeoff : 2987m, Landing : 2042m
*Payload Limited"
9,410km with 280 pax

Lockheed L1011-500 Tristar Takeoff : 2636m, Landing : 2073m
9,905km with 250 pax

MD DC-9-30 Takeoff : 1777m, Landing : 1317m
2,940km with 105 pax

MD DC-9-50 Takeoff : 2362m, Landing : 1439m
1,850km with 125 pax

MD DC10-10 Takeoff : 2625m, Landing : 1720m
5,370km with 277 pax

MD DC10-30 Takeoff : 2847m, Landing : 1758m *Payload Limited"
10,450km with 277 pax

Tupolev Tu-154M Takeoff : 2100m, Landing : 2060m
3,700km with 180 pax

Tupolev TU-204-100 Takeoff : 2500m, Landing : 2130m
4,900km with 196 pax

Tupolev TU-214 Takeoff : 2050m, Landing : 2000m
4,800km with 182 pax

Yak 42D Takeoff : 1500m, Landing : 1670m
1,900km with 120 pax

Acknowledgements: Anon, London

Topic: RE: Required Runway Length....
Username: Milemaster
Posted 2002-09-18 08:39:06 and read 36785 times.


Boeing 727-200Adv Takeoff : 3033m, Landing : 1494m *Payload Limited"
4,720km with 134 pax

Tupolev Tu-154M Takeoff : 2100m, Landing : 2060m
3,700km with 180 pax

Boeing 757-200 Takeoff : 2377m, Landing : 1544m
7,400km with 186 pax

Topic: RE: Required Runway Length....
Username: SailorOrion
Posted 2002-09-18 09:50:22 and read 36768 times.

Find everything you need here:

Click on the aircraft type, and then open chapter 3.


Topic: RE: Required Runway Length....
Username: LBA
Posted 2002-09-18 15:04:34 and read 36702 times.

Well done nighthawk for that list!!

Mia777 - It is a complicated question you are asking, as despite it looking like you are asking about one type of aircraft each variant has different figures depending on their set ups. A while ago someone asked specifically about the A300 runway requirements. After looking in the Janes civil aircraft 'bible' there were about 12 entries for the A300 - each one varying due to engine type fitted and loadings etc. So it's not that your questions get ignored it's just that the answer can be more complicated than your question may first appear.

Topic: RE: Required Runway Length....
Username: Citation_VI
Posted 2002-09-18 16:01:39 and read 36665 times.

I have landed in a 727 and stopped within 2,000 - 3,000 feet.

Topic: RE: Required Runway Length....
Username: Mia777
Posted 2002-09-18 21:26:47 and read 36596 times.

Well I wasn't looking for specifics, just a VERY approximate figure for each...oh well, thank you Nighthawk! Except I am American and have a little difficulty with visually perceiving meters (rather than feet), but again thanks!


Topic: RE: Required Runway Length....
Username: Tbonecapalbo
Posted 2002-09-19 00:42:17 and read 36548 times.

737s can land in an airport like Detroit City airport (DET). The runway there isn't much longer than 5000 feet.

Topic: RE: Required Runway Length....
Username: Trintocan
Posted 2002-09-19 02:59:54 and read 36515 times.

Citation-VI, 2000-3000ft for a 727 to stop? Are you sure about that? That seems rather short unless it were severely load-restricted. The distances listed are in metres by the way.


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