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Topic: Eastern 401 Enthusiasts
Username: UAL_Bagsmasher
Posted 2000-02-29 04:41:07 and read 1800 times.

For those of you who are interested in the EAL401 saga, you can check this site out. I stumbled over it today.

Topic: RE: Eastern 401 Enthusiasts
Username: UAL_Bagsmasher
Posted 2000-02-29 04:53:38 and read 1711 times.

Does anyone know what became of the fourth pilot, the jumseater, on the flightdeck of EAL401? I know he survived, but did he ever return to EAL? If so, who is he working for now?

Topic: RE: Eastern 401 Enthusiasts
Username: BryanG
Posted 2000-02-29 05:50:23 and read 1710 times.

The 401 ghost legend will probably live on for a long time to come.

Tradewinds' L-1011F was N311EA, sister ship to the doomed plane. I spent quite a few nights around that plane at midnight, but I never saw any ghosts. None of the other rampers or mechanics had ever had anything out of the ordinary happen, either. I never asked if it ever got any parts from 310EA, but it's certinly possible.

Topic: RE: Eastern 401 Enthusiasts
Username: UAL_Bagsmasher
Posted 2000-02-29 05:55:59 and read 1702 times.

Ship 318 was the aircraft that received the majority of the parts from the ill fated ship 310. As I mentioned in a previous post not long ago, I spoke with a couple F/A's from Kiwi Airlines when they were still in business. They both worked for EAL during the whole ghost saga. Both of them claimed to know former EAL F/A's, who to this day, stick to their "stories" of encountering the apparition of Flight Engineer Repo in the lower galley on ship 318.

Topic: RE: Eastern 401 Enthusiasts
Username: VirginA340
Posted 2000-02-29 06:44:15 and read 1699 times.

Sadly; I heard today that the plane was broken up in late 1996. What a waste. It could've ended up good as new in an aviation museum instead of a horrible death in Tuscon :-(

Topic: RE: Eastern 401 Enthusiasts
Username: Ilyushin96M
Posted 2000-02-29 06:44:54 and read 1699 times.

I read the excellent book, The Ghost of Flight 401 several times. From what I know, many parts from the crashed L1011 were used in other L1011s in Eastern's fleet. When the ghost stories began to circulate, as well as confirmed sightings and odd incidents, the parts used from crashed Flight 401 were removed from their respective aircraft and junked.

Just an interesting side note. Interesting and fascinating stories, and a great tragedy.

Topic: RE: Eastern 401 Enthusiasts
Username: DL_mech
Posted 2000-02-29 12:00:14 and read 1692 times.

One of the few things I have learned while working as a mechanic at Delta is the ability to read the various numbers and codes that manufacturers put on aircraft parts. Boeing puts the aircrafts' variable number on parts while Douglas puts the airframe serial numbers on theirs. Lockheed used what is called a ship serial number and abberviated s/s. N310EAs number was ironically s/s1011. While working on a chronic flap asymmetry indication problem on Delta ship 783 (N308EA), I spent many hours in the mid-electrical service center (MESC). The MESC is located just aft of the lower galley and can be reached by going through a small door in the aft wall. It was there that I noticed that one of the equipment racks on the pilots side had s/s1011 stamped on it. I looked all over that plane for more of that serial number, but I couldn't find any (or any ghosts for that matter).Right before they retired this a/c, I took my camera into work and took a picture of it. Now I have a story to tell the grandchildren about the infamous ghosts of flight 401.......

Topic: RE: Eastern 401 Enthusiasts
Username: Futurepilot2b
Posted 2000-02-29 15:10:14 and read 1681 times.

There was a close reenactment of 401 on a show called "The Others" It was really interesting. Talk about creepy at some moments. Passengers go psycho because they have the ghost in their head. Yikes!

Topic: RE: Eastern 401 Enthusiasts
Username: Prinair
Posted 2000-02-29 23:11:40 and read 1671 times.

While working for Eastern in MIA a few years ago, it was interesting to hear stories being told by some of the more senior personnel that were working the night of the crash. One of the supervisors used to tell a story about the dead and injured being brought by helicopter to the employee parking lot in order to be transferred into waiting ambulances.Some mentioned that if you can reach the crash site you will find small pieces/evidence of the crash. Does anyone know if this is true?

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