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Topic: KE/DL Code-share Bomb Threat
Username: Bigo747
Posted 2002-10-04 06:17:39 and read 1871 times.

According to Japanese media, a man called Korean Air's office in Tokyo and Tokyo Nartia's Airport Authority on October 3, saying "Delta Airlines DL7121 flight from Tokyo to Los Angeles will be installed with bomb and will eventually explodes above LAX".

After some investigation, DL7121 is a code-share flight operated by Korean Air as KE001.

The flight delayed for 4 hours and arrived safely at LAX.

Topic: RE: KE/DL Code-share Bomb Threat
Username: AsianaAirlines
Posted 2002-10-04 07:58:43 and read 1841 times.

If you look in the Forum Search, you'll find that this happened before. Actually, two events. Kinda freaky.

Topic: RE: KE/DL Code-share Bomb Threat
Username: AirNewZealand
Posted 2002-10-04 08:53:42 and read 1825 times.

Has someone got it out for KE or something?
Gosh....just because they have got their act together in safety, and their onboard services is amoungst the best...cant people let them grom and be very prosporous as they Deserve??


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