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Topic: Reg Numbers
Username: Lindy
Posted 2000-03-05 20:06:11 and read 1033 times.

Hi all,

Where I can find on the web, pages with registration numbers of airliners and general aviation aircraft?
Any help greatly appriciated


Topic: RE: Reg Numbers
Username: DLMD-11
Posted 2000-03-05 20:10:34 and read 996 times.

Well if you have a registration and want to know all about it, then try

You can type in a registration for N, B, G or other registered aircraft and get info about its owner, engine type etc.

Hope this helps!


Topic: RE: Reg Numbers
Username: TriStar
Posted 2000-03-05 21:25:38 and read 984 times.

A very good and up to date one, is It's on Airbus, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, and L-1011.

Another convenient site can be found at Mind you, this one isn't quite that up to date. But it comes in handy when you have to start looking by registration number, i.e. when you don't know the aircraft type.

Enjoy your search,


Topic: RE: Reg Numbers
Username: Lindy
Posted 2000-03-06 03:37:39 and read 975 times.

Thanks all of you. I'm looking for reg from Poland SP- numbers from 1940-1960. I found once on the net page with reg numbers from entire universe from the first aircraft ever built to the latest airbus. I think it was on Peter Frei web page but I cant find it now.
And this is very important for me to find out history of SP-ENM

Thanks again

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