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Topic: High Speed Internet On A/c Will Change Flight Plan
Username: Coronado
Posted 2002-11-24 04:10:58 and read 2821 times.

Musing out loud--You can bet a Connexxion equipped fleet with reasonably high speed internet access would totally change the demand for overnight inernational flights. More than 1/2 the execs would IMHO prefer day time flights if they can be on line or at least feel that they are able to be in contact with their offices, rather than loose sleep on the overnighters.

Background for my musing: Since I got a Verizon wireless aircard with 140K speed internet access (via the cellular network) on my laptop, I gave up on the red-eyes from the west coast to MSP. I can be emailing my customers right up to door closing and so only am out of circulation 3 hrs or so (instead of the previous 7 hrs including ground transport, check in and security), in flights to and from LAX/LAS/SFO and MSP). I just flew back yesterday from LAS to MSP following Comdex and I was emailing customers until 9:20 am and was back on line 3 1/2 hours later emailing while riding in a taxi , thanks to the aircard. I felt that I could afford to be out of the loop for the 3 or so hours.

I gladly pay hotels 10.00 per day for high speed internet compared to dial up service. If Continental were to give me continuous Internet access for even as much as $100.00 extra , I would gladly take a day time flight from EWR to Sao Paulo GRU and vice versa rather than trying to catch some sleep on an overnight flight and feeling like s%&t after landing next day at 10:45 am local after having left MSP at 450pm the previous day connecting to their EWR-GRU departutre at 10pm. I would leave a message on my voice mail for customers to email me and I would check and respond to emails while in flight

As the baby boomers get older and wider( ), the overnighters are for bats.

So here is my prediction: High speed internet when available on board international flights WILL totally change the current airline scheduling model. None of these international flights with planes flying overnight and sitting on the ground during daylight hours waiting for the end of the business day.

Why not an 8:00 am departure from MSP-LGW arriving in the evening instead of the current 6:50 pm departure arriving 8:55 am. I dread that flight and I would rather pay more to spend the day time hours on board working using high speed internet for a few hours. The current option of spending the next day in a mixture of exhausted jet lag, caused by poor sleeping accomodations scrunched into a seat would be a thing of the past!! Jet lag alone is enough of a curse!

The key is that continous high speed internet access will allow the F and J pax as well as our self employed Y class working stiffs (such as yt) to feel that they can be in touch at all times, so why not travel when your body clock is happiest rather than burn the red-eye oil?

What do you think?

Topic: RE: High Speed Internet On A/c Will Change Flight Plan
Username: BlatantEcho
Posted 2002-11-24 04:44:29 and read 2792 times.

Will it elimate red eye? Don't know, some people like to arrive in the morning having slept well or not.

I do believe as you do though, that high speed internet access, allowing biz pax to be constantly connected and working, will be a huge advantage to the first airlines that get it, and will help make air travel more productive.

Topic: RE: High Speed Internet On A/c Will Change Flight Plan
Username: Jwenting
Posted 2002-11-24 21:02:29 and read 2648 times.

It will most likely make those in air delays very very profitable for the airlines.
All those people spending more time surfing the web and writing emails saying they're going to be late will pay by the minute...

Topic: RE: High Speed Internet On A/c Will Change Flight Plan
Username: 777236ER
Posted 2002-11-24 23:33:57 and read 2586 times.

Like it or not, internet access on board is going to cost the airlines a fortune (like PTVs) for no individual airline gain.

Topic: RE: High Speed Internet On A/c Will Change Flight Plan
Username: Twaneedsnohelp
Posted 2002-11-24 23:42:07 and read 2577 times.

Good point Coronado. I agree

How many people will pay extra for high speed internet on board the planes. thats the question - im not sure if i would.


Topic: RE: High Speed Internet On A/c Will Change Flight Plan
Username: National_757
Posted 2002-11-24 23:54:30 and read 2568 times.

I wouldn't pay, but for the business professional, I bet they would pay, alot, to stay connected via High Speed Internet. You make good points Coronado but it will take a long while for this High Speed Internet thing to be a reality on the major airlines IMO.

Topic: RE: High Speed Internet On A/c Will Change Flight Plan
Username: Airplanetire
Posted 2002-11-25 03:03:07 and read 2518 times.

I'm not a business man or woman nor do I have a laptop, so the internet thing doesn't matter to me that much right now, but I would love it if it made redeyes a lot less appealing thus making a lot more day flights. I have been fortunate enough to get to go to Europe three times in the last two and a half years and it's been wonderful. The flights are always so exciting for me but I hate the fact that on the way there, I can't sleep and wind up feeling like crap when I arrive. If they were daytime flights, I would feel fine when I got there, just take some sleeping medicine and go to bed at say midnight. It doesn't matter how late it is on an airplane, I have to be tremendously tired to be able to fall asleep on one. No amount of sleeping medicine can do the trick.

Topic: RE: High Speed Internet On A/c Will Change Flight
Username: Gigneil
Posted 2002-11-25 03:07:28 and read 2515 times.

Ask your doctor about Ambien... its amazing and has no drowsy side effects or addictive properties.

I can sleep on planes in the morning, heh, when I least need the sleep. Even if my flight is at 10, I almost always fall asleep as soon as we take off.

But at night, no matter how long I've been up, only Ambien seems to make it better.

Back in the day when I travelled cross-country every week, my company would have happily paid for me to keep up and do work, which I can't do off-line.


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