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Topic: PIA To Lease Saab 2000's
Username: Thud
Posted 2002-11-29 11:21:12 and read 3512 times.

I have just heard from someone in PIA that the company will lease the Saab's to replace the F-27's.

Do you guys think the Saab is a good choice

Topic: RE: PIA To Lease Saab 2000's
Username: CFM-56
Posted 2002-11-29 11:32:26 and read 3494 times.

I think Saab 2000 is waay better than a 30-year old F27.

Topic: RE: PIA To Lease Saab 2000's
Username: CV990A
Posted 2002-11-29 19:35:09 and read 3437 times.

The question is is the S2000 capable of handling the rough/ unimproved runways the F27 can serve? The Fokker may be old, but it is a reliable airframe with good unimproved airfield characteristics. The latter is not something I think of when I think of the Saab. I have flown on the Saab 2000, and do think it is a good airplane, but don't think it is the best match for PIA though.

Topic: RE: PIA To Lease Saab 2000's
Username: A388
Posted 2002-11-29 20:22:15 and read 3425 times.

I agree with both CFM-56 and CV990A. The Saab 2000 is indeed a much younger and better aircraft than the ageing Fokker 27. However, I agree with CV990A that the Saab 2000 might not be capable of handling rough terrains. I think the Fokker 50 is a better option for PIA as they already have experience with the Fokker 27. It requires minimal training and the Fokker 50 is known to be an aircraft that can handle rough terrains (or unimproved runway characteristics as CV990A says) according to a KLM Uk maintenance worker I know.



Topic: RE: PIA To Lease Saab 2000's
Username: Sayem55
Posted 2002-11-30 18:33:24 and read 3365 times.

Why aren’t they going for DHC Dash 7/8 looks very similar to Saab 2000 and is more capable than Saab 2000?and most importantly PIA engineers have got some experience on DHC aircraft, Twin Otter.
What do you think guys.

Topic: RE: PIA To Lease Saab 2000's
Username: EAC_732
Posted 2002-11-30 20:36:59 and read 3354 times.

I don't think the Dash 7 would be much of an improvement because the aircraft is ageing. The F-50 would be a great choice, the Saab 2000 wouldn't be for the reasons CV990A and A388 mentioned. Maybe the Dash 8-100 or 200 would be a better choice for PIA.


Topic: RE: PIA To Lease Saab 2000's
Username: Indianguy
Posted 2002-12-01 05:38:57 and read 3322 times.

Hmm. this is intriguing! And I presumed that they had gone too far ahead with the ATR42/72's!

I personally think that the ATR series will be better suited to PIA.


Topic: RE: PIA To Lease Saab 2000's
Username: Cx flyboy
Posted 2002-12-02 09:03:27 and read 3276 times.

It would be interesting to see the state of the runways that PIA plan to send the Saab into, as aircraft with high wings and props are normally suited to rough rocky runways as the props are not as prone to damage from small rocks etc..

Topic: RE: PIA To Lease Saab 2000's
Username: Fly707
Posted 2002-12-03 13:07:44 and read 3222 times.

Mixed types of Dash 8 will be more usefull for them .


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