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Topic: SIA Is Not Taking UA Stake
Username: Bigo747
Posted 2002-12-17 20:37:27 and read 1359 times.

Singapore Airlines has denied a rumour/report taking an equity stake on it's Star Alliance partner, United Airlines.

Spokesman for the airline says the airline has no plan and it's not interested to do so.

Press Release:

Topic: RE: SIA Is Not Taking UA Stake
Username: Docpepz
Posted 2002-12-17 20:49:28 and read 1353 times.

It's a good thing they're not. Thought they'd be buying another bankrupt airline. SIA is now famous for doing that! =)

So Bigo747 you've now taken Singapore_Air's place in his absence? Do remember to read his trip report here!

I'm sorry I'm advertising this trip report to everyone. It's just TOO hilarious!

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