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Flight Attendants In The U.S.A.  
User currently offlineLhr001 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Posted (12 years 6 months 6 days 19 hours ago) and read 22449 times:

To many people this subject may infuriate.. To others you may find humor! The most important question will hopefully be answered!

Why do Flight Attendants in the U.S. seem so ragged???

We now live in a day in age in the United States that you have Flight Attendants that roll big huge and heavy carts up and down the aisle. In most cases it is not to serve a hot or delectable meal. It in turn is usually met with the bantering of ..“Trash, do you have trash”?.. To think that 10 years ago, a Flight Attendant was trained to know when and how to picked trash up in a civilized and orderly manner.

In the United States, we now are met with Flight Attendants that usually care less than anything for their passengers.. They yap to each other while passengers are boarding, they snap at elderly travelers, they can rarely translate effectively for a foreign passengers, and most of all they don’t take care of their appearance. Granted, many of you would say that they are there for your safety! Well... get a clue.. If they don’t care how they act, or how they dress... how are they going to care when the plane is on fire?

Very sadly, we must admit that perhaps it is all a sign of the times!

The major airlines have to hands down be the worst. To start..

**American Airlines**

A few years back taught in training the do’s and don’ts of manners.. Now, their Flight Attendants stand up and consume beverages, wear their cardigans around their waste and smoke in view of passengers at airports. Cardinal ..no, no’s... To the point of termination! Domestic Flight Attendants for American are hit and miss...some more professional and well-kept than others... From experience.. The most well-kept and professional crews seem to come out of Miami, Los Angeles, and New York. International Flight Attendants with American Airlines, have been and always will be a great sense of pride.. International crews offer incredible service, and very knowledgeable, language proficient, and appear to be impeccable.

**America West Airlines**

Overall a very nice experience.. The Flight Attendants seem very outgoing and knowledgeable when it comes to passengers safety and service questions. Even though the service is non-existent the Flight Attendants are very attentive and reply immediately to any passenger calls.

**Continental Airlines**

Most of their domestic crews as of late have little or no idea as to what appearance and self pride is.. On a recent LAS to EWR flight, the Flight Attendants seemed to have looked recycled..served near nothing to the passengers.. and were going back and forth from First Class to Economy to feed their faces... It is okay to indulge... but never in passengers view.. However, an exception must be made to the international crews.. Most of the international crews are very well groomed and are very..very... attentive..especially those on HNL-GUM!

**Delta Airlines**

Domestic Flight Attendants as of late have seemed to have been rolling out of bed in their putrid blue sweater sets, and for the most part unironed pants.. In order to seem professional you must care about your appearance... To compare Delta Airlines domestic to Delta Airlines international is night and day. International Flight Attendants are very outgoing, service-oriented, and there appearance is outstanding.

**Jet Blue**

JetBlue has a nice concept... but not much upstairs when it comes to Flight Attendants.. For being based at New York/JFK it is very amusing to see the lack of language skills that their Flight Attendants have.. A relative recently flew JetBlue from JFK to LAS... (they are from Brazil)... and the Flight Attendants spoke to them in a very condescending and rude manner... In addition, it takes more to be an airline that to have signs on the MTA, or Direct TV.... There is something along the way called... Service and Cultural Awareness!

**Northwest Airlines**

Hit or Miss... If you are lucky enough to have a International crew you are in very good hands... Northwest Airlines offers incredible service and very well-groomed crews on Asian and European routes.. However, for some reason, when you board a domestic flight... recently... LGA-MSP, MSP-SMF, LGA-DTW, DTW-LAX service and quality seem to be left at the gate... Exception to Northwest Airlines is that Flight Attendants always are in full uniform, and truly must care about appearance..

**Omni Air International**

You can call the Smoking Lounge at Las Vegas a home away from home for most of their crews.. It is very distasteful to see Flight Attendants smoking while in uniform... From sanitary to vanity reasons... While on the subject how in the World does Omni Air International recruit?... We have seen crew members in Frankfurt with dread locks, hair extensions, and on top of that using foul language!

**United Airlines**

They have to be given a lot of credit, for United Airlines Flight Attendants are still on the top of the list. They have portrayed ongoing excellence and service without letting the current financial status bother their attitudes. The service offered is excellent... most recently... JFK-SFO, SFO-LAS, SYD-SFO, SFO-ORD, ORD-SFO, SFO-HNL.. The Flight Attendants on a very consistent basis take pride and wear their full uniforms, are outgoing and personable, and most of all make you feel welcome before the end of your journey!

**US Airways**

On a flight from PHL-MUC...there was nothing but bickering and attitude among the Flight Attendants... From take off to landing the Flight Attendants were snapping at each other, and one even went as far as to tell another... “Look honey, I am senior you are the junior... get a bag and do trash”... Taste.... or the lack of civility...



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User currently offlineFA4UA From United States of America, joined Nov 2003, 812 posts, RR: 18
Reply 1, posted (12 years 6 months 6 days 19 hours ago) and read 22224 times:


at first I thought your thread was rude and you were taking things to the far side, but then I read the whole thing and saw you had nothing but positives about UA. I was about to start getting defensive, but you saved yourself towards the end in my opinion!

I'd have to agree with your comments! I've found my fellow crewmembers at UA are some of the most kind, dynamic, interesting and fun people on (or above earth). Sure we all have bad days, but we still work for a global carrier and fly some of the best aircraft out there. We come from a diverse background and it's a general fact that most FA's think we have the coolest job around!

Also, after flying JetBlue a few times myself, I'd have to agree with your assessment and say it's all hype. And of course, to top it off, there still wasn't anything on TV.

-FA 4 UA-

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User currently offlineQantasclub From Australia, joined Nov 2003, 757 posts, RR: 2
Reply 2, posted (12 years 6 months 6 days 19 hours ago) and read 22218 times:

Very funny. I expect you're about to get a whole barrage of replies about this one! The US carriers I've flown on have been AA, UA, America West and CO. And I have to admit that I agree with you, mostly. At best, they can be civil, but just not in the same league as CX/SQ/VS/BA and others. Tardy and generally not really interested in serving passengers. Yes, it's a gross generalisation, but I think amongst frequent travellers who fly consistently with many airlines, you will find the same consensus. Simply why US airlines are rarely in the top 5 or 10 for service in many world surveys. I expect there will be many who disagree, but usually they are die-hard fans of the one carrier, never having flown on other non-US carriers to look at what they're missing out on.

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User currently offlineRyanair!!! From Australia, joined Mar 2002, 4785 posts, RR: 24
Reply 3, posted (12 years 6 months 6 days 10 hours ago) and read 22043 times:

A general apt description of American flight attendants. While in the looks dept they might be questionable, the company cannot hire based on looks? Like a typical ad for the position of a SIA stewardess (we still call them that here) goes something like "... if you are slim, attractive and have a smooth complexion..." Can SIA be sued in America for discriminating those who aren't endowed with those qualities?

I have flown across the Pacific with NW and UA. Sometimes i do wonder about the cultural attitudes though because I have seen FAs on United and Northwest and the difference between them on the intra-Asian and trans-Pacific routes is like night and day. The Asian crew (normally working on intra-Asian flights) is normally all prim and proper with full make up and nicely bunned up hair... while their American counterparts are... to be polite, not as "pleasant looking". Why is that so?

Just an observation, don't bite me.

Welcome to my starry one world alliance, a team in the sky!
User currently offlineAlekToronto From Canada, joined Nov 2003, 328 posts, RR: 0
Reply 4, posted (12 years 6 months 6 days 9 hours ago) and read 21976 times:

Interesting topic...I am sure some members here will have something to say..

LHR001..get ready for some flamming!

I think bottom line that a lot of the issues you raise are due to cultural differences..

In North America we have a very casual (almost extremely casual) attitude towards dress and manners and that reflects in the attitudes and looks of Airline crew. Also Americans do not have as much exposure to foreign cultures and learning foreign languages is also not a priority.

In Asia, Europe and South America for example there is a much greater emphasis put on physical appearance and manners therefore the crew reflects obviously. These crews are also much more likely to be culturely sensitive and speak 2 or more languages - something rare on North American Airlines.

In general I find that no matter where I fly - if you treat the crew with respect (please and thank you's and how are you today?) in 99 percent of cases you will get respect in return everywhere. It is mindboggling how many passengers forget to be civil when flying!

b.t.w. there is no excuse for bickering f/a's - that is just unprofessional.

User currently offlineFlyboyqf From Australia, joined Sep 2003, 23 posts, RR: 0
Reply 5, posted (12 years 6 months 6 days 9 hours ago) and read 21929 times:

I just had to reply to AlekToronto's post. You are dead right about passengers not being civil these days!! Tonight I arrived in one of my slip ports after a fairly long day which included 2 flights. I have to say that the last flight was a shocker!! I worked Business Class and I have never had such a bunch of rude, arrogant and just plane insensitive people on one aircraft!! I am still a fairly new flight attendant but people out there can just simply suck the lifeblood out of you!! I now can see so clearly why some flight attendants get so burnt out and nasty....believe me, it aint their fault...its the passengers!!!!! No one, no matter how professional or eager can withstand the grinding effect of passgenger atittude. My experience tonight (thank god its rare) totally surprised me..people can be unbelievable!!! A little manners and civility definately goes a LONG way in getting decent service. Basically you get what you give.
Cheers and happy flying!!!

User currently offlineAviaction From Germany, joined Nov 2003, 256 posts, RR: 2
Reply 6, posted (12 years 6 months 6 days 8 hours ago) and read 21854 times:

Flyboyqf has summed it up nicely: "why some flight attendants get so burnt out and nasty". Well, he might as well have added: "and lost all interest in flying". It reminded me of a recent DL flight from FRA-JFK-FRA. The average age of the mostly female cabin crew must have been 55 (many former PanAm staff).

Well, half of them were really nice, friendly, very eager to help, they were real "hosts", nicely groomed, wearing their uniforms with pride, with a ready smile. They seemed genuinely pleased having us passengers on board.

The other half, alas, quite obviously had already lost their passion for flying decades ago. They hated their jobs, they hated the passengers. And it really showed. Now, why on earth do they soldier on? Nobody makes them continue flying.

German by nationality, European by heart!
User currently offlineLhr001 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 7, posted (12 years 6 months 6 days 7 hours ago) and read 21787 times:


Very interesting points. We must also say that when a Flight Attendant is hired by an airline they are trained and are willing to offer customer service no matter what the circumstance. Be a Flight Attendant 2 months junior or 40 years senior.. It should make no difference.. Service should always be second to safety!

Read the following statement-


Now, would you say that is not what an airline looks for when recruiting Flight Attendants?

In the United States, unfortunately we have some of the most ancient Flight Attendants in the World... At the same time you cannot just chuck out the Senior Flight Attendants... There is a very common trend for complacency... In saying so... a lot of Flight Attendants that are comfortable.. start to hide behind the unions when things go wrong... It is very hard for an airline to dismiss an employee after a probationary period.. In saying so.. The unions offer the job security to the Flight Attendants as well..

At the same time the airlines also are to blame for allowing the Flight Attendants getting away with unkept appearances and ill-mannered attitudes... Senior Flight Attendants can remember the days in which, the passengers was always right.. The days at which you would offer a hot meal on an hour long flight... The days in which people dressed up when they flew somewhere.. There are a lot of Flight Attendants hired by Allegiant Airlines, ATA, JetBlue, Omni Air International, Southwest Airlines, and World Airways post 9-11 that do not recognize what it is to be a real Flight Attendant. To them hauling trash, chit-chatting on the jumpseat, and waiting for there next paycheck is all that the job is about!

The passengers have certainly changed over the years.. It is absolutely disgusting to see people board aircraft with paper bags, plastic bags, and boxes full of food.. At the same time, people seem to be placing there cabin baggage in plastic bags as well.. It is utterly repulsive..

We are not going to sit here and say only certain people should fly... However, there is a limit as to what extent airlines will go to get passengers...

Thank heavens for that...

United Airlines clientele.. certainly isn’t the Allegiant Airlines clientele.. and American Airlines clientele.. certainly isn’t the Southwest Airlines clientele.. Passengers come out of the woodwork when low fares are offered... Many of them first time... or very infrequent fliers... You end up dealing with a completely rude, biased, and unruly load of passengers...

Anyone can afford a JetBlue $200.00 r/t from JFK-OAK... Not everyone can afford a American Airlines $430.00 r/t from JFK-SFO! Thanks for that... Some of us actually would pay the difference to fly on a real airline and recieve real service... An example would be Song - Delta Airlines low-cost spin on the market... Song passengers do not require the service or in-flight standard level of Delta Airlines.. Song passengers know the ticket is low cost and thusfore, they expect less.. It is very clearly stated on the Song website!


User currently offlineLastBaron From United States of America, joined Oct 2003, 290 posts, RR: 2
Reply 8, posted (12 years 6 months 6 days 7 hours ago) and read 21708 times:

The worst-dressed award among U.S. flight attendants undoubtedly should go to WN. They seem to have adopted some sort of new "casual Fridays every day" policy. I flew them last week and yesterday out of MHT on a BWI segment and both times the FAs were not in any type of uniform and looked as though they had just rolled out of bed and come to work in whatever they could find lying on the hotel room floor. Downright sloppy!

Many of us remember the days when air travel was "something special" and you flew dressed up and didn't need to smell b.o. or flatulence or people's greasy McDonald's foods. But those days are gone, regardless of how "nostalgic" people get remembering and yearning for them. LCCs are here to stay and the market is changing still... and the only way to recapture the lost cache of air travel would be to re-regulate. Since that is never going to happen, get over it and live with the fact that your seat-mate may well be someone you would never welcome into your home or say hello to on the street. There is no place for snobbery in mass-transportation, LHR, that's why it is called mass-transportation. Get it?

As for United: If they would like to stay (which is doubtful considering the current management and its very bad decisions), maybe they could bring about a successful turnaround by reviving a positive distinction between its service and that of the LCCs... give passengers free and decent food instead of greasy snacks, add extra leg room, invoke smiling and friendly service with panache, and yes, people will gladly pay more for it - within reason.

As the examples of Air First, MGM Grand, and other, similar enterprises have shown, the concept of an "all-exclusive" airline doesn't work. People who can afford/want that kind of travel will usually rent or already own a private aircraft, anyway.

Most of us "common" travelers are not interested in paying too much of a premium for such "frills" - although many of us would likely book majors if there were any distinction between a major and an LCC that was tangible and not over-priced. Right now, there isn't - UAL has its share of rude and ill-mannered, ill-educated FAs like any of the U.S. airlines; UAL has more than its share of pre-historic museum-ripe aircraft in service; and UAL still seems to think it can outcharge competitors on many segments based on "brand recognition," a concept that has been proven time and time again in this industry to have gone the way of the do-do.

User currently offlineAlekToronto From Canada, joined Nov 2003, 328 posts, RR: 0
Reply 9, posted (12 years 6 months 6 days 7 hours ago) and read 21687 times:

hey guys..
interesting discussions...bottom line is that Airline Travel today is MASS TRANSPORTATION. When we are looking to fly somewhere and the main criteria is cost and convienience..same reasons we travel on trains and buses...

I think it is time we stop treating air travel as "special" and just as it is...another mode to get from A to B. Flying never will be glamourous as it was back in the 60's..thats a fact..the sooner we realize the happier we will be.


User currently offlineLastBaron From United States of America, joined Oct 2003, 290 posts, RR: 2
Reply 10, posted (12 years 6 months 6 days 7 hours ago) and read 21673 times:

Cheers Alek, and I agree heartily. Sadly, there are few trains in the U.S. thanks to the "foresight" and "prgressive planning" encouraged here in the 1950s and 1960s (and heavily lobbied for by Ford and GM). Amtrak is a pathetic joke and air travel has thus been forced to take on people who might otherwise use trains, as they (and I) do in Europe wherever air travel is too complicated, expensive or cumbersome.

User currently offlineLhr001 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 11, posted (12 years 6 months 6 days 7 hours ago) and read 21666 times:


United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Northwest Airlines, US Airways, and Continental Airlines...

All of the above airlines do have name brand recognition and that perhaps is part of the key to their business. They have in good and bad times survived. It is true that the airlines have taken a beating and that due to the size of these airlines it makes them more prone to loss since they have much larger market shares.

United Airlines does not have ancient aircraft as you have earlier stated. You can throw in the 737-200...however there are very..very...few left in the fleet! The second oldest aircraft in United Airlines fleet currently is the 767-200, and those basically are flown exclusively on JFK and BOS flights to LAX and SFO. And in saying so those flights are near always full, and full of Lufthansa Miles & More, United Airlines Mileage Plus, and Varig Smiles members!

MGM Grand Air, was a very nice concept.. They had offered very nice service and a product that was far superior to most other airlines. Remember that the prices that MGM Grand Air charges were outrageous.. In addition even for flying in the 1980's the aircraft type - DC-8, and 727 was very old and not exactly modern for the times.

In addition United Airlines, has just introduced TED.. A product that is designed for the lower end markets at more lucrative and attractive prices. TED, is a product similar to JetBlue and Song... In addition mainline United Airlines is heading in a very positive direction.. Dont cross your fingers... United Airlines is not going anywhere anytime soon. Either is American Airlines, or Delta Airlines.


User currently offlineAloha73g From United States of America, joined Jul 2003, 2407 posts, RR: 4
Reply 12, posted (12 years 6 months 6 days 6 hours ago) and read 21626 times:

Interesting Topic.

Ive flown on UA, AA, DL, CO, US, WN, HA, and AQ. I have encountered downright nasty F/A's on all of them , but I have also had some great F/A's on all of them. From my personal experience it seems that either the whole crew is going to be great or they are all going to be awful with the occasional nasty one thrown in among a pleasant crew. Some of the best F/As I have ever had have been on DL, CO, HA, AQ, AA & UA flights to/from Hawaii.

I have also witnessed horrible F/A's on all of these. Atleast with flights to/from Hawaii (most of my flights) I think the F/A's who are from Hawaii are much better. In my experience I think HA and AQ have great F/A's. The best F/A's I've ever had were on a AQ flight from HNL-BUR-LAS. They were all over 55, probably 60 but they were so friendly and helpful. They really seemed to enjoy flying and helping people.

With F/A's I would think it is hit or miss. It all depends on when you catch them because a really nice person can become a really nasty person very quickly under the right circumstances.


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User currently offlineLhr001 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 13, posted (12 years 6 months 6 days 6 hours ago) and read 21598 times:


It was a very nice piece that you have writen. It is very true... I stated in the main header for the topic that Continental Airlines service from HNL-GUM, seemed to have the most well groomed, elegant, and personable Flight Attendants of all..

Everytime that I have flown on Hawaiian Airlines the service has been incredible. I miss the L1011 fleet and the DC-10 as well.. The cabins were always bright and inviting. The Flight Attendants were so warm.. Flowers were always placed in their hair, and most of all you can truely tell that you were welcome and they wanted you aboard the aircraft. Never once did I incur a rude or nasty Flight Attendant on Hawaiian Airlines....


User currently offlineNonRevKing From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 14, posted (12 years 6 months 6 days 6 hours ago) and read 21597 times:

Wow, what an amazing bunch as trash you pass off as being fact. Just for the record, let me say that this is one person's OPINION, not reality. No sense furthering some stereotypes that should be long dead.

Will you get a cranky crew every now and then when you fly? Of course. But you act like this is the norm. I can almost guarantee you I've flown more flights on more different airlines, and I can only think of a couple of times where the crews attitude was an issue. By far, the vast majority are very accommodating, or at the very least do their job as their required. That's all I expect, and I believe most people feel the same. I'm not one of those demanding passengers; I have empathy for other people.

Two things will lead to having a cranky crew. Oddly enough they are both environmental. First, the attitude of the crew is directly proportional to how their company treats them. This is a big reason of the perceived decline in service of the majors. It's hard plaster a smile on your face when you see your friends and coworkers laid off, while the corporate types get big bonuses. It's hard to go out of your way for a passenger when your company is too cheap to give you the tools you need to go above and beyond. I think FA's do an excellent job with the hand they are delt.

The second reason, as mentioned, is the passengers. I've worked in all phases of flight operation for the past three years, and let me tell you, the public changes you. I've seen this in my friends who work for airlines too. Unfortunately you are exposed to the worst of human nature on a regular basis, way more often than you see the best. I'm speaking from personal experience (there's a novel concept huh?) But, I can tell you honestly that I treat every passenger the exact same way. Each has my respect (that's what we get paid for) and it's their call to lose it or not. This is the case with the vast majority of airline people I know. Basically, it's all how you approach the crews. What you see as cranky, the FA may see as a cabin getting out of control and they may have to crack the whip. It's hard to keep your cool when you have someone screaming at you for trifle reasons. It's hard not to snap back when you have people spit on you, call you names, or grab part of your body as you walk by.

On thing I will not stand for is anyone questioning is how a FA will react in an evac. No matter what you think of their attitude, you know damn right well you're going to be looking to them in an emergency situation. And they will all do they same thing, they will get your judgmental ass of that plane. Even before themselves. Just think about that. Even with all your opinions posted above, any FA will still put your life before his or hers. That's what they're there for. Never question that, ever.

Just on a side note, I detect a subliminal United bias in your post. Just for the record, one of my rare bad experiences was with UA on a flight TPA-ORD. It was pretty much the opposite of what you describe them as. They FA's were cranky, the service was non-existent, and the ground crew was exactly the same. Most people I talk to feel the same way, that all thing being equal, they wouldn't fly on UA. But hey, as I said, this was my impression and I don't feel the need to stereotype UA based on this one experience. I'd fly them again.

Brian - SPOT THIS!

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User currently offlineAircanada From Canada, joined Jul 1999, 148 posts, RR: 0
Reply 15, posted (12 years 6 months 6 days 6 hours ago) and read 21537 times:

Well, I'm still not really sure what I think about that. Given that I've had a bad day as it is, perhaps I'm interpreting it as being worse than it actually is. Also, I'm not a FA in the US, so I don't know if it really applies to me.

The only time I yell at old people (or anyone) is when they don't comply with rules. Sorry, but if you don't stow that bag, I don't care if you're black, white, old or young, you're gonna get yelled at!

Appearance is hard to keep up after spending 8 hours at 37, 000 feet serving drinks and collecting garbage. Often, the only thing FA's can think of is getting that hot blazer off and taking a nice drag of a cigarette. I don't blame them (even though I don't smoke, I'm sure I'd feel the same way if I did!).

I guess the one thing that rattled me the most was the comment about people not following the FA's direction if they look bad and the plane catches fire. You'd be amazed how much respect people have for FA's in an emergency. It's like you're instantly God. All of a sudden, the part of the safety speech that says "Your flight attendants are here for your comfort and safety and in the event of an emergency, we are here to help ensure your well being" really sinks in, even in heavy turbulence. I've watched the most rude people just melt into sobbing hunks of people during turbulence. I think that if a FA's sweater was tied around her waist, these people wouldn't think twice about their competency to co-ordinate an emergency evac.

I suppose as true as some of it is, some of it is highly unaccurate and, thus, makes me slightly peeved.


User currently offlineLhr001 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 16, posted (12 years 6 months 6 days 6 hours ago) and read 21548 times:


Are you a Purser?

Are you a Flight Attendant?

Are you a Flight Attendant Supervisor?

Are you a In-Flight Manager?

Do you work for the F.A.A.?

Taken from experience this topic has been written. Granted, some ideas are different from others... And to answer your question more clearly... As you say that no one can question a Flight Attendants ability to lead a evacuation... Yes.... some of us can... And why???

(There are a lot of very good, very safety-concious Flight Attendants flying... this is by no means to say that all Flight Attendants are guilty of the following)

Are you onboard the aircraft when the Flight Attendants do their safety checks?

Are you onboard the aircraft when the Flight Attendants are reciting their commands? (By the way the reciting of commands prior to passenger boarding -should- be a common place practice)

From experience.. I have personaly witnessed the following-

*Flight Attendants not checking under passenger seats (bomb check)
*Flight Attendats not checking smoke detectors
*Flight Attendats not checking pressure guages on evacuation slides
*Flight Attendants not checking oxygen guages on breathing equipment
*Flight Attendats not checking seatback pockets for suspicious items

These are all part of the Safety Checks that the F.A.A. requires by law... When your Flight Attendants crew boards the 767,757,737, A320,A319,A321 10 minutes before boarding... a thurough Safety check has not been performed!

The F.A.A. clearly states that a safety check must be performed prior to a flight departing any airport in which the two Flight Attendant crews have not met... i.e. so when you board a plane at 6am and the crew boarded at 5:50am... start asking questions.

The next time you fly ask a Flight Attendant -

What door their are responsible for?

How many ABP's do you need in the case of a evacuation?

When was the last time you reviewed you evacuation commands?

When was the last time you checked the smoke detectors?

Happy Flying!

User currently offlineNonRevKing From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 17, posted (12 years 6 months 6 days 5 hours ago) and read 21481 times:

Who are you to tell me this? Have you ever even worked for an airline?

As you say that no one can question a Flight Attendants ability to lead a evacuation... Yes.... some of us can... And why???

No you can't. There is something you will never understand unless you've been an FA. In an emergency, and ask any FA this, your training will take over. Question it all you want, the FA's will snap into evac mode right away.

From experience.. I have personaly witnessed the following

What experience? All of that is done before passenger boarding. You wouldn't see it unless you’re a FA or pilot.

Yes, actually I have been a FA, and a purser. Now what authority do you have to judge?

Brian - SPOT THIS!

User currently offlineLhr001 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 18, posted (12 years 6 months 6 days 5 hours ago) and read 21436 times:

Flight Attendant for a truely incredible airline...

An airline that truely does value safety and comfort....

By the way the airline that I worked for is foreign, has recieved many awards for service, an unblemished safety record and also been ranked as one of the Worlds leading airlines!

When have I witnessed Flight Attendants not properly doing safety checks?...

Well.. that is between me and the 15 or so filed reports sent to the FAA in regards to Flight Attendants not doing as instructed!

So... the next time someone boards a plane I would encourage them to ask the Flight Attendant about evacuation procedures, safety checks, and ABP's!

Happy Flying


User currently offlineNonRevKing From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 19, posted (12 years 6 months 6 days 5 hours ago) and read 21406 times:

Flight Attendant for a truely incredible airline...An airline that truely does value safety and comfort....

Your profile says you're in real estate, and based in LAS...Something doesn't add up there.

So... the next time someone boards a plane I would encourage them to ask the Flight Attendant about evacuation procedures, safety checks, and ABP's!

So you do this? And you wonder why other FA's give you a bad attitude! Leave them alone and let them do their jobs. You're not the flight attentant God. Just concentrate on making your company better instead of trash talking other ones.

Brian - SPOT THIS!

User currently offlineDazed767 From United States of America, joined May 1999, 5519 posts, RR: 49
Reply 20, posted (12 years 6 months 6 days 5 hours ago) and read 21364 times:

So... the next time someone boards a plane I would encourage them to ask the Flight Attendant about evacuation procedures, safety checks, and ABP's!

Like they don't have enough crap to deal with when pax are boarding.  Insane If you had approached me and asked that I'd say "It's done, that's all you need to know".

I could care less if a flight attentand ironed his/her pants that morning, as long as they do their job efficiantly and are friendly, that's all that matters IMHO.

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We all come from different backgrounds... Some of us have left the industry due to the direction it was heading in!

And for further information...

If you feel that your Flight Attendants are not doing enough to ensure your safety follow the links on the following website-


It is a Flight Attendants responsibility to answer any safety related questions while passengers are onboard the aircraft! Ask not only Flight Attendant Trainning Staff, FAA and DOT.. Furthermore if you are a FlightAttendat you will clearly see within your FAR's the guidelines and rules for which you are to disclose passengers inquiries!

If you feel they should not have to answer passengers questions in regards to safety then perhaps you should be hauling bags into the belly of the aircraft or better yet leaving the airline industry!

In closing remember that not everyone is perfect and unfortunately the industry in the United States with the exception of a few major airlines have turned Flight Attendants into Trash Collectors...


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fun discussion! just throw in the Airbus vs. Boeing debate and you'd probably feel the heat coming off your monitors!

anyway... my favourite post thus far is from Aircanada:
"Your flight attendants are here for your comfort and safety and in the event of an emergency, we are here to help ensure your well being" really sinks in, even in heavy turbulence. I've watched the most rude people just melt into sobbing hunks of people during turbulence.

AMEN!! I've seen it myself a hundred times over! The jerk in 4D who wanted a lime instead of a lemon in his Diet Pepsi and gave you attitude for not checking his coat fast enough suddenly becomes a petrified little kid with a look of fear in his eyes over a bit of bad turbulence. Usually the transition happens when the captain says "flight attendants be seated immediately". I love it!! Big grin

I've had numerous discussions similar to this thread with my flying partners and we all agree that comparing any of the US carriers to Thai or Malaysian isn't fare. Our culture is so very different. We view ourselves as equals to passengers and we don't put up with rude American Passengers (why is it always Americans?). The other major difference is that our carriers in the US don't require the female FA's to apply an entire Clinique counter to their face! ha!

LastBaron: UA has one of the youngest fleets of the majors. The 737-200 is long gone and the 762 is only used SFO/LAX-JFK and it's kept in excellent condition. Also it's important to realize that brand recognition is still very much at play. So is a good rewards program, hence UA can charge $10 more for the route pairing as others but still fill our planes. It seems as though you haven't kept abreast on UA's financials but we're making $7million a day on the operation... that means full planes and happy customers.

also, the latest internal surveys (called Markettrak) were recently released for UA and the repurchase intent is higher then ever! That's the true measure of a carrier: whether your customers will come back to you!

I think it's easy to generalize from one or two bad flights about an entire carrier, but come on... we're smarted then that! There are 22,000 active FA's at UA and sure there are some bad seeds out there, but on an individual basis there are some really great folks! Ultimately, you try flying four legs in one day have a 8.5hr layover at the Airport Hilton in anywhere USA do another three legs and still smile and be SUPER HAPPY to the general public! There are a lot of perks to being an FA but sometimes you get a crappy trip!


The debate continues... Starwood or Hyatt... which is better
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Who do you work for, and in what capacity??

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Real Estate.....

Las Vegas

$ $ $ $

That is why I left the airline industry combined with the low fares and swarms of "cheapo" passengers... Yes, "chaepo" passengers are international... not only in the U.S.A.

And yes... to answer everyones question... I come from a very airline related family.... Europe and Australia..... The airline I was employed with was rather nicely situated in the middle between Europe and Australia... we require Flight Attendants to be on contracts.... a very smart idea! At the same time we also are given apartments, allowances, and yearly jaunts!

Service, is a given...
Safety, is a essential...
Personality, is natural...

In reference to United Airlines... They are a remarkable airline and it shows... They have won back the audience and they have one of the largest widebody fleets and route structures in the World. They are the only U.S. airline to serve Australia from the maniland U.S. They in addition have a very well established European and Asian market.... They are the come back kid... And if all willing... will be back better than ever! YES... I AM BIASED TWORADS UNITED AIRLINES... They were a partner with our airline at one time!

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36 AA777MIA : Too bad that US airlines do not treat their employees or flight attendants like they do in Asia, perhaps you would get that.... As far as LHR001 goes,
37 Futureualpilot : Id disagree with him, of my flights on CO, and Dl, and AA the FA's were awsome. He was correct about UA and HP however.
38 Flpuck6 : Lhr001, I have not yet read all of these replies (I know, some of you will grill me but oh well) and I couldn't agree with you more :/
39 Lhr001 : LastBaron, To correct you on a few subjects that you have so very vivdly brought about. Do you remember the airline safety records of the airlines bot
40 UAFedExFlyBoy : I find it incredibly immature for people to attack or criticize someone simply because their profile has changed on numerous occasions. When it comes
41 Proudtoflyaa : I find it incredibly immature for people to attack or criticize someone simply because their profile has changed on numerous occasions. Normally, I w
42 Mike77 : I fly many times a year and find that, IN MY EXPERIENCES, flight attendants are not overly-friendly, well-groomed or well-versed in hospitality. This
43 Post contains images UAFedExFlyBoy : Proudtoflyaa, When it comes to someone trying to pass off opinion as fact without substantial and credible support to back up the claim, I complately
44 Qantasclub : Totally agree with UAfedexflyboy. This was always going to be a controversial topic, and, as with many other threads, people will agree and disagree.
45 UAL777 : Ditto Mike 77. I am a student, but I need extra money so I work at a Dairy Queen on the weekends to bolster my low "student" lifestyle. I too check my
46 Flying Belgian : Well, As European, I often used to fly with U.S carriers to the States. I experienced AA & UA quite many times... now as Cabin crew member for a Belgi
47 Post contains images Flyguyclt : Flight Attendants from all over the world can be mean and nasty. It has not been copyrighted to US based crews yet. I do think the patent is pending t
48 AMM744 : It doesn't matter what industry or capacity Lhr001 works in, he as anyone else on this site has a right to air his views. The sad part is that he's so
49 Plugger : I agree that if the passenger is polite the F/As will be polite, but not always. We live in an age of offended feelings and self-analysis and the F/As
50 Iflewrepublic : I find it hard to believe that an off-duty United Flight Attendant wearing a pink sweat suit with Bugs Bunny emblazoned on it was allowed on the plane
51 AA767400 : AMM744, That is funny that you say that" We in Europe do not fly U.S. carriers". When only four of my cabin passengers were American. This was a full
52 AA767400 : B747skipper, I agree with crews looking nice and everything, but, come on. Please don't tell me that Aerolineas Argentinas, and their crew members hav
53 Lhr001 : First I would like to commence by thanking the following members for their posts and sincere concern for the airline industry and the direction that i
54 Aviaction : Wow, Lhr001. Obviously words had built up inside you like clouds in a thunderstorm. I am impressed. I couldn't agree more. Here's to "a passion for av
55 Jeffrey1970 : LHR001, I hope you are wrong about the grooming part. I hope airlines do not put that ahead of everything else. I can understand that grooming is impo
56 NonRevKing : I completely understand why some of you may not trust Lhr001's post IF ,and only IF, what you say is true but let's look at the bigger picture here. R
57 Aviaction : NonRevKing: Have you ever been accused of being extremely patronizing? No, well, than this is the first time. No, this is nothing factual, just my ver
58 Lhr001 : NonRevKing, To reiterate some facts to you... Was it another airline? answer - YES.... In addition the airline that I worked for very extremely strict
59 AA777MIA : LHR001: I thank you for your concern about my job, but don't be. First off, I have had unannounced FAA inspections, and passed them with flying colors
60 Lhr001 : AA777MIA, You see.... that is my point exactly..... Most Flight Attendants are willing to go the extra mile for not only the airline but the passenger
61 AA777MIA : LHR001: I know I work for a great company, and yes we have our problems. EVERY company does once you get to a certain size. I recite my commands every
62 NonRevKing : Well, I was gonna respond, but AA777MIA said it best. Thanks for your concern, but we don't need you. Again you're not the in-flight supervisor of the
63 AA767400 : lhr001, I think you seem to go to far with things. I know I can be inspected by a F.A.A inspector. I know my procedures. I don't need you to tell me w
64 Aviaction : NonRevKing: Thanks a lot for showing me the light, for educating me. It has been an intriguing exchange of thoughts and ideas. Thanks to your relentle
65 NonRevKing : Well, then you know that it's not fare to compare a US domestic flight to an international long haul. Why did you say it was? Brian - SPOT THIS!
66 Aviaction : Brian - Between grown-up people ... actually one might also compare US domestic flights to domestic flights in any other country ... although this mig
67 777236ER : Lhr001, you were with this airline from at the most 7 years ago, which takes us to 1996. Just what airline was flying in the US that had such a strict
68 Lhr001 : Again, I am having to discuss my former employeer... Let me asure you that if you read my previous post you would have known it was not a U.S. airline
69 AA777MIA : LHR001: Why are you including me in this post? I said nothing about comparing international and US airlines. I said nothing about you writing the FAA,
70 Proudtoflyaa : I'm sure Lhr001 must have been one heck of a flight attendant! Apparently he made international purser by age 18!! I fail to see the relevance of your
71 Post contains images LastBaron : By LHR001: The comment that you made in reference to United Airlines and TED.... failing is also very outlandish! How can you as one person know what
72 Lhr001 : Remember: The next person you snap at may email the F.A.A., may know your In-Flight Supervisor.. or better yet.. advise your base office you did not d
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79 Qantasclub : WELL SAID Windowseat. Can't agree with you more 100%.
80 Us330 : Wow, I can have a field day analyzing and responding to the quotes in this thread. "Wow, what an amazing bunch as trash you pass off as being fact. Ju
81 Post contains images Lhr001 : US330, You name is of an airline with some of the oldest boats on the ocean... (that was a joke.. you are sure someday to comprehend) The cost of a ti
82 Lhr001 : ProudtoflyAA, Try not to send hate mail to users email address in the future! It would be much more "professional" for you to post such things on this
83 NonRevKing : I don't know how else to say it. The American culture dictates a different type of service. Americans want the lowest fares , bottom line, period, end
84 Aviaction : Brian May I quote you: "It is not your job to report other FA's for doing things you perceive as wrong"? Yes, it is, if I feel that my safety has been
85 Post contains images Flyguyclt : Aviation: Thanks for the story. I am a purser for another airline. In my briefings alot of times I let people read items like your post. As sometimes
86 Vikkyvik : I'm sorry, I've refrained from commenting on this whole thread, instead wasting an hour reading all the replies (OK, maybe not "wasting" as such), but
87 Aviaction : Flyguyclt: Many thanks for the advice, for the carefully chosen words, thanks for not bashing me. Matter-of-factly, I tought about addressing her. If
88 777236ER : Lhr001, if your former airline was so great, why did you leave? I don't think the people here appreciate you insulting all of us by saying we can't fl
89 Post contains images Flyguyclt : AV: If we F/A's really want to be honest about the entire pic. The ones you as passengers don't like. WE don't like either from a working stand point.
90 EZYcrew : US flight attendants.... mmmhhh let me think... I work for LX as a f/a, and here in GVA I am always shocked when I see CO flight attendants..... there
91 Post contains images Aviaction : Flyguyclt: I know you wouldn't have thrown me off the plane ... as you very evidently know your duties. And I know that if I had caught you in the act
92 Post contains images Flyguyclt : AV: I don't read on the jumpseat. So you would not have caught me. It only takes one incident to cure you of that. Trust me. The other day. A collegue
93 Post contains images SprxflySWA : Well, if someone flies Emirates or Southwest, one should get quality,caring service. As for some of the comments about FA size, unfortunately, we no
94 Us330 : "You name is of an airline with some of the oldest boats on the ocean... (that was a joke.. you are sure someday to comprehend)" Are you really using
95 Sabena332 : Sabena 332, Sabena, has had one of the worst reputations in the World not only for safety but for service... Do you recall? S - Simply A B - Bad E - E
96 EZYcrew : Us330 Woaow! Well said!
97 AA777MIA : Bravo!! Very well put..
98 Sabena 690 : Lhr001, may I kindly ask you not to reply if you don't know a goddamn thing what you are talking about? Sabena, has had one of the worst reputations i
99 SprxflySWA : Anybody have any examples/experiences to share about old Soviet bloc carriers FAs? There would be an interesting comparison. And not current Aeroflot
100 Proudtoflyaa : ProudtoflyAA, Try not to send hate mail to users email address in the future! Excuse me? Hate mail? What? It would be much more "professional" for yo
101 Lhr001 : US330, AA777MIA, NonRevKing, AA767400, EZYCrew, Sabena 332, Only two airlines in the United States should have gotten Federal Aide post 9-11.... AA/UA
102 PiedmontGirl : You know, folks, one of the problems with flight attendants in the United States is that airline management generally treats them as if they are of ab
103 Jeffrey1970 : Lhr001, I was laughing at your last statement. I think it is kind of funny. Since you seem to know most of everything about the airlines problems in t
104 Lhr001 : Unlike Qantas, Unlike EMIRATES, Unlike Gulf Air, Unlike Saudia, Unlike Singapore, Unlike Biritsh Airways... Who care equally as much to money as they
105 AA777MIA : Is all the U.S. industry cares about! Money hungry...salivating management!.... OH MY! I cannot believe this, I AGREE with you 100% for once, LOL....
106 777236ER : Lhr001, if your former airline was so great, why did you leave? I don't think the people here appreciate you insulting all of us by saying we can't fl
107 Post contains images Sabena 690 : Once again your are spreading the biggest crap. This does not go about an opinion, this goes about FACTS. x Sabena is unsafe? BULLSH*T, just check the
108 Lhr001 : Sabena690, I sense you are a tad bit bitter at the demise of SABENA! 777236ER, Add something of information in regards to the topic..Not you hatred or
109 Flyguyclt : I just have to say. Being a flight attendant today is like working for an alcoholic parent. It is never enough, never correct, and always always your
110 EZYcrew : PiedmontGirl, You're SO RIGHT! May I add that if it was up to me, I would serve champagne, caviar and Chateaubriand just to keep pax quiet!
111 PiedmontGirl : EZYcrew, doing really nice service is much nicer for the passengers and for the flight attendants. You have the psychological satisfaction of having d
112 Lhr001 : From the bulk of messages...we can see that this topic has been talked...and talked... since I opened the topic... I am saying thanks to everyone... T
113 Kevin752 : Very interesting topic. I have flown many international and US carriers an i have been very happy with the apperance and service that the airlines ha
114 Us330 : "Only two airlines in the United States should have gotten Federal Aide post 9-11.... AA/UA" No, because that would have been government favoritism, a
115 Cs03 : While we in the USA might get "back" to the simple days of politeness at the airport and in the air someday, the fact that the safety "factor" has cha
116 Iflewrepublic : You know...I couldn't agree with you more. Reading what you had to say reminds me of one of my friends, a former Pan Am Flight Attendant. He told me t
117 PiedmontGirl : Iflewrepublic: I've loved flying machines since I was a little girl. I love to fly. What I don't like is the way most airlines are managed. I consider
118 LastBaron : US330: "Americans, unlike Europeans, don't look to air travel as glamourous anymore. We use it as transportation, nothing more..." Hi U.S. - I agree w
119 Jeffrey1970 : While I very much agree that customer service is very important, I sometimes wonder when people complain about customer service if the problem started
120 Aviaction : Last Baron: Thanks for your great summary. Yes, indeed, what counts here in the contents of the thread. It is all abouts opinions, either based on fac
121 Proudtoflyaa : As a quite new member, I have to say that I am really appalled by the way you phrase your issues. As a new member, you haven't been around for his pr
122 Post contains images Aviaction : Proudtoflyaa: Thanks for trying to save the world from "erroneous and incorrect information". However, I feel mature enough to form my own opinion abo
123 Us330 : Aviaction: "As a quite new member, I have to say that I am really appalled by the way you phrase your issues." That's your opinion and I respect that,
124 AASilverbird : I haven't travelled internationally in a few yrs, and even when I have, it's been on a US carrier, so I don't really have a comparison. I fly quite a
125 Aviaction : Us330: Thank you, too, for your carefully chosen words. However, please have a look at what I replied to Proudtoflyaa. There is no need to save the wo
126 SingaporeFA : Ryanair!!! Chomp chomp!!heheh.... should i put my 2 cents worth in??
127 PiedmontGirl : LastBaron, no honest job is lousy. There are only lousy people doing those jobs. The problem with being egalitarian is that it's possible only at the
128 Post contains images Aviaction : PiedmontGirl Thanks your giving us an "insider view". And yes, this is the point I've been trying to make from the very beginning of this thread. It's
129 Jeffrey1970 : PiedmontGirl, From what I have read I sure you that you might consider going back to being a flight attendant. I would be happy to fly on whatever air
130 Motech722 : This has been a very interesting thread to say the least. As Lhr001 originally posted, Why do Flight Attendants in the U.S. seem so ragged??? To be ho
131 PiedmontGirl : Aviaction: Thank you so much! I remember the post about the Adria flight attendant. She obviously cares very much about her job and is very much a pro
132 Jeffrey1970 : PiedmontGirl, I know that this is a bit off the topic but I would love to hear some of your aviation stories. I am going to add you to my respected li
133 Proudtoflyaa : simply state why you disagree and give your point I disagree with his views, as I have stated, because the supporting evidence he has as foundation f
134 Proudtoflyaa : Lhr001, I'm going to respond to some specific points. It in turn is usually met with the bantering of ..“Trash, do you have trash”?.. To think tha
135 Post contains images PiedmontGirl : Jeffrey1970, thank you! Aviation stories? I've got literally thousands. A couple of short ones from a loooooooooong time ago: When I first started fly
136 Post contains images Aviaction : Proudtoflyaa: WOW, now you have me impressed! As I see it, this is the proper way to have a discussion (in contrast to bashing). Although you haven't
137 Post contains images Aviaction : PiedmontGirl: I really hope that also the rest of us is welcome to enjoy your stories. I simply love 'em. Keep sharing! Cheerful and very safe flying
138 Post contains links and images WindowSeat : I could go on for pages, but I think I'd better stop here PiedmontGirl, Your accounts are truly fascinating!!! Please go on....there are many here who
139 PiedmontGirl : Aviaction: Anyone who reads my stories is more than welcome to enjoy them. I am glad you are. WindowSeat: I have sooooooo many stories. Maybe I'll wri
140 Post contains images PiedmontGirl : Thanks for the picture. I've seen that on cockpit windshields before, but I don't have a picture and don't know anyone else who does. Seeing that ball
141 Jeffrey1970 : PiedmontGirl, That is a great story. I laughed just at the thought of it ha ha ha. I loved both of your stories. Those Martins must have been interest
142 Post contains images AA767400 : What? I can't dream? LOL, Without people who do not dream, this would be a very boring world. I dream of a nice AA 764, that most likely will not happ
143 Post contains images PiedmontGirl : Jeffrey1970, no.....thank you!
144 PiedmontGirl : Here's another one for you concerning Martins. It didn't happen to me, but to another flight attendant -- stewardess, as we were called back then. The
145 Flyguyclt : Well here is another funny one to add to the memory banks. A 727 was parked in ORD waiting for passengers. The 4th flight attendant usually had a habi
146 LastBaron : Piedmontgirl, I have just added you to my "respected users," for what that may be worth... Here is something you said that actually struck a huge chor
147 Aviaction : Proudtoflyaa: As promised, here is what I think about several issues: What do you expect them to do? Without saying anything reach across two people a
148 Post contains images LastBaron : Proud, you have some interesting points and I love the fact that you think certain people are blowhards, especially when it comes to coming clean abou
149 Post contains images Flyguyclt : I have to say this. I love working a flight out of AMS with KLM ground staff. If the bag is too big. They look at it. Look at you. And say "it is not
150 Post contains images LastBaron : "Those unflappable Dutch!" Same at Lufthansa in TXL or FRA, and also at Swiss in ZUR. No muss, no fuss, no debate. Americans are spoiled...
151 Post contains images Flyguyclt : Just what ever you do. Don't call the ladies smurfs over there
152 Proudtoflyaa : Aviaction: This is a very easy one: overweight pieces of carry-on-baggage should NOT be on board in the first place! How about "if you can carry it, t
153 PiedmontGirl : LastBaron, the primary thing that business schools do is send their graduates into the world absolutely devoid of ethics. Capitalism demands, in order
154 Greg : Can't get much more bitter than that! Good grief, lighten up. Business schools (or law schools for that matter) are not the root of all evil.
155 Luv2fly : One thing right now that I believe that all the majors suffer from is, A. Being penny wise and dollar foolish. B. Trying to be all things to all peopl
156 Post contains images LastBaron : Proud - glad to hear someone else is uncomfortable with the stupid "unlocked luggage" regs, but I have so far (and I fly weekly) checked a lap top (!)
157 Post contains images Aviaction : Proudtoflyaa: While I agree entirely on the "looks" part (having a "model" look doesn't automatically make you a good flight attendant), I still claim
158 Gamarocchi : Last Baron I read your posts and found them interesting and well written. Well you know I agree with most of what you say about American and European
159 Post contains images Flyguyclt : Aviaction: You pack it . You rack it. (just kidding) In alot of ways you are most correct. However, I have seen the 6ft 4in business man drop a bag on
160 AlekToronto : WOW - never before have I seen such a level of venom and hate on a forum. I joined this forum expecting intelligent exchange of ideas and experiences
161 Post contains images Aviaction : Flyguyclt: ... you should have also told us the rest of the story. Well, I do it for you: As this happenend on a flight of a good, full-service airlin
162 Post contains images Flyguyclt : Alek: As a former BRANIFF flight attendant. I thank you
163 PiedmontGirl : Aviaction, that sounds like my act with the big guy and big bag. And....that's about how it works, too. I can remember an agent telling me about an es
164 Proudtoflyaa : Last Baron: Most Americans feel it is their "right" to cram as much into those bins as they can and to shlep more on than they are supposed to I've ob
165 Post contains images LastBaron : You should mask your hatred of Americans a little better. I've seen, in the service industry at least, no real discernable difference between physical
166 Proudtoflyaa : I am sorry you cannot see it as a broad shift orchestrated by industrial and political leaders aimed at making the working people of this country les
167 Post contains images Aviaction : Proudtoflyaa: Actually it was you who said the following, not I: (Lhr001):Why don’t you try to assist the passenger with stowing the bag instead of
168 LastBaron : Alek, I am amazed at you for that... not becoming of a Canadian... if I could move back to Germany tomorrow, I would! Things are indeed much better th
169 Proudtoflyaa : However, I've seen too many crew members simply look the other way - or rather hide althrough the entire boarding process. And this is a behaviour I
170 LastBaron : Proud: "The majority rules, and that's the beauty of America You are wrong. Look who is in the White House. He was not the winner out the popular vote
171 Post contains images Aviaction : Proudtoflyaa: Well, actually I was talking about the "in need" cases. Please have another look at what I said. However, we are going around in circles
172 Proudtoflyaa : You are wrong. Look who is in the White House. He was not the winner out the popular vote. The majority clearly does not rule here... I was thinking
173 Post contains images AlekToronto : cute..I dont mudsling..being Canadian and all..but I would be extremely embarassed to such make general, ill informed remarks such as: "Since most Ame
174 Gamarocchi : Ah, this is becoming a cultural issue here... Well, to proud and other Americans I would like to say, that I (and I feel I speak for most Europeans) d
175 Gamarocchi : As for the current president not winning the majority of the vote, I would like to say a thing about this. Few Europeans (and few Americans, I think)
176 PiedmontGirl : >>After all pure democracy is not anything else but the tyranny of the majority, while your constitution is built on inalienable rights and freedom.
177 SingaporeFA : PiedmontGirl i have seen St Elmo`s fire before on a windscreen...but i didnt know it could happen in the cabin.Can anyone tell me what causes it??and
178 Post contains images PiedmontGirl : SingaporeFA, I've never seen it in the cabin on any other airplane. It was only that one time. I had been told in initial training that it could disch
179 Airlinebiznut : I am a flight attendant for AA and I have read most of the messages in this thread. I want to give you a point of view from someone that goes to work
180 AlekToronto : Well said Airlinebiznut...I wish more Flight Attendants were like you..keep smiling! Not all us passengers are disrespectful..we do appreciate you. bo
181 Duke : Haven't done much politicking on this board, but will do so at present: 1) I agree that FAs should know their manners, offer decent service, show reas
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