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SN Brussels Airlines - 2006!  
User currently offlineSNBA From France, joined Oct 2004, 203 posts, RR: 0
Posted (10 years 2 months 3 weeks 1 day 1 hour ago) and read 17298 times:

Any thoughts / expectations / news about SN Brussels Airlines in 2006 !?
All comments are welcome...

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User currently offlineGkirk From UK - Scotland, joined Jun 2000, 25330 posts, RR: 54
Reply 1, posted (10 years 2 months 3 weeks 1 day ago) and read 17249 times:

IMO, they could do with smaller a/c, such as the Embraer 145/170 to serve some of the UK routes such as BRS, NCL and GLA. The RJ85s and RJ100s may be a bit too big judging by current loads.

When you hear the noise of the Tartan Army Boys, we'll be coming down the road!
User currently offlineKiwiandrew From New Zealand, joined Jun 2005, 8898 posts, RR: 12
Reply 2, posted (10 years 2 months 3 weeks 1 day ago) and read 17244 times:
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As a newcomer to Bruxelles I have been pleasantly surprised by SNBA - it seems to be one of the few things in Belgium that is actually run as a business and it's staff and management seem to actually understand the concept of customer service ( and as anyone who has lived in Belgium knows customer service is not something that Belgium 'businesses' go in for  Wink )

I wish them luck, and believe that if they stick to their current formula they will continue to succeed , I hope that they continue to grow in a manageable manner while keeping their focus . It would be nice to see them come under the OW banner - but I am not sure whether they have enough to offer OW to become a full member ( though they would certainly fill in a few gaps in Africa )

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User currently offlineKoenie From Belgium, joined Oct 2004, 46 posts, RR: 0
Reply 3, posted (10 years 2 months 3 weeks 1 day ago) and read 17225 times:

More flights to Prague and more to Turin during the olympic winter games I believe

Codeshare with ethiad to Toronto, Abu Dhabi (and bus service to Dubai?)

Aarhus is also a new destination.. don't know if it's own or codeshare...

Is just what I remember from an article in the newspaper

User currently offlineKoenie From Belgium, joined Oct 2004, 46 posts, RR: 0
Reply 4, posted (10 years 2 months 3 weeks 1 day ago) and read 17205 times:

Quality wise they are above OneWorld. WAAAAAAY above.... (compare to IB... )

User currently offlineKiwiandrew From New Zealand, joined Jun 2005, 8898 posts, RR: 12
Reply 5, posted (10 years 2 months 3 weeks 1 day ago) and read 17192 times:
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Quoting Koenie (Reply 4):
Quality wise they are above OneWorld. WAAAAAAY above.... (compare to IB... )

quality wise I am unaware of any airline that doesn't compare favourably when measured against IB  Wink but I agree SNBA are a class act

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User currently offlineAIR MALTA From Malta, joined Sep 2001, 2605 posts, RR: 1
Reply 6, posted (10 years 2 months 3 weeks 1 day ago) and read 17147 times:

Quoting Koenie (Reply 4):
Quality wise they are above OneWorld. WAAAAAAY above....

May be when compared to BA... But compare them to BA and AY....
I think they could seek entry into OW. They could add a lot to the alliance and be part of a quality team...

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User currently offlinePM From Namibia, joined exactly 11 years ago today! , 7274 posts, RR: 62
Reply 7, posted (10 years 2 months 3 weeks 1 day ago) and read 17114 times:

Rumour has it they'll add another A330 in 2006 and I know they're looking at opening routes to East Africa.

User currently offlineAIR MALTA From Malta, joined Sep 2001, 2605 posts, RR: 1
Reply 8, posted (10 years 2 months 3 weeks 23 hours ago) and read 17062 times:

Quoting PM (Reply 7):
May be when compared to BA

I was saying, compare them to IB...  Wink

SN should cover the whole North Africa : Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

Next flights : BRU-ZRH-CAI (LX)/ BRU-FCO-TLV (AZ)
User currently offlinePM From Namibia, joined exactly 11 years ago today! , 7274 posts, RR: 62
Reply 9, posted (10 years 2 months 3 weeks 22 hours ago) and read 16942 times:

Quoting AIR MALTA (Reply 8):
Quoting PM (Reply 7):
May be when compared to BA

I was saying, compare them to IB...

Not quoting me...  confused 

User currently offlineSNBA From France, joined Oct 2004, 203 posts, RR: 0
Reply 10, posted (10 years 2 months 3 weeks 21 hours ago) and read 16871 times:

Why not an A380 entering the fleet in order to operate on their high demand african routes?!
I am just kidding... it is only a dream...

User currently offlineSamL From United Kingdom, joined Jul 2004, 162 posts, RR: 0
Reply 11, posted (10 years 2 months 3 weeks 21 hours ago) and read 16845 times:

Not so sure about the north Africa idea, SNBA seem to specialise in being the only western airline to serve distinctly out of the way destinations. North Africa is pretty well covered by BA/GT (five destinations in Morocco alone), LH and particularly AF. As I understand most of SN's business traffic is connecting, I can't see north african routes holding up well against other European competition. I think they should focus on their strengths and maybe start serving some of the emerging oil destinations places like Sao Tome

User currently offlineMauriceB From Netherlands, joined Aug 2004, 2492 posts, RR: 24
Reply 12, posted (10 years 2 months 3 weeks 21 hours ago) and read 16802 times:

they are also intensivly looking at replacing the avro's with new fokkers, if re-launched... as we al know the CEO of SN is also the head chief of Rekkof...

User currently offlineDFWMzuri From United States of America, joined Nov 2005, 248 posts, RR: 0
Reply 13, posted (10 years 2 months 3 weeks 20 hours ago) and read 16756 times:

This is my very first post as I only recently joined. I enjoy this site. I am flying SN for the first time in February, BRU-NBO, and I'm looking forward to it.

User currently offlineJambo From Tanzania, joined Dec 2004, 249 posts, RR: 0
Reply 14, posted (10 years 2 months 3 weeks 19 hours ago) and read 16668 times:

They should fly to Tanzania. It could be an extension to their current operations to NBO. May be BRU- NBO- DAR

User currently offlineAvro85 From Belgium, joined Jun 2005, 236 posts, RR: 2
Reply 15, posted (10 years 2 months 2 weeks 6 days 18 hours ago) and read 16433 times:

I think 2006 will be a quite year for SN. Maybe an additional A330 that's all.

But as from 2007 I think they will be searching for new investors. Wasn't it like that. This will be very interesting to follow. Might BA try to take a share in SN ? who knows....

Quoting Gkirk (Reply 1):
IMO, they could do with smaller a/c, such as the Embraer 145/170 to serve some of the UK routes such as BRS, NCL and GLA

They could indeed use some smaller equipment on several routes, but don't expect any change in smaller planes soon. The Avro's are here to stay for an other couple of years.


User currently offlineSNBA From France, joined Oct 2004, 203 posts, RR: 0
Reply 16, posted (10 years 2 months 2 weeks 6 days 18 hours ago) and read 16418 times:

Any ideas about new aircrafts, new destinations etc, etc?!!?

User currently offlineKLMCedric From Belgium, joined Dec 2003, 813 posts, RR: 20
Reply 17, posted (10 years 2 months 2 weeks 6 days 18 hours ago) and read 16412 times:

Maybe PVG would be an idea for SN. There's a large detachment of BARCO
in Shangai, and KLM C-class is frequently filled with BARCO people.
I know one firm can't ensure the viability of flight, but Shangai probably has
lot's of other business to offer.Maybe the 788 might come in handy for
SN to explore new long-haul routes, hopefully also outside of Africa.
I wish them all the best.

User currently offlineAvro85 From Belgium, joined Jun 2005, 236 posts, RR: 2
Reply 18, posted (10 years 2 months 2 weeks 6 days 18 hours ago) and read 16407 times:

Quoting SNBA (Reply 16):
Any ideas about new aircrafts, new destinations etc, etc?!!?

Well as I said for the planes we can maybe expect an additional long haul plane. A330 or maybe B767....

As for new destinations I have no idea. Maybe some more codesharing  Wink


User currently offlineAvro85 From Belgium, joined Jun 2005, 236 posts, RR: 2
Reply 19, posted (10 years 2 months 2 weeks 6 days 18 hours ago) and read 16392 times:

Quoting KLMCedric (Reply 17):
Maybe PVG would be an idea for SN

If PVG would be served by SN I would rather believe it to be a codeshare with Hainan operating the flights.

User currently offlineScorpio From Belgium, joined Oct 2001, 5221 posts, RR: 42
Reply 20, posted (10 years 2 months 2 weeks 6 days 18 hours ago) and read 16367 times:

Quoting MauriceB (Reply 12):
they are also intensivly looking at replacing the avro's with new fokkers, if re-launched... as we al know the CEO of SN is also the head chief of Rekkof...

Short answer to everything you said: no. They're not looking at replacing the Avros with Fokkers, and their CEO has nothing to do with Rekkof.

User currently offlineAvianca From Venezuela, joined Jan 2005, 5949 posts, RR: 34
Reply 21, posted (10 years 2 months 2 weeks 6 days 16 hours ago) and read 16236 times:

Quoting KLMCedric (Reply 17):
Maybe PVG would be an idea for SN

yes PVG or an Indian city could be an idea for them. The Belgium traffic +european traffic could be enough to till flights to China or India (+ do not forget a thin conecting traffic from the african countrys to China or India)


Colombia es el Mundo Y el Mundo es Colombia
User currently offlineSNBA From France, joined Oct 2004, 203 posts, RR: 0
Reply 22, posted (10 years 2 months 2 weeks 6 days 4 hours ago) and read 16068 times:

In fact, what about the discussions with Hainan regarding the possible future flights operations between Belgium and China?

User currently offlineSK601 From Belgium, joined Jun 2005, 976 posts, RR: 3
Reply 23, posted (10 years 2 months 2 weeks 6 days 3 hours ago) and read 16054 times:

A bit off-topic:

Quoting Kiwiandrew (Reply 2):
- ( and as anyone who has lived in Belgium knows customer service is not something that Belgium 'businesses' go in for )

I experienced this different. The 2 years that I lived in Belgium, Belgium businesses are way more into customer service than were I am from (Netherlands).

User currently offlineSNBA From France, joined Oct 2004, 203 posts, RR: 0
Reply 24, posted (10 years 2 months 2 weeks 6 days 1 hour ago) and read 15972 times:

Belgian people are good "entrepreneurs", aren't they?

25 Post contains images Koenie : SK601: I didn't want to respond to that part of the reply of our Kiwi friend because I thought too that our customer service is generally not that bad
26 SNBA : In my opinion, SN Brussels Airlines will add another A330 to the fleet in 2006, in order to deal with further development on their african network. Re
27 Avro85 : I don't think they are looking at anything for the moment. As I said, the Avro's are here to stay for another couple of years. Chris
28 QM001 : As far as I am concerned, SNBA will never be SN. ANd that is good. They should focus on what they are good at, and they seem to be very good at connec
29 SNBA : But the Avros are getting a bit old aren't they?! When did they enter SN fleet?
30 Avro85 : I don't have the real figure right here now. But the average age of the SN fleet is somewhere around 7 years. The avro's where all delivered as new p
31 BrusselsSouth : Here's the fleet listing for SNBA's BAe-146s/ARJs : Regsitr. - Type - First flight date (dd/mm/yyyy) OO-DJE - BAe 146-200 - 20/06/1990 OO-DJF - BAe 1
32 SNBA : Thank you very much for the information! Do you have these datas concerning the A319s & A330s?
33 BrusselsSouth : Registr. - Type - First flight date (dd/mm/yyyy) OO-SSG - A319-112 - 11/01/2000 OO-SSK - A319-112 - 04/10/2000 OO-SSM - A319-112 - 20/11/2000 OO-SFM
34 Swissairtaz : There will be a cabin refurbishment on the A330 Fleet in 2006.
35 SNBA : Many thanxxx again for this precious information...
36 Post contains images BBJII : Back to the topic at hand.... Any chance of ANR seeing operations of some kind?
37 SNBA : Very interesting point! Sabena used to operate flights between Antwerp and London in the past... So what is SN Brussels Airlines statement about even
38 Nijltje : Not a chance, they have no ops in Antwerp and VLM is providing an excellent service to LCY.
39 SNBA : ... and what about Liège?!
40 KLMCedric : Wow, this is reply 40 on SNBA thread!!! I remember a couple of years ago when someone started a SN thread, it got very little replies, and almost excl
41 SNBA : I agree... It is so good to see that SN Brussels Airlines is gaining some influence! In my opinion, SN makes most of its money on its afrcan network.
42 SNBA : So... finally : - One more A330 to enter the fleet in 2006 - All the legendary SN Avros will stay there - Further developments expected on both europe
43 Pat : FYI. SNBA will most likely never operate to LLW, HAR, DAR, etc, ... for a very simple reason : 1/ all SNBA flights to Africa are bi - destinations (ex
44 ANITIX87 : It's all well and good that we're speculating about future routes. Does anyone have a comprehensive list of where they fly now? And the frequencies an
45 KLMCedric : Europe Aarhus, Barcelona, Basel, Berlin, Bilbao, Billund, Birmingham, Budapest, Bucharest, Bologna, Bristol, Brussels, Firenze, Geneva, Glasgow, Gothe
46 Post contains images BBJII : I thought these were codeshares ON BA metal?
47 Sabenapilot : LGW is ALWAYS operated by SN, often with A319. LHR is operated by BA, except the Saturday evening flight (return on Sunday morning), which is operated
48 SK601 : Any change that SN will start service to AMS? Former SN "Sabena" always had good deals via BRU to several destinations.
49 Airevents : From a personal point of view, I would very much hope that the Dusseldorf / Cologne area be linked to Brussels again. I think many people from around
50 Wdleiser : I think they should get some EMB 175 or 190's. Get the new Embraeres!
51 SNBA : New Embraers won't be appropriate on all the big load factors routes... They will also have to deal with the Virgin Express 737s renewal!
52 Kingsford : Of all their destinations many are in codeshare. I just flew to MXP this w/e and goddamn I was stuck with Alitalia services which was, as usual, crap!
53 Kiwiandrew : Wouldn't the upgraded train service render both of the routes uneconomical ( when are those higher speed services due for completion , anyway ?)
54 BrightCedars : This is a rumor that has been killed some time ago. If anything would happen to the A319 fleet is not know of the general public and has been denied
55 SNBA : That is good... because I really enjoyed flying aboard the SN Brussels Airlines A319 to Istanbul and Barcelona!
56 SNBA : Do you think we can expect new things in 2006 regarding the SN Brussels Airlines / Virgin Express common strategy? Will the Virgin Express brand stay
57 VinnieWinnie : I think Virgin will stay for mainly 3 reasons: -Scare off potential Threats on popular leisure destinations: IE Easyjet -Differenciate Sn Brussels Ai
58 SNBA : Virgin Express flying with Airbus aircrafts?! That would be great...
59 Kennethsk : How about BRU-BKK? There is no direct flight from Thailand or south east asia to Brussels... Most of the people travelling there have to transit at AM
60 Post contains images BrightCedars : I don't think the plan of the holding is to fold Virgin Express. Yet a rebranding has to take place at some point according to the contract with Virgi
61 Avro85 : If SN/TV will start a fleet harmonisation i'd rather suspect a change to B737 rather than all Airbus fleet. TV has 10 B737's while SN has only 3 A319
62 Pilot320 : SN Brussels Airline will inaugurate its first regular operations to Croatia from spring 2006. They will operate twice weekly service from Dubrovnik to
63 SNBA : Very good to see that SN Brussels Airlines is still expanding its european network!!!
64 BrightCedars : Wasn't that operated at some point, maybe as a seasonal service? Will they be codesharing with OU as they return the favor on the Zagreb runs? What a
65 SNBA : By the way, if it seems that the Avros will stay in the fleet in 2006... so what do you think about this aircraft in the SN configuration?
66 Post contains images Avro85 : Many will probably disagree, but I find the Avro to be a very comfortable plane for the passengers. I'm also glad that SN kept the traditional 2-3 se
67 Kiwiandrew : I tend to agree with Avro85 - I like the plane - and from my few flights on SN it seems to be more or less the right size for them and I assume they d
68 Post contains links and images Avro85 : I don't know about the dispatch reliability - sorry. And now about the 4th long haul plane of SN look here: http://www.luchtzak.be/postxf11832-0-120.
69 SA744 : Any one Think that they might consider JNB as a destination.
70 Post contains images Avro85 : To be honest I don't think JNB is one of their plausible destinations. I would rather expect them expanding in central and east Africa. That's the re
71 SNBA : Anyway... SN Brussels Airlines announcing JNB would be a great news!
72 BrightCedars : JNB was good in the times frequency was not so much an issue as it is nowadays. SN will not fly to JNB just because it doesn't allow them to make a ro
73 Knightsofmalta : Judging by the low fares SN Brussels offers, getting smaller regional aircraft is probably the worst thing they could do as they're more expensive to
74 SNBA : Will the A330s wear the new SN Brussels Airlines livery soon?!
75 Avro85 : All Iknow is that the 3 A33à's went recently through a D-Check and didn't get the new paint. And soon the 3 planes will be put of circuit to get som
76 SNBA : [quote=Avro85,reply=75]Quoting SNBA (Reply 74): Will the A330s wear the new SN Brussels Airlines livery soon?! All Iknow is that the 3 A33à's went re
77 SA744 : Remember when SABENA used to fly to JNB they used a mixture of aircraft 742, 743. MD11 and just before the end A342. Then sobelair were flying 763.
78 Post contains links Tomcat : Apparently, for 2006 we can expect some changes on the Spanish market: let's have a look on the news from 1st December, 10:57AM http://www.luchtzak.be
79 MAH4546 : If they were to every fly to the US, which I don't see them doing anytime soon, I think MIA would be a good market for them. Strong local traffic, 3rd
80 SN-MD11 : Some updates from SN, from a former colleague. - Christoph Muller is poised to be CEO. To be confirmed yet. - NO fourth A330 for the time being. Forge
81 SNBA : Thank you very much for this precious information! - The things about the B767 sounds a bit strange/surprising to me... but lets see! - Christoph Mul
82 SNBru : I think the old Sabena employees won't be that delighted to hear that their old Sabena boss will come back. He must have lost all credibility after he
83 Orion737 : I really hope SN continues to expand in Africa, particularly in West and Central Africa. I would like to see more frequencies and destinations. These
84 Nohag : Hi it's just some old news from the July edition of "Piloot en Vliegtuig" concerning the SN's Avro RJ85/100. Apparently they are going to stay for an
85 TriStar500 : With the fairly low acquisition costs of the ARJ/ BAe-146, it makes good sense to stick to these aircraft for a little longer, even if the operating c
86 SNBA : Anyway, I like flying on those birds (Avros), and especially the SN ones of course!
87 SNBA : Any news about Mr Müller?
88 Post contains images Elagabal : Very interesting thread. Funny you should say; Sabena served MAA (Madras / Chennai) shortly before their demise. IIRC the loads were good, but mostly
89 SNBru : SN never operated to Beirut. What exactly do you mean with that statement?
90 BrightCedars : Sabena did operate to Beirut from the early days, then a long interruption, and then flew back there a couple years before they went down. I'm still w
91 F27XXX : I dpnt know if its been covered before, but are they thinking Trans-atlantic at all? SN served several US and Canadian cities, if i'm not mistaken.
92 Post contains images Elagabal : Sorry about the vague wording. I was enquiring after any possibility of SNBrussels's becoming a full member of OneWorld. Currently they cooperate wit
93 Egmcman : According to an article in December 2005's Airliner World magazine it states the amalgamation of Airbus A319 and A330 fleets means the flight and cab
94 Avro85 : No I don't think they are thinking to go trans atlantic anytime soon. They are very happy with the AA codeshares. AA has put its code on quite a few
95 Scalebuilder : This strategy statement is just key to SN! And let's not forget their focus on branding, service and recognition among the traveler. I have flown wit
96 SNBA : I would like SN to operate at least one flight by themselves to the USA (JFK!)! I think that the BRU - NYC route has a pretty good demand isn'it?
97 Sabenapilot : As a further sign of the rapid integration between SN Brussels Airlines and Virgin Express, VEX has recently started selling seats on selected SN flig
98 KLMCedric : How about this 767 lease? Is this real and if so, will it be a dry or a wet lease? I can't imagine SN will train a bunch of pilots and FA's to fly on
99 Sabenapilot : The 767 is a fact. It will be leased for a period of 3 months from April till June. The plane's interior will be adapted to the specific needs of SN a
100 Avro85 : Is the B767 coming from EuroAtlantic ?
101 SNBA : Yeeeeeeeeeeesss! Thank you for the information Sabenapilot! I just can't wait to see the A330s with the new SN colours...
102 SNBA : If someone can make a picture as soon as the first A330 with the new colours will make its first appearance... I would be grateful!!!
103 Avro85 : Don't worry there wil be plenty of pictures on Anet as soon as the bird will have the new c/s . Chris
104 KLMCedric : So the cabin crew will be SN on the 767, and the pilots???
105 Sabenapilot : From my reply #99 you should be able to answer that yourself, don't you think? Are there any other Portuguese leasing firms offering a 767? If not, t
106 KLMCedric : No I don't think so, don't you think you could be a little more courteous and read your own post again before barking at me?? You mention nothing abo
107 BrightCedars : I think Sabenapilot meant that since he only mentions the cabin crew will be SN it implies that the pilots will come with the leased aircraft. Doesn't
108 Sabenapilot : Okay, fair enough... I thought it would be pretty obvious to anyone that on a 3 month lease of a new type, the pilots will NOT be from the lease taker
109 SNBA : So the 767 will enter the fleet for a very short period only... Will the bird wear the full SN livery + interior?!
110 SNBA : Anyway, this SN B767 will be a bit "strange" to me...
111 KLMCedric : The rumour about Christoph Müller becoming the new CEO, already turns out to be wrong, he just got appointed the CEO position at HapagFly.
112 SNBA : ... so... just another false rumour...
113 LO231 : Also Air Senegal on the routes to Dakar: V7 973 S 21DEC BRUDKR HS1 1050 1600 O OPERATED BY SN BRUSSELS AIRLINES Regards, LO231
114 Kahala777 : Would it be possible in the near future to see SN Brussels Airlines serving Miami, Chicago, Dubai, Bombay, or Delhi? KAHALA777
115 POMDETAIR : No direct operations but a lot of interesting codeshares and cooperations : - DXB is already served through codeshare flights with Etihad Airways betw
116 Tomcat : Regarding India, I just heard on Canal Z that SN will start in 2006 (apparently sooner rather than later) code share operations with Jet Airways on Bo
117 SNBA : Thank you so much for this very interesting news! As a real "SN Fan", I am really happy to see that they are "slowly but surely" building a real long
118 POMDETAIR : Hi Vincent, Concerning SN own long-operations, nothing has been confirmed yet (ex : fourth A333 ?). What's clear, is that You can forget having any SN
119 SNBA : Has anyone heard about eventual new routes between Belgium and Japan ? I remember the old times when SABENA used to fly to Tokyo 3 times a week with t
120 Cedars747 : Oh my god!!!!I flew SN to BEY more than 10times B707/B737
121 Post contains images Avro85 : Interesting indeed. But we are waiting for Jet airways since a long time now. I'll believe it the day they effectively land with their planes at BRU.
122 Flying Belgian : Actually the most recent variants of the A330-300 could fly PVG-BRU without any problems. But then it should be an A333X. For instance Korean Air fli
123 SNBA : That would be good... as I think that demand for flights between Belgium and Japan exists!!! Do you know if ANA will codeshare with SN Brussels Airli
124 BrightCedars : I flew Sabena to BEY myself on SN0255 operated by 737-300 in 09/1999 and then on SN3281 and back on SN3282 operated by Airbus A320 in 03/2001. Yet, a
125 Cedars747 : I hope so ! SN is one of Europe best airlines and well connected with OSL ! Alex !
126 Nijltje : Pilots are complaining to the press that SNBA is a ship without a captain this because snba still has no new CEO after 4 months.
127 Dennys : they may reconsider JNB with A340 , I think . dennys
128 Kiwiandrew : why would they get an A340 just for one route ?( a route which apparently wasn't very highyielding back in SABENA's day and probably has even more co
129 Post contains images MD90fan : I'd like to see SN use their own metal and commence flights to the USA
130 Christa : SN should come to CWL, operate a 2x daily service... please!
131 SWISSER : What about the rumour of the A319 swap to some B734's coming from TV?
132 SWISSER : I' am afraid we will never see that again... But we can always hope!
133 SNBA : Never say never... especially on the Belgium - USA routes !!! I am sure they will operate these routes with their own aircrafts in a near future, esp
134 Kiwiandrew : why would SNBA want to screw up a perfectly good ( and presumably low risk ) relationship with AA and try the US market up against AA/UA/CO/DL - what
135 POMDETAIR : Perfectly OK with kiwiandrew. And don't forget that SN has probably a lot of other more interesting routes to fly with its longhaul fleet between BRU
136 SWISSER : Well it is a fact that AA will stop working with SWISS in the near future since LX is joining Star and that AA and SN will be (even more) exellent pa
137 Sabenapilot : Never say never, indeed. Did you know this summer, PrivateAir has been asked for a price quote to operate a daily EWR flight on behalf of SN? However
138 SWISSER : Why not! CO is filling almost every day 35 C PAX to EWR, I suppose there is a market for it too! Indeed, any thought who will take the position? BTW,
139 SNBA : Hmmm... that would perfectly fit SN Brussels Airlines full service strategy!
140 Post contains links SNBA : Great news !!! Here comes the NEW CEO ... at least... Read below : Press Release Neil Burrows appointed Chief Executive Officer for one year Thursday,
141 SNBA : After the nomination of Neil Burrows as new CEO, what can we expect for both SN Brussels Airlines & Virgin Express strategic orientations ? The lauchi
142 SWISSER : I agree completely, but both TV and SN do already a very good job at BRU.
143 SNBru : I heard that the virgin name will need to disappear because the virgin group owns the name and is no longer a major shareholder. Any ideas about the n
144 SNBA : Indeed... that is a key point ! Any ideas / expectations about the future branding strategy ?! SN Brussels Airlines : full service & SN Brussels Expr
145 SNBru : I think your first option would be the best option. One single brand wouldn't be a good option. If SNBA want's to keep other LCC's out of Brussels it
146 SLUAviator : AA took over the route when Sabena went under. I flew to MAD on SN my first time to Europe. Sabena's service both ways across the pond was excellent.
147 Post contains images SWISSER : Maybe it has to do with the service... this is an economy meal from Stockholm to Brussels.
148 UpperDeck79 : On the first look the portion looks HUGE... but when you compare it to the size of the coffee mug and the fork... is it that big after all..?
149 SNBA : In my humble opinion, SN Brussels Airlines is by far the best airline in Europe ! I had some great flying experiences with them ! I am even ready to
150 Post contains images Manni : AA operated an afternoon flight to ORD when Sabena was still in business, a few months after Sabena went under they moved that flight to the morning.
151 Post contains images Tomcat : On every flight you receive something to eat for free. On short hops, it's cold and (very) light, but at least you get it, and it's generaly well pres
152 SNBA : Oh Yeeeesss !!! That's what I would just say !!! LONG LIVE SN BRUSSELS AIRLINES !!!!!
153 Post contains images Sabenapilot : Very good idea and close to what seems to become the future strategy too... Even more 'clever' would it be if that 'no frills airline with low fares
154 Dennys : I really whish them to fly back to TYO and JNB ... with a pair of A340s . They did it with the 743 , they could startagain with the A340s . denn
155 SNBA : Hey ! Happy New Year to SN Brussels Airlines and all its dedicated nice staff !!! I wish them all the best for 2006 ! ... and the same applies to Virg
156 SK909 : I have heard that they are going to target Northern Africa and Middle East. That their strong hold. Also, they are looking at additional A330 and mayb
157 SNA350 : i don't think i will be an A340 because they crosstrain their flightcrews for A319 and A333 A fourth A333 would be good for them happy new year to ev
158 SK909 : I only know that they have been looking at routes were that lack the range of the A340. I don't know if it's going to be the A340 or something else.
159 Sna350 : Offcourse A330/A340 would be the most obvious choice but to add just one A340 to the fleet would be strange when they use the crews for both 319 and
160 SK909 : Off course one plane would be strange, but from I understood it wasn't just one. The plan was to expand in Asia, Eastern- and Northern Africa in the
161 Post contains images Sna350 : good point, I stand corrected
162 Post contains images SK909 : Nobody is bashing you... But it would be nice to see SN expand.
164 Post contains images Fokker70NG : You're almost correct, however, it's the CEO of VLM who's also CEO of Rekkof and it's the same VLM that wants to replace their F50's (not Avro's ) wi
165 Established02 : Mr. Jakobsen (Dutch) is the owner of various companies, including VLM Airlines, and is also working on the Rekkof project. However he is not involved
166 Sna350 : as do I , but I don't see them operate any asian routes themselves, they will first try to find a codeshare partner as they did on AUH-BRU-YYZ and th
167 Continental : They should consider ZAG as a future route. The only other airline that serves ZAG from BRU is OU. I think it'd be a great option as ZAG would have an
168 SWISSER : Well, Aviapartner does not cater SN (in fact SN and AP do not mix!) but the trend in today's Y flight is of course no meal at all (thank you FR) or s
169 SNBA : Hey, Where did you hear that ?! It would mean the following : Short & Medium haul : Avros + 737s Long haul : A330s Isnt it some kind of lack of coher
170 Nijltje : The pilots from Virgin can fly them...but can Virgin mis 3*737?
171 SNBA : Hmmm... Indeed... Or maybe that some routes will be transfered from Virgin to SN Brussels...
172 Sna350 : then SN would still not have enough aircraft to fly the routes
173 Nijltje : And may be an underestimation but the Avro's availability is very low and this will not be improved as they are getting older. May be some avro's coul
174 SNBA : Indeed... that would be a very appropriate way to deal with the common SN/VEX fleet !
175 SNBru : What is the Snowflake concept? Does SAS sells tickets for flights operated by Snowflakes (and vice versa)? Common fleet? Different sevice level, I su
176 Post contains links SNA350 : Snba And VEX Merger (by SNA350 Jan 4 2006 in Civil Aviation)
177 SK909 : Snowflake is just a semi LCC spin-off from SK. Snowflake still uses SK airplanes and personnel. They had a couple of airplanes painted in Snowflake c
178 Post contains links SNBA : Please find below an interesting link... taken from the belgian daily newspaper La Libre Belgique (only in french... sorry...) ! http://www.lalibre.be
179 Planemanofnz : Would SN ever fly to DUB?
180 SWISSER : I believe on luchtzak.be a few months ago. But it is quite unbelievable that that actually will happen. I heard another thing from a much more reliab
181 SNBru : More than 180 replies on this topic. It must be hot. The article in La Libre Belgique is not so good news, but no surprise neither. SN is not so healt
182 Post contains links Sn26567 : The article in La Libre Belgique is indeed very interesting: it shows the many shortcomings of SN BA in its own Brussels base, where, together with VE
183 BrightCedars : I really doubt they would expand crazily and rapidly. A 4th A330 seems to be required for African operations if they want to remain a player on that l
184 SNBA : Hey ! Don't panic that way... as SN Brussels Airlines is all in all profitable !!! Cheers, Vincent
185 SNBA : SN Brussels Airlines 2006... in my opinion : - Merge SN Brussels Airlines and Virgin Express in ONE SINGLE company - Continue with both full service &
186 SNBA : Good news : I have just heard that SN Brussels Airlines will introduce FRA and (re)introduce NCE. Sad news : I have also heard that they will drop GLA
187 VinnieWinnie : U must come to Brussels and see how many adverts from Air France and KLM we get! On the free Metro paper, at nearly 1 out of 10 bus stop, crazy!!! Th
188 SWISSER : I don't know, SABENA-SN Brussels are an icon in Africa. But indeed, every big carrier is trying to snap away the PAX from BRU.
189 Tomcat : It's true that AF/KL are advertising heavily in Belgium. I'm always thinking that afterall, SN plays the "king" in Africa with only 3 aircrafts ! Such
190 SNBA : I hope they will never surrender... as they simply are the best ! In terms of service, SN always beats AF / KL... as far as I already tried to fly the
191 SNBA : About the BRU - FRA route, I hope SN Brussels Airlines will be successful in competing Lufthansa !
192 BrightCedars : It's actually 40% market share at BRU, not in Belgium. I'm afraid that their market share of flying to/from Belgium is further less if you take into
193 SNBA : How is it possible to improve both SN Brussels Airlines and Brussels National Airport market shares in Belgium ?
194 Kiwiandrew : how would introducing bigger a/c improve yields ? surely it would dilute them even more as they would need to do more discounting to fill a greater n
195 BrightCedars : The problem with the Avro's is that they are too much capacity for SN right now. SN needs a family of 50-100 seaters à la A318-A321. Increased freque
196 CXA330300 : As for 2006, maybe they'll come to New York *crossing fingers*. More likely, I think we're probably going to see more and more Avros go.......
197 Sna350 : I don't agree A318 can seat 100 pax and that's the same as the RJ100 so no capacity reduction here, on the contrary why not get some Dash8 300/400 or
198 SWISSER : Guys, those planes cost a lot of money right now! SWISS somehow figured out they could operate ARJ's cheaper in total then the ERJ's. Altough I would
199 SNBA : I would also looooove it... but we got to be kind of realistic... SN must do it slowly but surely... as they always did... with pretty much succes at
200 VinnieWinnie : Well by expanding the price bracket between cheap fares and expensive ones! Here is an example: Instead of advertising Milan Malpenza at 86 euros one
201 Post contains images VinnieWinnie : Hi Snba, Think we should create a SNBA in 2006 part 2!
202 Nijltje : I thought that the idea was to sell tickets via Virgin on the SNBA flights, so X amounts of seats will go to virgin, virgin will sell them very cheap
203 SWISSER : Also my thought! it's great to have a thread where we discuss all the stuff about SN Brussels. To the Belgians, zeg jongens, kzie datter hier tamelij
204 BrightCedars : Using different words I am saying that they need a family of planes in the 50-100 seater range; like the Airbus A318-A321 family is to the 100-200 se
205 CV580Freak : Anyone know where Peter Davies (ex CEO) ended up ????
206 Nijltje : Flying BRU-FRA return is rated 58€ no taxes included, 142.95 included. wow cheap prices for full service airline, no? Same date flying with Lufthans
207 SNBA : 58 EUR. is a one-way fare only I guess...
208 Nijltje : Nope 32€ one way! The message you were about to post is too short and probably not of any higher value to the topic at hand. You should think long a
209 Post contains links Nijltje : to prove my message: http://www.luchtvaartnieuws.nl/news/?ID=12025 BRUSSEL - SN Brussels Airlines verlaagt haar tarieven op vluchten naar 32 Europese
210 SNBA : Let's hope that SN & VEX will merge into ONE single airline this year...
211 Nijltje : Because the topic of SNBA about the route BRU FRA is deleted meanwhile I was writing my comment. I will place it in here; SN will provide definitely a
212 Sn26567 : True, but the reverse is equally true: have you already seen the number of yellow licence plates in the parking lots at BRU? There are a lot of Dutch
213 BrightCedars : I don't doubt it. I think people use other airports to leave to further afield destinations. The proportion of people coming from "far" (around or af
214 SNBA : SNBA / AA also offers convenient flights to the USA !!! Others major US carriers also serve BRU on regular basis...
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