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JetBlue To Announce 2 More Cities Soon!  
User currently offlineB6767200 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Posted (8 years 4 weeks 1 hour ago) and read 14325 times:

St. Louis and Columbus, Ohio will be announced in a few short weeks. Look for STL to be a mid west hub.

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User currently offlineJerseyguy From United States of America, joined Oct 2005, 1956 posts, RR: 0
Reply 1, posted (8 years 4 weeks 1 hour ago) and read 14314 times:
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I don't know if I would trust a guy who doesn't know that B6 doesn't use 767s  Big grin

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User currently offlineStl1326 From United States of America, joined Jun 2005, 496 posts, RR: 0
Reply 2, posted (8 years 4 weeks 1 hour ago) and read 14289 times:

I really hope this is true. I guess they will be using the D concourse in St. Louis. I hope the airport authority will spruce up the concourse for them. Also, where did you get your information (rumor or from an insider)?

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User currently offlineTOLtommy From United States of America, joined Dec 2003, 3288 posts, RR: 4
Reply 3, posted (8 years 4 weeks 1 hour ago) and read 14266 times:

When someone posted HOU a few weeks back there was much laughter and ridicule.... Maybe they are picking up 767s... LOL

User currently offlineCadet57 From United States of America, joined Jul 2005, 9085 posts, RR: 31
Reply 4, posted (8 years 4 weeks 1 hour ago) and read 14266 times:

BDL cmon, thats all I want is BDL!! PLEEEASE  Wink

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User currently offlineB6767200 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 5, posted (8 years 4 weeks 1 hour ago) and read 14266 times:

Quoting Jerseyguy (Reply 1):
I don't know if I would trust a guy who doesn't know that B6 doesn't use 767s

You mean that wasnt a 767...  banghead 

You can expect both the 320 and 190 at STL!

User currently offlineLuv2fly From United States of America, joined May 2003, 12090 posts, RR: 49
Reply 6, posted (8 years 4 weeks 1 hour ago) and read 14266 times:

Quoting B6767200 (Reply 5):
You mean that wasnt a 767...

You can expect both the 320 and 190 at STL!

Source? Chalk this up to rumor or wishful thinking!

You can cut the irony with a knife
User currently offlineSteeler83 From United States of America, joined Feb 2006, 9183 posts, RR: 18
Reply 7, posted (8 years 4 weeks 1 hour ago) and read 14266 times:

Damn, I was about to start a chant...

M... D... T... M...D...T... M...D...T...

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User currently offlineExpressJet_ERJ From United States of America, joined Oct 2001, 833 posts, RR: 4
Reply 8, posted (8 years 4 weeks 1 hour ago) and read 14229 times:

That would be heaven for me... But i seriously doubt St. Louis, the St. Louis airport authority has put this airport out of reach for everyone other than TWA/AA

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User currently offlineERJ170 From United States of America, joined Apr 2004, 6756 posts, RR: 17
Reply 9, posted (8 years 4 weeks 1 hour ago) and read 14229 times:

I can believe STL.. I can not believe STL as a hub.. At All..

Aiming High and going far..
User currently offlineB6767200 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 10, posted (8 years 4 weeks 1 hour ago) and read 14199 times:

Quoting Luv2fly (Reply 6):
Source? Chalk this up to rumor or wishful thinking!

Would you consider a VP a reliable source?

User currently offlineJetBluefan1 From United States of America, joined Dec 2003, 2972 posts, RR: 14
Reply 11, posted (8 years 4 weeks 1 hour ago) and read 14199 times:

Hmmm...I actually think that there's some validility to this rumor. CMH and STL make great sense as destinations - both are underserved from NYC. That's not to say that there isn't competition, but there's no LCC competition and service from JFK must be very limited.

On the same note, Neeleman publicly stated that the airline is looking for a Midwest focus-city. I think STL fits the picture pretty well. It would be great for connecting people to smaller cities in the Midwest or on the West Coast that can't support non-stop service to BOS or JFK.


Most people on a.net hate JetBlue. Get used to it.
User currently offlineOzarkD9S From United States of America, joined Oct 2001, 5010 posts, RR: 21
Reply 12, posted (8 years 4 weeks 1 hour ago) and read 14141 times:

Quoting ERJ170 (Reply 9):

I can not believe STL as a hub.. At All..

Why not? 2.5 million+ in the metro area, a virtually empty concourse, central location (190's to either coast, nonstop, year round, no problem) and the hub that AA couldn't care less about. If anyone has a shot at running AA out of STL, it's B6.

User currently offlineTexan From New Zealand, joined Dec 2003, 4274 posts, RR: 52
Reply 13, posted (8 years 4 weeks 1 hour ago) and read 14117 times:

Quoting B6767200 (Reply 10):
Would you consider a VP a reliable source?

Nobody is really doubting the cities. The thing that I'm having a hard time believing is that B6 would have already made a decision to make STL a hub or focus city without having had experience in the market to judge the demands for service from STL and how their product will be received. Don't doubt at all that B6 may be considering STL for a hub/focus city, but the smart money is that if they do decide to do that they do it slowly and only after strong performance on core routes.


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User currently offlineB6JFKH81 From United States of America, joined Mar 2006, 2878 posts, RR: 7
Reply 14, posted (8 years 4 weeks 1 hour ago) and read 14087 times:

Based on my internal information, we are not starting up any MX cities through the rest of this year. That is always subject to change, but if we are not opening a city that has MX, then it will not be a hub or focus city for a little while.

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User currently offlineDaisywol From United States of America, joined Apr 2006, 45 posts, RR: 0
Reply 15, posted (8 years 4 weeks 1 hour ago) and read 14087 times:

Tulsa, Butte and Fargo
Right from the top floor at FSC

User currently offlineFA4B6 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 16, posted (8 years 4 weeks 1 hour ago) and read 14058 times:

Quoting Daisywol (Reply 16):
Tulsa, Butte and Fargo
Right from the top floor at FSC

Really? I heard Jackson Hole, Tupelo, and Bemidji.

User currently offlineJetBluefan1 From United States of America, joined Dec 2003, 2972 posts, RR: 14
Reply 17, posted (8 years 4 weeks 1 hour ago) and read 14024 times:

Quoting B6JFKH81 (Reply 15):
we are not starting up any MX cities through the rest of this year.

I would assume that STL would start off with flights to JFK and BOS. They will probably make it known that they will make STL a focus city in the future, sort of like how BOS developed.


Most people on a.net hate JetBlue. Get used to it.
User currently offlineMrSTL From United States of America, joined Sep 2005, 468 posts, RR: 1
Reply 18, posted (8 years 4 weeks 1 hour ago) and read 14024 times:

Does not suprise me, they will be welcomed in STL with big open arms!!!

[Edited 2006-07-05 23:58:10]

User currently offlineB6DC10 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 19, posted (8 years 4 weeks ago) and read 13927 times:

First of all, BOS became the second largest city in just 2 yrs, so don't discount STL as an already planned hub.
SECOND - STL makes plenty of sense; Until the A320 is fitted with the winglets, techstops will become much easier. Also, geographically, you can sercve the entire lower 48 States with either the 320, or 190.
STL makes perfect sense.

User currently offlineB6767200 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 20, posted (8 years 4 weeks ago) and read 13908 times:

Quoting B6DC10 (Reply 20):
First of all, BOS became the second largest city in just 2 yrs, so don't discount STL as an already planned hub.
SECOND - STL makes plenty of sense; Until the A320 is fitted with the winglets, techstops will become much easier. Also, geographically, you can sercve the entire lower 48 States with either the 320, or 190.
STL makes perfect sense.


It will be interesting to see how agressive B6 will be in launching STL.

User currently offlineBatonOps From United States of America, joined Jun 2006, 746 posts, RR: 4
Reply 21, posted (8 years 4 weeks ago) and read 13869 times:

I'll keep my fingers crossed for MDT. Sooner or later it might happen!!

User currently offlineB6DC10 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 22, posted (8 years 4 weeks ago) and read 13844 times:

I wouldn't count on Harrisburg any time soon. My sources tell me that after Columbus and ST Louis, the most likely candidates are Charleston, SC and San Antonio, TX (The second "ST" city)...

User currently offlineBatonOps From United States of America, joined Jun 2006, 746 posts, RR: 4
Reply 23, posted (8 years 4 weeks ago) and read 13791 times:

I wasn't counting on it either...but we can all dream!! MDT is in need of a new carrier!!

User currently offlineSurferX From United States of America, joined Mar 2005, 124 posts, RR: 0
Reply 24, posted (8 years 4 weeks ago) and read 13735 times:
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Perhaps, if this is true, it will make my LAS-AUS a possible reality...Well, it'll be LAS-STL-AUS, but that's better than nothing...

Shoot, I'll even take LAS-SAT...

25 B6DC10 : SurferX - I think TX will be an important state for us in the next 2 yrs. AUS has been great so far, and HOU should be equally strong. I myself had ho
26 JFKLGANYC : B6 hub in STL??? Couple this with a JFK hub based out of the landmarked Terminal 5 (plus addition) and this airline could have a network that looks a
27 Post contains images B6DC10 : Maybe we will open MCI
28 Jacobin777 : AA still have a good operation out of STL...ORD, JFK, LGA, DFW, SFO, LAX, MIA, BOS, DFW, etc....all with multiple flights which allows for good connec
29 Post contains images Atrude777 : Boy this is certainly pleasing but as I have said I don't want to believe it until I see it pulling up to the gate as for Hub potential, it isn't impo
30 FWAERJ : First off, I can't wait to see the official announcement of B6 entering the Midwest (finally). I guess an Indiana city is closer than we think... But,
31 Post contains images Atrude777 : All which would benefit AA flyers tremendously! Alex
32 Jacobin777 : AA has a solid route structure out of STL..something which B6 can't match...STL-JFK sees two AE junglejets...STL-LGA 5 MD-80'S, and STL-EWR sees 5 fl
33 Post contains images MrSTL : Add SEA, DCA, MCO, TPA, MSY, ATL, Etc..Etc... If and I repeat if this is for real?? B6 will do very well--- and AA will still be a strong presence in
34 FWAERJ : Don't forget those other B6 focus city areas... AA has a good presence from STL to there, too. STL-BOS 4x daily (2 MD-80s, 2 ERJ Lawn Darts) STL-IAD
35 WorldTraveler : While I'm not sure if this is true, B6 recognizes they have to diversify their route system out of the NE which is largely point to point. While no on
36 CIDflyer : I just passed thru the AA STL hub this past weekend on the way to JAX and back and also the weekend before on a cheap trip up to MSP and the AA area
37 Post contains images Jacobin777 : thanks for the addendum... that's why I put the word "etc."..I wasn't too sure of all the locations.. what's interesting to see is all the MD-80's an
38 CMHSRQ : SRQ last week and possible CMH in a few weeks. What more could I ask for? other than non-stop CMH-SRQ hahaha. Fantastic news
39 Stl1326 : STL-DCA is 3 MD-80's and two jungle jets. The STL O&D traffic has been up between 8-10% for the past two years. So the market in STL is growing. Does
40 Post contains images Mke717spotter : Grrrr......everytime I see a thread "JetBlue to announce new City(s)", I hope that it may be MKE ......but it looks like that won't happen for a while
41 JetBlueRamper : I Know Indianpolis is up next on the block for B6
42 Post contains images AvConsultant : Oh you just wait!! If B6 announce a hub in STL, I would not be surprised if STL is the greatest thing in AA portfolio. I could be wrong, but those gu
43 Post contains links TWAtwaTWA : Nice observation. With several important advantages for B6- streamlined young fleet, low retirement burden, startup momentum. AA has shown vicious te
44 MrSTL : Agreed, however Legend was in their backyard. STL is the step child in between DFW and ORD, they will fight but they have bigger fish to fry coming u
45 Lowecur : I hear landing fees and rentals are through the roof, especially with that new runway. Perhaps if B6 plans to run 100 or so flts through there it will
46 B6DC10 : You can probably count on landing fees being discounted by STL, as a lure for jetblue. Generally, new cities make such concessions as incentive for u
47 CIDflyer : I agree, there is only so much they can do on the crowded coasts, and there are a lot of cities in the midwest/mid south who would love to get this k
48 Chase : Do you have a source and/or timeline? Or are you just toying with me?
49 DeltaRules : I've been hoping we'd get B6 at CMH for a while now & it looks like we will. Would they use the E-190 or A320 into CMH? DeltaRules[Edited 2006-07-06 0
50 Cjpark : DAL to STL? In keeping with their Wright Amendment charade?
51 LambertMan : The greatest thing? I doubt that. People have said that St. Louis is fairly profitable for American, but its no Dallas etc. If this is indeed true, i
52 Post contains images Falcon84 : WOW! STL and CMH! Really? Goodness, that'll show CO and all those legacies. Another bluegasm brought to you by Anet.
53 LGAtoIND : Could we see IND anytime soon???
54 Daisywol : You want IND, you got it Anyone else? David and Dave
55 Post contains images Awittens : As a former TWA employee at JFK, STL was a majorhub for TWA with frequent service from JFK utilizing MD80'2 757 767-300's and 727. STL connected to bo
56 Post contains images FLAIRPORT : perfect...my school can go out there to play hockey and I can learn how to curl...side note, does B6 allow curling brooms and 60 pound stones as chec
57 Steeler83 : Okay, this sounds a lot like something that happened to another city that used to have a very sizeable hub, but I will not say what that city was...
58 Post contains images Wmupilot : Sure we do! It just has to fit in the overhead or under your seat
59 HPAEAA : well I believe they are repo flights for AA, I mean what other reason, HP did the same thing with PHX and LAS, they just repoed the planes for the ot
60 BHMNONREV : And more often than not, those STL-DFW/ORD 757's go out full, as do most of their flights between the major hubs. MIA has long been rumored to get a
61 COERJ : I'd really like to see SDF and I think its feasible. There's a huge lack of LCCs while SW does very well there and indy did well in the past. NY has a
62 Jacobin777 : pretty amazing..!!
63 Luv2fly : B6DC10 and B6767200, one and the same if you ask me.
64 JetBlueLuv : whatever happened to MEM? I thought they were on a list to be added this year or next.
65 Dutchjet : I think that we can be pretty sure that JetBLue did not select STL because its a good airport for unplanned fuel stops. And thats a good thing? -----
66 Stl1326 : Yes, Southwest is big in St. Louis but Southwest does not operate out of JFK or BOS. There is still a lot of potential in St. Louis especially in pla
67 MasseyBrown : Good for St. Louis! If the hub story is true, we'll all get to see how ready AMR is to walk away from a decent piece of business. B6 is driven by thei
68 BHMNONREV : I believe this is the biggest issue here. B6 or F9 or FL or anyone else out there can come in and set up a hub/focus city at STL but the question is,
69 ODwyerPW : It's going to be ALB, with a 190 to start.
70 Centrair : If they opened up an STL hub they could hit a lot of smaller places but would also have to compete with AA, NW, UA in the region. If they play it righ
71 B6767200 : I'm sure jetBlue is depending on its loyal customer base in NY and BOS to start this service, while it starts to create customer loyalty in STL. B6 c
72 Galapagapop : I know man! Finish off the Northeast add BDL! Give DL a contest!
73 Post contains images B6DC10 : Much like the actual aircraft, a 767-200 is HARDLY a DC10!!! While I don't know B6767200, I do know B6 - Which is simply why I agree with his/her fac
74 Post contains images Charlipr : B6@CMH = My dream come true. Hey does anyone want to join me on the inagural flight? Whenever it happens!!!!
75 Flyboy7974 : I want RENO. RENO RENO RENO RENO RENO RENO RENO RENO RENO RENO come on now, nonstop night flight to JFK with A320 once daily, but let's add daytime fl
76 Post contains images 7e72004 : A couple of questions: 1. I can't remember the last time i saw an airline adding so many new destinations in such a short period of time. Is this a sa
77 Greenguy01 : Really? Do all the VP's know where JetBlue is going to fly to next? What department does your source work in? That might lets us figure out if your p
78 MrSTL : I have to assume, by his silence, this subject is off limits with good reason? They will not bail out, they have enjoyed the luxury of flying what th
79 Charlipr : I am sure there is some incentive package (advertising $$, discount on gate fees, etc..)
80 Daisywol : Enough of these rumors already Tell us where you want us to fly and we will announce your city shortly Your wish will come true master Plus everybody
82 Post contains images BHMNONREV : No doubt bound and gagged somewhere within the bowels of Lambert Field.. The timing here certainly does raise an eyebrow...
83 Icebird757 : I would really like to see IAD and FLL be added as city pairings for AUS and PHX. My buddy down in AUS says that the AUS-BOS route is doing very well
84 Post contains images 7E72004 : What are the chances of IND being on the list of soon to be added cities?
85 JetBlueGuy2006 : Any possibility?
86 Luv2fly : It has been told on this board that GRR airport does not want to deal, price wise to attract B6. So I would say a solid NO for now on GRR!
87 Post contains images B6767200 : Greenguy01, This I can not say, who my source is...just wait for the press release....
88 Luv2fly : I just wonder this, is it a real person or your alter ego B6DC10? Do you hear voices.
89 JetBlueGuy2006 : What about FNT or LAN or some city in Mid-Michigan
90 Post contains images B6DC10 : Ok, once again, I AM NOT B6767200! For one, I am not a fan of the 767...although I do occasionally hear voices!
91 RAPCON : Rats!!! I was about to start yelling: IAD-TPA!!!
92 Boeing727flyer : That is excellent news I am in CMH and I look foward to seeing them here.
93 Indy : Right now I'd think we have a better chance at getting AMS service before JB would enter the market. I think we'll know shortly whether there is goin
94 Bluejackets : I, too, am surprised it took B6 so long. CMH is largely untapped as far as LCC service and has been for years. The lone true LCC, WN, does very well
95 Floridaflyboy : That's excellent. I know there's a better chance of a beach resort popping up in Antarctica tomorrow, but does anyone think there's any possibility o
96 FlyCMH : I remain cautiously optomistic. Nothing is set in stone, yet at least. If jetBlue does decide to grace the skies over Columbus, it will definitely be
97 Cleared2Land4 : YES!!!!!!!!!!! I live in RENO and we are in serious need of some more east coast flights RNO-JFK would be great!
98 Post contains images Gregarious119 : Can you give some more information about who has passed CMH over for DAY? Independance went to DAY, but CMH is the only one in the area with WN. Was
99 Jbmitt : Frontier is flying 2x daily 318's and 319's into both DAY and CAK. Airtran flies 717's and 737's 9x daily to DAY and 11x daily to CAK. I would imagine
100 Post contains images LambertMan : When AUS and RIC were announced, people knew about it about 3 or 4 days in advance to the press release on this board. Sure would be a bummer if they
101 MAH4546 : Columbus and St. Louis don't surprise me. St. Louis has been popping up a lot lately. However, I would be shocked if St. Louis gets anything more than
102 RJ777 : And I'll keep chanting this until it happens: O... M... A... O... M... A... O... M... A... I wonder if anyone from JetBlue reads these forums!?
103 Daisywol : Yes , we do David and Dave
104 Rampart : ...and an homage to Eero Sarinnen terminals! -Rampart
105 TWFirst : The Terminal in STL isn't Sarinnen... the Gateway Arch is.
106 Post contains images B6767200 : This just in, Sandals resort has opened in Antarctica!
107 Post contains images United787 : I hope B6 runs AA and their crappy MD-80's out of STL. AA never appreciated what they had at STL, it doesn't make sense as a hub for them anyway. I th
108 Luv2fly : What ever you are smoking send me some!
109 Post contains images Atrude777 : Personally, flying WN and AA equally out fo STL I rather like AA's MD80, i prefer them over AA's 757, unless they are the ex TWA 757's. If AA only de
110 Post contains images Daisywol : another day another dollar
111 N908AW : Oh come on. I put RST in that city suggestion box. You know that's where they wanna be.
112 Yirmiyahu : Not to sound too pessimistic, however, I think the chances of a WI destination are much higher than a MI one. I hope B6 proves me wrong.
113 Post contains images Steeler83 : Great! Let's chant together!!! Damn you, Luv2fly!!! Just as I was about to post some wise-ass response!!! Heck, we think along the same lines apparen
114 United787 : Oops. I meant "STL makes perfect sense for B6", obviously. Maybe I should get back to work and stop sniffing these markers, I quit the marijuana a wh
115 Post contains images Atrude777 : Well the cities not served by WN are dying for WN to service them as well. For me being a STL flyer, I want more LCC to come to STL, we only have SWA
116 Fedexexpress : let B6 go to STL. IND has enough LCC we don't need another plus we dont need B6. Where would IND even put them and then what routes would they fly?? I
117 Post contains images B6DC10 : Oh wait, I just got that city request...sorry, we already agreed on STL!   [Edited 2006-07-07 02:09:26]
118 Post contains images Jacobin777 : B6 planes fly over my house everyday.. ...but I still don't fly them..
119 B6MoneyGuyJFK : I Love B6. But then of course I'm biased. Seriously tho, I've always had a great experience rev and non-rev alike.
120 FWAERJ : I could see B6 starting IND-JFK and IND-BOS. And IND does have a vacant gate (the former HP gate, IIRC) in Concourse C.
121 DeltaRules : FL went to DAY & CAK instead of CMH, although I don't know whether or not CMH was considered as a destination. I'm game if I can get out of school fo
122 RJ777 : Hey, Dave and Dave, So is OMA in Jet Blue's Radar at all? RJ
123 Indy : For now. Check back on that in a couple of weeks.
124 Post contains images LambertMan : B6DC10, Do you know JetBlue's actual plan for St. Louis and the midwest and general? Just curious as if you could even spill the beans a little more a
125 LGAtoIND : Indy- care to elaborate on that statement? Also, since it looks like the Chicago market is pretty much tied up for now, IND would be a good alternativ
126 Willyj : But you have YX so you shouldn't be complaining!
127 Post contains images Indy : Yeah but not in here yet. I don't want to post one of those infamous a.net rumors . If you want the details just drop me a private message.
128 Post contains images Rampart : I know, I wasn't confusing the two, because I know the Gateway Arch is famously Saarinen. My dad always told me Lambert was Saarinen... my dad was an
129 Indy : Ok I will say this much. I think there is going to be a significant schedule change and I think we will learn about it in the next 2 weeks. The momen
130 7E72004 : Regardless if the current gates get filled up...if IND wants to make room for JetBlue, they can.
131 Stl1326 : I was interested of course in the same thing. If Jetblue does annouce STL, it sure will be interesting to see what is to come of it. Can't wait to se
132 TWFirst : JFK Terminal predates Lambert.
133 B6DC10 : Lambert - Expect St. Louis to evolve into a focus city, along the lines of LGB. It won't be quite as big as BOS, but it will be home to both the A320
134 B6DC10 : I'm sure that you will probably see MDW before IND. O'hare is the prime choice, not Gary, not IND....MDW is the DISTANT second choice.
135 Boeing Nut : That's just one of the beautiful things about the 757. It can do that mission a good as a 4000 mile one. Not his time dangit! This thread was the fir
136 Stl1326 : I see this all the time and was always wondering what a MX base was? It it a maintenance base or like a emplyee base?
137 B6DC10 : STL is a lock...you can dismiss it as a possibility, but it's a given.... MX = Maintenance/Tech Ops...
138 Stl1326 : Isn't the airport basically the last to know if an airline is going to announce their city? I always thought that the airline comes and tells the airp
139 Jmy007 : TWA's Terminal 5 at Idlewild (JFK) was completed in 1962. Lambert New Terminal building, was completed in 1956. (Then only with the 3 domes, the 4th
140 Boeing Nut : Not doubting you, but if there's one thing that I've learned about this industry, it's I'll believe it when I see it. Keeping fingers crossed for sur
141 TWFirst : Ah, that must have been what I was thinking...
142 Rampart : JMY007 said what I was going to say. Look up Lambert Airport's web page on the "history" section, pretty interesting. It talks about the "domed struc
143 Post contains images Jmy007 : No problem! Lamberts main terminal from the out side is quite nice. Though, with road decks, a decayed parking structure, ugly road signs, it is now
144 Post contains images Jacobin777 : too bad they are no longer in production...
145 TWFirst : I agree... however, the bain of that type of architecture is that it costs a lot to maintain... look at how Sarinnen's JFK terminal declined over the
146 Jmy007 : I do agree that those buildings were designed for style, and not for long term upkeep. Though, wasn't terminal 5 owned by NY/NJ port authority at the
147 Chase : Hmm...so what we need to think about now is, what would be significant enough for Bart to head down to the airport? A new carrier for sure. A new rou
148 AAFlyer2006 : Columbus sounds like a great destination and a nice short haul flight to boost jetBlue’s profitability. St. Louis seems a bit more doubtful. The loc
149 AAFlyer2006 : Although lack of competition is something jetBlue might find advantageous to avoid, the Chicagoland area and its 9.6 million people, are to big to ign
150 Post contains images Atrude777 : you call 400 dollars round trip reasonable for a weekend get away in NYC? source-AA.com Aug 8-10th STL-LGA Competing? With who? STL-LGA is AA only, S
151 MAH4546 : People are too spoiled nowadays. $400US is reasonable for a round-trip during summer travel that goes half-way across the country.
152 AAFlyer2006 : You are right, $399 roundtrip from New York City is slightly high. Chances are jetBlue prices it for an introductory fare of $99 each way and a regula
153 B6DC10 : In my opinion, that is bloody extortion, not to mention a big reason why all the legacies hate us. The fact of the matter is, air travel has been ove
154 MAH4546 : Then I guess jetBlue is committing extortion as well. Fares on LGA-FLL can often be as high as $300 round-trip. You act as if jetBlue doesn't do it e
155 B6767200 : [quote=MAH4546,reply=154]Then I guess jetBlue is committing extortion as well. Fares on LGA-FLL can often be as high as $300 round-trip. You act as if
156 MAH4546 : jetBlue's fares on JFK-FLL are as high as $598. American Airlines matches jetBlue's fares on FLL-LGA (and often on MIA-JFK too), so quoting a last mi
157 B6767200 : Ok last minute fares...how do you compare $1048.60 to $598? jetBlue does charge more for the last 20 seats for sale not on a last minute fare, you ca
158 MAH4546 : You can't just pick the full-Y fare because it is convienent for your purpose. If I needed to fly FLL-LGA tomorrow on AA or jetBlue, both airlines ha
159 B6767200 : Where did you get $448 for B6 tomorrows? July 8th at 09:25 flight 375 LGA FLL on B6 is $234.30 - One way July 8th at 08:55 (only non-stop offered tom
160 MAH4546 : The info is right on AA.com, and in both cases I compared round-trips. American uses a much more complicated one-way fare yield management system tha
161 Post contains images SKYYBLUE : Not. If anything, airfares have gone down dramatically in the past decade or so thanks to the LCC.
162 B6767200 : If you compare the rountrip then try this search... LGA FLL LGA: Depart on the 8th and return on the 10th, departure time did not matter as I searche
163 FutureFO : Rumour does have it that SDF is a strong possibility and that it could be announced very soon. B6 has had some folks out here to look at the facilitie
164 MAH4546 : Always manipulating in your favour. Try again. Originate in FLL, like I did. I specifically said FLL-LGA. The LGA-FLL fares have likely sold out. AA
165 MAH4546 : Never mind that, looks like the fare has gone down on AA. FLL-LGA -08Jul07 LGA-FLL -10Jul07 AA: $388 r/t B6: $418 r/t
166 Post contains images B6767200 : Ok so they match it if you fly FLL LGA FLL....but they do not match it in my scenario...infact the fare is more then double. Do they only match out o
167 Post contains images Jacobin777 : I got $713.60-$408.60=$305....still quite a bit of change though.. going out one month however, I get the same price of $208.60 for both...
168 B6767200 : You are 100% correct with this fare....I imagine that AA's flight is not full. Bottom line is AA will match B6 as long as AA is not full...If AA and
169 B6DC10 : Don't mock what you don't know jetBlue doesn't use a traditional fare system. If a sale fare is still available on the day of travel, it will be sold
170 MalpensaSFO : AA and UA are the worst when it comes to this ... AA's way of handing B6 was to drop SJC, OAK, LGB, ONT, PHX-JFK flights.. CO's way of handling B6 wa
171 JetBluefan1 : Actually, MAH is correct. Those $89 LGA-FLL walk-up fares are long-gone (see: last fall). The current lowest walk-up from NYC or BOS to anywhere in F
172 B6DC10 : JetBlueFan1 - Our fare structure is loosely based on supply and demand. If a particular day's LF is low, then walk up fares as low as $99 can be had J
173 TWAL1011727 : Whats going on here....the thread stated that JetBlue to announce 2 cities. How did this thread turn into a price debate? It seems that 2 JetBlue exec
174 Stl1326 : Well they are saying its going to be STL and CMH but who knows. When will this be announced, next week maybe?
175 MAH4546 : jetBlue execs are always in MLB. Melbourne is the HQ of their LiveTV subsidiary.
176 Post contains images Atrude777 : It was me, i started it by stating AA charged high fares to NYC from STL Alex
177 JetBluefan1 : B6DC10, I understand what you're saying - I know B6's pricing tactics like the back of my hand lol. You are correct that those $89 walk-ups were avai
178 LambertMan : American really does what they want with the fares out of St. Louis to major business destinations. I've seen American match and beat Southwest, and
179 B6767200 : B6DC10, I also belived that a last minute purchase on AA/CO/DL/etc would cost you an arm and a leg, thanks to my debate with MAH4546, I reliazed that
180 Steeler83 : Do they consider PIT to be in the Midwest as well, or are they still considered Northeast?
181 B6DC10 : I completely agree with you. But you bring up an interesting point. You stated taht $400 would be too high if it was the lowest possible fare for tha
182 CentPIT : Generally the City of Pittsburgh is considered part of the Northeast, some people however will argue the city as part of the Midwest.
183 B6DC10 : CentPIT - Exactly how far apart are PIT and CLE? I have never been to either city, but I hear that they are relatively close together...
184 MAH4546 : It also depends on routes. American Airlines does not charge more than $599 for a walk-up coach fare on any domestic flight from MIA, FLL, and PBI.
185 HPAEAA : It usualy take me about 2 hours to drive when I do it...
186 Post contains links CentPIT : Yes, it is about a two hour drive. Pittsburgh is 115 miles (AIR TRAVEL) from Cleveland. The drive is about 131 miles. Courtesy: http://www.infoplease
187 AAFlyer2006 : These might be some good cities for jetBlue to serve. Wilmington, DE- ILG -city population- 72,000- metro population 5.8 million Considered part of th
188 Atrude777 : Yes there is, Southwest operates 3 daily OMA-STL. While WN doesn't operate n/s OMA-LAX, they operate a one stop, and connecting possiblities, at leas
189 Texan : OMA used to have nonstops to EWR and LAX. Flights were not profitable so they were dropped. ILG is not thought of as a true alternate to Philly yet.
190 Daisywol : stay tuned for friday morning here it comes new cities are...............
191 InTheSky74 : Wilmington, DE; Atlantic City, NJ or Trenton, NJ would make the people in Philadelphia VERY happy. Rob
192 Ultrapig : There is a rumor in STL that Jet Blue is coming but not to Lambert but to Mid Continent-Our white elephant airport on the east side which shares a run
193 MrSTL : If true, good for Mid-America, although if that is the case I would continue to fly AA/WN as I am an hour west of the city. However I do not buy the
194 Stl1326 : I really doubt this is true. That airport has had what around three carriers fail. I just don't think they will get as big of a passenger base like t
195 Lowecur : Mid America has what 2 gates, and Allegiant is there for a few flights per week? This just doesn't seem like an option, unless Jetblue is willing to p
196 Atrude777 : Ya, theres only one or two jetbridges, who is going to pay for them? Mid continent admittedly is much closer to me then STL Airport as I am on the Ill
197 Ultrapig : The carriers which failed at Midcontinent were very financially unstable-granted Midcontinent would admittedly be a hard sell to far west travelers-ho
198 MrSTL : This would blow any chance of Jetblue flying from DAL to STL as BLV is not a Wright exempted airport. I can give about 15 reasons why this will not ha
199 JetBluefan1 : If BLV is in the state of MO., then it is Wright exempted I believe. JetBluefan1
200 BHMNONREV : I know that WN has used Mid-America in the past as leverage with Lambert in an effort to keep costs in check, something tells me that this is what Jet
201 MrSTL : BLV is in Illinois
202 Ultrapig : BHMNOREV-very good point! Mr. STL good point but given the large number of exisitng flights between Dallas and STL I doubt that any Dallas airport wou
203 Stl1326 : I agree. I just don't see them offering many flights or getting very big if they opened up at BLV. I would be disappointed in Lambert if they let Jet
204 MrSTL : If they want to connect people to other destinations out of Dallas without going up against AA at DFW they will. They can poach from the Dallas marke
205 Stl1326 : I guess we will find out on Friday morning......
206 JetBlueNYFL : Can we at least get a hint!? Is it the original CMH and STL as previously stated in this thread?
207 Garnetpalmetto : Time to lock this one due to length. Feel free to start a part II.
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