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SQ Order 20 X A350-900XWB & 9 X A380s  
User currently offlinePanAm_DC10 From Australia, joined Aug 2000, 4288 posts, RR: 83
Posted (9 years 10 months 2 weeks 2 days 14 hours ago) and read 30871 times:

Just breaking at Farnborough will be released on

http://www.airbus.com shortly news via Bloomberg

SQ also retain 9 x A380 Options and 2012 delivery for the A350s

SQ will also lease 19 x A330-300 Deliveries to commence early 2009

Delivery of A380s to commence in 2008

No engine selection announced at this time

It's all true....have streaming media conference feed.


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User currently offlineSlz396 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 1, posted (9 years 10 months 2 weeks 2 days 14 hours ago) and read 30847 times:

If confirmed, this surely looks like resurrection day for Airbus.

Fingers crossed for the official announcements later today.

User currently offlineEI321 From Iraq, joined Jul 2009, 0 posts, RR: 0
Reply 2, posted (9 years 10 months 2 weeks 2 days 14 hours ago) and read 30847 times:

Well that puts a few A380 roumers to bed. Good news for the A350. Bad news for the 748i.

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User currently offlineCV990 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 3, posted (9 years 10 months 2 weeks 2 days 14 hours ago) and read 30847 times:


For those that kept bashing Airbus in these last few months I want to see what they have to say now! Great order from a strong airline and this will certainly boost A350 again!

User currently offlinePavlin From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 4, posted (9 years 10 months 2 weeks 2 days 13 hours ago) and read 30780 times:

Congrats Airbus. This surely is a big order. Sure there will be huge discounts.

User currently offlineEclipz From France, joined Jun 2006, 95 posts, RR: 0
Reply 5, posted (9 years 10 months 2 weeks 2 days 13 hours ago) and read 30780 times:

Quoting CV990 (Reply 3):
For those that kept bashing Airbus in these last few months I want to see what they have to say now

don't worry, they will find something to say... let them talk, it doesn't matter.

awesome news for SQ and Airbus, really glad to hear that !

User currently offlineGoAibusGo From Netherlands, joined Mar 2001, 279 posts, RR: 2
Reply 6, posted (9 years 10 months 2 weeks 2 days 13 hours ago) and read 30713 times:

Why, suddenly all the Airbus orders ?? And the 330-300 leases ??

Some sort of deal they (SQ) got for the major delay of the A380 from Airbus ?

Still good news for Airbus if confirmed.

User currently offlineTP313 From Portugal, joined Nov 2001, 288 posts, RR: 9
Reply 7, posted (9 years 10 months 2 weeks 2 days 13 hours ago) and read 30713 times:

if this goes through, the question mark will be now on the 787-10

User currently offlineSlz396 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 8, posted (9 years 10 months 2 weeks 2 days 13 hours ago) and read 30660 times:

Is today the last day at Farnborough? If so, Airbus sure knows how to keep the biggest news of all till the very end.

What a surprise order really, no hints, no rumours, no leaks, just a big bang confirmation putting an end to several rumours at once:

SQ cancelling the A380 order

SQ ordering the 747-8i

A380 underperforming

SQ still not happy which the reworked A350XWB

SQ never going to operate A333s


John Leahy was right: orders speak more than words.

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User currently offlineCV990 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 9, posted (9 years 10 months 2 weeks 2 days 13 hours ago) and read 30660 times:


I knew that Airbus would come back with a very good product. The romans used to say "Errare humanum est", Airbus admited that, and this is the most humble thing you can do! Now what I see is SQ throwing out the 777 soon....and who else will do that too??? This order will make a completely change in the market!

User currently offlineFuffla From Australia, joined Feb 2004, 403 posts, RR: 0
Reply 10, posted (9 years 10 months 2 weeks 2 days 13 hours ago) and read 30586 times:

WOW, why would SQ order the 333?

User currently offlineMhodgson From United Kingdom, joined Dec 2002, 5047 posts, RR: 23
Reply 11, posted (9 years 10 months 2 weeks 2 days 13 hours ago) and read 30586 times:

Good news for Airbus - and for the A350 order in particular. Nice to see SQ have faith in the programme. Also the A380 - when many were suggesting cancellations were coming, for SQ to order more is a very positive sign.

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User currently offlineJumpJet From United Kingdom, joined Feb 2005, 362 posts, RR: 0
Reply 12, posted (9 years 10 months 2 weeks 2 days 13 hours ago) and read 30586 times:

Note that all of the posts so far are from Europe! Just wait until breakfast time on the East Coast and our transatlantic cousins stare into their screens. Sorry for stirring.... tin helmets everybody!...

User currently offlineBeaucaire From Syria, joined Sep 2003, 5252 posts, RR: 21
Reply 13, posted (9 years 10 months 2 weeks 2 days 13 hours ago) and read 30511 times:

The A330's most likely as interims solution to launch new services and replace them as come with A350-900...

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User currently offlineCV990 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 14, posted (9 years 10 months 2 weeks 2 days 13 hours ago) and read 30511 times:


I guess Airbus is offering the 333 has a transition model until the 350 is available. They've been doing that with other airlines like TP and AY, it's just a strategy I guess!

User currently offlineRichardPrice From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 15, posted (9 years 10 months 2 weeks 2 days 13 hours ago) and read 30511 times:

Jesus, didnt expect that!

Quoting Fuffla (Reply 11):
WOW, why would SQ order the 333?

Intermediate aircraft until the A350 arrives. Allows its pilots to get time on Airbus twins and provide a path if Airbus retains its CCQ system to the A350 (likely, based on history).

User currently offlineAviator27 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 16, posted (9 years 10 months 2 weeks 2 days 13 hours ago) and read 30432 times:

When I read this thread title, all I could say was "Whoa". This order came out of no where. I suspect SQ must be really happy with the A350XWB. This also speaks volumes for the A380 even if the airplane is like 7 months late. I believe the leased A330's are stop-gap airplanes until the A350 arrives. Wow.

User currently offlinePlanemanofnz From New Zealand, joined Sep 2005, 1676 posts, RR: 0
Reply 17, posted (9 years 10 months 2 weeks 2 days 13 hours ago) and read 30432 times:

Yay for the A380 orders, Nay for the 330's. I don't mean to sound offensive, but I just don't like them. A330-300's, that is. I much prefer the 777's and I don't know whether I am going to like flying with SQ now. Who am I kidding, of course I'll like SQ just not their 333's. So are these 333's going to be deployed on regional or intercontinental routes? I hope they do not come to AKL or CHC.

So will SQ now have 19 380's on order?

When is all this info going to be seriously/publically released?

User currently offlinePanAm_DC10 From Australia, joined Aug 2000, 4288 posts, RR: 83
Reply 18, posted (9 years 10 months 2 weeks 2 days 13 hours ago) and read 30432 times:

Fair use excerpt;

By Kyunghee Park
July 21 (Bloomberg) -- Airbus SAS, which is trailing Boeing Co. in orders this year, won a contract for 20 A350 XWB-900s and nine A380s from Singapore Airlines Ltd. worth an estimated $7.5 billion, as Asia's most profitable carrier aims to expand routes.

Singapore Airlines has options to buy 20 more A350 XWB-900s and six A380s, the carrier said in an e-mailed statement today. The airline will take delivery of the planes from 2008, it said in a statement to the Singapore stock exchange today.

END - Fair use excerpt - http://www.bloomberg.com

Regards, PanAm_DC10

Ask the impossible to achieve the best possible
User currently offlineMauriceB From Netherlands, joined Aug 2004, 2492 posts, RR: 24
Reply 19, posted (9 years 10 months 2 weeks 2 days 13 hours ago) and read 30432 times:

Congrats for both of them! Certainly didn't saw this one comming, although the A350 offers SQ the amount of seats they missed with the 787...

User currently offlineSlz396 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 20, posted (9 years 10 months 2 weeks 2 days 13 hours ago) and read 30354 times:

Quoting JumpJet (Reply 13):
Note that all of the posts so far are from Europe! Just wait until breakfast time on the East Coast and our transatlantic cousins stare into their screens.

Yes indeed, this huge order announcement from SQ for widebody Airbus planes is PERFECTLY timed to make sure it will be on the tickers of the financial news shows in America when our transatlantic friends wake up this morning and switch on their television set.

User currently offlineAstuteman From United Kingdom, joined Jan 2005, 10919 posts, RR: 97
Reply 21, posted (9 years 10 months 2 weeks 2 days 13 hours ago) and read 30274 times:
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Quoting PanAm_DC10 (Thread starter):

Sorry PanAm_DC10 - missed that.
Did you say SQ cancelled 9 A380's ?
Shame - that will be a major blow to the programme  biggrin .

Does that mean SQ are no longer a "blue chip" carrier  biggergrin  (no picture for that, sorry)

Thanks for the info. Congrats to SQ and Airbus


User currently offlineLeelaw From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 22, posted (9 years 10 months 2 weeks 2 days 13 hours ago) and read 30274 times:

Leahy did say earlier this week that he was still actively pitching the A350XWB to SQ. Interesting move by SQ, particularly when EK has been saying recently that they wouldn't split their order between the competing aircraft. Looks like they've decided to hedge their bets.

Definitely, a major boost for the A380 program. Also interesting that Airbus can begin delivering the aircraft for which the options have been exercised beginning in 2008, given the slowdown in production ramp-up. Perhaps another customer has agreed to exchange the requsite slots?

User currently offlineRichardPrice From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 23, posted (9 years 10 months 2 weeks 2 days 13 hours ago) and read 30274 times:

Guys, please stop with the 'in your face, american posters' comments - its not good, its not adult behaviour and you wouldnt like it if it was done on every large Boeing order.

User currently offlineCV990 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 24, posted (9 years 10 months 2 weeks 2 days 13 hours ago) and read 30274 times:


Hey guys, can you imagine what this order can bring to other airlines that are in process of ordering either the 787 or the A350???? This is gonna get very wild real soon!!!! Who's next to get the A350? Any guesses????

25 Astuteman : Being serious again, will these 19 x A330's manifest themselves as new orders? Regards
26 Post contains images A342 : Man, Randy's jaw must have dropped ! Not only that. It fell away, hence he's speechless now ! Congrats to both Airbus and SQ !
27 Manni : Airbus certainly saved the best for last here. This deal certainly blows the socks of any other deal announced at Farnborough. More important, it conf
28 CV990 : Hi! About the american posters, well I know exactly those that I'm refering, it's just a minority, I respect a lot our US enthusiasts and they are a g
29 Johnny : So, who is next to follow SQ and cancel its B789 order ? Any ideas?
30 RichardPrice : Who said anything about cancelling? To be fair, they can work alongside each other very well - its not an exclusive thing.
31 Flying-Tiger : Most likely yes. CIT has ordered five just days ago, but I very much doubt that many more frames are available in the market. Would assume that at le
32 Post contains images Astuteman : It IS odd, isn't it? I can't imagine a customer who is entitled to compensation giving up early slots, unless the dreaded "C" word is still on the ho
33 Mhodgson : Have SQ actually cancelled their 787 order? Or has it just been hinted that they only need 20 787/A350 type aircraft?
34 Post contains images JumpJet : Seriously, my reply 13 was a bit tongue in cheek! This is great news for Airbus and it ably confirms a recent comment of mine where I said that aircra
35 CV990 : Hi! Using TP example when they ordered 12 A350's and they also got 3 used A330-200's + 5 brand new A330-200's what's going to happen is that TP will r
36 PanAm_DC10 : Yes, they will be new orders Regards, PanAm_DC10
37 Beaucaire : There is still the order from Yeminia (10 x A350) overdue to be announced. The aircraft do figure on their web-site nevertheless.
38 MauriceB : I think both 787 and A350 will be seen in SQ's fleet. 787 for the Asian routes, A350 for the long-haul routes. I also think the A350/787 will Replace
39 Mhodgson : Didn't VS and AF put back their deliveries, though? Were these vacant slots ever refilled?
40 AirbusA6 : Wow, so SQ will operate the 789 and A359 together! I guess the A359 will replace the older 772s. A later order perhaps for the A3510 to replace their
41 Slz396 : Although the deal between SQ and Boeing for 20 787s was a MoU only, it is possible for SQ to be taking both planes, with the 787s for the regional ro
42 Post contains images MainMAN : I've noticed before that mornings are a great time for exclusive euro-threads (with the occasional Aussie thrown in for good measure) I find this sur
43 Kangar : Great news for Airbus at a time when they really need it. This could be a sign that the industry is getting close to satisfied with their revamped pro
44 Post contains images AirbusA6 : With the timezone issues, AM in Europe is Euro smug zone!!!
45 RichardPrice : Well, the press release says 'The airline will take delivery of the planes from 2008' which can mean they get one aircraft each year from 2008 - it d
46 TGV : Do you only travel Business and First ? If you travel Eco, do you really prefer 3-3-3 to 2-4-2 ?
47 Post contains images Johnny : @MauriceB But the 787-8 was not ordered by SQ, it was the -9, which is perfectly overlapping with the A359... I think the B789 for SQ was just an MoU
48 Post contains images GoAibusGo : LOL LOL
49 Post contains links PanAm_DC10 : Here is a link to the PDF Filed by SQ with the Singapore Stock Exchange http://info.sgx.com/webcorannc.nsf/4...9c05482571b200367a31?OpenDocument# Rega
50 Pavlin : Am I missing something? Who cares about SQ and LH? They are just talking to buy 747-8I, to get lower prices from Airbus. They were never looking seri
51 Post contains images Scbriml : Great news for Airbus! Somewhat unexpected! When SQ placed their 787 order there was a lot of talk about still being in discussions with Airbus, which
52 Post contains links UALmMflyer : Check out Replies #89 and #91...the A330 deal was suggested by a couple posters who believed it was a good interim solution. RE: Boeing - SQ Must Buy
53 Post contains images TP313 : I agree absolutely Richard, that would be an unacceptably obnoxious, infantile behaviour!   But something is bugging me... when the 358 enters into
54 Danny : This is the best day for Airbus since a long time. Exactly what they needed - blue chip airline coming on A350XWB board plus more A380s. Congrats for
55 SeJoWa : A perfectly tailored nine across evidently makes sense, and complements the A380. It will also prove easier to supercede one family when Airbus gets a
56 Slz396 : I think Airbus may have preferred to announce SQ as first newly won customer of the A350XWB as a way of endorsing the plane with an undisputed blue c
57 Post contains images GoAibusGo : This thread is surely going to hit 200+ and then be locked up
58 Post contains images PanAm_DC10 : Any chance I could be one of those Aussies Read the the following, they are still taking 20 x B789 " target=_blank>http://info.sgx.com/webcorannc.nsf
59 Post contains links Leelaw : From WSJ 07/21/06: Singapore Air: Satisfied Airbus A380 Design Is Sound SINGAPORE (Dow Jones)--Singapore Airlines Ltd. said Friday that Airbus has dem
60 RichardPrice : That confirms a few things: The 9 A380-800 deliveries to run from 2008 to late 2010, so an average of 3 planes a year. The A380 is meeting performanc
61 Post contains images Scbriml : Certainly none of the major leasing companies has anywhere near that number of A333s on order. I wonder if SQ would lease them directly from Airbus o
62 Post contains images Johnny : I think a cancelation of the B789 is very likely. Why else should SQ lease-in Airbus A333 as an interim solution? With the B789 still on order they wo
63 Airways45 : A wonderful day for Airbus - they needed one after the last few weeks. From SIA chief Chew Choon Seng: “It is heartening that Airbus has listened to
64 AirbusA6 : " target=_blank>http://info.sgx.com/webcorannc.nsf/4...ment# Thanks, the PDF mentions the 789 order, so the two aircraft will operate in parallel. See
65 MCOflyer : Good for SQ. I hope they really like the A330/350 series. MCOflyer
66 RichardPrice : The lease agreement is directly with Airbus, so they are likely to be new aircraft.
67 Eclipz : You're so right !!!! i was exactly thinking about it ! Both Airbus & Boeing are great companies, both make gorgeous planes... Airbus always being bas
68 Danny : Because their 787 deliveries start in 2011 and most likely they need aircraft earlier than this. A330 is perfect solution.
69 Lotsamiles : You must admit that Airbus is mounting a nice comeback at Farnborough! This SQ order could not have been guessed by too many observers in the last wee
70 Fraport : You don't get it, do you? Read the SQ-Statement PANAM_DC10 posted! If necessary read it twice! And then do us all a favor and stop your childish bash
71 Post contains images A342 : To answer the questions why they'd want the A333: It is just more efficient than the 772A, which is heavier and therefore burns more fuel/has a higher
72 UALMMFlyer : How does this deal affect SQ's consideration for ULH aircrafts? i.e. A345 and 772LR? It will be interesting to see B773ER, B787, A380, A350 and A330 o
73 Musapapaya : Same to me! Congrats to Airbus and SQ!
74 Magyarorszag : Don't forget the eight A300B4-203 that SQ operated during the 1980s. Nevertheless its still a great day for Airbus to be treated like this by an airl
75 GBan : Doesn't help...
76 Post contains images Leelaw : Better for you to raise the dreaded "C" word than me.
77 AirbusA6 : Most of their rivals in Asia operate the A330, so yes it is a bit curious. For example, on the SIN to KUL run, SQ use the 772, wheras MH use the A333
78 Post contains images Johnny : @Fraport @Gban Sorry, but i cannot open it!
79 RichardPrice : Its simple, make sure you follow: 19 A330s delivered in 2009 to 2010. 20 787s delivered in 2011 onward. With the leased A330s this makes nearly 40 ai
80 Slz396 : Well they've come awfully close to that today: the A340-300 is the A330-300ER basically and they will be taking 19 of these...
81 Scbriml : I think he meant reading it wouldn't stop the bashing/gloating. I might be wrong, but that's how I read it.
82 Post contains images Astuteman : Isn't that the truth. Don't you just LOVE competition I thought so too . What a team eh? Regards
83 Fraport : Quotation from the statement: These orders follow the decision, announced in June, to order 20 Boeing 787-9s for delivery between 2011 and 2013, with
84 RichardPrice : Oooooooooooooh. In that case, apologies to GBan - the post still stands for everyone else wondering tho.
85 Jonathan-l :
86 DLPMMM : The SQ chairman stated: Has anybody here seen any technical or performance specifications? If so, please post. Obviously SQ has. Some sort of specs on
87 Antares : You weren't paying attention. About three months ago another poster mentioned the strong rumour of a short term no balloon lease of A330s to get ruid
88 EI321 : The 777 is noisier too. Thats the big question on my mind - what will happen to the SQ A345s???? Have SQ already ordered their last 777?????
89 Scorpio : My thoughts exactly! This is exactly the boost Airbus needed, for both the A350 and the A380 (remember all the "SQ is clearly not impressed with the
90 Post contains images JumpJet : Can I, as a mere aviation novice, ask a couple of serious questions. Whilst I appreciate the need for SQ to have a diverse fleet, given their differin
91 NA : Thats the show´s surprise, and Airbus took it after all the beating of the past months. I assume that the 787s/A330s/A350s will replace 777s. Sad tha
92 Antares : EI321, As I noted a moment ago, I think the annoncement of a 777-200LR replacement for the A345 fleet is a distinct possibility in the near term. Anta
93 Post contains images Scbriml : This image was in the filing on the Sigapore Stock Exchange: That A333 looks nice in SQ's colours (then again, I have yet to see any colours that make
94 Post contains images Johnny : @Fraport Thanks for sharing!
95 RichardPrice : A pilot can hold ratings on many types, its just a matter of training. However, the training can be intensive and timeconsuming, which is why Airbus
96 Flying-Tiger : ... and I think that SQ could abandon ULH service alltogether with no order being placed.
97 Post contains links and images Keesje : Just been out for a week. How things can change.. SQ´s introducing A330-300 was inevitable. Putting everything together they had no real alternatives
98 Antares : Flying-Tiger, That would be a shocker. Especially the guidance SQ has given that they A: Make money but more importantly B: Cut the heart out of the p
99 Post contains images Oldeuropean : Nobody should have cared about some American Airbus bashing teenagers on a.net, in the last month. I wonder what they will find to comment about this
100 Leelaw : Watch-out EK and QF, with this grab of additional early delivery slots, SQ may have just declared total war on the "Kangaroo Route."
101 Antares : Leelaw, Spot on. QF is targeting the Pacific for the A380 because yields are highest on that route and hte competition is on life-support. But SQ will
102 Keesje : True. And they are not the only ones keeping a close eye..
103 Scouseflyer : Airbus will explode with delight in August then!
104 JumpJet : Hmmm, just another thought, particularly with regards to the Kangaroo and far east routes, I wonder how today's news has been received in the BA board
105 Post contains images Halls120 : I've never understood the incessant A v B wars on this board. It's childish, immature and for the most part the province of wannabe aviators who evid
106 BigB : Its morning here on the east coast of the US os give it about an hour for everyone to get seated at their computers to see this news. This is great ne
107 Post contains images Halibut : I'm working on it ! Hhmm Enjoy your day in the Sun Airbus & Airbus fans ! See ya next week ! Halibut
108 Antares : JumpJet, My guess, only half in jest, is that Mr Walsh will now invite CX and QF to bid for exclusive rights to take over the remaining BA capacity to
109 Kaneporta1 : Considering the fact that SQ have always had one of the youngest fleets in the world, the A350x order is no surprise. It looks like the end of the 772
110 JumpJet : Halls120 - here's your response! A large number of the posts on here this morning have been somewhat tongue and cheek and I guess have been in respons
111 RAPCON : It's good to be one of the kings and able to completely twist the arm of EADS in such a way that a deal one can't refuse is offered. I wish I could've
112 AirFrnt : Congrads to Airbus. Usual tricks of hording orders still work. Welcome back to the competition. B cheerleaders, remember you had this coming. A cheerl
113 Post contains images SAA346 : "Saffy's" also work close enough to the Euro Time Zone, even if there is a perceived 10 year time zone difference I was hoping some of the "A" news wo
114 Post contains images Halls120 : I know that most of the posts on this particular thread have been tongue in cheek. And I know most of the posters share the views you expressed in po
115 USAF336TFS : Thank you Richard. You continue to show what positive contributions to this forum mean to many of us. Class act as always. I'm honored to have you on
116 NASCARAirforce : I lately try to stay out of these A vs B debates because it not only goes into bashing of both companies, but then it pits Europe vs America in Americ
117 Post contains images Leelaw : IMO, this move by SQ to corner more early delivery slots for the A380, is more of a tactical action to achieve an early advantage in the showdown ove
118 USAF336TFS : I think it's fair to say that this year, it's heavily weighted towards Boeing. I fully expect to see many more 787 orders as well as a strong showing
119 Post contains images AirbusfanYYZ : Whoa! 08:30 EDT here in Toronto and I am in shock! Just stared at the screen for a few moments for it to sink in. I've never participated in the A vs.
120 Post contains images Astuteman : From the Airbus press release (via Jonathan-l).... It appears that A have maintained the options in their positions in the "queue", and SQ are taking
121 Keesje : I think SQ needs good aircraft soon and have little alternatives for A330-300 and A380. And for the A350; Boeing said they´ll keep on building the 7
122 Halls120 : I'm happy to have both of you on my list.
123 BoeingBus : well, it's about time! Congrats! It's a very interesting period... for those who sold EADS stock may have done so prematurely! I am not surprised abou
124 Post contains links and images NAV20 : Just got home and switched on. Then it took me a while to wipe the egg off my face. Congrats to Airbus - and pleased for the Airbus fans too, the disc
125 Orlando666 : whatever our own personal views/opinions, the market NEEDS BOTH Airbus & Boeing - competition, pricing, innovation, development, strategic purchasing
126 DAYflyer : Well, the orders dogfight is now on.... As predicted. It will be interesting to see how Boeing responds to this new airplane. I bet this pushes them t
127 RJ111 : A real confidence boost for Airbus, esp for the A380 programme. Good to see them regaining some parity with Boeing and that both manufacturers are loo
128 KrisYYZ : Congrats SQ and Airbus... a well deserved and NEEDED order! now it's Boeing time to shine! KrisYYZ
129 EBJ1248650 : Not necessarily. Boeing will get orders for the 748 from those customers who need what that particular airplane can do. Not all major airlines need t
130 Slz396 : Don't you just love the relative quietness of the early morning hours here in Europe on this forum, when dawn breaks over the old continent and the w
131 FlyingDoctorWu : i'm not an only Boeing fan (even though I live in Seattle) but an aviation fan and I truly choked on my coffeee this morning when I googled "airbs" o
132 PanAm_DC10 : Hi Nav20, why not look at the link in reply #53 to see what SQs definition of 'commitments' and 'Letters of Intent' are by comparision to what EADS s
133 Post contains images AutoThrust : What a surprise! Altough something was strange SQ criticising old A350 design hinted that would be the plane more competitive they would order it. I t
134 USAF336TFS : I couldn't agree more. There are still some out there trying to convince themselves that the 747 is a dinosaur. My gut tells me that those same peopl
135 YOWza : This order and confirmation is huge. a) it's signifcicant in size b) it's from a top tier carrier c) a carrier with a strong relationship and recent h
136 Atmx2000 : There seems to be a lot of fanciful thinking on this thread. The A359 is a 772ER sized plane, which would be replaced by a 787-10 sized plane. The A3
137 Trex8 : there's a US airshow where the big commercial airliner OEMs announce orders????????
138 Halls120 : Absolutely.
139 11Bravo : I'm really wondering about the LOI/MOU nature of both this order AND the earlier B787 order. The whole deal with QR and the LOI last summer is similar
140 BlueSky1976 : Awesome news!! And to all those saying "bye bye 748" - it's actually "bye bye 787-10", because Singapore was considered by Boeing to be one of the can
141 Dougloid : Don't sweat it. My crew chief used to say that crow doesn't taste too bad with salt and pepper. If my Euro colleagues will indulge me a minute don't
142 Post contains images Singaporegirl : when did we trade in our a345? i was working on one just the other day! . anyway, i'm very happy about this news. as a cabin crew of sia and an aviat
143 Post contains images Dank : Competition is good for everyone (except, i guess for the one company that has a monopoly, but that usually ends in failure...). I was wondering the
144 KL808 : Fantastic news. Wow, from being in the gates of hell, to getting closer to heaven. LOL Congrats Airbus, after weeks of bad news you finally pulled you
145 RedFlyer : I just woke up and have no time to read through all 142 responses to this breaking news. The A380 order is great news, although not entirely unexpecte
146 KrisYYZ : I fail to see how this order affects the B748I. Was SQ even seriously considered to be a launch customer for the B748I? Competition is good; Airbus co
147 FlyingDoctorWu : The 787-10 either needs to become more competetive or it may not get off the launching pad. Boeing will needs to offer a 777-200ER replacement soluti
148 Dank : Somehow, I've got to think that the airlines that were considering the 350xwb know a lot more than we do about the actual specs for the plane. cheers
149 9V-SVC : This is a great surprise for all especially the folks in Singapore. I always wanted to see A330 in SQ colors , now it's a reality !
150 Keesje : True I guess. The 787-9ER seems to be the best optimized version of the 787 design. The -8 being shrunken (~heavy) and the -10 stretched (~heavy/-ran
151 Joni : Interesting. The PDF contains A359XWB specs: MTOW is listed as 265 tons Range 8500 nm Cross section 591cm SQ also bought 6 new A380 options and 20 fo
152 Dank : I think the conventional wisdom here seemed to be that SQ was going to buy some 748is. This new 380 order makes that less likely (how likely it was b
153 Post contains images United787 : On behalf of all the Americans (of which I am one) and Boeing gloaters (of which I am NOT one) who haven't responded this morning because they are sti
154 Alitalia744 : Keesje, Wow, shocked, but thanks, great un-biased post (a change maybe?).
155 GDB : Bloody Hell! Just goes to show - 'never say never'. Very unexpected, I don't look so much at threads like 'who is going to buy this or that' or the en
156 Post contains images Scbriml : Ties in with something Leahy said before - the airlines with options were not relinquishing them (and now it's clear that the options were tied to pr
157 JayinKitsap : Congrats to Airbus I think SQ mailed a message to Boeing to not get fat with their pricing. For the last 6 months it was a sellers market for Boeing,
158 Post contains images Halls120 : How can you seriously suggest that airline executives are better informed than the experts of Anet???
159 RoseFlyer : Wow this is a shock to read when I wake up in the morning. I'm really happy about this since any order is good in my book, especially because it means
160 OliverM : Big Congrats for Airbus, they realised the product they had was not going to be up to the new standard so they went back to the drawing board somewhat
161 ATLflyer : Why would Singapore Airlines cancel the 789 order? The 789 will carry 250 passengers in a Singapore Airlines style cabin (i.e. 8-abreast economy seati
162 Keesje : I guess it has the lowest CASM around, is 20.000kg lighter then the 772ER and readily available in a booming market.
163 Leelaw : Sorry, I missed the information in the Airbus press release. Interesting, that means Airbus knew this order was coming in mid-June when they rejigger
164 GBan : Thats's how it was meant. No need to apologize!
165 CHRISBA777ER : Welcome to my RU list my friend.
166 CHRISBA777ER : Nope - this is one analsyst who was caught totally on the hop by this I dont mind admitting.
167 Cyclonic : Well, isn't this interesting. I'll leave the usual A vs B crap out though. My own take on it, and this is purely guesswork, is that with SQ grossly ab
168 Atmx2000 : The -8 is not "shrunken." It certainly is not heavy. And the -10 isn't heavy. It's OEW would be less than the A333. The weight and range is similar t
169 Slz396 : Anybody who can inform us on how much heavier the A343 is compared to the A333, and how this compares to the weight of the 772? SQ once operated a fl
170 Post contains images BMIFlyer : Fantastic news Rock on SQ (and Airbus) Lee
171 Leelaw : IMO, that comment was indeed baloney. No modern option contract with an OEM gives an option holder the absolute right to a delivery slot in the face
172 LTU932 : Not necesarily. SQ is still in play if they want to replace the 744Fs with the 748F. I thought it was already at the LOI stage. I don't know about SQ
173 Post contains images PanAm_DC10 : Surprises sure do happen at Farnborough, like Ansett ordering 10 x A320 back in the 1980s IIRC, surprised everyone over here! Thank you sir though I
174 Ap305 : Good for Airbus!. Hope the usual A vs B protagonists keep their ill-informed opinions to themselves. It is always a case of horses for courses. This i
175 Post contains images Cloudyapple : The caption actually says A359: So this begs the question - this is not an A333 but a "last gen" A350 rendering - how long has this deal been discuss
176 Post contains images Johnny : Hi all, i probably was a little bit over-biased in some posts after all the bad news about Airbus the last month. Sorry for that!!!!! I am really happ
177 TinkerBelle : Sure as hell didn't see this coming.
178 GDB : CHRISBA777ER, Until I just clicked on your profile, I did not know your job, but of course I was referring to certain 'names' quoted often from public
179 Iloveboeing : As a strong Boeing supporter, I was shocked and disappointed at first when I saw the SQ announcement. But then I realized that SQ can use them both a
180 Post contains images CRJ900 : The A333 is an excellent medium-haul aircraft, CX use them for Asia and some Australia flights... great economics, 2-2-2 business seating, nice 2-4-2
181 Scbriml : Your eyesight is way better than mine then! It's certainly not an A350X-900, so I assumed it was an A333. Looking at it more closely, the engines are
182 Post contains links and images Jacobin777 : Rather than having debates based on available information.....the obvious biasness comes out from both sides....yes its ok to root for the "home team
183 FLALEFTY : I'm glad that Airbus is starting to turn things around. SQ's A350 order and exercising their A380 options constitutes an important vote of confidence
184 CHRISBA777ER : I do the same job, but dont get the same exposure as them. This also means i dont look quite so much of a muppet when I get things wrong or dont see
185 Atmx2000 : Well it is something the old A359 did, but the -10 did it better. Boeing can offer both the -10 and the -10ER, if there is a substantial price differ
186 Post contains images MIAMIx707 : And hello to more boring twins (A333) If that becomes true it will be a sad day as no plane looks better on SQ colors than the 777. LOL And Lockheed
187 Post contains images Scbriml : Great image, but the whole A332F "thing" seems to have been very quickly swept under the carpet.
188 Post contains images ZBA320 : It's great to see the A350XWB and A332F getting off to an good start (While of course forgeting about the pervious A350 Aircraft Designs ). Great for
189 Post contains images Jacobin777 : maybe it wasn't time to announce it and they pulled it out quickly... ..regardless, I expect Airbus to get its fair share of the A332F orders....now
190 Slz396 : I am not an aviation engineer, but it looks like the 787-10 is not really such a good idea after all. It is a version of the 787 originally not meant
191 Mikkel777 : I really don't understand a lot of you people, unless you have a huge stake at either A or B. Why wish the death of the "other" company or airplane mo
192 United Airline : Still no official statement from Singapore Airlines. Well Singapore Airlines can still order the B 787, B 777-200LR as well as B 747-8 I think. SQ's B
193 RichardPrice : Sure there has been:
194 RayChuang : It will be interesting to see if SQ orders the A350XWB-900R as part of the 20 plane order. My guess is that eight of the 20 A350XWB-900's will be the
195 FlyingHippo : WOW... I had to read the head lines a couple of times!! Congrats to Airbus and SQ, especially to the new A350s! This is definitly a validation to the
196 SIN_SQ : Hooray!!!!! A330 at last for SIA. My favourite plane! Airbus A350 XWB...and more A380.. Smile!
197 MalpensaSFO : Airbus seems to be the supplier of the day at the show. It would appear that all of the rumors about SQ not liking the Airbus product to be false and
198 CHRISBA777ER : What do we think of the chances that given the Trent 800s on the 777s, the 900s on the A380s, Trent 500s on the A340s, and maybe the Trent 1000 on the
199 Hb88 : I've often wondered this in the past. I work for Airbus and it is great. But I admire and respect Boeing. How could you not given their history and p
200 BlueSky1976 : Actually, it's more like 772ER vs 773 (non-ER) tradeoff - except it's the other way around. For an Airbus supporter, Keesje often produces more produ
201 FlyingHippo : Yes, I do agree. Keesje, even though I don't agree with him 98% of the time, do produce productive and interesting threads than som uneducated/unobje
202 Post contains images CHRISBA777ER : LMAO!!! one of the best one liners i've ever heard!!!!
203 Post contains images 787engineer : The A359 in no way competes against the 787-9. The 787-9 carries ~270 pax while the A359 is a 314 pax airplane. I was under the assumption that the A
204 Zvezda : In several threads, I predicted that SQ would not place a passenger VLA order this year, but rather take B747-8I options to go with their B777-300ER a
205 LTBEWR : Defeintiely a bit of a shock, but business is business. Airbus made the deal happen, perhaps with incentives to counter the A-380 delays. So what happ
206 Texfly101 : Just got in to work and read this thread...Thanks Mr. Price for a well reasoned post. I wish more had that attitude. The funny thing is that I don't
207 Hb88 : Alas, shamelessly cribbed from (I think) the late, great Hunter S Thompson. But it is an great expression for the right context. Share and enjoy.
208 CRJ900 : I think the A330s built over the last couple of years are "Enhanced" versions with features from the A345 and A346 designs, so they are quite modern
209 CHRISBA777ER : IN fairness guys, here's one European who isnt gloating! Good on SQ for new planes, and good on Airbus for the comeback - still think the 787 would ha
210 Post contains images PlaneHunter : That's one really important order for Airbus - and it clearly disproves much of the amateurish talk we have heard in the past weeks and months. An ord
211 Post contains images Dank : Shocking, I know
212 BG777300ER : I'm not taking any sides between Boeing or Airbus, I'm don't have a favorite but some of your are getting way too over excited and thinking Airbus is
213 9V-SVC : I dont know but since the A345 are not very old and now that SQ are leasing A330-300s , perhaps SQ are looking at the A350XWB-900R to replace the A345
214 Atmx2000 : I don't think it is overdue. It is likely a function of high fuel prices. Anyway, how long is SQ leasing these aircraft for? It seems to me that they
215 Scbriml : When EK announced they were delaying a decision on A350/787, they also specifically said the order would go to just one manufacturer.
216 9V-SVC : You are missing out the whole point ! SQ is leasing the A333s until the arrival of the A359XWB. Most probably they will operate the A333 for 3-4 year
217 Floridaflyboy : I thought the 787 deal was official? At any rate, I think we may see SQ operate both types.
218 Stitch : With SQ upping their A380 order I can only believe that the concerns they had about it making HKG-SFO 365 days a year have been addressed and in a pos
219 Cloudyapple : That is if they don't change their mind, as has happened to a number of airline bosses recently...
220 CV990 : Hi! I still remember well NAV20 and BoomBoom comming out with a lot of "big mouth" stuff during last few weeks and months...and NAV20, do you remember
221 Heavierthanair : G�day Home cities of future operators Air France - CDG China Southern - PVG Emirates - DXB Etihad - AUH Federal Express - MEM Kingfisher - BOM Ko
222 BoeingBus : Let the work begin for Airbus... Singapore has performance guarantee's and now Airbus has to meet them. All this discussiong, blah blah blah... mean n
223 Cloudyapple : China Southern flies out of Guangzhou ZGGG/CAN
224 GDB : Sitch, while no one knows whether BA will order A380 or 747-8-not even BA know yet, one of the few things we can say for sure, they will not order bot
225 Atmx2000 : I think you are missing the point. The A333 doesn't fill the missions the A359 is supposed to. The 772ER's come closer. Taking A333s now allows 772ER
226 Singaporegirl : i have a few questions: - the 333 that we're getting, is it going to be the same as the other 333 that are flying today? i'm not sure if airbus revise
227 PlaneHunter : That's the problem - posted on a.net... PH
228 Slz396 : The 20 787-9 SQ signed for (and which still stand as per SQ press release on the A359/A380 order) are going to be deployed on the interregional Asian
229 9V-SVC : O yes, I missed out on stating that point. Indeed, the A333 are more of a replacement to the 772A . the 9V-SV* series 772s is likely to be replaced b
230 Post contains images MD80Nut : Wow, an outstanding order for Airbus. Congratulations are in order. I knew Airbus would bounce back from it's recent troubles. Granted, the A380 isn't
231 Zvezda : All airliner designs represent a compromise between payload and range. I'm not expecting UPS or FedEx to conduct passenger ops out of SKF or MEM. Whi
232 Atmx2000 : I considered that possibility, but that would require SQ to configure them in 9 abreast to have comparable capacity. I don't know if that is SQ's int
233 Rpaillard : So what? Let's put it this way: Airbus comes with a new plane. Obvisously, it comes with technical data. SQ see that and found that it matchs is busi
234 Post contains images 9V-SVC : Yes , it would be the same but with new airbus interior.(All depends on SQ) Don't worry, from working experiences from friends at Emirates (A332) , t
235 FlyingHippo : So... by the end of say... 2015, SQ's fleet would likely be: (Without any speculation as to what they will order next, i.e. 772LR, A350-1000) 787-9 77
236 Ken777 : The order is a nice surprise and congrats are due to both SQ and Airbus. Also a pat on the back for Leahy. At times his mouth seems to be ahead of his
237 Glareskin : Good to see the balance coming back! Too bad EK delayed their decision because if they'd add A350 support this would have boosted Airbus back on par a
238 Leelaw : IIRC, AKL will be A380 ready, because of possible EK operations. AF has identified YUL as an early seaonal A380 destination. This airport has undergo
239 N328KF : Only time will tell if Airbus' decision to target the high end of the Y2 market and the low end of the Y3 market will be the right one. That leaves g
240 Jacobin777 : Carriers aren't going to order certain planes because their competitors have done so.....SQ's, CX, and BA all have different mission profiles........
241 Zvezda : I think it's a safe bet that SQ will configure their B787s 9 abreast. SQ will probably still be operating a handful of B777-200ERs in 2015. Leelaw, I
242 Leelaw : I've questioned this myself before, and IIRC Mariner provided a link to the local airport authority indicating that it's anticipating and will be rea
243 Jseesue : Airbus is still simply copying Boeing's wide-body product strategy; they're not doing anything that Boeing hasn't done before. Let's go over the list
244 PlanesNTrains : How can it need "midlife" performance updates when it hasn't even been defined yet? I think you are trying to twist this SQ order announcement to sui
245 Richard28 : Surely they have moved from the original A350 spec to the A350XWB because of market demand?
246 Post contains links A5XX : YUL IS ready for A380 ops. FYI http://www.admtl.com/uploadedFiles/i...ntre/jet%C3%A9e_internationale.pdf Yves. [Edited 2006-07-21 20:46:10][Edited 20
247 Post contains images OHLBU : And I spent the whole evening cleaning while this news was out. Had to say WOW a few times out loud when I read the post. Year 2006 seems to be one of
248 Post contains links Jaysit : http://www.airbus.com/en/aircraftfamilies/a350/a350_xwb/index.html This is hilarious! Its the Airbus 787.
249 RichardPrice : Damned if they do, damned if they dont. What exactly was it you were after precisely?
250 PlanesNTrains : When they announced the new A350XWB, it really seemed to be the plane that was needed, and I don't see how anyone could honestly question it's validi
251 Post contains images Rpaillard : Your comment is, too. While I'm a big fan on the 787, I could not see your point. Well, you are right: the new Airbus features a fuselage, a wing, an
252 CV990 : Hi! Yes, it's the Airbus 787......but the order went to Airbus, not to Boeing!!! Regarding the stuff Jacobin777 said, well I think for some of the Boe
253 Atmx2000 : It's more like the 77.57
254 We're Nuts : I wonder how much money Airbus lost keeping SQ as a customer....
255 Post contains images Jacobin777 : lol...funny way of putting it...but it sounds good....
256 B777ER : Please tell us how you have already sat in both airframes to see how comfortable they are to form your astute comparison already? Oh thats right you
257 Post contains links Leskova : Sorry, cannot find something official right now, but here are two links from the airport's website (sorry, in German): http://www.munich-airport.de/D
258 Post contains images Rpaillard : Its obvious. Airbus is commited to Point to Point against Hub and Spoke and do not see any market for VLA So what? The market ask for more confortabl
259 Tancrede : Then, we can say exactly the same about the 787. If I am not wrong, it is not still flying.
260 We're Nuts : This is why airlines do random drug tests.
261 BestWestern : and Sitting in HYD recently, a SQ772 arrived - last year it was a silk air A320 - SIN to India is perfect 333 country - the 777 being more suited to
262 Gigneil : SQ operates no 777-200As, so the 333s will replace 777-200ERs on short regional routes for which they were never intended. SQ, the largest operator o
263 A342 : As stated, YUL is A380-ready. MUC already was A380-ready when it opened in 1992, and was awarded official certification for ICAO class-F aircraft in
264 Texfly101 : Can't agree more. To me at least, that type of posts just clog up the readibilty of the thread. To slag either company puts a bias on the post and th
265 Mariner : Not many mentions of Noel Forgeard in this thread. I bet he has an ironic smile on his face this morning. mariner
266 Post contains images Scorpio : Don't you mean 'the world's most prestigious and by far most profitable airline'? Airbus build planes for themselves??? Aah yes, you mean kind of lik
267 Post contains images BoeingBus : Absolutely! The difference is, being that the 787 is much further along and of course Boeing can scew things up... But when a plane is just announced
268 CV990 : Hi! I think Airbus paid the same amount of money Boeing would have to pay to have that order!!! Regards
269 Post contains images Scbriml : Yep, that's why their planes are so unpopular! 48 widebodies in one order? Yep, losing a pile of money. Check the financials at the end of the year a
270 RayChuang : I think the recent announcement that the aerodynamic drag on the A380-800 was lower than expected and the fact the Trent 970 engine consume fuel at a
271 Post contains images Captain.md-11 : Only one person has mentioned possible engine choices as far as I can see. Will Rolls Royce get the nod for the A333's and A350's? Fingers crossed the
272 Post contains images Scbriml : Currently, the A350 only has one "choice" - RR! I would think this is RR's order to lose.
273 Post contains images 787engineer : Wow, so it'll take ~5 years from the start of fabrication to when the first plane rolls out? Maybe it's a translation thing, but to me fabrication me
274 RichardPrice : The A350-800 has RR and GE, the A350-900 has RR and maybe GE, and the A350-1000 has currently just RR, and P&W have said that the GP7200 series engin
275 Post contains images Jaysit : Nothing. Just making an observation. Memories of when Boeing scoffed at Airbus's two-engined wide-bodied innovation in the form of the A300, only to
276 Dank : But I guess that if SQ is interested in the future in the extended range -900, that really limits them to the supplier who is willing to go to the -1
277 Atmx2000 : Well, he had to be made to see the light by others, if we interpret one of Humbert's remarks.
278 Leelaw : The "old all-new A350" was industrially launched on October 6, 2005, was any "fabrication" done of that design?
279 Post contains images Halibut : Hi Bestwestern , You are welcome . I can't wait until next week !!! You guys are really setting yourselfs up for a big doozey ! He he he ! Halibut
280 Pulkovokiwi : awesome awesome awesome - hopefully puts the doommerchants to bed!!!!
281 Zvezda : I'll concede that pride was one factor in the decision to build the WhaleJet, but your assertion that Airbus hasn't done anything original that the m
282 Post contains images PlaneHunter : And who has stolen the Wright Brothers' concepts? Ever heard of "progress"? Just in case you don't know all the details - SIA is one of the most prof
283 Goldfinger : I think we have seen the last of any 777 orders at SQ. I suspect the 345s are going to be retained and there is new life injected to the old rumour o
284 Post contains images Gigneil : Maybe fabrication wasn't the right word, although I'm pretty sure that we speak the same language . Industrial launch is when the process begins... t
285 RichardPrice : Ok, you can have all those trinkets back then if you give us back the gas turbine engines you stole from Frank Whittle, the ILS systems you stole fro
286 Post contains images Halls120 :    all this talk about which aircraft will do this, this aircraft will do that, is the Anet version of baseball's hot stove league. For all the non
287 Halls120 : I take any manufacturer's claim with a huge grain of salt. The proof of the A380's performance (and for the 350 and 787) will be established by the a
288 Theredbaron : In 1970 Aibus produced the A300, they were ignored and even insulted by "analists" that said that the A300 was another "mercure"...and Airbus would be
289 HighFlyer9790 : well, there may always be a chance of one having more market posession, such as 60/40 or even greater 70/30.
290 Antskip : The A350-900XWB is aimed directly at the requirements of EK. EK pointed that out to Airbus by their promotion of a bigger version of the B787, given t
291 Stitch : Well BA does have some flexability to replace daily 747 service with daily+multiple weekly 773ER services into and out of LHR, or they can just lower
292 Post contains images Andaman : Depends on the point of view, there are airlines in US I have never heard about I suppose Finnair is ok with that, comparing to 28,8 tons of MD-11. A
293 Post contains images Mariner : About the A380? Surely not. if you mean the A350, that might be true. He was no longer CEO of Airbus when the re-jig was decided. He would have to be
294 Gokmengs : Zvezda, for the love of god stop calling this frickin plane "WhaleJet" we discussed it before and yes you probably did find the nickname, but I doubt
295 FlyABR : imo, boeing has sold so many 787s and 777s in the past couple years that they are beginning to get frosty in the negotiations...SQ is just reminding
296 DistantHorizon : Congratulations to Airbus! That is, for now, the most important thing to say, I guess. We will have many months (years, actually) ahead to discuss win
297 Post contains links Mariner : AKL? No need for "perhaps": http://www.auckland-airport.co.nz/Times/Airport%20Times%20June06.pdf Headline: "Auckland Airport now A380 ready." mariner
298 ETStar : OMG! IS this true?!!?!! Awesome news for Airbus!!!
299 DistantHorizon : I believe he really can not do that. He probably has already tried to, but his fingers did not obey... But Zvezda, can you please now try a little ha
300 Post contains images Boeing nut : Oh please, stop you're childish banner waiving will ya?? Don't they though!!!! Let's all of us as airliner fans toast this announcement, eh? another
301 Zvezda : Airbus and Boeing will both go out of business. It's a question of when, not if. Both the United States and the European Union will come to an end, a
302 BoeingBus : do you Europeans ever sleep? dudes, go to bed... lol...
303 Post contains images Thebry : Wow... took me quite a while to get through this thread. There's some good commentary here, but I had to trip over lots of bloated gloating and anger
304 Halls120 : excellent perspective and post. For many reasons, I'm not sure we are as strong allies as we used to be, which is sad. My father was also part of the
305 Post contains images PlanesNTrains : Please! Do tell! Totally understood. But can everyone please quit responding to jseesue? I'm afraid we're encouraging her some more, and it's embarra
306 Post contains images EA CO AS : Congratulations to Airbus on a great order for what sounds like one helluva new plane! And as far as the A vs. B thing goes - it's high time we ALL re
307 Gunsontheroof : Wow, definetly didn't see this one coming. Certainly is a strong endorsement for the new A350! Congrats to Airbus and SQ.
308 BlueSky1976 : Ummm... YES. No other thread - before or after - started with "Holy Shit! It has begun!".
309 Aukahkay : In June, Singapore Airlines signed a US$4.52 billion (euro3.6 billion) deal for 20 Boeing 787-9 aircraft, a rival for Airbus' problem-plagued A350. Th
310 Stitch : I think that gives SQ too much credit, but I will say that Airbus does seem to have listened to their requirements and have strived to meet them. But
311 Gunsontheroof : We weren't bashing them, we were calling them on their bullshit. It's good to see that they've finally pulled their heads out of their asses, made so
312 Trex8 : well maybe this "state run" airline which makes more money and wins more industry awards than almost any other airline has a business model some othe
313 Post contains links BoomBoom : Here it is: RE: Airbus Reverses Its Position On A380 Wake (by BoomBoom Jul 22 2006 in Civil Aviation)#5
314 Post contains images Johnny : Did it take only one day for some guys here to start collecting BAD airbus news her? That is disappointing at all!
315 PlanesNTrains : Actually it only took one day for Airbus to disburse bad news. I don't think it's anyones fault, though I agree some will salivate over it. -Dave
316 Post contains images Johnny : "...don't think it's anyones fault, though I agree some will salivate over it." Agree!
317 Aukahkay : Do recall that in 2004, members of the Singapore Airlines Pilots Union booted out its executive committee as they felt that the Ex-Co was siding SQ m
318 Mariner : Airbus announced this yesterday? I got the impression from the article that they have been saying it for some wee while at least. Certainly, the WSJ
319 CV990 : Hi! I got some good comments on my posts, specially from those "Boeing Fans"....well let me just say this, during a few months I just stopped writting
320 Post contains images Lightsaber : Wow, This suprised me. Congrats to Airbus. Let's think about this a minute. SQ would have been given access to A380-800 flight test data. This says so
321 Post contains images Leskova : I somewhat feared the situation would be like this, as soon as Airbus rebounds - which, seriously, was a question of when, not if. A lot of nonsense h
322 Post contains images Johnny : @ CV990 Cannot agree more with you.I do the same and be quiet about the A350 and B787 until Airbus presents another "small" customer like BA,LH or EK.
323 Joni : Has this order been blown a bit out of proportion on A.net? After all, the A350 already does have 100 or so orders before SQ, and the news that SQ is
324 OHLBU : I remember reading somewhere that MD-11 is good fot 20t?
325 Scbriml : I don't think it has. This is a massively important order for Airbus. It's a stunning endorsement for Airbus's reworked A350 and a big thumbs-up for
326 Slz396 : For all the Y pax it will carry, the A350XWB will be more comfortable than any 787 configured in 9-abreast, based on the logic assumption taken from
327 BoeingBus : someone should lock this thread and start anew.... getting tooo long! can someone explain who's SQ A380's positions is getting to get deliveries this
328 RichardPrice : Noones, the options SQ took out on the A380 have guaranteed delivery slots just the same as the firm orders - the delivery schedule factors this in.
329 Slz396 : It seems that as part of the initial sales campaign, Airbus gave launch customers the rare opportunity to get more guaranteed places on the production
330 Airbazar : KUL, YUL, and I think AMS are already A380 ready. A quick google search should bring up some offical links if you feel like taking the time. JNB is c
331 Post contains images Boeing nut : And it took literally seconds for "others" to praise an Airbus announcement as an "in your face" post. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's hypoc
332 Jacobin777 : And how about the commonality between the 787 and 777? Sure....but does a larger plane= competitive advantage? I'm sure he does feel good about the i
333 ATLflyer : We all know that the A350XWB is miles ahead of the 777-200ER, but what about the 777-200LR, especially if Boeing lightens it by 7 more tons? I can't w
334 RayChuang : In regards to the SQ A350XWB-900 routes, I think for transpacific flying they will limit it to these routes: SIN-ICN-SFO (regular -900 model) SIN-LAX
335 Morvious : I agrea on your post, but when doing this, not only quote the funny anti Boeing comments, but please quote the funny anti Airbus comments to!! Your p
336 BoomBoom : It is compensation for the A380 screw ups:
337 PlaneHunter : SIA wouldn't care about such a compensation if the planes weren't suitable for them. PH
338 Stitch : Evidently airlines like SQ and EK believe so, and their respective business models have been very successful.
339 BoomBoom : But it is compensation, none the less.
340 Stitch : Actually I believe they would even more, since the A380 would have been a "mistake" for them to purchase and operating it would have been detrimental
341 Jacobin777 : sure...but that doesn't mean that a larger plane= a competitive advantage than a smaller plane....it could also mean that "they just needed a larger
342 RichardPrice : Yes SA are getting compensation and noones denying that - its a well known fact that A380 purchasers are in the running for compensation. If it wasnt
343 Post contains images Scbriml : I think you've hit the nail on the head! This is Airbus's secret sales weapon - buy our planes or else... There's only ever one point.
344 BoomBoom : And the 777 is more comfortable than any A350Xbox configured in 9-abreast. If 5 inches makes a difference in the A350 imagine how much of a differenc
345 Post contains images Scbriml : There may indeed be an element of compensation involved in the final cost of this order to SQ, but that doesn't alter the fact that they just bought
346 Post contains images Dank : But they would have gotten compensation whether they sold them more 380s or not. so, selling them more planes for less of a profit is still a better
347 RichardPrice : Yay, yet another baseless comment. I bet you get onboard an Airbus with a bag of nails just so you can sit on them and complain that it was uncomfort
348 Dank : Until we know all the relevant details of the a350, it is premature to say how different it is compared to either the 787 or 777 it is. it's possible
349 Post contains images Jacobin777 : actually not Richard, Airbus is putting the A350-1000 up against the B777 and given the current specs of the B777, the B777 is indeed much wider than
350 RichardPrice : Also, with the advertised CASM of the A350XWB as advertised by Airbus this week verses the 777, how much more will that 777 flying 9 abreast cost to
351 Post contains images Halls120 : Another sane voice of reason. thanks. Maybe it's because I don't spill over into the seat next to me, but all this "my cabin is wider than your cabin
352 Baroque : That seemed to meet a surprising amount of approval so, as it obviously must be Christmas, could I suggest a minor extension to include a closed seas
353 BoomBoom : It will be six years (assuming no delays) before the first A350 enters service, and then there's Y3 which will have a composite fuselage. This will c
354 A342 : By chance, do you know who would be the lessor ? I assume those would be HGWs ? But maybe they also pick up AC's 2 A345s from 2008. That's enough to
355 Post contains images Jacobin777 : I'll even take NH's 16.5' seat width if I can get 38" seat pitch and a power-port........
356 Zvezda : After three major delays, the idea that Airbus would hold production slots for option holders while slipping delivery for those who have placed firm
357 RichardPrice : Contractually Airbus may have no power to do that. Its all very well saying 'I doubt this, Airbus should do that...', the actual ability for that to
358 Airbus A380 : Over at the Singapore's local media, it was reported that SQ chose both the A350 and B787 as no one manufacturer could provide the planes SQ need, as
359 PlanesNTrains : I don't understand how the Y3 thing gets treated as fact when there isn't even a definitive public timeline for it. Sure, we have an idea, but to say
360 Post contains images A5XX : Absolutely! The 787 and the A350XWB are the future of aviation. B and A will not reinvent the wheel, but they sure can tailor the future of aviation.
361 JayinKitsap : Back last year when SQ was starting their RFP there was a huge discussion on interim lift being quite important. Also SQ was going to need a lot of p
362 Stitch : If a wider A350 is more comfortable then a 787 in nine abreast, why should not a wider 777 be more comfortable then an A350 in nine? Yet most of the
363 Post contains images Mariner : So, in review: the launch customer increases its order prior ro EIS - despite anger provoking delays, massive negative press and ample opportunity to
364 CV990 : Hi! Yes, BoomBoom is right, the A350 will have a premature death, but I don't think that will be in the time line he's telling ( he would wish that of
365 BoomBoom : Given that the 777 will be 18 years old when the A350X arrives, I would say "no".
366 Post contains images N844AA : By any chance, do you suffer from high blood pressure? You seem ... excited. That raises an interesting question, though: What would constitute a "pr
367 RichardPrice : My point was that its another thing to consider when deciding which aircraft to buy, it doesnt factor into current operations - when buying new aircr
368 Post contains images Matt27 : Great news for Airbus. They really needed an order of this size, and for these planes. Congrats // Matt[Edited 2006-07-23 00:11:19]
369 Post contains images Stitch : The A350 will no more strike the 777 family from the skies then the A330 did the 767 or the 787 will the A330. Would SQ have leased 787-8s instead of
370 BoomBoom : Right you are. Perhaps you should tell Slz396. Afterall, I was just responding to his post.
371 CV990 : Hi! Here goes some answers to some of our fellows: Dougloid - Great picture indeed my friend, great shot!!! A CV990 is always an airplane to watch!!!
372 Zvezda : I think that's a premature prediction. It's not clear there will ever even be a Y3. Even if there is, it will probably be too large to compete with t
373 Garnetpalmetto : The thread's length is getting a bit unwieldy, so I'm going to lock it.
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