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Official: Airbus Le Bourget 2007 Order Thread 2  
User currently offlinePanAm_DC10 From Australia, joined Aug 2000, 4288 posts, RR: 83
Posted (8 years 11 months 2 weeks 4 days 4 hours ago) and read 38798 times:

From the first Official: Airbus Le Bourget 2007 Order Thread we now move to part 2 as with over 350 replies those on dial up connections will be having problems downloading

Airbus have kept us very busy, as has the rest of the sector. The elongated order cycle appears to continue unabated.

We will continue to run 3 threads and this, again, is for Airbus http://www.airbus.com/en/

http://www.airbus.com/en/myairbus/events/ and http://www.airbus.com/en/presscentre/pressreleases/

We ask that you refer to the following 2 links for Boeing and Powerplants

Official: Boeing Le Bourget 2007 Order Thread

Official: Le Bourget 2007 Engine Order Thread

The purpose of these three threads is to keep a daily tabulation on any announcements made and to keep seperate each companies announcements. Though we understand there will be split orders, having the official threads should make it a lot easier to track orders for each OEM and make for a good reference for the future of the site.

We do realise that there may / will be major "mega orders" announced given speculation over the past six months and recent media reports. Therefore, if an order is announced and listed here, for example, by a U.S. Legacy carrier, a new A380 Operator, a European Major or by a carrier of regional or strategic importance, it should be entitled to it's own seperate thread, we ask that order be posted here with a link to the relevent thread and a link back to this thread, that way a free and open discussion can be had on AA, EK, LA or whomever, without overwhelming the official threads.

Commitments and orders listed here can be referred to 2007 Orders: Part 2 or to the relevent country thread for some carriers, for example Malaysian Aviation Thread 4 In relation to the country threads there are plenty of "lurkers" who know a lot but post only in those threads as their posts don't warrant a seperate thread. We all can benefit from that input.

Another thread to refer to would be Airbus A330 - Close To Breaking Sales Record. given the amount of commitments we have seen for that model

In relation to Regional orders such as ATR, Bombardier, Embraer and Sukhoi etc or any developments of new frames or further news of R&D in existing projects please feel free to go ahead and post as normal.

As stated the elongated order cycle continues and the previous thread was very successful and we would like to thank the membership for their participation.

Any enquiries please direct to moderators@airliners.net on behalf of the Moderating Crew we thank you for your assistance. It's a good week for aviation, let's continue to make it a good week for the Forum.

Ask the impossible to achieve the best possible
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User currently offlineScbriml From United Kingdom, joined Jul 2003, 15379 posts, RR: 45
Reply 1, posted (8 years 11 months 2 weeks 4 days 4 hours ago) and read 38778 times:
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Assuming the other thread gets locked, here's my last post from the old one:

Airbus summary after 3 days:

Monday 18th
Qatar - 80 x A350, 3 x A380
Emirates - 8 x A380
Jazeera - 30 x A320
US Airways - 60 x A32x, 10 x A332*, 22 x A350**
Nouvelair - 2 x A320
GECAS - 60 x A320
ALAFCO - 7 x A320, 12 x A350***
Air France - 18 x A320, 2 x A380
S7 - 25 x A320

Tuesday 19th
Intrepid - 20 x A332F
Fly Asia Express - 15 x A333
Thai - 8 x A333

Wednesday 20th
Etihad - 5 x A332, 3 x A332F, 4 x A346
Aeroflot - 5 x A321, 22 x A350
Kingfisher - 20 x A320, 10 x A332, 5 x A345, 15 x A350+
Afriqiyah - 5 x A320, 6 x A350
Aircastle - 15 x A332F
Libyan Airlines - 7 x A320, 4 x A330, 4 x A350
CIT - 25 x A320, 7 x A350++
Ural Airlines - 5 x A320
MNG - 2 x A332F

Summary by type:
A32x - 269
A330 (including F) - 92
A340 - 9
A350 - 168
A380 - 13

[edit - Added MNG order above, nothing below edited]

My total, from all above is 549 (37 of which are A350 to XWB "conversions"). However, this is actually one more than Leahy said at the CIT press conference. I don't know where the difference is!

So, at the end of three days, Airbus has (by my count) 512 new orders and commitments, of which 243 are for widebodies. Leahy gave the firm vs MOU count as 358 - 190 (again, one less than my count).

* has option to convert to A333 or A340
** includes 20 conversions of existing A350 order to XWB
*** includes 12 conversions of existing A350 order to XWB
+ plus 5 conversions of existing A350 order to XWB
++ includes 5 conversions of existing A350 order to XWB

[Edited 2007-06-20 17:14:53]

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User currently offlineKL808 From United States of America, joined May 1999, 1596 posts, RR: 2
Reply 2, posted (8 years 11 months 2 weeks 4 days 4 hours ago) and read 38779 times:

Can somebody list all the orders for today and also for the week starting monday.



User currently offline9MMAR From Malaysia, joined Jul 2006, 2110 posts, RR: 17
Reply 3, posted (8 years 11 months 2 weeks 4 days 4 hours ago) and read 38714 times:

Malaysia's TV3 8 pm news revealed that AK has purchased an additional 20 A320s for their operation in South East Asia. The business deal was regarded as very 'spontaneous' and only took about 15 minutes to be agreed upon. Has any announcement regarding this being issued out?

And that just bring AK's future total number of A320 fleet to 120 aircrafts.

User currently offlineColumba From Germany, joined Dec 2004, 7217 posts, RR: 3
Reply 4, posted (8 years 11 months 2 weeks 4 days 4 hours ago) and read 38714 times:

Great news for the A340 !!! I am happy to see new A345 and A346 being ordered !!

It will forever be a McDonnell Douglas MD 80 , Boeing MD 80 sounds so wrong
User currently offlineDIA From United States of America, joined Jan 2001, 3273 posts, RR: 24
Reply 5, posted (8 years 11 months 2 weeks 4 days 4 hours ago) and read 38714 times:

Just a little applause here...

PanAm_DC10: thanks for keeping these threads consistent, fair, and accurate. I think everyone is thankful for your efforts...especially pulling this week's events together.

Back on topic:

I'm starting to wonder if interest in the A318 has past. Besides LANChile (I believe), I haven't heard anything. Anybody know more?

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User currently offlineScorpio From Belgium, joined Oct 2001, 5297 posts, RR: 43
Reply 6, posted (8 years 11 months 2 weeks 4 days 4 hours ago) and read 38657 times:

From part one:

"Next announcement will be 10.00am CET on Thursday (first of several on Thursday), in addition, Leahy said there would be one on Friday morning."

I have this feeling that the one on Friday morning is one to look out for. I say so for two reasons:

-Last year at Farnborough, they also saved their biggest surprise for the last day (SQ);
-The fact that they announce the announcement two days in advance seems to signify that they think it's important...

User currently offlineEI321 From Iraq, joined Jul 2009, 0 posts, RR: 0
Reply 7, posted (8 years 11 months 2 weeks 4 days 4 hours ago) and read 38498 times:

Quoting DIA (Reply 5):
Just a little applause here...

PanAm_DC10: thanks for keeping these threads consistent, fair, and accurate.

here here

User currently offlineScbriml From United Kingdom, joined Jul 2003, 15379 posts, RR: 45
Reply 8, posted (8 years 11 months 2 weeks 4 days 4 hours ago) and read 38450 times:
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Quoting KL808 (Reply 2):
Can somebody list all the orders for today and also for the week starting monday.

See reply #1.  wink 

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User currently offlineSolnabo From Sweden, joined Jan 2008, 931 posts, RR: 1
Reply 9, posted (8 years 11 months 2 weeks 4 days 4 hours ago) and read 38408 times:

Quoting Scorpio (Reply 6):
"Next announcement will be 10.00am CET on Thursday (first of several on Thursday), in addition, Leahy said there would be one on Friday morning

Hopefully AB will announce a big Airbus order..

Micke//    again...and again

[Edited 2007-06-20 17:08:56]

Airbus SAS - Love them both
User currently offlineScbriml From United Kingdom, joined Jul 2003, 15379 posts, RR: 45
Reply 10, posted (8 years 11 months 2 weeks 4 days 4 hours ago) and read 38310 times:
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MNG has signed an order for 2 x A332F plus one option. Apparently this is confirmation of an MOU signed in January.

Only seen on Airbus widget so far.

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User currently offlineNcelhr From Vatican City, joined Jul 2006, 359 posts, RR: 0
Reply 11, posted (8 years 11 months 2 weeks 4 days 4 hours ago) and read 38272 times:

MNG airlines +2 A330-200F has to be added to today's list.

User currently offlineDanny From Poland, joined Apr 2002, 3535 posts, RR: 3
Reply 12, posted (8 years 11 months 2 weeks 4 days 4 hours ago) and read 38158 times:

Quoting Solnabo (Reply 9):
Hopefully AB will announce a big Airbus order..

Well AB denied it. Could LH make up their minds by Friday?

User currently offlineManni From South Korea, joined Nov 2001, 4221 posts, RR: 22
Reply 13, posted (8 years 11 months 2 weeks 4 days 4 hours ago) and read 38159 times:

Quoting Scbriml (Reply 1):
Leahy gave the firm vs MOU count as 358 - 190 (again, one less than my count).

That's interesting, thanks for putting that list together. Airbus had already 188 orders booked in 2007 before the airshow started, these 358 would bring the total to 546. Mr. Gallois said yesterday that he expect more then 600 firm orders by the end of the year, including more then 20 A380s. He also expected to have more then 200 A350XWB's by the end of the year (I suppose including conversions). A very carefull estimate indeed if they have indeed racked up 546 orders so far.

How many firm orders for widebody aircraft did they book today? Yesterday evening they had 163 orders for widebodies so far this year. I suppose the orders for CIT, Aircastle, Etihad and Aeroflot are firm, that would mean another 51 widebodies for a total of 214, breaking the previous record of 2005 with a wide margin and 6 months spare.

User currently offlineSandroZRH From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 14, posted (8 years 11 months 2 weeks 4 days 4 hours ago) and read 38158 times:

Quoting Danny (Reply 12):
Could LH make up their minds by Friday?

About what? The A350? Very much doubt it.

User currently offlineFCKC From France, joined Nov 2004, 2348 posts, RR: 4
Reply 15, posted (8 years 11 months 2 weeks 4 days 3 hours ago) and read 37895 times:


Probably the announcement on Friday will be a BIG surprise coming from the Gulf.............

User currently offlineEI321 From Iraq, joined Jul 2009, 0 posts, RR: 0
Reply 16, posted (8 years 11 months 2 weeks 4 days 3 hours ago) and read 37874 times:

Quoting Scbriml (Reply 1):
Leahy gave the firm vs MOU count as 358 - 190 (again, one less than my count).

Just who does he think he is? Everybody knows Airbus always disguises commitments as firm orders. Its a bonafide fact!  Wink

User currently offlineAutoThrust From Switzerland, joined Jun 2006, 1687 posts, RR: 9
Reply 17, posted (8 years 11 months 2 weeks 4 days 3 hours ago) and read 37756 times:

This show is looking like this picture, impressively going up with the orders.


Quoting FCKC (Reply 16):
Probably the announcement on Friday will be a BIG surprise coming from the Gulf.............

I hope thats true... cant wait. Would love to see more A350 orders from new customers.

edit: spelling

[Edited 2007-06-20 17:42:38]

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User currently offlineStitch From United States of America, joined Jul 2005, 34067 posts, RR: 85
Reply 18, posted (8 years 11 months 2 weeks 4 days 3 hours ago) and read 37725 times:
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Quoting Scbriml (Reply 1):
My total, from all above is 549 (37 of which are A350 to XWB "conversions"). However, this is actually one more than Leahy said at the CIT press conference. I don't know where the difference is!

So, at the end of three days, Airbus has (by my count) 512 new orders and commitments, of which 243 are for widebodies. Leahy gave the firm vs MOU count as 358 - 190 (again, one less than my count).

It's been an astounding three days for Airbus. Between the orders and commitments, they should be near caught up with Boeing's orders and commitments, if not a bit ahead. While many expected Airbus to do well because they and their customers generally prefer to try and announce deals at air shows, I think this haul is beyond what most expected or even hoped, if an Airbus Aficionado.

Boeing's been downright weak this show, but then they had a large order book coming in and will no doubt continue to add to it afterwards (especially if DL and/or AA pull the trigger on there respective three-figure rumors), so I don't think the Boeing Boosters need to worry.

User currently offlineManni From South Korea, joined Nov 2001, 4221 posts, RR: 22
Reply 19, posted (8 years 11 months 2 weeks 4 days 3 hours ago) and read 37499 times:

Quoting Stitch (Reply 18):
Between the orders and commitments, they should be near caught up with Boeing's orders and commitments, if not a bit ahead.

FWIW Boeing has probably 506 firm (297 widebodies (including 36 767s)) orders now (provided that all Airshow announcements are firm and taken into account that some of those were booked as UFO's) and Airbus has now 548 firm orders (216 widebodies). But we'll probably need to wait for Airbus' ordersheet update at the beginning of next month to know the exact total.

User currently offlinePipoA380 From Switzerland, joined May 2005, 1619 posts, RR: 47
Reply 20, posted (8 years 11 months 2 weeks 4 days 3 hours ago) and read 37382 times:

Hey to Alphafloor, since the other thread is locked, the 17-40L lens is working brilliantly, tons of cabin pictures to be posted soon. Well, the day is over now, I'm heading home! Incrdible day for airbus again!!

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User currently offlineScbriml From United Kingdom, joined Jul 2003, 15379 posts, RR: 45
Reply 21, posted (8 years 11 months 2 weeks 4 days 3 hours ago) and read 37345 times:
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PR for the MNG order

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User currently offlineSandroZRH From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 22, posted (8 years 11 months 2 weeks 4 days 3 hours ago) and read 37345 times:

just fresh off the wires:

Flyington to order another 6 A332Fs


User currently offlinePanAm_DC10 From Australia, joined Aug 2000, 4288 posts, RR: 83
Reply 23, posted (8 years 11 months 2 weeks 4 days 3 hours ago) and read 37345 times:

Flyington Freighters have order 6 more A332Fs it should be on their website, option conversion I believe

Regards, PanAm_DC10

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User currently offlineSandroZRH From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 24, posted (8 years 11 months 2 weeks 4 days 3 hours ago) and read 37285 times:

Quoting PanAm_DC10 (Reply 23):
Flyington Freighters have order 6 more A332Fs it should be on their website, option conversion I believe

hah, beat you by 6 seconds  Wink

25 Post contains images Astuteman : At this rate of ordering, the biggest worry is going to be for the supply chain........... May I echo this. Great work PanAm_DC10 (all the mods in fa
26 Post contains images Jacobin777 : ..can't say the big 787 ILFC order was "weak"..top it off by the other orders/commitments..it's been "ok" for this show...which is how Boeing usually
27 Stitch : No it isn't, but Airbus is enjoying close to a 10:1 order and commitment advantage and has essentially negated the lead Boeing built in the previous
28 Dank : I have to agree. While I expected Airbus would do well, I am amazed by the haul. Particularly surprised at the firming up of the SU order. It's good
29 Post contains images 797charter :
30 Post contains images WINGS : Like many members have already expressed, I too will like to thank PanAm_DC10, for all his effort, not only this week, but constantly. His dedication
31 EI321 : So wings, fancy a bet on how many A330s we will see tomorrow?
32 Chiad : Thanks PanAm! This is just great!!!
33 Post contains links and images Solnabo : According to Expressen a billionair at Paris Air Show bouth a VIP A380, price: 2 Bln Skr!! What´s that in $$? http://dinapengar.se/Avdelningar/Art...
34 Ikramerica : It's not 10:1. At least not yet. You can't count QR's 80 A350s as a new announcement, so just taking that out you get about 6:1. Which was to be expe
35 EI321 : Any more word on this?
36 Post contains images Ikramerica : My apologies. I thought I was in the Boeing order thread based on Stitch's question, and didn't mean to put my previous post in this one. I suggested
37 GDB : I don't greatly follow all the stories and shenanigans with Boeing /Airbus, or not like I might once have done. But airshows are different with so man
38 FUN2FLY : Second that - all the time PanAm_DC10 is on the ball and a great asset to us all!
39 EI321 : Poor PanAm_DC10 deserves a rest after this week is up!
40 KL808 : Is BA close to ordering A380's? Drew
41 EI321 : I would be very surprised to see an announcement this week.
42 FCKC : Autothrust Yes the big surprise from the Gulf will be for A350XWBs. Can't reveal the name , as i am not really sure 100%. Question about the A380VIP j
43 NYC777 : Air Show totals through 6/20/07 Boeing: 6 x 777F - GECAS 40 x 739ER - Lion Air (previously an Unidentified order) 52 x 787 - ILFC (2 previously an Uni
44 Manni : That's 62 firm orders for the A330F so far. Absolutely amazing!
45 Manni : Gulf Air, RAK Airways (?), Air Arabia and Egyptair (I know that's not from the Gulf) are all concidering placing aircraft orders (not necesarilly all
46 Post contains links Manni : Here's the article published 2 months ago concerning a potential 50 aircraft order. http://www.khaleejtimes.ae/DisplayAr..._April98.xml§ion=busin
47 Asiaflyer : Hi guys, Another day starts in Paris with Avianca to order 14 A320 and 5 A330-300.
48 Asiaflyer : Avianca orders 14 A32X and 5 A330-200. Out on reuters and all according to Airbus. Ordervalue 1.9 Bln$[Edited 2007-06-21 09:32:43]
49 Post contains images WINGS : WOW. Was not expecting those options to be converted so soon. In the past few months I think that Avianca was one of the largest looses that Boeing f
50 BigSky123 : Haven't Avianca just ordered Airbus planes something like a month ago, which would make this an "old" order being firmed or simply reannounced?[Edite
51 Asiaflyer : The headline on Reuters says " Avianca in deal for 19 extra Airbus planes" I can not copy the Reuters article as it would voilate the copyright rules
52 Post contains links and images PM : The order was on 30th May and was for 33 A319/320s (+ 5 options) and 5 A330s (+ 5 options). http://www.airbus.com/en/presscentre...eases_items/07_05_
53 Overcast : The options for the A320 were 27, so it looks like they have converted some of these, and 13 remain optioned.
54 Post contains images BigSky123 : OK, thanks for the clarification guys. All these orders are making my head spin! I wish Paris air show would go on all year!
55 Pihero : My money (!!!!!) is on Prince Al Waleed bin Talal al Saud. Suits his style... Ras al Khaimah, probably the poorest emirate in the Gulf. They seem to
56 Post contains images PM : Quite right. My typo. Sorry.
57 Asiaflyer : Next order out on Reuters Hong Kong Airlines orders 30 A320s and 20 A330s. More details to follow soon
58 Post contains images Scbriml : Hong Kong Airlines orders 51 Airbus planes. 30 x A320 20 x A330 1 x ACJ   Currently MOU. Not sure what model of A330.[Edited 2007-06-21 10:20:19]
59 Post contains images WINGS : That is a sweet order Are the the A330's the -200 or 300 model? Regards, Wings
60 Scouseflyer : Flipping Heck, that's another 2.5 months of A330 production sold !!!
61 Post contains links FlyingAY : According to Boeing's website, they had a MoU about purchasing 30 x 738 and 10 x 787. Has anything happened to that MoU or is this order invalidating
62 Asiaflyer : The article only says A330S so far. And its it not a firm order, but a MoU. Your 330 list is getting longer and longer and......... And I missed the
63 Scbriml : Next announcement in 10 minutes!
64 Kappel : RR is making a killing in Paris, good for your stock PM!!
65 Post contains images WINGS : Hopefully it will become clear which model they have chosen. In regards to the list is indeed becoming long. Just within a few minutes a total of 25
66 Post contains images SandroZRH : Sweet, the day starts off great however... Who?
67 Post contains images SAS A340 : Ain't this a party or what?? This makes it over 600 in total for Airbus this week i assume and closer than ever to become best year ever for the A330!
68 Post contains images PM : Mmm, except I sold most of it a year ago...
69 Burkhard : Another good start. This order rush clearly gives two messages: a) there will be strong competition between A and B for the next decade at least. This
70 Post contains links Scbriml : As per guidance from PanAm_DC10, I have started a separate thread re the Honk Kong Airlines order, since there is likely to be considerable discussion
71 Post contains images SandroZRH : Isn't the next announcement supposed to start now? are they late? or does my broadcasting not work?
72 Kappel : Oopsie... time for new stock? I believe it is a new Hong Kong start-up, not to be confused with Air Hong Kong, which is a cargo airline (partly?) own
73 Post contains images Scbriml : Very often a few minutes. Try not to panic!
74 Scbriml : BAA Jet Management, based in Hong Kong, has placed an order for 1 ACJ. Only on Airbus widget at moment.
75 Scouseflyer : You know if this carries on for a coupel mroe years the A330 on it's own will pass 1000 sales and we can stop the constant arguments about the A330/A
76 Post contains images SandroZRH : Yes i do know air hongkong and frankly thats who i first thought of, but quickly realized it wasnt them. Ah well, doesnt matter as long as they buy A
77 Scbriml : Mandala Airlines of Indonesia orders 25 A320s, plus 5 options. This is a firm order, not an MOU.[Edited 2007-06-21 10:49:26]
78 WINGS : MANDELA AIRLINES A320 x 25 + 5 options. Regards, Wings
79 RJ111 : How many A330s have been sold in total now? I suspect Airbus is offering great deals. But it makes sense as they have very little to lose selling A330
80 Post contains images SandroZRH : 6 posts of mandalas' order in this thread within 1min Leahy just added that this is no MoU, but a firm order.
81 Abba : Firm order - not MoU Abba
82 Post contains images Leskova : Wasn't that one anounced (or at least the intention) sometime last year? Or am I mixing that up with another carrier from Indonesia? I'm having a bit
83 Abba : Mandala now states that they want to get rid of their Boeings and become an all Airbus operator. Abba
84 Scbriml : No further announcements scheduled today, but look out for further press releases.
85 Post contains images SandroZRH : So, no new announcements planned, was that it for today?
86 Post contains images Oldeuropean : Every party has to be over, sooner or later. Axel[Edited 2007-06-21 11:03:25]
87 Post contains images AutoThrust : Funny, and i though i were fast. They maybe sell it cheap but if the strong demand will continue things might change. Also interesting IIRC Leahy sai
88 Post contains images Macc : does that mean I have to actually work today?????
89 Post contains images SandroZRH : Why does everybody always tend to think that airbus is selling planes as rockbottom prices everytime they seem to have some success? Yes, of course t
90 Kappel : Too bad, I was hoping SQ would firm the a350 MoU. Guess they are waiting on GE for an engine choice.
91 Post contains images Leskova : Well... this is a.net after all: the place where every 13-year-old knows more than an airline CEO with decades of knowledge... But aside from that -
92 PanAm_DC10 : I believe you could be thinking of Adam Air who have an MoU for 30 x A320 (since reduced to 26) which was made on February 23, 2006. I believe they r
93 Da man : That may have to wait until Farnborough in '08 if the rumors here and in the engine thread are true.
94 Manni : Airbus isn't finished yet, I think. Mr. Gallois said more then 150 firm A350XWB orders by the end of the show. Are they there yet? Mrs. Kracht also me
95 Abba : Must be an expression of the"if-I-was-a-horse" kind of logic saying: "If I was to buy an aircraft I would have bought a Boeing because (whatever). Ai
96 Post contains images Pihero : PanAm_DC10, This thread looks like a cricket match. Can someone keep an update of the Airbus score on this inning, because i see runs but the scoreboa
97 EI321 : Is the public airshow day on now, or does that start tomorrow?
98 Manni : 630 orders and commitments excluding the conversion of previous A350 orders during the show. Firm orders stand at 599 for the year including 225 wide
99 RJ111 : It's fairly obvious that Airbus is selling the A330 at good rates. The plane is up against the 787 and now A350 yet it's selling more and more as tim
100 Post contains links PipoA380 : Public days are from tomorrow until sunday (22-24 june). Entry is 12€ I think. Here's all the info! http://www.paris-air-show.com/en/
101 Eclipz : You can think differently : the 787 and the A350 are probably significantly more expensive (at list price) so it makes the A330 a very affordable pla
102 RJ111 : On the contrary, the 787 should be cheaper to produce than the A330. I'm not sure about the A350.
103 EI321 : " target=_blank>http://www.paris-air-show.com/en/ Thatks. Im tempted to hop on a Ryanair flight in the morning, bu have too much work to do! Thats a v
104 Abba : But it still has a few billion $ of R&D costs to pay for. Abba
105 Macc : anyone has infos if airbus has planned further announcements? except the one planned for tomorrow?
106 EI321 : I suspect that there will be several announcements each day, but not nessessarily all of them will be for orders. I would like to see programme updat
107 Post contains images Scbriml : Airbus said no more planned announcements today (but watch for further press releases). Leahy did say there would be an Airbus announcement on Friday
108 EI321 : Poor JL must be blue in the face from doing press conferences at this stage, he needs a day off!
109 Burkhard : A good part of aircraft prizes are the engines anyway, so the GENX development has to be paid with the 787 s. I assume you get both Trents 700 for the
110 Post contains links Thorben : Easyjet 35 A319! Not announced yet, but supposed to be at Paris this week. http://uk.biz.yahoo.com/21062007/325...t-order-35-airbus-a319-planes.html
111 RJ111 : If the A330 is selling so well why are Airbus even bothering with the A350? The way i see it they established how many A330s they could build, then t
112 Airbazar : Uh? The A330 is still the best aircraft there is in it's category. And if you're just getting around to order new aircraft now, the A330 will continu
113 Post contains links Manni : Interesting information in this article, http://www.sharewatch.com/story.php?storynumber=440564 Leahy also confirmed today it was "in talks" with Luft
114 Morvious : You need to think of the future, although you sell the A330 this week, what about next year or two years from now? If you skip the development of the
115 Burkhard : The A350 is targeting at a completely different task: Long range versus mid range. So it is replacing the A340s/ early 772/ remaining MD11. Long range
116 EI321 : Impossible to tell how close they are to securing any of those orders.
117 JerseyFlyer : Airbus needs to keep its production facilities running throughout the period until it starts churning out A350s in good numbers. Bear in mind that it
118 Kappel : Surprising, no a350? Or is the a340 a stopgap for the a350 like with Finnair? Looks like Air One is about to take advantage of the weakness of Alital
119 Manni : There's more in the article then that. Turkish and Iberia are concidering taking more A340s. That's an interesting point IMO. Also note how Mr. Leahy
120 OceansWorld : The talks for some A330s could well be for some A330-300s to replace the smaller ones in LX fleet. Three more second-hand A343s are coming and will r
121 RJ111 : The A350's optimal range may be further than the A330's but that doesn't mean that the A330 will outperform it on the shorter ranges.
122 Burkhard : A good sign for Swiss that they are allowed to talk themselves! Iberia needs more A346 for South America Routes rather soon, Turkish that's interestin
123 Leskova : In what direction would it end in the desert? If you're thinking of Africa, you're wrong - SAA has operated A332s (the ones leased from BMI) from JNB
124 Burkhard : Well, the North African desert can be crossed by an A320, I was thinking of Inner china and Siberia. But with 5358 mi, the range of the A332 is really
125 Post contains links and images Jamesontheroad : More on Easyjet's rumoured A319 order from Reuters: http://www.reuters.com/article/tnBas...cIndustries-SP/idUSWEA401220070621 "The deal is expected to
126 797charter : Good point!
127 Atmx2000 : Well it's not suprising some people believe that as they have been led to believe by a certain Airbus salesman that the A330 will be better than the
128 LH506 : I think it is not posted here yet. Tiger Airways just signed a MoU for 30 A320s
129 Post contains links Manni : A MoU for 30 more A320s for Tiger Airways and 20 options. http://sg.news.yahoo.com/070621/3/49dj7.html
130 Atnight : I am amazed at how many orders Airbus is pulling in, and although a lot are for now MoUs, the majority are firm which makes the manufacturer look stro
131 Gokmengs : TK would be making a huge mistake by ordering A340's at this point so I hope they won't unless they are ordering it as a stop gap before A350. TK nee
132 PanAm_DC10 : This answers a question from Part 1, that is quite a few of these frames are destined for the domestic operations in Australia. So in a roundabout wa
133 Columba : As much as I know LH also is in talks with Boeing regarding the 787.....but interesting that IB and Turkish Airlines are interested in new A340s and
134 JumpJet : The great thing about this thread is that it hasn't yet descended into the same old tired xenophobic in-fighting that they so often do. Careful chaps,
135 Post contains links OceansWorld : That's right! Over 1,100 A330/A340 Family aircraft have been ordered to date. Source Good job Airbus!
136 Atnight : Thank you for shaing my thoughts! people like NYC777 should just go somewhere else with their hate.. why can't just folks limit their preference for
137 Post contains links Manni : Mr. Gallois said earlier this week that he expects Airbus to book more then 600 firm orders by the end of the year. Meanwhile they've just about reach
138 EI321 : can anybody confirm that air asia have decided to order addditional A320's? It was stated in this thread yesterday.
139 Post contains images Columba : " target=_blank>http://www.reuters.com/article/tnBas...70621 Good for Easyjet, but I would love to see them ordering some A321 at some point. I guess
140 EI321 : Yeah but surely not 60 A340's? I think an A330 or A350 order could be on the cards there but they could also be interested in the 787. I think Airbus
141 Post contains images Jamesontheroad : It's because there are two threads, one for A and one for B ... Sorry, actually there are three threads.... 2 for A and one for B, because we all kno
142 HUYfan : What's the latest tally then? Regards Mike
143 EI321 : theres 2 for Boeing also.
144 Post contains links FCKC : http://www.airkalo.com/ORLYAVIATION/Informations.html Check this link. This is the movements at Orly today (June 21st). No less that 5 planes for the
145 PanAm_DC10 : That sir is not going to happen in any of the official threads so we don't need to go there Just enjoy a good week for aviation with more to come in
146 Post contains images Baroque : The trouble is that now you have me (at least) like one of Pavlov's dogs so when I saw the last post was by PanAm_DC10 I thought, my gawd another Air
147 Abba : Why not have some more official threads then? So that aviation can discussed seriously without all the childish nationalistic promotion of either A o
148 GDB : KL808, no idea, I doubt even those doing the evaluations within BA have even decided yet.
149 Post contains links and images MD90fan : Looks like Mandala Airlines of Indonesia has ordered 25 A320s http://asia.news.yahoo.com/070621/3/33p6j.html Also: Ural Airlines (Russia) signed a MoU
150 Post contains links Scbriml : Airbus official word on the Tiger Air deal - 30 x A320 MOU. http://stagev4.airbus.com/en/pressce...s/07_06_21_tiger_airways_a320.html
151 BestWestern : These are good times indeed. Great to see that Airbus is on the rebound. Such an amazing sales week will really boost morale in Toulouse. Having work
152 Dougloid : At the risk of sounding confused, of the total that was announced on the first post of this thread which are *firm orders* secured by contract ("we'll
153 Scbriml : OK, my summary of the week so far. (F) = firm order, (M) = MOU or LOI Monday 18th Qatar (F) - 80 x A350, 3 x A380 Emirates (M) - 8 x A380 Jazeera (F)
154 Leskova : Thank you - yes, that is the one I was mixing them up with.
155 OA260 : WOW , thanks for the great way you presented the orders. I was away for two days and just wanted a quick run down and have to say its brilliant and w
156 Glareskin : This is simply amazing! An order from BA or / and LH would form the cherry on the cake. I'm not sure what else is there to come this week but conside
157 KL808 : With regards to the A350: QR = all (80) of these are new, since Airbus never listed their 60 old A350's in the spreadsheet. FIRM US = 20 are from the
158 Post contains links Moo : Actually, this was 5 conversions PLUS 15 new airframes. From the Airbus press release: http://www.airbus.com/en/presscentre..._20_kingfisher_50_wide_
159 Post contains links Scbriml : In the Q & A session after the announcement, it was made clear that IT has ordered an extra 15 A350s, plus converted their original 5, so they will h
160 KL808 : Thanks Moo and Scbriml. Didn't catch that part about IT getting 15 additional + the 5 they already had, so 20 frames. I also thought that both IT and
161 Post contains links Manni : Confirmation of the tanker deal aswell perhaps? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/6227700.stm "So far, EADS has enrolled the UK, Australia and the
162 IAD787 : Airbus: 80 x A350, 3 x A380 - Qatar Airways 60 x A320, 10 x A332, 22 x A350* - US Airways 8 x A380 - Emirates Air 30 x A320 - Jazeera Airways 2 x A320
163 Post contains links ABpositive : I'm not sure if this is covered by one of the above orders already, but I read today here that Tiger Airways at the Paris Air Show signed a Memorandum
164 Post contains links Manni : Could this be the 'mysterious' last order at the Airshow for Airbus? And would SQ also be the Asian customer interested in more A380s, as mentioned ea
165 Dank : Interesting. I wonder if other commitments becoming public are putting pressure on SQ a bit. The way, though, the announcement yesterday that there w
166 Manni : Certainly. If that announcement wasn't made with SQ in mind, an eventual SQ order will probably come on top of that. I think it's other A350 commitme
167 PM : " target=_blank>http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/busine...e=rss Fascinating article. Thanks, Manni! I find it really interesting that Leahy complains so
168 SandroZRH : So, it's friday, and the first public day on top of that. Does anybody know when the first announcement is planned for today?
169 Scbriml : No. You'll just have to keep an eye on the widget!
170 Post contains links Scbriml : Yes, it was announced yesterday. http://stagev4.airbus.com/en/pressce...s/07_06_21_tiger_airways_a320.html
171 Scbriml : It would be nice, but I suspect that a lot of moderating has been going on, and it may be too much "overhead" to do more often.
172 Scbriml : You missed some! 30 x A320 - Tiger Airways 6 x A332F - Flyington Freighters I have still not seen anything official from Airbus regarding the 1 x A38
173 Scbriml : Certainly the "marriage" is going through a rough patch, but there are some interesting developments. However sour the relationship is, it didn't sto
174 PRGLY : so it is 1000 am, what is going on, there should have been announcement done this time?
175 797charter : Hi PanAM_DC10, - what is on the wire today, - hints, - anything? Regards Steen
176 Post contains images WINGS : Thankfully it is not only me that is getting unpatient waiting. I would have though that Airbus would be holding a press release by this time. The que
177 Art : Could it be that royalty is keeping them waiting (A330 tanker order)?
178 Post contains images Chiad : LOL I think we got spoiled big time! Achh .... no Paris Show next week. Is life worth living? Pain and agony!
179 MEA-707 : I am almost sure it will be Saudi Arabian, a package with airline and VIP aircraft. They announced there would be a "Gulf surprise" at the end of the
180 Post contains images CHRISBA777ER : Had a dream last night that I was hired as JL's right hand man negotiator and spokesperson. He gave me a sheet of paper and on were today's orders/New
181 WINGS : It is now close to 12:00 pm (CET), 11.00am here in Portugal and yet no word, rumours or just about anything coming from Airbus or the media in general
182 PanAm_DC10 : First one has hit the wire
183 Post contains images Moo : Keeping us in suspense...?
184 Post contains images WINGS : Thank you PanAm_DC10, we can always count on you to bring us all breaking news. Have you any word on WHO, WHAT and HOW MANY? Regards, Wings
185 Post contains links Keesje : Fly Asian Express firms up option for five more A330-300? http://www.traveldailynews.com/new.asp?newid=38044&subcategory_id=53
186 Post contains images PanAm_DC10 : NAS for A320s and SQ for A350XWBs........
187 Post contains images CHRISBA777ER : *does little dance round the office* GET IN!!! Great news. These will be firmed up MoUs correct?
188 WINGS : Nice, but still would like to know more details. Why isnt the Airbus live-stream not working? Regards, Wings
189 Post contains images Chiad : Yesss yessss yessss
190 PRGLY : let us finish dancing in the office and get some details, not all three questions have been answered yet
191 Post contains links PanAm_DC10 : That is correct SQ have agreed to firm their 20 x A359-XWB order and it's filed via the Singapore Stock Exchange they have kept their 20 options too
192 CHRISBA777ER : *sits back down* Sorry dude. Anyway - who or what is NAS? North American? A lessor?
193 SandroZRH : When will be the announcement and where do you know this from?
194 Post contains images Helvknight : YESSSSS!!! Well done, A and SQ!
195 RJ111 : The SQ Trent love affair continues. Now they just need to order the T1000 and they've completed the set.
196 PRGLY : let us dance now, we know the details, well done
197 Flying-Tiger : National Air Service, Saudi Arabia
198 CHRISBA777ER : LOL i'm going to hold back on the dancing on the desk at work until the big order this afternoon materialises. Saudi A350s? GF A350s? IB A350s?
199 Post contains links PRGLY : http://us.rd.yahoo.com/finance/exter...2007-06-22_10-20-48_wla0522_newsml here is the link
200 Post contains images Chiad : Now all Airbus needs to do is finish the airshow with BA (Biiiiig Announcement). Maybe in my dreams .... err ... in CHRISBA777ERs dreams.
201 Post contains images WINGS : While this is excellent news for Airbus, I have a hard time believing that it was this announcement that Airbus was holding back for today. I suspect
202 Deaphen : Holy crap!! I am too dancing the jig around my room!! Whoo hoooo excellent news,, waiting for the press lve streaming!! let keep our fingers crossed!!
203 CHRISBA777ER : We have been totally spoiled this airshow - no doubt about it. I had my suspicions about who would order what, but was not even close in terms of the
204 Post contains images SandroZRH : Nevermind about that, we posted at the same time I was pretty sure that the SQ order was gonna be announced today, but it sure is a relief to have co
205 Post contains links and images OceansWorld : Do you remember this one ? View Large View Medium Photo © T.Laurent[Edited 2007-06-22 12:34:01]
206 CHRISBA777ER : Yes - thank you very much. Hmmmm... New desktop wallpaper I think!
207 Helvknight : Now on the widget. 20 x A350.
208 Post contains links OceansWorld : Here's the link. http://www.airbus.com/en/presscentre...eases_items/07_06_22_sia_a350.html And also the NAS LoI: http://www.airbus.com/en/presscentre
209 Moo : I distinctly remember that someone said at the start of this week that Airbus needed a buyer from at least one of the following three for the A350XWB
210 Keta : Good news for Airbus! It now appears on their webpage. The live-streaming isn't working. Does anybody know if there will be any further announcements?
211 JerseyFlyer : I guess SQ were finally persuaded by GE opting out of the engine race - no point in waiting any longer for an engine competition. Now for A380s for CX
212 Post contains images Morvious : I hope so. I was suspecting more then just the firm up from SQ.... Ah well, maybe next year
213 Post contains images Danny : Now JL needs BA to order 15 A380s
214 CHRISBA777ER : Dream on - not till the end of the year at the earliest apparently. We are getting greedy now.
215 Post contains images Scbriml : Great news on the SQ order. It finally nails the "SQ only placed an LOI to keep Airbus in business" BS. Now perhaps Mr Aboulafia will reconsider his v
216 Post contains images AutoThrust : That would be so great. This way we could enjoy more Airlines.net IMO, without having to read all the bashing or chilish remarks like Airbus selling
217 Helvknight : Oooohh. That's nice.
218 Post contains images Solnabo : What does blue chip mean? Way to go go go Airbus!! Micke//
219 Helvknight : A high profile established carrier such as BA, LH, SQ, EK. A lot of the B comments seem to be stressing that the folks buying the airbii are non-"blu
220 Leskova : Well known & important... for example: SQ, LH, AF, BA, QF would be considered Blue Chip Carriers, whereas, for example, Air Zimbabwe or Myanmar Airli
221 Scbriml : Top quality. A regular complaint of Mr Aboulafia is that Airbus orders are "low-quality". I believe he once used the word "fluffy". He publicly chide
222 Art : Can't give you the precise definition but in my understanding it is a large, well established company that is financially sound. Now that you have as
223 Post contains images MEA-707 : So it's sort of the opposite of the expression blue collar vs white collar workers
224 Karan69 : Congrats to both SQ and Airbus What about the Easyjet orders for 35. Karan
225 Zvezda : Deliveries are scheduled for 2013 to 2015. Prior to that, SQ will be taking delivery of 10 777-300ERs, 19 A330-300s, 20 787-9s, and 19 WhaleJets. By
226 Post contains links Moo : From Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_chip_%28stock_market%29
227 Post contains images Solnabo : Thanx for info about "blue chip" mates! Imo I don´t think BA goes for 380 (hopefully I´m SO wrong) but they might go for A332 when BAs taking out a
228 Danny : Does anyone care what Aboulafia thinks? He is irrelevant, just trying to get some attention.
229 Leskova : 77 counting 20 or 40 A350s?
230 Post contains links PanAm_DC10 : From the Airbus website Renewed momentum for Airbus' leading products, ends Paris Air Show with 425 firm orders Airbus ends the 47th Paris Air Show wi
231 Leskova : Hmm... so where's the big surprise from the Gulf? Somehow it feels as if something's still missing...
232 Post contains images Scbriml : Perhaps they need to save something for the Dubai Air Show in November?
233 Zvezda : I'm not counting options as orders. At the end of 2015, SQ's fleet would look something like this if there are no additional orders: 19 WhaleJets 19
234 Moo : You get the impression that these were not the orders Airbus really wanted to announce today, which leaves the way open for further large announcement
235 Chiad : I believe the fat lady just made a tune! A nice weekend to all of you!
236 Burkhard : If this is a typical mixture for large independant airlines, than it is a good sign for A & B. Congrats to A and B and PanAM_DC10 and a.net for a nic
237 Post contains links Thorben : I must admit I lost the score. The following article says 425 firm orders + 303 commitments. Makes 728 planes, certainly more than Airbus is going to
238 Scbriml : I'm a little confused! Here's my list of what was announced: Monday 18th Qatar (F) - 80 x A350, 3 x A380 Emirates (M) - 8 x A380 Jazeera (F) - 30 x A
239 Glareskin : Is the show over or can we expect some more (surprises) this afternoon?
240 Post contains links and images Scbriml : The surprise is, there are no more surprises! It's over, finished, the fat lady has sung. http://www.airbus.com/en/presscentre..._items/07_06_22_lbg0
241 Post contains images A520 : Sorry to blow a cold wind, but can we see this in a different light: when most of these plane will be delivered, Airbus will have raised its productio
242 Post contains images SandroZRH : The show for Airbus is over, but the airshow itself certainly isn't
243 Zvezda : Except that Airbus also won a pile of pending orders, some of which will become firm orders.
244 Airbazar : However, this is on top of an already very large existing backlog for A320 and A330 family aircraft. For now it seems, Airbus will be generating pret
245 A520 : Yes but it may take a year or more (see the 20 A350 for SQ), so they will count for the following year. Anyway, I also think it's a fantastic week. I
246 Col : AA, UA, NW, CO, DL or any other carrier standing still from what I can see. I think Richard should change his comment to "The only people ordering 35
247 EI321 : Blue chip is gerarally defined as a consistantly profitable and innovative company. Few of the US majors can be said to fit this description.
248 Keesje : Yes, they have to sell 8 A320 each week to sustain NB production.. Yes I hoped the US legacy carriers would have ordered aircraft (787s). Especialy t
249 RedFlyer : I swore SQ would never have firmed up their LOI from last year for these birds and stated so several times on A.net. Pass a big slice of Humble Pie m
250 Post contains images Jj : Or that Boeing is going to have its own personal airshow on 7/8/07
251 Post contains links Dougloid : There's an interesting article in the Seattle Times this morning that discusses the contretemps between GE and Airbus on the subject of developing an
252 Glareskin : Wouldn't that be unfair to the customers who ordered and paid deposits? I would feel screwed if I was let's say ANA, JAL, Virgin or Singapore Airline
253 Stitch : No, because those customers were comfortable with the delivery times Boeing offered, to say nothing if those were the slots that the airlines themsel
254 RedFlyer : I don't think Boeing is doing it as a "favor". I'm sure the Big U.S. 3 have deposits down holding some slots for them. However, if they don't order s
255 Glareskin : That would surpise me considering their financial situation. It is like telling your bank: I'm sorry I cannot pay but I keep some money at Boeing in
256 RedFlyer : Putting up some cash to hold a production slot is not as financially burdensome as committing to an order because it doesn't require a lot of cash. B
257 Bongodog1964 : Well at the last count each year has a December, and each year has a major airshow, alternating between Paris and Farnborough. So to my reckoning tha
258 Thebry : I've wondered this as well... will Boeing announce new 787 orders during the roll-out ceremony? They certainly are going to a lot of effort for the p
259 Cornish : and all on a Sunday when the business world isn't watching. Seems complete cheesiness got in the way of common sense....
260 Jj : Exactly! I mean, I'm not sure if they'll announce new orders... but they are taking more trouble organizing this roll-out that with the previous ones
261 Post contains images Baroque : You do produce some timely quotations Moo, takes a bit of the gloss off blue chip!! I usually like averages, but that one has me suspicious. Should i
262 Post contains images Scbriml : This order is the jewel in the crown for Airbus at Paris. Even if they'd only got half the other orders, this one would have ensured they had a good
263 Manni : So it's finished and Airbus booked 425 orders, that would put them at a comfortable 613 firm orders for the year, about 245 of them for widebodies (wh
264 OA260 : A great end to the Paris airshow. Congrats to Airbus and SQ. Airbus is back again and the future looks great.
265 Keesje : Randy clearly told us Boeing doesn't do this kind of things. As I said many times during the last year I had the strong impression analists and press
266 Post contains images Ikramerica : All bow to my prediction prowess. 400-500 firm Airbus orders, the majority of them A320s, with a few follow-on A380s but no new customers. Damn I'm go
267 Slz396 : Actually, there is a new customer, but as a VIP, he doesn't want to be disclosed. Paris 2007 was indeed a GREAT sales show for Airbus and I am sure t
268 Zvezda : Airbus had a challenge coming to terms with the T&Cs. Until about a month ago, I thought there was a less than 50% chance this deal ever becoming an
269 Post contains images Scbriml : Yes, very good. Now remind me, was it you that predicted that EK would convert half their A380 orders to freighters?
270 JerseyFlyer : Just to clarify - that's 8th July not 7th August, right?
271 Cornish : That's my understanding - a Sunday.
272 Zvezda : Correct.
273 Post contains images Maersk737 : Cheers Peter
274 Scbriml : OK, finalised summary of the Airbus orders from Paris (which now agrees with Airbus' numbers) (F) = firm order, (M) = MOU or LOI Monday 18th Qatar (F)
275 Post contains links and images Astuteman : To back those numbers up..... http://www.flightglobal.com/articles...rder-and-commit-to-728-airbus.html Right on the money, my friend Regards
276 Dank : Correct, in the US dates are generally MM/DD/YY(YY) rather than DD/MM/YY(YY) as in many other places. Cheers.
277 Aircellist : Many thanks, PanAm_DC10, for the organisation and follow-up of these threads. And congratulations on your posts as well... How can you be so well info
278 Stitch : Airbus had a phenomenal week by any measure, but they still face hurdles ahead of them that need to be addressed to maximize the gains they made. The
279 Shenzhen : This airshow reminds me of the end of the year back in 2005. Quite the rabbit out of the hat on many of the orders. Cheers
280 RedFlyer : There was no rabbit pulled out of the hat. Airbus sand-bagged the orders to maximize the publicity. And they needed as much positive publicity as the
281 Post contains images Mariner : The order book is excellent - despite the revisionist thinking going on in some other threads. I've stood on the sidelines, just enjoying it all late
282 Post contains links Ivo : What do you think of this ? Ural Airlines 3x A330-200F http://airlinersgallery.blogspot.com/ Ivo
283 Scbriml : Just why does it seem to upset you so? Actually, 625 firm orders (without any other orders in June) puts Airbus some way ahead of where Boeing is tod
284 Flying-Tiger : Sounds a bit like a mix up, however the post in this post seems to be quite certain: At least there wasn´t anything in this regard announced. The on
285 Zvezda : Actually, no, in dollar terms Boeing are still ahead YTD or last 12 months and that is the only metric that really matters.
286 EI321 : But the irony is that the bad press was largely due to the perception that their aircraft (widebodies predominately) were not selling well, when it a
287 Manni : A rough calculation brings me to US$75 billion for Airbus. Airbus has roughly 100 more orders then Boeing but Boeing has about 50 more widebodies. Ho
288 Gemuser : In the case of UA & DL would not this, if true, have come out in all the Chapter 11 filing over the last few years? Gemuser
289 Asiaflyer : What happened to this? Guess it was false. Deals for 1 Bio Usd should take more than 15 mins to agree I hope. And what happened to rumour about more
290 Manni : If not false rumours, these might have not been concluded in time for an announcement at the airshow. There was also a report about Air Asia and more
291 Zvezda : This is clear. I can't imagine Airbus falling back to 30% market share by value this year. There are far more than 10 WhaleJet options: AF 2, ILFC 4,
292 Manni : You're right. I meant to write commitments, but somehow screwed up. EK and AF commited to a total of 10 more A380s.
293 Post contains links Azhobo : http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1182...6545479.html?mod=yahoo_hs&ru=yahoo Has this been discussed yet? "Airbus closed out the Paris Air Show Friday by
294 Manni : I broke down each aircraft family by type and multiplied the units each typed had sold by the average price available on Boeing's website. 787 Family
295 Post contains images Astuteman : Why? These were all announced BEFORE the show ended.... And this doesn't strike you as significant? Given Airbus's current circumstances, I'd say tha
296 Glareskin : Did I miss someting? KL has 3 A380 options?
297 EI321 : Probably Korean Air
298 Zvezda : Sorry. Typo. KE.
299 Montereytom : BA definitely needs A380s imagine one yr from now SQ flying SIN-LHR with these a/c?plus QR doin the same from Sydney? BA will not be competitive flyin
300 Zvezda : True, but BA could be competitive flying 747-8s.
301 EI321 : All indications say that the initial BA VLA order will be for 20 aircraft, and wont be split.
302 Stitch : I imagine because nobody (even Airbus management, it appears) expected Airbus to secure 728 orders and commitments worth some $88 billion this week.
303 RedFlyer : It doesn't. I was making an observation. No angst was expressed in my comment. Yes it does, but I did say "rough" parity. Airbus has about 18% more o
304 Zeke : I disagree, I see the 744 to remain competitive for the next 6 years or so, the airframe costs on these aircraft have been paid off, it is essentiall
305 9V-SVC : And I disagree with you . 747-400 is almost a 20 years old plane and it's technology is outdated compared with the A380 and B747-8i. With fuel uprisi
306 Post contains images Astuteman : Exactly!. It was NOT run-of-the-mill. Never mind. It didn't take long for those desperate/panicked enough to turn to their energy to the task of dism
307 Gbfra : Everyone? Just some people on this forum who take imagination or wishful thinking for facts. All I have heard from the industry in recent months was
308 Cloudyapple : And I disagree with you. Fuel is only a small cost in the grand scheme of things when you compare it to the cost of depreciation of a brand spanking
309 Post contains images Atmx2000 : They aren't rust buckets. Only 777s bought by AI are rust buckets. signed IndianGuy
310 Zeke : I agree that the 744 and 748-i are old technology, that does not mean you cannot make money with them, nor they are uncompetitive. We saw 737-200s op
311 Post contains images RedFlyer : If Airbus did not achieve parity with Boeing coming out of the Airshow, it would have been in deep doo-doo. There wasn't anyone that doubted Airbus w
312 Post contains images Stitch : Which I agree with you is so silly because Boeing is on schedule to book another 300-400 orders the remainder of the year and Airbus is on schedule n
313 RedFlyer : Kindly explain what the disservice is that I've imbued myself with. I never used the word "miraculous" because I never had any doubt Airbus would cat
314 Post contains images Stitch : To me, your comment came across as one who felt Airbus was "not long for the world" because Astuteman's posting history has made it clear he has never
315 Zvezda : I certainly didn't expect Airbus to come close to Boeing in sales (by value) this year. I would have been surprised if Airbus' sales were more than 6
316 Post contains images Jacobin777 : I hope you're correct mate.. .... My only concern is as to why there wasn't an appreciation for the stock...(I don't own any shares of EADS so I have
317 Zvezda : The most likely explanation is that The Street already expected that level of sales performance.
318 Post contains images Mariner : It may be that analysts and major stock purchasers are on hold until they hear more about the meeting with President Sarkozy and Chancellor Merkel at
319 Pihero : .... Sorry to steal the beginning of your quote, Mariner. I have under my eyes this week end's "le Journal des Finances". In its recommendation : "..
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