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First 787 Has Left The Building! Photos  
User currently offlineSEAchaz From United States of America, joined Apr 2005, 222 posts, RR: 8
Posted (8 years 11 months 1 week 5 days 1 hour ago) and read 296260 times:

What a night, after a lot of waiting the doors finally open and this is what I saw! (The black line is a power line in the way - sorry couldn't avoid it)

Big version: Width: 1024 Height: 684 File size: 302kb
First 787!! Doors on assembly line have just opened.

Making her way in front of one of the 747 assembly line doors:

Big version: Width: 1024 Height: 701 File size: 185kb

Over by the paint hangers:

Big version: Width: 1024 Height: 747 File size: 215kb

Big version: Width: 1024 Height: 677 File size: 154kb

(sorry for killing my original thread, needed to change some things)

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User currently offlineGunsontheroof From United States of America, joined Jan 2006, 3543 posts, RR: 9
Reply 1, posted (8 years 11 months 1 week 5 days 1 hour ago) and read 296245 times:

Well shoot...I guess I'll just congratulate you again. Great shots.

User currently offlinePeterinlisbon From Portugal, joined Jan 2006, 890 posts, RR: 0
Reply 2, posted (8 years 11 months 1 week 5 days 1 hour ago) and read 296246 times:

Wow, what a beautiful aircraft!

User currently offlineDefAeroSales From United States of America, joined Feb 2006, 49 posts, RR: 0
Reply 3, posted (8 years 11 months 1 week 5 days 1 hour ago) and read 296143 times:

Great shots! Thanks for making the effort for the rest of us to enjoy!

User currently offlinePilotRecruit From Canada, joined Jan 2007, 102 posts, RR: 0
Reply 4, posted (8 years 11 months 1 week 5 days 1 hour ago) and read 296144 times:

Even without paint she makes me excited! Thanks for sharing with us. The wait was certainly more than worth it  Smile

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User currently offline777 From Italy, joined Sep 2005, 519 posts, RR: 0
Reply 5, posted (8 years 11 months 1 week 5 days 1 hour ago) and read 296089 times:

Oh my God!!!

Thank you for sharing these beautiful shots!

User currently offlineTak From United States of America, joined Jul 2006, 161 posts, RR: 0
Reply 6, posted (8 years 11 months 1 week 5 days 1 hour ago) and read 295986 times:

WOW, great pictures. Thanks for sharing them! Does anyone know whether the "stuffing" of this AC was started before heading to the paint shop or is it a bare shell at this time? Thanks, Ciao

User currently offlineDAirbus From United States of America, joined Nov 2003, 596 posts, RR: 2
Reply 7, posted (8 years 11 months 1 week 5 days 1 hour ago) and read 295927 times:
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Great pictures. Congrats on the scoop!  champagne 

It's nice to finally see the complete aircraft. It does not have the triangular windows or the "shark fin" tail like the early renderings but the designers have done a good job in creating a distinctive look to the aircraft. The nose section in particular looks very cool. I would like to eventually see some pictures of the 787 parked next to a 767 or 777 so that I can get a better idea of it's proportions.

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User currently offlinePM From Namibia, joined Feb 2005, 7299 posts, RR: 63
Reply 8, posted (8 years 11 months 1 week 5 days 1 hour ago) and read 295842 times:

The illustrations of the 787 haven't made it look particularly special but these photos show that it will indeed be quite a looker. The proportions look spot on (right down to those HUGE engines!), the nose is serious and dignified, the tail 'works' and the wingtips are stylish. The only thing I don't like is the rather twee nosewheel. Maybe It'll look better in real life.

So, 9 out of 10. Well done, Seattle!

User currently offlineWINGS From Portugal, joined May 2005, 2831 posts, RR: 67
Reply 9, posted (8 years 11 months 1 week 5 days 1 hour ago) and read 295782 times:

Quoting SEAchaz (Thread starter):
What a night, after a lot of waiting the doors finally open and this is what I saw! (The black line is a power line in the way - sorry couldn't avoid it)

Excellent photos SEAchaz, thank you for taking the time to share it with us.  Smile

Well like I said previously the 787 is turning out to be very beautiful. I can hardly wait to see it fully painted, then I'm sure the true beauty will be revealed.  Smile

Is it just me or does the 787-8 look kind of stubby? I would imagine that the 787-9 and possibly the 787-10 will look even better. Its only a shame that Boeing did not adopt the 787-3 winglets onto the 787-8/9.  Sad


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User currently offlineEIDAA From Ireland, joined Oct 2006, 841 posts, RR: 16
Reply 10, posted (8 years 11 months 1 week 5 days 1 hour ago) and read 295780 times:

Great photos, thanks for posting these!

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User currently offlineCaptSkibi From United States of America, joined May 2004, 153 posts, RR: 0
Reply 11, posted (8 years 11 months 1 week 5 days ago) and read 295657 times:

There's just something about the way Boeing makes her wings that I think is incredibly sexy.  cutie  Those wings sweep up already at rest, just imagine how much they'll sweep up in flight! (I realize that the wings are not burdened down with the weight of fuel.)

What a great looking aircraft. I can't wait to see her in flight! Great photos SEAchaz! Thanks for waiting up all night!

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User currently offlineSEAchaz From United States of America, joined Apr 2005, 222 posts, RR: 8
Reply 12, posted (8 years 11 months 1 week 5 days ago) and read 295561 times:

Quoting WINGS (Reply 9):
Is it just me or does the 787-8 look kind of stubby?

Very much so and these photos don't really show it either. I was amazed when I got a full side view of its profile of just how much it's shape changes (sorry no photos, police were busy with us at that point in the show). Anyways hard to explain but hopefully someone has a shot showing what I mean.

User currently offlineRampart From United States of America, joined Aug 2005, 3202 posts, RR: 6
Reply 13, posted (8 years 11 months 1 week 5 days ago) and read 295553 times:

trying again, maybe this thread will survive...

Brilliant photos, SEAChaz!

The engines are HUGE! Aren't they about the same diameter as a MD80 fuselage? Aside from the clever nose, that's the most distinctive feature, I think.

In the earlier thread someone had this point(can't recall who, and I should give credit, sorry, but this isn't my original thought): Aficianados and those in the industry are rightfully impressed at the huge advancement the 787 represents. And it's a handsome plane, too. On the wet blanket side of the argument, the general public will take only passing notice, and the rollout will make page 2 of the business section or later in the evening news broadcast. If it were Sonic Cruiser, however, it would be front page news, and EVERYONE would notice. Purely from a superficial outward appearance. If only economics and aerodynamics didn't trump art.


User currently offlineHiflyer From United States of America, joined Nov 2004, 2249 posts, RR: 3
Reply 14, posted (8 years 11 months 1 week 5 days ago) and read 295459 times:

Was not expecting the 767 style tail cone....and those motors are huge....there is going to be a whole new program of FOD cleanup with these birds....as well as pavement repair at older airports to make sure these things don't ingest breaking asphalt and concrete like the 777 encountered as some fields. (and then you study the pix and see how small the people are...whoa momma!)

User currently offlineEI321 From Iraq, joined Jul 2009, 0 posts, RR: 0
Reply 15, posted (8 years 11 months 1 week 5 days ago) and read 295408 times:


It only really hits you how close the Dreamliner is to flight when you see it fully assembled. Its also quite a looker in the flesh!

User currently offlineBEG2IAH From United States of America, joined Apr 2004, 1020 posts, RR: 19
Reply 16, posted (8 years 11 months 1 week 5 days ago) and read 295362 times:


Thanks for great photos!


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User currently offlineDTW757 From United States of America, joined Oct 2003, 1624 posts, RR: 4
Reply 17, posted (8 years 11 months 1 week 5 days ago) and read 295361 times:

Wow, these are the pictures we've all been waiting for for like what...5 years? Great to see it finally come to reality. It looks great! Now we'll all be waiting for the rollout, power up, first flight and delivery and eventually we'll see them here in DTW!!!

I just want to edit to say thanks for the great photos!

I want to add something else.....why are the engine cowlings white? Weren't they saying a while back that they should make them all grey to make them more efficient? Did they abandon that idea?

[Edited 2007-06-26 12:39:13]

[Edited 2007-06-26 12:42:51]

User currently offlineAF-A319 From France, joined Oct 1999, 603 posts, RR: 3
Reply 18, posted (8 years 11 months 1 week 5 days ago) and read 295204 times:

Thanks very much... I had been waiting for these pics for years!

Great points:
-Overall shape
-Engine size
-Trailing edge of the engines
-Really looks like a E170 on steroids to me...!

The only disapointment is the shape of the wings on the ground: I wish they were more curved upwards.

Thanks again anyway.

User currently offlineAeroWesty From United States of America, joined Oct 2004, 20822 posts, RR: 60
Reply 19, posted (8 years 11 months 1 week 5 days ago) and read 295148 times:

Well done, Chaz!  thumbsup 

As I said in the other thread, I think the nose has an uncanny resemblance to the Caravelle I'd never noticed before. Perhaps we'll have something other than a run-of-the-mill twin tooling around. The artist's renderings never really captured the classic beauty the real thing seems to have.

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User currently offlineBlue_angel From France, joined Jun 1999, 82 posts, RR: 0
Reply 20, posted (8 years 11 months 1 week 5 days ago) and read 295152 times:

Great pictures !

Though, can someone tell me why the nose ins't painted as in this picture :

Or maybe it isn't this particular nose section used in the dreamliner one and Spirit just painted it for the show ?

User currently offlineJumpjet From United Kingdom, joined Feb 2005, 362 posts, RR: 0
Reply 21, posted (8 years 11 months 1 week 5 days ago) and read 294936 times:

I have to agree that's a very beautiful looking aircraft! Is it my imagination or are those engines absolutely immense? Whilst they don't detract from the overall beauty, they seem way out of proportion... Many thanks for the pics....

User currently offlineMaersk737 From Denmark, joined Feb 2004, 733 posts, RR: 1
Reply 22, posted (8 years 11 months 1 week 5 days ago) and read 294765 times:

Quoting AeroWesty (Reply 19):
I think the nose has an uncanny resemblance to the Caravelle I'd never noticed before.

Yes it has.

Very beautiful, can't wait to see the painted version Big grin



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User currently offlineMoo From Falkland Islands, joined May 2007, 5205 posts, RR: 4
Reply 23, posted (8 years 11 months 1 week 5 days ago) and read 294767 times:

Quoting Blue_angel (Reply 20):
Or maybe it isn't this particular nose section used in the dreamliner one and Spirit just painted it for the show ?

That was a test frame built for production testing.

Nice photos, shes looking pretty good!

User currently offlineLXA340 From Switzerland, joined Nov 2006, 2153 posts, RR: 3
Reply 24, posted (8 years 11 months 1 week 5 days ago) and read 294639 times:

Is the whole 787 project on target and will the first deliveries be on time, think ANA receives the first plane?

25 WINGS : Thanks for that SEAchaz. I'm starting to believe that the 787-9 will end up being the most popular variant of all the 787 family despite the 787-8 cu
26 PM : Yep, and I'm well placed to fly on it!
27 Post contains images Asturias : Wow.. it is finally getting there! Congratulations Boeing and thanks for bringing a new exciting model for us fans to enjoy I can't wait to see it pai
28 Kaitak : Great shots - lovely looking aircraft. I particularly like the way the engine cowling is "serrated" (I'm sure there's a better word for that!!), but g
29 Post contains images N53614 : Well done sir! Nice to know there's a fellow insomniac based up near KPAE, armed with a good camera. Great shots. Lookin' forward to seeing 787 fly!
30 Levent : You're quite right there, maybe another example of classic designs coming into fashion again? A nice looking plane she is! I had thought though that
31 UAL747-600 : Again great shots and thanks for sharing. Those big engines look like she'll be getting off the runway really quick!! It's a shame these shots weren't
32 SAOAP : Beautiful machine!!! Can't wait to see her flying. Cheers, Marcelo PS@SEAchaz: thanks for sharing the very nice shots!!!
33 Bringiton : Those are the chevrons , installed to cut the noise from the engines
34 NA : Thanks to show us the first pictures of the bread and butter aircraft of tomorrow. I expected the 787 to look a bit more dramatic, its not that stunni
35 SirOmega : It sorta reminds me of a 739 w/o winglets. The 783 is going to look like a 737 on steroids. The engines reminds me of a 757 - the way they're huge in
36 UAL747-600 : What also amazes me is that the wing tips are near the top of the fusalage in height. I can't wait to see what they look like just after rotation and
37 Post contains images Saab2000 : Hmmmm..... No overwing exits. This plane will look good when it is finally painted and photographed in better light. The nose seems to have some propo
38 Post contains images NAV20 : Thanks a million, SEAchaz, wonderful shots. Geoffrey de Havilland, who designed a fair few beautiful aeroplanes in his time, once summed up his design
39 Cityguy : Awesome Photos! Thank you very much for a great wake up call! This brings a lump tp my throat. It beautiful and I cannot wait until July 8th. Go Boein
40 Post contains images KLM772ER : What did you expect? That boeing invented aviation in a complete new way? Two pairs of wings? There are some physics that have to be fulfilled.. I li
41 CrazyHorse : Great picture of a great looking aircraft, with a nice livery the B787 will look really fantastic.
42 Jet-lagged : SEAchaz, Wonderful pics. These must be the first publically shared photos in the world of the amazing beast. Your first pic is beautiful - the layout,
43 NA : No, but what I expect from this forum is the allowance to be critical, and not be attacked when I don´t join the choir of claqueurs. I don´t deny t
44 Reggaebird : I was noticing how large they were as well. Proportionally, the engines on the 787 look larger than the engines on the 777. It's amazing how engine s
45 DAYflyer : Agreed WINGS, congrats to SEAchaz for a job well done. And congrat to Boeing as well. She is truly a beautiful airplane and I can't wait to see her i
46 Lumberton : I suspect there will be provision for emergency exits over the wing....
47 Flighty : One of the best threads ever! Thanks a million. It sure looks like a 767-200 proportionally. Plenty of room to grow.
48 Reggaebird : I agree to a point. I think that it is more conventional looking than I expected. Looks like a chubby 757 or slightly remodeled 767. I am sure that w
49 Post contains images Womack17 : I didn't even think of doing that until you said something. Her incredible size is actually misleading if you look at the plane as a single entity wi
50 Nijltje : WOW WOW WOW WOW nice one, is it just me but those engines are damn close to the ground
51 Post contains images AeroWesty : Excellent thoughts, and I'd like to add my appreciation as well. When I was young, pure and innocent, I'd have been beside myself to have the same ac
52 Post contains links and images Blue_Angel : She looks quite low on her wheels compared to say a 777 : http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1228468/M/ Is it temporary or definitive ?
53 Drgmobile : Looks to me like a 767 with bigger engines.
54 Atlantaflyboy : For Some reason she visually reminds me of the 767-200 - short and stubby and in need of some slim-fast. I have a feeling the 787-9, and -10 (if it ev
55 CHRISBA777ER : Very nice. Cannot wait to see her fly - Great job Boeing - congrats one and all.
56 Rev3oh2 : Love those chevrons on the rear of the engine cowling....sort of gives it a look like some of the fiery paint schemes on an old Ford Thunderbird.
57 NAV20 : I've been wondering about that - only about six feet of clearance. Anyone know about modern undercarriages? My guess is that, with no power on yet, t
58 Corsair1107 : looks like a 757 jumped a 767 in a dark alley...
59 Post contains images Eatmybologna : I think her looks have contradictory elements. Her fuselage looks sweeping, docile, and smooth, while her engines look aggressive and have bite. A lit
60 Typhaerion : You may have lost some sleep over the deal, but with those photos you have managed to capture the hearts of the A.net community. Thank you for your ha
61 AirportGal : SEAchaz - I'm trying to figure out where you were sitting when you took these pix.... I SO wanted to be there when it rolled across the 526......
62 Post contains images NADC10Fan : SEAchaz, you've met my fondest wish on here. Thank you so much for your willingness, patience and ability to bring these photos to the table. I find t
63 N14AZ : As I said before I am thrilled by the look of the plane and by the “look” of her sales number, too. What is the purpose of that big poster in the
64 Revelation : Very nice plane. One observation is it seems to have a bit more 'forehead' than older designs, not as bad as A380, but it seems to be a trend. One can
65 Maersk737 : I don't think they have moved the plane without hydraulic fluid? That would damage the undercarriage, wouldn't it? Or am I totally wrong here? Cheers
66 TuRbUleNc3 : Wow! thats brilliant ..those engines are HUUUUUUGEEEE!
67 Birdseed : Wonderful! Thanks for staying up late to get these shots and posting them so quickly. Can't wait for first flight!
68 AeroWesty : I believe that's the rain gutter.
69 AirSpare : I am guessing that the outboard wing sections are very lightly loaded, and the raked wing tips will be most effective in flight with a some amount of
70 Post contains images TupolevTu154 : Yes indeed, I personally feel that a 777 style APU would suit it alot better. What a beauty though, interesting to see the sweep above the wing root!
71 Pilotdude09 : As i said on the first thread, great looking plane with HUGE engines!
72 Post contains images Bwest : Great pictures! Thanks a lot! I don't really understand people criticizing the looks of the plane... it is designed to fly, save fuel and be fast, not
73 Dougloid : Great photos. Like some folks have observed, those are some huge fans, not a lot of ground clearance either. It's the real deal, folks. It came from a
74 Davidlc3 : A couple of things I find interesting... First, the strong angle the a/c has when looking at it from the side (nose down....) Older a/c had a slight a
75 Warreng24 : Beautiful pictures. Beautiful aircraft. Congratulations Boeing. Kudos to yourself and all the other photographers that waited around all night.
76 Post contains images Jamesbuk : Wow nice pics, Thats one short and stubby plane though isnt it? Maybe its the engines that make it look small i dont know but well it looks very short
77 DL021 : Let us know if you need bail money....those photos will get you a collection fund moving pretty quickly. Well done and thanks. Yes...those engines are
78 Columba : Looks like a 767-200 with a Caravelle nose for me. Nice aircraft but definitely nothing spectacular if you don't know about the new technologies inst
79 22right : Yahoo.... another aircraft that looks like a 767. Woohoo!!! After this I am thinking that the A380 looks like a sexy beauty. I think the days of beaut
80 BladeLWS : It looks great! Can't wait to see it in Boeing colors!
81 NAV20 : One thing that comes over even before painting is how perfectly smooth all the surfaces are - fuselage, wings, stabilisers.....Not a rivet or a panel
82 L410Turbolet : Distinctive look? Maybe for the aviation geeks, but the regular public will hardly be able to tell any difference between 767, 777 or 787. Nice pictu
83 Jush : One gotta love the nose... the noseeeeeee just marvellous regds jush
84 Patches : It sure looks short, like a 767-200. What model of the 787 is this again? Its a cool looking aircraft but short as heck!
85 Post contains images Enginebird : That's the exact thought that struck my mind when I first saw it. Looks like an inflated 767, not exactly what I would call spectacular
86 Patches : How the hell did we get the pics? Is Boeing pissed that some employee let these out?
87 JayinKitsap : Remember Boeing's remarks last year that the Nacelles (sp?) were to be a single color as the 2nd paint layer and the edges of it causes significant d
88 JeffB : I thought ANA was getting 50x 787-3's first! is this a 3 series or an 8? By the dimensions, that is what I'd expect a 787-3 to look like! Can someone
89 FriendlySkies : Beautiful...and the tail is definitely what we've seen in the renderings, NOT ANA like some have said... Can't wait for her to get some paint!
90 Legoguy : It looks great! But it looks more like a narrow body than a wide body aircraft! Fantastic photos and thanks for sharing.
91 Art : Glad to see they managed to complete the jigsaw so quickly! Congratulations to all who made the pieces. All unpainted and naked as she is, she certain
92 Post contains images RayChuang : Very nice pictures. I can't wait for the final painted version when Boeing unveils the plane officially next month.
93 RJ_Delta : Excellent shots! Finally we can see the 787 materialized. At the first time the Boeing 787 looks shorter, a mix of a Boeing 762 with the fuselage of t
94 MMEPHX : Exactly. The technology advances in the 787 program are impressive. From a design standpoint it looks like a 767 with raked wingtips, a Caravelle/E-J
95 BigJKU : Its an 8. The fuselage will be the same length on both anyway so it will not look externally different save the wings. The short nature of the fusela
96 Post contains images Braybuddy : My thoughts exactly. While congratulations are due to Boeing, and it's a great achievement for them to get this innovative aircraft together so soon,
97 DeltaDC9 : I just cant get over the engines and the wings, very impressive looking. Talk about getting the scoop!
98 DTW757 : This is a 787-8. At 186 feet long, it's actually 6 feet longer than a 767-300. The wider body and bigger engines are just making it look short.
99 Post contains images DL777Dude : WOW, It is Christmas in June! Thanks for the pictures, what a beautiful ghost plane
100 BlueSky1976 : Amazing plane. I remember yelling out from joy when Boeing dumped the "flying fish" looks. This time, I yelled again from happiness to see such beauty
101 Post contains images Riyadhnurse : Thank you,SEAchaz, for sharing these great pics. She's a beauty,without a doubt ! Congrats to everyone at Boeing,you have created something very speci
102 KSUpilot : G-G-G-G-G-HHHHOOOOSSSSSTTTT! Oh wait, it's the 787! (And for those who are confused, there was a thread a little while back which stated the 787 is a
103 UAL747-600 : FYI The 787-8 is 27 and 6 feet longer than the 200ER and 300ER repectively (186 ft vs 159 ft, 180 ft). 787 is also 40inch wider on the inside than 767
104 DeltaDC9 : Replies like this make me wonder why so many A.Net memebers are even here. The 787 is a major milestone in aviation, and if you cant get excited abou
105 Post contains images Stitch : She's safely ensconced behind closed doors in the 777 (now 777/787) paint shop as of this morning, guarded by a new JL 767 and a 744F.
106 Post contains images Mexicana757 : The 787 is looking amazing!!! Can't wait to see it painted and flying. Good job Boeing.
107 PC12Fan : These are the kind of posts that bring out the kid in all of us airliner enthusiasts. It's always thrilling to see the completed machine for the first
108 Mighluss : WOOOW! Great to finally see it complete... now just can't wait for the first flight!!! It's going to be another great event for aviation.
109 EBJ1248650 : I too would like to see how the 787 compares in size to the 767 and 777.
110 Post contains images Flyorski : Great shots!!!! Good Job Boeing! I can not wait to see this amazing aircraft flying! GO 787!
111 Zvezda : I think a 787-11 with 118" fans would have great proportions.
112 Stitch : She'll certainly need jacked undercarriage though if the clearance with the 111" fans is as minimal as it looks.
113 Post contains images Keesje : Great to see the real stuff finally!
114 Post contains links Columba : Quoting Riyadhnurse (Reply 101): Thank you,SEAchaz, for sharing these great pics. She's a beauty,without a doubt ! Congrats to everyone at Boeing,you
115 FoxXray : great ! i can't wait to see it taking off...
116 757Driver : Absolutely amazing pictures!!! Like everyone else, I have been sitting by the computer in eager anticipation of seeing these pictures for the first ti
117 Post contains images BWIA 772 : Wonderful pics!!!!m The 787 is one sexy looking plane
118 L410Turbolet : Is it??? Major milestone with capital "M" was Concorde or 747. For me this is just another run-of-the-mill widebody. Of course with more composites t
119 EA772LR : Amazing! What a beautiful aircraft. We've been waiting a long time for this thread. I can't believe she's actually here! And for the people who say it
120 Bkircher : Wow that looks great!!!! Major props to Boeing!! Those engines are huge!!! They look to big for the plane, but it looks quite cool on the plane!
121 HighFlyer9790 : Those are great!! i cant wait to see her take to the skies!
122 Post contains images Lamyl_HHLCO : Can't wait to see her all painted,she'll look amazing ...and why do i say she??
123 Zoom530 : Absolutely beautiful!!!! Take a careful look at two very interesting things IMHO: The shape of the fairing between the wings and the fuselage...notice
124 DeltaDC9 : Yes it is. Just like going from cloth the aluminum, going from aluminum to cfrp as the primary structure is as major as major gets. Add other changes
125 Iwok : Great stuff! Thanks for staying up late to take and post the photos. Definitely a looker this bird is, and there are several new design features that
126 Post contains images FlyBoy84 : Indeed it is a BEAUTIFUL plane! What is the thrust rating supposed to be on those HUGE ENGINES
127 Post contains images DeltaDC9 : Now that you mention it, it is way up there isnt it? Almost reminds me of this...
128 DM : Awesome SEAchaz! Really great pics of the 787. Cant wait till the actuall roll out date! DM
129 Post contains images VivaGunners : Looking awesome, to say the least... Well done B !!
130 MIAMIx707 : The nose is oldschool I like it. But no curved wings.....
131 Post contains images SpeckSpot : Very nice aircraft indeed!!! It really is beautiful. And while I do lament the decrease in variety of aerodynamic forms, it does make spotting a more
132 FlyTUITravel : I can't believe it is actually like... built! It doesn't seem long since it was launched! Seriously though it looks GREAT! FLYTUITRAVEL.
133 S.p.a.s. : Impressive plane and a big achievement for the hole aviation industry. Now lets take her to the skies Cheers Salz
134 Post contains images 777DAD : She's Beautiful. Even without Makeup! Jeff
135 AirplaneFan : Great airplane for the future. Thanks for the pictures.
136 Revelation : Thanks for your comments, Dougloid. It does put this all in to prespective. BTW I think you meant to say you will be in Everett for the first flight.
137 Post contains images RootsAir : wow that aircraft looks awesome. I wouldn't have imagines that the winds were actually that bent... its good! makes it look a bit different to the 767
138 CruzinAltitude : SEAchaz, thank you for making this morning so sweet! I have the desk model in my office, a couple 787 pics on the wall, and now these great shots to d
139 Post contains images AutoThrust : Indeed, thoug i would like to see it with a livery like SQ or Qantas as soon as possible.
140 Post contains images Caribb : Wow.. looks great! Thanks for the photos, I'm like everyone else and was anxiously awaiting them
141 Post contains images CityAirline : Wow! I was wondering when we would see the first 787 ever hehe. It looks really great and it makes me glad that those will be everywhere in a couple o
142 NWA742 : She is beautiful! Excellent pics - thank you for sharing! -NWA742
143 Tavong : WOW, thanks forthe pictures!!! Lovely....just lovely Gus SKBO
144 AA777 : Wow, that looks real nice!! The engines are perfect! Sooo big. And I love the way the wings flex upward oh-so-delicately from the rear view. Gorgeous.
145 AirportGal : my sentiments exactly! correct - assembly is in Everett, will fly from PAE
146 Post contains images Andhen : Hi fellow a'netters!! Great photos! The plane looks great. As some of you might remember, I am the guy that posted the "famous" ghostplane tread.. It
147 Post contains links IAD787 : Wanted to weigh in here amongst the wave of responses. It's incredible to see this aircraft all put together. I've been following the program for year
148 Kaneporta1 : That was my first observation too, the wings are quite high up on the fuselage, and the belly fairing seems a lot bigger than previous airplanes. My
149 777MAX : Wow, those are amazing pictures! What I find very interesting is the shape of the engine covers, they are like dented on the back. Thanks for the pict
150 PAHS200 : great work!
151 Post contains links and images KSUpilot : I think the 787 has the nicest nose since the Comet: View Large View Medium Photo © Alex Christie On the 787 the engines just look massive next to th
152 Lesismore : Thanks for the great pics! I'm surprised you were able to get so close. The 787 is much bigger than I thought it would be. Looks more like a mini-777
153 Post contains images Rogerbcn : Hola! She looks great!!!!!!!! Who will be Boeing's 787 first customer and which routes will it operate? Thanks for the pictures! Salut! Roger
154 Pmurr : Wonderful photo's. Can't wait to see her in paint.
155 KSUpilot : I think they used gray as an example. The release said that the cowlings will be one solid color...so if your livery has two colors on the cowlings,
156 Post contains links and images CruzinAltitude : I am far from being an engineer, but I do have an observation about the engine fairings. Boeing was holding a meeting at the Hotel I am a sales manag
157 Ken777 : Thank you very much for the pics, chaz. They are fantastic and I appreciate the efforts to take them - so much so that I've added you to my RR list. A
158 Molykote : My thoughts exactly.
159 BoeingBus : My congratulations to all the engineers around the globe to make this all happen. This is truly a remarkable feat once only thought the fighter jets c
160 NA : Its a major milestone underneath, but from the outside it isn´t what I call spectacular. Doesn´t look better than a A340-300 in my eyes. Everyone h
161 WibbleWobble : WOW! When this baby takes to the air, I think my heart will skip a beat... or two. Thanks for the photos. Later days, Phil
162 UAL747 : I dunno, I have mixed feelings about it. It looks stubby, but I think the reason it does is because the windows are bigger, The doors are the two man
163 Mah584jr : Reminds me of the 767 with the nose of a 757. Definitely a Boeing product. Should be a great aircraft for many years.
164 Caetravlr : All I can say is WOW. Thanks to SEAChaz for risking arrest and staying up all night to get these pics. I am looking forward to seeing how all of the t
165 AeroWesty : You don't have to like it at all, free will and choice and all that. You're welcome to it. Some of us have seen likable, even surprising, features of
166 UAL747 : It looks like there is less than 6' of ground clearance for those engines. Shouldn't worry though, the landing gear are placed wide enough to keep the
167 DavidkunzVIE : Thank you, thank you, thank you! I already love this bird (since I got myself a 1:200 model in CO's livery) and I'll be soooo happy when it's in the a
168 AirTran717 : There's someone clearly not attuned to the airline jargon... they are never referred to as motors, according to our initial training class... they ar
169 Congaboy : Well done, Chaz, only someone very passionate about aviation does what you have done. And so many of us can relate and appreciate that on this forum.
170 Dz09 : Although I am sure this is a very advanced plane in terms of performance, reliability, fuel efficiency, I can't help but be a little bit disappointed.
171 YULWinterSkies : Oops! Isn't this a 767? They seem to love those plunging tails at Boeing...
172 Aeropiggot : The blade type APU, has some problems with exhaust impingment on the surface, also I beleive aerodynamically the blade does not improve performance ,
173 Post contains images ClassicLover : Superb pictures - thanks a million for sending those through so quickly! Loving the look of the aircraft - in that first picture, it looks like it's s
174 LY777 : wow!! Looks so great!!! The tail also reminds me of the 767(but only the tail); otherwise, I love the engines(size, look...)
175 Felipemia89 : WOW!!!! Its a sexy plane.. I've noticed the engines are HUGGEE!! I can't wait to see it fully painted! Great job Boeing!!
176 Post contains images 777DAD : Aye, For that we'll have to wait a little. ( I can't) However patience is a virtue! Jeff
177 Buzz100ca : Thanks for the great pics! Can't wait to see her airborne! - Chris
178 United787 : I agree, I have one. I blow into the engines all the time and then I run around my office with the plane like it is really flying!
179 YWGfarmer : The jagged edge on the back of the engine cowl looks really cool. Will the GEnx engines have that as well?
180 Piaflyer : awesome, such a beautiful and ellegant aircraft
181 Post contains links and images WINGS : http://www.boeing.com/commercial/787family/787-8prod.html http://www.airbus.com/en/aircraftfam...0a340/a330-200/specifications.html 787-8 *Airbus A33
182 MD-90 : In the first picture, looking at the 787 head-on, anyone else notice how enormous the windscreen is? I wonder if Boeing will finally be able to replic
183 LY4XELD : Yes. It's called "scalloping"
184 Post contains images MCIGuy : I'm speechless, history in the making.
185 ConcordeBoy : I think the livery will be the biggest letdown--- Boeing introduced it two years ago on another model, and several derivatives have worn it since. It'
186 Ikramerica : This is one of the reasons it's more efficient. It uses it's proportions more efficiently than previous aircraft. It holds more pax and cargo than an
187 Post contains images Brendows : Could you please point out in what picture you spotted that detail? If you're looking at the wing hanging from the crane at the back of building 40-3
188 Columba : Now as you mention it, maybe some former Douglas engineer was responsible for that, the Dc10/MD11 had similar large front windows.
189 BA319-131 : - It's quite nice, even without paint, however it's a far cry from the 'original' Dreamliner drawings, now THAT would have been a real change! At fir
190 Post contains images GBan : NA, of course you are entitled to your own opinion. Your opinion is even shared by others, more or less: Having a different opinion does not necessar
191 Aircellist : I agree. The technical prowess of that plane is undeniable, the look of the plane is nice and somewhat distinctive, but it does not look that much di
192 ER757 : SEAchaz - let me join the growing list of those saying thanks for the GREAT shots!!! Two things strike me as distinctive: 1. The wingtips...very grace
193 TristarSteve : Looking at the first picture, the bottom of the engines is at about elbow height for the guy there. I make that about 4 feet, about the same as the T
194 LTU932 : As great as the 787 is as an aircraft, I always thought if it as a hideous aircraft. But seeing these pictures has finally convinced me that the 787 i
195 DeltaDC9 : One thing I cant find, the APU exaust, it has one, or then again, does it?
196 Post contains images SANChaser : Kudos to Boeing and thanks SEAchaz for posting the pictures. Great Pictures. I can't wait to see it fly... I think it will look really awesome head-on
197 Brendows : Engine clearance to the ground should be 2ft 4 inch for a 788 with RR engines.
198 GQfluffy : Tip of the tail ala 767/757...
199 Brendows : At the end of the tail cone, it's designed in the same way as the 767 APU exhaust. Take a good look at the second picture, you can spot it there.
200 UA2162 : Thanks! I just ordered myself one!
201 DeltaDC9 : Thanks, man they made the whole plane so symmetrical and so smooth, it was hard to tell if it was a hole or the tip of the cone. I was thinking what
202 474218 : Great photos, SEAchaz! Why would you want overwing exits when the aircraft already has eight (8) full size doors? What would hydraulic power have to d
203 Post contains images ShannoninAMA : No flaming please......this is just what i thought Whenever i first saw that model photo...it looked like a stretched ERJ-170 with huge engines....bu
204 A340313X : I wasn't expecting the 787 to look so normal! We'll see what she's like after paint...
205 474218 : There are only two inboard slats? Two tracks per slat equal four slots.
206 DeltaDC9 : Planes, just like cars, are designed by the wind. Thats why they all tend to look the same. Deveiate from that and it costs you. Thats why fighter pl
207 Post contains images Glideslope : Very nice. Can't wait to see those wings flex!! They are sexy as hell. Thanks for the effort getting the shots. You hung out quite a while before bein
208 Grunf : I like Airbus but this is a great looking aircraft! Very stylish Caravell-ish nose. Well done Boeing!
209 FFlyer : Are you sure....only 2 feet? What would happen in cross-wind landings, when the plane is leaning on either MLG?
210 AirTran717 : It's like seeing a concept car vs. the production model. It slays me that so many people expected some kind of miracle jet with all this fancy stuff y
211 Post contains links and images Syncmaster : Amazing looking bird! At first glance on that second photo (from the original post) it looked like a 777, especially around the wing root and main gea
212 Post contains images SAS A340 : Sorry,but for me she looks like 757 with big engines.......ok, a "big" 757. Still it,s a cool plane
213 3MilesToWRO : It's so... trivial... Looks like any other.
214 N710PS : What an amazing and breath taking airplane. I am beside myself with joy. I rember the commencement of the program and being soo anxious. It seems like
215 Glareskin : Congratulations Boeing! On schedule and a beauty. I like the nose a lot! But I am a little disappointed by the wings. In all the artist impressions an
216 AirTran717 : Just another thought... they kept a lot of the initial design ideas... the composite fuselage, the larger windows on both the cabin and the flight dec
217 Post contains links Brendows : Take a look at page five in this document: 787sec2.pdf
218 Ikramerica : It looks like a 757 and a 777 had a child, who's now grown into a young woman. Put some makeup on her, and the show will be a show stopper!
219 Post contains images Aerobalance : Now that's a pretty birdie!!!   edit: I just noticed the minimal size associated with the flap-track canoes on the wings, nice aero detail there![Edi
220 Post contains images LTU932 : The renders always showed the 787 in flight, and since this one is on the ground, the wingflex is minimal. I'm sure you'll see the 787's signature wi
221 Columba : It is more a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry with wings so it is hard to understand why people got so excited about its looks since it not much differen
222 Glareskin : Since the wings look almost the same as other aircraft I presume the wingflex is stronger than on other aircraft, correct?
223 Post contains images OGGFBORefueler : This is one beautiful boid!!! Thanks for snapping these pics SEAchaz Aloha! Keone
224 Tsaord : Finally!!!! So like are the engines missing fans or something??? I can't wait to see it after its painted!
225 Atmx2000 : The upward sweep of the wings on the ground is more than I expected. I suppose it will change when loaded with fuel. Well I thought the A380 had Nean
226 CruzinAltitude : Unfortunately, I have a small office, so it's a "no-fly zone." However, I'd be lying if I said I don't from time to time blow on the nacelles to see
227 LTU932 : I believe it's actually got something to do with the materials and the generated wingflex. As it looks, the 787's wings look in essence the same as a
228 AirTran717 : Agreed. I don't understand the affliction and obssession with its looks. Form always follows function. Its looks have nothing to do with it's innovat
229 Dambuster : Agreed. It still looks good IMO even without the paint job.
230 Glareskin : I didn't mean the angle but the curving.
231 Columba : I never said that the A380 is a beautiful plane -although I have to admit it grows on me - I said it was exciting to see the first pictures because t
232 F14D4ever : At GE, at least within performance engineering, they're called chevrons.
233 Post contains images S.p.a.s. : Will it? Salz
234 Post contains images 3MilesToWRO : Well, no, you're not
235 STT757 : Thanks for getting the photos, I can't wait to see her at EWR.
236 Post contains images Vegas005 : Like I said 3 months ago, best looking 767 I have seen.
237 Jaalbert : The front doors appear larger than the other doors. Is this true or just an optical illusion? Also, interesting why Boeing elected to add a third door
238 WingedMigrator : Beautiful bird! It's not every day that the first of a new aircraft type rolls out. I suspect the 'signature' wing flex is a feature of computer rende
239 DeltaDC9 : Almost enough... What other plane has its wingtips as high as the top of the cabin sitting still?
240 Ebs757 : Great photos, Thanks. Can't wait to see her on roll-out and maiden flight!
241 MCOflyer : Very beautiful aircraft. When is her 1st test flight? Hunter
242 Post contains images MotorHussy : Wow hot! Looks like an A350 LOL. But seriously, awesome. Regards MH
243 Post contains images Braybuddy : I've had some time to look at the pics again and absorb the look. You know what it is? It's unmistakably the 767's younger, but prettier sister.
244 Post contains images UAL747 : No, I have a feeling that the wings will flex upward quite a bit, due to the fact that they are particularly long and thin. Though, I have to admit,
245 Post contains images Flysherwood : I guess it is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Because for the life of me, I cannot understand why people think the A380 is a thing of
246 CruzinAltitude : Well played sir, well played!
247 LY777 : it is fatter than the 767? looks more stubby
248 DfwRevolution : And to think, by this time next year there will be OVER 50 built!
249 787EWR : Excellent spywork mate. Thanks for the effort and sharing the goods.
250 AirTran737 : I thought that it looked more like a Chinese copy of the A330. Isn't that what Mr. Leahy said?
251 BlueSky1976 : You'll be pleasantly surprised. Go to any nearby airport where sailplanes are based. Watch them sit still on the ground, then taking off on tow behin
252 CruzinAltitude : I've got my fingers crossed, hoping that you are right and that the signature 787 wing flex is not just a marketing ploy to differentiate its product
253 WingsLAX : Thanks SEAchazever so much for sharing these photos with the world. Simply a stunning aircraft!
254 474218 : There is no way you could ever have a nacelle touch the runway as they are too close (span wise) to the main wheels. The reason for the eight full si
255 HanginOut : What a beauty! I can't wait to see one in Air Canada's livery.
256 OA260 : Yes when I saw these photos above I have to say I was a bit dissapointed. Its been hyped up to the extent that maybe my expectations were alot higher
257 Amritpal : wow, look at the size of the engines
258 Ikramerica : I believe you also save weight on a less complicated slide and not having to reinforce the top of the wing to allow for multiple pax walking on it. A
259 BoeingForEver : u gotta love the american engineering..they are on target to the hour...all from plans set years ago..fantastic looking plane..the engines are sinply
260 Post contains images WILCO737 : amazing! outstanding! Thanks for sharing those pictures! I am thrilled to see her finally out of the assembly line Thank you very much man! I hope you
261 Flyingjeep : awsome thanks for those awsome pics
262 Braybuddy : One question: seeing that Boeing is promoting the Dreamliner name so much, are they getting the flying public used to names rather than numerical desi
263 Post contains images Stitch : I think it's more like a marketing thing. Afterall, a 777-200ER and a "WorldLiner" (777-200LR) look identical to the average person. Same with a 747-
264 Post contains images Braybuddy : Can you imagine the havoc those designationions would cause in the industry? I know there are no such aircraft, but a quick glance at those numbers a
265 747400sp : She looks like a mixer of 777 and 757 to me.
266 WestJetYQQ : Oh My God....... It's........... Beautiful......... Thank god. In my opinion those characteristics both looked awful. Great! Thanks for sharing the ph
267 Brucek : Those shots bring tears to my eyes! Awesome! I'm printing these, as they are really history being made, and the start of the incredible come-back for
268 Post contains images AvObserver : I don't think anyone's attacking you, NA and I'm somewhat sympathetic in your being underwhelmed. After all, the 787 and A350XWB are quite convention
269 ImperialEagle : Thanks SEAchaz, for the wonderful photos. What a great looking aircraft. Can't wait to see it fully painted.
270 Flyabunch : Is this the most read and longest thread ever on A.net? Great plane. Cannot wait for it to fly. I am looking forward to many hours sitting in an extra
271 Anetter123 : LMAO!!! IT DOES!!! I LOVE IT! Can't wait to see inside cabin pics!
272 Gkyip : Great shots, and thanks for giving us a first glimpse to this exciting new aircraft. Can't wait to see it in Dreamliner colours very soon, one of my f
273 Aminobwana : Fully agreed !! An aircraft shall be functional and comfortable and nice inside, where we spent many hours trying to kill the time, little matters ho
274 Pnwtraveler : Nothing much left for me to say that hasn't been said many times in different ways already. However aren't the cockpit windows considerably larger? I
275 474218 : I just noticed that in the fourth picture the aft nose landing gear doors have not been installed?
276 Areopagus : Thank you, thank you, thank you, SEAchaz! I think you are right. It does look like area ruling, and no doubt the engines and pylons play into it as we
277 Post contains images Cun757 : Well... what can I say... here is my new favorite aircraft... so long 757...
278 Iwok : I hope your photos get accepted into the airlines.net photo directory. I believe that you made history with the first publicly available photos of th
279 NZ107 : Awesome!!! Thanks for the pics! Can't wait for it to be painted! Looks our "dream" is becoming reality quite quickly.
280 LVHGEL : It shouts, I BELONG IN THE AIR! lovely craft. thank you for the pics
281 ElVen : Its a beautiful airplane
282 Post contains links RIHNOSAUR : Hi, Impressive photos from a logistic point of view as well as from a spotting point of view, Thanks SEAchaz for bringing the 787 production so close
283 GlobalVillage : Great photos SEAchaz! I can't believe it's this close to taking-off. Anyone know some tour dates?
284 Post contains images LY4XELD : That too....maybe it's just me! In any event, it's a unique look. I was amazed at the size of the engines. I stood next to them yesterday and was sur
285 Post contains images CubanMinotaur : Wowsers! She sure is a beauty! I can't wait to see her in her BOEING colors. Thanks for such great pics!
286 Transair737 : Thanks, great photos. The engines are huge as has been mentioned. The tail looks alot different than I have seen in artists renderings over the last f
287 MD80fanatic : I cannot see what all the hoopla is about. It looks exactly like yet another Boeing twin ..... with a new nose. Thanks for the pics chaz.
288 Bringiton : It was never scheduled for that , the rollout is different from first flight and would be on 8th of july . The first flight would be when the aircraf
289 Thebry : The roll-out celebration (with the craft in full Boeing Dreamliner livery) is scheduled for July 8, 2007 (07/08/07). First flight will happen sometim
290 Lexy : This is overwhelming. It's almost like airplane porn! I need a strong, VERY STRONG, drink after that. I could use a cigarette as well. LOL!!!
291 UAL-Fan : I have to go change my underwear now! Seriously this is just an amazing achievement. It is incredible to see this new revolutionary machine standing o
292 797 : Yeeeeeeeeah! I can't believe it! Speechless... just can't wait now to see it fully painted, then with the engines shown and then, FLYING! Ohhh
293 ACA77LFAN : Incredible. Thanks for the photos!
294 Theoden : I still can't believe they put this thing together so fast. When was the 7E7 launched? It doesn't seem like that long ago, this is amazing to watch. W
295 AY104 : Looks to me sort of like a 767 with 777 engines. Not a bad looking aircraft at all. Cheers, AY104
296 Post contains links NAV20 : SEAchaz' thread just topped 100, 000 views in under 24 hours! Surely that has to be a record? Even the Seattle Times is following behind A.net - James
297 Kuna : Awsome pictures, you will be forever known for getting the first pictures of the 787. Awsome shots, and thanks for getting them.
298 Post contains images Iwok : Yes indeed. SEAchaz, everything you do for the rest of your life will be garbage compared to this stunt , unless of course you repeat with Y3... Spea
299 Kuna : I am looking forward to that as much as I am looking forward to the roll out of the 787-8.
300 Ha763 : Shouldn't that be 787-3, seeing that the 787-8 just went to the paint booth for roll out on July 8, 2007.
301 NAV20 : Slight correction needed, Iwok? As far as I know the aeroplane we are discussing is a 788? So the 783 will be next (EIS scheduled for 2010), and the 7
302 Post contains images MCIGuy : I'd have to say it's probably more like: 1) 748 roll out next year (2008) 1a) 787-3 roll out (2009) (probably what you meant to say ) 1b) 787-9 roll
303 Post contains links SEAchaz : Everyone please join me in thanking IAD787 as well! If it weren't for his work on flightblogger.blogspot.com and the lead he had on the 787 going over
304 Goodbye : Looks like an uglier (if that's possible) 767. Nothing to get excited about.
305 Longhaulheavy : Outstanding work to all who were involved in this little undertaking. It's so good to finally see it all come together.
306 NAV20 : Largely agree with your list, MCIguy, except that I don't see Boeing waiting until 2014 to produce their next new model. This will either be Y1 or Y3
307 AirlineBrat : Before this thread gets locked, all I can say is WOW!!
308 Acey : Great pictures, it's Boeing's prettiest plane yet in my opinion. I can't wait until the first one for Air Canada rolls out in a few years. Hopefully B
309 Bringiton : I think boeing would Launch a 737RS program sometime in 2009-2010 timeframe with rollout in 2013-2014 and EIS the following year . Also Now that the d
310 Post contains images FighterPilot : All I can say is wow.... Cal
311 Post contains links ScottSEA : SEAchaz's photo is on the Seattle P-I's front page of the web site: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/ Maybe on page 1 of tomorrow's paper? Way to go!
312 Post contains images MCIGuy : Yeah, you could easily be right. I'm sure preliminary design work is underway and they'll just be waiting on engines by 2012. I agree that this is so
313 Acey : Roll out is scheduled for July 7, but I'd imagine it will only spend a few days getting paint.
314 Stevo310 : Full-on congrats SEAchaz for your 'eagle eyed' handy work. For something we have been so eagerly awaiting, it is a real pleasure to see in FULL realit
315 Post contains images Astuteman : Many thanks for both the thread and the fantastic photos, SEAchaz. Sort of takes your breath away to see this much-talked-about-aircraft in the flesh
316 Jetfixr757 : Folks, composite tubes, how much can she weigh? Wonder what the gross t/o and z/f weights are? Jet
317 PIA777 : Nice looking Plane. Seems a bit overpowered by those Huge engines. I can't wait to fly in it. PIA777
318 Acey : Empty weight for the -8 is 240,000 lb, ZFW is 340,000 lb and MTOW is 484,000 lb.
319 Azhobo : What about the A389. Should it not be in that time frame also? When is its EIS? HOBO
320 Post contains images Acey : I think it's "slated" for 2012. In case you didn't notice, the timeline appears to only include Boeing products.
321 Baw716 : Well, it looks spot on, doesn't it. In terms of size, it looks slightly larger than a 767-300, slightly smaller than the 777-200. The engines and wing
322 Post contains links SEAchaz : The Everett Herald has finally posted some shots from last night - the lone local media outlet that sent someone to cover the event. She's got a coupl
323 Post contains images DavidkunzVIE : Really? The 350, the 320RS?
324 Post contains links and images Keesje : Source : http://www.heraldnet.com/PhotoGaller...yID=354&photo=200762615254187&sr=1 Charles' photo's still the best one available at this point.. Were
325 Post contains images Platinumfoota : She looks GREAT!!
326 Post contains images FlyingHigh : Woot! More great photos! Cool.
327 Post contains images Windshear : Wow what a gorgeous plane! Can't wait to see her painted! Boaz.
328 Post contains images Iwok : Fiddlesticks! Thanks for catching the error. Right on! How many people were out there last night? I am surprised that more people did not post. I ten
329 Burkhard : Thanks for the photos! Surpised she is so low above ground, makes it looking scared, as if afraid due to its big ears! Or a cat that cannot wait to ju
330 XT6Wagon : The 389 has a EIS of never as of Airbus pressreleases to date. Never announced it, never started actual development, etc. On topic, thanks for the won
331 Post contains images RJ111 : Looks pretty smart. Though i'll miss the 767 as it's my favorite Boeing.
332 HAWK21M : Looks great. Although a bit bulky. Whens the Painting due. regds MEL
333 Post contains links Keesje : Flight Global picked them up.. http://www.flightglobal.com/articles...eaves-assembly-hall-for-paint.html
334 AirTran717 : If flies doesn't it? Then it does its job well.
335 AirTran717 : Not by a longshot
336 KSUpilot : While it is highly likely it will roll out in the "Dreamliner" colors, who knows, maybe Boeing has a little surprise up its sleeve. There could be so
337 Flyhigh326 : These pictures must be the best pictures. Hopefully, I can see 787 soon as possible.
338 AirTran717 : I'm not disappointed by the outcome of the plane. I tell you what disappoints me is all the whining and complaining that goes on in the threads. It's
339 OlegShv : Beautiful plane! Can't wait to see it flying! Thanks for capturing one of those historic moments! Oleg.
340 Post contains links Clickhappy : And now the Seattle PI Nice work Charles. http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/business/321458_dreamliner27ww.html
341 Columba : Well for most of us here Aviation is a hobby and because of that we care about the looks of aircraft. As I said earlier in this thread I became fasci
342 KSUpilot : Well the reason for the same design is because right now that is the most efficient thing Boeing can do. There will be a different shape eventually, b
343 Post contains images Columba : Yeah, I know but I would love to see another modern T Tail with rear mounted engines, a new VC 10
344 Zvezda : After she's painted and until roll-out, various systems will be installed in preparation for first flight.
345 Acey : Yeah, my bad; I overlooked them. I also wasn't even aware development of the 389 had stalled, so there you go.
346 Post contains links DTW757 : My guess is that it will indeed be the "Dreamliner" colors. You can already see the blue rudder with the white spots and it compares perfectly to thi
347 Graphic : Dreamliner colors with ANA tail.
348 Bringiton : A quick question - The 787 has 630 plus orders now , does any one have the breakdown of how many are ordered with GE and how many with RR.
349 AirTran717 : A new T-tail design would be something to see. But as far as thee 787's looks and all the let down... you all, enthusiasts or not, have to remember th
350 Columba : I am an old school guy, not too much into Science Fiction, I love 707s, 727s, Dc 8s, Dc 9s, L1011s and Dc10s for me this plain and simple design of t
351 Acey : General Electric -- 275 Rolls-Royce -- 135 CO's 10 are GE. NW's 50 are RR.
352 AirTran717 : Maybe. But I still say it's silly to get so hyped up over the looks of the thing. It wasn't built to look pretty. It was built to do a job.
353 LY4XELD : Are people still misunderstanding this? Rollout, aka the "Premiere", is scheduled for Sunday, July 8. I'll believe it when I see it.
354 Acey : What I was saying was that it won't take unitl then to get paint.
355 Bringiton : Do you know anything about the other? That only makes like 410 and we have more then 200 orders over and above that .
356 Post contains links Acey : That information I just gave you is wrong, as NW only has 18 on order but 50 options. The list is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Boeing_7
357 Post contains images DEVILFISH : You've provided the answer..... And rather than "up" - it's apparent that they "picked them out"! Way to go Chaz. Thanks a lot and Congratulations!!!
358 Post contains images Columba : There we agree, I think we have seen this thread from a different perspective. You have seen the people complaining how boring this aircraft looks an
359 Rampart : I get it, we all get it. Anyone here gets it. But you may not be getting Columba's sentiment, which really hits it on the head for me: His heritage i
360 Ikramerica : CO has 25 on order: 8x788 + 17x789. All will be GE even if not all are ordered as such. CO won't mix the fleet.
361 FriendlySkies : Did you even look at the rudder in the photos?
362 Post contains images Keesje : Another one of Charles photo´s:
363 Post contains images Jogales : The rudder is definitely in dreamliner colors...I wonder if they'll put ANA on it instead of 787? It doesn't look like the tail is going to be in ful
364 Babybus : Oh...it looks like a 767 that's had very cheap plastic surgery. And those 777 style engines with a fat 767 tail, give it a lamb dressed as mutton look
365 Post contains images Fridgmus : How about "Big Ol Honkin' Blowers"??? Thanks SEAChaz, IAD787 and of course, Boeing! I'm in love!
366 Post contains images Aleksandar : What a beauty!!!!
367 EISHN : I don't think it's that great looking. Maybe because it is yet to have it's paint job, but still, it's kinda boring. It almost looks like a giant Embr
368 Post contains images MCIGuy : I thought Boeing actually said ti was going to be this.(?) I can't believe anyone would find this plane unattractive. It's far more beautiful and gra
369 Post contains links Clickhappy : And now KOMOTV has gotten into the mix, with a link to this thread from here: http://www.komotv.com/news/8205032.html
370 Glareskin : If this is how you feel there is no reason for you to be on this forum. This is for airplane nerds who like to discuss every detail. Positive and neg
371 AirTran717 : I get that point. Just don't blow it all out of proportion is all. You have your opinion and I have mine. I will voice mine just as loudly as the res
372 Post contains images Iwok : " target=_blank>http://www.komotv.com/news/8205032.html Heh heh.. Flightblogger and SEAchaz are certainly getting their share of the limelight. I thin
373 Rampart : Edit: I'm self deleting this post addressing AirTran717, even after AirTran717's positive reply below. I'm aware that this thread is seeing more media
374 AirTran717 : I agree Rampart. Point taken. But you have to admit, it's hard to have a real idea of what it will look like until it's painted and completed. I'll w
375 EISHN : I absolutely agree with you. Very well put.
376 Confuscius : I think I found the location from where the photos were taken. The shots were taken from the grassy knoll?
377 SWISSER : Well done Boeing! Looks fantastic, even in bare skin!
378 Post contains images Gunsontheroof : That's Boeing property, so not likely. I've been betting on the bushes in the parking lot off the northeast corner of Airport Rd. and W. Casino Rd. T
379 S.p.a.s. : I would say the photos were made from two different locations... first close to the area shown by Iwok, then, while the plane was being towed (on a sl
380 MCIGuy : Upon closer inspection, I have to say the rudder isn't painted in ANA colors, it looks more like the standard Dreamliner colors. No offense to ANA, bu
381 KSUpilot : What is pretty cool...I'm sitting here looking at the photos, and then the render on my wall, and finally an early render that ran in an aviation maga
382 Oroka : Wow, what a score! Congrats on the great pictures! I never really considered the scale of the 787... bigger than I imagined, but still lovely!
383 Post contains links NAV20 : Fun to see such wide differences of opinion. My own views are somewhere in the middle, I would never expect a new commercial airliner to win any beau
384 Freshlove1 : I am not impressed, although those are some nice pictures by the photographer. I agree it looks like a 767-200. Maybe when its painted in some airline
385 Acey : I think it's better that it doesn't look radically different from past Boeing jets. It is certainly more technologically advanced and aerodynamic tha
386 Post contains images Astuteman : " target=_blank>http://www.boeing.com/commercial/787....html Thanks, NAV20. The lower of those 2 pictures is exactly the picture I recall seeing . Tho
387 Cross757 : This is only my second post now, so don't kill me...I haven't had time to read all of the previous 386 replies, so I apologize if this has already bee
388 Post contains links NAV20 : You bet, Astuteman - regards in return. Links to three-view drawings of the 737 and 777 below, showing the (previously 'normal') wing areas, aspect r
389 Post contains links NAV20 : Hi Cross757, welcome to A.net! Yes, the 787 fuselage is very distinctly elliptical. This apparently makes it a better shape for accommodating passenge
390 Post contains images Acey :
391 Post contains images NYC777 : SEAchaz, congrats on the aviation scoop of the year...getting the first pics of a structurally complete 787 is great and they're really good too. Than
392 Boeing747_600 : it looks like an A300-600 without the winglets.
393 NYC777 : Heh, and don't forget the shooter on the roof....triangulation of crossfire, that 's the key!!! Assured of a hit,er shot....er picture! LOL
394 747LUVR : great shots....what a thing of beauty....
395 DTW757 : Is it just me, or is this the longest most viewed thread ever?
396 AirTran717 : As I stated waaaaaay above... not by a long shot. LOL
397 Ronerone : She is one beautiful aircraft! those engines are HUGE! Roni
398 NAV20 : So what has been the most viewed thread so far, AirTran717?
399 Post contains links SEAchaz : Can't believe this thread is still active with close to 400 posts. Just like to say thanks for all the compliments and thanks to all who have posted.
400 Post contains images Jacobin777 : Thanks... Can't wait for the roll out in a few days..
401 Gregarious119 : Make that 400! SEAchaz.....great work! Can't wait to see what you come up with when it rolls out of the shop! When is that supposed to happen?
402 Post contains images AirframeAS : IAD787 & Charles, you got on the news!!! Congrats!!! I now notice that we are all getting noticed in the media and the general public daily. We have
403 MoMan : Thanks SEA, these pics make me proud to be a supporter of Boeing products. Can you tell us the story about the police, and how you got the pictures?
404 KSUpilot : SEAchaz, Thanks again for the photos! Any angry calls from Boeing yet for putting out pictures of their top secret "Ghostliner"? The roll out is going
405 Post contains links and images Iwok : I think the never ending If A Plane Took Off A Conveyor Belt... (by Sovietjet Nov 29 2005 in Tech Ops) plane-on-a-treadmill holds the record as far a
406 Post contains links and images NAV20 : Sure, Iwok, you're probably right in terms of number of posts. But I asked about 'most viewed.' 22,634 for the 'treadmill,' over 173,000 so far for th
407 Post contains images Da man : In terms of views, I think this one takes the proverbial cake, but in terms of posts, I think the Superthread (for those who are old enough to rememb
408 StarGoldLHR : Looks like just another 767 to me ?
409 Post contains links Da man : Well, I found the link to the SuperThread and it is newer than I thought (January 2006). CAUTION: 2700+ posts and the thread has crashed computers on
410 Post contains images Scbriml : Remember, this is the 787. You're not allowed to say anything negative.
411 KSUpilot : You have to look close sometimes to see differences, but not so much on the 787. Yeah you can look at it for two seconds and say looks like another wi
412 Olle : Congratulations for Boeing!!!!
413 Post contains images Iwok : In terms of views, I have no idea how to check out which is the viewed King. Ideas anyone? I think you are correct that we had lots of visitors poppi
414 CruzinAltitude : [sarcasm] Thank you for understanding us Americans and our stubborn pride! [/sarcasm]
415 ORDFan : Wow, she looks beautiful. The 787 is in a tight race with the 777 to be my favorite airliner (though I do have a soft spot for those A345s too). I wil
416 Wolbo : Looks wise I give it about 7 out of 10. The front view looks great with what seems to be very thin wings. The rear view is not distinctive at all, jus
417 Farrhad : Awesome shots keep it up my heart races even though she's not yet painted
418 Airevents : If I were an airline, I would immediately order some of these... Beautiful!
419 KSUpilot : I agree. I'm thinking the orders will flood in after the official unveiling.
420 Vfw614 : Looks a bit like a narrowbody on steroids in my opinion.....
421 Post contains images Elvis777 : Scbriml, You are definitely mistaken. All things good and bad should be talked about regardless of the manufacturer. I have been promulgating that ide
422 RJ777 : Uh.............. Check out the difference in the cockpit design in any 767 Photo in the database. Actually, it looks like the offspring of a 767 and
423 Post contains images MCIGuy : A twin is not a twin, is not a twin, IMO. The fuse width looks more like a 777 to me, I guess because of the size of the engines and of course, it is
424 JAL : Great shots buddy! Remind me again, who's the launch customer? Is it ANA?
425 Post contains images Argonaut : Welcome to my respected users list!
426 ZKSUJ : Great pics, thanks for showing it to us.
427 Mika : Wow, it really looks like a mini version of the A380 to me..the same chubbiness is prevalent. Great to finally see the complete 787 product, thanks fo
428 Post contains links and images Scbriml : It seems you missed my , or did you leave out "and not having a sense of humour" in your post? Spoken in jest, hence the wink. I agree. What frustrat
429 Post contains images HAWK21M : It would look better when in Dreamliner colours.Just a little wait. regds MEL
430 Luxair : Honestly, nice aircraft but definitively not WoW...was expecting to see a more spectacular aircraft...that said...well I like the engines...yeahh they
431 CruzinAltitude : I apologize if my message was not understood. I knew that you were being sarcastic, and I was playing off your joke. I think it's funny how some folk
432 Post contains images Scbriml : OK, sorry I didn't pick that up.
433 Ikramerica : Approaching 200,000 views for this thread!!!
434 DTW757 : Is there any word that it may be rolled out of paint at some point and to another area for the official rollout?
435 HB88 : Great pics. It sure does look like a pimped up 767 though - that stubby fuse and pouty-nosed look. Not quite as elegant as I thought it would be but I
436 Post contains links Peh : Hey mate, did you sell your photo to Associated Press? If not, I think they've pinched it. http://www.smh.com.au/news/news/boei...-jet/2007/07/04/1183
437 HAWK21M : Loking forward to the 7th. regds MEL
438 Post contains images DTW757 : Better hold your excitement until the 8th
439 Lexer : Elegant little flyer that, I luuuv the long clean wings. I have a crush on the the 777 and A332 for their wings too
440 IAHFLYER : SEAchaz, I do believe as well they pinched your pic. Good spooting on the photos. Peh good job at finding the photo's elsewhere.
441 Kuna : Now that is so wrong on so many different levels. Unless SEAchaz you work for the AP, they have no right to put that the photo was taken by them.
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