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GLA Terminal Airport Fire  
User currently offlineNighthawk From UK - Scotland, joined Sep 2001, 5361 posts, RR: 30
Posted (8 years 11 months 3 days 2 hours ago) and read 17716 times:

BREAKING NEWS on BBC - "Car on fire driven into terminal"

ATC has adviced airport is closed - no flights being accepted

A car on fire, tried to drive through the entrance to the main terminal. The occupants then began fighting with police and emergency services

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That'll teach you
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User currently offlineCardiffairtaxi From United Kingdom, joined Mar 2006, 303 posts, RR: 0
Reply 1, posted (8 years 11 months 3 days 2 hours ago) and read 17659 times:

Just seen this on the news.
Also,IBZ has a separate threat by ETA,the spanish basque terrorists.

User currently offlineJamotcx From United Kingdom, joined May 2004, 1037 posts, RR: 22
Reply 2, posted (8 years 11 months 3 days 2 hours ago) and read 17536 times:

We now have a BBC link.

Just saw some video footage from a mobile on Sky News

User currently offlinePYP757 From United States of America, joined Mar 2007, 148 posts, RR: 0
Reply 3, posted (8 years 11 months 3 days 2 hours ago) and read 17511 times:

I wonder if this is linked in any way to the failed attacks in London. Timed to coincide with the change of prime-minister. Scary stuff...

User currently offlineGilesdavies From United Kingdom, joined Dec 2003, 3203 posts, RR: 1
Reply 4, posted (8 years 11 months 3 days 2 hours ago) and read 17511 times:

Heres the link to the website


They are interviewing a witness o the phone now at the scene...

Stating it is was a Jeep Cherokee that was a fire, when driven through the terminal. One of the people in the car was on fire and they all put up a fight when tried to be restrained by police and security staff.

The witness also stated that both people in the car were of Asian/Muslim decent, and after they got out of the car were try to reach to the boot of the car. He is thinking they were trying to detinate a bomb in the car that failed to go off.

I am hoping this was not an attempted suicide bomb!

The airport is now closed to all incoming and outgoing flights.

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User currently offlineNighthawk From UK - Scotland, joined Sep 2001, 5361 posts, RR: 30
Reply 5, posted (8 years 11 months 3 days 2 hours ago) and read 17511 times:

two "asian looking" men in the jeep. They were takled to the ground by onlookers, one man reported to be on fire when fleeing the car

Car "exploded" shortly afterwards

That'll teach you
User currently offlineBmi330 From United Kingdom, joined Nov 2001, 1455 posts, RR: 1
Reply 6, posted (8 years 11 months 3 days 2 hours ago) and read 17439 times:

It is clearly ment as you cant get near terminal building as there are barriers to stop non taxi's getting near the building dam this is sicking on your door step.

User currently offlineThomasCook From United Kingdom, joined Aug 2004, 811 posts, RR: 7
Reply 7, posted (8 years 11 months 3 days 2 hours ago) and read 17439 times:

Sky News live with Aviation Security editor of Jane’s Airport Review and other eye witnesses:



A380 Crew
User currently offlineNighthawk From UK - Scotland, joined Sep 2001, 5361 posts, RR: 30
Reply 8, posted (8 years 11 months 3 days 2 hours ago) and read 17387 times:

the guy the BBC were talking to believes there were explosives in the car. When asked why though he handed the phone back.

Reports one of the men tried to open the boot, but was takled to the ground

Photo from Sky:

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That'll teach you
User currently offlineBmi330 From United Kingdom, joined Nov 2001, 1455 posts, RR: 1
Reply 9, posted (8 years 11 months 3 days 2 hours ago) and read 17389 times:

it looked quite a big explosion buy a picture just on the news!

User currently offlineNighthawk From UK - Scotland, joined Sep 2001, 5361 posts, RR: 30
Reply 10, posted (8 years 11 months 3 days 2 hours ago) and read 17348 times:

BREAKING "Man in car seen taking gas cylinder from car"!

That'll teach you
User currently offlineCardiffairtaxi From United Kingdom, joined Mar 2006, 303 posts, RR: 0
Reply 11, posted (8 years 11 months 3 days 2 hours ago) and read 17315 times:

I hope they put the building fire out,before tending to one of the occupants!  Angry

User currently offlineUK_Dispatcher From United Arab Emirates, joined Dec 2001, 2608 posts, RR: 28
Reply 12, posted (8 years 11 months 3 days 2 hours ago) and read 17260 times:

Quite a weekend so far. What next?

Quoting Nighthawk (Reply 5):
two "asian looking" men in the jeep. They were takled to the ground by onlookers, one man reported to be on fire when fleeing the car

We should finish the bastards off with matches.

User currently offlineNighthawk From UK - Scotland, joined Sep 2001, 5361 posts, RR: 30
Reply 13, posted (8 years 11 months 3 days 2 hours ago) and read 17171 times:

Quoting UK_Dispatcher (Reply 12):
Quite a weekend so far. What next?

Scottish schools broke up for the summer holidays yesterday, so the airport is expected to be extremely busy this weekend. Looks like they deliberately targeted this weekend

That'll teach you
User currently offlineBA777 From United Kingdom, joined Jun 2001, 2192 posts, RR: 6
Reply 14, posted (8 years 11 months 3 days 2 hours ago) and read 17133 times:


Filler. Filler. More filler.

User currently offlineScalebuilder From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 15, posted (8 years 11 months 3 days 2 hours ago) and read 17041 times:

Well.... this could be the ugly head of terrorism rearing it's head on the world once again. Let's wait and see what the investigation comes up with. It will be interesting to see if this incident has any kind of link to the recent but foiled attempts of terrorism in London.

The more power to the British and Scottish Law Enforcement for their diligent response. Luckily no loss of lives.

User currently offlineBmi330 From United Kingdom, joined Nov 2001, 1455 posts, RR: 1
Reply 16, posted (8 years 11 months 3 days 2 hours ago) and read 17040 times:

The guy who just phoned bbc said it was defo an attack!

User currently offlineImiakhtar From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 17, posted (8 years 11 months 3 days 2 hours ago) and read 17040 times:

"Two men, one of whom was reported to be badly burned, were seen being led away in handcuffs."


glad to see they got one of the madmen before he could do anything else

User currently offlineAeroWesty From United States of America, joined Oct 2004, 20822 posts, RR: 60
Reply 18, posted (8 years 11 months 3 days 2 hours ago) and read 16996 times:

Quoting Scalebuilder (Reply 15):
It will be interesting to see if this incident has any kind of link to the recent but foiled attempts of terrorism in London.

MSNBC is reporting the two cars involved in the failed bombings in London were stolen in Scotland, but the only connection is speculative.

International Homo of Mystery
User currently offlineBmi330 From United Kingdom, joined Nov 2001, 1455 posts, RR: 1
Reply 19, posted (8 years 11 months 3 days 2 hours ago) and read 16897 times:

lets hope they let him sufer way those burns!

User currently offlineSfuk From Canada, joined Sep 2005, 171 posts, RR: 0
Reply 20, posted (8 years 11 months 3 days 2 hours ago) and read 16797 times:

Quoting Bmi330 (Reply 19):
lets hope they let him sufer way those burns!

Amen to that.

Hope no one (else) was hurt.   


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User currently offlineNighthawk From UK - Scotland, joined Sep 2001, 5361 posts, RR: 30
Reply 21, posted (8 years 11 months 3 days 1 hour ago) and read 16796 times:

4 people have been arrested by police

That'll teach you
User currently offlineNema From United Kingdom, joined Feb 2006, 810 posts, RR: 0
Reply 22, posted (8 years 11 months 3 days 1 hour ago) and read 16706 times:

Police are suggesting that it is not a terrorist attack but a localised criminal event but eyewitnesses say it looked more substantial than that, one of the vehicles occupants was on fire and still put up a struggle after being extinguished by the police... will be interestring to see the outcome. Four people have been arrested.

There isnt really a dark side to the moon, as a matter of fact its all dark!
User currently offlineFFlyer From United States of America, joined Nov 2001, 733 posts, RR: 0
Reply 23, posted (8 years 11 months 3 days 1 hour ago) and read 16706 times:

Quoting Nighthawk (Reply 8):
the men tried to open the boot

What is a "boot" (besides certain kind of shoe)?

User currently offlineNoUFO From Germany, joined Apr 2001, 7992 posts, RR: 11
Reply 24, posted (8 years 11 months 3 days 1 hour ago) and read 16706 times:

Hopefully, no one was hurt.

Quoting UK_Dispatcher (Reply 12):
Quite a weekend so far. What next?

Indeed, I have seen better weekends, and I actually don't really want to know what comes next, but I wouldn't be surprised if we will be hearing from a second burning car someplace else.
Let's hope not.  crossfingers 

I support the right to arm bears
25 EK20 : Complete nutjobs! Chop their hands off!
26 BY738 : Boot- also known as the "trunk"
27 NEMA : It is our name for the Trunk
28 Post contains images Sfuk : Trunk   Stu[Edited 2007-06-30 17:55:40]
29 Moo : No, lets hope they treat him promptly and properly and not withhold any required treatment from him - we are so much better than they are, and by tre
30 ZANL188 : edit: removed redundant response to question. May the bastards burn in the infernal regions.....[Edited 2007-06-30 17:58:13]
31 VV701 : On BBC eye-witness has claimed one of the Cherokee occupants 'flamed the car'.
32 Art : Not too humane a comment. The British are by and large fairly humane in their attitude to others. Unlike people who would maim and kill others on acc
33 PanHAM : yes, but that does not reach their twisted minds. Of course he will be properly treated,but don't expect that he will thank the doctors for that. Rat
34 DiscoverCSG : Umm ... my first reaction: Scotland is an awfully big place, and this is probably coincidental. My second reaction: On the other hand, that's a lot o
35 NA : I wouldn´t insult religions by accepting that this kind of human scum has "religous views". They are just buckets full of hate and wrap Islam around
36 777fan : Save those comments for another forum. On an aviation note, what airlines are located in the terminal area that was hit? Kudos to those that interven
37 GLAGAZ : Every airline except TCX, MYT and EZY use the main terminal for check-in. I was the other side of the runway when this happened to photograph the dep
38 Pawsleykat : Everything... although EK, VS, CO and US all left prior to this.... you've got GSM, BA, Zoom, VS and FCA ticket desks all around tho I do believe...
39 Nighthawk : Most major UK charter and scheduled airlines.
40 Bmi330 : No offence guys but this happend about 6 millies from my front door and could have hurt or killed people I know and its been planned for the start of
41 BY738 : Very reliable sounding caller on news 24 saying man in Jeep poured petrol over himself etc. Deffo deliberate attempt. I hope they get their cummupance
42 Sfuk : This is very true. As has been said many times before, this a very small minority of muslims. I just wish this minoroty would get into there thick he
43 Moo : My point was not to make *him* thankful, but to give whomever takes his place in a week, a month, a year, 5 years or whatever something to think abou
44 PYP757 : Read on the BBC: "A Whitehall spokesman said the incident was not being treated as a national security threat." One day after the discovery of car bom
45 OPNLguy : Were not one (both?) of the vehicles involved in the thwarted London incident stolen in Scotland? A terrorist cell there perhaps, responsible for both
46 BY738 : Silly amateurish copycat event is the most likely
47 Pawsleykat : Just an update... BAA is saying that all flights out are SCHEDULED to go... not sure if they will, with all inbound flights being Delayed... me thinks
48 Nighthawk : the inbound flight was scheduled to arrive before the attacks happened, and it was cancelled, so NO link
49 ChrisNH : Thank goodness these terrorists are a few french fries short of a Happy Meal. I woulda sent 'em back into their burning Jeep until it exploded before
50 Post contains images Pawsleykat : Ok, thanks gavin.. just wondering JG
51 EK20 : Well a BBC reporter stuck on the tarmac since 5pm phoned the news from his mobile and told John Suchet that they were going to be there till at least
52 777fan : Video of the firefighters' efforts to extinguish the flames (on CNN) suggests that the car was packed with some sort of flammable gas cylinders; the f
53 Post contains images L-188 : I suspect that is exactly what we are looking at too. I wasn't aware that an SUV had a boot. Besides that thing is big enough, I can't figure out why
54 Post contains images BA787 : Any chance the death sentence could be brought back in? Bastards I would imagine BAA Glasgow are a bit worried that these men could have other people
55 Sfuk : It just goes to show how stupid these people are! Stu
56 LHRBlueSkies : Then unfortunately this makes you no better than those trying to inflict this destruction. We have our faults and our historic screw-ups just like an
57 USCGC130 : Yeah -- then they'll be SO ASHAMED of themselves, they'll have no choice but to change their ways. Riiight. These people are savages. Such examples w
58 Shuggie : The Queen is in Edinburgh opening the Scottish Parliament and I wonder if that was as much of a trigger for the attacks as the changeover of Prime Min
59 Pawsleykat : That's what I thought... It is quite high risk. How long will the airport remain closed... Will it be tomorrow morning or something it re-opens for f
60 Moo : Its a shame that some people just don't *want* to understand. These particular people might be violent fundamentalists, but they are vastly outnumber
61 AirportGal : and then prosecute the heck outa them....
62 Hiflyer : Better video on CNN indicates the vehicle was a Land Rover...not a jeep...not a big deal. Doesn't Tel Aviv have barricades in place to stop this....as
63 GLAGAZ : Witness report on Skynews there saying the police told the crowd to let the guy burn for a while. Damn right. Gaz
64 Pawsleykat : She is? I never knew of that... You would think... but EDI doesn't have as much international traffic... JG
65 BCAL : I have never been to GLA but looking at the picture in Reply #8, it seems that the entrance to the terminal is close to the drop off area. Surely ther
66 Moo : Bingo - these people are criminals, put them through the judicial system. To treat them as anything but a common criminal adds to their status.
67 Islander : Flight PK780 has been cancelled for the last few weeks (airline has problems I believe) so no link here.
68 Post contains images Gkirk : Very disturbing news
69 Star_world : Umm... two points. Firstly, the fact that you can see the vehicle proves that it was blocked by barriers, rather than being right inside the terminal
70 Ikramerica : It is sad that you feel that way. It's sad that you learned such backward thinking. It's even more sad if your national majority thinks like you, bec
71 Pawsleykat : Just watching a video on the news... What are the chances of these guys getting into the terminal/?... God Forbid it actually happened.. I'm scared he
72 Hiflyer : The same idiot that would drive into a terminal on fire in the first place????? FYI CNN now reporting TSA is upping security at airports in the US...
73 Cardiffairtaxi : Just been interviewing a passenger on the news,and he said he was ushered out of the building by an official. He said to the "official" should'nt we h
74 Bh4007 : To let the terrorists burn to death is practically appeasement - they want to die for their religion - why would we give them what they want? I say pu
75 F9Animal : This was obviously an act of terror. They failed, and they will continue to fail. Whatever they were trying to do, it is beyond awful to think that th
76 Cardiffairtaxi : I know if i had a choice who to help first,it would not be a terrorist!
77 Sfuk : Ikramerica, from the posts here (myself included) this IS NOT how the nation feels. Stu
78 Moo : Yup, because the current way is certainly making our future look rosy and our safety guaranteed. Punishment certainly has a place, revenge never does
79 Sketty222 : Just been mentioned that both EDI and NCL are on a "heightened state of alert" after todays events. This is because these are the closest airports to
80 GLAGAZ : Get real. What if one of your friends or relatives were there? What if it was yourself that these guys tried to kill? Would you still feel the same w
81 Pawsleykat : It's true... it's bad enough that one wants to take lives, it's worse that people want to do it in a crowded area where there is little chance of esc
82 Post contains images 6YJJK : Oh I hope not. Not out of any sympathy for the character on fire, but rather because this is just the sort of technicality some sh!tbag lawyer will u
83 474218 : The aft door leads to the boot (trunk), the place were the spear tire is stored and luggage is kept. Again I wish this was true also, most of these p
84 Sfuk : Dude, You miss understood my post. I was saying that Ikramerica's post was wrong and that the people I quoted (and me) would like these S.O.B's to ro
85 Gkirk : Roads leading to Edinburgh Airport have also been closed
86 GLAGAZ : Many apologies Stu. As you say, a misinterpretation. Gaz
87 Pawsleykat : BREAKING NEWS!: And Newcastle too.... Armed police have closed Blackpool too JG
88 TomTurner : Whats that supposed to mean? Can't pass up the opportunity get a shot in I guess. Wasn't it London where the innocent guy was mistaken for a terroris
89 Cardiffairtaxi : CWL also giving heightened security warnings.
90 Moo : They are criminals, they break the laws of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, including various specific statutes under the Te
91 Shuggie : That will effectively shut down the airport as EDI has no rail link and is a hell of walk from civilisation!
92 Pawsleykat : Although not on an aviation note here.. but just to let you know, the Royal Alexandra Hospital, where one of these "terrorists" has been taken, is now
93 BA787 : Cheap shot BA787
94 Sfuk : ...but a fair point. I'd of liked the UK police to have shot them a few times, not kill them, just let them suffer! Stu ps, I'm not a sadist!!
95 Post contains images Pawsleykat : Yeah... but next time they do so, let's hope they get the right guy, instead of some innocent Brazillian JG
96 JGPH1A : It seems from eyewitness reports that it was certainly a deliberate act, but It seems to have been pretty incompetent for a terrorist attack - who kn
97 Yfbflyer : Has anyone noticed that CNN has been using the same " LIVE " video of that truck burning for the last +2 hours?
98 Ferengi80 : Its just been reported on Sky News that the car deliberately appeared to head to the right before swinging round to approach the terminal at a better
99 Rbgso : I know this is non-aviation, but at a time like this international boundaries don't have much importance. If this is terror-related, it is an attack o
100 Post contains images DavidT : It's only a few hours after an attack and feelings are running high. I'm sure a few hours after 9/11 similar statements were bandied around by americ
101 Post contains images AirEMS : US Airports have increased security but the overall threat level remains at elevated.... From Alerts USA on my phone I hope everyone is ok and this do
102 Rlwynn : I would let the guy burn also. If I was in the near of an incident like this there is only one way I would be going. Away!! I would think that to move
103 474218 : It is opinions like yours that allow hoodlums in your country to burn cars every night and just accepted it as normal. I take it you don't own a car
104 Post contains images BuyantUkhaa : Image of the car: [Edited 2007-06-30 20:42:18]
105 Art : Sadly, they won't. At some point they will succeed even if that requires switching targets and methods. Perfect security does not exist in a society
106 JGPH1A : Errm, what has this got to do with anything ? You're talking about social unrest in suburban Paris, this thread is about someone driving a car into a
107 Hiflyer : Then the terrorist win......the fear.....the panic.
108 AeroWesty : MSNBC is reporting the reason for the hospital being evacuated was due to one of those captured wearing an explosive vest.
109 BA0284 : Unconfirmed report that there's been an explosion at LHR. Just coming through on BBC News 24! EDIT: Now theyre just saying it's a car fire...hmm... BA
110 Moo : Reports of a suspect package in Ibiza Airport now.
111 LH121GLA : Unconfirmed reports on BBC News 24 now - possible explosion @ LHR Reminder: UNCONFIRMED Edited: BBC News 24 now say car fire at LHR.[Edited 2007-06-30
112 Bh4007 : I'm not joking when I say I think the UK is under attack
113 Post contains images Pawsleykat : Yeah... I heard that too. Well, I suppose so.. but it's just a precaution... remember 9/11? they put all flights heading to the US on the ground ASAP
114 Moo : It *is* still a criminal act under the laws of my country and they should not be treated as anything other than the criminal they are.
115 Ikramerica : And yet while it's happening, people are denying it and being sympathetic to those attacking them. Even your government seems to be playing it down.
116 BY738 : The Ibize incident was ages ago and completely unrelated- the worry was it was an Eta incident, but has been resolved now.
117 AeroWesty : They said their source was ITN News in the UK.
118 BY738 : It was only a small area of the hospital around the accident and emergency unit. It is well planned and happens reasonably regularly so is well rehear
119 Aloha73G : YES, and it wasn't a terrorist attack....just a crazy person. The affected airport was on OGG on Maui. -Aloha!
120 AirFrnt : This entire thing seems really amateurish. It appears like the car was blocked by a divider, which means that whoever scouted out the location didn't
121 Moo : No one is being sympathetic. This country withstood a campaign by the IRA that was orders of magnitude greater than the current AQ inspired campaign,
122 JGPH1A : Thanks for the info. Now the Scottish police are apparently (according to the BBC/CNN) considering the GLA incident as a terrorist attempt, fair enou
123 Soups : Is GLA open? from GLA webiste: 19:40 BD7469 KOS BOARDING 19:45 EZY6993 PALMA BOARDING 19:50 BA1497 HEATHROW SCHEDULED 20:20 EZY218 STANSTED GATE OPEN
124 UPS757Pilot : At least one of the fuckers got burned and lived through it...dumbasses.
125 JGPH1A : BBC says all flights cancelled.
126 RobTrent : Just annonced on BBC UK is now on Critical Level alert.
127 Post contains images Pawsleykat : I thought they'd considered it to be a terror attack a while ago... Btw, and I don't mean to be over dramatising this or making it all about me, but
128 Tsaord : OMG I heard this on the radio on my way home for ORD this afternoon. Shameful thing. Just the calm before the next storm I fear.
129 JGPH1A : BBC/CNN saying the UK Threat Level has just been adjusted upwards to Critical, which would probably mean tighter airport security and therefore delay
130 Pawsleykat : Thanks for the info JGP.. will I be able to take my camera on board tho?? and that's what I fear too. JG
131 F9fan : I heard that all airports in Scottland are closed, including GLA and EDI. The UK government is now having a "cobra" meeting involving all cabinet mini
132 JGPH1A : As long as you can squoosh it into your single carry on - you know, the usual ! I expect they're more likely to make you walk the final 5 miles to th
133 Ryanair737 : Liverpool is having a few problems and is currently closed. Inbounds are diverting to Manchester, Thomson/easyJet are heading MAN's way. 737
134 Pawsleykat : I can do that... lol JG and p.s.. nothing aircraft wise has flown over here in a while and we get traffic from GLA and EDI, so me thinks they are def
135 Post contains links and images ThomasCook : MI5 Now Updated: Home Office 'An attack is expected imminently.' Thomas Cook[Edited 2007-06-30 21:46:52]
136 BY738 : 'An attack is expected imminently." Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
137 Elite : Sadly, that is the truth... even though security seems to be able to prevent the attacks from happening, it is also a win-win situation for them. We
138 DZ09 : Can you imagine the hell it's going to be travelling through a UK airport?
139 Post contains images Pawsleykat : Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! This is bad   and that's exactly what I was thinking, JG [Edited 2007-06-30 21:47:07]
140 JGPH1A : It wasn't exactly a day at the beach to begin with - all this extra "security" just adds up to 1001 reasons to fly via CDG instead (!).
141 F9Animal : Apparently one of the suspects died.
142 Scalebuilder : Indeed it does. However, I think the ongoing intelligence and infiltration efforts in Britain these days are so damn good that this operation was doo
143 Post contains images AirSpare : Lucas Electrics srtikes again. I don't agree that these people are criminals. These actions are acts of war, not crimes. Gitmo may not be the best so
144 RobTrent : Not being reported here - one is in hospital but still alive apparently.
145 ANother : Hey, can we cool all the knee-jerk reactions and limit posts here to 'civil aviation' (no pun intended). Take your uninformed speculations to the non-
146 Foxy : Passengers being able to disembark aircraft that were stuck on the tarmac in the past half hour or so, Passengers being bussed to SECC Terminal has "e
147 BY738 : Noone has died.....Ive no idea where people dream these stories up. EDI and PIK are not closed either.
148 AeroWesty : CNN has been reporting one of those involved in the attack has died, for about 15 minutes now. They just repeated it before the break.
149 ANother : Thanks So what's the story at Liverpool?
150 Ryanair737 : Liverpool is still deff closed, dunno what is going on there. FR9813 (Murcia-Liverpool) is diverting to EMA as we speak. 737
151 Pawsleykat : No, but everything is really badly delayed... 18:10 BA2943 GATWICK AIRBORNE 2027 19:10 KAJ6483 MONASTIR AIRBORNE 2102 19:20 BA1463 HEATHROW AIRBORNE
152 Trintocan : A shocking incident. This is indeed a crisis situation for new UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his Government, coming as it were on the heels of th
153 474218 : Who is Noone?
154 Post contains images LHRBlueSkies : This is a very good suggestion. Everyone has their own view of the world's problems at the moment, and an aviation forum certainly isn't the place to
155 F9Animal : CNN and a few other stations are reporting that the suspect in the hospital died. Also, apparently one of the two suspects had some type of explosive
156 SeansasLCY : Whats the situation at LGW and LHR regarding cars and drop off points ect. ??
157 BY738 : Do you really think they would have transported him in a public ambulance to a public A+E department with an explosive vest on....i mean really.....
158 BY738 : and the injured person is NOT dead
159 Foxy : Can confirm BBC is reporting that Liverpool Airport is closed "until further notice"
160 UKCO : Travelling from Manchester on Monday. Was travelling on the day of the liquid scare last year. Here we go again...
161 ANother : For the cousins = Emergency Ward.
162 AirEMS : UK Government raises terror threat level to CRITICAL, indicating a terror attack is imminet... From Alerts USA on my cell phone God I hope this stops.
163 JGPH1A : You get the alert level SMS's to your phone ? Taking a little seriously, don't you think ?
164 Diamond : CNN, FOX, and Associated Press are all reporting that two were arrested and one of them is now dead.
165 LHRjc : Sky News now reporting that LPL is now closed until further notice too JC
166 Foxy : "Currently detained suffering from severe burns - he is in a critical condition, Whilst he was being treated a suspect package was discovered and thus
167 Post contains links AeroWesty : Third paragraph: http://www.cnn.com/2007/WORLD/europe/06/30/london.alert/index.html "One of two men who drove the car into the terminal's main entranc
168 Foxy : CNN are wrong! If the suspect had died i'm pretty sure the Strathclyde Police chief would be aware of the fact
169 BY738 : He must be critical though. There are no burn injury facilities at RAH Paisley Hospital and if patients are stable they get transferred to the burns u
170 Ryanair737 : It has been closed for about 2 hours now, Sky obviously have got the info a tad late.
171 AeroWesty : Well great. We're telling you what we're hearing over here. It is what it is.
172 F9Animal : Uhhhh. Not sure, but the police just confirmed that the suspect that was transported to the hospital was found with an explosive device on him. I mea
173 Post contains images JGPH1A : CNN are now saying that security is being increased at some US airports too, linked to the incident at GLA. Any excuse...
174 BY738 : Slight difference between what the Police said and your earlier suggestion of an "explosive vest". The Police havent said what it is.
175 Cainanuk : 10 more feet to the left or right, there are no security bollards there and they could have just driven in the window and not the door. GLA got VERY
176 BY738 : Yes I suspect the Houses of Parliement style concrete blocks will no doubt pop up outside GLA before long
177 Post contains images Pawsleykat : Yes, thank God indeed. This just in; Strathclyde Police have released their Press Statement but cannot go into detail too far as this is still an on-
178 BHD : Have been out of contact all day and just trying to get up to date... Are there any indications or reports that i might have missed of when GLA will r
179 BY738 : Inbound flights being diverted to PIK. BBC reporter guessing, but said it could be "hours or even days" before it reopens. Suspect it will reopen at s
180 Diamond : Latest update on dead or injured: CNN just confirmed that there are three suspects. One has been arrested. One is in the hospital in critical conditio
181 Pawsleykat : I doubt it'll be closed for days, just very long security queues from now on, as was like following the August 10th security alert last year. And it
182 BY738 : CNN are really jumping on every suspicion. Police said they had no idea if there was anyone else involved as they could not check the car forensically
183 RIXrat : I see now that CNN is backtracking on the death of one of the suspects. I is calling it an erroneous report. That guy is still in critical condition.
184 Foxy : One becomes to wonder how CNN can possibly be considered a serious news organisation, or a credible source of information when they post such unsubsta
185 Swiftski : How well can PIK cope with the inbound diversions? Will diverted flights in be able to depart the airport for their "return" legs, only using PIK as t
186 Post contains images Pawsleykat : By the way folks... Just to update... Strathclyde Police are saying that the Airport will remain CLOSED until it is safe to return to normal flight...
187 Aleksandar : What is going on there?
188 Comeflywithme : Police saying the scene will remain intact overnight - with all the forensic investigation still to be done I can't see the airport opening till Mond
189 TCXDegsy : What interested me was that Sky News broke the news about 20mins before any other news agency.
190 Aleksandar : BBC also said something about passengers being trapped onboard planes in GLA. That sounds strange.
191 Pawsleykat : Due to the fact that everyone was being evacuated from the terminal, they kept all passengers on the planes so not to cause even more havock when the
192 BY738 : I think he was being ironic.....
193 Foxy : Well what more can one expect from part of Murdoch's Media empire?
194 Kgfive : PIK can handle the Aircraft as they have vast amount of tarmac space, it's the pax that could be a problem as terminal is not big enough for huge amou
195 Ryanair737 : LPL now accepting landings, think it has re-opened. 737
196 Post contains images AeroWesty : CNN is still reporting that a third person is in the vehicle and dead. One wonders how anyone sitting at home in front of their computer, not at the s
197 Aleksandar : No, I wasn't because CNN or BBC (can't remember now) said that passengers are in planes for hours. That confused me.
198 Foxy : I expect i can gain access to more reputable and substantiated information sat behind my computer than mickey mouse news gathering organisations like
199 Post contains images Kgfive : Think I better get off the Spice Rum ..... XLA8063 22:04 LIMP Landed 2204 FHY629 22:25 DALAMAN Landed 2225 TCX834L 22:35 FARO Landed 2235 TCX440P 22:4
200 AirFrnt : Hmm. Three major attacks on the biggest ally of the United States by people (at least affiliated with) a terrorist organization whose hallmark is pla
201 A320ajm : Sky News mentions nothing about someone being dead, just 1 person in custody and 2 in hospital - 1 with severe burns and the other has hurt his/her l
202 Post contains links Legoguy : CNN are only reporting two men in the car. Were they ever reporting three in the car? Also saying that they erroneously reported earlier that he had d
203 Foxy : Want to point out the post above is a misquote, I've never stated there was a third person dead in the Jeep
204 Foxy : The second person in hospital is said to be a member of the public
205 AeroWesty : Their website may have not caught up with what they're broadcasting. That news was last given out at the top of the hour. Now MSNBC is quoting the BB
206 Post contains images Lightsaber : First: to our British Aviation friends, we stand behind you. I know this is just words, but democracy must prevail over the threats of tyrants or fana
207 Post contains links Vfw614 : 30 June 2007 Glasgow Airport remains closed following the events of earlier this afternoon. The terminal is not expected to open until tomorrow mornin
208 DeC : Here's the VIDEO from FOX NEWS: [Edited 2007-07-01 01:28:46]
209 DeC : And RAW footage here:
210 Jbernie : I had the misfortune to be at a car dealer for a service and had 3 hours non stop of Fox/Sky news coverage of this, i think the only person they forg
211 Gilesdavies : Whats happening with the night flights coming in from USA destined for Glasgow? Are they leaving the US Airports or cancelled? Just watching the news
212 Cjpark : This was an act of hatred pure and simple. I hope those religious fascists get the punishment they deserve. They did not attack the military or even
213 DFW13L : Unfortunately, AA pulled out of GLA and doesn't fly there anymore. But yes, I'm curious what the other airlines are doing.
214 CLEfan : According to Continental's website, flight 16, the early evening flight, was cancelled. Flight 106, the 10:00 flight, took off for Edinburgh.
215 Post contains links VictorKilo : Continental canceled CO 16, their early departure from EWR to GLA. CO 106, their 10:10 departure from EWR to GLA, appears to be headed to EDI, accordi
216 F9fan : For those of you criticizing CNN et al for the errors in news coverage, keep in mind that the early reporting of ANY major news story often contains i
217 Jbernie : I will agree with you to a point, but at some point they should stop speculating and just report what is known. Fox had an Isreali Embassy official o
218 LTBEWR : This has been a serious terror event, but fortunately no innocents were killed. I hope the 2 that somehow survived this terror are in great pain but n
219 Jycarlisle : Truly horrible news for my beloved Scotland. Those bastards should suffer, with no mercy, with the burning flames. Jeremy Carlisle
220 Warszawa : Doesnt really matter really. While terrorists likely bomb to cause destruction, their primary goal is to kill. Therefore, if you have a central picku
221 Mah584jr : I agree with you but these stations are here to make money, not to serve the public. Glad to see the attack was thwarted and that everyone is okay.
222 Post contains images WunalaYann : Mate, I am sure your comment is well-intended. But please allow me to suggest that you re-phrase it along the following lines: "To you British people
223 Diamond : " ... Two men were immediately arrested at the airport. One was hospitalized with severe burns; early reports that he had died were erroneous. Watch
224 JGPH1A : Oh come on, it's not WW3 - calm down. All this rah-rah is not necessary and actually faintly embarrassing. Keep some perspective.
225 Art : Sad if the competitive nature of news coverage today leads to what is not the news being reported as the news (eg this is what happened when in fact
226 Post contains links Pawsleykat : Good Morning People. This just in.. The Police have begun to search houses in the Glasgow Area in relation to yesterday's attack. Also, BAA are tellin
227 Art : From the BBC website: "A suspicious vehicle that led police to close Liverpool John Lennon Airport has been removed for examination. The airport was c
228 GLAGAZ : From GLA website. Gaz
229 Post contains images WunalaYann : A figure that would make people at ORD celebrate...
230 BY738 : I dont understand that....?
231 Ajd1992 : Liverpool was apparently closed due to "Terrorist Activity" according to my dad. It reopened at around 4am this morning.
232 Jamotcx : Someone left a car unattended somewhere close to the airport. They also evacuated a hotel in Liverpool city centre as a car had been left on a double
233 Post contains images WunalaYann : O'Hare is famous for its high number of delays and cancellations. Bad weather and saturation are usually the reasons why. Sorry if my post was a bit
234 Ryanair737 : It was taking inbounds again at around 2345 yesterday night.
235 Post contains images Jenkingeorge : I will never give in to these terrorists, I will always carry on with my normal daily life
236 777fan : Funny, that when the US government attempts to do just that, it's met with fierce resistant from various special interest groups. Naturally, everyone
237 Post contains links BY738 : GLA open again but with severe delays and cancellations. Mostly dometic scheduled cancelled. Charters and long haul are mostly operating with some exc
238 Buckieboy : All, I've been entertaining friends this w/e and just found out about the GLA incident a few hours ago. What I have to say is largely not aviation rel
239 EDICHC : Just got back from a week-end away, and I mean away from TV, radio etc. Pretty shocked but not wholly surprised. Although alarming and distressing for
240 Post contains images Helvknight : Exactly. Precisely. I was in Manchester the day the IRA blew up the Arndale Centre and I've worked in Northern Ireland as well. We don't give in to t
241 Post contains images Lightsaber : If the "French southern territories" were attacked, I would express support too. Rah-rah? Nyet. True from the heart support. Terrorist attacks are fo
242 Post contains images Helvknight : yes, exactly.
243 Mika : How likely do you guys think it is that this car accidentally caught fire when these schmucks were driving it to it's final destination? I was thinkin
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