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The Official 787 Rollout Thread!  
User currently offlineRootsAir From Costa Rica, joined Feb 2005, 4188 posts, RR: 36
Posted (8 years 9 months 4 weeks 16 hours ago) and read 74477 times:

Hi folks,
As you know today will be held the official 787 rollout , the first presentation of a new family since 13 years.

Here is how it goes . Feel free to add any info.
Yesterday Boeing's 7-series jets formed a conga line at Boeing Field in front of the Museum of Flight, having been flown there from Everett as part of the celebration surrounding the rollout of the 787today.


today rollout will be at 3:30 pm PET

Any more info welcome

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User currently offlineZKSUJ From New Zealand, joined May 2004, 7220 posts, RR: 11
Reply 1, posted (8 years 9 months 4 weeks 15 hours ago) and read 74326 times:

Awsome, can't wait to see it. All the best to Boeing

User currently offlineJamesbuk From United Kingdom, joined May 2005, 3968 posts, RR: 4
Reply 2, posted (8 years 9 months 4 weeks 15 hours ago) and read 74240 times:

What time does it roll out BST? I'd like to watch the unveiling like i did with the A380 on TV.

Rgds --James--

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User currently offlinePM From Namibia, joined Feb 2005, 7293 posts, RR: 63
Reply 3, posted (8 years 9 months 4 weeks 15 hours ago) and read 74225 times:

Quoting Jamesbuk (Reply 2):
What time does it roll out BST?

Close to midnight. The details are on the Boeing website. (It's 7.30am in Tokyo if that helps!)

User currently offlineGift4tbone From United States of America, joined Dec 2004, 616 posts, RR: 0
Reply 4, posted (8 years 9 months 4 weeks 14 hours ago) and read 74067 times:

I'll be watching via the internet @ work....

Hope all goes as planned, can't wait.


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User currently offlineWILCO737 From Greenland, joined Jun 2004, 9320 posts, RR: 69
Reply 5, posted (8 years 9 months 4 weeks 14 hours ago) and read 74038 times:

oh wow, finally the 787 will have the roll out... Damn, I want to be there so badly...

Hope some guys will be there and we will see amazingly good pictures of an amazing new aircraft Big grin

WILCO737 (MD11F)

User currently offlineOA260 From Ireland, joined Nov 2006, 30011 posts, RR: 59
Reply 6, posted (8 years 9 months 4 weeks 14 hours ago) and read 73977 times:

Quoting RootsAir (Thread starter):
today rollout will be at 3:30 pm PET

11:30pm UK/Ireland 12:30pm CET

Are there any TV stations carrying it live does anyone know?? I presume CNN will have it.

User currently offlineBNE From Australia, joined Mar 2000, 3215 posts, RR: 12
Reply 7, posted (8 years 9 months 4 weeks 14 hours ago) and read 73960 times:

From the Boeing website; the listing for TV channels and the times of the rollout.


Time Zone Conversion for 787 rollout event scheduled for 3:30 p.m. PDT on July 8, 2007

Seattle Sunday 3:30PM
London Sunday 11:30PM
Rome Monday 12:30AM
Mumbai Monday 4:00AM
Beijing Monday 6:30AM
Tokyo Monday 7:30AM
Sydney Monday 8:30AM; I will be at work;  Sad
Auckland Monday 10:30AM

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User currently offlineHAWK21M From India, joined Jan 2001, 31875 posts, RR: 54
Reply 8, posted (8 years 9 months 4 weeks 14 hours ago) and read 73958 times:

Out here its on the 8th around 0400hrs local time.

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User currently offlineWILCO737 From Greenland, joined Jun 2004, 9320 posts, RR: 69
Reply 9, posted (8 years 9 months 4 weeks 14 hours ago) and read 73947 times:

Quoting BNE (Reply 7):

Damnit...  banghead   banghead  Thats exactly the time I have to show up at the airport for my flight! So I cannot watch it... banghead   banghead 

WILCO737 (MD11F)

User currently offlineOA260 From Ireland, joined Nov 2006, 30011 posts, RR: 59
Reply 10, posted (8 years 9 months 4 weeks 13 hours ago) and read 73852 times:

Quoting BNE (Reply 7):
From the Boeing website; the listing for TV channels and the times of the rollout.


Thanks for the link. Dont think I will be able to get it as both my sattalite dishes are fixed one is on Astra and the other on
Hotbird 3. I guess I will be reliant on CNN etc....

[Edited 2007-07-08 13:34:57]

User currently offlinePM From Namibia, joined Feb 2005, 7293 posts, RR: 63
Reply 11, posted (8 years 9 months 4 weeks 13 hours ago) and read 73775 times:

Quoting OA260 (Reply 10):
Dont think I will be able to get it as both my sattalite dishes are fixed one is on Astra and the other on Hotbird 3.

 eyepopping  I don't even own a television! (Yes, I'm one of 'those'...)

User currently offlineSQ452 From United States of America, joined Apr 2004, 1164 posts, RR: 0
Reply 12, posted (8 years 9 months 4 weeks 13 hours ago) and read 73695 times:

Quoting HAWK21M (Reply 8):
Out here its on the 8th around 0400hrs local time.

Assuming your in India it will actually be very very early on the morning of the 9th.

User currently offlinePC12Fan From United States of America, joined Jan 2007, 2580 posts, RR: 5
Reply 13, posted (8 years 9 months 4 weeks 12 hours ago) and read 73498 times:

As excited as I am to see the 787, I'm also hoping to get a copy of the 7 series group photo, that is cool!

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User currently offlineJetBlueGuy2006 From United States of America, joined Jan 2006, 1719 posts, RR: 1
Reply 14, posted (8 years 9 months 4 weeks 12 hours ago) and read 73423 times:

On the 787, what will the flight attendant numbers be?

I was on the 787 Roll-out site and every time they would show a mock-up of the interior, I didn't see the Flight Attendant Jump Seats, does anyone know where some of them will be located?

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User currently offlineEatmybologna From France, joined Apr 2005, 412 posts, RR: 0
Reply 15, posted (8 years 9 months 4 weeks 12 hours ago) and read 73364 times:

Can someone tell me where it will be broadcast over the Internet?

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User currently offlineZkojh From China, joined Sep 2004, 1859 posts, RR: 1
Reply 16, posted (8 years 9 months 4 weeks 12 hours ago) and read 73298 times:

hopefully skynews will pick it up, nothing on it yet, then CNN and FOX are both quite too at the moment ,

Vietnam time..
User currently offlineOGGFBORefueler From United States of America, joined May 2007, 70 posts, RR: 0
Reply 17, posted (8 years 9 months 4 weeks 12 hours ago) and read 73276 times:

I'm off today. If i'm not mistaken it comes on at 12:30pm HST/3:30pmPST

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User currently offlineDsa From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 18, posted (8 years 9 months 4 weeks 11 hours ago) and read 73128 times:


Been browsing the various aviation news pages and found this news site which has a '787 Launch Special' if any of you guys are interested. Gives info on satellite viewing and other order news. Will be updated througout the launch

BOEING 787 DREALINER LAUNCH SPECIAL: http://letsfindaflight.com/page_1181845192626.html


User currently offlineTristarSteve From Sweden, joined Nov 2005, 4344 posts, RR: 32
Reply 19, posted (8 years 9 months 4 weeks 11 hours ago) and read 73044 times:

Quoting Zkojh (Reply 16):
then CNN and FOX are both quite too at the moment ,

CNN announced that our friend Quest will be there, and it will be shown live.

User currently offlineAT777 From United States of America, joined Aug 2006, 196 posts, RR: 0
Reply 20, posted (8 years 9 months 4 weeks 11 hours ago) and read 72837 times:

Quoting PC12Fan (Reply 13):
I'm also hoping to get a copy of the 7 series group photo, that is cool!

Where can you get a copy of it?

On the Boeing website?

User currently offlineCorey07850 From United States of America, joined Feb 2004, 2537 posts, RR: 4
Reply 21, posted (8 years 9 months 4 weeks 11 hours ago) and read 72612 times:

Quoting Eatmybologna (Reply 15):
Can someone tell me where it will be broadcast over the Internet?

It will be on Boeing.com

Great username by the way

User currently offlineSpartanmjf From United States of America, joined Nov 2005, 580 posts, RR: 0
Reply 22, posted (8 years 9 months 4 weeks 11 hours ago) and read 72492 times:

Quoting Eatmybologna (Reply 15):
Can someone tell me where it will be broadcast over the Internet?


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User currently offlineKC135TopBoom From United States of America, joined Jan 2005, 12346 posts, RR: 51
Reply 23, posted (8 years 9 months 4 weeks 11 hours ago) and read 72217 times:

Quoting Jamesbuk (Reply 2):
What time does it roll out BST?

2330 your time.

User currently offlinePizzaandplanes From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 24, posted (8 years 9 months 4 weeks 11 hours ago) and read 72105 times:

Finally the day of the roll-out. I remember 3 years ago when they were still debating the design of it at the boeing mockup center. Now it has become more than a computer animation to a real flying machine.

So, if you don't have a satellite tv then you have to watch it online?

25 AirEMS : It is 1430 Denver Time (MDT) -Carl
26 Xaapb : I have satellite tv, the service is provide by SKY, but in what channel can I see it? what dose this means: ?? Satmex 5 K19 Digital 9 Mhz H 12071Mhz S
27 Skyhawk62507 : If the unveiling is scheduled for 1530 (3:30 pm) in Seattle (PDT) that would be 1630 -- 4:30 PM MDT -- right?
28 EYKD : What do you call "787 roll-out site", sorry? Mock-up is mock-up, it was just not so detailed. I bet there were no lots of other things that will be i
29 Ha787 : too bad i'll be driving from Sioux falls FSD to Omaha OMA today to catch an early morning flight tomorrow back califorina. I wonder if they will pod c
30 JAM747 : Will it be broadcasted on Cable TV? I have Cable TV/IO in New York.
31 Post contains links Slarty : Cable TV? I receive HD cable (Rogers) here in Ottawa, Canada, and have access to west-coast US HD feeds from Seattle (Detroit in the East). I checked
32 MadameConcorde : I am also one who does not have a TV so any good internet links that will carry the 787 rollout live are very helpful. I wonder what the thoughts of t
33 Post contains images FlagshipAZ : If roll-out is scheduled for 3:30PM Seattle time, that's 2:30PM Anchorage time. I'll be glued to CNN here, hoping they'll have extended coverage of th
34 OA260 : Just been an interview with Sky News with Sir Roger Bone President of Boeing UK. Showed the 787 being asembled and pointed out that 25% of the design
35 Arecibo : Who has a better photo of the parede of 7's ???
36 Rj777 : What time is that in Central Time? 2:30pm?
37 Stitch : 5:30pm
38 Luisca : For those of you in the US: 330 PDT 430 MDT 530 CDT 630 EDT Is it that difficult to figure this out? Fox would make a killing putting some A.netters i
39 Midcon385 : I'm planning to tune in and watch it online. I'm very excited as this will be the first rollout I've watched. Of course, like everyone else, I'd love
40 Post contains images FRAspotter : oh be nice...
41 Post contains links and images ZANL188 : View Large View MediumPhoto © Kevin Scott
42 AirEMS : Alright who said you could point out my mistake! I've been up since 515 am and I'm not all here!! but thanks for catching my screw up Skyhawk -Carl
43 Wants2fly : Per Boeing website, Dish Network will be broadcasting the event on Ch. 9601 but when I called Dish just minutes ago, the Customer Service representati
44 Skibum9 : It looks like the RR 747 has a much larger engine mounted inboard. Any ideas on which engine it is? Also, hard to tell from the picture, but is the DL
45 Venezuela747 : If you got Directv in the US tune into channel 576......I cant believe there is a whole channel special to this
46 Lee : Anyone know how to program Sky TV in the uk to receive this ? W2 TXP F6 CH A1 - ENGLISH PAL D/L: 12674.58 V ??
47 FlymeFASTER : HD would be awesome, but I seriously doubt it. If it was going to be in HDTV, I think they would be announcing it to the hilt. On that subject, we'll
48 N328KF : DirecTV has a set of channels that they rent out to companies for special events, such as this one. Some time, check out some of the other stuff on t
49 ZANL188 : That 747 is the RR engine testbed. The larger engine is RRs 787 engine.... Trent 1000 I believe....
50 IAHcsr : It's the testbed for the 787's Trent 1000..
51 OA260 : Yes id like to know this also???
52 Post contains links JetBlueGuy2006 : www.newairplane.com, there is a 787 launch site
53 777MAX : Does anyone know if there's a channel for South America on DirecTV? I'm in Venezuela and I'd kill for a place to watch the unveiling! This is a glorio
54 Foxy : Anyone know if BBC or Sky News will be carrying extended coverage of this the UK, or am i better off sticking to the webcast?in
55 Mdsh00 : I'm sure it will be there. Dish tends to have extra channels at the end in the 9000s, just like DirecTV has rented out channels. The customer service
56 Stitch : That is the Trent 1000 testbed engine. As to the roll-out being in HD, NWCN (NorthWest Cable News) will be showing it live here in SEA, but they are
57 LTU932 : That can't be right. Isn't Ireland in the same timezone as the UK (GMT in the winter, IST (the same as BST) in the summer)? Anyway, I'm eagerly await
58 DL021 : I'll be tivoing the whole thing....amazing that Boeings going through these lengths to market this aircraft to the end users....i.e. the passengers...
59 DLOnur : Yup. DL 767 with new livery. Looks great IMHO.
60 Deltadude8 : Sky Team is well represented in that Parade of 7's....If anyone gets some better shots...I'd like to see some...Thanks!
61 Awayfrmitall : Hey all, Long time reader and 1st time poster here so I am sorry my 1st post has to be in the "stupid question" category. Does anyone local know what
62 NWA742 : Are they rolling it out from Building 40-26? If so, when was it moved back there from the paint shop......last night? Surprising that preview pics of
63 EYKD : I was surprised about this too. We've got an excellent coverage of first 787 born / delivered, but never seen it swaddled in the livery.
64 Nuggets : When setting my Tivo up to record it from DirectTV, the summary said that Tom Brokaw was the host and that there's a musical guest. Interesting. I can
65 NYC777 : Probably becasue there are airline logos on the side for custoemrs that have yet to be announced over the next few hours.
66 Cobra27 : Why the f... can't somebody tell in UTC time?
67 L-188 : They forgot to include the 720 in the Congo line!!! But to be honest, anybody else think that Boeing screwed up by incuding this aircraft in the 700 s
68 Post contains images Britjap : In Japan the dating system is Years Months Days. In the UK it is the opposite, Days Months Years. BUT... Our US cousins write it Months Days Years. (I
69 OA260 : 3 hours 53 mins to go and the current time in the UK/Ireland is 7:37pm so it must be correct. 11:30pm UK/Irish time. CNN now showing on the ticker ''
70 Awayfrmitall : Yes that's been the plan all along.
71 BritJap : Yeah I kinda of figured it must be. I would be really really impressed if it had been the plan ever since the aircraft launch!
72 Bh4007 : When will they add the 787 entry into the photo search tool?
73 NWA742 : They should get it going pretty quickly - aren't they trying to have the first 787 roll out picture on the web here at A.net? Clickhappy and Johan ar
74 Post contains images LTU932 : Yes, but in your previous quote you said that the time of the Rollout in Ireland was at 00:30 CET, that's what I was talking about. But anyway, still
75 Post contains links and images AirframeAS : I read the same thing in other threads. I hope this works!! I will be watching the roll out on http://www.newairplane.com at 3:30pm.
76 Post contains images MCIGuy : Thank you, thank you, thank you! 46 inches of LCD goodness and nothing to watch on it!
77 NWA742 : Now under the 3 hour mark. As IAD787 would say..........onward, -NWA742
78 Boeingluvr : Any news on which channels in Canada will be viewing the rollout. Like Global or CTV or CBC? Anyone know?
79 Post contains images Trekster : Goin to watch it on that site. Never seen a live launch of a brand new aircraft before
80 SEPilot : Hey, come on; this is peanuts in the grand scheme of things. When you're spending 8-10 billion on a new product a few million for publicity is not ou
81 Post contains images MCIGuy : Anyone else notice that on the roll out site the window it looks like the video will be in is in 16x9 format? The tech's available, I suppose they'd b
82 Glom : I have to wait til 11:30? Damn you, Euclid!
83 Post contains images MCIGuy : NOTICE: There is activity at the roll out site! The show begins in less than 30 minutes! Edit: There's a live audio feed, I can hear people talking! S
84 102IAHexpress : Dish Network channel 9601 is viewable. I see a large room filled with chairs, but I have no audio. Is it just my audio setup that is not working?
85 Trekster : Audio, all i have at the mo is an annoying high pitched tone. Not long till the start
86 Post contains images MCIGuy : If you hear the tone, your audio is working. I could just hear people talking a little too close to the camera.
87 Post contains links NWA742 : It's only 1:16pm at PAE? I'm not seeing or hearing anything at http://787premiere.newairplane.com/ -NWA742
88 BandA : The webcase seems to be a few minutes behind the Dishnetwork 9601
89 MCIGuy : " target=_blank>http://787premiere.newairplane.com/ They were showing the room with all the chairs and a few people in the pic a minute ago. I HOPE TH
90 OA260 : CNN Europe just said the unveiling will be shown live in a few hours and that a ''dreamliner'' special will be shown tomorrow (Monday) at 1430 GMT and
91 Wants2fly : Just check my Dish Network CH. 9601 and I do see the promo. I don't have the audio either but there are still 2 hours to go. This is so exciting! We a
92 Trekster : about 10 min ago there was a 25 min countdown. Have it int eh borswer and running through media player The tone is getting annoying though i did just
93 RoseFlyer : I'm off to the employee event at Qwest Field. I'll give a report of that if anyone cares. Its really weird to be going to a football stadium for such
94 Mike89406 : Update less than 5 mins ago i seen an auditorium with black and white chairs a handful of people walking around. I guess my conern before will I get t
95 Trekster : We should be able to see it online a well
96 Vasu : "How will you travel through life? 787 Dreamliner Premiere 07/08/07" "Idle" Is everything working ok? Is that normal?
97 MCIGuy : I'd refresh it, unless there's a several minute lag.
98 Post contains links Trekster : http://787premiere.newairplane.com/ Are you on this link, or the main page of the site?
99 Vasu : That one
100 Ebs757 : They are now broadcasting the viewing guide
101 Post contains images FighterPilot : Hmm I see "Idle" on IE, and "Loading" on Firefox. Cal
102 Nirvarma : Ok, it seems to be playing something on IE but not on Firefox. Anyone else notice that? NV
103 Post contains images Vasu : Bingo! Got it sorted now
104 Bh4007 : I would recommend using IE for the video (http://787premiere.newairplane.com/) but some people with slower connections may struggle as the video is bi
105 Trekster : I noticed that. I reverted to IE, you need to download a plugin for firefox. Im sick of doing that now, so have started using IE more. Also have it o
106 Post contains links IAD787 : A change of plans. "Good news of a long-awaited event will arrive soon." No joke, that was my fortune cookie last weekend. The good news has arrived.
107 Trekster : anet has already seen the first pics of the complete plane, abliet not in house colours
108 Nirvarma : Wow i see movement....
109 Ebs757 : Im now seeing lots of empty chairs!
110 Trekster : I hope the cam moves. Were only seeing the seating area ??
111 Post contains images FighterPilot : I still don't get anything on either IE or Firefox Cal
112 Post contains links DAL1044 : For a few, high-profile hours on Sunday, Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner captured the world’s attention as it was unveiled during a multimedia extrava
113 Mike89406 : The Huge auditorium along with the black chairs facing the 1/2 front and the white chairs on the back 1/2 are being shown along with people maingling
114 Post contains links Nirvarma : Hey, try this URL in Wndows Media Player.... http://tpn.edgeboss.net/wmedia-live/...n/22571/500_tpn-english_070627.asx NV
115 Mike89406 : They were doing a light test in the auditorium dimming and brightening.
116 Post contains images FighterPilot : Thank you! Cal
117 Trekster : I keep hearing things, but very quietly?? Hope its louder later on
118 Trekster : NICE Just seen some new views CANT WAIT
119 Nirvarma : Your most welcome....enjoy NV
120 Ellehammer : Watching it on Firefox just fine, except for that annoying tone. Well, now at least it is overlaid with some soothing music... [Edit:] tone gone know,
121 Mike89406 : Chairs are just beginning to fill up. They were also showing pics from the assembly line of the 787 along with the High Pitch noise. According to my g
122 BandA : thank god, music is much better than the god awful tone... but what the heck??? there is paid programming again on 9601 Dishnetwork HIP-HOP ABS!![Edit
123 Post contains images MCIGuy : The tone is gone and there's classical piano there now. Filler, I'm sure.
124 Mike89406 : They went to music instead of the high pitch sound with the Live auditorium view. Then a intense static drowning out the pic, the Direct TV Placard is
125 102IAHexpress : Dish Network channel 9601 just went un-viewable for me. I get the “this is a subscription channel which has not purchased” blue box.
126 NW748i : I'm in a similar situation... I'm in the DC Metro area and have Verizon FiOS TV. I don't see them listed in Boeing's list, but I'm hoping that since
127 9V-SPJ : I don't get anything from the Boeing website or the link listed above. I think we should just give them some time and wait till about 1500 PST. 9V-SPJ
128 MCIGuy : The webcast just shows a black screen now.
129 Post contains images Trekster : Im getting Idle now. No fair
130 6YJJK : My internet stream just went down altogether, too. Problem with the feed from the event?
131 Bh4007 : I'm sure the video we've just been seeing is just a test - it will probably restart nearer the time....
132 SEPilot : I get the same; but the program guide says "Boeing Co." again at 6:00 EDT. I assume they had some tentative plans for 4:00 that didn't come off; but
133 BandA : is it just me or has the webcast gone blank?
134 Ebs757 : Sounds correct but lets hope so
135 Mike89406 : I assume the actual program is not being viewed until 1500 PST however this was my original concern do I have to be subscribed to 576? or will it jus
136 Mike89406 : I still see the DirectTV Placard on 576 and just music.
137 T773ER : Coverage will start agian in little less then an hour.
138 Post contains images Jpax : I was able to view it before with that annoying tone, now its just "Idle"...neither the "http://tpn.edgeboss.net/wmedia-live/tpn/22571/500_tpn-english
139 Tsaord : Im going to do my Tae Bo workout, Shower, get my granny's dinner and tune in!! It starts at 5pm for me in Directv!! let's go Boeing!!![Edited 2007-07-
140 MCIGuy : Ok, I'm a little worried, not overly concerned, but a little, One hour to go and still a black screen.
141 Nirvarma : Well according to Boeing, the best time to view is around 10:15 local (in AKL) which is in about 45 mins so hopefully the feed will be back up before
142 Bh4007 : It's probably blank for a reason: does Boeing really want us to see people preparing for the roll-out? This whole event seems to be built on suspense;
143 Dxborbust : i wonder if cnn will show it... it's currently the number one story on cnn.com. you'd think they'd be smart enough to show it after hyping it like tha
144 Post contains images MCIGuy : Not for long, the little British girl, Margaret Hill was just released by here Nigerian captors.
145 AlexPorter : DirecTV doesn't show the actual program as starting for another 15 minutes, and it's a half-hour after that until the actual scheduled rollout.
146 Fl370 : i don't have satalite tv, so where can i watch the 787 ceramony? fl370
147 9V-SPJ : Its back on the internet stream provided above. 9V-SPJ
148 Post contains links AirTranTUS : Here: http://787premiere.newairplane.com/
149 Post contains images A388 : CNN doesn't show anything so far which I don't understand. I thaught CNN would definately broadcast the 787 roll-out live and have interviews before a
150 Mike89406 : " target=_blank>http://787premiere.newairplane.com/ And follow the tips of people watching the webcasts in earlier posts above if you have any issues.
151 Post contains images NYC2theworld : Urgh!!! Why am I getting Idle!!! Its 40 min before showtime!!
152 Midcon385 : I'm getting idle too on the site and nothing on WMP so it's not just you... Tim
153 Trekster : Im still getting idle on the net !! Dan
154 Post contains links and images BA0284 : Nope..nothing on firefox or IE for the feed for me "IDLE"everywhere anyone any suggestions?? i've tried http://tpn.edgeboss.net/wmedia-live/...n/22571
155 CactusHP : Same here. I am not getting anything. It just looks like a picture that says "How will you travel through life?"
156 Post contains images Airtechy : Direct TV could have chosen some better waiting background music...such as "Leaving on a Jet Plane".. Jim
157 Mike89406 : 3 mins to go and still the Direct TV placard with music don;t feel bad people if you don;t see anything I don't and same with others.
158 HMan : Me too! I installed everything they say and I'm using IE, which I usually never do.
159 Post contains links JMV : According to this MSNBC article, the rollout has already taken place. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/19665201/ "EVERETT, Wash. - For a few, high-profile
160 Midcon385 : Same here. I'm sure they'll get it going soon as it is a half hour until the big event. Tim
161 Post contains images 6YJJK : It was working for me earlier and now it isn't. It's them, not you. (Not that that helps any!)
162 102IAHexpress : Dish Network 9601 became viewable again. Looks like the show has started!
163 Mike89406 : Something came on just now.
164 BandA : dishnetwork 9601 is back on Boeing now.
165 Bh4007 : Still nothing here in the UK!!
166 Post contains images DAL1044 : JMV look at reply 112. I caught that quite a bit ago. I think that gal hit the bottle early today!
167 Trekster : Looks like they released the article a little early??? Dan
168 Mike89406 : Some pre show with the Aviation of old is on along woth some slides and animations cool.....The show looks like it has started.
169 Post contains images BritPilot777 : Me to! I even tried the windows media player link and nothing
170 T773ER : It has started on dish network!!!!!!
171 Tsaord : 576 on Directv has begun!!! Lets go Boeing!!! OK I hope this is not 30 minutes of history lol.
172 Trekster : U on a net feed or telly?
173 Wants2fly : Dish Network just started some video clips on Boeing. Looks like some kind of pre-show. Pretty cool!
174 CactusHP : Still nothing on the 787 premiere site.
175 Bh4007 : Ok - 25 minutes for the feed to start/get repaired!!
176 Midcon385 : Must be telly as AFAIK there's nothing yet on net (which is what I'm using).
177 9V-SPJ : Windows Media link is working, just a bunch of short clips right now 9V-SPJ
178 Mike89406 : Ditto! 576 DirecTV is working a bunch of little presentations about how will you travel through life. In between presentations you can hear faint noi
179 9V-SPJ : I see something! On the WMP link!!! 9V-SPJ
180 Post contains images FighterPilot : Hmmm still nothing on any links. Cal
181 T773ER : Its now showing the seating again.
182 Bh4007 : Can anyone else confirm their WMP link is up?
183 Ourboeing : The link is not working for me. Do you mind posting the link? Thanks
184 Wants2fly : Video clips ended. Showing people at the event. Music in the background. I see people moving.
185 Post contains images LOT767SP-LPA : I have the same problem here in Poland/Warsaw, just idle What is gonig on???
186 BandA : the CC (closed captions) said "Ladies and Gentlemen, please standby this is just a test... We appreciate your patience"
187 Foxy : No joy with WMP here either
188 Dxborbust : at no poin today have i ever gotten a single second of footage from anything online. ive tried the windows and everything. its hard to believe they do
189 Post contains images NYC2theworld : Hmm, still nada here...
190 Edelag : Just tuned in to Dish Network 9601, show begins in 18:01 mintues
191 Pizzaandplanes : Can you provide the link? The one I see is idle. Thanks.
192 Mike89406 : They're showing the crowd now looking at the clips. Dont feel bad if there isn't web feed for all yet.Just over 15 mins to go
193 Nirvarma : Can you post the URL for the WMP stream? NV
194 Post contains images Bh4007 : Maybe we've overloaded the servers It doesn't seem to be hosted by Boeing?? bh4007
195 Tsaord : 17 minutes!!! I hate suspense lol. Is anyone from A.net there in person??
196 Post contains links 9V-SPJ : Here is the link: http://tpn.edgeboss.net/wmedia-live/...n/22571/500_tpn-english_070627.asx 9V-SPJ
197 NWA742 : Also have nothing on Boeing's site or the wmp link just yet. ~15 mins to go! -NWA742
198 Foxy : I just get a blank screen with WMP saying it is ready with that link
199 Midcon385 : Thanks for that, but nothing at all. No response from the site in WMP and still "Idle" on Boeing's site. Tim
200 Trekster : imnot getting anything with that link???
201 Post contains images FighterPilot : Everything is probably testing thus far, and whats suppose to be shown probably won't start till the official start. Cal
202 Post contains images OURBOEING : [ I get a blank Windows Media screen and nothing else. Oh well..I'll keep in trying
203 BritPilot777 : Looks like CNN will be showing it folks, for those of us who can't get it online!
204 777MechSys : Clickhappy should be there. I'm sure we will have photos and a banner shortly.
205 9V-SPJ : Can anyone see the link I posted above? If not, I will just post the mms link if that helps. 9V-SPJ
206 Airtechy : The Direct TV channel is working...just showing a large audience.
207 Scott0305 : me neither getting nothing so far through the website or the WMP link
208 RIXrat : My Boeing site says loading. I had sound earlier, but now it is just silence.
209 Post contains images Bh4007 : I don't think we should worry until half past the hour - we're not missing much I suppose; it would be nice to have the stream established, though
210 LOT767SP-LPA : Great!!! on CNN will be live presentation, watch
211 FlymeFASTER : DirecTV is under way as of this minute. Lots of people in the hanger. They're just announcing to the crowd now. Emergency exits being announced.
212 MCIGuy : Nothing on the Boeing site 15 minutes out! I'll be beyond pissed....
213 Stitch : For those in SEA, PDX, GEG and BOI - NWCN is carrying the event live right now.
214 Copaair737 : Can't wait for this. Truly a revolutionary day in aircraft.
215 OA260 : CNN's Richard Quest will be reporting live and they just showed him . Edit actually its on NOW
216 Post contains images OURBOEING : I already am This is ridiculous..
217 Post contains images PPVRA : Oh man this is so exciting. I remember the day Boeing announced it, and it's here!!!
218 Bh4007 : holy crap - it's UP!!!!!!
219 Foxy : Ah bingo the Boeing feed on the site is working for me now
220 Pizzaandplanes : Boeing site is working!!!
221 NYC2theworld : Thank god FiOS TV has CNN International...I'm still pissed the website/WMP link is not working.
222 Iflyatldl : It's not on here (CNN) in the US-I have it on right now.
223 BA0284 : It works on their website! woo!
224 Katwspotter : yup ^^^^^ its up!!!!
225 MCIGuy : Well I guess that's it then, we web folks on WMP don't get it. Fark this!!!
226 SeaTac : I wish Road Runner cable has this show...
227 Bh4007 : Ok - is anyone else getting freaking foreign interpretation on the web feed????
228 FlymeFASTER : Don't blame you, but don't be surprised. A bandwidth crash is certainly possible, any big Net event is like that.
229 Post contains links DTW757 : The link is now working at http://787premiere.newairplane.com/
230 NYC2theworld : Just noticed, the english and spanish feeds are mixed up. english link=spanish feed and vice versa!
231 Ikramerica : It's on on Dish Network. Right now they are showing all the 7 series videos while the audience watches. Mostly get to watch the audience watch the vid
232 Buzz100ca : Finallly! It's about time!
233 Foxy : Hm getting Italian commentary atm despite clicking on the English link[Edited 2007-07-09 00:21:10]
234 Trekster : I can see it on CNN!!! Rather have it on the net
235 Scottieprecord : Is the video saying it's "idle" for y'all? -Mike
236 6YJJK : Yup - Italian. Meh?
237 CactusHP : Yea. I am hearing some person speak some other language other than english.
238 BA0284 : haha it's all in italian..brilliant!
239 Post contains links PeachAir : I get nothing on the Boeing website ( http://787premiere.newairplane.com ) Just a screen that says "idle". Is there anywhere else on the web we can wa
240 LTU932 : It's started, but the languages are scrambled. I'm hearing Italian and English sounds, even though I clicked on the English link.
241 UairFokker : WMP says the playing list is not valid, what do I do?
242 SirOmega : Why am I getting some foreign language via the webcast?
243 HMan : Working on the website!!!
244 NW748i : What's with the Italian?!
245 Aerofan : is anyone getting that woman speaking in italian?
246 Katwspotter : i think they are fixing it
247 Ebs757 : its on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
249 Post contains links Nirvarma : it's on it's on http://tpn.edgeboss.net/wmedia-live/...n/22571/500_tpn-english_070627.asx NV
250 Mike89406 : It's just showing different versions of & & model aircraft through history still not officially started as far as the formalities yet. Maybe for the w
251 Bh4007 : Ok - just figured - click on the SPANISH link below the video to get ENGLISH audio
252 Scott0305 : English is actually feeding Italian. Spanish is English.
253 PPVRA : I get english on the french service ol
254 Wants2fly : Boeing website working. Speaking in non-english language even though I am on the english page. This is cool. Webcast is about 20 sec later than Dish N
255 Midcon385 : Watching on the website now. Tim
256 HMan : Go to German, that's actually English!
257 NYC2theworld : Note, the english feed is on the spanish link!
258 Post contains links AirframeAS : Its working on http://787premiere.newairplane.com/ now!!!
259 Airtechy : The web link is up and working!
260 FlymeFASTER : Looks like online is with about a 30 second delay. I've got both laptop and DirecTV running it.
262 LH498 : Mamamía; i have it on italian altough I pressed one for english. But working at least...
263 Post contains images Bwest : it's still idle here...damn
264 OURBOEING : I just hear it but there is not picture.. Are you guys seeing the picture?
265 Buzz100ca : Finally! It's about time! Congrats to Boeing and all of the people who put numerous hours into the lead up to this day.
266 Post contains images MCIGuy : Yeah, it's up for me now.
267 PILOTALLEN : oh cool got it now really exciting!
268 Aerofan : ok good to know- yep i think we are all on the smae page now. just people milllling around and such and chamber music. and someone talking about diffe
269 Midcon385 : I have picture and video in English on the web in IE.
270 FlymeFASTER : Try refreshing your screen if it isn't playing, that worked for me.
271 OURBOEING : I get the "How will you travel throughLife? page..no realtime video..
272 NYC2theworld : Anybody else getting every couple of seconds static on the audio on the webpage? Is it better in WMP?
273 Post contains images FighterPilot : Wow, the WMP link works... I just wish I was there Cal
274 Ebs757 : Could someone let me know how to download it....my flash thing isn't detecting it
275 OURBOEING : I am only hearing static now..no picture or audio
276 Bh4007 : Yes and i get very low vol crowd noise?????
277 Midcon385 : I can confirm the static but it's working on WMP and IE6 the same. Tim
278 102IAHexpress : If you’re still getting idle, try right clicking on the video feed and select refresh. In any event the video feed seems to be a few minutes behind
279 Post contains images FighterPilot : 5 Min! Cal
280 71Zulu : Yep, getting the static every now and then, but not gonna worry about it 5 MINUTES he said !!!!
281 Katwspotter : i hear the static too
282 Tsaord : is there something wrong with the sound or is it just Directv??? Look at all those people?? Not to mention the world wide audience!!
283 Nirvarma : the audio is breaking up a bit for me...anyone else notice that? NV
284 Post contains images Airtechy : The audio is blanking a lot ...
285 SirOmega : I'm getting really spotty audio. I can hear the static coming on/off. Hope boeing can get it fixed!
286 Bh4007 : 5 minute announcement - static on web feed
287 BA0284 : the sound cutting out is a boeing problem i think, it happens both in the WMP link and on the link on the website. at least i've got pictures!!
288 FlyVail : Watching on DirecTV. Sounds like they're having some audio issues. Bummed that there's no HD feed. Just announced 5 minutes to go. BTW, just joined up
289 BladeLWS : Got that to!
290 71Zulu : dang, static getting worse
291 Par13del : Watching via dishnetwork, 5 mins to go Looking forward to the show, saure it will be worth it.
292 Dampfnudel : I'm still getting idle despite refreshing several times.
293 NYC2theworld : It seems as though TV is real time, followed by WMP, then web page...oh this audio is making it unbearable.
294 FlymeFASTER : They announced to the crowd to take their seats. Don't know about you all, but the sound is horrible and breaking up on DirecTV.
295 Post contains links Ellehammer : http://787premiere.newairplane.com/ is terribly choppy here in Brussels, Belgium, even on an ADSL connection....
296 Bh4007 : try toggling between languages??? Is anyone else getting REALLY loud static periodically???
297 Post contains images N751PR : Just tuned in on the online stream. Also getting the spotty audio...
298 Micstatic : I'm having the garbled audio problems also. 2 min to go
299 Post contains images Rampkontroler : sound sucks here in ohio too....
300 Scottieprecord : yeah im gettin more n more static here...
301 MauriceB : am i the only one with some kind of buzz in the sound?
302 Post contains images Go3Team : Stupid static, some of you stop watching so I can see this.
303 TuRbUleNc3 : audio keeps cutting out on this end, pictures good though
304 Mike89406 : The DirectTV reception is good however the Audio feed is really choppy.
305 Edelag : Thank God its not just me. I thought for a second there that I was the one with the problem. Let's hope they can fix it, or even notice that it is br
306 RJ777 : The audio feed is very choppy!
307 MCIGuy : Intermittent sound in Missouri. I waited 5 years for this?
308 BAalltheway : English seemed to be in coming in spanish and vice versa before, any one else having that problem?
309 Skywatch : I'm getting the audio cuts as well...at least I will be able to see the plane!
310 FlymeFASTER : Yep, it seems unanimous, sound is chopped up everywhere.
311 MauriceB : the buzz seems to be fixed (well atleast not that worse anymore)
312 TuRbUleNc3 : Doubt they would do anything, its a bit late now!
313 Post contains images NZblue : horrible sound on my directv site here in DEN. what a shame
314 Ctbarnes : Same here. Keep your fingers crossed they sort it out in the next couple of minutes... Charles, SJ
315 Bh4007 : Now i have really creepy motivational music?? Choppy too....
316 9V-SPJ : Come on Boeing! Fix the audio! 9V-SPJ
317 Post contains images San747 : 2 minutes! And yes, I'm getting the annoying sound problem too...
318 LTU932 : The same with the webcast. At least the video feed is perfect.
319 NYC2theworld : Refresh the page, english is now english, ok it starting! with horrible audio!!
320 Warszawa : Watching via Dish Network here...picture is fine, but friggin audio is chopping in and out!
321 TheSilverBirds : Is anyone (with the video working) getting an annoying static sound every 5 seconds?? UGH
322 Pizzaandplanes : When will the pic be uploaded to this site?
323 N751PR : It's now 3:30!! Here we go!!!!
324 Post contains images FighterPilot : Too bad about the audio, oh well... It's not like it's needed to see the 787, unless they are going to start her engines! Cal
325 Post contains images RCoulter : Sound problem here also....
326 Edelag : It just started, and now there is just static. F***
327 SirOmega : Well at least we know its boeing's fault with the audio and not one medium (web, tv, etc). Maybe they need to work with Apple instead of MS - streamin
328 FlyVail : Sound just got worse - c'mon guys get it working!
329 Bh4007 : great its gone freaking spanish again!!!!! and LOUD
330 MauriceB : great, almost no sound at all now...
331 NYC2theworld : now the audio is just really crappy, but no static...progress is being made.
332 Warszawa : Some hardcore rock n roll playing right now...massive static.
333 BladeLWS : Now its continuous static!
334 Post contains images Ikramerica : Sound is in and out on Dish Network. It was fine up through the lame rehashed videos. What a load of crap. Is this what to expect from the IFE on the
335 DLX737200 : Not getting anything on the stream online
336 Tsaord : its past 2 minutes!! I think they are now trying to fix the audio! It has gotten irritatingly bad!
337 MCIGuy : Much worse now!
338 Bwest : I don't even have sound...
339 KATL757 : Now it's even worse.
340 ContnlEliteCMH : ARGH! Sound on DirecTV 576 is UNINTELLIGIBLE!
341 FlymeFASTER : Good thing they tested their equipment in advance for this multi-million dollar broadcast! Gawd!!!
342 KhelmDTW : The sound!!! ITS SUCKS!!!!
343 Mike89406 : Yes even on DirectTV its horrible Audio. Staticly, Choppy etc..
344 Bh4007 : Well someone needs firing.....
345 Par13del : Yep video good, audio work in progress, both online and dish
346 Post contains images PanAm330 : Why is it chopping so much?! Agh!
347 N751PR : Are you using Firefox? I've had a similar problem when tuning in with that browser so I switched to IE for the occasion.
348 TheBigOne : UK READERS - Live on Sky News now!!!
349 NWA742 : Sounds better now! -NWA742
350 Post contains images MauriceB : Fixed!!!! just in time
351 BladeLWS : I THINK THEY FIXED IT!!!!!! ON EDIT: Maybe not...[Edited 2007-07-09 00:33:24]
352 AeroWesty : Watching it here on NWCN, and the audio is breaking up at times, but overall is very clear stereo.
353 Katwspotter : back to a good audio feed...some static
354 AndrewUber : It sounds better now - if it just STAYS this way we'll be fine!!!! Nevermind, back to skipping and skull-crushing static. ARGH
355 MCIGuy : Good sound for a few moments anyway....
356 Bh4007 : Ok audio better now but there are intermissions......... Great job Boeing....
357 BandA : Dishnetwork Sound is crap
358 Post contains images GAIsweetGAI :
359 FlyVail : Somebody's losing their job over these audio issue. Bank on it. Just intermittent static now on DirecTV.
360 Mike89406 : Looks like its starting
361 Post contains links Ellehammer : Unfortunately also crappy sound on http://tpn.edgeboss.net/wmedia-live/...n/22571/500_tpn-english_070627.asx - It doesn't need to be like that, I reme
362 Ebs757 : its not letting me go full screen anymore.....
363 YHMYYZspotter : Is anyone watching it on TV up here in Ontario? I got CNN on and it's not showing anything????
364 Lostturttle : I guess the servers can not handle all of us............
365 DL767captain : is it on on the website yet, it just says idle
366 RIHNOSAUR : hello every one, I can get a live feed but the audio fades in and out??? is it the feed or something with my computer settings???
367 ChicagoOhare : audio seems to be working better now, thank god
368 Edelag : I just got sound. Beautiful.
369 OA260 : NOW LIVE ON SKY NEWS UK !!!!
370 Dampfnudel : Now, I see it. Here we go.
371 Stitch : The sound at the event is dicey. I am watching it live on local TV and it was bad, but now stable as the first video starts on screen.
372 CactusHP : Now it is a video.....pretty neat.
373 San747 : Finally my sound is working!
374 BladeLWS : Ok now I think they fixed it!
375 NYC2theworld : Wow, they got it working just in time for the start!!!! way to scare us all untill the last minute!
376 Mike89406 : I certainly hope so....[Edited 2007-07-09 00:38:15]
377 BA0284 : wheeey it's sounding really good here!
378 Bh4007 : Yey - weird music (a flute??) but Its tons better!
379 Tsaord : I think its working now!! Who are those F/A?? Are they from the different airlines or just actresses??
380 NW748i : ADSL!!! That's a flashback... I've got FiOS (getting some 50 MB/sec downstream) and still my video quality is ok... but the sound! awful... I knew th
381 Midcon385 : Sound and vid is crystal now.
382 Pplsxprs75 : I'm trying to watch online and nothing???? Any word on what the deal is????
383 Aerofan : yeah- it kicked me out of full screen as well and now it wont go back!
384 Warszawa : Sound is fine now via Dish Network satellite
385 Post contains images Bh4007 : What has this got to do with the 787 lol!
386 Ag92 : No noise difference here, but at the moment it is as if I am having another History Lesson with whats being viewed Regards Ag92
387 NYC2theworld : To celebrate all the different countries that have ordered it.
388 MauriceB : Works fine with me... didn't knew the 787 was Chineze...
389 Midcon385 : Sound and vid is perfect on Boeing's site for me. Boeing CEO talking now. Tim
390 Post contains images Stitch : Just ask John Leahy!
391 Warszawa : Haha yeah I know what you mean...lol.
392 B7X7 : Wear is it on in the UK, there web site is not showing it.
393 Glom : It's on now! 787 rising!
394 FlyVail : Good afternoon to you sir....let's see it!
395 NYC2theworld : Ok this is nitpicking but audio/video synch needs to be worked on...tee hee hee
396 Post contains images RDUDDJI : DTV feed is beautiful here in Chicago (ironically, I'm right across the river from Boeing's HQ), only complaint is that it's not HD
397 Warszawa : Do you all notice that the CEO is reading off a teleprompter? There were LCD monitors in each direction he looks at the bottom of the stage (noticed i
398 Pplsxprs75 : Just got it now. WOOHOO
399 By738 : Sound no picture in UK
400 VSLover : what link are you using??
401 Bh4007 : 717 users logged on - record????
402 KrisYYZ : I can't see or hear anything from Boeings Live feed.. what a massive disappointment. KrisYYZ
403 Mike89406 : Well up to the last mins before the start the Audio was bad for a little but it's great now. Hmmm
404 Post contains images Stitch : He's a CEO, not an actor, so he doesn't need to memorize his lines.
405 71Zulu : Still getting idle on Firefox, switched to Internet Explorer and it is working perfectly !!!
406 FlyVail : Could not agree more.
407 Cainanuk : I am in the UK and I am using the live feed on NWCN.com, it is relatively decent!
408 PC12Fan : OK, what gives? I'm only seeing "idle time".
409 Stitch : And here's Tom Brokaw...
410 NYC2theworld : Go to IE...OMG NO SOUND!!!
411 TuRbUleNc3 : all my sounds gone now? wtf
412 MauriceB : sounds gone.... anyone else?
413 San747 : Crap! My sound just completely cut out!
414 FlyingDoctorWu : Looks like the audio sync was off on NWCN... I turned back to the web... can get it in full screen on my mac so... but audio seems to fudging up agai
415 Kmh1956 : I'm getting the screen and nothing else....says 'idle' underneath. I'm pissed.
416 Bh4007 : OMFG where the hell is the sound
417 SirOmega : And there went the audio.
418 BladeLWS : Audio just cut out! Someones going to get canned for this...
419 KPWMSpotter : Ahh! Just lost all sound!
420 RCoulter : anyone elses sound just cut out?
421 Ebs757 : now im not getting audio
422 Longhornmaniac : Mine too! GRR!!!!!! Cheers, Cameron
423 BA0284 : sound's DEAD. you must be kidding me
424 Post contains links BY738 : http://787premiere.newairplane.com/
425 Post contains images Ctbarnes : Tom Brokaw is announced and the sound goes. Think it's a coincidence? Charles, SJ
426 Scottieprecord : Tom brokaw? lol didn't know he was gonna be on
427 Midcon385 : Yes.
428 Skyhawk62507 : Anyone else lose audio on the webcast right after the Brokaw intro???
429 Alitalia744 : sound just died... FILLER FILLER
430 Katwspotter : it is out...ahhhhhhhhh
431 Omoo : gret the audio is gone now....
432 Post contains images RootsAir : What happend to the sound????
433 Kaneporta1 : bring the sound back!!!
434 Stitch : It's fine if you are getting it via TV, as I am.
435 ETStar : Lost the sounds again
436 Ellehammer : yup, sound much better here as well, great! ---Ehh, but now it disappeared completely, just as Tom Brokaw is coming on... - Rather flaky experience!
437 Eyes2thesky : 717 users checked-in on airliners.net. Is that a record?
438 PeachAir : Just lost all sound as Brokaw took the stage
439 Post contains images PanAm330 : Um, NO AUDIO! WTF?
440 San747 : Wow, Tom Brokaw looks old... and I still have no sound!
441 Wants2fly : OMG - The Chinese language one is really bad. I am sorry, but she can't speak Chinese
442 CactusHP : We all just lost all the sound!!!
443 N751PR : Did we just lose audio when Tom went up?
444 NYC2theworld : All the audio/video technicians are going to get reamed out for this major blunder. Dear god I don't want to be in their shoes now or tomorrow.
445 Post contains images Imiakhtar : the sound has gone!!!
446 Glom : Where's the person doing sign language?
447 Scottieprecord : yeah now my sounds out =(
448 NML1011 : Couldnt get it to work on Safari or Firefox. Had to switch to the PC.
449 BAalltheway : Anyone know how long the program is?
450 Post contains images 71Zulu : NO!!!!!!!!!!! Audio is dead
451 Pplsxprs75 : Has anyone watching online lost sound? I have no sound now.
452 Aerofan : not getting audio now either. twas the mention of tom brokraw that kaputted it
453 Stitch : Audio is fine at the site. Hearing Tom fine via TV. Must be the web broadcasts...
454 Post contains images RootsAir : CNN Europe is not showing it! Pissed off
455 NW748i : Consdiering that it's Tom Brokaw, this is a blessing...
456 Ag92 : No music in English Lets learn and improve on my previous knowledge of Spanish now Regards Ag92
457 Post contains images Skywatch : The audio was great until it left altogether..
458 SirOmega : Its only the english feed, i can still hear what Tom is saying on the spanish feed.
459 Post contains images Birdseed : Trying to watch online. Absolutely nothing. Go Boeing. Well it's now 23.45 here so I'm off to bed.
460 DAL1044 : Yes the sounds out it appears
461 Post contains images RootsAir : CNN Europe is not showing it! Pissed off
462 Post contains images MCIGuy : I see Tom Brokaw but now audio, nice.
463 LTU932 : Yup, all gone for me as well.
464 BladeLWS : It's guaranteed that there will be some firings/keel hauling! AND THE SOUNDS BACK!
465 Post contains images PanAm330 : Wee! Fixed
466 Skyhawk62507 : It lives! Audio back
467 Stitch : The 787 is now rolling across the tarmac to the building!
468 Feroze : and the sound's back
469 Post contains images FighterPilot : Sounds Back! Cal
470 San747 : Sounds back! Thank God!
471 B52overSMF : NO NO NO!!! Audio auudio AUDIO!!! Wait- It's back!!! Whoop whoop!
472 UAL757 : Sounds Back now :D
473 Kaneporta1 : Sound's back !
474 TuRbUleNc3 : we're good with sound now, thankfully!
475 Post contains images Mdsh00 : sound is back
476 Katwspotter : its back w00000000000t
477 Post contains images RootsAir : YAYERS SOUND IS BACK !!!!!!!!!
478 Ebs757 : back on but shitty "Your post should be relevant to the topic discussed."
479 6YJJK : Have you tried doing it direct through media player? Hit "Wbcast tips", and click the English link in the bottom of the popup. Works for me.
480 ETStar : it's back now filler
481 Thebry : It works on the Mac if you have the "flip 4 mac" plug-in from Telestream. It makes QuickTime think it's Windows Media Player.
482 Post contains images Kneus : Boeing sure knows how to build aircraft. But web tv obvious isn't their core business
483 Post contains images 71Zulu : It's back!!!!!!!!!! Man, they're killing us
484 Post contains images N751PR : Sounds back on!!!
485 Bh4007 : The audio is back - this is going to be a hard night!!!
486 ContnlEliteCMH : If you're watching on DirecTV 576, the feed is actually a widescreen feed compressed to 4:3. If you have the ability to resize it correctly to widescr
487 NYC2theworld : Sound back....finally, and in sync....but couple pops in the sound here and there.
488 Post contains images DL777Dude : Sound is back! Oh Yeah!
489 Halls120 : sound back on now filler filler
491 Scottieprecord : sounds half-on now here
492 Pplsxprs75 : Audio back on for me now, but choppy.
493 Tclark9992 : sounds back! Good thing boeing makes planes and not internet broadcasts
494 FlyVail : Audio just got bad again on DirecTV
495 Glom : This is not good advertising for the IFE.
496 Ikramerica : what an embarrassment for Boeing. throughout the world, NOBODY will get to hear this thing. it's screwed up on web and on satellite! whatever happened
497 Stitch : Brokaw's sound is breaking up via TV.
498 San747 : It's back but choppy...
499 Tsaord : The sound is crakcing again! OMG what are they doing???
500 BigWNFan : Now it sucks again _ _ _
501 Omoo : it is back on the left channel only.......it must be the server load or something....
502 Mawelsh : Broken Brokaw audio now.
503 BladeLWS : ARGH!!!!! NOT AGAIN!
504 Ctbarnes : At least the video is still working. Chances are we'll still be able to see it even though the sound is dodgy. Charles, SJ
505 BWIA 772 : Thank you so much on the boeing site i was only getting audio
506 Rampkontroler : man...how frustrating this is!
507 Post contains images CactusHP : Now, the audio is broken. It was good, but not anymore.
508 Post contains images RootsAir : Sound seems to be shitting around!
509 Post contains images EELonghorn : I guess we know why boeing got out of the ISP business. Alright, right channel is mostly back.
510 Skywatch : Audio is back...sort of...It's choppy but getting better. Filler Filler
511 Mike89406 : Sounds a little choppy someone gets fired for this I hope.
512 Ag92 : It seems to be back albeit it cuts alot
513 Post contains links FlyingDoctorWu : use this link on your mac... http://tpn.edgeboss.net/wmedia-live/...n/22571/500_tpn-english_070627.asx you can have quicktime open url... that being
514 Post contains images GAIsweetGAI : Still no sound with Media Player! edit: oops, works now. [Edited 2007-07-09 00:48:41]
515 KrisYYZ : Ok, I had to stream it directly through Windows Media Player, the sound is a bit lagging. Can't wait to see her.. KrisYYZ
516 BandA : Sound turned crap again... ARGHHHH!!!
517 Stitch : NWCN TV just showed the 787 being towed to the factory. She is in full colors without the NH tail. She looks great![Edited 2007-07-09 00:48:14]
518 San747 : A little better, not so choppy... but not perfect.
519 Post contains images ETStar : i wonder if the 787 itself is going to be as choppy
520 NWA742 : Oh God what idiots did they hire to webcast this? -NWA742
521 Post contains images RCoulter : I love that I own a Subaru STI
522 San747 : Sounds 90% good again. Some random static.
523 Post contains images Pplsxprs75 : This makes me want to scream.
524 Jpax : Sound up and down and up and down, crap and good crap and good.
525 Mdsh00 : Cut them some slack people, can you imagine the loads on their servers? There must be thousands of people logging on.
526 Rara : Now English is mono channel. What an embarrassment.
527 ManchesterMAN : Go Kawasaki - you guys rock!
528 Glom : There's static in Japan. How analogue! Cue Leahy saying, "Our static is digital!"
529 BladeLWS : And there goes that audio, dead...
530 UAL757 : Whew lotsa posts in the last minute and sound is gone now! AHH
531 Ag92 : Sound is down again Filler
532 Omoo : ok, it back now...much better but still choppy, ooh well.......its free at least we get to see the damn metal box,
533 Stitch : The Japanese feed is fine via NWCN TV. Show us more pics of the plane, guys!
534 Tallguy14 : I can't get ANYTHING except for the IDLE loading thing...I'm very pissed! Using a mac here, Safari and Firefox. Help!
535 Skywatch : I have it back and it's almost perfect! I just hope it doesn't go to pot again...
536 PC12Fan : I know we want live, but lets hope there is a DVD release of this or something because this blows. I can't see s***!
537 Mawelsh : Poor guy, the audio...mITSubiSHIT
538 FlymeFASTER : So funny for the Japanese speakers to be so reserved, then the big yahoo at the end of their speeches.
539 San747 : Now it's on to Italy...
540 PiedmontINT : Boeing obviously made the scrubs in IT run the broadcast while everyone else gets to go to the hangar to go to the presentation
541 JayDub : Once again... You people will bitch about anything...
542 FlyHoss : Absolutely nothing for me via the Boeing webcast site; no sound, no video. Nada. Zip, zilch, zero.
543 ETStar : If the stream does not work, then your SOL. Need Windows Media Player to view if can't get past the IDLE message on the flash video
544 71Zulu : Hate to say anything, but they might have it worked out now sounds good here on IE webcast
545 NW748i : I wish U.S. workers donned nice uniforms like the Japanese that we just saw...
546 Pplsxprs75 : Even though the audio keeps counting out how cool is this?????!!!!!!!!!!! This is really exciting.
547 Post contains images FighterPilot : Things seem to be going good now. Cal
548 Post contains links FlyingDoctorWu : Do you have Flip4Mac? If so, then that makes quicktime plan the WMP codecs. You can use this url in quicktime player and it'll come up. http://tpn.ed
549 Post contains images Travatl : No wonder our P.A. systems always suck......
550 San747 : Now onto South Carolina...
551 Stitch : Well now we know why nobody had a pic of LN01 being moved last night, because she wasn't. I hope a.netters at PAE snapped pix of her crossing the brid
552 Aerofan : loosing audio again. it is now very garbled.
553 FlyingDoctorWu : Yeah South Carolina (my home state)! Nice work on the panel pics! you are live Whitchita!
554 NYC2theworld : seems as though audio problems are resolved...have been fine for me for a while.
555 San747 : Now to Wichita. And for me, knock on wood, the audio has been perfect for the last 5-10 minutes or so...
556 Post contains images Bh4007 : Did airbus have an A380 roll-out feed? Was it as good as this one?!
557 Omoo : they are trying to fit in, this feed is the best, good quality too, not choppy
558 NW748i : To bad they showed Whitchita is being somewhere in Manitoba...
559 Post contains images Jpax : Shall we keep making useless rants and replies until we get 787 replies?
560 CainanUK : Audio has been fine on NWCN.com. Picture not as good but audio fine. I reckon by this time tommorow there will be at least 1000 pics of the 787 easily
561 NYC2theworld : I was waiting for this...lol
562 FRAspotter : I'm about to go insane with all the streaming and sound issues!!!
563 FlymeFASTER : Shush San747!
564 Post contains images AirframeAS : Tom Brokaw seems to fit the occasion very well!
565 Rj777 : OK. Looks like they fixed it!
566 Thebry : Just got a nice bump in audio quality!! Woo hoo! This is soooo cool!
567 Post contains images FighterPilot : I've got goose bumps guys! Cal
568 Post contains images San747 : I know, I know, sorry!
569 Post contains images Stitch : I guess Boeing put the kibosh on NWCN showing more of the plane as she taxis into position.
570 Post contains images N751PR : I'm game.
571 Zkojh : God, Sky News UK are gay, no live feed there more into the morning pappers and CNN are doing sport, can't find any live feed from the uk!!! watching i
572 NYC2theworld : I'm going to say anybody having streaming issues is because of their location/download speed. I have FiOS 20Mbps down and its been perfect for a quite
573 Skyhawk62507 : Not that they aren't entitled... but sheesh, is Boeing milking this for everything it's worth, and more. C'mon guys, show us the damn plane!!!!
574 ETStar : Sure. I thought the goddamn plane was going to be revealed 27 minutes ago. Life does not have to stop while people yap.
575 Cainanuk : Go to NWCN.com.
576 Caribbean484 : Man this is coll and the sound is now fully back
577 Glom : Works much better through wmp.
578 San747 : Looks like they're going to show the cabin now.
579 OptionsCLE : Can someone please take a break from talking about the audio and actually post a WORKING link to a video stream? The video on the Boeing site won't wo
580 Aerofan : ha- that's a lie! Boeing never asked me what i want when i fly!
581 BOS2LAF : Is this not working on the Mac for some reason?? Seems awfully dumbassed that Boeing wouldnt consider multiple platform support.
582 Itsnotfinals : I think everyone is having streaming issues. I have a 6 Megabit connection thru 2 NICS and I am still getting buffering issues, it's on Boeing's end u
583 Post contains images B52overSMF : Straighten your tie Mr. Brokaw.
584 Omoo : i second that
585 AA87 : anyone know what time est they'll stop talking and bring on the main event ??
586 Ag92 : Ca we have a Part 2 of this, its becoming really laggy now
587 NYC2theworld : Firefox and/or Macs have problems viewing it. Best bet is a windows PC or a link above that lets Quicktime view WMV files...a 100 or so posts up I th
588 Post contains images FighterPilot : This is what I'm using, and it's been working for the past 20 odd minutes. Cal
589 Stitch : LN01 was being towed from the paint shop to the factory a few minutes ago, so she should be in position shortly.[Edited 2007-07-09 01:03:37]
590 Jpax : Go Boeing Go! (1 post closer to 787 replies)
591 Post contains images ETStar : Need to mention that 350 did come first ...
592 Bh4007 : I think we should keep this thread going - the 787 roll-out deserves a massive thread!!
593 Post contains links BNAtraveler : I am on firefox on a mac and it is perfect when you use Flip4Mac and hit the following URL: http://tpn.edgeboss.net/wmedia-live/...n/22571/500_tpn-eng
594 Post contains images FighterPilot : We should at least make it to 787 replies. Cal
595 NYC2theworld : No, perfect video/audio on the website...depending on lots of factors between boeing and you depends on your video/audio quality.
596 KSYR : Stream and audio work fine for me. No problems for me at the 787 premiere site; everything is coming through crystal clear!
597 San747 : Agreed.
598 Ellehammer : ah, that Italian designer-woman was sweet, congratulazioni!
599 FlyVail : A pianist? Come on - show the airplane!!
600 Post contains links FlyingDoctorWu : http://tpn.edgeboss.net/wmedia-live/...n/22571/500_tpn-english_070627.asx
601 Thebry : Wow... now we're getting a concerto!
602 FlymeFASTER : So will that pianist be on the plane when we ride it too?
603 Post contains images Aerofan : nice speech by that italian designer lady
604 Skyhawk62507 : "...And now Zippy the Wonder Squirrel will surprise and delight attendees around the globe, who were hoping to see a plane unveiled sometime within th
605 Mham001 : jeez, not a f******* pianist
606 Jpax : Those are some massive windows on the inside shots!
607 Pizzaandplanes : You need to view it in internet explorer not firefox.
608 Dampfnudel : Enough with the new age stuff and let's see it.
609 San747 : I'm hearing a bassline too...
610 ManchesterMAN : Someone shoot the pianist and show us the airplane so I can go to bed !!
611 Glom : How many airlines are still saying they're going with 8 abreast config?
612 Katwspotter : i dont know why but the song reminds me of United
613 FlymeFASTER : Funny enough, the interior is probably what passengers will notice the most. Yet the bird we get to see today doesn't have it, huh? 'Tis empty!
614 IL62M : I want to see the plane already!!! Pianist? What are they thinking about??? I need to get up in about 4 hours to go to work here in Moscow :cry: C'mon
615 Post contains images Stitch : Last report was 33%. Perhaps this will shame more into doing it.
616 Jpax : Yes, please!
617 Omoo : dang, show the freakin plane already,..........................
618 Post contains images RootsAir : When will they show the aircraft. Its getting late here in Central europe . BTW I think this thread must be close to the record of the most rapidly vi
619 NYC2theworld : This isn't going to be a wham bamg just drag it out on the tarmac deal. Its going to be a whole marketing presentation. This reminds me of the first s
620 ConjureMe : Man, this is embarrassingly bad in my opinion...But then again I've never liked Tom Brokaw.
621 Post contains images LTU932 : Not a massive thread, but a superthread!
622 Post contains images SQ948 : I want to see the airplane NOW. I have to get up early tomorrow
623 TuRbUleNc3 : i wish we could just get on with it now, its late.
624 Stitch : Shouldn't be much longer. I expect the 787 is in position now.
625 Jpax : Yes!!!! Another speaker!!! woooo hooo
626 San747 : Did they do this whole thing with the 777? Obviously not a web feed or whatever, but was it like this with the 777?
627 FlymeFASTER : Hey folks, they're proud of this bird. We can wait a few more minutes, can't we?
628 Halophila : Blah blah get on with it
629 Tbnist03 : I just want to see it in its glory...All this talk is somewhat detracting (for me) to the premier and hype...
630 Post contains images Mdsh00 : The Euros up late at night remind me of the time I went to sleep waiting for the A380 to take its first flight.
631 Post contains images Jpax : I suspect it was in position long before the crowd arrived... but thats me.
632 SLCPilot : So who has the pictures of the plane outside? Maybe one of the local stations?
633 San747 : I'm fine. I'm not getting impatient... yet.
634 NYC2theworld : Don't think so, when did the 777 come out, 15 years ago??? That is forever in internet years. (and its capabilities).
635 Pplsxprs75 : The song had motifs of Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue, which United used for their ads.
636 FlyVail : Come on Carson, don't pander to the NIMBYs
637 FlymeFASTER : The curtain drops and.... it's the Sonic Cruiser!!!!
638 Post contains images Halophila : Great, soon we'll have to start dressing up to fly again *groan*
639 Trekster : When im in work at 1015,no we cant wait anymore haha
640 Post contains images Stitch : You would be incorrect. NWCN showed her being towed over during the initial presentations from Japan. I've already seen her, so whenever is fine by m
641 DrExotica : How many people are in the crowd - any estimates?
642 Jpax : Or the A350XWM mk. XVII, a sly move by Airbus after their 'we've gone soft' congrats!
643 Post contains images Thebry : Hah! Carson flubbed and referred to the 787 as the 707. He's showing his age
644 Stitch : And Carson dings the A345.
645 FRAspotter : Wow, this guy is telling us what we already know! Show us the damn plane!!!
646 BandA : uh huh... very slow airbus...
647 Wants2fly : Wow... a bad airbus joke...
648 Post contains images N751PR : Now THAT would be the biggest twist in aviation history!
649 B52overSMF : A slow Airbus.... Ha ha ha.
650 Thebry : Doh! Carson just slammed Airbus (slow airplanes).
651 Omoo : ok, great on with the airbus jokes........lol
652 Brettbrett21 : oooow cheap shot at airbus!
653 Longhornmaniac : LMAO!!!! That was funny! Cheers, Cameron
654 BoeingFever777 : Nice Scott! "Very Slow Airbus!"
655 Feroze : And the digs at Airbus have started.....
656 San747 : Oooh... the dude just talked crap on Airbus!
657 NYC2theworld : Oh damn...way to smack the competition on the SIN-EWR trip.
658 Warszawa : It was great from 6pm-7pm...but this last 10 minutes has been utmost incredibly boring. I dont get the point...build the excitement up from 6pm-7pm wi
659 Post contains images FighterPilot : "On a very slow Airbus" Cal
660 Kaneporta1 : Mr Carson, that was a cheap shot!
661 Post contains images SLCPilot : So who is NWCN? and do they have any stills? Slow airbus?
662 AI : nice joke about "slow airbus" i thought AI
663 JayDub : Whooo....Airbus jab... Let the A vs. B thread begin!
664 Ikramerica : Just took a dig at the A345. Kinda below the belt "a very slow airbus"
665 Flyboysp : So there is at least one obvious go at Airbus.
666 Post contains images LTU932 : I was awake for a long time, awaiting the first flight (I live near SYQ, hence why I stayed awake for long). BTW: Nice joke from Carson.
667 Post contains images RootsAir : ON A VERY SLOW AIRBUS
668 Glom : Let the records show that Carson has now officially insulted Airbus.
669 Post contains images Skywatch : Grrrr...you're like a kid who has already peeked at his presents!
670 DrExotica : It was pretty mild, and relatively funny.
671 Pplsxprs75 : OK........now I am snoring. Was cool at first.....now too much.
672 Jpax : Ouch, Airbus just got shot down!
673 UairFokker : "on a very slow Airbus" That was harsh!
674 Post contains links Birdseed : http://tpn.edgeboss.net/wmedia-live/...n/22571/500_tpn-english_070627.asx That's working! Boeing should pay you guys lots of $$$ and not whoever they
675 Cainanuk : Oh who gives a crap about how many hops in F Class Brokaw took to get to Rusky... Show me the damned plane!!
676 KPWMSpotter : hehe...never thought they would try to provoke an A.vs.B war with their rollout presentation... Got some good laughs with the Airbus comment though.
677 Bh4007 : Isn't the 767 the slowest widebody?? Please Boeing, don't ruin the premier with Airbus ridicule
678 B52overSMF : So long as they don't keep making Airbus jokes I think that would be tasteful. I think an Airbus joke could have been better placed though.
679 FRAspotter : Now he's talking about his tour in Vietnam as a soldier??? SHOW US THE DAMN PLANE!!!
680 Tbnist03 : Can we get some spotters at PAE to post pics soon? like right now?
681 Stitch : Northwest Cable News. And nope. They showed about 10 seconds of her in the Dreamliner livery. Unlike what many (myself included) thought, she does no
682 DrExotica : Bunch of airbus hothouse flowers... No big deal.
683 Ag92 : Thats not very nice of Boeing
684 AndrewUber : LMAO - Airbus just got PWNED!!
685 IL62M : Now that is a parody.... Is that mr. Tom a fan of Borat movie? Did he learn those "jokes" from there?
686 Jalapeno : the ana guy was totally beamed in! sooooo star trek!
687 Post contains images San747 : Wow, it was fascinating to hear about Tom Brokaw flying on LOT from FRA-WAW-Gdansk...
688 FlymeFASTER : Good thing I have my A-Netter friends to enjoy this with. Otherwise it would be a pretty aggravating wait. Thanks for making this fun you all!
689 Ikramerica : will it cut off at 4:30 on satellite? also, can't get streaming internet to load. tried the mac link, but no loadsky... would be uber pissed to sit th
690 BandA : who is scott and larry?
691 FRAspotter : Wow, now both of them are trying their hand at comedy? Give me a break...
692 Post contains images Jpax : ANA President looks like Kim jong Il from Team America minus the hair.
693 Omoo : and the Kazakhstan jokes.....on and on.......
694 AI : who is going to post the 787th post in this thread ???? AI.
695 BigWNFan : C'mon Tom...more stories please!
696 MEA-707 : This Tom Brokaw "My longest flight was in a very slow Airbus" ... and his joke on aLOT flight was not very classy... Are they still building this firs
697 Bh4007 : Ok, we don't want your life-story; just the 787 thank you.
698 Danny : Getting really boring.
699 Mawelsh : I can't read this thread and subtitles simutaneously!!
700 FlyHoss : Many thanks, Cainanuk. That feed is working well for me.
701 Scottieprecord : Hurry up with plane already!! Tom's not that funny...
702 Bh4007 : Everybody; make sure we stop posting at 787!
703 Post contains images Jpax : I love how they ask the ANA president to stand, and a bunch of his fellows stand up waving their arms as well haha.
704 FlymeFASTER : Heck, we could've all flown to Seattle during this broadcast.
705 Cainanuk : Why does HE get a standing O? He didnt build the damned plane!!
706 Tbnist03 : you could if you had dual 27" monitors less talk, more action!!
707 Stitch : Was that QR's tail on the last frame?[Edited 2007-07-09 01:19:10]
708 Cxsjr : How long before we see the damn thing? Some of us have to be at work soon!
709 Post contains images YHMYYZspotter : HAHA I was thinking that too...
710 B52overSMF : For being a plane about efficiency, this presentation... Well....
711 San747 : Are all these tails in the background 787 customers?
712 Longhornmaniac : About time.... Can't Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers, Cameron
713 Jpax : YEAH Mike Blair! Thunderclap!
714 Dampfnudel : Finally, here we go.
716 Post contains images Skywatch : It's about to show! --Skywatch
717 San747 : Finally! They're gonna show the damn plane!
718 Post contains images FighterPilot : Thats going to be impossible, everyone is going to want to be the person that posts that post. Cal
719 NYC2theworld : His company had the courage to be the launch customer.
720 DL777Dude : Here we go....PLANE, PLANE,PLANE!!!
721 Tbnist03 : YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS finally@!!!!!
722 Foxy : Which company is represented by the Royal Bank of Scotland logo in the lineup of tails? Presume it is a leasing company but which?
723 EBGflyer : Nicely read from the teleprompter!
724 TuRbUleNc3 : Sounds like its gonna be soon!! We may be getting somewhere!
725 Lumberton : Was DL and LH represented on the tail display?
726 Post contains images Bh4007 : When is everyone going on stage. I'm on at five
727 Post contains images Jpax : Look at her, she's flippin' beautiful! ...NOT! ...yet
728 IL62M : Now that is REAL comedy... Damn - no SU "tail" but a S7 "tail"... No waaaaaay!! S7 just a piece of crap company.
729 Thebry : Anyone still think we'll have some major airlines taking the stage to make order announcements?
730 Glom : To be fair. Given that the aircraft is going to do nothing but sit there, they have to pad it out somehow.
731 UairFokker : Second Dreamliner? What happened to the First?
733 FlymeFASTER : Hope the curtain works better than the sound did at the beginning!
734 UAL757 : HAHAHAHA!!! It's getting boring. Come on Boeing show us some skin (or plane)!
735 Warszawa : Hold on to your seats!!
736 Jamesbaldwyn : Yea, from the UK! Shoud'nt be long now
737 Tsaord : HERE IT COMES!!!! are you ready??
738 Tbnist03 : lol even my girlfriend is getting antsy to see the bird!
739 71Zulu : No Delta tail Did he say second Dreamliner behind us?
740 San747 : Good! Nothing like some chicks to go along with a new plane!
741 BoeingFever777 : Get those F/A's up there and lets see her!!!!
742 SvenvdM : Here we go... Here it comes...
743 Post contains images BA1978 : I work for RBS I need to do some fishing to see why their logo appeared. We do aircraft financing, but maybe it's a new staff aircraft
744 Post contains images RCoulter : Here we go... filler
745 LTU932 : I missed that. BTW: We're finally on. We've come to the highlight!
746 Post contains images BNAtraveler : no male F/As filler filler filler
747 Cartenz : Qatar tailfin was on the line up of tails.... That means the 787 purchase was confirmed..... Yeee haawww
748 FRAspotter : It's almost like they have person after person saying the EXACT SAME THING!!!! Yes we know alot of people were involved in building it, yes we know th
749 AI : its coming !!!!!! filler filler
750 Tbnist03 : OMG, introductions SUCK! show me the plane!
751 FlymeFASTER : You guys are hilarious! Lovin' it. Wait, I need to stand too. Why? Cause it's stretch time.
752 Jpax : Almost at 787 replies!
753 Stitch : No DL and no LH, but yes to QR.
754 ChicagoOhare : Anybody notice Qatar's tail in the lineup? i think it was the last row
755 Glom : Don't order your customers around, bitch!
756 FlyVail : OK - everybody in the building just go ahead and stand up so we can drop the curtain already!
757 TuRbUleNc3 : the airline big wigs made the majority of the crowd it seems!!
758 JAAlbert : Interesting, no male flight attendants in the line up. I guess Boeing really is trying to revive the magic of flying!
759 RCoulter : Oh come on, show the plane...
760 NYC2theworld : Dear lord, I want an introdiction! He's introducing everybody else!
761 Cainanuk : Looks like the Government guys didnt exactly get a rousing applause!
762 Kaitak744 : Qatar's tail was their, and 3 other airline's tails: one with four blue arrows going to the center, one with a bunch of "g"s, and with with yellow squ
763 Jpax : All Anutters please stand to delay this even more!
764 Bh4007 : Did anyone see a Monarch or First Choice FA??
765 Travatl : Could everybody's aunts and uncles please stand....
766 LH498 : Did I just see a LH flight-attendant???
767 AI : do we need to stand up too ???? " all those watching the broadcast on the net please stand"
768 San747 : OK, he said finally... Maybe we're getting close now.
769 LTU932 : The second one is probably in final assembly, while they'll roll out Line Number 1.
770 ManchesterMAN : Now live on BBC News 24
771 Dampfnudel : Fox just introduced the 787 (being rolled to the hanger).
772 Glom : There's lots of standing.
773 NYC2theworld : OMG hurry up! YAY!!
774 Ag92 : Here it comes Filler
775 Iwok : I can't get the damn link to work. Any ideas? iwok
776 Post contains images TuRbUleNc3 : nearly an hour later here we go
777 Stitch : Yup. NWCN showed her being towed over a while ago.
778 Post contains images PanAm330 : Flight sim 2004, eh?
779 STLGph : A news package has been written and will be available for individual affiliates to use on the ABC network. This is not a guarantee that it will run, o
780 Glom : I was so close to getting 777.
781 LTU932 : Jesus H. Christ. Now Richard Quest is presenting the rollout on CNN.
782 Post contains images B52overSMF : HELLO 787!!! Whoo hoo!!! *claps*
783 BNAtraveler : so we are going to have post 787 when it finally rolls out!
784 FRAspotter : is that from Flight simulator??? THE PLANE PLEASE!!!
785 NYC2theworld : About freakimg time! WOOO HOOOO!!!
786 Stitch : And here she comes, being towed into the hangar.
787 DL777Dude : WOW, she is beautiful!! Happy Birthday to the 787. Congrats to Boeing, its partners and all of the employees involved in making the dreamliner a reali
788 AI : why are all sitting down ?? AI
789 Vfw614 : Geez, can't they just show us the plane and cut short all this crap.
790 Tbnist03 : omfg.... it's amazing!!!
791 TuRbUleNc3 : WHOOOOOO its here!!! how beautiful!
792 Omoo : WOWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Amazing....it looks good, well done BOEING !!!!
793 NYC2theworld : Congrats on post 787!
794 RCoulter : AWESOME filler again :rolleyes:
795 Mir : It's there. filler -Mir
796 BandA : what a beauty!!! Congrats Boeing!
797 Ellehammer : Baby! - She looks SHARP!
798 Lostturttle : WOW!!!!! It's beautiful
799 Katwspotter : hot plane hot plane...ow ow ow
800 Jpax : So beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
801 San747 : Beautiful! Beautiful! Now let's see if Royal S King has the first a.net shot up!
802 YHMYYZspotter : OMG that looks freaking AWESOME!!! great nose!!
803 LTU932 : At last! No more renders, the real thing is here!
804 Post contains images Stitch : I wonder how many accidents were on WA-526 as people stared at her parked out front.
805 Bh4007 : 787 posts JUST AS IT WAS UNVEILED - BEST MOMENT ON ANET ALL YEAR!!!! IT's gorgeous!!!!
806 Tbnist03 : i about wet myself waiting for it to be unveiled.... she's beautiful
807 S12PPL : Amazing looking bird!!!! Way to go, Boeing!!!!
809 NYC2theworld : Well that was anticlimatic!
810 AndrewUber : OMG that is one beautiful bird!!! Notice you can see through the windshields and out the right side o fthe aircraft - there aren't even bulkheads inst
811 Post contains images FighterPilot : Now start her up! Cal
812 Stitch : So she's been outside for like 30 minutes. We should see pics soon, I hope!
813 NWA742 : She's magnificent!!!! -NWA742
814 Glom : A great 787 post! Hey look. I made 783. Who saw BBC News? "Aircraft has attracted 55 orders."
815 9V-SPJ : What a beauty.... Congrats to Boeing! 9V-SPJ
816 N751PR : In the words of Thales007 in the ANA Order 50 Boeing 7E7 thread more than three years ago... "holy ****... it has begun!"
817 MD-90 : It's out! Looks good!
818 Backfire103 : Amazing.... Congratulations to Boeing and everyone that made this beautiful aircraft possible.
819 Omoo : turn on the fuel feed...we need to see some smoke........
820 Midcon385 : I love it. She is so beautiful. Wonderful job, Boeing!
821 FlyVail : Those engines are monsterous!
822 Foxy : The pre-show dragged big time but Boeing have certainly suceeded in creating a unique and beautiful looking aircraft
823 Ag92 : its over fillerfiller
824 Halophila : My goodness, what a great looking plane!!!! Smashing!!!
825 SirOmega : What a magnificent aircraft.
826 UairFokker : Has it finished? Nice plane, like the nose.
827 Aerofan : nicely done, but a little bit anti- climatic. i guess i was waiting for it to bake bread or something. but nice looking aircraft
828 Pplsxprs75 : What a beautiful plane!!!!!!
829 MoMan : What a beautiful rollout show, can't wait to see her fly. GO BOEING!!!!!
830 Alessandro : Not so flashy as the initial design, but she´ll do....
831 AI : back to bed everyone here in europe.
832 Post contains images NYC2theworld : I love the nose...its so freaking aggressive.
833 Cainanuk : She looks really nice. Cant wait to see her in the air, I work at MAN so I chould see some with First Choice at least, if not TUI.
834 TuRbUleNc3 : well it was worth the wait, time for bed now i guess
835 ReguPilot : Someone must have got pics from the outside, before the ones from the inside! Who will post them first?
836 Zone1 : This thread is useless without PIX!!!
837 OURBOEING : A true BEAUTY.. Go Boeing!!
838 B52overSMF : Gorgeous!!!! I can't wait to at least be on the ramp under one let alone ride in one!!!
839 Danny : Hour of waiting for a small glimpse and the broadcast is over...
840 Flyvabb : omg!! what a plane!! breath taking!!!
841 AirframeAS : OMG That is one BEAUTIFUL looking aircraft!!!!!!!!!!
842 Bucky707 : Its just a shell. As the plane was rolling in, I looked at the cockpit window and saw a passenger window behind it.
843 Bh4007 : Why did they stop the feed? We want to watch it for longer!!!!
844 BandA : damn, i wish they showed it longer
845 Smokeyrosco : Very nice plane, can't wait to see her take to the skies, welldone boeing.
846 SKA380 : I don't see what's so revolutionary about it, exept from the composite barrel technology.. It just looks like a overgrown 737 to me.. Leif
847 Post contains images Jpax : Video feed is over
848 MCIGuy : How classy, and what a beauty!!!
849 LTU932 : She looks much better in real life than in the renders.
850 San747 : Come on Royal! Get that shot up!
851 GEnxPower : What a shiny new looking plane! Striking and awesome nose. Congratz Boeing!
852 Scottieprecord : Yeah, that really is a gorgeous plane... let's see who gets the first shot on Anet =) -Mike
853 Aerofan : wow 800 posts in about an hours. is this a new record?
854 Skywatch : WOW! Better than all the artist renditions, videos, and multimedia...she's freakin' beautiful!
855 Stitch : NWCN is still showing it on TV, so their internet feed may still be going.
856 Iwok : how the *&^*(&^ do you watch this on a mac????????
857 LTU932 : She looks much better in real life than in the renders.
858 AirEMS : That plane looks freekin sweet! Was anyone else having streaming problems at the beginning? I was having alot of audio problems but they worked out du
859 Post contains images Mike89406 : I could only imagine, LOL
860 Alitalia744 : Congrats to all Boeing employees, Boeing partners, Boeing Fans and the world. The next evolution in flight is upon us. And she looks pretty damn good!
861 Ctbarnes : Not so much of a roll-out as a roll-in... God, what a beautiful aircraft! Can't wait to buy a ticket! Charles, SJ
862 Mir : I would have been one of them. -Mir
863 DTW757 : Great looking airplane! Can't wait to see one in person and fly on one!!! Great job Boeing, I have a new favorite airplane!!!!!
864 DTW757 : Great looking airplane! Can't wait to see one in person and fly on one!!! Great job Boeing, I have a new favorite airplane!!!!!
865 Post contains images 71Zulu : It's beautiful !!!!!!!!! The show dragged a little in the middle but overall was a nice experience. Congrats to Boeing
866 Glom : The feed has stopped.
867 Post contains images EGCC777LR : Just watched the roll out on the web, What an impressive looking aircraft. Congratulations to Boeing and all who helped create the 787 Dreamliner. Can
868 Grantcv : That came awfully close to being a roll-in!
869 ORDFan : Wow, thanks to Boeing for making this so accessible and so easy for the public to view. This was absolutely awesome!!!! Love that plane -- nearly shed
870 TuRbUleNc3 : Anybody spot any a.netters in the crowd? Surely the photos should start flooding in and the screeners will be working overtime!
871 Post contains images 767-332ER : Absolutely stunning and well worth the wait...now we have to wait for her to fly and she her where she belongs...in the air. I also can't wait to see
872 DLCnxgptjax : That's one BEAUTIFUL airplane. I can't wait to be at the controls of one years from now.
873 KrisYYZ : A great looking plane!! Can't wait to see more pics of her.
874 Danny : How do you know? They hardly showed it. And most of the time it was Boeing logo close up.
875 Jetset7E7 : Wow. She is beautiful! I love the nose! Well done Boeing!!! Can't wait to see it at MAN with TOM, FCA and ZB Mark
876 Post contains images WestJetYQQ : OH MY GOD!!!!! IT'S FUCKING SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
877 Warszawa : Looks awesome! I'm a bit annoyed however that, the last 27 minutes were spent blabbing, while 2 minutes 30 secs was on viewing the plane. I would have
878 EMA747 : When is the first flight? Also when are we going to see some pics of the cockpit?
879 Post contains images MCIGuy : No offense to ANA, at all, but I was hoping for "787" on the tail.
880 Post contains images NZ747 : Wow, it looks awesome! Can't wait to fly it!
881 ZANL188 : Congratulations!! It's a BOEING!!
882 Post contains images Jogales : Fantastic! She's gorgeous...
883 SFOFlyer : Can't wait to fly on one of these babies! Wonder if UA will ever order any?
884 Post contains links NDSchu777 : Top story on MSNBC. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/19665201/ Beautiful airplane. After years of seeing all the renderings, it's great to see the real air
885 Post contains images Curticool : The Most Beutiful Plane In The WORLD! Go Dreamliner! Grinstein Please Order Some! -Curticool
886 EMA747 : When is the first flight? Also when are we going to see some pics of the cockpit?
887 Tsaord : There it is!!! It looks great in boeings colors!! Its a beautiful plane! And there is more to it that makes it revolutionary! The Inside, the engines,
888 Post contains images RCoulter : So beautiful F I L L E R
889 Feroze : I think it's a conspiracy....My BT Broadband connection dropped out just as it was about to be revealed and then came back online as the ceremony conc
890 N710PS : What a great rollout. The recongnition of every little tid bit including the goverment officials irrated me but it was a FANTASTIC rollout! Breathless
891 ReguPilot : Someone must have got pics from the outside, before the ones from the inside! Who will post them first?
892 Wants2fly : Boeing is having a suvey about the webcast Trying to complete it now
893 Bh4007 : Shame they couldnt keep the feed longer. Any ideas how long the photos will be? I think its safe to say that this thread is the biggest in Civ-Av ever
894 ChicagoOhare : I actually got goosebumps when it was coming out!!! Awesome job Boeing!!!!!!
895 Jpax : I for one, cannot wait to see those wings flex as she defies gravity for the first time!