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NW To Announce 3 New Tatl Routes This Wk  
User currently offlinePSU.DTW.SCE From United States of America, joined Jan 2002, 8116 posts, RR: 26
Posted (8 years 7 months 2 days 1 hour ago) and read 23887 times:

I have heard through the grapevine that NW is planning to announce 3 new Trans-Atlantic routes for Summer 2008 sometime in the next week. Not sure if will be the end of this week or the beginning of next week.

Anyways, there are a number of decent rumors out there but nothing has been unofficially leaked yet......

Those rumors include:
MSP-CDG A330 (a perrential rumor at that)
CMH-AMS 752 (airport approached NWA - local media believes it is very likely)
PIT-AMS 752 (airport approached NWA)
IND-AMS 752 (airport approached NWA)

Stay tuned.
Discuss & speculate....

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User currently offlineAf773atmsp From United States of America, joined Aug 2006, 2834 posts, RR: 1
Reply 1, posted (8 years 7 months 2 days 1 hour ago) and read 23849 times:

If NW doesn't announce MSP-CDG I'm going to be very angry. NW sure is considering a lot of cities for new AMS service. Why is NW starting a lot of new US-AMS routes?

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User currently offlineDTW757 From United States of America, joined Oct 2003, 1624 posts, RR: 4
Reply 2, posted (8 years 7 months 2 days 1 hour ago) and read 23807 times:

To me, the new flights from the hubs makes the most sense. They have the opportunity to bring connecting pax from anywhere to the new cities. Just my  twocents  I guess we'll see soon though.

User currently offlineDL Widget Head From United States of America, joined Apr 2000, 2106 posts, RR: 5
Reply 3, posted (8 years 7 months 2 days 1 hour ago) and read 23771 times:

Based on this list you provided, I would have to say the favorites are:



User currently offlineIluv747400 From United States of America, joined Jan 2000, 372 posts, RR: 0
Reply 4, posted (8 years 7 months 2 days 1 hour ago) and read 23771 times:

Quoting DTW757 (Reply 2):
To me, the new flights from the hubs makes the most sense.

Northwest considers AMS to be a hub, so all of the flights listed above would qualify.

User currently offlineMikey711MN From United States of America, joined Nov 2003, 1426 posts, RR: 8
Reply 5, posted (8 years 7 months 2 days 1 hour ago) and read 23758 times:

Quoting DTW.SCE" class=quote target=_blank>PSU.DTW.SCE (Thread starter):
MSP-CDG A330 (a perrential rumor at that)

Indeed! Assuming they have the planes, I think this one is the front-runner as well.

Quoting DTW.SCE" class=quote target=_blank>PSU.DTW.SCE (Thread starter):
CMH-AMS 752 (airport approached NWA - local media believes it is very likely)

Is there a plan to provide subsidies, either from the airport or local business community, that the media knows about? I guess I just don't see how CMH fits in the plan otherwise, i.e. doesn't have a particularly devoted NW FF base. Which leads me to...

Quoting DTW.SCE" class=quote target=_blank>PSU.DTW.SCE (Thread starter):
IND-AMS 752 (airport approached NWA)

Along the lines of both the airport reaching out to NW and a solid base of FF's, I can see this happening. On that note, where's the MKE-AMS speculation?  stirthepot 

Quoting DTW.SCE" class=quote target=_blank>PSU.DTW.SCE (Thread starter):
PIT-AMS 752 (airport approached NWA)

I'm sure the PIT cheerleaders will tout the merits/probabilities of this one, so I'll leave it to them.  Wink

Quoting DTW.SCE" class=quote target=_blank>PSU.DTW.SCE (Thread starter):

Interesting large east coast markets, particularly BWI where little transatlantic competition exists by comparison.

Quoting DTW.SCE" class=quote target=_blank>PSU.DTW.SCE (Thread starter):

Based on the fact that NW seems to be building DTW as the international gateway, these three almost zoom up to the top of the list. I guess we'll see.


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User currently offlineBlrsea From India, joined May 2005, 1579 posts, RR: 3
Reply 6, posted (8 years 7 months 2 days 1 hour ago) and read 23748 times:

Any chance for a AMS-BLR flight? It was scheduled earlier two years back and dropped before it could start.

User currently offlineIluv747400 From United States of America, joined Jan 2000, 372 posts, RR: 0
Reply 7, posted (8 years 7 months 2 days 1 hour ago) and read 23727 times:

Quoting Mikey711MN (Reply 5):
where's the MKE-AMS speculation?

I think this would be out of the range of a 757-200. An A332 would be too big for this route.

User currently offlineSNCntry32 From United States of America, joined Jan 2007, 1524 posts, RR: 0
Reply 8, posted (8 years 7 months 2 days 1 hour ago) and read 23662 times:

Quoting PSU.DTW.SCE (Thread starter):
CMH-AMS 752 (airport approached NWA - local media believes it is very likely)
PIT-AMS 752 (airport approached NWA)
IND-AMS 752 (airport approached NWA)

I do think the routes that the airport approached NW on will get the green light. Out of the three of these, I put my money on IND-AMS.

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User currently offlineIluv747400 From United States of America, joined Jan 2000, 372 posts, RR: 0
Reply 9, posted (8 years 7 months 2 days 1 hour ago) and read 23663 times:

Quoting Iluv747400 (Reply 7):
I think this would be out of the range of a 757-200

I take that back, it's actually shorter than DTW-FRA which NW has operated with a 752. IND-AMS, on the other hand, is slightly longer.

AMS-PHL: 3736mi
AMS-BWI: 3825mi
AMS-PIT: 3903mi
AMS-CMH: 4028mi
AMS-MKE: 4073mi
AMS-IND: 4171mi

By comparison:
EWR-TXL: 3980mi
DTW-FRA: 4161mi

User currently offlineLAXdude1023 From India, joined Sep 2006, 8333 posts, RR: 25
Reply 10, posted (8 years 7 months 2 days 1 hour ago) and read 23643 times:

They really need to consider MSP-CDG. Thats just begging for service. If SLC can score CDG service, MSP should be able to as well.

It is what it is...
User currently offlineAf773atmsp From United States of America, joined Aug 2006, 2834 posts, RR: 1
Reply 11, posted (8 years 7 months 2 days 1 hour ago) and read 23576 times:

Quoting LAXdude1023 (Reply 10):

CLE is also getting CDG service from CO. Although MSP wasn't really made to handle many international flights, just two cities to Europe (MSP-LGW and MSP-AMS) isn't that much and another European destination shouldn't be a problem. If NW starts MSP-CDG would NW get that incentive the MSP airport council proposed?

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User currently offlineMke717spotter From United States of America, joined Dec 2005, 2551 posts, RR: 4
Reply 12, posted (8 years 7 months 2 days 1 hour ago) and read 23561 times:

Quoting Mikey711MN (Reply 5):
On that note, where's the MKE-AMS speculation?

Ahhh yeah that would really be amazing for MKE if they announced that. While the chances may be slim, I'm still hopin for it. Has MKE ever had nonstop service to Europe before?

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User currently offlineDeltaRules From United States of America, joined Sep 2001, 4173 posts, RR: 8
Reply 13, posted (8 years 7 months 2 days ago) and read 23498 times:

Is NW hoping to build up routes out of their AMS focus city, warranting cities such as CMH, PIT, PHL, or IND? I don't know a whole lot about Northwest; are they more focused on expanding to other cities in Europe or are they trying to build AMS further?

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User currently offlineMikey711MN From United States of America, joined Nov 2003, 1426 posts, RR: 8
Reply 14, posted (8 years 7 months 2 days ago) and read 23474 times:

Quoting Mke717spotter (Reply 12):
Has MKE ever had nonstop service to Europe before?

That's a good question, and as a longtime MKE resident (while growing up anyway), I was never aware of it.

However, I distinctly recall the MKE airport website* having Lufthansa listed as one of the airlines that served the airport, but surely not for scheduled service. (I always assumed it was cargo)


* I'll have to check for this on web archives when I get home...strangely, I don't have access to the site from work.

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User currently offlineFlighty From United States of America, joined Apr 2007, 10030 posts, RR: 3
Reply 15, posted (8 years 7 months 2 days ago) and read 23444 times:

Those all look potentially solvent.

MSP-CDG might benefit from NW's recent deliveries of new A333. There is only a limited number of activities that NW can do with those. MSP-CDG is a good example among very few others.

As for the 757 routes, it depends. How big is NW's 752 ETOPS fleet? Figure destinations = fleet size - 2 or so. So if they have 12 752 and 6 existing routes, they need to introduce 4 new ones. What's the fleet size there looking at 2008?

User currently offlineMir From United States of America, joined Jan 2004, 22779 posts, RR: 53
Reply 16, posted (8 years 7 months 2 days ago) and read 23430 times:

Quoting DTW.SCE" class=quote target=_blank>PSU.DTW.SCE (Thread starter):
MSP-CDG A330 (a perrential rumor at that)

I'd prefer to see AF doing this, but NW on the route is better than nothing, and it is overdue.

Quoting DTW.SCE" class=quote target=_blank>PSU.DTW.SCE (Thread starter):
CMH-AMS 752 (airport approached NWA - local media believes it is very likely)

Not much NW presence at CMH.

Quoting DTW.SCE" class=quote target=_blank>PSU.DTW.SCE (Thread starter):
PIT-AMS 752 (airport approached NWA)

Not much NW presence at PIT.

Quoting DTW.SCE" class=quote target=_blank>PSU.DTW.SCE (Thread starter):
IND-AMS 752 (airport approached NWA)

Long way for a 752.

Quoting DTW.SCE" class=quote target=_blank>PSU.DTW.SCE (Thread starter):

US already flies this, and NW has minimal presence at PHL.

Quoting DTW.SCE" class=quote target=_blank>PSU.DTW.SCE (Thread starter):

Possible, but faces competition from UA at IAD (plus KL already flies IAD-AMS)

Quoting DTW.SCE" class=quote target=_blank>PSU.DTW.SCE (Thread starter):

Would be nice.

Quoting DTW.SCE" class=quote target=_blank>PSU.DTW.SCE (Thread starter):

Would be even nicer.

Quoting DTW.SCE" class=quote target=_blank>PSU.DTW.SCE (Thread starter):

Would be even even nicer.

My hope is for MSP-CDG, DTW-MAN and DTW-DUB.


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User currently offlineFWAERJ From United States of America, joined Jun 2006, 4262 posts, RR: 2
Reply 17, posted (8 years 7 months 2 days ago) and read 23361 times:

Quoting PSU.DTW.SCE (Thread starter):
IND-AMS 752 (airport approached NWA)

Will IND's new terminal be open and ready by then? The current international arrivals "area" that's separate from the terminal is a joke... I couldn't see the red tail sending a 752 from AMS through there.

Eitner way, I could definitely see NW offering IND-AMS soon. They have the WorldPerks FF base and the O&D traffic at IND, and they have a ton of European feed at AMS thanks to KLM.

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User currently offlineMke717spotter From United States of America, joined Dec 2005, 2551 posts, RR: 4
Reply 18, posted (8 years 7 months 2 days ago) and read 23326 times:

Quoting Mikey711MN (Reply 14):
However, I distinctly recall the MKE airport website* having Lufthansa listed as one of the airlines that served the airport, but surely not for scheduled service. (I always assumed it was cargo)

You know, I've always wondered about that. I dont know if its still there, but I recall that above the Concourse D security checkpoint at MKE, there's a big sign that says "Concourse D" and it lists all the airlines at the concourse. I remember that Lufthansa is/was listed as one of the airlines.

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User currently offlineCOERJ145 From United States of America, joined Jun 2005, 1423 posts, RR: 1
Reply 19, posted (8 years 7 months 2 days ago) and read 23295 times:

Quoting FWAERJ (Reply 17):

Will IND's new terminal be open and ready by then? The current international arrivals "area" that's separate from the terminal is a joke... I couldn't see the red tail sending a 752 from AMS through there.

BDL has a separate international arrivals building and NWA has a 752 daily to AMS.

User currently offlineCALMSP From United States of America, joined Aug 2003, 4190 posts, RR: 8
Reply 20, posted (8 years 7 months 2 days ago) and read 23260 times:
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other than the hub flights..........the only thing I see as capable of operating successfully would be PHL/BWI-AMS. CMH/IND/PIT.........these are pretty funny!!  Smile

User currently offlineLIPZ From Austria, joined Jun 2006, 1075 posts, RR: 0
Reply 21, posted (8 years 7 months 2 days ago) and read 23234 times:

Any possibilities to see DTW-FCO (A330) being resumed?

User currently offlineIsitsafenow From United States of America, joined Feb 2004, 4984 posts, RR: 22
Reply 22, posted (8 years 7 months 2 days ago) and read 23199 times:

Quoting Mikey711MN (Reply 5):
Assuming they have the planes,

Now,thats the first thing that went though my mind. This is over and above the announced new routes of a few months ago. I dont think they have enough ETOPS equipped planes for all these routes, do they?

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User currently offlineLHboyatDTW From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 23, posted (8 years 7 months 2 days ago) and read 23175 times:

All of the flights sound intriguing to me.

Though how feasible do you all think a DTW-Scandinavia route is?
DTW-CPH is about 53 nm shorter than DTW-FRA so it's within range of a 752W and NW could get a fair amount of feed through DTW to make it work. I may be critiqued on this air-headed route of mine, but I firmly believe NW could make it work.

Maybe summer 2009?

User currently offlineMason From United States of America, joined Jun 1999, 749 posts, RR: 1
Reply 24, posted (8 years 7 months 2 days ago) and read 23160 times:

Interesting, no one has mentioned AMS-PDX. Several unconfirmed rumors/wishes have been floating around for some time.

25 Sxf24 : BOS-GLA DTW-BRU DTW-FCO DTW-MAD DTW-FRA (Second Flight) Oh wait, those have already been tried...
26 Post contains links Seamefly : in SEA i heard that they're seriously considering to do PDX-AMS. Also from the CMH Dispatch. They seemed to be so sure about the prospect of a non-sto
27 Viscount724 : LH codeshares on UA flights from MKE (e.g. MKE-ORD-FRA). Airports normally list codeshare carriers on signs etc. so passengers ticketed on those carr
28 Transpac787 : Good one... The second DTW-FRA is already on the schedules begining in late March. This time it will be 2x daily A333, no 757.
29 Indy : For those who have asked the new IND terminal will not open until November of 2008.
30 PSU.DTW.SCE : DTW-BRU ran for about 2 months last summer, and it is possible it may come back - it was cut partially due to demand, partially due to the lack of na
31 Indy : I think IND-AMS during the summer could be a good test. If IND can't make it work during those months it will never work.
32 Transpac787 : SEA-AMS: 4886mi PDX-AMS: 5004mi MEM-AMS: 4544mi All figures quoted are from Great Circle Mapper. SEA-AMS was operated with an A333 for a short time,
33 Knope2001 : Milwaukee had weekly scheduled charter nonstops to FRA, back 1989 or so. I don't think it was LH but instead was a German charter line like LTU or Con
34 PSU.DTW.SCE : This is what we know regarding next year's schedule: A330-300 1 DTW-AMS 2 DTW-AMS 3 DTW-AMS 4 DTW-AMS 5 DTW-FRA 6 DTW-FRA 7 DTW-LGW/LHR 8 DTW-CDG 9 MS
35 PSU.DTW.SCE : DTW-MAD was announced as a summer seasonal route to be flown starting in May 2003 with a DC-10-30. It was pulled from the schedule when the situation
36 Centrair : I will weigh in here. MSP-CDG. If it is not announced, we might have to admit AF7773atmsp to a hospital. (The blood will be on NW's hands) DTW-MAN. It
37 Transpac787 : I wonder if it would be viable with a 752?? I've heard DTW-BRU will be brought back with 752's, just no one is sure if it will be seasonal or year-ro
38 Azjubilee : My money goes to MSP-CDG for the last remaining unallocated 333. As for the 75As, I predict DTW-BRU will return and DTW-SNN/DUB and DTW-MAN will be an
39 EVA777SEA : One of the spare A333's will be used on SEA-HNL starting sometime this winter, replacing a 753.
40 Viscount724 : I can't see how DTW-DUB could be profitable when BA is dropping their DTW-LHR service next March because it's very unprofitable.
41 DeltaAVL : Any chance for an RDU-AMS/MAN or is that completely out of the question?
42 RL757PVD : Im not sure about all those secondary cities. BDL-AMS has done OK, but loads have been below the rest of the NW transatlantic average. Aug was 74%, wh
43 PSU.DTW.SCE : One of the SEA-HNL flights will be an A330-300 from November-end of March. NW will also fly EWR-AMS in Feb-end of March in place of KLM with an A330-
44 MAH4546 : They are both entirely out of the question. Why would Northwest, who doesn't even fly to MAN, want to fly RDU-MAN? It's a good way to save on fuel co
45 Post contains images Steeler83 : I would love to see PIT-AMS service, or PIT-anywhere-in-Europe, but even at that, I don't think NW is likely to launch it... Sorry, but optimism kinda
46 NWADC9 : Never. The most we get is a DC-9-50 from them, and the majority of flights are CRJ's. And what connection options are there for those travelling thro
47 MMEPHX : Can I hope for DTW-BHX or should I just go back to dreaming?
48 DeltaAVL : Okay, not MAN. But not even RDU-AMS? The CMH, PIT, and IND markets really aren't that much larger than RDU. And they're under serious consideration?
49 PITops : I'll believe it when I see it. I doubt it will happen. Sorry to burst anyones bubble.
50 Steeler83 : I didn't even have a bubble to pop, man. Amen to that... Heck, I am one of the biggest PIT cheerleaders on here, and I don't see it happening... Ther
51 TOLtommy : It's unprofitable because it relies on DTW O&D traffic, whereas NW can connect traffic onto the flight. LHR isn't a favorable place to connect at thi
52 VictorKilo : Based on the current fall NW schedule, here's how they are currently allocating their 744's 1 MSP-NRT-MNL 2 MNL-NRT-MSP 3 HNL-NRT-HNL 4 LAX-NRT-HKG 5
53 Post contains images Steeler83 : I would love to fly into... practically anyplace in Europe. I would love to see AMS, but especially Ireland. That is a beautiful country, and the eco
54 PITops : Yeah they are. Maybe try and get US or another airline to bring in some international service before you ask NW when they have a HUGE hub a few hours
55 Transpac787 : NWA actually has 16x 744's. Fleet# 6301 through 6316
56 Steeler83 : But US told PIT flat out that there isn't enough of a pax base to launch anything to Europe, not even with a 757... The US spokesperson told them tha
57 Cslusarc : These 3 transatlantic routes will either: 1.) enhance KL's AMS hub, or 2.) enhance NW's DTW or MSP hubs. AMS HUB ROUTES OPTIONS: 1. - PHL is the large
58 PITops : It wasn't a spokesperson. It was Doug Parker himself. The same day, Gary Kelly from WN said that PIT is doing great for them. Wierd!
59 Post contains images Steeler83 : Yeahh, I am rather perturbed yet intrigued at that myself
60 Jwb2 : I really hope its DTW-MAN that would be great
61 Indy : While IND-AMS in the next 12 months would be nice I am not holding my breath on it. Right now I'd be happy with IND-SAN.
62 FWAERJ : Given NW's IND focus city, trans-Atlantic on NW from IND-AMS is not a matter of if, but when (and what plane, too). Although the 752 in NW's trans-At
63 LGAtoIND : I disagree with you on that point. The A332 is waaaay too much aircraft for IND-AMS. While the route would be a stretch (but very possible) for the 7
64 EmiratesUK : Come on... their has to be a hope of DTW-BHX We could really do with another US carrier if only to knock down the high prices CO gets away with chargi
65 DTWAGENT : All the flights are on 752's. Have fun being comfortable on these planes....PIT is asking any airline to increase service after US made it's annouceme
66 Avek00 : My thoughts: MSP-CDG A330 MKE-AMS B752 BOS-LHR B752 or A330 NW/KL will also confirm the EWR-AMS B752 x2, as well as DTW/MSP-LHR.
67 Burnsie28 : BA doesn't have the name in DTW like NW, not to mention NW can offer better connections and such. NW has 16 744's and I am pretty sure they don't hav
68 DeltaAVL : What about CLT-AMS? ...
69 PSU.DTW.SCE : I don't know the exact number but it is either 3-4 right now since they switched HNL-KIX to an A330-300. Plus NW was holding back pending the outcome
70 Post contains images DeltaAVL : Didn't think so. Maybe on US eventually.
71 Usairways85 : why would they use precious LHR slots to start a route that is already saturated at 6 flts a day on AA, BA, and VS
72 Avek00 : Because when it comes to TATL flying, NWA is not a bit player in the Boston market?
73 NWA744TPA : An in-flight manager came into my briefing last week and confirmed a return of DTW-BRU for spring '08. The crew was skeptical, but that's as close a c
74 Indy : So any word on whether they are going to announce the routes this week? Seems to be getting late in the week. Would they do this on a Thursday or Frid
75 Steeler83 : Would this do it for those 3 proposed routes then? BOS-LHR, EWR-AMS, and DTW-BRU? Or should I continue not reading too much into these posts?
76 Burnsie28 : Like the 2 daily flights to AMS, not to mention NW used to have its Europe flights all from Boston.
77 Indy : Is it possible that no announcements are coming?
78 FlyDreamliner : Well, they've got more A330s arriving, they have to go somewhere. They aren't converting more 757s to my knowledge, so I'd say to look for some A330s
79 Tiger119 : - How long of a flight would that be? I imagine a pretty long one in a single aisle aircraft. David
80 Tiger119 : - Pardon? You don't think the current terminal at IND could handle a heavy? Ask the people at TZ when they ran L1011s out of there left and right dur
81 MAH4546 : I'm guessing he said that an A330 is too big a plane for IND-AMS, not that IND isn't physically capable of handling an A330. And he is 100% correct.
82 DTW757 : There is only 1 more A330 arriving. N821NW will arrive yet this year and that will complete the A330 order so it's probably unlikely to see a major r
83 PSU.DTW.SCE : I wouldn't plan on anything being announced on Friday. I'd imagine it will be early next week. My point of contact at NWA Cargo was the one that told
84 Favre : Just wait until the FIRST CLASS for the CRJ-200 Fleet comes out also............
85 Jfk777 : Boston to LHR is a well served route with BA, Virgin and AA's 777's, why would NW compete with a 757 ? Other then Amsterdam, NW shouls stick to its hu
86 Favre : E195 ORDER IS IMMENT
87 Post contains images Steeler83 : Ah, sorry mate. I've only been around here for about a year and a half, and I am still trying to figure out the functions of some of these airlines A
88 EXAAUADL : AMS probably mints money for NW/KL
89 Aerlingusa330 : With all NW's connecting flights, I would think that NW could fill an A330 DTW-SNN/DUB. Anyone?
90 MeridianBUF : DTW-MAN would be great, another skyteam airline that I can use to get from Buffalo to Manchester, bypassing the 30 long plane lineups waiting for take
91 ZL : Is it possible that we'll see a 2nd DTW-LON? Now that BA has dropped that market, it is a quite good chance for NW isn't it? LON is a gigantic market
92 Jano : Just speculating: DTW-LHR : A333 DTW-LGW : B75A
93 Cubsrule : I still think IND-AMS is out of the question for a 752 because of the difficulty the 752 would have on the route in the winter. One big variable is th
94 Shamrock604 : No need for SNN anymore, as the stopover policy is gone with open skies. NW can operate direct to DUB on all flights starting from March 08. Indeed N
95 Tripple7 : On the current winter slot allocation list for AMS, NW has been awarded 40% more slots as compared to last year. I expect this will be extended to the
96 Viscount724 : If not mistaken the SNN stopover requirement has already been eliminated. AC dropped its SNN stop en route to/from DUB about a month ago once for tha
97 Indy : Actually the A330 is physically too large for the A concourse. There are no real heavy gates in the A concourse. The wings of the A330 would hang ove
98 EXAAUADL : Once LHR goes open to everyone, LGW will be even worse performing than it is today.
99 Sbworcs : Agree totally! I would love it to be BHX - CO fares to US from here are way high!!!
100 ERJ170 : I would say it would only go forth if NW, KLM, or AF REALLY wanted to. RDU is looking for FRA service... that's what they are working hardest on. AMS
101 Hjulicher : I actually heard that NW was speculating the possibility of this route. There is less competition on this route and thus perhaps better for NW. I als
102 HUYfan : I would go for Detroit-Dublin Detroit-London Heathrow Detroit-Manchester Minneapolis-London Heathrow Minneapolis-Paris CDG Regards Mike
103 PHLwok : Maybe. NW used to operate this with a DC-10-30 concurrent to US running it with a 762. Both dropped it within a few months of each other maybe five y
104 Azjubilee : Cslusarc - I copied the following from a post I made in this thread a little while ago. You'll see that indeed, there is at least one available 333 fo
105 Steeler83 : You do make a compelling argument, and I have said that I consider myself as a PIT cheerleader, but I also have to be realistic. ACAA approached seve
106 Flighty : PIT-AMS might be a stronger performer than PHL-AMS for NW/KL. PHL would only need AMS for its onward connections; meanwhile, AF already serves PHL. So
107 Hjulicher : So when is the announcement supposed to be made today?
108 B752OS : I guess you could say it's all relative. BOS does not have one dominant carrier on TATL routes, mainly due to the fact that no one has a hub operatio
109 Post contains images Steeler83 : I guess we'll have to see if NW has thought about that to the point where they are highly considering doing it. I do believe there is enough European
110 Cubsrule : PHL-AMS is rumoured to be US' worst performing TATL route. It would seem, however, that the power of the AMS hub might prop up the anemic (nonexisten
111 Burnsie28 : From what I have heard, outside of NW and DL AMS is the worst performing Europe destination for UA as well. DL it used to be until the entry into sky
112 EIRules : I'd love to see NW at DUB. It would leave UA as the only major US carrier not in DUB a would provide an alternative for connections into central and w
113 Cubsrule : I wonder if US would drop PHL-AMS if NW started it. With their relative shortage of widebody aircraft, there's got to be another place the bird can m
114 Kiwiandrew : whatever the new routes are I hope they last longer than DTW-BRU did - how many weeks ( days? ) did that operate before they pulled it ?
115 Steeler83 : Yeah, I think US will be able to find a profitable place to fly to from PHL. Will their 762s make PHL-WAW? What about CPH, Prague, or Vienna?
116 USAirALB : if NW starts service pit-ams will US step in even though they are getting small there by the second?
117 Steeler83 : That would not be wise on their part. When Parker (and I think Kirby) were in PIT to dedicate the Steelers A319, they said that PIT was unprofitable,
118 Boeing743 : It would be nice to see NW do IND-AMS route. I think it would be smart to do summer trail to see if it is success. Also, IND usually get more flights
119 Vega : Again, the US PHL-AMS flights are frequently FULL all summer with 90+% average loads on the 757 and 80-82% on the 762. The problem is not the local L
120 Flighty : I was just building a logical argument why PIT-AMS would work. If PIT-FRA were only 3500 miles then I believe US would be flying it today. But a only
121 Skyexramper : Glad to see someone is thinking like me. With the dang YX deal, they could end up advertising they fly to AMS one the whole codesharing with NWA goes
122 BestWestern : Nortwest used to operate 747's on MSP SNN DUB in the 80's. My bet is on DUB returning with a 752. Any sign of NW using their 753's on medium haul tra
123 Cubsrule : 762s can easily make any of those from PHL. With OS and SK at IAD, CPH and VIE might not be such hot performers, and a 762 is probably too much airpl
124 Steeler83 : That's what I thought. Thanks for verifying that. WIth PHL-WAW, you have a large Polish population in PHL in addition to both US and LOT being Star m
125 Burnsie28 : No they don't have the range.
126 Steeler83 : Unless you make a fuel stop at New Brunswick or Iceland...
127 Af773atmsp : Has NW announced any routes yet? Is NW going to announce the routes at the end of the week?
128 Steeler83 : I am wondering that myself
129 Indy : It usually seems that prior to an announcement that someone on here leaks the routes. So far we've had speculation. If NW is really going to announce
130 UALDUDE : You guys have heard of codeshares and Star Alliance right?
131 Mke717spotter : Well then how come LH is the only airline listed? Why isn't AF listed via DL?
132 SkyexRamper : Because MKE airport stuff is sooo way behind the times and is very slow to change stuff that isn't Midwest.
133 BestWestern : We often see NW's 753's in Ireland.
134 YHZ : Wow..a rumor that hasn't got any truth to it! Shock, surprise. With so many top level executives on this board, I would have thought NW would have jus
135 Burnsie28 : You sure that its NW 753's in Ireland, because until recently NW 757 pilots didn't have transatlantic training. ATA often sends their 753's to Irelan
136 Beertrucker : I would not be surprised at all if we do see a CMH-AMS. CMH has a lot of big name buisnesses in its city. Also there are a lot of other big buisnesses
137 Sxf24 : You don't need "transatlantic training" to fly charters.
138 Af773atmsp : NW announced PDX-AMS service. Was that one of the three routes that NW will start.
139 Indy : I waiting for confirmation that I can say the destinations. But it won't include IND, MKE, PIT, CMH, etc.
140 MAH4546 : Yes. It is the one new A330 they will launch. The rest will be 757s.
141 Post contains images SeaMeFly : I told you so, didn't I?
143 Azjubilee : Uh... did I miss something? IS there any credible proof NWA announced PDX-AMS? It's not in the star trib, on nwa.com or in any newwire. Anybody got a
144 Post contains links M404 : http://blog.oregonlive.com/business/...orthwest_plans_nonstop_flight.html There is the AMS PDX info
145 PSU.DTW.SCE : I told you we'd hear something within a week.....supposedly the others will be announced tommorow too.
146 Azjubilee : THanks M404 for the link. YOu know how this place gets. Hmmm... I wonder if it will be a 332. I would guess yes.. which means it must be coming from i
147 M404 : Does NW have the rights to expect any passengers to go through on this if they stayed with one flight number like Tokyo/Portland/Amsterdam? I know the
148 Transpac787 : Of course I'm just speculating here, but couldn't it theoretically be possible for NW to yet add MSP-CDG just by shifting a few A333's around?? In the
149 Flighty : I guess not because people say NW will not announce other A330 routes. You might see US do that strategy however, since they are more desperate for A
150 PSU.DTW.SCE : No they will not reduce DTW-AMS. They need the WBC seats. I have my doubts on MSP-CDG because it competes with AMS. Other than the actual O&D, AMS ca
151 Azjubilee : As KLM/AF continue to rationalize their route structure, AMS and CDG do not always overlap each other as connecting points. Granted most of the shuffl
152 Post contains images SANFan : OK, considering the first of the 3 announced routes is PDX-AMS, it's time I speak up: another of the new routes will be SAN-AMS! (Actually, I would be
153 Indy : If the information I got was correct then the next 3 routes will all originate from DTW.
154 Transpac787 : It's going to be an A332. MEM-AMS will become an A333, and the A332 operating that will be assigned to PDX-AMS. For a short while, SEA-AMS was operat
155 Indy : Can that route be profitable being mostly feed? You'd think strong o/d would be necessary for a flight to make money. Maybe not. The A332 has to look
156 Azjubilee : MEM-AMS has been operating for over 10 years... do we have to constantly debate the viability of its existence? Indy, come on now... Many times during
157 Rookinla : Congratulations are definitely in order for PDX. I really hope that this route works for them. Having said that, I am very surprised that NW is sendin
158 HB-IWC : Indeed, and look for it to be intertwined with the NRT aircraft, likely according to a pattern like this one: NRT PDX 1525 0830 PDX AMS 1230 0715 AMS
159 N174UA : Looks like one of these will be PDX-AMS....there's another thread on it. Supposed to be an announcement at PDX tomorrow.
160 Indy : I didn't realize there had been upgrades. I only comment because when I flew out of MEM onces the gate was only a couple over from international arri
161 RwSEA : But does this take into account the intra-Asia flying? Remember that the A332 flying PDX-NRT continues onto SIN. I'm thinking this A332 will be dedic
162 HB-IWC : The intra Asia flights have no impact on what's happening at PDX or AMS, as these flights operationally belong to the NRT hub. The addition of a PDX
163 PSU.DTW.SCE : MEM-AMS started with a KLM MD-11, then went to a NW DC-10 (273 pax) and then to an A330-200 (243 pax). As said, if -200's were ever in short supply (m
164 BlatantEcho : I'm curious what the PDX-AMS route will do to Lufti's PDX-FRA. You hope that the new AMS flight doesn't hurt the FRA flight, but there are only so man
165 Steeler83 : I didn't think the A333 would have the range, but I guess that could only be US' A333s. I am assuming there are variants of the A333, some with longe
166 Post contains images Flysherwood : I am not sure how busy the flights will be, but there is plenty of potential as far as business travel to Europe is concerned with the following comp
167 BigOrange : I'd like to see DTW-MAN and PHL-AMS, 2 more options to get me home when I need to!
168 Post contains images AS739X : Probably will be a tag on, code-share w/ Alaska PDX-SAN ASSFO
169 Post contains images Caspritz78 : So NW wants to increase its transatlantic activity. That is not really their strength or am I wrong. I always thought NW was the expert for Asia since
170 KL577 : 2 daily flights currently. One on a A332 and one on a B757. That said NW developed TATL-flying from Boston IIRC. The first time they served AMS was i
171 RwSEA : Yes but you're forgetting that the flight is currently routed PDX-NRT-SIN-NRT-PDX with a 6-hour overnight in NRT. Throw AMS into the mix and I suppos
172 HB-IWC : Again, although SIN NRT and NRT PDX share the same flight number, they are not operationally linked. As it goes, SIN NRT and NRT PDX is often operate
173 Azjubilee : It basically takes 3 airframes to run the SEA/NRT operation. Therefore by adding a 3rd 332 into the PDX NRT/AMS operation, they can make it work tying
174 Azjubilee : Since i can't edit my post... it should read, it takes 4 frames to run the daily SEA-AMS/NRT operation. But since they could time the PDX operation so
175 FWAERJ : 1) NW is a strong trans-Atlantic player. It's just that a lot of NW's trans-Atlantic traffic goes into AMS and is fed from there into KLM planes than
176 Flighty : You are right, but NW has so much feed at its DTW hub (and the hub is well located between much of the USA to Europe) that it can support more Europe
177 N501US : I think we will see NW increase Asia service as the 787s arrive.
178 Post contains links Azjubilee : Here's the press release including the details of flight times and equipment. Courtesy of yahoo. http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/071009/20071009006366.html?.v
179 Indy : What about the other routes? Aren't those supposed to be announced today?
180 LHPDX : It would be great if NWA would start flying nonstop to AMS from one of it's focus city MKE, or IND................
181 SandroZRH : Rumours have been flying around the Swiss Av thread for quite a while about NW announcing DTW-ZRH. Don't know how realistic that is, but the member an
182 Cubsrule : Don't overestimate the importance of Daimler to the DTW-FRA route. Most of the Daimler traffic is flying to STR, so if they aren't flying direct anym
183 Flysherwood : It seems like NWA is turning PDX into a focus city with the HNL, NRT and AMS services being added in the last couple of years. What do you think? It
184 VictorKilo : Opel is based out of Russelsheim, which is as close to FRA as the city of Frankfurt itself. Ford Germany is based in Cologne - not sure if they fly t
185 Flighty : Very much so. It's amazing. NW's hubs at NRT, AMS require that sort of action. And people say NW's NRT hub doesn't serve America... Bah! NRT connects
186 RwSEA : I could see MEM a year or two down the road, but not IND - the O&D just isn't there. I'd say PDX needs better year-round service to DTW before places
187 Post contains images Flysherwood : There are two things that I don't like about connecting in AMS. First is the double security checks that take FOREVER and the fact that AMS is expens
188 Indy : Any idea what the IND O&D numbers are to PDX on a monthly? NW runs SEA seasonal and I know the plane is packed full from start to end of service even
189 Post contains links and images Centrair : Just a little note to add. NW has 3 Trans-pac A332 flights into NRT but 4 inter-Asia A332 flights. They basically keep an A332 there and it can be ro
190 SkyguyB727 : There are no longer double security checks in AMS. All security screening is done directly at the gate. The security screening checkpoint that used t
191 Rwsea : Yes that's correct. I was in AMS as both a connecting passenger and an originating passenger back in December/January, and went through only one secu
192 Hjulicher : This will be said so that the myth can be removed from this forum that Daimler Chrysler is an important player in the market to Germany from Detroit.
193 Cslusarc : What gives! The new PDX - AMS flight doesn't allow for same-day eastbound connections over AMS to BOM. Will NW come up with a solution?
194 Centrair : The PDX-AMS flight starts in March. Which means that there will be a shuffle of aircraft someplace else in the system to allow for another A332 to be
195 Flysherwood : I am one of those tommorrow and have to go via Detroit. Sure would be nice to go on a direct flight to Indy as I get to do this about 4 times a year.
196 Someone83 : The 333 has the range, but with severe payload restrictions. I know that SAS have at a few occasions used a 333 on their CPH-SEA flight, which is abo
197 Post contains images Indy : I feel the same about SAN. That will be a very regular trip for me. I'm hoping at least every month. I could use the FF miles and elite segments
198 Cslusarc : Does anyone know why NW has timed the PDX - AMS flight not to permit sameday onestop connections to BOM over AMS? A 332 must layover in SEA overnight
199 Cubsrule : ' NW performs 332 m/x at SEA.
200 Indy : I know there have been other replies in this thread but right now airliners.net isn't showing them. I just wanted to add a few numbers to this. Accor
201 N174UA : I'd say more of a "focus region"....seems like PDX will have the same flights as SEA does, but slightly less in frequency. Covers NW pretty well...if
202 Post contains images RwSEA : Exactly. As I mentioned in another post (deleted thanks to the current problems with A.net), the NRT and AMS flights from PDX serve as a relief valve
203 KL577 : Does NW still have the rights to serve BLR, are did they loose the authority when they cancelled this proposed service? If so are there still plans?
204 MAH4546 : USA-India is Open Skies, there are no route authorities.
205 Post contains images Seamefly : Just heard from Amsterdam that there's been a talk about implementing a 2nd SEA-AMS. It seems that Microsoft is really pushing NW to put a 2nd flight
206 Post contains images Seamefly : Just heard from Amsterdam that there's been a talk about implementing a 2nd SEA-AMS. It seems that Microsoft is really pushing NW to put a 2nd flight
207 KL577 : Ah, didn't know that.
208 EVA777SEA : Wouldn't suprise me. I know people who have taken this flight for work before, and they said it is almost always full or near capacity.
209 B752os : Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't NW operate a hub in MEM? And if so, wouldn't you agree that the flight probably depends on connecting pax? NW o
210 Indy : By all means run 1x daily to SEA. Unless the southeast demand jumps so much in the summer that they fill an A320 and then some. I guess it would help
211 MAH4546 : Try again. Northwest carriers 61 O&D passengers a day between Memphis and Seattle, at an average fare of $277.44. Northwest carriers 54 O&D passenger
212 Indy : That information is extremely misleading. First off look around nwa.com and plug in dates for r/t tickets. Take all the tickets offered in the list f
213 MAH4546 : Yes, so misleading. Because we all know how official DOT information that is publicly accessible is misleading. I'm not using Northwest's website. I
214 Indy : Yes it can be very misleading if not completely incorrect at times. For IND the New York area was in the top 3 destinations. The number of daily pax w
215 MAH4546 : No, they are not wrong. The numbers are measured on a quarterly basis, and do demonstrate seasonal fluxes in demand (so the drop of 400 for NYC-IND i
216 Indy : Nonsense. These numbers aren't quarterly and do not indicate seasonal flux. The last update was for the 4th quarter of 2006 but those numbers aren't j
217 MAH4546 : Your attempts at trying to disprove the data are getting old. Get over it. They are right.
218 Indy : You are willing to accept the numbers listed at face value without even bothering to understand how the numbers are calculated and whether the number
219 MAH4546 : Yes, because I understand how the numbers are calculated and I understand that they reflect complete data. They come straight from DOT, and can be vi
220 Post contains images Seamefly : A 2nd SEA-AMS and a new flight NRT-SGN (or is it HAN?) are on the horizon for the spring and summer 2008. We'll see... Stay tune..
221 BY738 : And to get back on topic..... Are we any further ahead in concluding what the next 3 TATL routes will be ...? I think DTW-MAN must definitely be one o
222 Joost : A second SEA-AMS and the recently announced PDX-AMS? That would be a very big increase - and they cannot use 752s for the service (like from BOS)...
223 Transpac787 : I'd personally love to see NWA go to Vietnam, but I don't think it will happen any time soon. The current agreements between the USA and Vietnam allo
224 YHZ : NW never went through with their chance at Vietnam a couple of years ago...they had the authority and never used it. That is how UA ended up with it.
225 Azjubilee : NWA currently uses the RON 332 for the extra sections for SEA-NRT. They could easily shuffle the mx planning and operate the 2nd SEA-AMS once a week o
226 Greenair727 : What does WBC stand for? Thanks.
227 CALMSP : World Business Class.............(NW's first class)
228 Indy : I'm still wondering what happened to the 757 routes that were supposed to be announced.
229 Steeler83 : I am still wondering that myself. I think I even posted that like... several days ago!
230 Post contains links LIPZ : NWA is planning to boost international flights with a focus on Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW). NWA to expand global flights Carrier exec promotes
231 Centrair : I want to fly non-stop to MSP and not DTW. If that is not an option, then HNL or SEA sould be nice. I know that Chubu's sales people were in Eagan re
232 Bobnwa : NWA never said they were announcing anything. That was all speculation on this forum. I'm sure down the road they will announce some new Internationa
233 Indy : That is kind of what I figured. It was probably speculation based on the knowledge that x number of jets would be available to fly the routes and las
234 YHZ : Now, lets see what speculation we get on this forum after seeing this -----------------looks like it just won't be non stops to Europe from DTW From t
235 Post contains images Brilondon : Sorry if this has been mentioned in the 100's posts above but I can't see this happening unless it has some feeder service or is just going to run on
236 LIPZ : NW has given up 2nd FRA-DTW from schedule. The route goes back to just 1 daily A-333 service next summer, freeing up one more Airbus.
237 EVA777SEA : Well seeing as how a Skyteam member is supposedly going to fly LHR-SEA, perhaps that is the aircraft they will use?
238 Indy : This is a recent hatchet job then. I checked DTW-FRA no more than a couple of weeks ago I believe and it was still listed as 2x daily. And just as yo
239 Post contains images Falcon84 : If NW does indeed start AMS from both IND and/or CMH, I would think CO would definitely add at least a seasonal CLE-AMS in '09 to try and draw some of
240 Post contains images Indy : I'll believe either of those when I see it. IND just doesn't have the facilities. Well are are spoiled. I guess there was life before jet bridges
241 PSU.DTW.SCE : Confirmed new routes: 1) PDX-AMS A330-200 2) MSP-CDG A330-300 The new TATL 757 flying hasn't been announced, but supposedly it will be 2 new routes fr
242 Azjubilee : Anyone have any idea where the 332 is coming from to fly the new PDX-AMS? It had been mentioned earlier in this thread or the other one that MEM-AMS w
243 SNCntry32 : Is there enough demand for MEM-AMS to be a 333? I suppose all the other hubs have 333 doing the Hub-AMS run.
244 AirCop : I was checking the schedule for next summer for my trip to Venice and Athens, the MEM-AMS is shown as a 332.
245 SNCntry32 : As AZJ said in the previous reply, PARS and the timetables are still showing a 332 for MEM-AMS. He said that MEM-AMS would become a 333, but like you
246 Cgnnrw : Hmmm, NW starting up AMS-PHL again would be great for me personally. I flew the AMS-PHL route a few times back n the mid 90s. Very convenient indeed.
247 LHPDX : I'm wondering.......Does NWA eventually plan to connect PDX with China in the future?
248 MAH4546 : I truly doubt it, at least not in the next 5-7 years. Minneapolis-Shanghai and Detroit-Shanghai would obviously be next. People read too much into th
249 Azjubilee : 333s were used occasionally throughout the summer. Yes, the route can be flown just fine with a 333 and filling it would be no problem. Weather or not
250 Indy : Could NW use that 757 (long haul version) to fly MSP-HNL? Right now they run it as a 1stop on the 753.
251 RwSEA : Maybe after DTW, MSP, NRT (to secondary cities), and SEA, in that order. Remember that the PDX-NRT/AMS are hub to spoke routes, not spoke-to-spoke li
252 JetBlueGuy2006 : Nope, I know that KL stopped out of DTW a few years back, which is a shame, as I did enjoy seeing their 747 down the moving walkways at the NW WorldG
253 ZL : IIRC, the current 744 aircraft of NW11 continues to fly NRT-HNL as NW10 after arriving at NRT from DTW. NW10 is still listed as 744 next year, so tha
254 PSU.DTW.SCE : No, MSP-HNL runs daily with an A330-300. The 752 would be nearly a 50% drop in capacity. In addition, there are a few other 1-stops via the West Coas
255 Whappeh : Would they really try to cut in on US Airways like that?
256 Azjubilee : Yup - they would if they see a benefit. PHL-AMS was served in the past with a DC10. It was uneconomical, but with right sized capasity in a low CASM a
257 RwSEA : You mean like they cut in on UA at ORD/IAD, or how they cut in on DL at JFK/ATL, or how they cut in on CO at EWR/IAH? KL/NW operate a major worldwide
258 Hjulicher : You have to see which hub is more effective. Maybe AMS is a better connecting hub than PHL. Just because US offers PHL-AMS doesn't mean that that flig
259 Flighty : Okay, but US/LH have a pretty Europe connection at FRA/MUC, and then there is Air France on PHL-Paris already to serve SkyTeam needs. NW AMS would su
260 SNCntry32 : Could we see NW order a few more A330's?
261 PSU.DTW.SCE : It would add significant convenience for the loyal KLM flyers in Europe, and those who are fed up with US in PHL. Additionally, PHL is one of the top
262 Bobnwa : I think it is US Airways cutting in on NW/KL, who flew the route before US Airways started.
263 Flysherwood : Do you have any idea of how many executives, salesmen and buyers from Microsoft, Starbucks, Weyerhauser, Boeing, Nike, Adidas America, Precision Cast
264 Bobnwa : Please publish the numbers for both SEA and PDX.
265 Flighty : SEA can easily support a direct PVG flight just as soon as the 787s come on-line. It's like a mini-SFO up there. The market is very China-oriented. Th
266 ZL : From Microsoft's point of view, SEA-PEK is more favored. Microsoft has far more presence in Beijing (China headquarter, MSRA and ATC), which needs pl
267 Flysherwood : Maybe in the future you will have: NWA SEA-PEK and PDX-PVG As the majority of Nike, Adidas and Columbia Sportswear business is in Shanghai and Guangzh
268 MAH4546 : No, you won't. You will not see Northwest applying for Portland-China.
269 Post contains images Flysherwood : You are probably the same kind of person who never thought we would get a flight to NRT or AMS or FRA. Things are changing and growing in the Pacific
270 Post contains links MAH4546 : While I admit I was surprised by Amsterdam, I never doubted Portland's ability to support Tokyo and Frankfurt. Tokyo especially was inevitable. Rathe
271 Flysherwood : I didn't say that it would be next. But I would not be surprised if it did happen some day. They can feed a lot of passengers to an airport that does
272 MAH4546 : Portland isn't a Northwest hub and there are minimal benefits for feed from Horizon. Portland-China has a good chance of happening one day. It won't
273 Flysherwood : We're a hub for AS as well.
274 Azjubilee : I think the most likely candidate for upgaging is MEM-AMS or NRT-PEK. I doubt seriously they'll return the 744 to NRT-GUM or SPN as they said in the e
275 MAH4546 : "Hub" in the lightest sense. Point being that the feed is no substantial nor significant to add any benefit to make a Portland-China flight worthwhil
276 Admluvs2fly : Back on the topic of New routes. What happend to the new Timetable that is due to change on NOV 4? The old schedule is still showing NOV3.
277 Indy : I've been wondering that same thing. They are taking forever to post it.
278 PietPiloot : There is another solution possible here. According to the first slot requests in Amsterdam, NW 068/67 DTW-AMS-DTW will switch from 333 to 744 from 2
279 PSU.DTW.SCE : PietPilloot - Interesting, where did you see this information? It is current or dated information? I highly, highly doubt that you would see KLM retur
280 Azjubilee : 744s to AMS are indeed a possibility. They've just gotten rid of the DC10s and now they're using 757s to Europe, providing a disjointed product. Now t
281 Post contains images LHboyatDTW : so my crazy little daydreaming has some truth behind it afterall I would love to have KL return. Seems unlikely, but would be a more than welcome sig
282 JetBlueGuy2006 : I would as well.
283 KL577 : klm.com shows six flights AMS-DTW v.v. in June 08: 4 X NWA A333 1 X NWA B757 1 X KLM A332
284 PSU.DTW.SCE : That would be an additional flight beyond NW's normal summer schedule. Interesting, it is in klm.com but not nwa.com NW has never operated more than 5
285 JetBlueGuy2006 : The Blue will return to DTW, excellent!!!!
286 LHboyatDTW : Great to see KLM's return into my neck of the woods. DTW got their blue back!! Though may I please ask about this flight's timing? Dank je wvel
287 Post contains links PietPiloot : I took the information from www.slotcoordination.nl. It was published yesterday, so pretty current. I noticed that too. Keep in mind that this is sti
288 PSU.DTW.SCE : klm.com shows the following for next June: (note that nwa.com does not show this....yet) DTW-AMS: NW 40 DTW AMS 1610 0555 333 NW 68 DTW AMS 1745 0735
289 Cgnnrw : Very good point. That's why I hope NW returns to PHL via AMS. Gives me one more option when returning to the States and allows me to earn Skymiles. I
290 Flighty : That may be why Delta is so keen on gates in PHL's international concourse. I believe they have already been awarded, against US Airways' wishes.[Edi
291 LHboyatDTW : hmm, I'm seeing a few possible scenarios here to simplify the frequencies down to at least 4x daily reschedule NW 53/54 so it will not fight for load
292 PSU.DTW.SCE : Last summer saw 5x, so it will likely be 5x next summer too. A few years ago, this had been a 742/744 flight until they rationalized around the DC-10
293 Post contains links Hjulicher : I don't see the flight anymore on KLM's timetable. Maybe we prompted them to remove it already? I tried my search on http://www.klm.com/travel/nl_en/t
294 KL577 : I remember the 742 as a frequent visitor to AMS serving DTW and MSP. I can only remember the AMS-JFK service in the late 90s operated by an NWA 744.
295 PSU.DTW.SCE : DTW-AMS 68/67 operated with a 744 for awhile, as recently as 2004-ish. The aircraft continued onto AMS-BOM which was flown with a 744 for years until
296 LHboyatDTW : Almost forgot about that. In that case.... I could see NW 53/54 being axed and then being placed for a second FRA flight that they axed in place of M
297 HB-IWC : Nothing has been firmly decided yet for the KL/NW AMS DTW rotations. For now, indeed, there is a single KL-operated flight loaded in the reservation s
298 BAKJet : Isn't NWA cutting it pretty close with announcing the new 757 TATL routes, if they are going to. BTW-When do the airlines have to have next summers ro
299 Bobnwa : Northwest can announce new routes any time that they feel it is to their advantage. There is no "have to" involved. As far as new 757 TATL routes, th
300 Indy : Are they sitting back and waiting to see how their version of the 757 does through the winter before determining what routes to add?
301 BAKJet : Are they sitting back and waiting to see how their version of the 757 does through the winter before determining what routes to add? That would make s
302 MAH4546 : It wouldn't make sense unless they plan to announce these routes for a late summer start. New trans-Atlantic routes typically need a 6 to 8 month win
303 BAKJet : It wouldn't make sense unless they plan to announce these routes for a late summer start. New trans-Atlantic routes typically need a 6 to 8 month wind
304 NWBOS : Right now, the rumors in BOS are: BDL-LGW/LHR BOS-CDG (result of AF giving up a CDG frequency)
305 NW748i : Sounds like a great way to capture some of those YX customers and get them flying NW via the new codeshare. Bravo if this comes to pass!
306 B752OS : I would assume the BOS-CDG flight would be operated with a 752? And this is to pick up the slack that AF has left now that they operate a daily 744 f
307 NWBOS : That's right. Both flights that I mentioned would be operated with a 752.
308 B752OS : Do you know how many peak flights NW offered out of the old BOS-Europe hub operation? How likely do you think the BOS-CDG and BDL-LGW/LHR routes are
309 NWBOS : I believe there were 5 at one time. I can't remember all the destinations: LGW, PIK, AMS, CDG, FRA? The LGW flight was a 747-200 and the rest were DC
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