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IB A340-600 Skids Off The RWY At Quito/UIO  
User currently offlineTomascubero From Costa Rica, joined Jul 2005, 530 posts, RR: 8
Posted (8 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 8 hours ago) and read 100429 times:

Breaking news from UIO, an IB A340-600 skids off the RWY, it seems that it has damaged the ILS suggesting that the takeoff was one off RWY17. Registration is confirmed EC-JOH according to ACARS. Flight was IB6463 UIO-GYE. News was taken from this Ecuatorian newspaper, Ecuadorinmediato.com:


Quoting Ecuadorinmediatio.com:
Según últimos reportes, un avión de Iberia sufrió un incidente al salir de la pista del aeropuerto, sin estrellamiento. Al momento se evacuan a los pasajeros por parte de los organismos de socorro: Defensa Civil, personal de paramédicos de Quiport, Cruz Roja y Bomberos.

Según explicó Pilar Sánchez del Cuerpo de Bomberos de Quito, el percance no tuvo heridos graves, y tampoco se produjo estrellamiento.

Se cree que el mal despegue se habría producido por fallas en dos llantas.


According to the latest reports, an Iberia plane suffered an incident while skidding off the runway at Quito airport, not a crash. In this moment they are evacuating the passengers with the help of the rescue teams, Quiport paramedics, Red Cross and the Firefighters.

According to Pilar Sanchez from the Quito Firefighting team, the incident had no serious injuries on the people onboard and it was not a crash.

It is believed that the bad takeoff was produced by a failure in two wheels.

Hope this is true and no one is hurt.


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User currently offlineKC135TopBoom From United States of America, joined Jan 2005, 12364 posts, RR: 51
Reply 1, posted (8 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 8 hours ago) and read 100490 times:

Is there a link to CNN or FoxNews, both are usually pretty quick to jump on these types of incidents. Thank God not any serious injuries. Any airplane damage?

User currently offlineA340Spotter From United States of America, joined Jul 2003, 1989 posts, RR: 21
Reply 2, posted (8 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 8 hours ago) and read 100214 times:

Quoting KC135TopBoom (Reply 1):
Any airplane damage?

First off, confirmed now as the airport is estimated closed through at least 0300z. Per an eyewitness, one engine resting on the ground and cracks seen near the wing. So yes, some airplane damage, though being dark at the moment, may be a while before anything is seen on news sites.


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User currently offlineAlessandro From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 3, posted (8 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 8 hours ago) and read 100168 times:

Seem like it happened 17:15 local time, Quito airport seem to be temporary closed,
About 1 hour and 20 minutes ago.

[Edited 2007-11-09 15:40:03]

User currently offlineTomascubero From Costa Rica, joined Jul 2005, 530 posts, RR: 8
Reply 4, posted (8 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 7 hours ago) and read 100043 times:

Quoting A340Spotter (Reply 2):
First off, confirmed now as the airport is estimated closed through at least 0300z. Per an eyewitness, one engine resting on the ground and cracks seen near the wing. So yes, some airplane damage, though being dark at the moment, may be a while before anything is seen on news sites.

Just in from the same newspaper:

Quoting Ecuadorinmediato.com:
Según pudo confirmar ecuadorinmediato.com, la nave prácticamente está intacta, con excepción del tren de aterrizaje que está prácticamente enterrada, mientras que una parte de la punta de la nariz del avión se halla fuera de la pista.

Translation: Ecuadorinmediato confirmed that the airple is pratically intact with the exception of the main gear which is is practically burried, while one part of the airplane's nose is outside of the RWY.

Will be waiting for more info... UIO closed until further notice, I wonder where Airportmanager is now...


User currently offlineBAKJet From United States of America, joined Nov 2007, 746 posts, RR: 0
Reply 5, posted (8 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 7 hours ago) and read 100032 times:

Good that nobody got hurt. This would be considered a accident/incindent not a crash, right.

User currently offlineHaan From South Africa, joined Aug 2004, 289 posts, RR: 1
Reply 6, posted (8 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 7 hours ago) and read 100016 times:

Bad week for the A340-600 as a SAA A346 went oof the runway last week at Cape Town.

User currently offlineBreiz From France, joined Mar 2005, 1985 posts, RR: 2
Reply 7, posted (8 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 7 hours ago) and read 99940 times:

Quoting Haan (Reply 6):
Bad week for the A340-600 as a SAA A346 went oof the runway last week at Cape Town.

And Iberia's A340-600 EC-JFX made a hard landing at Quito on Aug 31, 2007, exploding some tires.

User currently offlineAlessandro From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 8, posted (8 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 7 hours ago) and read 99947 times:

333 passenger onboard according to http://www.lahora.com.ec/frontEnd/main.php?idSeccion=641067

User currently offline797 From Venezuela, joined Aug 2005, 1924 posts, RR: 25
Reply 9, posted (8 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 6 hours ago) and read 99655 times:

According to this thread from A.netter Airportmanager, the aircraft is severely damaged.

Thank God no one was hurt, but seems like the jet was hit badly and it will take several hours until its completely removed and the airport.


Flying isn't dangerous. Crashing is what's dangerous!
User currently offlinePU752 From Uruguay, joined Mar 2005, 586 posts, RR: 1
Reply 10, posted (8 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 6 hours ago) and read 99538 times:

Thanks god nothing happened, although UIO is an accident waiting to happen.

User currently offlineA340Spotter From United States of America, joined Jul 2003, 1989 posts, RR: 21
Reply 11, posted (8 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 6 hours ago) and read 99520 times:

Quoting Tomascubero (Thread starter):
Flight was IB6463 UIO-GYE.

Per the other thread which I don't see anywhere (deleted due to duplication?), it was the inbound MAD-UIO IB6463 which is what made a bit more sense given the time of the incident. Numerous flights are delayed or have diverted (Southern Air has a B747F sitting in MIA for instance).


"Irregardless, it's a Cat III airplane, we don't need an alternate!"
User currently offlineUnited787 From United States of America, joined May 2005, 3222 posts, RR: 1
Reply 12, posted (8 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 4 hours ago) and read 98168 times:

Quoting 797 (Reply 9):
According to this thread from A.netter Airportmanager, the aircraft is severely damaged.

Could this be the second A340 to be written off?

User currently offlineAndesSMF From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 13, posted (8 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 4 hours ago) and read 98168 times:

Here is a better link, with picture:


(It is now on front page)

User currently offlineTomascubero From Costa Rica, joined Jul 2005, 530 posts, RR: 8
Reply 14, posted (8 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 4 hours ago) and read 98097 times:

Quoting A340Spotter (Reply 11):
it was the inbound MAD-UIO IB6463 which is what made a bit more sense given the time of the incident.

Yes, you are right, the first information indicated that it was an aborted takeoff, as well I took is as a fact since Flightstats.com had the MAD-UIO flight as landed, 15 minutes ago, when I checked the flight. But if you read below, it was actually landing.

Update: Now the same newspaper is confirming that the aircraft is badly damaged:

Quoting Ecuadorinmediato:
Según testigos oculares consultados por Ecuadorinmediato.com, una de las turbinas del ala izquierda de la aeronave se incendió tras impactar con el terreno fangoso del áerea de seguridad de la cabecera del aeropuerto, sin embargo, la rápida acción del Cuerpo de Bomberos permitió sofocar en menos de quince segundos el percance.


According to witnesses consulted by Ecuadorinmediato, one of the left turbines caught fire while impacting the safety zone of the RWY threshold, the quick action of the Firefighting Team controlled the fire in less than 15 seconds.

It also points that is aircraft was landing:

Quoting Ecuadorinmediato:
Se cree que el forzoso arribo se habría producido por fallas en el tren de aterrizaje, debido a la explosión de dos de sus llantas. Cabe señalar, además, que las condiciones metereológicas en Quito eran dificultosas para el transporte aéreo; en el momento del suceso llovía pertinazmente y se presentaban altos niveles de nubosidad.


It is believed that the hard landing was caused by problems in the landing gear due to the explosion of two of its tires. It is also important to point out that at the time of the incident, the weather conditions were difficult for the airplanes and it was raining constantly with high levels of clouds at the time.

A special METAR of 2209z (17:09 local time, incident at around 17:15) was:

SEQU 092209Z 17004KT 3000S 4000N RA VCFG FEW005 BKN023 OVC100 12/11 Q1024 BECMG AT2230 4000

Reduced visibility, constant rain, fog in the vicinity and few clouds at 500ft indicate it was not the best weather.

It also suggests that this plane crossed over the highway and is probably resting over it:

Quoting Ecuadorinmediato:
El avión, un Airbus 340-600, se deslizó por la pista aérea, hacia la Avenida del Maestro y Gualaquiza (al norte de la capital), en el mismo sitio en que hace varios años un avión de Cubana de Aviación sufrió un percance parecido.


The airplane, an Airbus A340-600, skidded off the runway, towards the "Avenida (Avenue) del Maestro" and Gualaquiza, the same site where a Cubana airplane some years ago had a similar incident.


User currently offlineLAXspotter From India, joined Jan 2007, 3650 posts, RR: 4
Reply 15, posted (8 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 4 hours ago) and read 97922 times:

Are there any safety issues with the runway in Quito? It seems like a difficult approach. Good news, that no one was hurt. What kind of damage is there to the aircraft if any?

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User currently offlineAR385 From Mexico, joined Nov 2003, 7517 posts, RR: 42
Reply 16, posted (8 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 4 hours ago) and read 97903 times:
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"Major damage" to the airframe, according to Quito's airport director.

I saw a picture of the plane. It appears outside the runway, resting on its left wing. R2 slide deployed, so I assume an emergency evac took place. Major scare for the passengers, if nothing.

User currently offlineBY188B From United Kingdom, joined Jul 2003, 718 posts, RR: 0
Reply 17, posted (8 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 4 hours ago) and read 97966 times:

Very good pictures on this link;


User currently offlinePyroGX41487 From United States of America, joined Oct 2004, 280 posts, RR: 0
Reply 18, posted (8 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 4 hours ago) and read 97773 times:

Ouch. From those pictures, it looks like there may be some damage to the wing, from pylons being ripped off and that those engines will definitely need to be replaced. I'd expect damage to the left main gear as well. As long as there isn't any major hull/wing damage, it looks fixable from where I'm sitting.

Hasn't the IB A346s had a lot of issues with their brakes in the last three some-odd years?


User currently offlineA340Spotter From United States of America, joined Jul 2003, 1989 posts, RR: 21
Reply 19, posted (8 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 4 hours ago) and read 97754 times:

Quoting United787 (Reply 12):
Could this be the second A340 to be written off?

Would be the 5th A340 to be written off, but second one due to a landing incident.

Two Air Lanka A340s destroyed by attacks
One Air France at CDG during a "dispute" (F-GNIA)
One Air France at YYZ, in a landing incident in 2006


"Irregardless, it's a Cat III airplane, we don't need an alternate!"
User currently offlineDa man From United States of America, joined Sep 2001, 887 posts, RR: 11
Reply 20, posted (8 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 4 hours ago) and read 97697 times:

Quoting A340Spotter (Reply 19):
Would be the 5th A340 to be written off, but second one due to a landing incident.

But it would be the first A340NG (e.g. A340-500 and/or A340-600).

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User currently offlineLTU932 From Costa Rica, joined Jan 2006, 14297 posts, RR: 46
Reply 21, posted (8 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 3 hours ago) and read 97585 times:

Quoting United787 (Reply 12):
Could this be the second A340 to be written off?

The aircraft is still relatively new, so it's not necessarily a write-off. Judging from the pictures, maybe a new landing gear, new engine(s) and a new number 2 engine pylon (maybe also a new engine pylon for the number 1), unless something pierced through the fuselage. That's just my casual observation.

I'm guessing that the aircraft will likely be repaired.

User currently offlineBE77 From Canada, joined Nov 2007, 455 posts, RR: 0
Reply 22, posted (8 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 3 hours ago) and read 97561 times:

Quoting LAXspotter (Reply 15):
Are there any safety issues with the runway in Quito? It seems like a difficult approach. Good news, that no one was hurt. What kind of damage is there to the aircraft if any?

At something like 9200 ASL, pretty much any operations have to be considered difficult - thinking about it. breathing would be difficult for probably 75% of people not from there! Add any sort of weather (rainy, hot, or anything else), and if you can run off the end of any runway, that'll be one.

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User currently offlineB752fanatic From United States of America, joined Jul 2003, 918 posts, RR: 7
Reply 23, posted (8 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 3 hours ago) and read 97458 times:

Good no one was hurt.

Quoting LTU932 (Reply 21):

Interesting, but shall we assume that all of the work would be done in Quito?, it would be somewhat expensive compared to being done in MAD or any other station that usually would do heavy MX on a A346.

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User currently offlinePhxpilot From United States of America, joined Jul 2005, 82 posts, RR: 2
Reply 24, posted (8 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days 3 hours ago) and read 97311 times:

Is anybody else wondering why in some of the pictures, especially the one shot from the tail angle, the electrical system is still powered? The white tail nav light as well as the left logo lights are both illuminated. Without exception, the checklists for every airliner I have ever flown require electrical power to be shut off in this sort of situation.

25 Etops1 : this could have turned out to be very ugly . those people were very lucky . good thing there was no embankment or ditch at the end of that runway.
26 Kaitak : Well, there was; they were just lucky enough to stop well before it.
27 LTU932 : Yes, but you got to remember that when the KZ 767 that was on lease to Skyservice landed hard and got those nasty fuselage wrinkles in PUJ, people fr
28 PU752 : UIO always use rwy 35 for landings and takeoffs, the APP for rwy 17 is extremely challenging for both landings(specially) and deps, so I doubt they w
29 Tomascubero : Airportmanager, a friend of mine, told me the aircraft hase several fuselage and wing cracks and that engines 1, 2, and 3 are useless, only 4 is or co
30 Beaucaire : Quito actual runway is much to short considering the altitude of the city ( 2800 meters ) The new airport will have a 4200 meter runway.
31 Post contains images OHLHD : " target=_blank>http://www.elperiodico.cat/info/gale...a=969 From the front shot picture I would say that there was be damage to both engines since th
32 Airbus767 : wow thank God everyone's ok - I looked at UIO on Google Earth and the end of the runway (it landed on 17, right?) is 177 yards away from from a major
33 LTU932 : Where will all the traffic be diverted? I doubt GYE could take all of it, or am I wrong? Even with a 4200 metre runway, a limiting factor will be max
34 SSTsomeday : Forgive me, but by what stretch of the imagination was that a "landing incident?" I don't think an aircraft has to fly head first into the everglades
35 Airplane : TV shows one of the main gears collapsed when if skid off the runway. Especulations are that the airport may be closed for several days. Many thins ha
36 Post contains images Qantas744ER : QF thinks different about that 1999 BKK overrun
37 Airportmanager : Ok i just got back from the airport. I was there in the flight school during this happened. It was raining and I heard a loud BOOM but nothing that ca
38 Airportmanager : to me this is more than a incident other than no one was hurt, this is terrible, I still can tbelieve Ive seen an aircraft like this! Just centimiete
39 Post contains links Czbbflier : Thanks Tomascubero & Airportmanager for the reports. Sorry the news is bad. A good representation of a challenged A340 landing at Quito is on flightle
40 RobK : Anymore pics ??? R Ooops, sorry Manager, your post wasn't there when I posted that. Cool pics![Edited 2007-11-10 00:21:37]
41 Post contains images Flymad : What is it about A346's and female pilots. the SA incident at CPT last week was also a female pilot?
42 ZuluTime : Why were so few emergency exits opened? I can understand that the angle of the forward chutes may have made it difficult but am surprised that it look
43 Post contains images Iwok : It sure seems like the wet ground, almost muddy, is an important factor here. If the ground were hard packed, its likely that the plane would have go
44 Loalq : Ooops! Somebody just lost his job! Great pics AirportManager, thanks a lot!
45 AR385 : Airportmanager, great pics. It's a shame A.net takes so long to accept them. I find it strange that there is still no info. on the incident from the I
46 Summa767 : Airportmanager, I have to join the praise for your ever good reporting and photography. On the question of a female asking for winds, I thought that
47 Davescj : What happens to a plane this damaged? Will the need a crane to pull it (literally) out of the mud? Would IB do minimal repairs there in Quito and fly
48 AR385 : From what Airportmanger has described in his reports, plus what can be seen on the pictures, I don't believe "minimal repairs" will get that bird bac
49 Post contains images Birdwatching : First of all, Stefano, thank you so much for the news coverage! Do you have any info about what happens during the time UIO is closed? To me it looks
50 AutoThrust : I'm glad all are safe. But its sad to see such a beatiful and proud plane damaged like this, i really hope its not a total loss. This other accident p
51 N14AZ : Reminds me about the Air France A340 accident in Canada some years ago (except that it isn't burning)
52 NA : From the pictures this is not a total loss. EC-JOH is new, only 1 1/2 years old, and just one wing and undercarriage seems to be seriously affected. T
53 B747forever : But still it will be a really hard work to get this a/c up in the air again.
54 NA : Thats for sure. This aircraft most likely won´t be flying again in 2007. Quito isn´t a place someone wants to experience a breakdown.
55 Post contains links and images N14AZ : Good example. See how it looked after the aborted take-off and how it looks today: http://www.airdisaster.com/photos/d-abyu/photo.shtml View Large Vi
56 B747forever : At least it wont fly again in 2007. True, that will make it longer until the a/c can fly again. Amazing, how could they make that 747 fly again??? Ho
57 Alessandro : " target=_blank>http://www.airdisaster.com/photos/d-...shtml Is it accurate to compare a cargohauler and a passengerplane? I don´t think so.
58 ChrisNH : In the photographs it looked like people were sliding down the emergency chutes under daylight...and then people were still sliding down them in pitch
59 Etops1 : someone asked why was only one emergency exit used for 333 pax. it looks like the 2R door was used. i ask myself the same question. that's a big plane
60 IBERIA747 : The following has been published on Iberia's website. Sorry, it's in Spanish only. Iberia mantiene su operación con Ecuador - La compañía volará d
61 GatoVolador : My message was the same than the previous one. Then, I cancel it.[Edited 2007-11-10 05:24:06]
62 Express1 : But the first dash 600 to be written off? or can this aircraft be fixed and flying again?, plus how far away is the runway from where it ended up? da
63 Post contains links NA : See some posts above (one from me). There have been aircraft more severely damaged which still fly. Well, the pilots of a Cargo hauler want to surviv
64 AV757 : Thank god everyone is safe and no one was hurt. From the pictures I have seen so far I think this airplane will be a total hull loss due to the intern
65 AA767LOVER : Is the 346 too big to land at UIO, or is it more of a problem within the aircraft itself (internal mechanisms)? In any case, I'm glad nobody got hurt.
66 A340Spotter : While I'm not at work to check, GYE was scheduled to be closed for runway work this weekend, starting at 0600z/10Nov and lasting thru the 12th at 120
67 Alessandro : AV757, saw an estimate of 40MUS$ just in spares, then add shipping and labor cost, add lease of ramp space.
68 Atnight : Yes, the repair work at GYE is cancelled until UIO gets back to normal. That is not the case, as IB has flown the A346 for a couple of years to UIO a
69 AV757 : Here are the official NOTAMS (Notices To Airmen) for SEQU and SEGU, The closure of GYV has been cancelled for this weekend and moved to next weekend.
70 Post contains links IBERIA747 : There are several pictures here showing us closer views of the damage. It looks pretty bad, at least worse than I thought after looking at the picture
71 Etops1 : why did they use one door to evacuate
72 AV757 : [i]Alessandro From Sweden, joined Sep 2001, 4310 posts, RR: 0 Reply 69, posted Sat Nov 10 2007 09:49:28 your local time (38 minutes 19 secs ago) and r
73 ZBBYLW : I see a few people asking this question. While I do not know the real reason, I will speculate that because of the nature of the incident (not immine
74 Post contains images RootsAir : IB A340-600s seem to have trouvle with UIO. Wasn't there an accident there a few weeks ago ?
75 Post contains links Beagleboys : Video from CNN: http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/wor...plane.accident.ap?iref=videosearch
76 Post contains links CM767 : http://www.airliners.net/discussions...general_aviation/read.main/3589223 This is a link to the previous incident. Airportmanager, thanks for all the
77 AV757 : All flight crews are taught to evaluate conditions at all of their stations in the event of a passenger evacuation for feasibility and should use the
78 Flying Belgian : Looking at the angle the aircraft has, door 1R was the safest door to evacuate ACKNOLEDGING that absolutely no immediate danger was present (fire, le
79 Post contains links Philipkk : Very ironic. Just the other day I was watching a video of an Iberia A340 landing at UIO with a tailwind. The videographer was critical of its approach
80 JoeCattoli : I always wanted to ask.... Is the insurance gonna pay for the loss or is part of it/all of it a financial loss for Iberia? Hope she will fly again.. t
81 CM767 : At least two doors were used one in the R and other on the L, both toward the middle of aircraft, and as mentioned before, probably used because of t
82 Post contains images Airportmanager : I believe that as others said they decided to go to the safe areas, the front left door didnt seem all that safe as there is a big ditch just near th
83 A340Spotter : Stefano, Does IB have the ability to shoot an RNP Approach that CO has there at UIO? 3000m, as it was reported in the METAR, would be the mins on the
84 Airportmanager : Ahh sorry for posting so quickly. I was jsut told, as the IB broke the LOCALIZER and other antenas, SELT the near by airport had to give tehir LOC ant
85 Tomascubero : If this is the case, well you are right, the pilots are in some deep trouble. Being a spotter at SJO which tends to have similar or worse weather con
86 Airportmanager : As Tomas says, they do it, but its not right. In UIO minimums are 3000 meters! haha and DH o MDA is about 600ft AGL. This is a good safety altitude bu
87 797 : Woah, last night I went to sleep with the post recently opened and now all I see are this incredible photos. What a pitty that this beautiful airframe
88 Clydenairways : " target=_blank>http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showpo...t=515 I'd say that this is repairable, it will take a while but i don't think it's a W/O. Apart
89 Alessandro : 797, 1st A346 that are scrapped, the Toronto one was also scrapped among a few others.
90 RichM : I thought that was an A343?
91 Ahlfors : UIO is now operational...so far I've seen two takeoffs on runway 35. First one was a 727 - didn't get a good view of the second one.
92 Airportmanager : Ok this suxs.... I look at the qeue and I find no pic of mine in the qeue! Also, I look at the web and I see no uploaded and none rejected.... this is
93 Kaitak : I may risk the wrath of moderators for this, but have you tried Jetphotos.net? They have a special "hot photo" button, which you can select for photo
94 BlueShamu330s : So, just to clarify, as I understand it, the Iberia landed on 17, correct? And is now somewhere beyond the localiser aerial, but still in the cleared
95 LTU932 : If that's true, then either they can't get the plane out of there, or the damage is much worse.
96 Airportmanager : Umm, 3 pics are already in JP and are psoted here in the forums hehehe No no no no. LANDED on 35 skid off at the end of 35 therefore meaning at the t
97 BuyantUkhaa : Overrun areas work! No, 35
98 RJAF : Iberia has pretty good insurance coverage through the Lloyd's and international insurance markets. Usually, if the repair / replacement costs exceed
99 Tomascubero : That is silly of me, I forgot that the ILS system is always at the end of the RWY where the ILS is active, dumb me! It was also obvious because the t
100 Pellegrine : It'd be a pity to see the first WO of an A340NG so soon, I hope they repair it at any reasonable cost.
101 BlueShamu330s : Well. my argument still works on the other end. If Iberia landed 35 and went off the end into the 35 localiser and 17's lights, I cannot see how, in
102 LTU932 : Wouldn't that be just the localiser antenna? I believe the glideslope antenna is always next or near the TDZ of the ILS runway.
103 797 : Guys I gave a thought about the whole situation and came up with a question... Let's say that IB puts this aircraft out of service and decides not to
104 Post contains images BlueShamu330s : Correct. The glideslope antenna is always abeam the TDZ, and the localiser is beyond the stop end of the runway. Lots of people think they are co-loc
105 Post contains images Brendows : You are correct. Correct in this case for the LLZ, but that's not the case for runways where there is an offset approach
106 Neuroticdave : Quito is indeed a hard approach. I have been there tons of times, and the scaritest is coming in to 17. Those planes zoom past the airport, and then p
107 AR385 : I get what you are saying, but the scenarios you are presenting will pretty much render any airport without a flat, paved abd straight surface at the
108 BlueShamu330s : No, what I am saying is that every airfield has tested, callibrated, approved and legislated performance figures to which ops are applied. Quito curr
109 Breiz : Isn't Quito nicknamed "the Kai Tak of South America" because of this runway 17 approach?
110 Alessandro : Yes, it was. If this is aircraft is scrapped, it´ll become the first A346 that are so, only 78 delivered A346.
111 Alessandro : Iberia got 12 other A346 and 19 A343, with a bit of code-sharing I think they manage.
112 Post contains links and images Tomascubero : Yes, many people call it that but I think its because of the buildings. I've never been there or flown the RWY17 approach on the sim but I have heard
113 AR385 : Yes. There remains a possibility that there is a problem with the runway surface. Hard to believe, though, as no other airplanes have skidded off the
114 Btblue : I was checking this thread earlier and I'm sure there were more links to photos of the accident. Can somebody post some links? Thanks
115 Airportmanager : It seems it will be written off. Airbus and issurance people arrive tomorrow. I still cant imagine this hapening. But whatabout when Air France overs
116 Reality : Well, you did report this over 12 hours ago. So you were the first to bring up that possibility. We'll see if it turns out to be one of the causes of
117 Tomascubero : Could very well be true, BUT if the pilots had time to think, which seems so judging from the evacuation videos that indicate that the evac was done
118 AndesSMF : There have been plenty of incidents that have already occurred in Quito. There was the DC-8 from AECA that crashed into a soccer field, ditto for a C
119 Tdscanuck : I would expect that the crew pulled the fire handles in an event like this. That automatically shuts the engines down. Tom.
120 Tomascubero : Ok, that explains then that they were of course shut down by action of the pilots. Does this shutdown also turn the reversers off if on, or at least
121 44k : Due to the shortened runway 35 no heavy's can land at UIO at this time. At least AA has cancelled all service to UIO for the next 3 days.
122 Airportmanager : Ok, well If im posting too much, just tell me, Im just posting everything as soon as I find out to keep you guys informed as your over there im over h
123 PITrules : Primarily, the runway isn't crowned and grooved, allowing for water runoff (similar problem in YYZ, where AF went off). The ILS glideslope is steeper
124 Cricket : Wow the damage to the wing box looks severe, pretty badly banged up plane! I am not saying nothing can't be repaired but, this would take a lot of rep
125 Airportmanager : Depends what your point is? Im not saying that it was her fault and even more cause shes a girl, its just like a note, like saying "There was a plane
126 Davescj : Airportmanager, thanks for all the great reporting!! As of now at least, CO lists the IAH UIO flight as leaving on time (11/11/2007) from Houston.
127 Trintocan : Above all, credit to the crew for saving the lives of all 333 on board this plane and let's praise The Lord that a major calamity was averted in Quito
128 EBGflyer : I have been checking the Iberia website since this happened and there is no information whatsoever about this incident...or is it just me?
129 Summa767 : What exactly are the airport authorities wanting to know from IB? or what actions? According to IB's statement, they put the passengers from the cras
130 Post contains images Bullpitt : Hi all All I can say to this is that is a load ob BULLS*it. I wont go into what has been done as it's not my job but I can tell you that a lot of peop
131 Post contains links Summa767 : I just read a Quito newspaper online to try to find out what the grievings are, and it would seem that passengers that required it were indeed put in
132 Icaro : about the evacuation: If there is no immediate danger of fire and no possibility of using the stairs, the only way to leave the plane is via the chute
133 Airportmanager : They are demanding to know the cause of the accident, testimonial of the pilots, explanations about economic put backs for the passengers, the hotel
134 Kaitak : Have they started moving it yet, or erecting cranes or other moving equipment near the aircraft?
135 Summa767 : Sure, I have gathered this from reading the online newspapers. In fact, I have also read the confirmation that the transport minister has suspended I
136 Airportmanager : Nope they say t will stay there, NOTAM says until the 24th, thats a lot of days! Ohh ohhh, this is big trouble then, and the rumors are right!!
137 Post contains links Beaucaire : http://www.univision.com/contentroot/wirefeeds/lat/7327430.html
138 Tdscanuck : That I'm not sure about. It certainly could, but I'm not aware of any requirement that it do so. If the moving portion of the reversers form part of
139 Post contains links Lasham : Hi Its on a little late but have added the 1st shot on Anet http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1291038/M/ Tony
140 Post contains links and images Airportmanager : Looks bettter like this View Large View MediumPhoto © Stefano Rota Yep a bit late but thanks any way Tony. (pic was lost 2 times in the qeue, sor
141 Post contains images ConcordeBoy : ...crazy
142 A5XX : I'm not an expert on the subject, but my feeling tells me this is going to be a write off. This A340-600 will never leave Quito on it's own. A5XX
143 Post contains links Summa767 : There is an account from a passenger on the flight: Sacha Rosero, 35 said: "After a quiet flight from Madrid to Quito and Guayaquil, it almost became
144 Kaitak : It would be difficult to ascertain anything technical from what a pax would say; not wishing in any way to disregard what he said, but at 9,000', ANY
145 Airportmanager : Thats the weird part because they say from the tower it was a normal landing, a bit higher on the app than normal but landed in the "TOLERANCE" zone.
146 Post contains links Summa767 : A video of the immediate aftermath. A good one to check out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKX2SubH7DM
147 Post contains links IBERIA747 : See reply 70 " target=_blank>http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showpo...t=515 As I have said previously, I really hope this aircraft can be repaired. Dam
148 Post contains images Airportmanager : Umm ok, I dont want this to start into a protest or fight. Maybe the words were not right for the engine 3 but engine 3 DID hit the ground and has a
149 Post contains images IBERIA747 : A fight? Wow! where? how? who? when? am I missing something here? I never said engines 1 and 2 were not ripped out. Of course they are. And read my p
150 Bx737 : I gather from what I have read that the main problem is actually getting the facilities to repair the aircraft once they dig it out, which I gather i
151 Post contains images Airportmanager : hahaha ok ok ok sorry lets keep this low profile, I think we both misunderstood our tones. I may of been missinterpreted. Any way, I meant, in genera
152 Post contains links Wirelock : don't know if this has been mentioned but it looks at though the T/R's havent been deployed. has striking similarity to the Air France crash. http://w
153 B757capt : " target=_blank>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKX2S...bH7DM Take a look at the pilot, thats a sad video to watch, unreal.
154 Reality : You have absolutely nothing to apologize for or to be sorry about and there is no need to change your "tone." Just ignore the sarcasm and unfounded c
155 IAHcsr : CO tried to get in to UIO yesterday as well (11/10) ... CO653 ended diverting to MEC instead.. Which I think was expected as I heard buses had been p
156 Czbbflier : Airportmanager / Stefano- Thanks for your observations and descriptions. Given your proximity to the situation, your connections (Minister of Transpor
157 Post contains images Airportmanager : Ok, so far what I have heard since the alst post is that IB will give a press conference tomorrow morning, monday, and then I guess we will know whats
158 LTU932 : Agreed. When a P5 E-190 had an overrun, the titles that identify the aircraft as P5 were painted over by the evening after the incident.
159 Kaitak : Thanks very much for the great photos, Airportmananger. What a sad sight this is; the aircraft is only about 20 months in service, having been deliver
160 AndesSMF : Thank you for your reporting. Was this close to were the AECA and Cubana airplanes crashed?
161 Flying Belgian : Looking at Youtube's video of the crash's aftermath, we see the pilot opening the cockpit window and looking at the plane. I really wonder what are hi
162 Wirelock : well i'm sure that terrible feeling is compounded when he looks at his instrument panel and sees that he hasn't deployed the thrust reversers and pos
163 Iwok : Stefano÷[/quote] Airportmanager: there is no need to say this... You are doing excellent work with all that you have posting here, and I think that 9
164 LEZL : Dear Ariportmanager (Stefano), Marvelous. You're doing a SUPERB job, letting us have so much photos and info and, specially, inside info, which is ver
165 Trintocan : Airportmanager, thank you so very much for your updates and photos. This situation is undoubtedly stressful for you and all of your staff and it takes
166 EBGflyer : The link is no longer working. No video there. Anyone know where to find it?
167 Post contains links Summa767 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKX2SubH7DM
168 Kaitak : Couldn't find it myself; it said "malformed URL" and when I searched under "Iberia A340, Quito", it didn't bring it up. Any more news on the plans re-
169 Post contains links and images Omoo : Better pics: View Large View MediumPhoto © Stefano Rota View Large View MediumPhoto © Stefano Rota View Large View MediumPhoto © Dennis
170 Miamiair : Go to reply 148 and click on that link. There is a lot of damage on the left wing anf the lower fuselage. Can it be fixed? yes, but it won't be easy.
171 OzTech : Can you use Photobucket or some other free photo host site.. Can the moderators allow a fast import of these pics if you email them to them.. Your up
172 CHRISBA777ER : Cant tell for sure but the fuselage doesnt seem buckled - pylons and gear can be replaced I would think, but whether she is a CTL would be determined
173 Post contains images Cloudyapple : The Iberia logo has not been painted over yet so there is still hope
174 Post contains links and images Airportmanager : Hmmm ok, so far nothing much new. I have called the DGAC Director and no answer as I believe he is in a TV channel, since today hes ahd a number of in
175 Post contains images Airportmanager : wroSorry, this one went wrong before! Just a little bit too close to disaster
176 Comorin : I'll do it for a cigar! signed Joe Patroni
177 NYC777 : Does any know if this a W/O airframe. I cna't tell from the pics at the e4xtent of the damage. A lot of lucky people. Another 20 - 30 feet and it's in
178 Davescj : Stefano Thanks for the awesome pics!! You've done an amazing job! Dave
179 Post contains links and images LH526 : Lufthansa was able to repair that bird and made it fly for over 15 mroe years ... View Large View MediumPhoto © Colin MacInnes
180 Post contains images Airportmanager : Thats a Boeing, real metal, not plastic....... hahaha, nah for real this plane is a passenger aircraft, I think standards for repairs like these are d
181 Geo772 : A valid point, however Kaitak was a well equiped airport for major maintenance, whereas Quito is not quite in the same league. Kaitak had more than i
182 Post contains links and images HT : In the following picture, the A346 looks like a B757 ...
183 Acelanzarote : Has anyone from Airbus gone out to advise on repairs/best way of moving the plane???
184 Cubastar : This was mentioned once before in this thread and after watching the "immediate aftermath" video I would like to bring up again the fact that the cock
185 AndesSMF : KaiTak had the vast majority of its movements consist of 747s and WBs also. UIO doesn't. I don't even think they have the extra ramp space required f
186 Acelanzarote : Well as an insurance job the question which will cost the least:- To pay to repair the plane or to scrap it and pay out. The lack of ramp space etc mu
187 Post contains images LTU932 : And it's still flying for an Italian cargo airline.
188 Davescj : I thought the same thing. But as to fuel spill, wouldn't there be a warning light or something? I know one of the videos had the fire trucks spraying
189 Post contains links Summa767 : The authorities in Ecuador are concerned that the evacuation did not start after 30 minutes of the plane coming to a halt. It seems that the crew wer
190 Post contains images Airportmanager : I agree with you, they say that they evacuated in total, 30 minutes. And as mentioned , I also think they were waiting for stairs to and rescue them!
191 Post contains links Omoo : Here is a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKX2S...iberia-a340-600-quito-overrun.html
192 Davescj : Is this normal? I am guessing because no one wants their company logo associated with an accident?
193 LTU932 : Yes, it's common procedure. That is correct. That's why you also see many airliners in storage places like VCV or MHV for example, that got its title
194 EBGflyer : Incredible that Iberia hasn't even posted anything on their website. That doesn't give them points in my confidence book!
195 Post contains links IBERIA747 : See reply 60 or click on this link (it's in Spanish). This press release has been showing on their website since last Saturday morning. http://grupo.
196 FFlyer : As somebody else mentioned earlier: It looks like the thrust-reversers were not deployed!!! Wouldn't that be a major screw-up from the flight crew? It
197 Wirelock : Yes that would be a major screw up... and i'm sure something that the insurance company will be very interested in. also i'm very interested as to wh
198 Copa737DFW : Did the diversion of Continental flight 654 from Quito to Houston (diverted to PTY) have anything to with the what happened in Quito? They were divert
199 Stgs1988 : I might be stupid, but - how/when are the authorities/Iberia etc. going to move the plane out of there ? Is the plane airworthy?
200 Summa767 : Most likely. Since the notional runway length has been reduced, some flights will have to take off lighter than they would normally do, and so less f
201 FAEDC3 : Actually that is the insurance business, taking calculated risks. The "broker" or more likely the Insurance company that had insured the plane would
202 Post contains links Icaro : Quoting Wirelock (Reply 199): this flight crew are making some critical mistakes at crucial times. they have a lot to answer for !! You still don't kn
203 Scooter01 : Having spent the better part of the last 2 hours reading every post in this thread and watcing the videos, I am surprised no-one has commented on how
204 CALMSP : i'm hearing it is a total loss...........will be a few days for a crane to come in and remove sections at a time.
205 Wirelock : that is only 1 fact that we have. the reversers were not deployed that is a fact. also have you ever looked out of a cockpit window aft to see the vi
206 Thepilott : Or perhaps the thrust reversers were de-activated when the aircraft came to a full stop, or when the engines where shut down.. I simply doubt that the
207 FAEDC3 : Just to keep hearing this rumor about the a/c being w/o is just sad... specially because it makes me wonder if IB will keep sending their widebodies t
208 Tdscanuck : Boeing and Airbus (and a handful of MRO's) are capable of doing this type of work in the field with site-built jigs and shoring. It's expensive, but
209 Brenintw : Unfortunately, that requires SPACE. From what I've seen/read of the airport, the space is the problem. I've seen video of the IB A346 at Quito -- it
210 Comorin : This is a wonderful opportunity for those of us not in aviation to get a first hand report of an accident, as well as read comments by professionals.
211 Post contains images Boeing4ever : Space. It is possible for either Boeing or Airbus to send out repair teams and literally work on this aircraft on some temporary jigs in a tent. I'm
212 Airportmanager : Thats true, as you said, almost everybody knows its IB, but well, some dont. As i Said, people yesterday said it was American or TAME or so. And mayb
213 Iahmark : This is also in my mind regardless if it was a mechanical fault or else the geography of the airport and now the lack of ILS could trigger safety con
214 Alessandro : So is the roadtunnel in use? If not, how much does it affect traffic?
215 Post contains links Iahmark : According to the city newspaper “el Comercio” : Link only in Spanish: http://www.elcomercio.com/noticiaEC....sp?id_noticia=150421&id_seccion=11 He
216 AR385 : Stranger things have happened, but I find it hard to believe that the flight crew did not armed the thrust reversers. The cause of this accident will
217 Post contains links Wirelock : I would be very suprised if there was something wrong with the reversers mechanically. If they were deactivated , they would need to be deactivated i
218 Wolflair : Well, actually the formula would be Cost of repair vs. insurance costs Insurance costs are not only the value of the a/c minus the excess to be paid
219 Miamiair : The $$$ better include building a hangar as well, there aren't any to house the airplane. Ramp space is at a premium there. Maybe if they used the Ai
220 FraT : What would this forum be without speculation? For me speculations are totally OK as long as they are clearly marked as that or personel opinion. To m
221 Post contains links Atnight : News Update! In a news release, Iberia has said in that they have brought equipment to move the aircraft from the crash site. They are just waiting fo
222 B752fanatic : There is no way that the reversers were not deployed, if not that plane would have been in some part of the city. The ground speed upon touchdown is q
223 Post contains links Summa767 : The question of the deployment of the thrust reversers continues to be an interesting one. From the passenger account in reply 217, after the hard lan
224 Davescj : I have a question about the evacuation. We know from the excellent reporting of Airportmanager, the fire crew was quick in responding to the IB situat
225 B752fanatic : A cousin of mine who is an aspiring airline pilot (and works for Airbus) has used the simulators and tried the approach into Quito. He tells me that
226 Miamiair : I have landed in UIO with no reverse thrust. Brakes only. Granted, it was a 757, which makes your statement absurd.
227 B752fanatic : Granted, you might be right then, the A340-600 did not need reversers, then that's why it runoff the runway?
228 Miamiair : You figured it all out. Type up your report and submit it to the DAC and the Spanish authorities. BTW, send your resume to the NTSB, they can save on
229 Post contains links B752fanatic : My humble opinion is that reversers are a must, that's all, check this video out http://www.flightlevel350.com/Aircra...ne_Iberia_Aviation_Video-9163
230 Airportmanager : Well, they cant fix it if the4y dont remove the airplane, so that it, one thing leads to an other Tunnel is open,, as you see in the pics I psoted ye
231 Miamiair : Just another arm-chair expert. Are you a qualified transport category pilot? No? You are not qualified to make that determination.
232 Wirelock : so u selected reverse idle or not??did u have a dry runway or not??
233 Summa767 : Of course we have to take the witness accounts with a pinch of salt. I don't swallow the idea that there was no braking at all. We have already heard
234 Davescj : Won't a great many of these questions about what did/didn't happen during the landing be answered by the black box? Also Voice recorder? Will they rel
235 B752fanatic : Then I guess everyone here in this thread minus you are not entitled to an opinion? Then we should make this thread only available for those who are
236 Miamiair : You must have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express if you figured this all out. What is ticking me off is the conjecture of how you can analyze an acciden
237 Miamiair : Alot of information will come from the DFDR and the VR. I don't know how the DAC operates, they will probably have the Spanish Civil Av authority ass
238 BlueShamu330s : On our positioning home this morning LHR-MAN, in the 40 minutes, two of us tried to come up with some sort of rational reasoning from what we all alre
239 B752fanatic : No I don't, basically you narrowed it down the same way I narrowed it down, the only thing is because you are a pilot and an expert, my observations
240 BlueShamu330s : Can we get away from the willy waving contest and get back on track; it would be a shame to see it locked by the Mods.
241 Miamiair : 752, It is annoying when people pull things from their ass. And backing it up with comments because your cousin is playing with the Airbi flight sims
242 B752fanatic : If you take a look at BlueShamu330s reply 240, you might see from where I and my cousin coming from.
243 Airportmanager : I was told a few mins ago the preliminary data will be exposed in 6months and the final in 1 year. So its 1 year until we get the cause of this incid
244 Post contains links IBERIA747 : Yeah, just read the same in Ecuadorian newspapers. Also read that the engines have been checked by the technical team. Engines 1 and 2 didn't work (n
245 Davescj : Seems a long time doesn't it? But, then again, it will be interesting to see what they mean by "preliminary" and what civil/criminal/other concerns t
246 Summa767 : Sure, one thing is the final report, but I am sure the findings from the FDR and VDR, the video that shows the touch down, and generally a very good
247 Post contains images FAEDC3 : That is a great reconstruction Shamu.. I would just have to disagree on the pilot´s exclamation, I say it was "uy carajo"... Anyway, I think that th
248 Post contains images Birdwatching : Miamiair, please be nice and stop posting. It is really annoying. Stefano said the report will be released in one year, so basically what you are sayi
249 AndesSMF : Or: 'Chucha, madre!' 'Mierda!' etc. It must certainly be hard on the pilots when they have a few seconds to realize that they WILL crash. That's got
250 Skibum9 : What a week in Ecuador Now look what happened today..... Jet Makes Emergency Landing in Ecuador Tuesday November 13, 3:31 pm ET American Airlines Plan
251 BHMBAGLOCK : I'd hold off on that until the incident report comes out, they're probably the cause of the problem than the solution. Considering how well the A340s
252 Airportmanager : Yeah they said engine one and two today were ignored but 3 and 4 were being inspected, like open etc. So seems like 3 and 4 are still usable, better
253 AR385 : So what happens to the pilots? Where are they now? Are they allowed to return to Madrid? Are they held in Ecuador? And upon return to Madrid, does Ibe
254 AndesSMF : But I don't think the passengers knew till it happened, and the pilots did have a few seconds to realize it.
255 Wirelock : Question: When does the DFDR and CVR stop recording on this aircraft?
256 Kaitak : Without knowing for certain, I would assume they are still in Ecuador, pending a decision as to whether any charges are to be brought against them (h
257 Wolflair : This time is normal. I am sure they will analyse the DFDR and CVR but there will be a throughout inspection of the undercarriage, the runway, weather
258 Miamiair : The CVR is at least 30minutes. If the CVR is of the newer version then it is 2 hours. The DFDR is at least 25 hours and records at least 88 parameter
259 Zeke : Landing performance is predicated on the use of no reverse for every jet that I know of, I often use just idle reverse for landings. Using full rever
260 Post contains images Vega9000 : Really? Does that mean that if all engines stop midflight (say due to a fuel problem ) the recording stops at that point?
261 Summa767 : Thanks for the explanation. Do you think that (in a theoretical situation) where the the approach is less than ideal, a bit too fast and a touch down
262 Zeke : I have not seen the detailed logic for it for some time, but I think the fuel selectors would need to be off, as well as the FADEC be powered off, fo
263 Miamiair : From the FAR: The JAA or EASA should be the same. (d) Each cockpit voice recorder must be installed so that— (1) It receives its electric power fro
264 Alessandro : So the fuselage has been partly painted white erasing Iberia markings, can any confirm this?
265 Kaitak : Any more news on this? Have efforts begun to move it? Insurance assessment? Maybe it might be worth considering a second thread for it, as we've now r
266 Kaitak : I know it's born of necessity, given that it's the city's contact with the rest of the world, but I can't think of anywhere else that this would be al
267 FAEDC3 : Thanks Zeke.... great insiders view info!! I would of thought that the existence of a video was a given since the onboard cameras should of had taped
268 AndesSMF : Waaay back in 1983, we had a Caravelle crash land in GYE. The airplane was dismantled on the side of the runway. There was even a picture of an Easte
269 Post contains images A342 : Something smells fishy here. How can they say "We'll release the final report in one year"? What if they won't determine the cause of the accident in
270 BlueShamu330s : Yup, just what I raised way earlier in this thread, but got flamed for making the observation.
271 Kaitak : They don't want to be rushed ... they will collate all of the information and records and they will be very thorough; I doubt very much, given the qu
272 Post contains links ADent : Wrong. The on board performance calculator used by WN on its 737s assumes thrust reversers. The pilots assumed no thrust reversers were used in the c
273 Icaro : I don't think that the camera is recorded, it just live. And from a safety perspective I think that it is better to watch the cam and see what is com
274 Cubastar : I believe what Zeke was saying is correct. The manufacturer and the FAA (or other certification organization) obtain and publish all criteria obtaine
275 AR385 : I have a question regarding the evacuation. If you are inside the plane after it overruns the runway, comes to a stop after shudders, crashes, big noi
276 Post contains links and images Viscount724 : Numerous photos of that incident here: http://www.airdisaster.com/photos/f-gita/2.shtml http://aviation-safety.net/database/record.php?id=19930912-1
277 Post contains links and images Zeke : I am not that familiar with the Boeing Laptop Tool, except to say is has contributed to a number of accidents like the one you mentioned, and the 747
278 YULWinterSkies : IB must need good reasons for that. Keep in mind that the pilots are also on board and their lives are also exposed. If the pilots did make a mistake
279 Tdscanuck : There have been some claims that the wing box is cracked. If so, that could drive a write-off when combined with the other difficulties of splicing o
280 Airportmanager : Atleast there is a video of it, like SKRG 747 accident. Sorry, Ive been awfully busy but all I hear is all is the same. Stefano
281 Icaro : By being assertive. When such a thing happens you have to show that you are in control of the situation. We can start an evacuation only in these thr
282 JetMech : I'm pretty sure that there is no interlink between the fire handle and the TR. IIRC, pulling the fire handle isolates all systems to and from the eng
283 Kaitak : I think this would probably qualify as a dire circumstance; while TRs are not essential, as stated above, I wonder how many crews would be happy to l
284 Summa767 : I was just listening to a radio interview with the head of Ecuador's aviation authority (DAC), who was asked about a video shown on television showing
285 AR385 : If this is correct, why was no evacuation carried out? I assume that as the fire was extinguished, then there was no danger anymore?
286 AndesSMF : The pictures from the AF incident above show the TR in their extended condition still. The same goes for the 2005 crash in Toronto, where the TRs are
287 Post contains images FAEDC3 : Agreed, safety wise is better, but it doesn´t take the frills of watching it happen!!
288 Post contains links Da man : It seems that the worldwide A340-600 fleet is having a very bad month so far: Airbus Ground Test Accident (by Anzacbat Nov 15 2007 in Civil Aviation)
289 Post contains links Summa767 : SOME VIDEO EVIDENCE I really wanted to see the clips, and after searching very hard, I have. For anybody who wants to see, go to http://www.ecuavisa.
290 Reality : It seems like the discussion is more than fluff, and that the interviewer and pilot (not the IB pilot) are talking about the approach and the altitud
291 Iahmark : The video is more about the personal opinion as a pilot ( R Viteri) but the value is on the few seconds of footage… For what I can see the plane alm
292 AndesSMF : The reversers were certainly never deployed. The interview is actually pretty damn good overall, the way the entire process is explained. Yep!
293 Hloutweg : I was browsing vacuously on YouTube and found this video that probability most of us know. It was recorded in Quito and I wonder if it is the same air
294 Summa767 : Indeed, so the violent impact must have come from the front wheel starting the ploughing of the safety zone. Such an abrupt breaking that some luggag
295 Sphealey : I am a little puzzled by that. Perhaps I have read too many volumes of _Air Disasters_, but my understanding is that once an airplane has experienced
296 AR385 : Which addreses my questions on post 275. I think that I myself would have done the same.
297 Post contains links and images ADent :
298 PHKLM : Even so; after just going through a crash I wouldn't want to sit on a plane for 40 minutes. Even in normal circumstances I'd hate waiting 40 minutes
299 Summa767 : Thanks for posting these stills from the video. It certainly makes it easier for observation. I have to agree.
300 JetMech : Of course, I agree fully with what both of you say, TR's could make the difference in dire situations, and there is no doubt they do shorten landing
301 NA : The video is from 2005, the aircraft involved in this incident/accident was delivered in early 2006. So, no, this video doesn´t show the ill-fated
302 CM767 : Anyone else believes that something has to be done to better inform pilots of runway conditions? should a decision to continue to operate into an airp
303 LH498 : Allow me to add some fuel to the evacuation discussion: Well, let's have a look at a past emergency evacuation of an Iberia Jumbo. Don't want to make
304 Davescj : While you're right, less than comforting, it is interesting to note someone was filiming the event. Doesn't that seem odd? I'm like, Is this the time
305 LTU932 : And also, if the aircraft indeed landed too long, why didn't they abort and go around for a second try?
306 Summa767 : I doubt very much that the main contributory factor to this crash was the condition of the runway. So long as the information is accurate, it is ulti
307 RIXrat : In the Ecuadorian video of the plane landing, you can see that the TV station has circled the exhaust pipe of one of the fire/rescue vehicles starting
308 Scooter01 : I'm glad somebody else also noticed the rapid deployment of the rescue crew Scooter01
309 BHMBAGLOCK : Already covered. These guys were on the ball!
310 Latinplane : Complete incompetence was demontrated by Iberia's crew with their inappropriate handling of the situation. I wonder if they can be legally prosecuted
311 PU752 : Por favor habran un nuevo topic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! esta demasiado largo para leer ! Please start a new topic !!! this is way too large for reading! Tha
312 AR385 : I was once in a 727-200 REAL evacuation due to no. 2 engine blowing up at V1. I exited via the R-1 slide. 1. The mind works funny tricks. Even from th
313 Kaitak : I'm lucky, in my 25+ years of flying never to have had that experience; the closest I've come to anything remotely serious is having to stop on a runw
314 Mandala499 : The question of "do we evacuate" and "when to decide to evacuate" is always open for debate. If there's fire burning outside then yeah, who cares abo
315 Ferengi80 : They should, no matter what the situation. The aircraft was at a perculiar angle, engine 3 had been pretty much ripped from the wing, ergo there was
316 Summa767 : 2 engines rather than 3 broken and out of position, but nonetheless, I agree that the best course of action would have been an immediate evacuation.
317 Davescj : I know that this has been said many times, but I'm not sure who gave this order. Captain? Fire Crew? UIO Airport? I think it would be interesting to
318 XT6Wagon : I think people forget that evacuations are dangerous, and not to be taken on a whim. Should they deploy the slides and risk injuring or killing people
319 Post contains images R2rho : Nobody is hurt, all went well. Therefore, let's all bash Iberia !!!! Ah, how typical for airliners.net... if this were a, say, BA plane, everyone wou
320 Tdscanuck : Not really. The overriding safety design of engine mounts and fuel systems of all sorts is fuel containment. The engine came off *because* it was des
321 Post contains links R2rho : Yes, I should've mentioned the word "certification" somewhere. Maybe I didn't express myself as well as I thought. Performance specs do of course inc
322 IBERIA747 : What about noise abatement procedures? Pretty common at many airports, more frequently during night operations. Actually those are not my words. I wa
323 LTU932 : Even if noise abatement regulations are strict, aircraft still use at least idle reverse.
324 Post contains images Bullpitt : Hi all Just for this I'll welcome you to my respected users list. Once the official conclusions to the accident are made, maybe we should look back an
325 Summa767 : According to Ecuador's DAC, an initial official report will be available within a month. With all the evidence at hand, it should not be very challen
326 Sphealey : > Nobody is hurt, all went well. Therefore, let's all bash Iberia !!!! IMHO that statement is the absolute antithesis of a safety culture. Continuous
327 Post contains images Swissy : Sorry to join so late...... better late than never...... Thats the a.net for you.... however it would have been nice to get some "actual input" from t
328 Post contains links Tdscanuck : Actually, they are part of the MEL. However, we mean the same thing...you can fly safety and legally with the reversers working. There was a huge dis
329 Post contains images R2rho : Again we mean the same thing . I got it the other way around. Yes, they are on the MEL, and the MEL states that you can fly with them inoperative, an
330 Post contains images R2rho : Finish reading through my post. I was complaining about airline-specific bashing, you know what I mean. Don't misunderstand me. I am not against disc
331 Post contains images Comorin : Well, airliners.net is an English language site, so everyone is biased thus: BA = Britain = Glorious = Lord Nelson = Rules the Waves = Battle of Brit
332 Iwok : What is the status of the plane now? Has it been moved? Anyone have pictures? iwok
333 Kaitak : Reported on PPRUNE that 'JOH is a write-off as the airframe is badly twisted.
334 ADent : This is why the plane went thru the fence - everyone assumed no reversers. Boeing & WN reportedly got the system certified - the performance calculat
335 Post contains images Icaro : They did not evacuate, they left the plane via the chutes because it was the only way of doing so. Yeap, evacuating an A346out of the runway with 350
336 Summa767 : There are conflicting reports on JOH, as the in Ecuador they report that a replacement gear will be attached to the plane in situ, after lifting it o
337 Mandala499 : Various airlines from different countries would disagree to that! Perhaps we need to explain why and the procedures contain... Before evacuations, th
338 Wirelock : This is a fact , the reversers are not deployed in the photos. I have EYES!!! also any body that is thinking the pilots decided to stow the reversers
339 Tdscanuck : Nobody (that I'm aware of) is disupting that the T/R's are stowed in the photos. What's up for debate is whether they were deployed during the landin
340 Davescj : Is this hydrolic or mechanical? I guess what I'm asking is if the T/Rs where engaged, the plane crashes, engines set to idol/turned off, woud it "for
341 RIXrat : Re evacuation. In one of the videos shown early on in this thread, the fire brigade concentrated on spraying foam/water on the left hand side of the p
342 Summa767 : Earlier in this thread there is a link to a video that actually shows the landing roll, from about 5 or 6 different cameras along the runway. In none
343 Post contains images BlueShamu330s : Well, you're very sure of yourself, aren't you....laughable really. In fact, why wait for the report when Wirelock seems to have it all worked out. S
344 Wirelock : so how do you explain engines 1 and 2 having stowed reversers?? they are detached from the wing. .... meaning that the hydraulic lines have been seve
346 Post contains images Mandala499 : Wirelock, If you've deployed reversers and overran, and the engines are still running when you come to a stop and you're still able to shut it down, Y
347 Tdscanuck : It's typically hydraulic, although some aircraft use pneumatic. I'm not aware of any using pure mechanical, although I'm not sure how much difference
348 Post contains images BlueShamu330s : Regardless of your (rather rude) shouting, Wirelock was suggesting it impossible that the crew would consider returning the throttles to idle in that
349 Post contains images BlueShamu330s : Tom Excellent post; educated and informative. Thank you Shamu
350 Mandala499 : But why it overran isn't that plain and simple.... Btw, spoilers were deployed anyone? Can't see the vid at the moment, does the reversers seem compl
351 Summa767 : Please! No need to be childish. I think that Wirelock was stating a clear argument against the suggestion that reversers might have been stowed to sa
352 Post contains links Jogales : Here's Part 2: Pt. 2: IB A346 Skids Off The RWY In UIO (by Jogales Nov 18 2007 in Civil Aviation)
353 BlueShamu330s : And you both continue to ignore the possibilities, circumstances and arguments that have been made the other way, not least by people who actually fl
354 Wirelock : ok well you 3 guys have all different points regarding the reversers. Firstly hydraulic lines are not designed to have slack like what u are suggesti
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