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DL, NW, US, HP Just Plane Bad?  
User currently offlineContinentalEWR From United States of America, joined May 2000, 3762 posts, RR: 12
Posted (15 years 4 months 17 hours ago) and read 3567 times:

I overheard an interesting conversation recently about the quality of airline service in the US, with particular
focus on amenities, like in-flight personal TV's on long
haul aircraft, cabin design and so forth.....it seems as
though Continental and American (according to the 2
people I heard talking) are far ahead of the domestic
competition in offering a product that is across the
board in its reach. Continental has PTV's on all 767's
and 777's and flip down ones on all 73NG and a few
of the 737-300's while American has its "More Room
in Coach" initiative, which unlike United's Economy
Plus, benefits all economy customers, not just those
who pay horrendously high fares for lousy, less than
dependable service that the US industry has become.

I think Continental and American and to a much much
lesser extent, United, are far ahead of the rest of the
pack in quality of service. The people who were talking
about this mentioned that Northwest, Delta, HP, and
US are cattle car transporters and nothing more. I
think there is some validity to this argument. Neither
of these airlines offer anything beyond marginal

If the second and fifth biggest US airlines can do a
decent enough of a job, why can't the rest? Are
Northwest, Delta, US Airways, and America West
truly awful airlines?


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User currently offlineTrvlr From United States of America, joined Feb 2000, 4430 posts, RR: 19
Reply 1, posted (15 years 4 months 17 hours ago) and read 3208 times:

America West is, you are right, just plain awful. I haven't flown them in a while, but I don't think Northwest is that bad.

Aaron G.

User currently offlineVirginFlyer From New Zealand, joined Sep 2000, 4652 posts, RR: 37
Reply 2, posted (15 years 4 months 16 hours ago) and read 3192 times:

Perhaps you should take a look at USAirways' A330, if you care about inflight entertainment... Admittedly it isn't on all the fleet, but its better than what some other airlines offer.

"So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth." - Bahá'u'lláh
User currently offlineN863DA From United States of America, joined Sep 2004, 48 posts, RR: 5
Reply 3, posted (15 years 4 months 16 hours ago) and read 3180 times:

I think you are correct - but to exclude your blessed airline from the list is somewhat misguided.

Personally, I believe that it is just the result of having more than 50% of the country moved by air every year - it has become nothing more than a reliable Bus service.

Anyone who has travelled on other airlines from outside of the US, for example Swissair and British Airways, will know that THEY know how to run an airline. (Albeit Heathrow needs work, but it's the same problem as in the US because it's just so darned busy.)

There is no doubt that of the majors, DL is seriously lagging behind. But it comes down to what you SHOULD expect. I just expect a transportation from A to B in (relative) comfort. I will conceed that you get that on AA and CO perhaps - and don't get it on Delta any longer on any other than the Shuttle - but it's still all just a means to an end. I think that PERHAPS - just PERHAPS - people expect a little too much? If you're used to travel in Europe or on European / Asian carriers, then it's not surprising that you expect it - but for us, we are not used to it, and thus shouldn't expect it.

In short, yes you are right, but both American and Continental are just as guilty as every other airline in the country.


N 8 6 3 D A

User currently offlineUncle Leo From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 4, posted (15 years 4 months 16 hours ago) and read 3170 times:

Oh come on....didn't you hear about our new simulated seat pitch? "I think it'll be very noticeable. We're not adding additional seat pitch, but customers will feel like they have additional legroom." (From the Atlanta Journal/Constitution) And we have 12 oz. beverage cups- a far cry from the industry average of 8 oz. Plus we give passengers nice free electronic headsets fo watch Delta Horizons and charge $5 for air tubes to watch the movie we picked from the newspaper!

User currently offlineEIPremier From United States of America, joined Sep 2000, 1550 posts, RR: 1
Reply 5, posted (15 years 4 months 15 hours ago) and read 3132 times:

COEWR---I don't wish to offend you, but you seem to often present a rather black and white view on things.

Personally, I really don't think there is that much difference between the carriers. None of the majors really stand above the rest. If I had to pick two carriers that do consistently differentiate themselves from the competition, I would pick AA and CO, as you did. But all carriers seem to have their strengths and weaknesses. They all have the same problems...just some not as much as others.

I suppose you are correct in that CO is a little better than other airlines in offering in-flight entertainment (all planes except some some 733s 735s, and MD-80s). However, I think UA has the edge in this catagory, because they offer Channel 9/audio on almost all planes, and also do not charge for headphones.

I would say AS, AA, and CO are the leaders in customer service. I think there is a fairly noticable difference between these carriers and the others in this regard. AS is also the leader in speeding passengers through the airport (e-ticket machines, web and wireless check-in, roving agents and the like). CO has done this to a slightly lesser extent, and the other carriers are now just scrambling to catch up.

I do think Northwest and Delta have made some notable efforts to improve service. I'd say HP is really the only carrier that is lagging significantly behind, although even they are trying to make significant improvements to catering and operational performance.

User currently offlineDeltaSFO From United States of America, joined Nov 2000, 2488 posts, RR: 21
Reply 6, posted (15 years 4 months 15 hours ago) and read 3132 times:

You've got a lot of nerve putting Delta down there with the likes of HP, NW, and US.

But these words come from the man who believes Continental can do no wrong... so what else do I expect? A fair analysis? HA!


It's a new day. Every moment matters. Now, more than ever.
User currently offlineNwa747-400 From United States of America, joined Sep 2000, 1337 posts, RR: 4
Reply 7, posted (15 years 4 months 15 hours ago) and read 3113 times:


You've got a lot of nerve putting Delta down there with the likes of HP, NW, and US. ....

NW down there...excuse me?!

User currently offlineDeltaSFO From United States of America, joined Nov 2000, 2488 posts, RR: 21
Reply 8, posted (15 years 4 months 15 hours ago) and read 3111 times:

Actually.... NWA747-400, you're right. I apologize.

NW has is consistently toward the front of the pack in service as well as on time and baggage handling performance.

ContinentalEWR is pretty uninformed.


It's a new day. Every moment matters. Now, more than ever.
User currently offlineFlashmeister From United States of America, joined Apr 2000, 2939 posts, RR: 6
Reply 9, posted (15 years 4 months 14 hours ago) and read 3091 times:
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I have to disagree that DL gives poor service...

I have gotten better service on DL than I got on any of my CO, UA, US, or AA flights. In one case, I was flying DEN-CVG-PHL, and we were 15 minutes late in DEN due to some problems with double-assigned seats and the like. The plane was PACKED.

The captain, who was NOT happy that he was late, apologized probably 5 times as we were waiting to get under way, and then during the flight, personally came back to ensure that peoples' connections were intact.

Never, ever had I seen such a great example of customer service and satisfaction. That incident is the reason that when I can, I always go DL.

Now, if you want to talk awful service, AA is at the top of my list, particularly at DFW. Rude gate agents, flight attendants who could only smile if they used lipstick to draw the upward-curving lips, and interiors in AWFUL condition... so, the rule is that when confronted with AA, I have to wonder if I should just drive.

Now, DL does have work to do with their IFE... and with the coach seats on the 777, which are admittedly awful... but overall, DL is firmly superior to US/UA/AA/CO.

User currently offlineDelta15 From United States of America, joined Nov 1999, 617 posts, RR: 4
Reply 10, posted (15 years 4 months 14 hours ago) and read 3076 times:

To tell the truth I think that continental and delta seem to be pretty darn similar as a whole. The only difference in my oppinion is that delta flys more compfortable air craft for us routes, and ARE better in terms of lost baggage and customer service. aircraft, seat pitches, meals, routes, hubs, and alot of other things are almost identical.

User currently offlineNwa747-400 From United States of America, joined Sep 2000, 1337 posts, RR: 4
Reply 11, posted (15 years 4 months 14 hours ago) and read 3076 times:


Check your respected by section of your profile  Smile

User currently offlineCba From United States of America, joined Jul 2000, 4534 posts, RR: 2
Reply 12, posted (15 years 4 months 13 hours ago) and read 3047 times:

Remember ContinentalEWR, we can't say anything bad about Delta on this forum or DeltaSFO (and many other Delta fans) shoot back claiming that Delta can do no wrong.

I have flown Delta many times, and I can rate all of my experiences as average. I have flown CO many times, and they are great airline to fly. I recently flew UAL for the first time, and they were pretty good. I've flown AA alot, and they were also good. Never flown NW.

User currently offlineAerLingus From China, joined Mar 2000, 2371 posts, RR: 0
Reply 13, posted (15 years 4 months 12 hours ago) and read 3016 times:

Actually, NWA is quite good. They are up there for on-time performance except for flukes such as the big thing at DTW last year. They were one of the first airlines to institute e-ticketing and they are the first airline that allows you to print out your boarding pass via your home pc. While they don't do everything to give you 'more room in coach' or a ptv for long-hauls, they have certainly set the pace for the technological advancements when it comes to efficiency.  Smile
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User currently offlineDeltaSFO From United States of America, joined Nov 2000, 2488 posts, RR: 21
Reply 14, posted (15 years 4 months 12 hours ago) and read 3019 times:

Remember ContinentalEWR, we can't say anything bad about Delta on this forum or DeltaSFO (and many other Delta fans) shoot back claiming that Delta can do no wrong.

Cba.... you've obviously not paid very much attention to some of my past posts. I have never claimed that "Delta can do no wrong."

I am one of the first to criticize the way management is handling labor, the way management has handled cost cutting, and management's attitude toward employees.

But to categorize us among HP and US is absolutely ridiculous. We are consistently among the industry leaders in terms of customer satisfaction, on-time performance, and baggage handling. And we managed to make more money last year than any airline in history. Certain individuals in this forum seem like they should add "Delta bashing" to the hobby section of their profiles. We're not perfect, we're not the airline we used to be, but we're not a bad airline by any stretch.


It's a new day. Every moment matters. Now, more than ever.
User currently offlineA32 From United States of America, joined Aug 1999, 163 posts, RR: 1
Reply 15, posted (15 years 4 months 11 hours ago) and read 3004 times:

I haven't read all the messages here however I must defend NWA.

OK so there are no PTV's in the domestic fleet but how often do you hear about a turbulence encounter on a NWA aircraft. Ever hear of the turbulence plot. Well NWA pioneered it and uses it everyday to get around. But hey ... that is not important. How about Polar routing to the orient... oops NWA leads there too... but then again you would rather have a gameboy in your backseat.

A good car is not one that has all the luxuries but rather one that gets you there safely from point A to B and gives a fairly smooth ride. But then I suppose that you choose your car based on how many cup holders and speakers it has vs what is under the hood.


User currently offlineEIPremier From United States of America, joined Sep 2000, 1550 posts, RR: 1
Reply 16, posted (15 years 4 months 11 hours ago) and read 2997 times:

Actually, AS has had web check-in since September of '99.

User currently offlineNwa747-400 From United States of America, joined Sep 2000, 1337 posts, RR: 4
Reply 17, posted (15 years 4 months 10 hours ago) and read 2988 times:

I think he meant one of the "big" carriers....not sure but I think that might be what he meant....

User currently offlineB747-437B From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 18, posted (15 years 4 months 9 hours ago) and read 2994 times:

My views on the various airlines are well documented, but I will recap them here since we seem to be having a decent debate. Lets consider them in alphabetical order by IATA code :

AA : American Airlines has shown itself to be a leader of the pack when it comes to application of innovations. Granted they may not come up with the original ideas themselves, but their application of these concepts is superior to anyone else. Examples here would be the More Room Throughout Coach initiative, the Flagship Suite in First Class, etc... Don Carty has shown himself to be a worthy succesor to Bob CrandAAll and is beginning to make agressive moves with the compay. AAdvantage remains the most widespread reward program and a huge asset to AMR Corp. One of two dominant carriers in OneWorld, which assures extensive global reach. No labor problems worth speaking of and a stellar reputation for reliability. Route structure is very thin in Asia and needs improvement on the West Coast. Overall : 8.5/10

CO : Continental continues to do it all with mirrors. Although they have failed to make any major improvements in any aspect of their operations in the last year, they continue to win Airline of the Year awards. That speaks volumes for their reliability and consistency. Gordon Bethune is the most respected CEO in the industry, and his shrewd maneuvering over the DC Air and the TWA/AA merger have served important roles to ensure that the competition doesn't win any market share too easily. Labor loves Gordon, although there may be a nasty showdown between mainline and Express in the mid-future. OnePass remains an industry leader, but some rumblings of discontent are being heard - definitely not a lock for the Freddie Awards this year. No international alliances worth speaking of, but strong domestic alliance with NW. Route structure is non-existant on West Coast and Asia-Pacific is provided through Continental Micronesia. Overall : 7.5/10

DL : Delta continues to bring in huge profits, but may be alienating their customers in the process. The unpopular Simply Good Business initiative led to the creation of the even more unpopular Revenue Protection Unit. Leo Mullin is an excellent corporate officer, but may not be ideally suited to be an airline CEO and this may hurt Delta's long term strategic planning. Exceptional financial planning and fuel hedges ensured that Delta was the major carrier least affected by skyrocketing oil prices. However, the 2000 Q4 figures leave much room for concern from both a fiscal and operational standpoint. A total absence of unions helps keep labor largely under control, although the pilots are getting restless. SkyMiles has deteriorated significantly as a loyalty program with the introduction of unpopular changes. SkyTeam alliance is still in the teething stage, but already has major question marks. Very weak in Asia and could use more routes in northwest/upper midwest areas. Overall : 7/10

HP : America West has come a long way and is the only carrier born after deregulation to be considered a major today. William Franke remains a highly anonymous and unpopular CEO. Morale among employees has rarely been lower and operational standards are being severely compromised as a result. Labor is not a major issue. Alliances are poor, and the replacement of Continental with TWA as a strategic partner is a step backward rather than forward. FlightFund is an undeveloped shell of a loyalty program, although it is frequently innovative in its marketing strategies. No transoceanic routes and extremely poor east coast presence which can be corrected by better utilization of CMH hub. Overall : 3.5/10

NW : Northwest is the most underappreciated brand in the marketplace. Despite delivering stellar fiscal and operational results, the airline remains plagued by public relations disasters that skew perception. Operational standards are impeccable and the Q1 2001 balance sheet will be the healthiest in memory. John Dasburg is the best strategic planner in the industry and many of his ideas from his KPMG days are only now becoming industry norms. Northwest continues to lead the majors in technological enhancements with pioneering technology such as web check-in, E-Service centers and interline E-ticketing. Labor issues appear to have finally been put in the past, with only the mechanics left to sort out. Alliances with KLM transatlantically and Continental domestically are seamless and a model of efficiency. Lack of a true global alliance is the only missing piece from the route structure, but an extensive network of partners takes care of this too. WorldPerks has been enhanced recently and remains a powerful loyalty tool, albeit not to the same extent as AAdvantage and MileagePlus. Overall : 7.5/10

TW : TWA remains an economic anomaly in the marketplace, displaying an inability to link operational performance to fiscal results. Long term debt has ruined TWA and the Karabu agreement doomed them to financial ruin. Operationally, TWA displays optimal efficiency and remains the standard that all carriers can merely aspire to. William Compton has displayed great skill in handling the sinking ship, but has merely been able to postpone the inevitable. The lack of any pressing labor issues can be attributed directly to the popularity of Compton. Route structure is midwest-centric, but that remains a liability of Karabu. No presence at all in Asia and very limited European service. Middle East and Carribean remain strong markets. Domestic alliance with America West is a welcome step in the right direction, but international alliances remain relegated to minor carriers. Aviators is a strong product as far as loyalty programs go, but remains a by-and-large undiscovered brand. Overall : 5/10

UA : United Airlines cannot have a worse year than they did last year. Labor disputes, operational problems and daring strategic moves all contributed towards the annus horribilus that was 2000. However, a very strong response to these problems has ensured that United will recover its dominant place in the industry. James Goodwin appears to be finally understanding his role as CEO and the move to acquire US Airways was an outstanding piece of maneuvering. The contract awarded to the pilots though will have far reaching implications on the entire industry, and will hurt the bottom line. As a charter member of the STAR alliance, United maintains the most comprehensive worldwide network of routes. Their position in the Asia-Pacific market is incredibly strong. Domestically however, the South is badly neglected. Mileage Plus meanwhile remains the most complete loyalty program after AAdvantage. Overall : 6.5/10

US : US Airways averted a major catastrophe when they were able to come to terms with the flight attendant unions at the 11th hour. However, CEO Stephen Wolf remains organized labor's most despised person since Frank Lorenzo. Operational and fiscal figures are nothing spectacular, although the impeding acquisition by UA helped inject some interest into the stock. Domestic route structure remains completely reliant on the Atlantic seaboard and routes to Asia are non-existant. No alliances worth speaking of. Dividend miles is a poor program that is in serious need of an overhaul and rebranding. Overall : 5.5/10

User currently offlineTheCroupier From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 19, posted (15 years 4 months 5 hours ago) and read 2956 times:

Hey 747,

Good writing, and from my personal experiences you seem to be pretty on target.

But you forgot the one major, that's consistently profitable and whose passengers generally give 'em high marks: WN..

-From the Alamo City

User currently offlineFlyBoeing From United States of America, joined May 2000, 866 posts, RR: 1
Reply 20, posted (15 years 4 months 5 hours ago) and read 2959 times:

Northwest/KLM is the most OVERappreciated airline of the year for me. My family has gotten to the point where we can check in late for our NW flights and still make the inevitably delayed plane. We've had a total of 50 hours of delay from them in the last three segments we flew. You'd think that they'd try to make the international passengers happy but they didn't. Never Northwest again for me. Good old Continental.

User currently offlineTan flyr From United States of America, joined Aug 2000, 1983 posts, RR: 0
Reply 21, posted (15 years 4 months 4 hours ago) and read 2947 times:

OK you guys....As a customer, my experience has been that ALL OF YOU have had bad days/months/flights/whatever. It is a bit unfair to compare those that have PTV's to prompt bag service for example or "more room in coach" to US airs A 330 or whatever.

AS a paying customer(this year looks to be about a 75,000 mile year for me) what I expect is to be treated with respect(I pay your wages), An on time departure if at possible, to be told the truth abpout delays,not to be treated like just another body when I fly coach, prompt bag service at arrival, etc. Yes, AA's more room in coach" makes it easier to get a decent seat in coach,yes TWA has had great on time performance, yes, on Delta you still MIGHT see some of the old traditions, yes, CO you guys have performed a miracle in turning that company around.
SO, all that said, I make this point..Due to repeated poor performance/attitude,etc, I avoid HP at all costs, and last summer soured may of us on UA. IN a few weeks I will give "Uncle Leo" and his crew several opportunities to be evaluated. CO & NW, maybe later this year, ok? You guys missed one carrier that still has the right stuff most days...Alaska/Horizon..pretty good!

Thanks for letting me add my 2 cents from the customers point of view.

User currently offlineNWARed From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 22, posted (15 years 4 months 2 hours ago) and read 2930 times:

Well, of course when you have an airline who has been able to buy a whole lot without having to pay (creative chpt.11) twice, then you will have a nice service. Service is nice on most domestic carriers, some of course offer a little more right now.

User currently offlineNW-ELITE From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 23, posted (15 years 4 months 1 hour ago) and read 2914 times:

Northwest is not bad. They have the best customer service. Northwest is an excellent airline.

User currently offlineNotdownnlocked From United States of America, joined Sep 2000, 984 posts, RR: 1
Reply 24, posted (15 years 4 months 1 hour ago) and read 2905 times:

If you guys had read any of COEWR's posts you know that he is blinded by his love for CO. He has only posted this to leave the rest of you here to fight. Why not just ignore him and his posts. As you can see he has not posted to this thread since he opened it.

25 TWA : Enough ContinentalEWR. Seems like you really have something against these airlines. Well heres my opinion: Delta: Being from Atlanta, Delta is my home
26 CactusA319 : B747-437B: I liked your post and you are pretty much on target. One thing though, HP did not replace CO with TW as a codeshare partner. They still cod
27 Imkeww : UAL, by the end of the year, will have the largest PTV enabled fleet with: 29 767-300ERs, 53 777-200/ERs, 44 747-400s all having PTVs in all classes!
28 Nwa#1 : UAL, by the end of the year, will have the largest PTV enabled fleet with: 29 767-300ERs, 53 777-200/ERs, 44 747-400s all having PTVs in all classes!
29 B747-437B : CactusA319 - I didn't say that HP/CO had terminated their codeshare agreement - only that HP was gravitating towards TW as a strategic partner to repl
30 D L X : "US : US Airways averted a major catastrophe when they were able to come to terms with the flight attendant unions at the 11th hour. However, CEO Step
31 Post contains images B747-437B : DLX wrote : >What does any of this have to do with the quality of >service you get on US? Nothing at all. I apologize in the event that my analysis wa
32 TWA : You go DLX!!!!! TWA
33 ORD : I respectfully disagree with your take on AA vs. UA. If you want to compare the two, they are about as equal as airlines get. I'm not talking about th
34 CdfMXTech : 'NUFF SAID
35 Lowfareair : IMO, most airlines are pretty close toeach other. Everyone here has an airline they love to hate. But, back on topic, my favorite is AirTran. I was de
36 Flashmeister : I have to disagree with putting Economy Plus over MRTC. I don't like AA, as mentioned earlier in the thread, but MRTC is brilliant. Economy Plus is ju
37 ILUV767 : So many people put down United, lets look at them for a second. Dispite their labor troubles last year, they have risen back, and the general populati
38 TWA : Isnt it amazing how ContinentalEWR doesent have the guts to come in here and back his post up??? TWA
39 Nwa747-400 : Why is it that after the hell United put millions of people thru this summer we all just forgive and forget so quickly while it takes years for other
40 B747-437B : Some more comments on responses: ORD : My analysis is purely based upon 2000 actual performance and 2001 projected performance. UA was the market lead
41 XFSUgimpLB41X : Hey hey..NW kicks..i may be biased but they dont have bad service. They USED to have crappy service (the old motto all the pilots used to say about th
42 Post contains links Ryefly : I understand that many of us airliner fanatics favor our airline of choice without question, although I do have to agree with some of you who though a
43 Cba : Look, I know UA has had a bad year this year, but I recently flew them IAH-LAX-IAH. When we got our tickets (priceline.com) and I found out that we we
44 ContinentalEWR : Some terrific and informative posts and counter-arguments from Cba, 747, ILUV, and flashmeister and others whose name's I can't quite scroll back to.
45 Post contains images Vincent32 : In the last 12 months I have had flights on Delta, Northwest, and US Airways. I can honestly say that I have no complaints with any of these airlines.
46 Philly Phlyer : ContinentalEWR Anyone who disagrees with you is not the "usual crybaby" as you stated above. For you to call the post by DLX as useless, baseless, une
47 DeltaSFO : Some of the others, like DLX and TWA are just the usual cry- baby, "I don't like you" crap that totally undermines the purpose of this forum, is usele
48 Notdownnlocked : In my previous post I mentioned that COEWR should just be ignored as he just wants to cause a fight and then stand back and watch which he does well.
49 747-451 : Right On!!!! My experiences are similiar. I would like to add that I stood by Eastern while Frank Lorenzo raped it for Continental's benefit...but wha
50 D L X : ILUV767 sez: "Washington Dulles allows passengers to get anywhere UA serves on the east coast. ... Dulles is the backbone of the eastern US system." U
51 B747-437B : PhillyPhlyer : Excellent post and pretty accurate analysis. I want to clarify that I do have first hand knowledge of the situation, having flown on al
52 B747-437B : D L X : We were posting at the same time, so I will address your response here. Dividend Miles' association with AA comes to an end on August 23, REGA
53 Post contains links RyeFly : Hey, for the heck of it here is another poll I found, and it comes from this very site. Out of a total of 8,179 votes here are the results... 1. Delta
54 B747-437B : RyeFly - if the users of this site had their way then every airline would fly every aircraft in every colorscheme and allow everyone to jumpseat and b
55 Notdownnlocked : WOW dude, you have just earned yourself 10 out of 10 stars!!! I'll include D L X there in the same spotlight also!!!
56 A32 : OK...lesson learnt. Ignore any and all posts that originate from ContinentalEWR. Thanks Philly flyer for reminding me.
57 RyeFly : I agree with you in many ways. Although stating opinions based from a single perspective not to mention highly biased remarks from users such as Conti
58 Ladevale : ORD made some points earlier about UA and AA that require a response... 1. True, United was the first to fly the 777... From a customer standpoint thi
59 D L X : B747-437B, The AA deal was actually supposed to be cancelled late last year, when it was "expected" that the merger would be complete by now. As the m
60 Post contains images B747-437B : DLX : I think we both make valid points here. Lets compromise on this line - "Dividend Miles is a good program WITH AAdvantage linked up, but becomes
61 Lowfareair : Ryefly: The epinions ratings, in my mind, are not correct. There are posts where they get one star because they were late once, or they actually had t
62 Nwa747-400 : I agree. The ratings at eopinions are outdated. You can't update with your own information and I have been unable to find a rating much past Q3 of 200
63 D L X : Well, I don't see any need to compromise on this forum. I have my opinions, and people don't *have* to agree with them. I believe that DM is good with
64 TheCroupier : 747-437B, I've agreed with most everything you written. However, Southwest Airlines is a Major Airline in the "Mainstream Industry". They fly enough p
65 BH346 : NW is not "just plane bad". They are always on-time. Why is their image so bad? They don't have a fancy fleet, amenities, or food. But they safely fly
66 AA777 : Hello... here is my list... AA: The Best Domestic carrier in the US. I have never had a bad experience with service or any thing... The only thing i d
67 HB-IWC : I am neutral in this discussion, and I wish to remain so, but I would be very interested in reading your comments to the, IMO, excellent and very wel
68 Lahaina : Delta SFO: I do have to agree with some of the people's comments regarding the service on Delta. I frequently fly the HNL-SFO and HNL-LAX routes. I fl
69 CleFlyer50 : Why are you guys fighting about this? It started off as a discussion of whether the quality of service in american airlines, which is overall OK, not
70 747-451 : Hmmm, last time I looked this was a FORUM? BTW, opinions are like ass..err... bellybuttons.... everyone's got em. If you don't have one, don't complai
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