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BA 777 Off Runway At LHR  
User currently offlineVirgin747LGW From United Kingdom, joined Mar 2007, 225 posts, RR: 0
Posted (8 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day 12 hours ago) and read 85529 times:

acording to sky news, its a BA coming from Beijing, apparently it landed short of the runway

no more info atm

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User currently offlineLHR777 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 1, posted (8 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day 12 hours ago) and read 85702 times:

Apparently on the grass just off 09R/27L near Hatton Cross. Slides open, emergency evacuation, possible gear failure, but not confirmed.

User currently offlineJohnclipper From Hong Kong, joined Aug 2005, 920 posts, RR: 0
Reply 2, posted (8 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day 12 hours ago) and read 85493 times:

Sky News is now reporting that it is BA flight from PEK.

User currently offlineElite From Hong Kong, joined Jun 2006, 3049 posts, RR: 10
Reply 3, posted (8 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day 12 hours ago) and read 85454 times:

Did a quick Google News search with no results - how recent is this?

User currently offlineJohnClipper From Hong Kong, joined Aug 2005, 920 posts, RR: 0
Reply 4, posted (8 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day 12 hours ago) and read 85496 times:

As of now...B777 from PEK, BA 38...

User currently offlineJohnClipper From Hong Kong, joined Aug 2005, 920 posts, RR: 0
Reply 5, posted (8 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day 12 hours ago) and read 85364 times:

LHR is currently closed per SKY News.

User currently offlineBraby From UK - England, joined Mar 2007, 138 posts, RR: 0
Reply 6, posted (8 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day 12 hours ago) and read 85372 times:

Looks like main gear damage as aircraft is sitting at a very akward angle.

User currently offlineJohnClipper From Hong Kong, joined Aug 2005, 920 posts, RR: 0
Reply 7, posted (8 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day 12 hours ago) and read 85366 times:

Main undercarriage collapsed landing short of runway (?)

User currently offlineChristopherwoo From United Kingdom, joined Oct 2006, 160 posts, RR: 0
Reply 8, posted (8 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day 12 hours ago) and read 85266 times:

only the last couple of minutes, no reports of smoke/fire. Pretty serious landing short of the runway though,

User currently offlineCHRISBA777ER From UK - England, joined Mar 2001, 5964 posts, RR: 61
Reply 9, posted (8 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day 12 hours ago) and read 85255 times:

Hope everyone got out ok - no fire I take it? Thats good.

Thoughts with everyone involved.

What do you mean you dont have any bourbon? Do you know how far it is to Houston? What kind of airline is this???
User currently offlineBraybuddy From Ireland, joined Aug 2004, 6399 posts, RR: 30
Reply 10, posted (8 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day 12 hours ago) and read 85130 times:

Is this the first such incident involving a 777. Must be a record clean slate for an aircraft.

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User currently offlineStitch From United States of America, joined Jul 2005, 34066 posts, RR: 85
Reply 11, posted (8 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day 12 hours ago) and read 85163 times:
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Nevermind - subsequent pictures show she landed short

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User currently offlineTIALATI From Albania, joined Sep 2007, 72 posts, RR: 0
Reply 12, posted (8 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day 12 hours ago) and read 85112 times:

LHR will stay closed for at least half an hour from now thats what BBC and SKY news are reporting at the moment.
The funny thing si that British Prime Minister Gorgon Brown is supposed to fly out today to China on a BA flight.

User currently offlineDtwclipper From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 13, posted (8 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day 12 hours ago) and read 85112 times:

It just hit Fox news here...they say BA 38, wow...slides deployed.

User currently offlineVirgin747LGW From United Kingdom, joined Mar 2007, 225 posts, RR: 0
Reply 14, posted (8 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day 12 hours ago) and read 84961 times:

If the main gear has collapsed, how will they remove it from the runway? surely the runway will be closed for the rest of the day?

User currently offlineTIALATI From Albania, joined Sep 2007, 72 posts, RR: 0
Reply 15, posted (8 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day 12 hours ago) and read 84947 times:

Flight number of the plane affected is BA38 from Beijing. No pax injured or fire reported at the time

User currently offlineThePRGuy From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 16, posted (8 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day 12 hours ago) and read 84956 times:

Yep - just saw it on Sky News - series of blurry pictures atm

"minor cuts and bruises"


User currently offlineCHRISBA777ER From UK - England, joined Mar 2001, 5964 posts, RR: 61
Reply 17, posted (8 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day 12 hours ago) and read 84960 times:

Quoting Braybuddy (Reply 10):
I this the first such incident involving a 777. Must be a record clean slate for an aircraft

Far too soon for talk like that mate - no idea whats gone on yet. We wont know if its a write off for a while, and frankly, it should be far away from our thoughts - lets make sure the people are ok first.

Landed short they reckon? Hmmm - doesnt sound good. I wonder how?

What do you mean you dont have any bourbon? Do you know how far it is to Houston? What kind of airline is this???
User currently offlineBraby From UK - England, joined Mar 2007, 138 posts, RR: 0
Reply 18, posted (8 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day 12 hours ago) and read 84992 times:

Aircraft invovled is G-YMMM

User currently offlineRJ111 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 19, posted (8 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day 12 hours ago) and read 84950 times:

Considering Sky's headline on the event focusses more on George Browns inconvenience than anything else...

"PM's Flight Delay After Heathrow Incident"

...I'm sure everyone's fine.

User currently offlineAlbird87 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 20, posted (8 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day 12 hours ago) and read 84951 times:

Quoting Braybuddy (Reply 10):
I this the first such incident involving a 777. Must be a record clean slate for an aircraft.

Well it doesnt have that clean slate now if this is true!! Shame if the aircraft is a write off.
Anybody with pics??
If this aircraft did land short then one must ask what the pilot was doing or was there something else malfunctioning on the aircraft?? LHR has some pretty long runways so very odd for one of these incidents to happen!

User currently offlineVS773ER From United Kingdom, joined Jan 2004, 284 posts, RR: 1
Reply 21, posted (8 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day 12 hours ago) and read 84809 times:

Any pics circulating as yet?

Communicating. Keeping up foreign relations...
User currently offlineStitch From United States of America, joined Jul 2005, 34066 posts, RR: 85
Reply 22, posted (8 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day 12 hours ago) and read 85021 times:
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Quoting VS773ER (Reply 21):
Any pics circulating as yet?

This is from Sky's site (not sure on the rules for hot-linking to news stories, so Mods please cull it if not cricket).

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User currently offlineRFields5421 From United States of America, joined Jul 2007, 7887 posts, RR: 32
Reply 23, posted (8 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day 12 hours ago) and read 84777 times:

Quoting TIALATI (Reply 12):
LHR will stay closed for at least half an hour from

Quoting Virgin747LGW (Reply 15):
surely the runway will be closed for the rest of the day?

You both are probably right.

When a major incident happens - they close all runways, all departures, all landings - because the emergency equipment and people respond to the emergency.

After a short period of time, they can redeploy enough emergency equipment and people is there is not a major casualty count to allow other runways to reopen and limited airport operations to begin.

User currently offlineOly720man From United Kingdom, joined May 2004, 7154 posts, RR: 11
Reply 24, posted (8 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day 12 hours ago) and read 84777 times:

Quoting Albird87 (Reply 20):
If this aircraft did land short then one must ask what the pilot was doing or was there something else malfunctioning

Or windshear??

wheat and dairy can screw up your brain
25 Radiogaga : The pictures on BBC News show that it was quite far off from the start of the runway, heavy marks in the grass, but it came to rest just at the start
26 ThePRGuy : Tune into news 24 mate - live helicopter footage. 777 landed a long way before the runway, starboard wing almost broken off. Alex
27 Oldtimer : Helicopter film on BBC news shows aircraft at very beginning of rinway with left gear up through the wing and a grease in fuselage behind LH wing Oldt
28 Myt332 : Well that's rather messed up. Kudos.
29 JohnClipper : BBC World showing video - main undercarriage looks like it punctured wings - a/c on it's belly - engines scraped. Looks like it could be a w/o due to
30 EIDAA : BBC News 24 has live helicopter shot - landed short of 27L and only made it as far as threshold. Footage of left wing root appeared to show the left m
31 Art : Tracks in the grass short and right of 27L show it landed short and right of the runway. Source BBC film.
32 TIALATI : Both wings look damaged from the live feed as well as both engines. Wing look damaged at the point where the undercarriages are connected. 3 minor inj
33 BritJap : Showing on BBC news now.... Big skidmarks all the way where it touched down in the turf!! Now sitting at an angle on the piano keys, gear seems to hav
34 Post contains links Tjwgrr : Video feed: http://news.sky.com/skynews/livenewsevents
35 B7X7 : go to bbc they have live shots of the plane, the plane landed on the grass b4 the runway, 3 people have been taken to hostpital. everybody off the pla
36 AA7295 : Will this damage the clean record of the 777?
37 MSYtristar : It's a miracle that the airplane didn't catch fire. This could have turned out quite differently.
38 Post contains images LHRjc : Well not technically... Looks like he made the runway... Just
39 Post contains links Imag : http://news.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30400-1301161,00.html
40 Christopherwoo : WELL short, looks like he only just missed the boundry road. WIndshear or engine failure?
41 SunriseValley : Flightstats showing only minimal delays, no shutdowns...
42 Shankly : Yep landed short (perhaps 300m) on grass of 27L; port gear has punched it way through wing and both Rollers looking a little bent. Understand only min
43 UK_Dispatcher : Lots of waffle being talked already on the news. 'No reported injuries' should hopefully keep things in some sort of perspective. Still, it will be in
44 Virgin747LGW : lol thats what i was thinking actually, however I took that title from Sky News during the breaking of the story
45 Braby : Speaking to a colleague who saw the incident he told me pilot was struggling with a very high angle of attack for landing and looked like he couldn't
46 Astuteman : Sky news has just reported that the northern runway is now open to aircraft for take-offs and landings. Regards
47 N318EA : What are the weather conditions at LHR?
48 Lu : The Prime Minister's flight to China was delayed after the flight from Beijing to London landed short of the runway.
49 Post contains images PHKLM : So this is the first 777 crash. Sad day for the Magnificent Seven! And BA being the first, that's a surprise.
50 MSYtristar : Windshear perhaps? How was the weather when this took place?
51 Braby : Emergancy services are starting to leave the scene now, 27R is now open again, first departure has just left.
52 LHRjc : EGLL 171320Z 22016KT 9999 BKN014 BKN020 11/09 Q0996
53 DeltaAVL : That's what Sky News is reporting - we can't be sure, though. All the best for BA, the passengers, and the pilots.
54 Babybus : Let's hope BA ground these aircraft until there has been a thorough investigation into the safety of these aircraft. The lives of countless internatio
55 Bcal dc10 : BBC news are now saying it was an emergency landing - but no idea what the emergency might have been as yet....
56 CHRISBA777ER : Tell me you are joking. Please.
57 Glom : Wind's a bit on the steep side. Though nothing to write home about.
58 Moo : Why? Theres currently no indication this was a design or maintenance issue with the aircraft, its looking more probable to be weather or pilot relate
59 Dazbo5 : I've just seen the live broadcast on BBC News and the aircraft appears to have come to rest on the runway threshold having landed way short of the run
60 Candid76 : Sounds like a very unusual incident especially with both the airline and aircraft type synonymous with just about perfect safety records. Media will n
61 LHRjc : Hell yeah, let's not stop there. Let's ground the entire 777 fleet worldwide.
62 Post contains images Keesje : Undershooting (if the case) is a serious incident. Luckely nobody seems hurt. Most recent entry in database : two weeks ago in Sydney..
63 Art : I'm about 10 miles SW of Heathrow. I can see low (
64 Egnra380 : Qouting reply 54 - babybus. Get a grip. Reasonable response is required not tabloid shock horror reaction. A.
65 Glom : Witness said gear up landing. Was it gear up on approach or gear collapse on touchdown?
66 Oly720man : They'll have to fill LGW, STN, LTN, SOU, etc first
67 MACDADDY : I was driving past at the time of the incident. I noticed on aircraft were ariving and thought it vwery odd! My brother in law at Term 4, said that th
68 Oldtimer : On what basis do you make this statement? Oldtimer
69 Radiogaga : The marks on the ground suggest the gear was down - BBC News pictures look like the left gear came up through the wing, quite a tangled mess.
70 Cloudyapple : Looks like BOTH wings are punctured. That's it for the plane I say.
71 Braby : QR011 has just divereted to LGW
72 BlueElephant : Wouldn't that still constitute as a diversion? Hope everything's ok.
73 Post contains links Alessandro : Another pic here http://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/article1649666.ab seem like the plane rests on the fuselage. Anyone got the registration of the B77
74 Antonovman : Youre jumping the gun a bit. We dont even know what happened yet, it may be nothing to do with the aircraft
75 RFields5421 : Statements on BBC now say the passengers were warned far enough in advance of the 'landing' that it was an emergency and an emergency evacuation would
76 Higherflyer : Well, the grease should help them just slide the plane right out of the way and let operations get back to normal. Sorry, couldn't resist. Glad to he
77 CHRISBA777ER : We have no idea what the structural damage is - it could look perfectly fine but be w/o due to being subject to excessive g's like IB at Bilbao, or i
78 LouA340 : Wow, its good to hear nobody was injured. How are LHR operations running now with only one runway available?
79 CodyKDiamond : This was not a hull-loss(crash).
80 Antdenatale : Looks like flight BA286 has diverted to CWL
81 Candid76 : BA457 from Madrid (B757) just appeared on my screen. Hopefully more exotic birds than that to come...
82 Cpd : I guess it's something to do with what Concorde got. Clearly it shouldn't affect the 777, that's obviously a very safe plane and this would appear to
83 BHXFAOTIPYYC : From the BAA website: Sched. Flight No. Arriving from Status Terminal 13:00 BA038 BEIJING LANDED 1242 4 Nothing new there then. Stupid question: with
84 Post contains images Glom : A tragedy for the Big Twin.
85 VinnieWinnie : And why exactly? Why BA? Why not all 777 operators? it may well be a pilot error, a technical fault on the aircraft, ILS not working,...., we don't k
86 SKAirbus : Well of course it seems unlikely there will be faults with other aircraft but it is always a good idea for safety's sake to give other aircraft of th
87 Glom : BBC say an air exclusion zone is in force for airspace control, which is a weird statement given that London airspace is already tightly controlled an
88 PHKLM : It is very likely the first Triple Seven write-off though. It looks to me (on the very little footage that is available now) the engines and engine-t
89 CHRISBA777ER : Sky News just called it a BA Airbus. LOL!!!
90 Braybuddy : Nope. No one was killed or injured, and it was a perfectly valid question to ask on a forum devoted to civil aviation.
91 UA935 : Are you for real?
92 Amigocharlie : There is quiet a hole on the left hand side of the fuslage. Looks wierd. How could that happen?
93 Christopherwoo : Eye witness claims plane was banking on final approach with power up very high (suggests to me engine failure, remaining engine up to toga, trying to
94 Glom : The BBC pictures show nose gear is down.
95 Post contains images Airfinair : Guys, I think he's being sarcastic. He simply forgot to insert a
96 Glidepath73 : Any news regarding the reason for the incident, or why the pilot had problems to bring the nose down? Sounds strange... Regards, Patrick
97 Gboae : According to BBC news 24 a private pilot who saw the incident said it had a severe angle of bank on it as it came down and landed very heavily on the
98 PHKLM : Ill-attempted go-around maybe?
99 Glom : Has the plane ripped up the tarmac or have the firefighters sprayed their stuff all over it?
100 RFields5421 : You can bet that has already started. When an incident happens, airlines and pilots start looking very quickly at 'how could this happen to me'. Peop
101 Vickybiccy : It looks like minimal damage to the actual runway. I wonder if this has been a "lucky escape" It could have been horrendous if they hadn't made the gr
102 Glom : Yeah. These things are expensive. BA doesn't want to lose another one.
103 Post contains images Fiatstilojtd : When will the first blame Fly-by-Wire for it ?
104 Rabenschlag : At skynews, an evacuated passenger says that there was no indication of troubles until the plane hit the ground.
105 Post contains images CHRISBA777ER : 136 passengers - not a great load factor.
106 Glom : The BBC presenter has already made a bit of innuendo over ETOPS.
107 LeonB1985 : Considering the BP petrol station on the approach path, this could have been a lot more serious really, couldn't it? Pleased to hear that nobody seems
108 Tjc2 : If the thing touched down in the grass and only just made it to the piano keys what does it matter if it was a gear problem? Landing on grass can't do
109 Post contains images Virgin747LGW : omg they just asked on Sky News if it was coming to land! na it taxied to the houses and took off along the grass!
110 Bongodog1964 : Get a grip; BA have operated 777's now for 11 years, this is the 1st serious incident. The wing root damage seems to indicate that the undercarriage
111 Fiatstilojtd : Just a few minutes ago they reported that another "witness on board" told them that they had to go into brace-position for the emergency landing...ye
112 Gilesdavies : Wow... Amazing pictures and pleased everyone got away unhurt! Looks like there is going to be major delays as one of the runways is closed... LTN alre
113 LHRjc : Oh you gotta love the media. Eyewitness John Rowland said: "The plane's wheels collapsed, doors were flown open. "On its approach it took the runway
114 Sawtooth : Lot of confusion in reports, a passenger who was on board being interviewed on Sky now said he didn't think there was anything wrong, just a bumpy lan
115 Flipdewaf : According to sky the pilot knew his gear weren't down correctly and decided to put it down before the runway. Thats what I got. Fred
116 Rabenschlag : Well, they actually did a live interview, and I heard him say that there was no indication of something being wrong until the plane hit the ground.
117 GQ : I wonder if this was an ILS approach? Glad everyone got out safely!!!
118 CHRISBA777ER : Jerome Ensinck - thank you so much for not giving the media a panic soundbyte! Top bloke! They seem to be making a big deal of the undercarriage not b
119 Revelation : Yes, inquiring minds want to know. Did anyone have their scanner on? Is there access to ATC recordings for LHR?
120 VS773ER : That's mad, must have been scary. The main gear hit first and a couple of hundred yards (?) after the engines struck the ground according to the imag
121 Thomsonfly : The news are just blowing it out of all proportions to be fair, sky news interviewing a passenger asking him if he'd ever fly BA again, its not a good
122 RFields5421 : So was that true, or was he just not paying attention while folks around him were preparing for a crash? It's happened both ways in the past on diffe
123 Cloudyapple : All gears collapsed. Both wings punctured. Complete write off. Will take a week to get it out of the way.
124 EMAlad : Eye witness on BBC news says that he came in at a 45 degree angle, much lower than normal and with louder that usual engines. Thank goodness no-one wa
125 PHKLM : If so, the first and second 777 to be ever scrapped are (originally) BA birds. The one involved in this incident: S/N 30314 L/N 342 EIS 18/05/2001
126 RFields5421 : Well, that we know is wrong - if the plane hit at a 45 degree angle - it would not have stayed in one relatively large piece. The only way they stay
127 Post contains links and images Thom@s : Any footage of the actual landing available anywhere? Thom@s
128 Christopherwoo : I doubt it, most companies tell their pilots if they get an engine failure to land rather than go around below a certain height, i dont know though.
129 Post contains images Fiatstilojtd : Just almost 7 years old [Edited 2008-01-17 06:01:43]
130 Vickybiccy : BBC have picture of what appears to be some undercarriage, separated from the plane. It wasn't a particularly clear picture, though.
131 Splitz : Wow......... Glad everybody go out!
132 Fiatstilojtd : One thing is for sure....one insurance company wont be happy today financially.....thank god there is no loss of life today.
133 AIR MALTA : Glad everyone is safe, does BA have a replacement for this aircraft or will it have an impact on 777s operations. Now that there is only one operation
134 Post contains links Alessandro : Pic of the bird http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1313756/L/
135 Kellmark : Fuel problem? Reminds me of the Hapag Lloyd A310 accident at Vienna. Both engines failed when that aircraft ran out of fuel in the air on final and th
136 Post contains links and images Thom@s : I've been away too long to remember how strict hotlinking rules are on a.net now, so if this isn't allowed anymore just remove the posts. Thom@s
137 GBOAE : One eye witness told BBC news that it looked like an abreviated circuit as the aircraft had to turn hard left to line up, hence the bank angle. Gboae
138 CodyKDiamond : You guys might be right, maybe a hull-loss, but definitely not a crash. Hope she (along with EC-JOH) returns to the skies again.
139 LY4XELD : That means close to nothing...how does an eye witness know what "normal" engine sounds and height on landing is? It can change from aircraft to aircr
140 Oldeuropean : Must have hit the fence. It's said that it came down very low. Axel[Edited 2008-01-17 06:08:57]
141 CHRISBA777ER : Ouch. Looks w/o to me as well. Hope they can repair her. Get well soon Mike-Mike!
142 Tjc2 : I can't see her getting airborn again with damage like that...
143 Post contains links and images Gh123 : From the BBC - a detailed pic http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/shared/spl/h...ps/08/uk_enl_1200577689/html/1.stm
144 MACDADDY : Let the media circus of innacuracies begin. MAC
145 RJ111 : Don't think that would go in line with the higher than usual engine noise. High angle of attack, steep approach and loud engines sounds like a stall
146 BlueElephant : I bet the 'lighter' load kept this accident from being worse.
147 Incubus : If this plane cannot be removed for several days, will LHR be able to resume twin-runway operations with a temporarily shortened 27L/9R?
148 Vfw614 : Hmmm, airplanes are not supposed to crash-land if one engine fails on approach.... Would be strange...
149 Cloudyapple : I can tell you no aircraft gets any short finals at Heathrow. It's too busy to accommodate things like that.
150 Post contains links CPHGuard : Good view of the aircraft here: http://aviation-safety.net/database/record.php?id=20080117-0
151 Flipdewaf : Well from the the pilot struggling to keep the nose down could it be a CoG issue? with a final stall as the engine slowed and the horizontal stabilize
152 Christopherwoo : Well if one engine goes, other goes up to toga, airplane banks as a result of power only from one side of the aircraft, pilot needs to bank the aircr
153 OA260 : Couldnt believe it when I saw it on Sky News!!! Thank god everyone is ok .
154 Pihero : Instead of WAGs and quick conclusions, why don't people start looking at the conditions, especially weather-related. This is an excerpt from the conve
155 KL911 : Wow, Mr Moody is being interviewed now, he was pilot/captain on the BA 747 that lost all 4 engines above Indonesia due to vulcanic ashes. He's cool gu
156 CHRISBA777ER : I think you could find the 777 would auto compensate with rudder - any 777 skippers want to shed light on this?
157 PYP757 : Why not? This is a free society - anybody is allowed to speculate, as long as we know this is all it is, speculations. Wait for the facts? That can t
158 B7X7 : looks like that plane will never fly again, seams like it hit the ground hard, and the pressure has pushed the main landing gear through the wings on
159 PHKLM : Instead of coming with some dry "facts", this is what I see: a heavily damaged modern airliner that never crash landed before short of a runway. And
160 MSYtristar : If, and I stress IF, this turns out to be windshear related, remember not all windshear crashes turn out like Pan Am 759. Delta 191 went down in DFW b
161 Christopherwoo : Now someone is speculating double engine failure.
162 BeechNut : Wings punctured. No fire. Long intercontinental flight. Passengers allegedly warned to brace for impact. Landed well short. Smells like a fuel emergen
163 CHRISBA777ER : She's at home base - she's got a fighting chance. Fingers crossed.
164 RL757PVD : that eyewitness account and the damage in the picture looks EXACTLY like what happened with the US CRJ in PVD. They were misaligned, made a last minu
165 Ag92 : Glad to see that there are no serious energy Apart for the people, truly a sad day for the T7 and BA, I don't know but since all of you guys are sugge
166 Cloudyapple : In every tower there is a big red button labelled the Crash Alarm. The one at Heathrow was pressed this morning.
167 BlooBirdie : Sounds the best guess so far. Would explain the desperate manoevres to get on the ground FAST.
168 Glom : How much is it worth to try to repair it?
169 Post contains images Fiatstilojtd : In the hands of an insurance company with a calculator and a pencil.
170 Favre : How bout LACK OF FUEL ???
171 Post contains images Timmytour : Actually, I for one prefer speculation to be before the facts are known, not after
172 Gh123 : So in actual fact it will be this 777 which will be the first 777 to be scrapped. Not Varigs! Whatever the cause of this accident, I would like to pra
173 Boeing747_600 : Eh?! Which part of landing WAY short of the runway qualifies the accident as "Not a Crash". On an aside, I get a kick out of reading this event descr
174 Zeke : I was wondering when someone else would notice that.....
175 Post contains images UAL777UK : Jeez, just glad everybody is okay apart from a few minor injuries. LHR, will be chaos. Hope ops are a "better" tomorrow when I fly to EDI. Thats me be
176 Pihero : YES ! because, maybe you haven't notriced but the level of this thread doesn't even match that of the media reporting everybody pukes upon. Now, if y
177 Dufo : More like a salute to superior design which made it possible to walk away from such event. Anyway, salute to BA crew!
178 Boeing747_600 : even if pilot error turns out to be the cause in the first place ?!?!
179 Cpd : It might also explain the reports of loud engine noise - perhaps an attempts to gain some extra speed? Not that it would do much good in such a desper
180 Fiatstilojtd : Yeah, I think the same, even If (and that is a big if) the highly professional BA Pilot f**ked up (in the end they are still human)...we have to cong
181 Clydenairways : Could have been, but they would have declared a Low fuel Mayday beforehand, this is just not something you find out at the last miniute.
182 Post contains images Glidepath73 : Is it me, or got the fuselage wrinkled? On the picture of post Nr. 136, the BRITISH logo looks strange. Like it got wrinkled. I doubt if she might fly
183 Vfw614 : Quite amazing how quickly the plane came to a stillstand. Must have been less than 800ft telling from the pictures. It is hardly 1.200ft from the fenc
184 Post contains images BOACVC10 : I am suprised that anyone actually anywhere would want to see an accident on video anywhere, where it possibly involved hundreds of souls and their c
185 Voodoo : lol Exactly. I am only here to read speculations. If I want facts I'll get in my DeLorean time travel machine, go 3 years into the future, and then c
186 BlueElephant : " target=_blank>http://aviation-safety.net/database/...117-0 It appears that the landing gear was down in the video....and the main landing gear brok
187 Andrej : I have been watching BBC24 for past hour. The pictures are incredible, with obvious wing damage on the left side. Also the landing gear is shown on gr
188 Post contains images Pe@rson : Glad no serious injuries. Think speculating about why it happened is stupid and futile; instead, I believe it´s best to wait for the experts´ verdic
189 ChrisNH : I know the media isn't really in touch with aviation, but SkyNews is characterizing this as an 'Emergency Landing,' which presumes that there was a pr
190 Post contains images Voodoo : Maybe the EPT (emergency paintover team) is laying down some primer..........
191 Killjoy : Lots of speculation about double engine failure etc, but what are the odds of spoiler malfunction or something similar? If it was running out of fuel,
192 Ryanair : It is extremely windy in West London today. Eye witness accounts report the plane approaching at unusual violent angles and the engines roaring louder
193 Post contains links 814NAS : The following link will take you to five pictures currently showing on the BBC website: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/in_pictures/7194201.stm Also, there
194 Dazbo5 : Because it doesn't do any good to speculate the unknown. It's amazing how many 'experts' there are who know the exact cause 10 minutes after the inci
195 Pihero : You're right, but it was corrected before your post. Cheers! as for the joke, sorry, I couldn't help it !
196 Post contains images A390 : No, or very little, post fire and wings punctured I would have to think of lack of fuel
197 NA : Both wings are scrap, both engines, too. Belly for sure ripped open. And, very important, the wingbox will be severely damaged. More serious damage th
198 Post contains images N14AZ : BREAKING NEWS: the pilot looked pale when he left the plane !!!! (from sky news) So, this is the key to the incident!!!
199 Gh123 : I hear you, but yes. Because the plane is in one piece (although battered) and all walked away. Disaster was averted.
200 Xtra1 : Apparently, the passengers did not realise that there was a problem until the last moment before evacuation! They just thought it was a hard landing!
201 CuriousFlyer : This forum is always full of speculation, it's very interesting. I cannot wait for the first news release from BA, to understand why the pilot declare
202 Post contains images Columba : I doubt that the aircraft can be repaired. Luckily nobody got injured. That just shows how well designed modern day aircraft are. With an older genera
203 Fiatstilojtd : Hi Pe@rson, I have actually heard of an incident involving a Ryanair B737's which flew through a "air-hole" and banked almost 90 degrees on final app
204 Clydenairways : Come on, it's not that windy... someone quoted the last few Metars some posts back.
205 Gh123 : Yeah right, stick to taxis matey. Spring is around the corner!
206 Danny : Agree it is strange that no fire broke out considering damage to the wings.
207 Killjoy : No he didn't. He was talking about engine failures, not fuel emergencies. I know the media often gets it wrong, but there's no reason to constantly b
208 Post contains images SQ452 : Is anyone else looking at the pictures and thinking that it looks like the thing just ran OUT of runway? An aircraft landing coming up short of the ru
209 BladeLWS : Wings broke/punctured and no fire either means that someone was watching after them today, or the tanks were empty...
210 MKEdude : Is this any worse than the QF incident in BKK a few years back? As I recall Qantas spent a boatload of money to get that 743 flying again just so that
211 Voodoo : So... any a.netters at Myrtle Ave this a.m. I wonder?
212 AIR MALTA : You really want to put Ryanair anywhere!!!! Let's concentrate on BA, 777s and LHR please where a lot of flights are heavily delayed or cancelled. Thi
213 Post contains images Pe@rson : If that´s true, I don´t understand the problem: the passengers are used to an uneventual flight, so when they get a memorable one they complain!
214 Post contains links and images Thom@s : As for the incident vs accident thing, the AFTN message sent out to airports concerning Heathrow today classifies it as an accident on the runway. I
215 Post contains images Fiatstilojtd : He did not land infront of Buckingham Palace, did he ?
216 L1011aaron : BBC have interviewed someone from Flight International who suggested a bird strike. Listening to the passengers on the phone they seem to be saying th
217 Manc : I've seen some images taken from Myrtle on our LHR list already! One undercarraige is way back off the runway
218 Pe@rson : I mentioned the airline once in my submission. You mentioned it once. Thus, we´re equal. So, AIR MALTA, all I can say is: yu really want to put Ryan
219 Voodoo : Nope. It barely made the end of the runway to start with.....
220 Farcry : Well having looked at the news footage, and seeing the that so few were injured, I would almost call this a text book landing given the circumstances.
221 Pihero : Thank you. First mention of the F/As on post #219, on probably the most active thread ever seen on A.net, that must be some kind of record ! Flowers
222 CuriousFlyer : The Brits often are pale, it's quite cloudy there.
223 BlueElephant : There's a video already posted in this thread that clearly shows the aircraft rolling throught the grass.
224 Gh123 : No Mate, this was at one of the busiest airports in the world - the plane was seen and witnessed. Nobody
225 Post contains links and images Keesje : Have you seen the photo's? http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/in_pictures/7194201.stm
226 Gh123 : Thanks Yank!
227 NA : So they didn´t notice they were on the grass and the undercarriage coming off and the palne scraping on its belly. Seems this passenger had a very g
228 OKPAU : Actually they did not make it to the rwy and they slided to the Piano keys
229 AlexPorter : Wasn't the only other 777 incident involving a BA bird as well? The one in Denver with the refueling accident that killed a ramper?
230 Timmytour : I'm with the " the pilot knew the undercarraige was not deployed sufficiently enough to land safely on the runway so elected for the softer landing o
231 Post contains images LifelinerOne : No.
232 Christopherwoo : Lol what an imagination you have, obviously the tyre marks in the grass leading up to the very start of the runway where the plane came to rest mean
233 Post contains images SQ452 : I have, I wrote that post based off the pics I saw....now more info has come out that I wasn't aware of when I wrote the original post. Just somethin
234 CuriousFlyer : Frog. I just happen to live in the US. (The flag is for your location not your citizenship).
235 Lexer : I love the speculation! That's what this forum is all about when these things happen and I'm all for it. The proper analyses will come eventually. No
236 Sprout5199 : Looks to me the landing gear "broke" when they hit the start of the paved threshold. The nose gear looks ok but the mains, which would have been a lo
237 Ellehammer : With the untold numbers of CCTV cameras in operation in London, I'm sure a camera somewhere must have caught the crash-landing: We'll see in the next
238 Post contains images Keesje : BA Engineering might check that engine for FOD..
239 Tjc2 : Photos 1 and 4 posted by Keesje above clearly show a track on the grass where the a/c skidded along. *screws theory paper into a ball and throws it i
240 Cloudyapple : Interesting fact - it only took 370m for the plane to stop! Touch down speed would be between 130-140kts?
241 Post contains images SQ452 : Well I wrote it a while ago and posted it only recently, so I wasn't aware of the tire marks in the grass...which is irrefutable evidence that the pl
242 JBirdAV8r : Hmm. Steep bank reported (though this in and of itself doesn't really mean anything), absence of fire, landed short of runway. As a pilot myself (gran
243 Post contains images SQ452 : Yup, I have...didn't see the tire tracks in the grass...was going off a few I saw online NOT showing that... *tosses theory in bin*
244 BlueElephant : Anyone ready to start a BA 777 Off Runway AT LHR 2 Thread? yet?
245 NEMA : I reckon whatever the outcome, the Pilot and crew have all done an excellent job to have brought the plane to a safe halt and evacuate without any ser
246 OA260 : Tha really puts it into perspective . Thanks for the map. Many a time I have stood by that fence watching the A/C. That cab driver may not have been
247 LHStarAlliance : What about a Stall ? Maybe the Pilot didn't had the autotthrust on . Constantin
248 Post contains images Mhodgson : I love the way many on this thread criticise the media for speculating over the incident, and then decide to start doing the same thing themselves Ult
249 Post contains links and images CCA : First pic on airliners, interesting that the APU inlet door is open. View Large View MediumPhoto © A J Best[Edited 2008-01-17 07:01:40]
250 CuriousFlyer : Next time you will read the previous posts.
251 Boeing747_600 : Judging from the crash-landing trajectory in the photo in reply 235, It almost looks as if the PIC made an attempt to keep the plane OFF the runway, s
252 Post contains images SQ452 : I did, but not all 210 before mine
253 Post contains links LHRjc : Part II has been started:- BA 777 Off Runway At LHR - Part 2 (by Pe@rson Jan 17 2008 in Civil Aviation)
254 Post contains images MaverickM11 : More like repeating the same thing 245 times
255 VV701 : I am guessing that this is to 'ground' the news helicopters that have been beaming live pictures to the likes of the BBC. The nose gear is still clea
256 Metroliner : Blimey, that was quick! Toni
257 Christopherwoo : someone was suggesting a birdstrike. Possible i guess
258 SQ452 : Hahahaha, yah seriously...
259 Post contains links and images Keesje : Also premature, maybe it was pilot error. source http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main...=/news/2008/01/17/nheathrow217.xml
260 Gh123 : Very possible. If so, very noble indeed.
261 Tjc2 : hehe! However in defence of SQ452, and having read is side of it that it took him a while to create this idea, and the fact that this is nearly post
262 Awthompson : It is utterly strange that this Boeing 777-236 has landed and actually came to a halt before even reaching the touchdown zone of the runway on which i
263 JBirdAV8r : While a stall is always possible, I doubt that it would have been a direct cause in and of itself of the accident. The aircraft may or may not have s
264 Vfw614 : Funny - Sky now speculating that BA has towed another plan in front of the stricken aircraft to obscure sights for the media. By the way, the British
265 Arsenal@LHR : The plane looks like a write-off to me, badly damaged engines and wings. Looking at the pictures it looks like it could have ended into a very nasty a
266 HangarRat : Does that runway have an arrestor bed? From the pic in post 242, it looks like the engine has plowed up the concrete.
267 BOAC911 : It looks like it occured at the eastern end of the northern runway. In one of the pictures, Jury's Heathrow can be clearly seen in the background. Ca
268 SQ452 : Is something like wake turbulence or wind sheer possible? I really find it hard to believe that it was pilot error and these pilots were below the gli
269 Post contains images Timmytour : Just heard that my brother in law....who is a political journalist.. is on the PM's plane. He texted out to say that had a good view of it about 1,00
270 Slarty : Bloke on Sky news who works at the airport was eating his lunch and saw the crash. He said the plane "fell like a stone from about 200' " and later co
271 Post contains links Gh123 : LOCK THREAD GO TO PART 2! BA 777 Off Runway At LHR - Part 2 (by Pe@rson Jan 17 2008 in Civil Aviation)
272 LHStarAlliance : that's exaggerating Maybe they had the Autothrust very low , so the A/C was approaching slow with some nose wind which could have stopped blowing and
273 BlueElephant : Doesn't seem possible to me, might have just been the angle where he saw it from, If it fell like a rock from 200 feet then it would surely have done
274 Ikramerica : That would match the passenger accounts of not knowing anything was wrong until the very last. May have felt like a rough landing, nothing more until
275 AirbusA346 : One of the main landing gear is on the grass, just after the impact marks. Tom.
276 BOAC911 : Nevermind, I see it now. It is at the East end of south runway. But how could he undershoot the runway?
277 Boeing747_600 : I dont think that this has quite been established.
278 Milan320 : A tragedy is when someone dies, this is NOT any tragedy. /Milan320
279 Post contains images RJ111 : Of course he was, we've lost 2 good trents today.
280 Braby : Report from an airport worker who has supposedly talked to the captain that aircraft lost all power and avionics whilst on approach.
281 Thowman : The BBC are quoting a tug driver who has said off the record, that he had spoken to the captain who'd told him he'd landed without power or avionics!!
282 VC10BOAC : I believe SQ452 was looking at the possibility that the plane was landing from the opposite direction and ran out of runway. Although eye witnesses a
283 Checksixx : No, because clearly it landed short as the photo's indicate. You might want to take another look.
284 BeechNut : If indeed fuel was the issue, they could have been a B52 with eight engines and it wouldn't have helped... If emergency services are tied up with an
285 Post contains links and images Mortyman : pictures from reuters
286 Checksixx : Whoa!! How did I miss that...where is it??? Actual incident video!! Can anyone point me too it...I can't find it....
287 Checksixx : No, not really...it was landing...the APU should have been started.
288 Post contains links AC320 : BA 777 Off Runway At LHR - Part 2 (by Pe@rson Jan 17 2008 in Civil Aviation)
289 Kellmark : Can't start if there was no fuel.
290 Amciver : A Huge Storm has just broken in West London, does this add the windshear theory He is a Private Pilot If this isn't a 'crash' what is Maybee he braced
291 Baw716 : For certain it was a close call...if it had landed 50 feet shorter, the result could have been disastrous. Indeed, this is the first "accident" involv
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