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North Texas Aviation Thread #1  
User currently offlineSuper80DFW From United States of America, joined Oct 2007, 1705 posts, RR: 11
Posted (7 years 2 months 2 days 14 hours ago) and read 6677 times:

I figure that Texas is to big to have one thread about all of the airports in Texas, so this one will be based on airports such as DFW, DAL, LBB, AMA, GRK, and SPS. If someone wants to begin the Southern Texas Aviation Thread, they are more than welcome to. Let's begin:

- I have heard somewhere that EI is freeing up an A330 this year. Could they possibly be looking into DFW?
- New Domestic Airlines into DFW.
- Could American Eagle add anymore destinations to DAL such as STL, or IAH?
- Is there any possibility of AMA-PHX or LBB-PHX?
- Any ideas of what is next for GRK and SPS.

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User currently offlineBoeingFever777 From United States of America, joined Jul 2009, 409 posts, RR: 53
Reply 1, posted (7 years 2 months 2 days 11 hours ago) and read 6638 times:

Howdy Partna! Texas Aviation Thread V4! (by ShannoninAMA Aug 5 2007 in Civil Aviation)

As for your question on EI...

EI announced in Nov. 07' they will drop the DXB route to move toward expansion in N. America.

PHL and DFW were both talked about previously

Air Canada launches nonstop flight to Toronto-Austin

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User currently offlineUAL747 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 2, posted (7 years 2 months 2 days 11 hours ago) and read 6632 times:

KLM comes online at DFW in March of this year. Tickets are open for booking. Not sure what the loads are, but I can imagine that they are gonna be pretty good. Maybe we will eventually see 777 service!


User currently offlineJayDub From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 3, posted (7 years 2 months 2 days 11 hours ago) and read 6620 times:

I'm most interested in when GLE will start getting some kind of service and eliminate the need for a rental car when I go home.  Wink

I'm kidding of course.

User currently offlineZuluLima From United States of America, joined Jul 2007, 382 posts, RR: 3
Reply 4, posted (7 years 2 months 2 days 11 hours ago) and read 6602 times:

Quoting UAL747 (Reply 2):
Maybe we will eventually see 777 service!

At the announcement ceremony they mentioned a 777 would be substituted on particularly heavy days when needed. Even if that were 1x weekly, I'd take it for now. Same goes for a BA 744 or LH A346. As for full time 777 service, maybe down the road a few years, but our chances of 747 service are unfortunately slim for perhaps another decade at least.

My hope is that the international One World partners start sending their own metal instead of just using AA codeshare. Cathay, Finnair, Iberia, JAL, LAN, Malev, Qantas, Royal Jordanian...come on man just give me one.

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User currently offlineSuper80DFW From United States of America, joined Oct 2007, 1705 posts, RR: 11
Reply 5, posted (7 years 2 months 2 days 10 hours ago) and read 6572 times:

- I would like to see JAL come into DFW, but AA already has 2x DFW-NRT and soon they might be adding a third.
- The reason DFW doesn't get anything bigger than an LH A343 is because AA has a 777 on that route too.
- I believe Cathay could do pretty good on a 3-4x weekly schedule like Korean does.
- Does anyone know what the free Aer Lingus aircaft is (A330-200 or A330-300)?

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User currently offlineUAL747 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 6, posted (7 years 2 months 2 days 10 hours ago) and read 6567 times:

Quoting Super80DFW (Reply 5):
I would like to see JAL come into DFW, but AA already has 2x DFW-NRT and soon they might be adding a third.

JAL used to be at DFW not so long ago. In fact, they were around until about 9/11 or shortly afterward. At the time, there were two NRT flights via AA MD-11's and eventually the 777, a flight to KIX on an MD-11 and eventually a 777 as well. Japan Airlines flew a 747-400 in from NRT everyday for a long while, then downgraded to the MD-11 J-Bird, then they disappeared all together relying on just the code share. I would love to see them back at DFW with a 772ER. I also wish the KIX flights would start again, but from what I heard around here, they ended because AA failed to re-acquire the cargo contract that kept that flight alive.

Any chance that we will see BA sending some 747-400's into DFW with the new open skies agreement? I mean, it would only make sense to connect the two largest hubs of 1. The largest carrier in the world, and 2. The largest carrier in the world's largest partner. I think with airlines able to do DFW-LHR now, we are going to see AA/BA finally start utilizing DFW to its maximum capacity on UK-US routes. Remember, you can get to almost ANY place in the US nonstop from DFW.


[Edited 2008-01-27 19:06:00]

User currently offlineLoneStarMike From United States of America, joined Jul 2000, 3926 posts, RR: 32
Reply 7, posted (7 years 2 months 2 days 9 hours ago) and read 6541 times:

Here's some North Texas Aviation News.

2007 was the first full calendar year that the Wright Amendment Compromise was in effect at Dallas Love Field allowing through ticketing to points beyond the Wright Perimeter. So how did DAL do in terms of passenger numbers?


2006 saw 6,874,717 passengers, Adding enplanements and deplanements, looks like DAL ended 2007 with 7,953,385 passengers - an increase of 1,078,668 passengers (up 15.7%)

Among all the other commercial airports in TX that have at least some mainline service I'm fairly certain that percentage-wise, DAL will get the fastest-growing-airport-in-Texas title for 2007.  Smile


User currently offlineSuper80DFW From United States of America, joined Oct 2007, 1705 posts, RR: 11
Reply 8, posted (7 years 2 months 2 days 8 hours ago) and read 6531 times:

Quoting LoneStarMike (Reply 7):

Just think how fast DAL will grow during the year 2014!  hyper 

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User currently offlineBoeingFever777 From United States of America, joined Jul 2009, 409 posts, RR: 53
Reply 9, posted (7 years 2 months 2 days 8 hours ago) and read 6517 times:

Quoting Super80DFW (Reply 5):
but AA already has 2x DFW-NRT and soon they might be adding a third.

DFW-NRT definitely could handle 3x daily... But:

1.) Where you going to get additional 777's for this? Recall they will need (2) 777's for ORD-PEK in 2009.
2.) NRT is slot restricted I believe.
3.) It would trash the other (2) daily yields.

I have read in the American Way that AA would start a 2x daily from ORD by 2010 before going 3x at DFW.

[Edited 2008-01-27 21:28:19]

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User currently offlineZululima From United States of America, joined Jul 2007, 382 posts, RR: 3
Reply 10, posted (7 years 2 months 2 days 7 hours ago) and read 6491 times:

Quoting Super80DFW (Reply 8):
Just think how fast DAL will grow during the year 2014!

Not as much as we would all like it to, unfortunately. IMHO limiting the number of gates "permanantly" was a stupid idea. Why not use the airport to it's full potential? I guess creating more jobs and local revenue isn't a high priority for Dallas. It would be great if AA and CO would just give up on trying to compete with WN at DAL and sell the gates they control (not going to happen, I know). Also in the unlikely category: What are the chances another low-cost carrier could buy it's way into Love?

So many possibilities, so few realities.

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User currently offlineFlight209 From United States of America, joined May 2006, 78 posts, RR: 0
Reply 11, posted (7 years 2 months 1 day 23 hours ago) and read 6430 times:

What you might be forgetting, Zululima, is that back in the '70s, the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth wanted DAL to become a strictly general-aviation airport once DFW opened; like it or not, the two cities' desire was for all passenger airline traffic in their region to go to and from DFW. The only reason DAL has remained open to airline service -- and, IMO, the chief raison d'être for both the 1979 Wright Amendment and the 2006 Wright Amendment Reform Act -- is because the federal courts forced Dallas (and, by association, Fort Worth and the DFW Airport Board) to keep DAL available to airlines for as long as DAL is an airport. OTOH, had the courts let "the DFW parties" retain the freedom to kick airlines out of DAL without having to shut down the whole place, I think that the powers to be in the Metroplex would nowadays be much more receptive to DAL or another airport being a reliever for DFW in the area of passenger airline service, including longhaul routes. Let's face it: when you're forced to do something, you tend to be a lot more bitter about it than when you're not required to do that thing, but you choose to do it anyway.

As for why AA and even CO stay entrenched at DAL and why AA might have wanted a 20-airline-gate limit at DAL, well, I chalk that up to the basic fact that DAL is less expensive for airlines and allows for faster taxi times than DFW, so WN or any other airline that serves DAL but not DFW would have potentially unfair economic / competitive advantages over their brethren willing to operate at DFW if all things were equal. If you ran an airline flying, say, DFW-SFO, wouldn't you want to change it to DAL-SFO -- and enjoy higher profits on the same airfares and lower fuel costs thanks to less taxiing -- if you could? By getting such a stark maximum on airline gates and an eight-year waiting period for domestic nonstops (not to mention a continued ban on international nonstops) in place, the advantages that WN enjoys by choosing an otherwise "set free" DAL over DFW are mitigated. Meanwhile, by maintaining a token presence at DAL, AA further (albeit slightly, of course) lessens the advantages that DAL gives WN in the North Texas airline market.

Whew! Now that I've finished talking about an airport whose owner is forced by the federal judiciary to permit airline service there, I want to shift the discussion to an airport whose ownership, AFAIK, has actually wanted airlines to come there -- Collin County Regional Airport at McKinney. Is the City of McKinney still trying to lure airline service to TKI? If so, then what's the closest that TKI has come lately to getting an airline tenant?

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User currently offlineShannoninAMA From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 12, posted (7 years 2 months 1 day 14 hours ago) and read 6351 times:

Guess ill throw in my two cents here.

- How is that new airline in MAF doing? IIRC, they fly cessnas to some destination in NM.
- When are the new 757s for FX supposed to be ferrying up here to AMA for paint jobs?
- How are the WN AMA-DEN flights going?
- Does SPS still have any scheduled air service?
- Ill spare you guys on the AMA growth lectures. Big grin

However, i am concerned about WN "Breaking from its roots" per say. Once WA is abolished, I fear AMA/LBB/MAF could go through a complete implosion of air service. Unless AMA-DEN maintains enough passengers to maintain service on its own (IE without the DAL continuation), it will probably fly out the window. Im not too sure on AMA-LAS flights, as i havent flown one in a while (Ill be sure to find out in july Big grin), but with all the new profitable opportunities out of DAL, im sure that flight could be shaved as well in favor of DAL expansion. AMA-ABQ used to be 2x daily, but one was shaved when we gained the two DEN flights. The only reason anyone around here uses that flight honestly seems to be for the early morning direct flight to LAS. So who knows really on that one. If the flights i mentioned above were cut however, we would be left with service to dallas! Woo-hoo?

I always wonder why we never seemed to have AUS/HOU service via WN. Too late for the party i suppose? Ah well.

Shannon Big grin

User currently offlineSuper80DFW From United States of America, joined Oct 2007, 1705 posts, RR: 11
Reply 13, posted (7 years 2 months 1 day 14 hours ago) and read 6349 times:

Quoting ShannoninAMA (Reply 12):
- How are the WN AMA-DEN flights going?

Okay, I've flown on SWA85 on DEN-AMA-DAL; on CHRISTMAS DAY! I will post loads below:

DEN-AMA: 68 people with DAL pax. I would have to say that is pretty fair for a holiday.
AMA-DAL: 137 people (FULL). Was very surprised to hear them come over the PA and ask for seats due to overselling!

Quoting ShannoninAMA (Reply 12):
- Does SPS still have any scheduled air service?

Yes, about 5-6 daily SAAB 340 with MQ that go to DFW. Back in late 2005, Allegiant Air annunced 3x weekly to LAS, but it was pulled before it ever started. I'm thinking they might have their feelings hurt over an airport about 50 miles north of them (LAW) getting 2x daily service with ASA to ATL.

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User currently offlineBoeingFever777 From United States of America, joined Jul 2009, 409 posts, RR: 53
Reply 14, posted (7 years 2 months 1 day 6 hours ago) and read 6291 times:

VivaAerobus Airlines is poised to start its direct flights from Austin to Mexico.

That makes AUS with international service from:


And WN starting n/s service to:

FLL May 10th.
OAK May 10th.
PHL March 17th.

With AA re-starting n/s service to:

SEA April 7th.

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User currently offlineQantasHeavy From Australia, joined Jan 2005, 379 posts, RR: 1
Reply 15, posted (7 years 2 months 1 day 3 hours ago) and read 6278 times:

I had a QF exec sitting behind me on a recent LAX-SYD flight and he was telling another passneger that DFW was top of their list, but that they needed an aircraft to be able to do that flight nonstop economically from SYD as a continuing flight from LAX would offer little value, given the strength of AA's LAX-DFW connections.

He seemed to be alluding to the 787s but never said the specifics. I wanted to turn around and tell him they should have gotten the 77L for the route and tech-stopped in AKL on the westbound if there was a weight penalty on a strong headwind day. But he runs a profitable airline so I was not going to tell him what to do...

The ability for Qantas to arrive into DFW at 5-7 AM would enable people to reach anywhere in the USA by lunch time. This would be great feeder into the enormous AA network at the only airport that operates 7 runways.

Qantas also enjoys flying into a number of airports that do not have many weather issues... generally LAX is among the best climated US big airport. DFW is a severe thunderstorm magnet 12 months of the year (ha -- only place I have seen a thunder snow storm!) but the early morning arrivals and late night departures would allow plenty of padding and be at off-peak traffic times (as well as less convection, usually). I think DFW will be one of the first QF 787 ULH flights. QF is really the only OneWorld carrier that AA doesn't try to undo, as they do not compete on any routes together. I have not found AA and CX to operate very closely, even though they do not compete on routes directly.

AA ran JL out of DFW... now that AA is so tight for 777s I would think they should invite JL back with one of the NRT flights, which AA could sell as code share seats to free up some 777s. A JL 77W would be a great addition!

User currently offlineAA 737-800 From United States of America, joined May 1999, 199 posts, RR: 0
Reply 16, posted (7 years 2 months 17 hours ago) and read 6223 times:

Quoting ShannoninAMA (Reply 12):
Once WA is abolished, I fear AMA/LBB/MAF could go through a complete implosion of air service.

I am also a little worried about this, but I've heard from a few WN employees to not expect too much reduction in service because it is the traffic from these airports that will be filling the new flights to places they cannot get to under the current system.

Quoting Super80DFW (Thread starter):
- Is there any possibility of AMA-PHX or LBB-PHX?

It seems that this would be a market that US Express could get into from either airport with their current lack of westward flights on WN. I know that Lubbock has one less ABQ flight than in years past and it very poorly timed for connections, so your only other options are the LAS and ELP flights. I also think that Lynx could have a couple of flights to DEN that would be pretty successful because currently to get to DEN from LBB you must backtrack through either DFW, DAL, or IAH.

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User currently offlineSsides From United States of America, joined Feb 2001, 4059 posts, RR: 20
Reply 17, posted (7 years 2 months 16 hours ago) and read 6200 times:

OK, let's discuss the possibility of additional service for airports such as ABI, MAF, LBB, AMA, SPS, SJT, etc. Allegiant (surprisingly) couldn't make ABI-LAS or SPS-LAS work, unfortunately. I too wonder if we'll see any WN flights from West Texas to PHX. Any chance that CO serves SPS via Colgan? Or that ABI or SJT get upgraded to ExpressJet?

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User currently offlineShannoninAMA From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 18, posted (7 years 2 months 14 hours ago) and read 6161 times:

Quoting AA 737-800 (Reply 16):
I am also a little worried about this, but I've heard from a few WN employees to not expect too much reduction in service because it is the traffic from these airports that will be filling the new flights to places they cannot get to under the current system.

Lets hope thats the truth  crossfingers 

If WN does perform the above cuts i posted earlier, and narrows down to Dallas service...it could get EVEN worse. Then itd be a bloodbath between AE and WN to which id believe AE would lose...Then we become an airport with service to IAH and DAL.  frown 

Quoting AA 737-800 (Reply 16):
It seems that this would be a market that US Express could get into from either airport with their current lack of westward flights on WN.

I can see LBB-PHX happening, but not much on AMA-PHX. WN has a direct flight AMA-ABQ-PHX and the ABQ connection is actually well timed. If US did however enter the market, wed definitely welcome them with open arms  Wink

Here is what i see possible for North texas as of now.

LBB getting that Cessna service that MAF just receieved (if LBB doesnt have it already)
AMA/LBB maybe one flight up to Chicago on WN or AE daily?
AMA/LBB getting a mainline bird back for AA @ DFW?

However, im less than confident on these routes as of now. I feel that North texas is kind of in a "relaxed" phase where the current service we receieve suits us well.

Shan Big grin

User currently offlineCommavia From United States of America, joined Apr 2005, 12306 posts, RR: 62
Reply 19, posted (7 years 2 months 14 hours ago) and read 6157 times:

Quoting QantasHeavy (Reply 15):
AA ran JL out of DFW

AA hardly ran JAL out of DFW. 9/11 did that.

AA and JAL had, and still have, a very strong and deep working relationship, and that relationship did once extend to JAL's DFW-NRT flight when it operated. Indeed, when it operated, JAL's DFW-NRT flights were handled by AA personnel at DFW.

User currently offlineSuper80DFW From United States of America, joined Oct 2007, 1705 posts, RR: 11
Reply 20, posted (7 years 2 months 13 hours ago) and read 6143 times:

Quoting ShannoninAMA (Reply 18):
AMA/LBB maybe one flight up to Chicago on WN or AE daily?

I don't really think I could see WN taking a plane on AMA/LBB-MDW daily. OKC and TUL would get MDW service before that. Now, MQ on AMA/LBB-ORD is a slightly different story. I could see them filling an EMB-135 half full each day on that. It won't happen for a while. I think that MQ needs to get in the big game at DAL and fly to ORD everyday. I know that could happen with 3x DAL-ORD daily. Did MQ try DAL-STL in the past because if they didn't, that could have some potential.

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User currently offlineSuper80DFW From United States of America, joined Oct 2007, 1705 posts, RR: 11
Reply 21, posted (7 years 2 months 13 hours ago) and read 6129 times:

Any chance of a nonstop DFW-MUC flight on LH? One of the airports that surprises me the most that has nonstop MUC service is DEN!

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User currently offlineCommavia From United States of America, joined Apr 2005, 12306 posts, RR: 62
Reply 22, posted (7 years 2 months 13 hours ago) and read 6124 times:

Quoting Super80DFW (Reply 21):
Any chance of a nonstop DFW-MUC flight on LH? One of the airports that surprises me the most that has nonstop MUC service is DEN!

MUC = one of the largest Star Alliance hubs in Europe
DEN = one of the largest Star Alliance hubs in North America

There is virtually no chance, unfortunately, of a DFW-MUC LH flight. DFW-FRA does quite well for LH - they are very popular in North Texas for the tons of travelers that flow across FRA on their way to India and points east on a daily basis. MUC, on the other hand, doesn't have any real market that LH could support. In the distant future, I think AA could make a daily 767 work - but we're talking years down the line. For now, no.

That's not to say that I think DFW can't support more Europe flying. I think DFW could (in a few years, if not now) support a daily A330 to DUB (low fares and all) and maybe a daily A330 to CDG on AF as well.

User currently offlineUAL747 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 23, posted (7 years 2 months 12 hours ago) and read 6123 times:

Quoting Super80DFW (Reply 21):
Any chance of a nonstop DFW-MUC flight on LH? One of the airports that surprises me the most that has nonstop MUC service is DEN!

It's called Star Alliance, United and Lufthansa...

Quoting Commavia (Reply 19):
AA hardly ran JAL out of DFW. 9/11 did that.

AA and JAL had, and still have, a very strong and deep working relationship, and that relationship did once extend to JAL's DFW-NRT flight when it operated. Indeed, when it operated, JAL's DFW-NRT flights were handled by AA personnel at DFW.

Indeed they do. If you want to go anywhere in Asia besides PVG and NRT, it would be routed through NRT connecting to an JAL flight.

The DFW-NRT flights are packed to the brim with high yeilds, otherwise there wouldn't be 2 of them. As I said before, a JAL 772 or 773ER would do DFW just fine.


User currently offlineSuper80DFW From United States of America, joined Oct 2007, 1705 posts, RR: 11
Reply 24, posted (7 years 2 months 12 hours ago) and read 6120 times:

I think the reduction of DFW-MIA is really to bad. Now if you want to fly a T7 out of DFW domestically, you have to go to ORD.

What about Cathay Pacific starting 3x daily to DFW?

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25 LAXdude1023 : I highly doubt it. ORD will be next for them. If more Asia service is what youre looking for, AA's pretty much where to look. KE is there and does we
26 Commavia : I have long said that a JAL flight - perhaps 5x weekly 747s (as JAL doesn't like sending 777s to the U.S.) - would be very successful. If timed corre
27 LAXdude1023 : I agree, the question is just if CX will start it. I dont think they will. If they did, I think it would be successful.
28 Super80DFW : Well then, if it were to start, what aircraft would they use? So where will AA get the extra 777's from? Do they have any on order?
29 Post contains images BoeingFever777 : CX is looking to move all there N. America flights to the 77W in the next few years. AA has (47) active 777-223ER's... That said they have (7) option
30 Super80DFW : Well, I say they need to get those 7 and start a bunch of new routes: DFW-PVG, DFW-PEK, DFW-DEL and a few out of ORD and MIA.
31 LAXdude1023 : PVG and PEK are givens from DFW. In time they will happen. DFW-DEL not so much. The market isnt big enough and what market there is could easily be r
32 AA 737-800 : I believe I saw something at LBB recently that indicated that Air New Mexico was planning on beginning service, but I have doubts about the airline l
33 Super80DFW : I don't think West Texas is quite ready for any Chicago flights just yet. Time will tell.
34 Super80DFW : Is there any chance of FL starting a daily flight on DFW-MKE to compete with Midwest and American Eagle?
35 QantasHeavy : AA added an additional 777 on the DFW-NRT route, and at the time also had a 777 DFW-KIX. Putting 3 777s on the DFW-Japan route was enough for JL to c
36 Ssides : They aren't ready for AA to go mainline again, either. Given AA's desire for fleet commonality (and the possibility they will spin off or sell Eagle)
37 Bartond : In regards to the KL flight, I wonder how much of this had to do with Royal Dutch Shell's interest in the massive natural gas discoveries in the Barne
38 Commavia : Well, in terms of SkyTeam connections, there are definitely still some SkyTeam (mostly DL and CO) FFs in the Metroplex, as there are in any major U.S
39 Ssides : I doubt that much. There's a lot going on in the area, but Shell isn't a major player there yet. It is a massive gas field, but that alone isn't enou
40 Post contains images LoneStarMike : I don't think AMA would necessarily lose its nonstop service to DEN. Yes, right now, WN is using AMA to connect DEN with DAL because of the Wright Am
41 Post contains images ShannoninAMA : And here sadly lies the problem. Southwest currently flies to DEN,LAS,ABQ, and DAL from AMA. All our flights to AUS/SAT/HOU are direct through dallas
42 LoneStarMike : That could change, though. During 2Q 2007 159 people traveled daily between AUS and AMA. Of the three Texas cities that don't have service to the Sta
43 JayDavis : Don't have time to read all this thread, but I doubt WN will ever leave LBB. You see, there is this University called Texas Tech and it has about 30,0
44 Ssides : JayDavis is correct -- barring a collapse in the West Texas economy (which would probably affect Midland-Odessa much more than Lubbock or Amarillo), W
45 Super80DFW : I also think that WN would never let go of AMA, LBB, and MAF because they obviously do very well.
46 Post contains images ShannoninAMA : Just curious as to this. How would this affect them more? Theyd be forced to pay more or drive three hours to ELP. LBB would be forced to pay more or
47 Ssides : I'm not saying WN's departure would affect MAF more, I'm saying an economic "collapse" would affect the Midland-Odessa area more. A full "collapse" i
48 Super80DFW : The next new airline that would serve SPS would be COex. I'm not even sure that would ever happen either. It's sad because Wichita Falls is a really n
49 Ssides : Or, more likely, make the
50 Post contains images Super80DFW : Well, people in Wichita Falls might like small airports and CRJ's! For most people, I bet the price is the deciding factor.
51 ANstar : It's been one of the more talked about routes sinc eI joined A.net I'm pretty sure the 747-400er's in the fleet can do SYD-AKL-DFW no problems.... wh
52 Post contains images ShannoninAMA : Ahh, i see. Thanks for the clarification! Well put. My view on this really is that the "Triad" Is sustaining service decently, and unless an outside
53 Super80DFW : I wonder if DL will ever bring 757's back to DFW after the abrupt removal of all of the daily 757's that ran ATL-DFW? I hope they do sometime.
54 Ssides : Interesting. I wonder how those flights did? [/quote] The flights did OK. Remember, though, that Casino Express was basically owned by the casinos. Th
55 ZuluLima : My guess would be that they will. Let's just wait until the spring travel season kicks off. They'll probably even send us some of the ex-AA birds the
56 QantasHeavy : 1 flight each not even daily... so it is minimal. SFO is rarely severe, though fig can be a hassle sometimes. Compare that to AA who has DFW and ORD.
57 Post contains images Ssides : NW has announced that they will be significantly reducing their fleet of DC-9s, and many here on A.net have speculated that they will soon get rid of
58 Cjpark : Wow Jay, Midland had American, Texas International, Continental and even Braniff for a short time even Western Airlines service. Then as you say came
59 Ssides : Southwest's entry into these markets didn't Braniff's service, or TI's service - deregulation, combined with these airlines' inability to cope with i
60 LAXdude1023 : ORD seems to have more of a problem with weather delays than does DFW. At ORD you have winter weather problems in the winter and Thunderstorms in the
61 Ssides : Well, due to oneworld, there should be little doubt that ORD or DFW will be the next QF city. It definitely won't be IAH or ATL. Let me say publicly,
62 LAXdude1023 : Im sorry I should have been clearer. I meant that QF would be more successful at DFW than CO would be flying IAH-SYD or DL with ATL-SYD.
63 AA 737-800 : I'm not sure if they nessisarily would, but I don't think you can say so definatively that they wouldn't. I'm pretty sure that American Eagle and Con
64 Super80DFW : I have a question, Is QF's SYD-LHR nonstop or is there a fuel stop in there somewhere? If there isn't a fuel stop, then could bring a 744 nonstop to D
65 Post contains images ShannoninAMA : I understand where you are coming from. However, i doubt they would provide service to ABQ, LAS, DEN, on top of an intra texas city like WN does curr
66 LAXdude1023 : There is definately a fuel stop. No plane can make it with no restrictions. A 744 cant make it both ways (DFW-SYD) with no payload restrictions.
67 Super80DFW : What about a possible stop in HNL or OGG. I doubt that is close to the route though.
68 QantasHeavy : QF was going to fly SYD-AKL-DFW on the 747-400ER pre-9/11. I agree that it would still work. A stop in AKL is not a big deal. Stopping in the USA prio
69 AznMadSci : QF does not have cabotage rights within the US to pick up pax for HNL/OGG-DFW. However, AA did do DFW-HNL-SYD/AKL back in the late 80s/early 90s. On
70 BooDog : From November 2006 to October 2007: Southwest: 65% American Eagle 24% Continental Express 11%
71 Cjpark : Yes of course they would they have in the past. You don't get it do you? With Southwest you cannot connect anyway outside of the Southwest system.
72 Ssides : Pre-9/11 and, to a certain extent, pre-deregulation. The City of Amarillo had to pay AA to keep its mainline jets there, and even that experiment fai
73 Post contains images ShannoninAMA : upgraded? We already have CRJs from AA (CR7s and ERJ145s) and CO gives us those cramped birds as well (CR2s/ERJ145s). Ever try flying a CR2 almost tw
74 Ssides : Upgraded only in the sense that they have more seats than the ERJs. If AA has the aircraft, these cities would go all-CRJ in the event that WN pulled
75 Super80DFW : If for some reason EI never came to DFW, do you think AA would fly a 767 to DUB daily? Both EI and AA would allow great connections on both sides.
76 Commavia : Highly doubtful. ORD-DUB is enough. That's a good route, and AA has been very successful on it. DFW wouldn't work for AA, I don't think.
77 Super80DFW : Why? If EI see's profitability, why would AA? Especially with AA's domestic empire, people in Ireland could get to the US in onestop without making a
78 LAXdude1023 : EI would be better because they can handle onward traffic as opposed to traffic terminating in DUB. Now that KL made the move to DFW, I think EI migh
79 Post contains images Super80DFW : Any chance of AF trying to run AA off of DFW-CDG? I bet if AF brought a 777, they could put AA out of the route. I'm really searching for more Intl. c
80 LAXdude1023 : No AF wont deal with DFW. And AA would be the ones who would be victorious in that battle. The DFW market is very loyal to AA and even if AF has bett
81 Super80DFW : Any chance of LANChile coming into DFW? I guess AA already goes to Santiago though don't they. I might be wishing on this, but I think bmi could fit w
82 Commavia : AF at DFW? Possible, though not likely, IMO, now that KL is on AMS-DFW. Depending on how that route performs - which I predict should be well - then
83 LAXdude1023 : Ive always wondered, is DFW-CDG (AA 48/49) a good preformer compared with AA's other CDG routes? Do you know?
84 Commavia : Well, 48/49 is certainly no 943/900 (MIA-EZE) or 136/137 (LAX-LHR), but the flight definitely does well. As for the other CDG routes, I know that BOS
85 QantasHeavy : They were DFW-ORY first, then moved to CDG. Did service begin DFW-Paris in 1985? I flew AA on that route in June 1985 on the DC-10-30, but I had thou
86 Commavia : Yes, yes, sorry for forgetting to mention that: AA operated at ORY from 1985 up until October 1998, when they moved from ORY to CDG at the behest of
87 QantasHeavy : AA used to fly the DC-10s from DFW to LAX, SFO, LGA but also even to BOS, IAH and even ELP! I believe they went to SAT and AUS too. No doubt Florida a
88 Commavia : SAT, AUS and ELP, definitely, and I know DC10s were on DFW-MIA at some points, probably DFW-MCO and maybe even DFW-TPA or DFW-FLL, too. Amen to that.
89 Super80DFW : Atleast DFW is one of those airports that if they lose an airlines hub, the entire airport won't turn into a ghost town. In fact, after DL left, did t
90 Commavia : AA added about 70 mainline departures in spring/summer 2005 to backfill the lost DL capacity, although most of that capacity has been pared back over
91 Super80DFW : AA isn't a shrink airline are they? I think AA is a very steady airline that is opening up new routes and taking delivery of airplanes IIRC.
92 Commavia : Sadly, no. AA continues to shrink its schedule - capacity has been largely flat (sometimes slightly up, sometimes slightly down) because of higher ut
93 LAXdude1023 : Im not 100% about aircraft delievery and domestic schedules rise and fall all of the time, but (and I think Commavia will back me up on this one) AA'
94 Post contains images QantasHeavy : Agree 100%. If AA had 777-300ERs with the new J product they could fill them on many of their LHR routes as wedll as some Latin American flights (GRU
95 Commavia : I don't think 773s would be viable for AA. Sure, there are markets where the 773 could easily be filled up - like the ones you mentioned (MIZ-EZE, et
96 QantasHeavy : Yes I agree... but a sub fleet of 5-10 77Ws and 5-10 77Ls starts to look like a fleet when you consider they already have over 40 777s. So adding 10-
97 Commavia : Where I think AA could use the capacity of the 777-300/-300ERs: 2 MIA-EZE (4 in the northern winter) 2 ORD-NRT 2 JFK-LHR (1 in winter/goes to MIA-EZE
98 BoeingFever777 : I would also say DFW-NRT. When is AUS going to build a new Terminal to the airport... FXramper, told me the gate occupancy is at 98%.
99 Post contains images Super80DFW : Yeah right! If this AA was getting those anyway, AA would not go from ONE 777-200 right to TWO 777-300's! If there is any place that would happen it
100 BoeingFever777 : You are aware he is stating that they would need (2) a/c to fly the route. Not saying 2x daily. Also member the 77W can carry 7,120 cu ft of cargo as
101 Post contains images FXramper : Bingo. Despite the n/s service that AA offers from ORD, you'd be surprised the number of Chicago pax that route ORD-DFW-NRT. The AA website isn't ver
102 LAXdude1023 : Ive taken DFW-NRT a couple of times when I lived in Fort Worth and I encountered several people on every leg continueing to ORD. Also big were the nu
103 Post contains images Curticool : What is KLM sending now? -Curticool
104 Ssides : A330.
105 Super80DFW : I read in the Official Press Releases from both KLM and DFW Airport, that during high travel periods, KLM will send a 777 to DFW.
106 Ssides : Good to know. I'd like to hear if anyone has preliminary indications of how advance bookings are on the KLM service. It's still early, though.
107 JayDavis : CJ, why the hatred for WN? Did you apply for a job there once and didn't get hired? Or did you use to work for them and you got fired? If it weren't
108 Super80DFW : Both AA and WN are STRONG intra-Texas performers. I have no doubt that if a sudden sad immediate pull-out of WN from AMA, LBB, and MAF that AA would p
109 Post contains links and images BoeingFever777 : No where in either press release does it state anything about KL sending a 777. KLM Official Press Release: KLM launches scheduled service to Dallas-
110 FXramper : The above thinks and thread on KL to DFW on this site stated that they'd be using an A332.
111 Ssides : I wondered that, too -- personally, I much prefer AA to WN (first-class upgrade options, more cities, international flights, better FF program), but
112 Post contains images ShannoninAMA : Agreed. I see it like the a.net photo screening system when it comes to AMA/MAF/LBB. Send a crappy photo in when the site started, and theyll take it
113 AS739X : Not reading post 51-112 this may have been answered, but in a CX post it was stated they will not be adding DFW anytime soon. They will be going all 7
114 LAXdude1023 : Its what ive been saying all along. From DFW, they currently route pax through LAX, SFO, NRT and occasionally YVR. If I lived in DFW, NRT would be my
115 Post contains images Super80DFW : Okay, I'm glad I speculated well! Also, I guess COex could go to 8x. Another question, I have read something about AMA getting a new terminal buildin
116 Post contains images ShannoninAMA : Negative. Will break ground in a few months. Im not very sure whether this will be a new terminal, or airport altogether. Half the sites i see say it
117 Super80DFW : I think that WN should try AMA-HOU 2x with a 735 to see how it does. I don't think it would do to bad since AMA really doesn't have to many choices of
118 Post contains images ShannoninAMA : Like i always say when DL comes up "Hey, we still have your gate and signage saved! Trust us! its still there in a little corner abandoned " (AMA-DFW
119 Super80DFW : Hey Shannon, is Amarillo actually a GROWING city, or is it steady in it's population. I doubt they are losing citizens because, well.. it's in Texas!
120 Post contains images ShannoninAMA : Actually, its growing much more than i think. The population of AMA itself is around 250,000 today. However, combine all the "Suburbs" (if you can ca
121 Post contains links Ssides : The city of Amarillo itself has about 183,000 people, with about 236,000 in the metropolitan area. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amarillo%2C_Texas Lub
122 LAXdude1023 : The only other airline I can think of that might go to SPS would obviously be CO. But Im not sure if they will go for it or not. AA seems to be enjoy
123 AS739X : I wonder if maybe some of these cities could be served in the future by CO when the Q400 start to show at IAH. If a couple of Colgan Slaabs get freed
124 Ssides : Yeah, and it's surprising that ACT, TYR and ABI aren't as successful for CO (although I think TYR is doing a bit better since AA cut back drastically
125 Super80DFW : Well remember, MOST people fly from those cities to DFW to connect, not get off and go eat at the Grand Lux Cafe. They are oil, military, and busines
126 BooDog : Well... ABI will always have many Eagle flights since it's their maintenance base, but still.... ABI-DFW drops from 8x to 7x in March, we lost Allegia
127 Ssides : Right, which is exactly why one would expect CO to be doing better -- CO would have both connecting and O&D traffic, I'd expect there to be more traf
128 ZuluLima : ...or it may have come from my post (reply #4). To clarify, I wasn't there, my boss (fellow a.netter) was and the comment may have been from a KLM of
129 Super80DFW : ZuluLima, thank you for backing me up. I knew I had heard this somewhere and that I wasn't just making this up.
130 Post contains links and images LoneStarMike : Looks like DFW finally reported its December and calendar year 2007 totals. http://www.dfwairport.com/stats/ Total DFW passengers for 2007 were 59,786
131 Super80DFW : Hopefully KLM can up those International numbers for 2008 traffic.
132 Post contains images ShannoninAMA : Forgive my randomness, but I have a lecture to go on here Just looked at an awesome page about the history of DAL (7 pages full of pictures?), and co
133 Commavia : Because that's what the Cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, and the federal government, agreed to in 1968. Correction: everybody else was forced to move
134 Post contains images ShannoninAMA : Well, this is really what all our disagreements boiled down to. Do you think DAL is worth the investments of remodeling, adding gate space etc. etc.
135 TxAgKuwait : One thing that hasn't been brought up is the feasibility of "mobile departure lounges" like those attempted and maybe still used at Dulles (I don't kn
136 Post contains links LoneStarMike : I don't think they could legally do that TxAg. Under the terms of the Wright Amendment Compromise it states: Airlines may not sub-divide a "gate." A
137 Super80DFW : Can WN rebuild DAL to be somewhat like MDW with their Concourses? I bet WN will add flights to LAS, LAX, OAK, PHX, MDW, MCO, BWI, and ISP on the exact
138 Cjpark : I have no respect for any company that places its own needs above the will of the community. The competing airlines wanted to prevent Southwest from
139 ShannoninAMA : Really? Seems to me like the end result is gonna be many more convenient flights (All across the nation) from dallas. It also seems like the end resu
140 Super80DFW : WN wanted to stay at DAL because if they were forced to move to DFW, there fares would be higher and AA would put them out of business. With WN's low
141 TxAgKuwait : CJ, then you must have really hated Braniff, TI, American et al. Because here is the real deal......in forcing all air traffic over to DFW, they were
142 Super80DFW : I 100% agree with your post TxAg! You know what's going on! The last few posts from that guy have been pretty ignorant. On another topic, has BA brou
143 ShannoninAMA : Well..according to CommAAviAA, they wont. I respect those opinions, HOWEVER. Made me lose most respect for you. How the heck is saying "Hey, theres m
144 Super80DFW : Why won't WN add DAL-JAN or DAL-CRP?
145 TxAgKuwait : Dallas to Corpus is easy. Economics. You can offer better frequency if you run flights Corpus to Houston to Dallas......and get all the Dallas passeng
146 LoneStarMike : I disagree. I think WN is looking for more ways to use its gates more efficiently and squeeze in more turns per gate. I know I read recently that the
147 Super80DFW : Right now, DAL has 137 scheduled daily departures. With the excellent math arithmetic and equations posted above, WN will be able to add up to 58 dep
148 Cjpark : We all understand that you have some personal history with Southwest and that is fine. The communities voted to build the airport by voting the bonds
149 TxAgKuwait : I don't see how you can overlook one fact: the public votes with it's pocketbook and it's feet. Had Love Field service not been what they wanted, Sou
150 Super80DFW : Well, if the citizens of Fort Worth want to catch a quick flight, they fly out of DFW. If the want to fly cheap, they can drive to Love. Southwest Air
151 LAXdude1023 : First off, Southwest isnt any cheaper than AA on the markets they share. In the years I spent In Fort Worth, I never once flew out of DAL not only be
152 Commavia : Because it had nothing to do with gate space. It had to do with Southwest knowing that there would be no way for anyone to effectively compete with t
153 Cjpark : See or admit what? Are you seriously telling us that you think the people who flew on Southwest out of Love would not have flown Southwest out of DFW
154 Super80DFW : The citizen of Fort Worth, not Dallas. On another Topic: Could DFW see Virgin America?
155 Super80DFW : I noticed that UA no longer brings a 757 on DEN-DFW after March 1. Also, SFO-DFW is dropped to 1x A319 from 2x A319. I guess UA couldn't compete that
156 Ssides : Probably a response to people taking the WN one-hop through AMA. Anyone know how UA is doing on its DFW-LAX routes nowadays? I'm just curious to see
157 Commavia : It's funny you should mention DFW-LAX for United. Just recently, I was looking at the Star timetable - which is now finally compatible with Vista - a
158 Super80DFW : Today, we can say "WOW! United flies the same capacity on DFW-LAX as OKC-LAX (UA started a second daily CR7 on OKC-LAX TODAY!)!" I imagine that this i
159 Post contains images ShannoninAMA : I just posted this in another thread, but it definitely belongs in here as well. Any opinions?
160 Super80DFW : I'm ready for Lynx's to start service to LBB. Although, how long is that inflight? AMA-DEN in 55-60 minutes on a Jet.
161 Post contains images ShannoninAMA : It would be about a 90-100 minute flight. My only concern is wondering if F9 plans to use the Q400s on flights that long. Shan
162 Post contains images Super80DFW : I don't think F9 would fly it unless it had the Q400's. I doubt F9 would put a E175 on it because they could be used more efficently other places bes
163 Post contains images ShannoninAMA : Well, there goes LBB Ive thought about that as well, but was somewhat weary about the problem, of..well..FILLING THE PLANE LBBs metro is slightly lar
164 Post contains images Super80DFW : That was sort of a joke. I guess I should have put the sarcastic face behind it. I know that you live in AMA and all, but how do you know? Do you wor
165 Ssides : More people fly on Christmas Day than you'd imagine -- fares are generally less expensive and people want to avoid the rushes on other days. Obviousl
166 Post contains images ShannoninAMA : I wish.. Friend from work's husband is a FA..so every now and then she'll update me. Apparently the DEN-AMA flights are doing very well. Im just conc
167 Ssides : Hmmm ... it will be close. The reality is that it's hard to tell what will happen 7 years from now ... will WN's priorities have changed? Will the mo
168 Super80DFW : I hate to say it, but I don't think so. Unless it was still a continuation from DAL. I could see a 735 flying AMA-DEN 1x daily when the WR is finishe
169 LoneStarMike : But who's to say AMA's nonstops to DEN will be weaned from the DAL boot flight? Just because WN would be able to fly DAL-DEN nonstop in 2014, doesn't
170 TxAgKuwait : Exactly. You mentioned the MCI-TUL-HOU and the MCI-OKC-HOU. Look at the DAL-HOU-HRL, the DAL-HOU-MSY, the HRL-AUS-DAL, the HOU-MSY-MCO. This is the w
171 Super80DFW : I'm very surprised WN doesn't have at least one HOU-MCI nonstop. Those are two of WN's largest hubs. I could see WN starting another DAL-DEN one-stop
172 Post contains images ShannoninAMA : Good points. I figured that with WN's new expansion in cities such as PHL and DEN, they would be more concerned about their birds. I guess it all boi
173 TxAgKuwait : Shannon: what the heck do you mean? You've already got connections to the west via LAS, ABQ, and DEN. On a typical weekday you have the choice of a n
174 Super80DFW : It looks like she's flying AA, so she probably meant legacy carrier connections to the west. That is very understandable. Maybe she doesn't like to f
175 Ssides : I too am confused why you're not flying AMA-LAS nonstop, but I'm sure it has something to do with (a) price, (b) first-class upgrade, or (c) building
176 Post contains images ShannoninAMA : I meant legacy, as I rarely fly WN when i fly unless its much cheaper. Plus, i am an AAdvantageManiac. Thanks though, i never knew i could get to SEA
177 Super80DFW : I bet if US flew to AMA-LAS or AMA-PHX, Shannon would have looked into it. A perfect example of why they need to start it. It's to bad AA doesn't have
178 Super80DFW : Is there any chance AA's DFW-CDG could be upgraded to a 777 any time soon? What do the loads typically look like?
179 Ssides : US would get slaughtered by WN if they tried this. In terms of frequent flyer loyalty, they have virtually no base in AMA, LBB or MAF. Many people wo
180 Post contains links Ssides : I must stand corrected as I just noticed this thread: Looks Like AA Is Going 777 JFK-CDG Beginning 09/08 (by UAL747 Feb 16 2008 in Civil Aviation) Lo
181 Commavia : AA45/45 JFK-CDG is switching to a 777 next month. I definitely don't think it is out of the question at all for DFW-CDG 48/49 to perhaps be upgraded
182 Super80DFW : Understandable. I bet if the flight was overselling everyday, they would put a 777 on it. Why does RDU-LGW have a 777? Is that due to cargo?
183 Super80DFW : I would love to see that route! Although, I would love to see IB on it more. I think it would do well because there is quite a mexican population whe
184 Ssides : That flight is subsidized by GlaxoSmithKline, which has its US headquarters in the Raleigh-Durham area and its UK headquarters near LGW. GSK guarante
185 Super80DFW : Is there any subsidized flights out of DFW? If so, due they preform well with other travelers? Would a DFW-FCO in the summer work? I could see them us
186 Commavia : Ssides is probably right - it would most likely be AA operating, not IB, though IB isn't impossible. The route would do well, and given the upcoming
187 Super80DFW : I guess if there was any that were going Mexico-Spain, they could just fly through MIA. If AA started service, then it would make for some good connec
188 MAH4546 : They could absolutely make it work during between May and September, but they would never waste a 777 with F-class on a vacation route. The planes wo
189 Ssides : Thank you, Commavia, for backing me up on what is probably my biggest pet peeve about people on these boards. I can't count how many times I see the
190 Super80DFW : Will any of AA's DFW-RDU flights be upgraded to 757's anytime soon?
191 Post contains images ShannoninAMA : Im curious...Does AA fly to CUN out of DFW? I just found out Champion flew the route and wondered how they turned a profit on it (considering they are
192 Super80DFW : Oh yeah. I believe it is one of their biggest Mexican markets. They fly 4x daily with 2x 757 and 2x 738. I'm not even sure if Champion's flights are
193 Post contains links and images ShannoninAMA : I just lost any credibility i had on here. I FLEW AA to CUN via DFW a mere 2 years ago...i guess i am getting old My Vacation To Cancun (by Garri767
194 Post contains images Super80DFW : Were you on a 757 or was that a 738? If you forgot, I understand!
195 Post contains images ShannoninAMA : Its all coming back to me now it was a 757
196 Super80DFW : Will AA scale back on their service to LAW since DL is starting 2x ATL-LAW next month?
197 ShannoninAMA : Im somewhat weary on that. It really depends on how many passengers DL siphons from them (connecting pax of course). I guess we'll just have to wait
198 Super80DFW : The loads look pretty bad just by looking at the seat maps! This flight is subsidized though. The City Of Lawton received a grant to give to an airlin
199 Ssides : Doubtful. You might see 738s, but no 757s. Those will generally be saved for higher-density, longer-haul routes.
200 Ssides : I doubt two dailies to ATL will cause AA to scale back. I'd bet that 2/3 of the traffic on these routes is military traffic, much of which AA will ha
201 Ssides : Seat maps are rarely an indication of how a flight is performing. There are many sold yet unassigned seats on any given flight.
202 Super80DFW : It is too bad to see AA pulling the daily 777 on DFW-MIA. I would rather fly a 777 than a 757. Where is this aircraft going to be used. Possibly ORD-D
203 Ssides : Yeah, it is too bad, but unless there are positioning issues, it really doesn't make much sense to fly a 777 domestically, especially on a non-transc
205 Bartond : You are talking about scheduled flights, right? I arrived in to DEN the other morning and noticed a 744 in from SFO that was headed to ORD that aftern
206 Post contains images ShannoninAMA : So does anyone think that CO might add a few more flights to any N. Texas cities through IAH? Or is the whole CHQ/XJT thing getting in the way of new
207 MAH4546 : AMA - 35 LBB - 41 OKC - 284 OKC has non-stops to Newark on CO already. LBB and AMA will not be getting NYC service now or anytime soon on those numbe
208 Post contains images ShannoninAMA : OKC only has 6x AMA O&D to NYC...what are you talking about?? Thanks for that btw! Now heres a fun one, how about between AMA-LBB themselves...ill ha
209 Ssides : Speaking of, I believe that ASA or another Delta Connection carrier once offered service between AMA and LBB (I'm sure it was routed DFW-LBB-AMA-DFW
210 ShannoninAMA : It would really been a ripoff for most. Just 2 hours drive down I-20. What would that flight be? 25 minutes?
211 Post contains images AA 737-800 : The service was definitely DFW-AMA-LBB-DFW but only on a few of the flights per day that ASA made out to LBB, most of the others were non-stops to/fro
212 Post contains images ShannoninAMA : .....A road ive driven 50+ Times, and i forget the name. I think i deserve to be shunned from this thread
213 Ssides : I don't think that the CRJ ever flew the LBB-AMA route, but it's likely that the EMB-120s did. I wonder if DL even sold tickets for LBB-AMA?
214 Post contains images JayDavis : So Southwest placed its own needs above the will of the community? Is that what you are saying? You have got to be kidding me, aren't you? But truthf
215 Post contains images JayDavis : Why not DAL-SHV-JAN and then on into Florida somewhere? Same for the return flights.
216 Akizidy214 : I believe DFW-ROS on MQ gets a pretty good penny from the city of Roswell.
217 Cjpark : Jay your reply is just more of the tripe trotted out each time someone challenges Southwests actions at Love Field. I find it incredulus that the mos
218 TxAgKuwait : cj, you really ought to define "we." Other than employees of Braniff, and the back room politicos at Dallas' and Ft Worth's city halls....everyone I
219 JayDavis : TxAg, You'll never convince Cj that he is wrong, but a great deal of people in the Dallas/Fort Worth do it every day by continuing to support Southwes
220 LAXdude1023 : Well, DFW is hardly busting at the seams. It seems to handle the traffic it gets just fine and could easily handle more. That being said, I think the
221 SCCutler : Hindsight is always 20-20, but I believe you will find that Southwest's management believed that the airline had a much better chance of surviving an
222 Post contains images ShannoninAMA : Did he say that? No. He said that WN could not have the presence in Dallas that it currently has in DAL with that crappy available space in DFW. Aww.
223 TxAgKuwait : LOL, Jay, I am well aware that CJ is not going to change his mind. His visceral hatred of all things Southwest is well known....it's almost like a re
224 Goingboeing : Well...let's say that it depends. See...before Missouri was added to the list of WA states, my mom had to have emergency surgery...so my tickets were
225 LAXdude1023 : I would say it depends as well. As for you really expensive ticket, it depends on the rules of the ticket, how long before travel you bought the tick
226 Ssides : Actually, DFW was designed with the O&D passenger in mind -- it was built long before the arrival of the "fortress hub," and has a great layout for O
227 Super80DFW : It is amazing how one person can turn this thread into hate towards one of the best airlines in the world. Did people bitch when O'Hare opened and Mid
228 Cjpark : We? Well that is simple. Anyone who did not depend upon Southwest for income. We would include the elected governments of Dallas and Ft Worth, and th
229 TxAgKuwait : You say I can't. Wanna bet? The first mistake you make is in saying that nobody in Dallas or Fort Worth city hall wanted Southwest to fail. Let me su
230 Post contains images SCCutler : It is interesting how the law of unintended consequences plays out here... and for those who are dedicated advocates for DFW's largest and most influe
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