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Merger: What Will CO/UA Look Like?  
User currently offlineLAXdude1023 From India, joined Sep 2006, 8378 posts, RR: 25
Posted (8 years 1 month 2 weeks 4 days 10 hours ago) and read 19165 times:

Given that CO and UA will probably merge, what will this scenario look like?

Where will the HQ be?
What affects will it have on their hubs?
Will they be forced to give anything up?
What affect would it have on the employees?

I know these things have been talked about spiraticly throught different threads, but I didnt see one that adressed the specifics.

Your thoughts.

It is what it is...
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User currently offlineCLE757 From United States of America, joined Apr 2005, 1193 posts, RR: 0
Reply 1, posted (8 years 1 month 2 weeks 4 days 10 hours ago) and read 19177 times:

Here come the CLE is going to close posts.

Cleveland the best location in the Nation
User currently offlineEXAAUADL From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 2, posted (8 years 1 month 2 weeks 4 days 10 hours ago) and read 19138 times:

Quoting CLE757 (Reply 1):
Here come the CLE is going to close posts.

I actually dont think CLE would close given the restrictions and problems at ORD.I would much rather prefer to work at DL/NW than at UA/CO. If UA/CO is to work, all UA top mgmt will have to be fired and buyouts given to as many UA employees as possible. CO should then hire as many new hires as possible to replace the fired UA employess. This way the positive culture of CO can survive and not be infected by UA culture. UA is a place where literally nothing get s done and new ideas are frowned upon.

User currently offlineFalcon84 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 3, posted (8 years 1 month 2 weeks 4 days 10 hours ago) and read 19143 times:

Quoting CLE757 (Reply 1):
Here come the CLE is going to close posts.


We DO agree on that, man.

My take:

Name: United Airlines

Headquarters: Houston, Texas


Corporate Culture: CO, and the "Fly To Win" philosophy.

User currently offlineExFATboy From United States of America, joined Jul 2003, 2974 posts, RR: 9
Reply 4, posted (8 years 1 month 2 weeks 4 days 9 hours ago) and read 19047 times:

Well, hopefully it'll look like two separate airlines!

But if it happens, here's my take:

Name: probably United, much as I'd argue otherwise

Headquarters: Houston

Hubs: same as now, although I do think CLE could gradually get downgraded

Culture: CO's

Alliance: Star

What will they give up?: Possibly CLE. Probably CO's relationship with AS. Almost certainly, CO's relationships with Qantas and Hawaiian.

I don't think they'll actually face any major anti-trust hurdles, though.

User currently offlineHNL-Jack From United States of America, joined Mar 2001, 841 posts, RR: 0
Reply 5, posted (8 years 1 month 2 weeks 4 days 9 hours ago) and read 18964 times:

If this takes place I expect we'll see a much greater blended corporate entity than is apparently proposed in the DL/NW deal. This won't be a take over, but indeed a merger. There won't be massive firings of one side or the other. Yes, they'll be a reduction in work force, but to be one sided about it would only destroy the culture and the strengths that the combination will bring to the table. United has the stronger brand and Continental a recent history of successful management policies, but let us not forget it took two bankruptcies to get it where it is today. Tilton has made no secret about looking for a merger, however he will simply not roll over and walk away. Both UA and CO will be making concessions, much to the displeasure of many of their supporters, but in order for this to work, that is what's going to have to happen.

User currently offlineSlider From United States of America, joined Feb 2004, 7284 posts, RR: 35
Reply 6, posted (8 years 1 month 2 weeks 4 days 9 hours ago) and read 18930 times:

Quoting Falcon84 (Reply 3):
Corporate Culture: CO, and the "Fly To Win" philosophy

Quoting ExFATboy (Reply 5):
Culture: CO's

Yeah, just like flipping a switch. Sure.


User currently offlineFalcon84 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 7, posted (8 years 1 month 2 weeks 4 days 9 hours ago) and read 18901 times:

Quoting Slider (Reply 8):
Quoting ExFATboy (Reply 5):
Culture: CO's

Yeah, just like flipping a switch. Sure.


No one is saying it will be that easy. How long did it take CO's employees to be convinced that Bethune was more than "Buffoon", and what he and Brenneman brought to the table was a serious plan to turn the culture around-2 to 3 years. Same will have to take place with the UA people. A lot of the old timers there will probably take a retirement package instead of hanging around to find out, but it won't be easy, and it won't happen overnight, but I think it WILL happen, if the UA employees just give the system a chance. That's the key.

User currently offlineEXAAUADL From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 8, posted (8 years 1 month 2 weeks 4 days 9 hours ago) and read 18863 times:

Quoting Falcon84 (Reply 6):
If CO's old-liners could be convinced of it, so can UA's. It's a matter of leveling with employees in a way that UA's management never has. It will take time, but it will happen, I'm convinced.

they cannot...it took over 10 years to change CO culture plus a trip to BK twice..a merged UA/CO wont have the luxury of time to come up with a new culture.......people who have never been required to think "outside" the box cannot be made to do so quickly. CO is quite innovative with their scheduling. Something UA would never do.

User currently offlineFalcon84 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 9, posted (8 years 1 month 2 weeks 4 days 9 hours ago) and read 18830 times:

Quoting EXAAUADL (Reply 10):
they cannot...it took over 10 years to change CO culture plus a trip to BK twice

You're going back to 1983. From '93 to '94, the CEO chair was a revolving door of incompetents at CO. I'm talking about the time it took CO people to be convinced of what Bethune was doing until it really clicked-that was a span from around '94 to '97-three years. It took CO employees, really, that long, to fully buy into the new culture. That's what I'm referring to, not the Lorenzo days back in '83. Up until '94, it was the same losing culture being peddled. After '94, it was a winning culture being sold, and the CO employees bought into it, and the rest, as they say, is history.

User currently offlineSlider From United States of America, joined Feb 2004, 7284 posts, RR: 35
Reply 10, posted (8 years 1 month 2 weeks 4 days 9 hours ago) and read 18763 times:

Falcon- Organizational behavior and culture is a tricky thing. I too wouldn’t suggest it’s impossible, but this industry is rife with people who’ve had past lives at carrier XYZ or ABC Airlines and they still have vestigial loyalties, feelings and emotions. When you ram two massive carriers together like UA and CO, bad things will happen. Forget the union and labor piece of it, just from a corporate culture standpoint, they are almost incompatible.

There would be a group of UA folks I’m sure who would immediately gravitate to the CO culture, and thankfully so. But I’m not concerned about winning over the UA people as I am getting the CO people to embrace UA, especially on the front lines.

Remember the TORQUE campaign from DEN? People have LONG memories in this business. Given CO’s growth, as Larry has said at CEO Exchanges already that CO’s employee base is almost 25-30% new (in absolute terms) over the past 5 years alone…it’s difficult maintaining a positive culture much less then expanding it to an entire new body of people who are as familiar with CO and the culture as they are Martians. Heck, all the trust over the past 13 or so years, the management continuity, the communication, the (general) prosperity (or at least lack of abject misery like other carriers), and CO STILL has ornery thorny labor issues brewing and unhappy campers in some ranks.

I know nowhere will ever be perfect, but I think a UAL/CAL combination would be just disastrous in human terms if consummated. But that’s an aspect no one ever cares about in a merger it seems.

User currently offlinePanAm747 From United States of America, joined Feb 2004, 4242 posts, RR: 8
Reply 11, posted (8 years 1 month 2 weeks 4 days 9 hours ago) and read 18758 times:

I think CO will move to Star Alliance, and that will be the most immediate effect.

CO and UA would be smart to cooperate with one management, a la KLM and Air France, for the time being.

Hub-wise, nothing should close - there's almost no overlap, only an "overlay".

  • Both airlines' Pacific divisions will compliment each other nicely. Maybe a bit of re-timing, but that's going to be one heck of a trans-Pacific division!!

  • The combination of LAX and SFO will be re-created at IAD and EWR. Although close in proximity, both hubs work well and can work in tandem. Plus, this might give Star Alliance a nice boost in the NYC metro area.

  • Domestic hubs at DEN, ORD, IAH, and CLE will continue. All serve different purposes, and none will necessarily compete against each other.

    Fleet commonality - especially as it has been pointed out engine types - will be an issue that the mega-airline will have to deal with. But if the DL/NW fleet issue can be dealt with (YIKES!!), so can the different Boeings.

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    User currently offlineAT From United States of America, joined Jul 2000, 1190 posts, RR: 0
    Reply 12, posted (8 years 1 month 2 weeks 4 days 9 hours ago) and read 18684 times:

    Quoting EXAAUADL (Reply 10):
    CO is quite innovative with their scheduling.

    What does this mean?
    Do they schedule their flights in a different way from United or other airlines?
    (I'm just curious, not doubting what you are saying).

    User currently offlineLAXdude1023 From India, joined Sep 2006, 8378 posts, RR: 25
    Reply 13, posted (8 years 1 month 2 weeks 4 days 9 hours ago) and read 18641 times:

    Ill throw my crystal ball out there:

    HQ: Houston, TX

    In the topic of IAH, I think that IAH will recieve a cut in domestic capacity while recieving a boost in International capacity. I think IAH will be to Latin Ameica what SFO is to Asia.

    It is what it is...
    User currently offlineExFATboy From United States of America, joined Jul 2003, 2974 posts, RR: 9
    Reply 14, posted (8 years 1 month 2 weeks 4 days 9 hours ago) and read 18620 times:

    Quoting Slider (Reply 8):
    Yeah, just like flipping a switch. Sure.

    Oh, don't get me wrong, it would take a while. But I'd like to think that a lot of the UA employees would appreciate new senior management that actually wants to run an airline, not just sell it off and collect a pile of cash. And that, along with some selective purging, would eventually make a big difference.

    But it will take time.

    (And note "would" instead of "will", I'm still hoping it doesn't happen at all. But given the way UA's leadership wants to sell out, and that UA-AA wouldn't get past the regulators without drastic sell-offs, it's looking more and more likely.)

    User currently offlineIloveboeing From United States of America, joined Oct 2005, 806 posts, RR: 0
    Reply 15, posted (8 years 1 month 2 weeks 4 days 9 hours ago) and read 18577 times:

    Will they come out with a new livery? I hope they don't use the current UA paint scheme; I think it's kind of boring and bland (IMO the grey and blue was better). The CO livery is better and more professional looking, but it may be time for a change........

    User currently offlineEXAAUADL From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
    Reply 16, posted (8 years 1 month 2 weeks 4 days 9 hours ago) and read 18573 times:

    Quoting AT (Reply 18):

    they do a lot of innovative weekend scheduling and midweek scheduling. SA)">DL does too much less extensively. They have different banks on SA and SU than they do for the week. They also do quite a few midweek cancellations.

    User currently offlineFriendlySkies From United States of America, joined Aug 2004, 4139 posts, RR: 5
    Reply 17, posted (8 years 1 month 2 weeks 4 days 8 hours ago) and read 18505 times:

    Quoting EXAAUADL (Reply 16):
    they dont call UAL the people republic for nothing

    Every United employee I've met loves UNITED, they hate the way management is destroying THEIR airline. They can adapt, it won't be easy, but it can be done.

    Like you said in your first post, nothing gets done and new ideas are frowned upon. That is a poor CORPORATE culture, that new management can fix. The front line employees do have ideas and want to get things done, but the current management structure at UA prohibits it. Firing the employees won't fix that, fixing the management will.

    User currently offlineEA CO AS From United States of America, joined Nov 2001, 15371 posts, RR: 60
    Reply 18, posted (8 years 1 month 2 weeks 4 days 8 hours ago) and read 18464 times:
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    Quoting Falcon84 (Reply 3):
    My take:

    Name: United Airlines

    Headquarters: Houston, Texas


    Corporate Culture: CO, and the "Fly To Win" philosophy.

    Day one - all UA domestic ops are folded into CO, taking the CO name.

    UA retains its own identity on UA-operated international routes.

    CO retains its own identity on all CO-operated routes (domestic and international) and absorbed UA domestic routes.

    UA international routes are slowly integrated into the CO network under the CO name over the next two years.

    End result (2 years later):

    Name: Continental Airlines

    Headquarters: Houston, Texas


    Corporate Culture: CO, and the "Fly To Win" philosophy

    "In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem - government IS the problem." - Ronald Reagan
    User currently offlineDrerx7 From United States of America, joined Jun 2000, 5417 posts, RR: 8
    Reply 19, posted (8 years 1 month 2 weeks 4 days 8 hours ago) and read 18352 times:

    Quoting EA CO AS (Reply 23):

    Thats my favorite scenario

    Third Coast born, means I'm Texas raised
    User currently offlineCOalways From United States of America, joined Feb 2008, 390 posts, RR: 0
    Reply 20, posted (8 years 1 month 2 weeks 4 days 8 hours ago) and read 18352 times:

    I just hope they keep the CO name as it is Worldly recoongnized for the outstanding service and people compared to the other US Legacy Carrier. With there Global Network they dont call them Continental 4 nothing

    User currently offlineVS11 From United States of America, joined Jul 2001, 1234 posts, RR: 0
    Reply 21, posted (8 years 1 month 2 weeks 4 days 8 hours ago) and read 18550 times:

    What if they call it United Continental Airlines?

    User currently offlineEA CO AS From United States of America, joined Nov 2001, 15371 posts, RR: 60
    Reply 22, posted (8 years 1 month 2 weeks 4 days 8 hours ago) and read 18501 times:
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    Quoting Drerx7 (Reply 24):
    Quoting EA CO AS (Reply 23):

    Thats my favorite scenario

    And I post it because it's the one I've been hearing from industry insiders for some time now. Their take on it was the same as mine - surprise, as the conventional wisdom was that the UA brand would be the surviving one.

    Apparently that is not the case, and the while it will be retained for the international operations until slowly folded into CO, the UA brand will cease to exist in the merged company.

    "In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem - government IS the problem." - Ronald Reagan
    User currently offlineCageyjames From United States of America, joined Nov 2006, 735 posts, RR: 0
    Reply 23, posted (8 years 1 month 2 weeks 4 days 8 hours ago) and read 18451 times:

    Personally I think the United brand is stronger globally, but I'm a poor judge of such things.

    What is nice unlike the HP/US merger, both brands are generally well thought of and either will work.

    User currently offlineDualQual From United States of America, joined Mar 2006, 1043 posts, RR: 1
    Reply 24, posted (8 years 1 month 2 weeks 4 days 8 hours ago) and read 18383 times:

    Quoting VS11 (Reply 26):

    The top 3 floated right now (in no particular order)

    A) ConU
    B) Uncontented
    C) Ted and Al's Flying Circus

    There's no known cure for stupid
    25 MadameConcorde : As a frequent user of their flights worldwide I will also say that United is much stronger than CO internationally. Also I don't see why United would
    26 Iloveboeing : And will they PLEASE get rid of Ted???????? It needs to be one airline and one brand. They do with Ted what DL did with Song: fold it back in and appl
    27 FriendlySkies : Exactly. UA has more cash and equity, and they also have LH. Just because CO's mgt will likely be the new airline's management doesn't mean UA will j
    28 Commavia : While I of course have no idea whether or not a Continental-United merger proposal will ever come to pass, let along whether or not it will actually g
    29 United1 : There are tons of flights that UA flies on the weekdays that it doesn't fly on the weekend, just as there are tons of flights to leisure destinations
    30 United1 : Exactly and thats the only scenario that makes sense.
    31 B757capt : I'm a little surprised at how everyone has said Houston for the offices? anyone care to explain with a little more detail.
    32 Surfrider1978 : I disagree, here what I see: Name: Continental Airlines Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois Hubs: ORD,IAH,LAX,DEN Focus Cities: CLE, SFO, IAD
    33 Cageyjames : I'm sorry, but no way LAX over SFO. UA is adding international flights to SFO and dominates the airport.
    34 Surfrider1978 : Are you kidding me? CO operates more flights from LAX than SFO. Combine that with UA's already strong network from LAX and you have way more than SFO
    35 Cageyjames : Huh? You are telling me that LAX is bigger than SFO for the combined carrier? Show me.
    36 GlobalDude : Continental at SFO and LAX are both similar and small. SFO as a hub...LAX as a smaller hub, important O&D city.
    37 LAXdude1023 : I agree. SFO will be the West Coast international hub. If anything LAX might be downsized.
    38 CODC10 : EWR, anyone? CO is the largest carrier in the New York market, will remain so for the foreseeable future, and to completely retreat from that incredi
    39 EWRCabincrew : Do you mean now? Neither city for us is a hub. LAX was. CO has 138 weekly flights to IAH, CLE, EWR and HNL. SFO has 128 weekly flights to IAH, CLE an
    40 Cageyjames : Well put, it isn't that LAX isn't important, just that SFO has better facilities, the maintenance hub and the simple fact that UA pretty much control
    41 Cageyjames : It was the CO HQ for some time before the whole Frank Lorenzo nightmare wasn't it?
    42 StarGoldLHR : Star Alliance will have a LHR - NYC route once more !!!
    43 EWRCabincrew : Yes, it was CO's HQ before TI entered the picture. LAX was a flight attendant and pilot base for ages.
    44 GlobalDude : yesEWRcabincrew BG, i mean now. LAX has not been big for CAL in over 20years (and by todays standards never was). The silly crew base that closed afte
    45 United1 : Well here's my take on it... Name: United Airlines Headquarters: UAL Corp based in Chicago, United Airlines based in Houston (Tilton probably stays on
    46 GlobalDude : I think that may be about as close as I have seen....
    47 STT757 : I'll throw my hat into the discussion: 1.) CO management 2.) Main hubs EWR, DEN, IAH, ORD, SFO 3.) Focus City/International Gateways IAD, LAX, CLE 5.)
    48 Yamatthey : From my point of view, the name will be United Airlines. Both Continental Airlines and United Airlines have positive and negative points. CO doesn’t
    49 EXAAUADL : here is the problem with making IAD a focus city......IAD can support a HUB.....thus if UA makes it a focus city, arent they then opening up a opport
    50 LAXdude1023 : That actually makes alot of sense to me. I hadnt thought of it that way, but this whole time, I just couldnt see Houston or Chicago being abandoned c
    51 Cageyjames : Or you play Houston and Chicago off each other in the hopes that both cities will give way to much to keep the white collars .
    52 LGAtoIND : The biggest joke on these boards is that people are assuming that everyone in the public eqautes UA with bad management and CO with a well run, custom
    53 Post contains links IliriBDL : Seems like CO is ready for COnsolidation. http://www.co-industryconsolidation.com/
    54 MasseyBrown : I'd put DEN on a short leash: if it isn't profitable in a year, it shrinks.
    55 United1 : Exactly That may be the eventual result 10-15 years down the road, but at least initially they are better off not demanding things from either city a
    56 EXAAUADL : if UA/CO is to be successful, you have to get rid of UA mgmt. UA has been a horribly run airline since 2000.
    57 Cageyjames : UA has invested much in DEN so I can't see that happening. With F9 having issues, the time is to expand DEN while they can, otherwise they run the ri
    58 AAH732UAL : It will be United Airlines under the management of COA people. United will be the airline that survives while COA does the takeover. Since COA will be
    59 Iloveboeing : AMEN!!!!!!!! UA needs management that is dedicated to improving the quality of service to ALL customers, not just those up front. The CO team is doin
    60 AAH732UAL : There is rumors that DEN my get a T7 pilot base if they get another flight :O for UAL that is
    61 United1 : No UAL has not been horribly run, what exists is the perception that UALs management sucks and runs the airline poorly. UAL is actually very very wel
    62 Cageyjames : Give enough compensation and anyone will walk away.
    63 STT757 : CO serves more destinations in Asia than UAL, and I would not call nonstop service from EWR to Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai, Mumbai, and Delhi
    64 AAH732UAL : UAL has done it before.
    65 FriendlySkies : But UA serves more KEY destinations in much greater numbers from more places.
    66 Falcon84 : The "upgrade", if you will, will come with the introduction of the 787 into the fleet. That's the planned rollout for the new BF seats. It will not h
    67 Avek00 : I disagree here. I fully expect a merged United's management to be headquartered near its largest operation, with Houston serving as the Operational
    68 EXAAUADL : UAL has been horrible run cuz top mgmt has focused not on improving the airline but on selling it, or merging with another carrier.....they have been
    69 Falcon84 : What does that mean? CO serves, NRT, PEK, DEL, BOM, HKG, soon PVD. (Did I forget any?). Those are all key centers in Asia! I'm just curious.
    70 UAL777UK : I just don't get some peoples though that IAD would be dehubbed if this deal went through. Madness IMHO if that were to happen.
    71 Cageyjames : Some might say consolidation is what this industry needs. *shrug*
    72 United1 : While that is true and they have, I still don't think that the entire UAL management team will simply walk away or for that matter needs to go away.
    73 United1 : Based on what is going on now all that tells me is that UA was about 8 years ahead of its time.
    74 FriendlySkies : I'm not going to argue with you on this. If you don't think UA is by far a larger carrier from US to Asia (Guam does not represent the US market), th
    75 United1 : I don;t think that it would be de-hubed I think that it would be redesigned into more of an O&D station much like LAX is now. It will still have hund
    76 Halls120 : I feel bad for those folks. Sorry, Texas, but Houston is a s**(hole. Yes, combining organizations can be difficult. It can work, however. It worked w
    77 EWRCabincrew : Also going to add my "how do you figure this?". We are a formidable player from our EWR. IAH and GUM hubs to Asia. HNL as a past player (NRT/NGO). In
    78 Commavia : Why? Besides the fact that some of the United folks in Chicago and Elk Grove might have to make the pilgrimage south, which in and of itself is incon
    79 Surfrider1978 : As a former UA employee I firmly disagree The sooner the better ! Amen to you. UA management is and has been nothing more than a lackluster group of
    80 AAH732UAL : How do you guys figure? It is one of the only things making money for UAL right now.
    81 Ordpark : EXAAUADL...you are making my head hurt! I'm not sure how you became an expert on the culture at UA, but I've been here for 34 years and I work with a
    82 STT757 : Actually the opposite is true, Management if based in Houston would bring home more money without even getting a raise thanks to the lack of a State
    83 Surfrider1978 : If management knew what they were doing, the overall customer service of UA would be much more superior to what it is now. Service on UA is by far the
    84 Post contains links Halls120 : You're kidding, right? While Chicago isn't perfect, why do you think so many movies are set in nice Chicago suburbs? My mother is a former east Texan
    85 Surfrider1978 : That in itself is really sad. Enough said.
    86 Socalfive : It CAN and it WILL if Kellner remains focused on the importance of that culture, otherwise they'll be years integrating the two companies. The averag
    87 Ordramper98 : As several other people on here have mentioned, all UA employees are not negative. Many of us go to work and try to do a good job for the passengers.
    88 Surfrider1978 : UA to the general public=" Poor Poor Service and an unpleasant experience". CO= "Great Airline, would love to fly them again"- Keep the CO branding
    89 Iloveboeing : Agreed. UA's service is definitely not up to par with the international carriers. I've flown them to China and back twice. Not having PTVs with AVOD
    90 Ordramper98 : HEY ORDPARK, You beat me to it. Just curious how he/she feels they know so much about our culture
    91 AAH732UAL : COA= 2 shame bankruptcies UAL= many aviation technical breakthroughs and an airline that has been around since 1926 w/ a very good standing w/ many c
    92 United1 : I know just as many people who believe the exact opposite its all based on your own individual viewpoint.
    93 Socalfive : I AGREE and wish they would but I don't think that's how it's going to turn out. UA although crap now has been around far longer than Continental and
    94 Cageyjames : If Ted goes, there will have to be major restucturing in DEN. Believe me I'm no fan of Ted, but there are things that would need to be worked about be
    95 United1 : Any credibility you just had just got flushed.
    96 Cageyjames : For right or wrong I can't get beyond what Lorenzo did with EA/CO back in the 80's. Every time I look at OnePass I just get chills. I'd rather just l
    97 EWRCabincrew : 4? How about 2. 1983 and 1990. CO, too.
    98 LAXdude1023 : Hey dude, pick your poison. While Ill admit Houston is a sauna in the summer time and its very difficult to handle if youre not used to it. Chicago i
    99 AAH732UAL : U think UAL is a that. Wow you are far removed. UAL is still one great airline. COA could only strive and dream for what UAL has done since 1926
    100 Aisak : I'm just surprised no-one has mentioned a missing item. So Continental and United merge to create Continited and everybody thinks (myself included) th
    101 IronDuke08 : IF this merger happens, AND CO, (my favorite airline when someone else is paying for my FC ticket) becomes UA, all I can do is hope that Air Mike keep
    102 C010T3 : If there is so much disagreement on the headquarters, why not move it to somewhere else? It would be expensive, but what the heck... The merged carrie
    103 Commavia : Because there wouldn't be such disagreement, it wouldn't be an issue, and, you answered your own question: Neither of which do anything for either ca
    104 Post contains links JEdward : I'll admit to being somewhat of a CO booster on another internet forum but I think people are allowing their personal feelings to interfere with logi
    105 EWRCabincrew : You need to move on. If not, bring up that negative energy to Lorenzo, himself (he flies us still, you never know when you get the chance to see him
    106 AAH732UAL : right on!!!!!!
    107 Bernsa : Absolutely COPA and Air Mike come to the table. And why wouldn't they - they're bonefide successfully operating assets. COPA is only an affiliate pro
    108 United1 : Air Mike is a wholly owned subsidiary of CO so in any merger (putting aside a divestiture or spin off) it would stay with CO/UA. Copa (and AeroRepubl
    109 Cageyjames : I think I've earned the right to be small and petty from time to time.
    110 Halls120 : I don't hate Texas. I dislike Houston and East Texas generally. The Texas hill country is, by example a very nice part of the State. When it's cold,
    111 Commavia : Except in Texas, where lots of people have a pool, in which case you can just jump on in!
    112 CJAContinental : Spending my summers in Houston when my dad worked there were some of the best times I've ever had. I really love Houston, there's a lot going for it.
    113 NYC2theworld : Why not keep the parent company called UAL corp that owns an airline called Continental? or v.v.? From what I can tell, UA and AA are the only airline
    114 CJAContinental : Either way, I certainly hope there remain two different brands, and CO operates the same way it has done in recent years.
    115 Socalfive : Was, Did, & currently, ISN'T.
    116 Halls120 : But at some point, you have to get out of the pool. And start sweating......
    117 LAXdude1023 : Yeah, you bet! Since I grew up in Los Angeles, I just cant deal with the cold.
    118 FriendlySkies : It's all relative. I grew up near Chicago and now go to school in ATL. I'll take 10 below any day over 100% humidity on a 95 deg summer afternoon.
    119 UnitedTristar : Completely Agree! I couldnt have said it better! Widely accepted by who? CO people? Its also been widely accepted that Tilton will be Chairman of the
    120 Joeman : Generally the consensus has been to keep hubs spread apart and EWR and IAD are VERY close.
    121 RJFlyer0891 : It's amazing that so many of these threads can have 100+ replies of pure speculation. And who ever said anything about merger? If everyone wants to he
    122 United1 : Normally yes, however NY and DC have large enough metropolitan populations that they can support two hubs in that region without cannibalizing traffi
    123 Iloveboeing : Yes, but IAD is one of the airports that serves our nation's capital. It is important to maintain a hub there, so they can get government traffic to
    124 Commavia : Says who?
    125 Halls120 : I'll ask the question once more. Why abandon an airport (IAD) as a hub that has significant room for growth in favor of one that has no room for grow
    126 Falcon84 : Who's arguing? You made a statement, and I'm trying to understand it. I'm not saying UA isn't bigger, but you make it sound like CO doesn't have dece
    127 FriendlySkies : Why abandon either? Honestly, they'd be stupid to leave either market in any quantity.
    128 United1 : While anything is possible, the only place that I have seen that "rumor" is on airliners.net. On the other hand UA/CO has been widely reported as a r
    129 ShannoninAMA : ↓↓↓ Great job on most of that post. But I'm not going to jump necessarily that far (EWR being most important hands down). IAH is HUUGE for CO.
    130 Flighty : As can LAX and SFO.
    131 COalways :
    132 RJFlyer0891 : I'd certainly trust various co-workers that are more intimate with the situation than the teenagers and grumpy old men on a.net. And since when has t
    133 United1 : UA has never broken Ted out in its financials so unless someone is using insider information (naughty naughty) no one knows whether Ted makes money o
    134 Halls120 : I agree. But the fact is, EWR has no room for growth. IAD does. I wouldn't abandon either hub. I'm just responding to all the suggestions that IAD be
    135 Cageyjames : Ah so the color of the airplane decides how much profit the airline makes. Seriously though, I'm pretty sure CO (if they end up running the airline)
    136 EWRCabincrew : It'll take time. Some growing pains. The norm with regards to bringing two companies together. It is expected. The end result is a stronger, more coh
    137 Joeman : That's a very good point and I think abandoning or reducing IAD would be stupid. However, the a.netter opinion generally has always been that despite
    138 St530 : No. You go straight to your air-conditioned home or apartment, and when you need to leave again, take your air-conditioned car to an air-conditioned
    139 United1 : I wouldn't trust them as those "various co-workers who are more intimate with the situation" would probably know enough to keep there mouths shut for
    140 FriendlySkies : United made $403 million in 2007. Continental made $542 million in 2007. So CO had slightly better earnings, how do you translate that into UA making
    141 UAL777 : I have always received FAR better treatment on UA than on CO. Other people can say the opposite, its all opinion. United P.S. makes money, their inte
    142 ShannoninAMA : Also to this - I am not saying that either. I was basing it off of the prejudice going on here that everything CO does is right, and everything UA do
    143 Post contains images GlobalDude : ....but Continental is a small, almost unheard of airline. How did that happen?   [Edited 2008-04-15 16:38:04]
    144 FriendlySkies : Fair enough. Ted will go away if the new management team thinks it isn't worthwhile to keep it. Obviously thus far UA has, so I feel that it must be
    145 United1 : This really is a great paring when you step back and look at it whether its United or Continental or Conunitinentalted if it happens its going to be
    146 ShannoninAMA : . Considering most airlines aren't doing too hot lately, I'd say anything making a profit is definitely worth keeping. I doubt the situation posted e
    147 United1 : Fair enough, sorry, I just went back and re-read your post and I sincerely thought that you ment what you typed literally not as what you have now ex
    148 Cageyjames : OK, but management could make "the CO way" work if the name on the side of the aircraft was UA, no? The issue is which management team do you want ru
    149 B707forever : My 2 cents Airline Name: United (I'd prefer it Continental but the BiG Boy wins) HQ: Houston (much cheaper than Chicago, no state Taxes for employees)
    150 Surfrider1978 : That made me laugh. CO is a far superior airline as far as customer service and reputation goes. Definately CO! Better livery too. For boasting a lar
    151 AAH732UAL : That maybe, BUT see my name? Means I love UAL and I will always defend it. So have ur option and I will have mine
    152 Post contains images FriendlySkies : I'm not so sure. Of course I'm biased, but I honestly believe more people would recognize this if randomly asked: than this: Not to mention the whole
    153 777fan : And you base this on what? If anything, the argument could be made that the entire A319/20 component could be converted into a larger Ted-like subfle
    154 ShannoninAMA : No problem at all. I should have thrown that explanation in there when I posted at the start of things anyway. I'll drink to that. Just have to remem
    155 ShannoninAMA : Very true. However, you could also say that EWR is a fully developed, profitable hub. IAD would take a while to develop and would also risk failure.
    156 GlobalDude : There may not be a lot of growth at EWR in terms of take-off and landings...but larger planes can add seats, It is NYC...EWR will play a HUGE role in
    157 Ualcsr : Since it seems we've covered most of the more relevant areas of what we'd speculate the airline would look like, here are a few more trivial ones we h
    158 STT757 : Exactly, CO will continue to grow EWR's travelers by utilize larger aircraft. The replacement of 37 and 50 seat ERJs with 74 seat Q-400s is part of t
    159 ShannoninAMA : President's Club, but reskinned with the RCC name. I'm betting if the UA name stays, the UA uniforms stay. They might be spruced up a bit, but I doub
    160 United1 : Ionosphere maybee
    161 United1 : Suposedly UA is replacing the F/A uniforms anyway...
    162 GlobalDude : The uniforms from both airlines need to be scrapped. Blah! All new unifrms that are not so dumpy. Michael Kors or even Donna Karan please help!
    163 FriendlySkies : I actually enjoy reading Hemispheres, though I've never read CO's magazine. I do know that Hemispheres has won many awards though, but I'm sure they
    164 777fan : Anything would be an improvement over the RCC. Goodness, save for NRT and maybe SFO, most are not worth a diversion and generally speaking (IMO), it'
    165 Tommy767 : All the users who are saying that the 'Continental' name should be used over 'United' for the merger process needs to get off their high horses. While
    166 Iloveboeing : I hope they do! It would allow them command a slight revenue premium. On ALL flights, they should at least have a little bag of pretzels with your dr
    167 FriendlySkies : Regardless of the name, which none of us will ever agree on, this combination is a match made in heaven.
    168 Mptpa : I agree with the above, except for Name: Continental or how about UniCon!! Livery: It will definitely be a new one; but with a similar color tone as
    169 Drerx7 : Which would be HOUSTON. IAH as a CO hub has more ops than the UA ORD hub. I'm a current Texan, and love Houston - contrary to what your momma thinks
    170 Antoniemey : Wow... it tool over 100 replies for this to get suggested. I find that offensive, as I happen to be between 20 and 35 and the only one of those that
    171 Abrelosojos : = Unfortunately of late, United service has just sucked ass. After being a 1K for over 5 years in a row, I am rethinking ov switching to DL. If UAL w
    172 Surfrider1978 : Uhhh no! Like what, severe operations delays in the winter? Another reason the UA branding would have to go. They don't really give a sh*t about thei
    173 CALPSAFltSkeds : Name: Continental United Airlines (probably drop United in future) Code(s): CO and UA, phase out of UA in future Hubs: All of combined carrier, with p
    174 LAXdude1023 : I really dont get why it has to be all or nothing. Why not find away to split the Operations and the HQ (one in Chicago, the other in Houston)? Heres
    175 Travelin man : Except in the West, the name "Continental" means very little, since CO is almost non-existent in the West outside of the flights to IAH, EWR, or CLE.
    176 WESTERN737800 : This is exactly what they should call it. It would only help with marketing in foregin countries. Both airlines have too much history to name it anyt
    177 777gk : I could spin it another way... CO is a much stronger brand name in Europe and Latin America. Even in the Eastern U.S. the Continental name is way more
    178 Drerx7 : This would not be bad of course. I like the idea of UAL corp HQ Chicago and UAL airline HQ Houston.
    179 Antoniemey : "Contented Airlines/Airways" anyone? In all seriousness... combining the two names really seems like the best option to me.
    180 Ualcsr : How about Christian Siriano? Now that would be one fierce airline!
    181 Falcon84 : And we make MONEY doing that. We don't fly aircraft with too many seats for the market, just because it's a big plane. The 738's, 73G's and the 757's
    182 CO767FA : Remind me...how long was the UA BK? How large a BK? What is the basis for your statement "...a very good standing w/ many countries"? Does this mean
    183 Tommy767 : I'm sure plenty of CO domestic routes could sustain larger planes and pax would flock to fill the seats up. EWR/IAH-LAX for instance. CO just doesn't
    184 Falcon84 : Reading that quote made me laugh my butt off! UA had one of the most convoluted bankruptcies of all time, and he's complaining about CO's? And if CO
    185 Falcon84 : Then it's called "making good use of what you have", not something to be looked down on, as you implied. Again, you use what makes money, not what lo
    186 LAXdude1023 : His/her statement makes no sense and seems to be a knee jerk reaction to some of the bashing thats gone on here. For someone to defend UA by saying C
    187 Sldispatcher : Question: What new routes might open up to hubs that from spokes that feature one airline but not the other? Would the mid-south finally see routes to
    188 HNL-Jack : I fly to Japan, Hong Kong and mainland China frequently. I have flown in the last 18 months UA, AA, CO, ANA, JAL, NW, SQ and CX to. from or within th
    189 Lufthansa : You guys have all completley lost the plot here. This whole thing has turned into a giant GM vs Ford debate, and I'm only hearing loyalists... i might
    190 CODC10 : Thus diluting yield. Yes, it is true that with 86% consolidated load factors on a regular basis, there is probably more demand than capacity in a num
    191 EssentialPowr : ? It illustrates total confusion.
    192 DocLightning : Would anyone like to propose a new hybrid livery?
    193 United1 : Yup... take the basic CO livery and replace the grey bottom with UA Blue. Tail stays the CO globe with the UA tulip (the red and blue one) centered i
    194 C010T3 : This story about CO being a stronger brand name in Latin America is a myth. The Caribbean doesn't count, because it's pretty much all about US-Americ
    195 Tommy767 : It's funny because none of my comments focused on the "sexyness" or "testosterone" or anything having to do with the false sexual physicality of big
    196 CODC10 : Complicated, yes. Total confusion, not so much. My logic may be a little cloudy but if you try to follow it, it does make some sense, perhaps more so
    197 Daron4000 : Wow this is genious and I really think that the outcome will be similar to this. To add to this, I believe that Rhapsody in Blue will be a big part o
    198 CODC10 : No, no, no. I was thinking along the lines of Gordon Bethune's comment years ago, "nobody ever lost money flying too small an airplane." It would be
    199 United1 : Thank you and I agree that Rhapsody will probably be part of the branding....Rhapsody is definately part of the UA culture even the business plan is
    200 UA772IAD : Dulles will remain a hub. The Baltimore-Washington area is an enormous market, and one of fastest growing regions in the country. It is also United's
    201 United1 : Actually you can loose money by flying to small of an airplane on a route, its a balancing act between providing enough capacity on a route to preven
    202 Klwright69 : These merger threads are always interesting and entertaining, although they can get a little repetitive. Of course it gets into the usual my carrier i
    203 UA772IAD : With the exception of Canada, Mexico and the Carribbean, UA doesn't operate narrbowodies on international flights. I believe its more or less " readi
    204 United1 : Exactly, 90% of the routes that UA flies are trunk routes and can support daily widebody service. It will be interesting to see how that strategy and
    205 Falcon84 : I'd have to disagree with that. CO is #2 behind AA, not UA, to Latin America. CO's service out of IAH and EWR is massive and it has made them a very
    207 STT757 : Flying Widebodies domestically just doesn't make sense anymore, ask DL. CO's 757-300s haul more passengers than their 767-200s, at a far lower CASM.
    208 STT757 : During the slower months yes, flying several daily 737-800s on trans-Cons from EWR is the right choice, remember that CO's Mid-cabin lav 737-800s hav
    209 Halls120 : Are you saying IAD isn't already profitable? I don't see how that could be, given how UA has actually increased it's footprint there in the past 5 ye
    210 ShannoninAMA : Nope...just saying: Its not a guaranteed profitable venture if they add more flights. Its always a risk. If they try to beef up IAD to the likes of E
    211 C010T3 : No, the numbers lie. UA had a larger presence in South America for a very long time. Their Miami hub gave them a major projection, while Continental
    212 Yamatthey : Sorry, but if you think a.netters are teenagers and grumpy old men, just go away! Nobody retain you here Totally disagree with you. United name and b
    213 Gigneil : This management saved their airline. God, mergers are supposed to be about synergy. That would cost money. Lol, what? Really? Did you say that? SFO i
    214 Falcon84 : You're comparing aircraft that CO got rid of going on 15 years ago to newer UA aircraft? ROTFL! What kind of comparison is THAT? CO flies 777's, 767'
    215 Falcon84 : Why not? If putting 6-7 767's or 777's a day in the market, and having empty seats is the correct way, by your logic, it wouldn't make money. CO runs
    216 C010T3 : But CO hasn't built a similar presence in South America yet, so history is what's been counting here. You have projection over time, build your image
    217 Halls120 : I'm not saying the combined airline should ditch EWR. I'm saying it would be ludicrous to downgrade IAD in favor of keeping EWR the sole east coast h
    218 USAirALB : i wonder if they will keep serving meals...
    219 HAMAD : nothing against you, but could you give us reasons or examples for your statement? having a status with united and traveling maybe once or twice on c
    220 Falcon84 : What? Santiago Buenos Aires Rio de Janiero Sao Paulo Bogota Lima Guayaquil Quito Cali Caracas Bonaire Port of Spain Curacao And all that in a relativ
    221 LAXdude1023 : Youve gotta be joking. CO's Latin American network is larger than UA's ever was. IAH is the largest hub to Latin American after MIA.
    222 DC8FanJet : 220 entries in this thread, and no one has mentioned the Lufthansa factor. UA will be the "surviving" carrier simply because they have more money, and
    223 United1 : Said DL employee might remind you that they still have 21 763s that are used domestically. What happens when you need to move 260...Put two 737s on t
    224 Falcon84 : Right now, CO is highter in both, I'd wager to bet. CO is a huge player in Latin America, and is very well-known. In both cases, CO wins out.
    225 Yamatthey : I do not compare, I just report what the people think and mean in Europe about Continental and United. My company conducted a marketing research acro
    226 Surfrider1978 : I could not agree with this post more. A sensitive issue to bring up, but the UA name also carries alot of baggage and emotion with it (9/11). SO may
    227 Yamatthey : Totally agree with you. DL/NW => AF/KL UA => LH AA => BA CO => ... nobody (for now).
    228 Yamatthey : Agree with you for domestic market, not really for international market.
    229 CODC10 : Are you serious? Perhaps if Latin America were comprised entirely of Brazil. Even there, UA only has one more flight than CO (763 service IAD-GIG), w
    230 United1 : Well guys instead of arguing over who's name is more well known on Europe or Latin America maybe we need to see some links on this thread. There have
    231 Yamatthey : Continental is NOW a very good company, well appreciate by his passengers, but not from enough time to have a well established name and a strong repu
    232 CODC10 : That is absolutely fine, and I happen to agree with you. Just don't try to substantiate your claims with bogus 'market research' data. Continental ha
    233 RJdxer : Heck there are still old TI people in CO that think the worst thing TI ever did was buy CO. But on the flip side, resistance is futile, you will be a
    234 EWRCabincrew : As they enjoy working here. I just wait and ride the wave. I can't do anything else. In the meantime, I do what I do best, right along with my co-wor
    235 LAXdude1023 : I totally agree. CO and UA would be great! Either way, I would love to see CO join Star. That would probably give IAH-DME-SIN a big boost as well sin
    236 CO777ER : Dear Merged CO/UA: Please put a 752 on the IAH-SNA route. Sincerely, CO777ER
    237 C010T3 : You're correct. Don't get me wrong, people, I like CO, but UA has a broader brand awareness and recognition than CO in South America. There's no way
    238 Falcon84 : Those days are gone, and CO is now the bigger boy on the block in Latin America. CO has high recognition in South America, and has grown dramatically
    239 Post contains links United1 : As was reported on the other thread CO signed a confidentiality agreement today with another carrier. Step one in checking each others finances and mo
    240 UnitedTristar : Thats HUGE! I would say that we should hear something by the end of the month then! -m
    241 STT757 : If anything were to happen it will be sooner rather than later, as pointed out in the Chronicle piece CO/UAL would want to be presented for approval
    242 C010T3 : But not the memories of UA.
    243 United1 : USB Bank agrees with you, they also believe that there will not be near as many leaks coming out of UA/CO headquarters as there were with DL/NW. In o
    244 Klwright69 : Well said, about the whole name issue being overemphasized and "emotional." You cited an excellent example. But I beg to differ that CO is not as wel
    245 C010T3 : Have you conducted surveys on this matter?
    246 MasseyBrown : Will DEN continue to break even as WN kills yields in more prime markets? Neither CO nor UA has a CASM that will allow them to earn a decent return o
    247 777gk : You seem to be strangely hung up on this. I'll admit, I'm a pretty sentimental guy too. I miss the days of the three-man cockpit crew, cute young ste
    248 Gigneil : Dear CO777ER, No. You can have a 737-900ER. That 757 is better used to its capacity. NS
    249 Yamatthey : CO have 3 flights to Scandinavia (CPH, OSL, ARN), but United advertise a lot for flight through FRA with Lufthansa and codeshare with SAS.
    250 Falcon84 : And how does that constitute a "greater presence"? It doesn't.
    251 EMB170 : OK, quick question for someone who isn't clear on the subject... What effect does the Golden Share have on the potential timeline of a UA/CO merger? D
    252 Falcon84 : As of yesterday, none. CO bought back the Golden Share from NW for $100, since NW has announced it's intention to merge with DL. The Golden Share no
    253 UAL777UK : I am flying F to LAX from LHR on UA935 next week, it will be great if a merger has been announvced by CO/UA by that time to guage the crews response.
    254 C010T3 : Well, I'm not. I'm hung up on this, because I'm trying to show you a reality that you're failing to understand. I'm not talking about the memories of
    255 Falcon84 : You need to keep your pants on, dude. CO isn't "last". CO is 2nd, right now, behind AA. AA has the largest presence in Latin America. CO has the 2nd
    256 LAXdude1023 : Have you? In Brazil, maybe I can believe that. But CO has the second largest network to Latin America after AA. Its been that way for the last severa
    257 777gk : I'm dismissing your argument because the basis of it is 'the memory' of UA serving in the market. That's completely absurd. How about the memory of C
    258 Jamincan : I'm not convinced that IAD would be downsized in a combined carrier. From what I understand, EWR does not have a lot of room for expansion, and so it
    259 Yamatthey : This is approximately the same in Europe. I would change CO before DL, except France and Italy (AA, UA, CO, DL, NW). Great presence doesn't mean reco
    260 C010T3 : Well, have you? If you keep distorting what I say, I think you're gonna keep thinking that. Do I have to quote myself, so that you can thoroughly rea
    261 C010T3 : Thank you! Some US-Americans think that every country has its public opinion isolated from the rest of the world.
    262 MasseyBrown : I think the Delta fans would claim that since January DL is number two based on ASM's. The RPM's, obviously, aren't available yet.
    263 Travelin man : Wow, this thread has really derailed. Is this whole Latin American discussion the result of what the name will/should be? Somehow I doubt that will de
    264 Falcon84 : Conversely, no one has stepped in to support you, either. I'll hold to what is true. CO has a stronger presence in the region than UA. UA is a "memor
    265 United1 : I'm not sure if it matters at this point whether CO or UA has more brand recognition at this point as the trick with the merger will be to combine th
    266 Gigneil : You know this is not subjective. Brand science is real, and I assure you all these facts are known. NS
    267 CODC10 : Once again, you prove you are clueless. DL has the greatest brand penetration in Italy amongst the US carriers, with service to four destinations (FC
    268 CO767FA : I understand what you are saying, but I think we do care about market share. If we didn't care, why would we defend it by creating fortress hubs like
    269 Post contains links United1 : Not sure if everyone is aware of this or not, but its kind of a neat blog form the Houston Chronicle. http://blogs.chron.com/continental/
    270 Falcon84 : No arguments there. And the rumblings at work-and rumors ARE flying, is that the announcement of a a CO/UA deal is imminent now.
    271 Yamatthey : From an example to SR111 crash, congratulation, your are the best!
    272 Post contains links LAXdude1023 : Not sure if youve seen this: http://www.co-industryconsolidation.com/faq/index.php#one Its a website about consolidation from CO's perspective. I like
    273 Bernsa : A Continental expert might intrepret that to say that means we're sticking with Skyteam because they didn't use the word "Enhance" which is Continent
    274 United1 : translation: If we remain independent we will probably remain in Skyteam untill we see how this industry shakeup comes together. If we merge we are d
    275 Scorpy : the combined carrier will be called 'TED', because TED wants you to be safe!
    276 C010T3 : Finally, we agree on something. We are discussing opinions. I can't produc a report and neither can you The reality you were failing to understand is
    277 AirFrnt : LAX is the prize, but I am not 100% certain it's possible for one carrier to get enough of a toe-hold there to get a real advantage. If they could, le
    278 FriendlySkies : Do you have a source for that?
    279 AirFrnt : Just about every single news report that has run here in Denver since F9 went bankrupt has mentioned it. Not surprising historically either - DEN has
    280 Allstarflyer : I don't think so as much - it would help w/IAD to serve as a good domestic connection hub freeing up EWR to handle more transcon/transatlantic flying
    281 United1 : Ha Ha funny.... ...but what I find even funnier is that the current UAL management team didn't do any of the things that you cited. Oh and UFS was pa
    282 Post contains links Allstarflyer : Okay . . . Among the legacies, it would be UA - as much as I don't like your management, I still like UA for how they've taken care of me in-flight(c
    283 Falcon84 : Another reason I think CO won't downgrade CLE: CO just signed a 10-year lease extension for it's facilities at CLE. If they downgrade to a focus or s
    284 United1 : Every company projects when something is going to happen, if something happens during that time that changes what that projection is you revise the p
    285 Klwright69 : I am glad someone brought this up finally. And it was a bloodbath when DEN only had two hub airlines, CO and UA. Everyone takes it for granted that a
    286 MasseyBrown : If you listen to Kellner's comments on the Thursday conference call, you won't have any doubt CO's current intention is to leave Skyteam. I didn't me
    287 LAXdude1023 : It would be better for them. The best thing they could do is join Star Alliance.
    288 Yamatthey : This is not so easy. If Continental merge with United, definitely the new airline will be part of Star Alliance. If Continental want to joint Star be
    289 Bobnwa : If you include Mexico as part of Latin America, those are the facts. If not CO is way behind DL.
    290 CO767FA : Just a reminder...CO had long term leases with DEN at DIA, yet we pulled the hub. I feel for the folks in CLE, but I would not count on the hub growi
    291 Bernsa : I was just being cynical to Continental's overused term "enhanced". I have no doubts what-so-ever its full steam UA and Star and right below it my Le
    292 Falcon84 : You can feel for us all you want, but I have a feeling I'm right in this matter.
    293 Post contains links LAXdude1023 : As opposed to what? Mexico is in Latin America and that is a FACT. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Latin_America
    294 C010T3 : Well, it's not really a fact, it's more like a loose convention. Latin America is a construct. In my Latin America, I include Québec. Do you?
    295 Cageyjames : If you look at Hubs as "profit centers" then sure, it isn't making money. If you look at them as getting traffic in the system to feed profitable rou
    296 Post contains links LAXdude1023 : Geographically, Latin America is defined: Columbia Encyclopedia: Latin America, the Spanish-speaking, Portuguese-speaking, and French-speaking countr
    297 AirFrnt : Not really. It was the move to the new DEN that set CO off. They didn't have the cash for the higher cost (but also higher efficiency) of Denver Inte
    298 Post contains images CODC10 : It IS a fact. US carriers report traffic data and revenues based on regions. Latin America is one such area, which includes Mexico, the Caribbean, Ce
    299 B757capt : lets please not use wiki as a factual source. PLEASE SOMETHING IN ADDITION TO WIKI, at least.
    300 LAXdude1023 : Read my last post and you will have one. Or is the Columbia Encyclopedia not good enough.
    301 Post contains links EWRCabincrew : Here: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=...mage_result&resnum=1&ct=image&cd=3 Here: http://members.aol.com/bowermanb/latin.html While wiki may have
    302 HNL-Jack : In reality, it was a combination of both the over commitment by CO for space and it's related cost as well as the fact that the share of market held
    303 UALPUFF : No you are wrong. CO does not serve more destinations in Asia than UA does. UA has a much larger route network than CO does in Asia. UA serves more a
    304 HNL-Jack : Keep in mind that the majority of service CO has in Asia is Continental Micronesia serving O&D traffic out of Guam with B-737-800's. And, by no means
    305 LAXdude1023 : I have to say that even though if you count CO Macronesia, CO might serve more destinations, UA's network is much more significant in Asia.
    306 EWRCabincrew : UA serves PEK, NRT, PVG, HKG, BKK, SIN, SGN, TPE, ICN, KIX, NGO CO serves PEK, NRT, HKG, DEL, BOM, NGO, CTS, FUK, MNL, DPS, KIJ, HIJ, SDJ, OKJ and oth
    307 UALPUFF : [quote=EWRCabincrew,reply=306]I am sure UA's seat capacity to Asia surpasses CO's. CO's Asia is more concentrated from GUM, whereas UA's comes from al
    308 Klwright69 : I love the freewheeling nature of this thread. Reminiscing and bickering over UA's ghost in Latin America. Arguing over the definition of Latin Americ
    309 EWRCabincrew : I do, HNL is part of the US, hence what I posted and here
    310 DiscoverCSG : There's a certain ring to "UCA." In fact, a number of airlines have used such a three-letter name: TWA, NWA, KLM, TAP, LOT, TAM, ANA, JAL, KAL, SAA,
    311 Coewraatysaz : I couldn't agree more. Firstly, no management from UAL should even have their two cents put into this equation. They screwed up one airline already..
    312 Cageyjames : Or UTA. That is what I hear when I say it.
    313 AirFrnt : We don't have the definitive numbers yet for the last two months, but it's almost certainly true. This puts UA in a significant bind - bad economic t
    314 United1 : Again what did UAs current management team do that was a bad business decision? As I've said in the past I firmly belive that Tilton needs to go but
    315 EWRCabincrew : No amazement necessary. They are very dedicated. This dedication will help UA get through a merger, as will CO's employee group.
    316 C010T3 : That's the definition that specific encyclopedia uses. That's the usual convention in the US. I'm just defending the liberty of excluding Mexico, the
    317 Cageyjames : So true, my Latin America includes Poland.
    318 Sac : All I can say is "wings on the inside". It will be interesting if CO and UA do merge.
    319 COewrAAtysAZ : Nice try there... I was a UA employee and bailed ship. It's not dedication that keep a lot of people there, it is their seniority and the fact that a
    320 C010T3 : My argument for Québec is because a Romance language is spoken there, not to mention the fact that Napoléon III first coined the denomination inclu
    321 Post contains images LAXdude1023 : Ok Ill play along. My definition of Latin America doesnt include South America but includes China, India, and Australia. Since its my liberty as you
    322 Sofianec : OK i may be late chipping in to that discussion but i've been reading here on A.Net so much about how Continental is a superior in both management and
    323 Cageyjames : Oh OK, its your opinon. I was confused since you were saying everyone else was wrong. It is just you prefer not to go with established norms. Thats c
    324 C010T3 : I never said that on that sense. I only accepted the exclusion of Mexico based on the stupidity of excluding Québec. What's your argument for exclud
    325 Post contains links LAXdude1023 : Perhaps because Quebec isnt a country or a territory. Its a provence. Its like saying Texas could be part of Latin America because there are alot of
    326 Post contains links EWRCabincrew : Is it possible to move this sidetracking to a thread entitled something like "What constitutes Latin America?"? I'll start it for you. Open for debat
    327 United1 : Constantly, on other threads, you have demonstrated on just how bitter you are about your time at UA, for that I am truly sorry that you had a bad ex
    328 Klwright69 : One thing I mentioned earlier. It still baffles me people bring up CO's bankruptcies. Whenever anyone mentions CO. They took place not even this deca
    329 Sofianec : What I know is what I read. If you don't like my choice of words let's tone it down a bit: CO are a great airline and in the last 10 years seem to be
    330 United1 : While CO has been in BK twice (actualy you could argue that there was only one true BK as the first time lasted only a few days and was more aobut un
    331 LAXdude1023 : What exactly does that mean? That UA will buy CO and then turn the reigns over to COs managment? What would that mean for the HQ, the ops center, and
    332 Post contains links Diamond : As this thread has reached 330+ replies, please move to Part 2 at the following link: http://www.airliners.net/aviation-fo...eneral_aviation/read.main
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