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Official 787 "post" First Flight Super Thread  
User currently offlineModerators From United States of America, joined Apr 2004, 517 posts, RR: 0
Posted (6 years 5 months 2 weeks 5 days 8 hours ago) and read 44058 times:

The Dreamliner has made a perfect landing at KBFI to conclude its first flight. We will be archiving the 'in-flight' thread due to size. Please continue the discussion here.

This is a great day for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Congratulations Boeing!

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User currently offlineStitch From United States of America, joined Jul 2005, 34067 posts, RR: 85
Reply 1, posted (6 years 5 months 2 weeks 5 days 8 hours ago) and read 44230 times:
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N787BA is now home safe at BFI after a shortened first flight due to deteriorating weather.

From the moment she first took to the skies, I have always been struck with just how beautiful the wings of the A380 are.

But I think the 787's are even prettier.  

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User currently offlineYuxi From United States of America, joined Jan 2008, 14 posts, RR: 0
Reply 2, posted (6 years 5 months 2 weeks 5 days 8 hours ago) and read 44022 times:

Does anyone have a video of the landing?

User currently offlineDragon6172 From United States of America, joined Jul 2007, 1225 posts, RR: 0
Reply 3, posted (6 years 5 months 2 weeks 5 days 8 hours ago) and read 43968 times:

Well... got to watch the landing on the webcast.... missed the takeoff. So what is the turnaround time before a second flight? Just restock the galley and drain the blue poo right?

Phrogs Phorever
User currently offlineDragon6172 From United States of America, joined Jul 2007, 1225 posts, RR: 0
Reply 4, posted (6 years 5 months 2 weeks 5 days 8 hours ago) and read 44070 times:

Quoting Yuxi (Reply 2):


Here is one.... not great quality.

Phrogs Phorever
User currently offlineStudeDave From United States of America, joined Oct 2006, 530 posts, RR: 0
Reply 5, posted (6 years 5 months 2 weeks 5 days 8 hours ago) and read 43856 times:

I guess I'll stand corrected on the bird's landing.

I'm 1/2 blind here-- the other thread made it sound like it went back to Paine.
I was trying to keep up on one of the trakers- but diddn't see the flight end...

Classic planes, Classic trains, and Studebakers~~ what else is there???
User currently offlineDragon6172 From United States of America, joined Jul 2007, 1225 posts, RR: 0
Reply 6, posted (6 years 5 months 2 weeks 5 days 8 hours ago) and read 43745 times:

Quoting StudeDave (Reply 5):

That's all right, lots of posts back and forth about which field it was going to.

Phrogs Phorever
User currently offlineColts001 From United States of America, joined Mar 2009, 103 posts, RR: 0
Reply 7, posted (6 years 5 months 2 weeks 5 days 8 hours ago) and read 43644 times:

The landing was magnificient. congrats to Boeing.

User currently offline71Zulu From United States of America, joined Aug 2006, 3124 posts, RR: 0
Reply 8, posted (6 years 5 months 2 weeks 5 days 8 hours ago) and read 43575 times:


post flight press conference going on

Clickable links only please!
User currently offlineCytz_pilot From United States of America, joined Dec 1999, 569 posts, RR: 0
Reply 9, posted (6 years 5 months 2 weeks 5 days 8 hours ago) and read 43529 times:

Quoting StudeDave (Reply 5):
I'm 1/2 blind here-- the other thread made it sound like it went back to Paine.
I was trying to keep up on one of the trakers- but diddn't see the flight end...

Yeah, it was kind of up in the air when the weather forced an early end to the flight. The estimated time of landing kept jumping around also.

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User currently offlineEGTESkyGod From United Kingdom, joined Jun 2005, 1714 posts, RR: 12
Reply 10, posted (6 years 5 months 2 weeks 5 days 8 hours ago) and read 43431 times:
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What a perfect touchdown... Incredible for a first flight.

I came, I saw, I Concorde! RIP Michael Jackson
User currently offlineTUNisia From United States of America, joined Aug 2004, 1850 posts, RR: 4
Reply 11, posted (6 years 5 months 2 weeks 5 days 8 hours ago) and read 43428 times:

WTG Boeing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME

Someday the sun will shine down on me in some faraway place - Mahalia Jackson
User currently offlineSkyhawk62507 From United States of America, joined May 2005, 181 posts, RR: 1
Reply 12, posted (6 years 5 months 2 weeks 5 days 8 hours ago) and read 43320 times:

Congratulations, Boeing, on a truly historic day for the company.

Now... pray there were no significant squawks... and if there were, then dammit Boeing, be upfront about them.

User currently offlineStasisLAX From United States of America, joined Jul 2007, 3320 posts, RR: 7
Reply 13, posted (6 years 5 months 2 weeks 5 days 8 hours ago) and read 43323 times:

Powerful, elegant, and simply beautiful. I cannot wait to fly on the 787. What a great day for Boeing and the entire industry!  Cool

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety!" B.Franklin
User currently offlineMadameConcorde From Monaco, joined Feb 2007, 11332 posts, RR: 34
Reply 14, posted (6 years 5 months 2 weeks 5 days 8 hours ago) and read 43230 times:

So many thought she would not fly today, maybe not even tomorrow, that this first flight would be delayed, etc. Not. The flight went as scheduled, without any glitch, in spite of the bad weather. Congratulations to Boeing and to all who participated to this most successful maiden flight!!
We love you 787!!!

There was a better way to fly it was called Concorde
User currently offlineHAL From United States of America, joined Jan 2002, 2636 posts, RR: 52
Reply 15, posted (6 years 5 months 2 weeks 5 days 8 hours ago) and read 43160 times:

Good coverage from the local news station here:



One smooth landing is skill. Two in a row is luck. Three in a row and someone is lying.
User currently offlineMadameConcorde From Monaco, joined Feb 2007, 11332 posts, RR: 34
Reply 16, posted (6 years 5 months 2 weeks 5 days 8 hours ago) and read 43149 times:

It is so nice to see these two happy pilots congratulating their new aircraft and all those at Boeing who made this possible!!

Two great guys no doubt, with a great sense of humour, not big headed and happy about their new airplane!

There was a better way to fly it was called Concorde
User currently offlineUAL747 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 17, posted (6 years 5 months 2 weeks 5 days 8 hours ago) and read 43053 times:

Judging by the 2 other threads and the replies, I'm going to assume that the most fascinating thing we saw today was the massive wingflex? LOL. I still get shivers when I watch that!


User currently offlineSkyhawk62507 From United States of America, joined May 2005, 181 posts, RR: 1
Reply 18, posted (6 years 5 months 2 weeks 5 days 8 hours ago) and read 43053 times:

They DID go IFR... and flew the ILS to 13L! Not bad at all for a first flight!

User currently offlineDragon6172 From United States of America, joined Jul 2007, 1225 posts, RR: 0
Reply 19, posted (6 years 5 months 2 weeks 5 days 8 hours ago) and read 42871 times:

Quoting Skyhawk62507 (Reply 19):
They DID go IFR... and flew the ILS to 13L! Not bad at all for a first flight!

And got to use the wipers..... check that block!

Phrogs Phorever
User currently offlineB6JFKH81 From United States of America, joined Mar 2006, 2952 posts, RR: 7
Reply 20, posted (6 years 5 months 2 weeks 5 days 8 hours ago) and read 42882 times:

F/O reports that there were turbulence and icing conditions that had to be dealt with. Crappy for a first flight. The captain saying they didn't get to do a straight and level extended because they were dodging the weather too, a part of the test flight that was not accomplished this time around. But it sounds like they had a good time LOL!

"If you do not learn from history, you are doomed to repeat it"
User currently offlineLMML 14/32 From Malta, joined Jan 2001, 2566 posts, RR: 6
Reply 21, posted (6 years 5 months 2 weeks 5 days 8 hours ago) and read 42861 times:

Amazing flight! Well done Boeing. But why did they have to change the anticollision and strobe lights?

User currently offlineMBJ2000 From Germany, joined Dec 2005, 426 posts, RR: 0
Reply 22, posted (6 years 5 months 2 weeks 5 days 8 hours ago) and read 42772 times:

Tonight I think there won't be any Airbus fans on a.net, tonight we're ALL a big Boeing family!

Gratulation an Boeing für den geglückten Erstflug!  Smile

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User currently offlineCasInterest From United States of America, joined Feb 2005, 5828 posts, RR: 3
Reply 23, posted (6 years 5 months 2 weeks 5 days 8 hours ago) and read 42765 times:

Good to see another first flight. Aviation competition is alive and well.
Looking forward to the A350 first flight now.

I do think that the 787 and the A350 are going to cause issues for the profitability of the A380, but all are looking like amazing planes at this point.

Older than I just was ,and younger than I will soo be.
User currently offlineAer Lingus From Ireland, joined Mar 2001, 529 posts, RR: 3
Reply 24, posted (6 years 5 months 2 weeks 5 days 8 hours ago) and read 42791 times:

The chase planes that flew right beside ZA001 after landing was cool.
Has anyone noticed or if my eyes are playing tricks on me? The last four windows on ZA001 sits slightly higher than the the rest of the windows. On the other 787 aircrafts, the last four windows are properly lined up with the rest of the windows.
Does anyone notice this?

Split Scimitar or Sharklets?
25 MadameConcorde : I wish they would show us what's inside. I wonder if they will have the water tanks like on the A380 test machine F-WWOW. They will have all the data
26 Dampfnudel : Congratulations Boeing !!! I can't wait to take my 1st Continental B787 flight from EWR to FRA in 2-3 years.
27 Skyhawk62507 : Love the irony: the press conference heralding the successful first flight of what has been designed to be a very quiet airliner... being twice interr
28 UltimateDelta : Let's hear it for Boeing! Even if there are Airbus fans on today, I think they would definitely be impressed!
29 Gonzalo : Or you have a typo, or they landed in a very very short runway !!!! ( Sorry for the nit pick ) Great landing and definitely a graceful aircraft from
30 MadameConcorde : The Boeing men are much more relaxed and less stuck up. This is one thing I really like about them, they do the same serious work with a good sense o
31 Skyhawk62507 : Whoops! Not a typo, brain spasm... meant 13R, of course!
32 OlegShv : Congratulations to the Boeing 787 team!
33 Starship : Skyhawk62507 asked in a previous now locked thread who the Boeing spokesman / commentator was on the webcast live feed. His name is Bernard Choi.
34 Rj777 : "The plane wanted to fly. It was tired of being on the ground!" Sounds like the plane was echoing the sentiments of the professionals and the public.
35 B6JFKH81 : One thing that I noticed once the a/c was lined up for takeoff was the beacon and strobe lights. They seemed different. Most strobe-based lights have
36 Post contains links KPDX : Now THIS is a beautiful video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jTYDa1JzoE
37 757GB : This has been a GREAT DAY. I keep watching the take off and the landing over and over. Congratulations to all involved. I´m glad for those people who
38 Post contains links and images Voltage : First Anet Pic of Dreamliner at BFI: View Large View MediumPhoto © Kenneth Low
39 KU747 : Congratulations Boeing, congratulations to everyone! Boeing is always making history with every aircraft. Well done!
40 Indy : It is days like today that make you proud to be an aviation enthusiast. The feeling I got watching that first flight video was much like the feeling I
41 Post contains links UAL747 : My favorite video so far: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMxgmR3RFns UAL
42 WingedMigrator : Very nice, and a huge milestone is passed! I can't wait to see it in IMAX-- or better yet, ride in one of these babies!
43 Pnwtraveler : Congrats to Boeing and the flight crew. The aircraft looked great in the air. Finally a lot of the speculation about the plane never flying, and delay
44 1stfl94 : Wow that is one sexy plane, seriously the wing flex makes it incredibly graceful. Just imagine what it'll be like with VS or NZ livery
45 71Zulu : " target=_blank>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMxgm...3RFns Yeah, that's great. What a greaser landing and right on center line. Mike is a great pil
46 KC135TopBoom : Congradulations to Boeing on the FF of her majesty, the B-787. This has been a great quarter so far with 3 FFs completed, the A-330-200F, the A-400M,
47 Cerecl : Congrats to Boeing and the 787 program. It has been a long time coming!
48 NIKV69 : No Boeing no GOING! I love it!
49 Nibog : Congratulations to Boeing on a job well done,even down to the web cast.What a GREAT landing.As a matter of interest the two chase planes,anybody know
50 Khobar : And at least one AF pilot who supposedly proclaimed it would never fly. At least that's what one a.netter kept repeating, and repeating, and repeatin
51 DenverDanny : " target=_blank>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jTYD...1JzoE It looks really beautiful taking off
52 DocLightning : I'll say. Admittedly on take-off, it didn't seem so pronounced, but at landing it was pretty amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing some images of he
53 Pellegrine : It is a beautiful aircraft. My favorite parts are not the wings, but the egghead forehead, porpoise nose, and Rockwell Space Shuttle-esque cockpit win
54 LTU932 : Sorry but I beg to differ. The 747 is, and will always be the Queen of Skies. Congrats to Boeing on the success of the 787's First Flight. It was a l
55 Spacecadet : To be fair to him, those who said the Spruce Goose would never fly were technically wrong too. This is one flight. It's a milestone, but no doubt the
56 Propilot83 : Go Boeing!!!! Whoaaaa! I love you Boeing, we all love you Boeing. Great beautiful magnificent sexy awesome airplane Boeing 787 Dreamliner cant wait un
57 Bond007 : Oh, around 55 years ... ! Jimbo
58 SPREE34 : LEDs. Out last strobes by 100s of thousands of hours. The technology has finally made them brighter than strobes.
59 Flyboyseven : That may be so, but surely the 787 is a princess?
60 Post contains links Jawed : from http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/htm...space/2010509548_787profile15.html
61 David_itl : I would believe all new types would be like that compared the older ones. What's going to be the difference between the 787 and the A350? The challen
62 AutoThrust : Congratulations Boeing for this big milestone, though 2 years late i'm 100% sure this plane is worth waiting for. She looks amazing, i hope the A350XW
63 B6JFKH81 : Ah, thank you very much! I was thinking something was different!
64 ThegreatRDU : Boeing has turned the tide!! woooooo
65 Cpd : Well done Boeing Commercial Aircraft. Congratulations Capt Carriker and Capt Neville on completing the first flight of the Boeing 787.
66 Aesma : Good info, I asked about that some time ago and was answered that they had no chutes (airbus test crews have them). I guess you are never too careful
67 NA : Things you have to wait long for are usually the best. This is the nicest looking twinjet I´ve seen so far. Really pretty. Congratulations to Boeing
68 A380900 : Yep it's me. I said I would eat crow and I do so happily. It was an Airbus pilot at Le Bourget who told me "ZA001 will never fly". I think he was wro
69 Flyibaby : Perhaps, but the 77L certainly opened up markets that previously couldn't be accomodated nonstop. Perfect example, DL ATL-JNB. I see a similar niche
70 Flyboyseven : It is kinda funny how on the takeoff, the hold short lines for runway 11/29 coincided almost exactly with the point the nose wheel came off the ground
71 ETinCaribe : Congrats to Boeing and to its customers (they can breathe easier now). It was a good bold move to not push out the first flight despite the weather in
72 Nibog : Many thanks for that Bond007,thought there was about 50 years there,but why use them,has Boeing nothing more up to date for that purpose? Nibog
73 Gonzalo : Someone knows what ETOPS will this model be ? That's a key factor in the possibility of new routes development... Another interesting data will be th
74 Evomutant : Just out of interest, why did Rolls-Royce get the first date? Did they just have a pair of engines ready quicker, or pay for the privilege, or how doe
75 EbbUK : We are here and we are not going shopping. She is a great plane. Pity she is overweight and won't deliver on the figures but those are minor details.
76 Rcair1 : For those who were complaining about the PR guy from Boeing - first, I thought he did pretty well - very unpredictable job, he had, to fill and keep t
77 TodaReisinger : WOW WOW WOW !!! I feel it is very moving to see this airplane finally FLYING! So many years of research, so many years of work, so many people working
78 FlyMIA : Its about time cant wait to see more of this amazing aircraft
79 Stitch : I would expect it will be certified for 180/207 minutes maximum by the FAA under the "Early ETOPS" program pioneered with the 777. The JAA may requir
80 Post contains links Keesje : Good Quality SeattlePI Take Off video (also HD), no voice over, definitely Rollers... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAlieYcltcQ
81 Laddb : I needed something like this day. The 787 along with the A380 have restored some excitement. Events like 9/11 and the crash and retirement of the conc
82 ER757 : I had planned to get out to BFI to catch the landing, but came out of a meeting to find she cut the flight short All of us in our office gathered arou
83 Stitch : Thanks to all those posting links to the HD videos!
84 Vctony : A great day for aviation! This has to be one of the most beautiful planes in the skies. The wing flexing is also amazing. I can't wait to see this air
85 Jetmech : I suspect that RR got the gig, as the 787 launch customer, All Nippon Airways selected those engines for its aircraft. Regards, JetMech
86 Chrisair : That CNN "all platform journalist" (whatever that is?) was horrible, IMO. Does anyone know if the post flight press conference was recorded? If so, a
87 Khobar : Put any crow in an envelope and send it to that pilot.
88 Rcair1 : That's the one.... I was thinking "all platform journalist" must mean "available for any subject, but knowledgeable about nothing" Kind of - "jack of
89 Gonzalo : Thank you. Will be great if we can get info from Boeing about the Certification process, like where and when they think the next flights will be ( I
90 IFlyTWA : I can't wait for the 787 to visit LAX!
91 Stitch : Local news is showing some of it. The flight crew said the 787 performed very well.
92 Rwessel : Boeing has the two T-33s and a T-38 for chase (and other) use. They work, they're paid for, they're probably quite inexpensive to maintain and they d
93 Chrisair : I think this particular CNN "all platform journalist" is based in Seattle. His report on the Lakewood shootings was just unwatchable. He's uncomforta
94 BMI727 : Sometimes you can see a T-38 flying around STL too. Anyway, my internet was out for yesterday and most of today, so I didn't get to see it live. Cong
95 STT757 : I thought the Boeing host did a good job, but hats off to the Kirotv and their Chopper coverage!.
96 JoeCanuck : The T-33 is a great chase plane...As you can see from the takeoff video, it can fly very slowly, much slower than most jets. It can also keep up with
97 NZ107 : Just looking at the video of the landing over and over again.. Such a perfect landing. Amazing wing flexibility from just airborne to spoilers up. I c
98 Post contains links Tdscanuck : Can't put it in front of the wing...the engines like to suck things in that come from there. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say I *know* he was
99 Speedbird2263 : I officially have another aircraft added to my wishlist 'To Fly'. Absolutely beautiful stuff IMHO.
100 Cytz_pilot : Anyone else feeling a bit down now that the hoopla's over? It feels like the day after Christmas. I'm still craving more, hearing about the second fli
101 NZ107 : Don't forget the 747-8 isn't far off either!
102 Khobar : Did Boeing do a cease and desist on the photos? None are available (for me at least). Never mind - looks like it was a temporary glitch.[Edited 2009-1
103 JAL : I'm very happy to see the new 787 take to the air!
104 Evomutant : Thanks guys. Makes perfect sense.
105 RobertS975 : Yup, I agree entirely. The SOB would simply not shut up and let the momentous event speak for itself. And he wouldn't even stop talking when the stud
106 Post contains links N328KF : Airbus congratulates "robust rival" Boeing on 787 (Al-Reuters) BCA congratulated Airbus on the A380, so it's only good sportsmanship.
107 Post contains links Revelation : For comparisons sake, Airbus used a 35 year old Corvette as the chase plane for the A400M first flight. Ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A%C3%A9rosp
108 KirkSeattle : What a great day for all aviation enthusiats! Congratuations to the Boeing family! Let's see that another 799 times! I was hoping to make it down to B
109 Bkircher : Anyone got any links to some websites with some Hi rez images of the take off and landing?? I dont have a username for the Boeing media room soo I can
110 Rj777 : How similar in size is she to a wh767? I'm just wondering why they went with a 4 wheel gear truck while the 777 is a 6 wheel truck?
111 Richiemo : Anyone else notice how the strobe and beacon lights areslow blinking on this aircraft. At least on video, it doesn't seem to be the quick blinking/fla
112 Swallow : Her engines seem to be placed further from the fuse than the 767 or 777. The gap between the MLG and the engine seems wider, at least to me. Is this r
113 Vietcolin : New decade of travel is now... If it ain't Boeing, I am not flying
114 Gregarious119 : Anybody know of/have a link to the video of the press conference? I had to leave work and missed it.... Or just a summery/recap/good quotes would be g
115 FX772LRF : That's due to the LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lights on the aircraft. They take a bit longer to brighten up, then back down. They still function the s
116 Lxa333 : Congrats to Boeing and the USA for completing an amazing aircraft and testing it out! We've got stay ahead of the airbus competition! I was busy all d
117 AirIndia : Any statement from Airbus yet to congratulate Boeing? I recall Boeing had released a congratulatory news media statement upon the 380's first flight b
118 N328KF : Perhaps you're confused. LEDs illuminate and darken much faster than incandescent bulbs. This is why they're so popular for automobile tail-lights an
119 StealthZ : Paying attention.... Reply 106 approx 1 hr 15min ago! Cheers
120 Osiris30 : Congrats to everyone that worked so hard and for so long on this one. Was a beautiful site to see her *finally* in the air. I was nervous all day wait
121 Post contains images MSPSpotter : Scroll up to post number 106.   Oops, # 119 beat me to it.[Edited 2009-12-15 19:55:35]
122 Falcon84 : Congrats to everyone at Boeing. Yes, 2 years late, but watching both the takeoff and landing, ti was worth the wait. And I think it's just a gorgeous
123 CHRISBA777ER : Woot! That is one absolutely show-stoppingly gorgeous plane. I am a full on paid up member of the Boeing Cheerleader Squad for today. And probably for
124 Tdscanuck : Similar length, fatter fuselage, much larger span. Weight on the 787-8 and 787-9 isn't high enough to need a 6-wheel truck. Both pilots said the plan
125 Fanoftristars : Careful... It gets rather cold in Seattle often!
126 N49WA : As I watched the videos of the flight I couldn't help but think of Tex Johnston. There is a great group of videos on YouTube, just search "Boeing 707
127 Andz : This shows that you must pay attention. There have been so many 787 threads asking when she will fly etc. that I didn't realise that the first flight
128 BG777300ER : will the aircraft that was flown today be delivered to a customer or will it be just for testing?
129 Pnwtraveler : The first flight departure and arrival was live on a whole bunch of stations actually. I had both the webcast and one of the stations on TV. Even thou
130 Whosee : If I recall correctly, the first 3 aircraft are going to be written off as R&D expenses. The following 3 will be sold as private jets and the 7th fra
131 TK787 : It was a great day for me here being in Seattle and watching it take off on TV. I was jumping up and down. Go baby go!! After take off I was following
132 Mymorningsong : Anybody know if Boeing is doing another test flight blog? I remember there was one for the 777-200LR team that was pretty interesting. Pilot and groun
133 BG777300ER : so the commercial ones should have the weight issues worked out right?
134 FRNT787 : As did I, I was almost to tears of joy. This is an extremely wonderful day, and once again, I was most pleased to see Airbus' incredible graciousness
135 Ikramerica : I knew some people would miss it because of this. The first flight thread was entitled with "Dec 22" even long after it was known that the date was t
136 ManuCH : Well done Boeing! And that airplane is beautiful
137 Ken777 : After the challenges that the program has encountered I have to admit holding my breath a bit when she lifted into the air. But that didn't last too l
138 KELPkid : Wonder what Tex would have thought of control laws that don't allow, or at least make it extremely difficult to (as in require superhuman strength on
139 SuseJ772 : Something tells me he would slip a programmer a Benjamin to "disable" the control laws temporarily and just go for it
140 Superfly : Yay for plastic airplanes! Now wake me up when the Boeing 747-8 flies.
141 Astuteman : I was gutted to miss this live Many many congratulations to all involved in the 787, for your continued hard work and resilience. And my thanks for gi
142 Fridgmus : What I wouldn't give to see THAT happen! I'm sure Tex is up there with a big 'ol grin on his face! Well Done and Congratulations to Boeing! "If it ai
143 Superfly : Even if someone gives you a free first-class ticket on Singapore Airlines A380 or Thai Airways A340?
144 Flyboy2001 : Just got home from BFI, my friend Matt and I got media accreditation through a Canadian av mag, so we saw the whole thing from the best possible vanta
145 AirlineCritic : Indeed. LEDs do light up immediately. They are fast enough to work in applications such as optical communication where they have to light up even as
146 Jfklucky777 : I agree and have felt this way all my life (I like Airbus also but this is the American inside of me talking) but you have the saying wrong. The sayi
147 Autothrust : Indeed, what a pity how some try to bash down it with some of the biggest nonsense i've have ever readed on a.net just because they conceive it as a
148 BA : An absolutely beautiful flying machine that performed an absolutely beautiful takeoff and landing. Congratulations to Boeing and all its employees!
149 Rheinwaldner : My congratulations to Boeing for this a paramount achievement! I am excited to see the future fly! The Dreamliner has woken up! And it is a nice plane
150 KLMCedric : Congratulations for Boeing and everyone involved in this project. Can't wait to fly on this bird. I'm a big fan of both the A380 and 787, and most pro
151 Jalap : Congratulations to the Boeing team on getting this bird in the air! It really looked magnificent, clearly it needed to fly to get some (positive) exci
152 BMI727 : And even better if you have 800 orders for you delayed plane.
153 Gasman : Congratulations Boeing, it looks magnificent. Now get on and design a composite 77W, the release of which will blow the A350 right out of the water!
154 MadameConcorde : The Boeing website is playing re-runs of the take off and landing. I can't stop looking at them. The 787 is such a beaufiful plane. I love the wings.
155 Art : Congratulations to Boeing. Time to get a lot more 787's into the air so testing does not take too long. Anyone know when the next flight is likely to
156 Dynamicsguy : Wow. I can't say how awesome it was to see her fly at last as this is the first new airplane program I've been a part of. I've finally caught up with
157 MadameConcorde : In the press conference following the flight, Captain said next flight will not be before one week as they will load more equipment on the aircraft -
158 Teme82 : Sounds like some one will be on the first commercial flight of 787 The Boeing site is showing re-runs of the flight. I do hope that they would share
159 MadameConcorde : Unless they only sell tickets to Japanese nationals for the first flight, the whole First to Fly group will be on board! This is the first time I fel
160 Superfly : 40 years ago, we were excited about the first flights of the TU-144, Concorde and anticipating the proposed Boeing 2707 SST. Today in 2009, we're gett
161 A380900 : I agree. It's very hard to picture how much it will flex at MTOW. I wonder what this chewing-gum wing means for the moving parts (flaps, ailerons). D
162 UALWN : Si il n'est pas an Airbus, je refuse! I watched both the take off and the landing live. I was excited about the take-off, but not incredibly impresse
163 Dynamicsguy : Yes, apart from the flaperons the wing bending displacements are accounted for in analysis of the moveable trailing edge, including spoilers. The fla
164 Affirmative : Lot of talk about the wing flex.. I agree it's quite amazing to see the birdlike silhouette when she takes to the sky. But, the thing that really caug
165 ThegreatRDU : If it ain't Boeing I ain't going...either
166 Moriarty : Congratulations Boeing! That's one beautiful bird. Actually, with that awesome wing flex and its sleek nose it comes second to none. Wonderful to see
167 Francoflier : Definitely a magnificent looking aircraft. I'm sure it will perform at least as well too. Shame about the crappy weather. Here's to a new generation o
168 747classic : Congratulations Boeing, with the first flight of the 787, but IMO all the fuss on these official B787 threads is a little bit over the top, partly cau
169 Decoder : Just curious, anyone know how many hours those engines have been used (tested) prior to first flight? I'm talking about the specific examples mounted
170 Superfly : Very true. Same here man!. The only good thing I can say about the 787 is that it will keep many people working at Boeing. As the 787 goes in to reve
171 NA : Same here. The 787 is a nice airplane, I watched Boeings coverage yesterday, and I´ll surely fly with it, but after all its just the most pretty amo
172 Frigatebird : When I got home last night and logged on I was totally surprised to see the news that the 787 was in the air - totally forgot it was already the 15th!
173 SEPilot : Unfortunately for you multi-engined freaks, economics and safety dictate that the optimum number of engines for an aircraft is two. I suspect that al
174 NA : Beancounter thinking vs. Aviation enthusiasts. I know that in some points you´re right, but that doesnt mean I must love it. And forget safety here.
175 Indy : How many people here will admit to getting a tear in the eye watching that engineering work of art raise up and lift up into the sky? And on a more se
176 Fridgmus : Well Fly, now that you mention it.................
177 747classic : Safety doesn't dictate two engines, only economics dictates two engines, because one engine is legally not approved. On a twin you are always one eng
178 Jfk777 : Ya Baby, couldn't have said it better.
179 LMML 14/32 : So why did Boeing opt for the old school type beacon and strobes? They look so old fashioned Can't agree with you more.
180 UALWN : Is that true? Isn't it true that the 380 (and the 748i) will have better CASM than either the 787 or the 350? Now the trick is to fill the 380 and 74
181 Post contains images KFLLCFII : Cover of the Wall Street Journal this morning:
182 UALWN : Thank you! But, actually, I could (and should) have said it better, since I actually spelled it wrong... It should have been: Si il n'est pas un Airb
183 SEPilot : I wasn't saying that they were; but you cannot prove that they are not. Since there have never to my knowledge been two unrelated engine failures on
184 Post contains links Revelation : Thanks for the link. I do believe it's classy to congratulate the competition. And of course take the opportunity to push your point of view too! Con
185 SEPilot : From a chart posted here some time ago my recollection is that the 787 and A350 will actually beat the CASM of the A388. The A389 with A350 engines w
186 Gonzalo : I'm aware, thank you, but that info is available only hours before the flight. My question was more about flights programmed with weeks of anticipati
187 MBJ2000 : One could go on: "Je vais pas y aller, si c'est pas un Bombardier(or Embraer)"
188 Zkpilot : Congrats Boeing! Plane looks awesome front on. Side on it looks a bit like a toy from the pics I've seen! Can't wait to see the 789 that will look bet
189 Gr8Circle : After watching the videos of the 787 from various angles, I have to say that this is one of the most graceful and sleek planes ever made.....includin
190 UALWN : Now we need something for Embraer in Portuguese.
191 Astuteman : This is rubbish. Sorry. If that were the case, you wouldn't have seen A380's being ordered alongside 787's and A350's for the last 4 years. No way As
192 Revelation : Maybe when both are full, but not when the A380-800 flies with a A350-1000 pax load or less. Yes, just hammering away on the risk issue with the A380
193 Stitch : Heck, I can't wait for next month to see the flex on the 747-8F!
194 Pnwtraveler : Should be about a week from yesterday. They are installing additional monitoring equipment at the Boeing Field location and can begin to add additona
195 WestWing : During the post-flight press conference, they said that the second flight of LN1 would be in about a week because they needed to install some more mon
196 Frigatebird : It's a re-profiled version of the 744 wing, would it flex that much different?
197 American 767 : It's not the Dreamliner anymore, it is the Realityliner. 787 in flight, it's a dream that came true. Boeing engineers made it happen! Next to come out
198 Stitch : Don't know. It looks pretty impressive in the artist's renderings, but then so does a 744 lifting off at or near MTOW.
199 EA772LR : And the A380's wings are absolutely marvels! Beautiful! Scary actually...have you seen the mock-up UA 787/A350 renderings...hard to tell to the untra
200 Post contains links and images DAirbus : Remember the original artist concept for the 7e7? http://www.thaiaero.com/Article/ImageArticle/boeing7e7.jpg http://boeing.mediaroom.com/index.php?s=
201 Jayeshrulz : Yeah, i loved it when i saw this for the first time,but i'm rather confused why did they drop it? But anyways, the 787 actually passed a milestone. W
202 Canoecarrier : Xiamen Airlines I believe
203 Nycbjr : Not sure if this got mentioned but if you re-watch the webcast on newairlplane.com boeing has added a few scenes from the chase planes.. nice to see t
204 Jetlagged : Sadly Boeing's "webcast" didn't work for me and the TV news showed only a very short clip. What I've seen of the Boeing video on youtube looks a bit
205 Post contains links and images Trigged : Not sure if anyone posted this yet, but I found it refreshing. It makes me warm and fuzzy all over.  http://flightaware.com/live/airport/KPAE/departu
206 Allegro : Wow ... so very beautiful!! Congratulations to the whole Boeing team! Question i have is about the chase planes. How can a T-33 stay up for 3+ hours?
207 Revelation : Yep and seeing "BOE9X T33 (Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star (single jet))" does the same thing for me!
208 Post contains links Trigged : I am assuming the wingtip tanks are functional and used and they are owned by Boeing. http://registry.faa.gov/aircraftinqu.../NNum_Results.aspx?NNumb
209 Allegro : " target=_blank>http://registry.faa.gov/aircraftinqu...=109X Thanks! When those two T-33 came over the field as the 787 rolled, it was AMAZING! The T
210 Kaitak : One did I did note (and forgive me if it has been mentioned already) is the flaps ... single flap sections, rather than the double or triple slotted f
211 NZdsgnr : She was a beauty but now one thing i can't wait to see, it is to see her fly with the gears up!
212 Flybynight : Pretty cool watching ther 787 fly by my downtown Seattle office yesterday in all her glory.
213 Post contains images VirginFlyer : These photos filtered in yesterday, and some were posted in the previous thread, but I thought it would be nice to have them all together: V/F
214 Dynamicsguy : Nothing to do with Airbus. They've been moving towards simpler high-lift devices and fewer sections on their own. The flaps are also hinged rather th
215 Anshuk : I love how the top photos on a.net ever since the first flight have been taken over by the Dreamliner. SUCH a beauty.
216 Rheinbote : Right. Airbus never used dropped hinge flaps before, but it seems they like the idea - the 350XWB has them as well. McDonnell Douglas legacy? Same pr
217 Rcair1 : LED's are fast compared to an incandescent. Slow compared to a strobe which is what they replaced. Oh - also - a strobe has a lot more energy per (fr
218 MSPNWA : Well, it was good to finally see it fly, but I found the weather there kind of fitting. The clouds and rain surrounding this program are hovering clos
219 Tdscanuck : It's hardly a total emergency (it is a declared emergency, but that's a very different thing)...a twin can do everything it needs to do to get the pa
220 NAV20 : Must admit that that was the surprise to me. We've all grown used to basically functional, rather than beautiful, designs, and airliners have looked
221 Aircellist : Same for me. What an impression, to have that new kid on the block accompanied by that old uncle... By the way... Congratulations Boeing!
222 AirlineCritic : I believe LEDs are fast, if measured in turn on/off times. But this is true. Traditionally, LEDs have been very low power, and only recently we have
223 Teme82 : This might be a bit stupid question but is there any in flight footage at all on the net from the first flight?
224 Post contains links Dynamicsguy : On newairplane.com there's a video with some in-flight footage. What I'd like to find is video of the press conference, or at least a transcript. Thi
225 HAWK21M : Hopefully post flt inspection do not reveal many flaws. Congrats BOEING. regds MEL.
226 Glideslope : Agreed. Many will absolutely go insane when the 748 flies. Don't expect as much movement as the 788. She will flex more than the 744 however.
227 TN486 : A very passionate way of explaining your feelings, yes, the 787 takes ones breath away, looking forward to the day I see it in MEL. Incidentally, off
228 LTBEWR : This first flight of the 787 is indeed a great day for civil and commercial aviation. It is a major engineering advancement, one we hope works in the
229 Post contains links Nycbjr : Flightglobal has posted a Boeing image with the gear up if anyone is interested.. http://www.flightglobal.com/articles...ises-with-landing-gear-stowed
230 Post contains links Gr8Circle : Don't know if this is posted already....but CNN has a great slide show on how the 787 is built....not seen these details before.....bit long (40 slide
231 Gregarious119 : Dang she just keeps looking better and better. MUST FIND HI-RES for desktop wallpaper!!!!!!
232 MadameConcorde : Thank you for the link. She really looks like a long and lean bird in flight! I can imagine her whopping her wings up and down while she is flying!!
233 Jayeshrulz : Well, will there be a documentary on the 787 like the A388 did? and is it gonna fly everyday? or when is the next flight? 787-The Princess of the Skie
234 Gr8Circle : Wow! I'd be putting on my helmet right now, if I was in your place....
235 Stitch : The A380 is rightly called the "Empress of the Skies" in my book.
236 MadameConcorde : Concorde is the one and only Queen of the Skies. It will be a while - maybe never again - until we have any other passenger transport aircraft that c
237 Stitch : More like Jack Rabbit of the Skies. The term "Queen of the Skies" is synonymous with the 747 now a days which is why I christened the A380 "Empress o
238 Post contains images JoeCanuck : I don't know about higher position unless you're talking the buffet table. While being a heck of an achievement, pretty it ain't. It looks like someth
239 Gr8Circle : Well, the 747 is the true slow and steady queen in this pair.....the concorde was certainly faster, but, like I said, it "was"..... The 747 started c
240 Jambrain : Something quieter so I can hear those Trents on full chat!! I can't hear a good uncorrupted engine soundtrack on any of the vids I want one for my ph
241 Post contains links and images Viscount724 : If Pan Am was still around they might disagree. View Large View MediumPhoto © Dave Mills
242 Post contains links and images Stitch : Or that would now be adorning one of their A380-800s. Original Picture By Tengku Azaran. Livery Photoshop By Edney. Photo Hosted by Modified Airliner
243 Ikramerica : That's so awesome. But it has nothing to do with the 787.
244 Baroque : Indeed it does not, we are not amused. To quote a phrase.
245 Superfly : More like the Cheap Whore of the skies. The only folks that will be happy about the 787 is the bean counters in the finance department of airlines. W
246 Indy : Lets not forget larger windows and better humidity control. Or perhaps the way it opens up new routes. Not just longer routes but it also opens up sm
247 JoeCanuck : That's kind of harsh...If you insist on opening that door, perhaps you could rephrase it...such as, "fabulous whore at reasonable prices". No reason
248 Superfly : So in other words if I am on a 20+ hour flight from say SFO to BKK or BOM with a lot of smelly backpackers, I'd be able to smell their body odor more
249 Superfly : I'll stick with "Cheap" because the 787 will certainly be cheap to operate. Cheap isn't always a bad thing.
250 Burkhard : I love the title princess of the skies, it fits. Everybody dreams of the royal princess, until he is married to her and knows this is a nightmare. And
251 Superfly : Hey you may be on to something. I like that! Nah, the A350 would be the Evil Twin! So what would that make the TU-144? Ok, Ok, I apologize for taking
252 Teme82 : Yeah I was looking for level flight footage... pans from the side of the 787 to see how it looks like in level flight...
253 Tdscanuck : From a passenger point of view, much better cabin (which is all 90%+ of air travellers care about anyway). From an engineer's point of view...it's es
254 Baroque : And seven hour flight is going to seem just like a - er um seven hour flight, especially if you get squashed in the optional extra-sardine mode of se
255 Soon7x7 : Title "Plastic Fantastic" would have been more sufficient...Plastic that flexes that much scares me...when the aircraft touched down and they deploye
256 Astuteman : It will indeed. What really matters of course is how the aircraft performs as a system. I'm certainly interested in seeing that Rgds
257 SEPilot : I cannot share any nostalgia for PA; if any organization earned their demise they did. Pan Am was built on Juan Trippe's political intrigues and arm-
258 Stitch : ZA002 still looks to fly on Tuesday the 22nd. ZA001 is having additional equipment installed, so she might not be up again until after the Winter Bre
259 DocLightning : Except they have the flaps out...
260 Superfly : That all depends on personal taste. I respect the engineering that goes in to all aircraft. It's hardly a "wet dream" in terms of technology. I'd giv
261 Post contains images MadameConcorde : She came. She saw. She Concorde.
262 Ikramerica : B will be very lucky to meet expectations, rather than beat them. The reason is that the marketing guys saw how B tended to beat expectations, and se
263 Ruscoe : This is an area where a lot of work, independent of Boeing has been done. The low humidity in aircraft is a serious problem, leading to all sorts of
264 Dynamicsguy : That's something I've been really disappointed at from Boeing - the lack of photos and video footage. I would have liked to see that as well to get a
265 Stitch : Yup. The "road warriors" might start to make a connection that they are less fatigued after a 787 or A350XWB flight then on an earlier model, but for
266 Ruscoe : I agrre with both of you. Which is why I said it will become an industrial issue. I think the crews uniouns will be the drivers here, or perhaps even
267 PITIngres : You are correct; that is why we tolerate marketing people. It's their job to highlight these sorts of things, and turn them into active positives. (o
268 Tdscanuck : The incoming air is completely dry for all intents and purposes...in-cabin humidity is controlled, primarily, by recirculation, and humidifiers if yo
269 Post contains links and images Tdscanuck : Many folks have commented on how much the 787 in flight looked like the artist impressions from years ago, especially the wing sweep. Turns out, the a
270 EA772LR : How not?? The Concorde is a wonderful piece of engineering, but was never profitable.
271 DAirbus : Very cool. Thanks for sharing.
272 Astuteman : Since when did commercial considerations ever feature in what engineers "wet-dream" about? Rgds
273 Superfly : Again, you are looking at it from a corporate stand point. If anything, the 787 is a CFO's "wetdream". Hate to sound so sour about this new plane but
274 Baroque : So either you whack in stacks of water which costs as dead weight - unless they vaporise the grey water!!! - or you recycle a larger amount which get
275 Bond007 : They will only minimise or eliminate that when they build a plane that can fly from New York to Sydney in 4hrs, and get the world to agree on a singl
276 SEPilot : I can speak for myself in that I am a huge fan of efficiency for efficiency's sake. One of my engineering maxim's is that it takes a lot of thought t
277 Jayeshrulz : When is it gonna fly next any idea? Will it be shown too?
278 Tdscanuck : From an engineering point of view, there are a number of huge differences between the 767 and the 787. In pedigree, the 787 is closest to the 777, bu
279 Astuteman : Good for you my friend - don't we all. Concorde was as efficient as the edge of technology would allow back then. That it was a commercial failure is
280 Stitch : Concorde was not undertaken just for the hell of it. Studies around the world said supersonic travel was the future and the future would start around
281 Superfly : Super-sonic transportation was the next logical step in aviation.
282 PlunaCRJ : Yes: practically standard 3-3-3 seating in Y in a cabin that is narrower than the 777's.
283 N93109 : Love the roar of those engines. Glad they couldn't suppress the buzz saw afterall at least from the outside ear.
284 Dynamicsguy : The standard seating arrangement for the 787 is 8 abreast, not 9.
285 JoeCanuck : I'm guessing there will be more 9 abreast 787's than 8.
286 Dynamicsguy : On what basis? Of the carriers which have ordered the 787, what proportion of them operate similar high-density configurations for their current airc
287 Superfly : YIKES! Which is still more cramped than an existing 767 which is 7 abreast in coach. Looks like I'll end up going through the trouble to connect in m
288 Nomadd22 : The 787 is around 30" wider than the 767. Maybe you should stop spouting until you do 30 seconds worth of research.
289 JoeCanuck : The 350 is touted as a 9 abreast airliner. The cabin width of a 787 is less than 4" narrower than the cabin of the 350. Considering very few passenge
290 Post contains links Dynamicsguy : I may have to stand corrected if this article from a few years ago is anything to go by: So it looks like you're right, even if Boeing considers (or
291 JoeCanuck : It's kind of an a.net thing that the 350 will be super comfy at 9 abreast and the 787 will be as cramped as a clown car when they have, virtually, the
292 Vctony : The area where I notice the most difference between the 737-X and the A32X is in the aisle. Even then, the difference is minuscule. I'm sure with a s
293 Astuteman : Where do you get this number from? The 787 has a cabin 5" wider than the A330. The A350 has a cabin 12" wider than the A330. My maths struggles to ma
294 N93109 : I am still not appreciating why the A350 is being regaled when it has a fuselage smaller than the 777. Can someone recap what the diameter is of a 777
295 Post contains links JoeCanuck : Some of my original info came from wiki...and the info has been correct, as far as I can discover. I've chosen other sources for this post; http://www
296 PlanesNTrains : Touche' . -Dave
297 JoeCanuck : Check the math.
298 Astuteman : I did the same check, Joe, and it does appear that the gap in cabin width between the 787 and A350 is 5", and that between the 787 and A330 is 7", so
299 JoeCanuck : Things will change further with the inevitable adoption of Thompson seats, or something of their ilk. The only thing which is assured is that airlines
300 Baroque : I am confident you know more of this than I but I had a memory (perhaps faulty) that the last time this was discussed, a pilot commented that some cu
301 Stitch : Clearly it depends on the configuration. Comparing an eight-abreast A330 with an eight-abreast 787, the 787 is more comfortable. Just as a ten-abreas
302 Pnwtraveler : Don't forget cabin width has to be measured at the same location to be meaningful. Shoulder or elbow level is the widest parts of a seated person (wel
303 Jfk777 : All of those planes were leading technology when they came out and since 1970 bigger the their predecessors, the "Dream" is flying farther nonstop by
304 BillReid : I am appalled and puzzled by your attitude. This was a B787 thread, not a thread for Airbus employees bash the B787 thread! Your first aircraft menti
305 Tdscanuck : You're memory item is correct, but the implication of a degree of control isn't. It's got to do with the way cabin pressurization is scheduled. The l
306 Superfly : Since when did I work for Airbus? Didn't mean to snap you out of a "Dream". "Logic"? I simply stated that I don't understand what's so groundbreaking
307 YXwatcherMKE : I've tried to find anywhere if there is any time table to when the other 5 test airframes will join N787BA? I am so so very happy to see this beautifu
308 Allegro : Exactly ... almost every remark SuperFly has made is just for incendiary purposes ... clearly he has not done his research ... just making himself lo
309 Evomutant : Which doesn't stop this Boeing employee doing the same back... FWIW. I can see both sides of this. On the one hand, it is neat that is the first civi
310 Superfly : Even though I repeatedly stated that I respect the engineering that has gone in to this aircraft? Exactly! Glad to hear an actual Boeing employee com
311 Tdscanuck : I don't understand what about "Dreamliner" you think implies groundbreaking. Lots of internet scuttlebut says ZA002 will fly next week. I haven't see
312 Astuteman : The 787 is a truly remarkable aircraft. It's great to see it finally flying. It's a great achievement for all concerned, and one they would be proud
313 Baroque : Might be interesting to find out what is done once the costs of the "extra" couple of thousand feet are calculated. The "extra feet" also increases t
314 Tdscanuck : I'm not sure there are any...pressurization is maintained on the back end of the flow, by the outflow valves. Increasing cabin altitude doesn't reall
315 Post contains links and images CMD777300ER : ? Question: Has anyone else noticed in the video from http://787firstflight.newairplane.com/ffindex.html the airplane takes off from runway 34L, but a
316 Adipasqu : " target=_blank>http://www.airnav.com/airport/KBFI) FF took off from KPAE on 34L. Landing was at KBFI on 13R (southbound).
317 Stitch : It took off from one airport (KPAE in Everett) and landed at another (KBFI in Seattle). This was intentional and will be the same for the other five
318 Superfly : "Dreams" are used to describe the impossible and when dreams come true, it's usually considered to be groundbreaking. Efficient aircraft has been the
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