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Flying Into A New Decade: Irish Aviation 1/10  
User currently offlineKaitak From Ireland, joined Aug 1999, 13264 posts, RR: 34
Posted (6 years 4 months 3 weeks 4 days 12 hours ago) and read 14454 times:

Dia dhaoibh a chairde agus blian nua shona dhaoibh go leir!

Welcome to the first Irish aviation thread of the 2010s! It'll be interesting to look back on this a decade from now and see just how far we'll have come. We enter the new decade in the grip of an economic crisis and although the world seems to be emerging from recession, we probably have some time to go before we emerge, thanks largely to our banking sector. As the 1st January 2010 dawns, Ryanair is poised to make a third bid for Aer Lingus and Aer Lingus looks likely to ally itself with Aer Arann, in a bid to introduce some smaller capacity onto UK routes and fend off the Ryanair attack.

Transatlantic routes have suffered as a result of the recession and with the spectre of terrorism hanging over us, as a result of the failed terror attack on Christmas Day 2009, we have extra security precuations, which may well have a devastating effect on transatlantic aviation. I'm wondering if Aer Lingus might introduce a Canadian route, or find other ways of taking capacity off US routes.

What will the next decade bring for Irish aviation? Well, I guess that's determined very much by the speed at which Ireland emerges from recession., but I think also by the extent to which the ability of aviation to contribute to economic growth is recognised at government level; I hope to see a new focus on air cargo and to see aviation being recognised as a potential contributor to developing new markets, particularly in Asia. It's vitally important to be aggressive in developing new markets.

How will Low Cost airlines fare this decade (how will their fares fare?); will FR, U2 and others still dominate? How much of a threat to aviation will environmental issues be and will aviation still be very much a "whipping boy" for the environmental movement?

There are massive challenges ahead for aviation everywhere, but what are our hopes for it and its ability to contribute to Irish society and economic growth?
- That aviation will be successful in developing new technologies - minimising CO2 output, using cleaner fuels (or synthetic fuels), being seen as "friends of the environment", not something that's automatically bad - and clearly, that's hugely important for an island economy like Ireland's.
- That the aviation technology can be developed that will make peripheral markets like Ireland much more easily and economically accessible, both for passengers, and also for exports.
- That we complete another decade of zero fatalities for Irish airlines, and finally,
- Go mbeidhimid anseo ag an am seo sa bhlian 2020!


(Here's the link to the last thread of the noughties:
Frosty The (Irish) Snowman Irish Aviation 33/09 (by BestWestern Dec 19 2009 in Civil Aviation))

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User currently offlineKaitak From Ireland, joined Aug 1999, 13264 posts, RR: 34
Reply 1, posted (6 years 4 months 3 weeks 4 days 12 hours ago) and read 14454 times:

And this is also the first A.net thread of the new decade too!

Happy new year folks!

User currently offlineOA260 From Ireland, joined Nov 2006, 30069 posts, RR: 59
Reply 2, posted (6 years 4 months 3 weeks 4 days 11 hours ago) and read 14455 times:


Well done Kaitak right on schedule, was wondering if you had that planned lol...

Heres to a better 2010 in Irish aviation.

User currently offlineNeutral From Ireland, joined Nov 2007, 312 posts, RR: 0
Reply 3, posted (6 years 4 months 3 weeks 4 days 11 hours ago) and read 14442 times:

Here's to a better year in Irish Aviation Happy New Year everyone.

User currently offlineOA260 From Ireland, joined Nov 2006, 30069 posts, RR: 59
Reply 4, posted (6 years 4 months 3 weeks 4 days 11 hours ago) and read 14434 times:

Tenerife Aer Lingus EI765 01-01-2010 00:50 Due At 0035

First flight into DUB for 2010 !!

Unlike previous years no SMS outage with the mobiles  thumbsup 

User currently offlineKaitak From Ireland, joined Aug 1999, 13264 posts, RR: 34
Reply 5, posted (6 years 4 months 3 weeks 4 days 10 hours ago) and read 14405 times:

Quoting OA260 (Reply 4):
Tenerife Aer Lingus EI765 01-01-2010 00:50 Due At 0035

First flight into DUB for 2010 !!

EI 765 arrived at 00.44; EI 647, arrival at 23.50, the last arrival of 2009.

How's the weather at DUB at the moment? I spoke to my bro just after midnight and he said it had been snowing heavily.

User currently offlineOA260 From Ireland, joined Nov 2006, 30069 posts, RR: 59
Reply 6, posted (6 years 4 months 3 weeks 4 days 10 hours ago) and read 14399 times:

Quoting Kaitak (Reply 5):
How's the weather at DUB at the moment?

Not sure if its snowing in DUB? Here on the Down/Louth border its very cold and icy and some black ice. Last night was terrible with storm force icy winds. I know that parts of Wicklow were without electricity and some mobile masts were off air.

Lucky the winds were mostly overnight so dont think it would have caused too much flight chaos.

User currently offlineTeahan From Ireland, joined Nov 1999, 5446 posts, RR: 58
Reply 7, posted (6 years 4 months 3 weeks 4 days 10 hours ago) and read 14391 times:

Happy New Year everyone!!

In Kerry, it's a crip and beautiful night... but absolutely freezing cold outside.

Hoping for many good things for Irish aviation in 2010.

Btw a book about Kerry Airport was recently published: "Kerry in the Jet Age, Kerry Airport 1969 - 2009". An interesting historical background to the airport with photos from the early days. Also a small piece about Concorde doing a flyby at an airshow there back in 1984...

Goodbye SR-LX MD-11 / 6th of March 1991 to the 31st of October 2004
User currently offlineBestwestern From Hong Kong, joined Sep 2000, 8706 posts, RR: 57
Reply 8, posted (6 years 4 months 3 weeks 4 days 3 hours ago) and read 14324 times:

Dublin must be closed as shannon has plenty of diverts this morning, including 4 A330s from EI, one from Etihad and a DL 767 from ATL

The world is really getting smaller these days
User currently offlineVC-10 From United Kingdom, joined Oct 1999, 3727 posts, RR: 32
Reply 9, posted (6 years 4 months 3 weeks 4 days 3 hours ago) and read 14321 times:
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Strictly speaking the new decade starts next year!

User currently offlineDavecFlyer From Ireland, joined Dec 2007, 372 posts, RR: 0
Reply 10, posted (6 years 4 months 3 weeks 4 days 2 hours ago) and read 14300 times:

Quoting Bestwestern (Reply 8):
Dublin must be closed as shannon has plenty of diverts this morning, including 4 A330s from EI, one from Etihad and a DL 767 from ATL

Just seen reported that DUB is closed till at least 11.30 for snow clearance.

I'm in Swords (about 3 miles away from DUB) and it's a very light dusting.

By the way, Happy New Year to all!

[Edited 2010-01-01 02:03:31]

User currently offlineDavid_itl From United Kingdom, joined Jun 2001, 7808 posts, RR: 13
Reply 11, posted (6 years 4 months 3 weeks 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 14297 times:
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MAN has had US722, AA92 and DL164 divert in from DUB.

User currently offlineOA260 From Ireland, joined Nov 2006, 30069 posts, RR: 59
Reply 12, posted (6 years 4 months 3 weeks 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 14286 times:

Yeah quite a bit of disruption. 45 mins up the road and there is not a flake of snow ! Just a bit of frost.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

User currently offlineDavid_itl From United Kingdom, joined Jun 2001, 7808 posts, RR: 13
Reply 13, posted (6 years 4 months 3 weeks 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 14282 times:
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LX400 may be coming to MAN as well.

User currently offlineIrish251 From Ireland, joined Nov 2004, 1084 posts, RR: 4
Reply 14, posted (6 years 4 months 3 weeks 4 days 1 hour ago) and read 14268 times:

Quoting David_itl (Reply 13):
LX400 may be coming to MAN as well.

Is being vectored for approach to runway 28 at DUB. SAS4603 from OSL and DLH4CK from FRA also inbound..

User currently offlineSHAMROCK604 From Ireland, joined Sep 2007, 4374 posts, RR: 12
Reply 15, posted (6 years 4 months 3 weeks 4 days ago) and read 14245 times:

Quoting Irish251 (Reply 14):
Is being vectored for approach to runway 28 at DUB. SAS4603 from OSL and DLH4CK from FRA also inbound..

Airport back open since 1030am. Things are moving nicely again, with a minimum of slot delays. Several cancellations of early morning departures mean schedules are resuming with a minimum of fuss with everything in the right place.

The snow was also of the pellet variety which when compacted gets nice and slippy.... take care on the roads folks....

and happy new year..  Wink

User currently offlineTonymctigue From Ireland, joined Feb 2006, 1994 posts, RR: 9
Reply 16, posted (6 years 4 months 3 weeks 3 days 22 hours ago) and read 14164 times:
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Happy New Year everyone!

Seems that we're not off a particularly god start with DUB being closed for a period this morning due to snow. Lets hope it is not an indication as to how the rest of the year is going to work out. I think we can all agree that 2009 is a year we'd all prefer to forget for a whole variety of reasons. As always, our own pet interest has been particularly hard hit with swathing cuts at all Irish airports by all airlines. Best we can do for now is look forward to 2010 hoping that things have at least bottomed out during 2009. Anyway, here's to a new year and lots more new things to talk about.

User currently offlineWexfordflyer From Ireland, joined Jun 2009, 553 posts, RR: 0
Reply 17, posted (6 years 4 months 3 weeks 3 days 20 hours ago) and read 14085 times:

Happy New year to you all. Here is looking forward to all of the exciting ups and downs that Irish aviation and ireland will bring for the coming year.

The roads down around here around wexford and wicklow are lethal. It's a duvet day.

Come with me, there's a place I want you to see, where the leaves are dark, I've got a hiding place in central park.
User currently offlineTravelExec From Spain, joined Dec 2007, 449 posts, RR: 0
Reply 18, posted (6 years 4 months 3 weeks 3 days 20 hours ago) and read 14079 times:

Happy New Year to all...

1st flight of the year for me tomorrow - out of BFS... Anybody know how things are faring up there weather-wise? Between the airport, and the M1 to get up there from Dublin, I am feeling a little pessimistic for my chances...

User currently offlineShamrock604 From Ireland, joined Sep 2007, 4374 posts, RR: 12
Reply 19, posted (6 years 4 months 3 weeks 3 days 20 hours ago) and read 14063 times:

Quoting TravelExec (Reply 18):
Anybody know how things are faring up there weather-wise?

BFS all clear at the moment according to my weather source.... Wink

User currently offlineTravelExec From Spain, joined Dec 2007, 449 posts, RR: 0
Reply 20, posted (6 years 4 months 3 weeks 3 days 19 hours ago) and read 14034 times:

Quoting Shamrock604 (Reply 19):

Thanks Shamrock - there is hope for us yet...

User currently offlineShamrock321 From Ireland, joined May 2008, 1680 posts, RR: 1
Reply 21, posted (6 years 4 months 3 weeks 3 days 18 hours ago) and read 13990 times:

Happy new year to all!

I see QR are sending A319s to CPH this year, anyhope of a DOH-DUB with A319?

User currently offlineNibog From Ireland, joined Apr 2009, 329 posts, RR: 0
Reply 22, posted (6 years 4 months 3 weeks 3 days 17 hours ago) and read 13930 times:

A very happy New Year to all.

Can I say that I am looking forward to the thaw!!!!,mind you all over Christmas having an outdoor chill was very handy!!!

Quoting Shamrock321 (Reply 21):
see QR are sending A319s to CPH this year, anyhope of a DOH-DUB with A319

I couldn't see this,not now that Eithad have increased their flights.

User currently offlineBrianDromey From Ireland, joined Dec 2006, 4152 posts, RR: 10
Reply 23, posted (6 years 4 months 3 weeks 3 days 17 hours ago) and read 13924 times:

Quoting Shamrock321 (Reply 21):
I see QR are sending A319s to CPH this year, anyhope of a DOH-DUB with A319?

I suppose it is not beyond the bounds of possibility, although I suspect that aircraft like the A319/A320s are used where there is small amounts of high-yield traffic to Qatar itself, surely an airline would need relatively high fares to cover the costs of an A319 on such a long route? I think Nibog is right, EY would eat them for breakfast. Speaking of EY, do they have any 2-class A330s?


User currently offlineKaitak From Ireland, joined Aug 1999, 13264 posts, RR: 34
Reply 24, posted (6 years 4 months 3 weeks 3 days 17 hours ago) and read 13919 times:

Quoting BrianDromey (Reply 23):
Speaking of EY, do they have any 2-class A330s?

They have some in a 22/240 layout, although it's not clear from the Wiki website which aircraft these are (or how many).


That said, the 777-300ERs, of which 6 are in service and 10 on order, are configured for two classes.

As for QR, I wouldn't discount them coming in; I wonder if they might consider flying cargo acft to DUB ahead of pax aircraft. Why be the second with a pax connection, when they can get a head start with freight (although I know, of course, that EY flies plenty of belly cargo on its flights; QR has a fairly decent sized network, bigger than EY by now I think).

25 Gosimeon : Things seem to be improving at DUB tonight anyway. Just wondering, will Etihad's new DUB lounge be open to all fliers for a cost? I have a feeling it
26 Nibog : I have to agree with you Gosimeon,I really wanted to use them for my trip to DXB in April,yet it worked out considerably cheaper to fly with BA,in fa
27 Atlanta : Hope everyone had a great holiday and an great start to 2010! Ouch! that would be a long flight in a narrow-body. But it would be an interesting servi
28 BrianDromey : Im sure it will out-do other lounges at DUB, although to be fair it would take very little to out-do the BD lounge and not much more the Anna Livia,
29 AmricanShamrok : What a coincidence, I just bought that book today. It's good enough-lots of pics including an EI 735 and a FR 732 at KIR together.
30 Shamrock321 : Etihad have fot 2 class A330s, in fact they dont offer Diamond class service to DUB, it was dumped shortly after he route started altough Pearl seems
31 BrianDromey : I didn't know that DUB is now a two-class service. I don't think there are many destinations left with sustainable demand for F. Perhaps the crew did
32 Kaitak : The EY aircraft would have had a two man crew, whereas the DL from ATL would have had a third crewmember.
33 OA260 : Yes I think so also EY would want to keep it exclusive. Will be great to have a top class lounge in Dublin. With good facilities brings other bonuses
34 Wexfordflyer : I remember a couple of months ago our 757 flight into KIR being delayed for over 2 hours because they were already expecting another 757 and could no
35 AmricanShamrok : Yes the apron is very small, which is why I'm wondering how much FR can possibly expand there!
36 EagleBoy : I had heard that when EI did DUB-DXB they actually made a profit overall due to the large amount of fright they took on each flight. USA-DUB-DXB was
37 Kaitak : Yes, but after counselling and breathing exercises, all the passengers enjoyed the journey! Seriously, though, I can't get over what a dog's dinner w
38 Post contains links EI787 : I've just come across this fantastic website which shows the live position of flights over Europe, including Ireland: http://www.radarvirtuel.com/ You
39 Shamrock604 : I think a huge part of DXB being pulled was the fact that US open skies arrived shortly after, and EI needed to open up new routes to the US to take
40 EI320 : Fantastic site, thanks for posting the link. Currently tracking a DUB-KIR
41 BrianDromey : Im not convinced that EI would ever have been as successful as EY are. EY have an impressive hub serving a large number of destinations on the Pacifi
42 Kaitak : Thanks for that; I've used that a few times and it's great for t/a overflights. It might not have been as successful as EY, BUT had it been better th
43 AmricanShamrok : There's an interesting movement in Shannon tonight - an Aer Arann flight RE4026 with the routing BFS-SNN-ORK. It's on the ground at SNN for 15 minutes
44 Shamrock604 : Arent Munster playing Ulster in Belfast?
45 Post contains links Teahan : Pretty good. There is also the Google Earth add-on for the Irish skies here: http://ei7dar.com/aircraft.html On a clear sky like today, lots of fun w
46 AmricanShamrok : Aww say nomore. Why did they pick BFS as opposed to BHD though?
47 BFSBHD : Yes they are. Bringing the Munster team back home after a nice beating .
48 BFSBHD : They actually flew into BHD this morning, but are departing from BFS. Im assuming the aircraft must of positioned up after arrival in BHD, probably d
49 EICVD : Speaking of sports related flights, I see WX are flying football charters now Glasgow Cityjet WX337 03-01-2010 18:55 Manchester Cityjet WX335 03-01-20
50 Teahan : I was a little dissapointed not to see a photo of the TAP A310 which is said have landed in Kerry in the mid-1990s. I know a photo featured in a loca
51 Shamrock604 : They have been for a while. With LCY closed for much of the weekend, there must be a good bit of aircraft downtime to use up.
52 EICVD : Didnt realise that, just noticed those 2 flights on the DAA website an thought it was interesting.
53 Shamrock321 : Back in work after a nice few days off over the new year! Bad start had a BD waiting an hour for their bags and 2 BYs wating 40 mins. No nasty passeng
54 Kaitak : Sorry, what's a BY flight? (I thought it might be Britainnia's flight code, used by Thomsonfly, but wasn't sure if they're still using this?)
55 BrianDromey : Hovering over the BY code suggests NEW: Thomsonfly (United Kingdom). you are quite right though, I haven't seen the IATA code used on departure scree
56 Gosimeon : Just think guys, 2010 is gonna be a very tough year for Shannon isn't it? After the end of March, all they will have in terms of year-long routes will
57 EI320 : I was down there this morning and the place was packed. There was 8/9 EI check-in desks open for what must have been very full flights to JFK, BOS an
58 OA260 : I hope not Im flying out Fingers crossed it passes over DUB without dropping.
59 AmricanShamrok : Definately. Just to put Summer 2010 in contrast with Summer 2007 (which was the busiest year for SNN), there's a huge difference: 2007 AGP - 3x weekl
60 Shamrock604 : That is frightening. Time to revisit our airports "policy" in this country. Its great for FR to have them all fighting over his business - not so gre
61 BrianDromey : I think so, unfortunately. I think it's fair to say that travel as a whole has taken a massive hit in Ireland as a whole, but SNN has taken a much to
62 TravelExec : Nice catch Kaitak - Is BA001 bookable from SNN? First flight of the year yesterday - U2 from BFS to AGP. 1 hour delay. In the end, the M1 was grand a
63 EI320 : SNN had an impressive range of US destinations when you look back - ATL, BOS, JFK, EWR, ORD, PHL and YYZ. It does indeed seem like an age. Britannia
64 OA260 : I think it would be great to go back to the SU days of IL's and A310/B767/TU154. SNN was like a mini hub for SU.
65 EI320 : "The planes with the weird writing" as I used to call them. I was too young at the time to recognise the significance of SU at SNN. I'm sure many mem
66 Aer Lingus : interestingly I think the opposite. While i do like U2, i much preferred their 73G's to the Airbus. I have never sat on anything more wooden-like tha
67 Kaitak : I remember them well; I recall going on a school trip down to SNN in Feb '85 (my God, that's 25 years ago next month!!), and I wrote to them to see i
68 AmricanShamrok : Even two dailys to ORD! Twas like a dream come true. Course it was way too much capacity but still That reminds me, on one of my monthly "airport day
69 OA260 : LOL... when I was growing up it was Greek with the E round the wrong way Has been discussed on her a few times about the SU days. Its an era that we
70 BrianDromey : The thing that amazes me is that in 23 years the A320 has been in service the cabin has changed very little, from an aesthetics point of view. The A3
71 OA260 : I know there were some Irish staff and some Russian staff, I remember the Russian staff at the gate. Also we were one of only a handful of passengers
72 Aer Lingus : I believe I read somwhere the BA1 crew check-in at LHR and then trek out to LCY so the transit time is considered part of their duty day. As a result
73 BrianDromey : Really??? Thats interesting. How long is a duty-day, for most carriers? I the situation also an overnight at SNN for cabin crew? looks like a 3/4 day
74 AmricanShamrok : Interesting...thanks for that!
75 TravelExec : My old school used to go to Zimbabwe every second year on a rugby tour. A bus to Shannon, and then SU to Harare via Moscow was cheaper than BA or Air
76 Tonymctigue : Ah yes, what a time it was at SNN. It was an odd partnership to say the least and it is correct to say that no one really appreciated it until it was
77 Post contains links Aer Lingus : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/de...Heathrow-the-race-to-New-York.html 4.40 Back on board, there’s a change of crew and the new captain comes on
78 Teahan : Flew SNN-CRL last night. Fully booked flight with only 1 or 2 no shows. Today's flight also appears to be fully booked. BVA will only be 3x weekly thi
79 M6480 : Just back in from our NYC trip. Good flight & service from EI as usual, apart from the TSA IFE crap on the outbound flight. Had a great chat with the
80 JWMD123 : Excellent website. Just seen that is shows SIA26 (SIA-JFK) flying north of Dublin. Cool. Will put this website into my favorites list!!
81 Pe@rson : Ryanair: "I think there will be great joy [when I leave], I think there will be dancing in the street at the idea of O'Leary leaving Ryanair. It will
82 Aer Lingus : I'm addicted to it now! lol. Saw some interesting ones overfly y'day and today. El Al 772, Saudi 772, ANZ 744. Its pretty cool following them on the
83 Post contains links OA260 : I also think in those days the Irish were different in many ways in their outlook on the world. Now most are on a conveyor belt to the same places. I
84 Shamrock604 : I had a good read of that article yesterday... hilarious, but I also think he is right. FR will have to change soon. Yeah, me too! Hooked! It also ha
85 BrianDromey : I know that it will never be acknowledged but this is what political interference gets a region. the government wanted to separate ORK and SNN from D
86 Shamrock604 : While it's relentless landgrab of europe continues, yes. The FR cost model (obsession!) needs to be instilled as it marches on throughout Europe. But
87 COEI2007 : ] If you keep fares between E550 and E1000 for long enough, people come to expect it, and EI would see no point in having a J cabin if thats all they
88 M6480 : Very true and that’s why I ONLY book with them when I see a good deal and that’s if it suits at the time, which makes for a marginal amount of bo
89 Post contains links Irish251 : It was great for enthusiasts and for those who were able to take advantage of the travel options it allowed, but it was surely of limited economic be
90 BrianDromey : Did the A310 not have at least an element of FBW cockpit? I know it had a two man crew, but was it still hydraulics, cables and pulleys. As for mater
91 Post contains links Aer Lingus : Indeed, an RAF EC-3D was the last off the production line http://www.flickr.com/photos/eggshelluk/3521899916/
92 Kaitak : Maybe it's better to see this in the context of revenue per square metre. At the moment, EI has a space between the cockpit and Y class which is not
93 Post contains links Kaitak : FR emergency landing at LPL; aircraft had been en route from LPL-AGA and had to turn back due to a fire warning; pretty much a non-event, well handled
94 Post contains links Aer Lingus : http://www.ryanair.com/en/notices/gops/091228-lpl-evac-4-jan-10-GB Emergency slides used. Wouldn't fancy packing them back into their packs after. Th
95 Greenjet : Yesterday was very interesting in the northwest with dozens of flights heading over. The perfectly clear skies combined with that website made for an
96 Kaitak : Has the "quoted text" system got it in for me! Anyway, I wasn't quite sure about the A310/A300-600; I didn't think it was FBW (a la 320), because the
97 Post contains links BestWestern : BD have announced schedule changes to Dublin and Amsterdam... First flight from Dublin now gets into London at 10am, and first flight from Amsterdam n
98 Shamrock350 : Aer Lingus were advertising their Gatwick routes on television this evening, pretty standard adverts but they should give Aer Lingus a much needed boo
99 Aer Lingus : Wasn't that because the FAA had restrictions on what routes twins could fly back in those days? I noticed EI adverts on the TV here also in the past
100 EI320 : Are these people crazy? DUB-LHR down to just 5x daily with only one morning flight. So basically the earliest one can expect to arrive in the city wh
101 OA260 : Although I presume they paid landing charges at SNN? Catering/fuel etc.. So must have added to it in some way. Saw the Irish one to Europe on Sky New
102 BrianDromey : In all honesty? Yes, I do believe BD to be absolutely crazy. How this looks like an attractive time-table that O&D passengers would actually use to a
103 Irish251 : My point was that transit passengers generate little knock-on activity compared to those who actually disembark at SNN and spend time in the region.
104 HeeBeeGB : LGW-ACE and LGW-TFS not bookable for July 2010 - Significant?
105 Post contains links and images Shamrock350 : Aer Lingus print advert: Also can anyone spot the missing logo in this Qantas advert? http://img704.imageshack.us/img704/6792/qantasadvert.jpg Both ro
106 BrianDromey : Seems like the LGW timetable is not quite finished just yet, my guess is there will be an announcement in the coming weeks. True. I recall reading so
107 Shamrock321 : CO22 tonight and CO23 tommorow is a 777, and the following days is a 767-400.
108 Shamrock350 : I'm sure I read somewhere that Aer Lingus was one of quite a few airlines that had originally ordered Concorde. I still think back to when Concorde u
109 EI320 : There's certainly a lot of tweaking being done to certain timetables, but not for the good of BD it seems. The third EI service to LHR will be boardi
110 Aer Lingus : To be honest that's really all it was. Commerical failure, exclusivity as a result and very expensive to maintain but boy what a machine. Comparisons
111 Post contains links OA260 : That would be nice to be on. Especially in J class. ---- Ryanair faces online pricing probe Airline rejects claims it is 'taunting consumers' with ch
112 Post contains links and images Pe@rson : A joke - for it's been known for ages, and this is just another rehash of it - from a powerless, biased, joke of an organisation. But what is to be e
113 OA260 : LOL... that is quite funny must admit.
114 Pe@rson : Indeed it is. What particularly irritates me is how organisations, like the OFT, broadcasters, such as the BBC (the issue was, for example, on its lu
115 JWMD123 : " target=_blank>http://www.breakingnews.ie/ireland/r....html 116 pax on board. 61% LF. M'OL wouldn't be too happy about that LF!!!!!
116 Wexfordflyer : Wow! I never knew this. Would be crazy to see Concorde in any EI colours. I wasnt around during EI's glory days so for me the idea of linking EI and
117 COEI2007 : Its just giving business to EI on the DUB route. It must mean the BD DUB base is closing to
118 Post contains links Sawtooth : Ireland West closed this afternoon due to "blizzard conditions", the airport had been open all Christmas carrying 20,000 in the period despite daily s
119 EICVD : Was that a saturday evening? Would have been the only time I saw it if it was.
120 Aer Lingus : Saturday or Sunday. Used to visit relations back then so it was either of those two days.
121 Post contains links ClassicLover : I don't think EI ordered Concorde... this list shows all the airlines that ordered the aircraft plus all the proposed liveries... http://www.concorde
122 Dstc47 : EI never had an order or option for Concorde. They did express interest in the cancelled Boeing SST. One of the crazier EI decisions, now more common
123 Shamrock350 : Thanks for the link, not sure where I read about EI and Concorde but it must have been a few years ago by now when I saw it. The old American Airline
124 AmricanShamrok : I see A3, CO and JJ have joined the long list of BD codeshare flights on DUB-LHR. Maybe the route isn't closing after all? Or maybe this wouldn't indi
125 Kaitak : I doubt if it was ever their intention to close the route; with regard to the early morning flight, I am surprised, but I guess it was a question of
126 Tonymctigue : Of all the crazy decisions that EI have made, that ranks only somewhere in the middle. I suppose that at least back in those days, one could forgive
127 EireRock : This new schedule of BMI's is running from January til March, so who knows what is ahead after that, it could be positive news, heres hoping.
128 OA260 : Would have been amazing if all those had have flown. Lucky I got to go on the BA one.
129 Wexfordflyer : " target=_blank>http://www.concordesst.com/history/o....html Great link., Really interesting to see Concorde in several different liveries. I knew th
130 Post contains images M6480 : If only back in the day..…. Sorry about the resolution, if I am doing nothing some day I will do a mock up of a EI one landing in DUB if I get my h
131 Shamrock350 : Would have been the best looking Concorde in the sky! Does anyone know if there is an official name for the current Aer Lingus livery, like British A
132 Wexfordflyer : Nice work
133 Post contains links Sawtooth : Headline in today's Irish Times: AER LINGUS and Aer Arann are in advanced talks about a commercial alliance that would see them operate joint flights
134 Post contains links Gosimeon : Interesting episode of Nationwide on Irish aviation here: http://www.rte.ie/player/#v=1063491
135 Post contains images Shamrock350 : Looks like easyJet still doesn't like Aer Lingus: Aer Lingus fares are incredibly high in the summer so easyJet are right. Some routes like Malaga are
136 Shamrock321 : Was working late last night so am still up and looking at radarvirtuel! AC TLV-YYZ jut went overhead. Amazinf to see the far eastern flights coming ov
137 Kaitak : It's probably just because EI hasn't launched its Summer fares yet; still, fair go - EI set themselves up for this. About time too; this really shoul
138 Post contains links JWMD123 : " target=_blank>http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/....html Whilst in terms of say ORK, I can think of a few routes that RE could serve for EI, with
139 Aer Lingus : supposed to be flying FR to LGW this afternoon. Looking bleak although FR have yet to officially cancel any DUB-LGW services EI have cancelled 3 of th
140 OA260 : Im due to fly to London tomorrow and Im getting a bit worried. Will have to see what its like tomorrow morning. Then theres the expected snow due her
141 BrianDromey : I don't think that EI would be interested in having RE fly from MAN, BHX, GLA, etc to DUB, possibly GLA to ORK though. I believe the idea behind this
142 Aer Lingus : I'm due to have an important meeting tomorrow morning regarding a possible job, so as you can imagine this is playing havoc with me.
143 Post contains links OA260 : Aer Lingus to rent huge Dublin airport hangar AER LINGUS is to rent the largest hangar at Dublin airport to centralise its aircraft maintenance operat
144 BrianDromey : Interesting. 2.25 million p.a. seems a lot to pay just to "centralise" DUB-based functions. Surely a hanger of that size would not be necessary, mayb
145 EI320 : This certainly marks a major change in direction for EI. Instead of launching point-to-point services from new bases they seem to be concentrating on
146 Aer Lingus : Maybe they are planning on cancelling the contract with that French firm for heavy maintenance, wasn't there recently standard of work issues with th
147 DavecFlyer : It's been snowing heavily for about an hour here now and the EI133 has just returned to stand, having been at the holding point for a long time waiti
148 EI787 : Just listening to DUB ATC - the runway will be closing shortly for 2 hours. Braking condition unreliable. Many flights diverting to SNN.
149 AmricanShamrok : Shannon diversions so far: Malaga Aer Lingus EI583 06-01-2010 14:45 Warsaw Aer Lingus EI369 06-01-2010 14:50 Zzf (unknown) Aer Lingus EI363 06-01-2010
150 DavecFlyer : The EI40X from Rome diverted to Aldergrove and I also heard the AF5008 going to Shannon. It's totally clear now weather wise with a lovely blue sky!
151 AmricanShamrok : Looks like FR7075 from LBC is en route to ORK. Runway to "officially" close in about 2mins after next departure (LH4981) according to ATC...[Edited 20
152 Shamrock350 : Aer Lingus cancelled all their flights from Gatwick today, doubt tomorrow is going to be much better. Aer Lingus are taking their time discounting sum
153 AmricanShamrok : Looks like NOC is closed now too? FR8202 (BRS-NOC) is diverting to ORK...[Edited 2010-01-06 08:26:49]
154 Sawtooth : Is SNN full?, pain for the pax being bussed up from ORK!
155 AmricanShamrok : SNN has taken 6 as far as I know, and combined with its own traffic it's surely near apron-capacity now? ORK has taken 4 FRs by the looks of things..
156 BrianDromey : Looking on Google Earth there would appear to be 16 stands at SNN, of course some are by the cargo hangers, quite a distance from the terminal and ot
157 Neutral : Dublin now closed till at least 8pm and will only re-open weather permitting.
158 Sawtooth : FR8143 LTN & FR807 STN still on the ground at NOC as LTN/STN closed according to their website so the runway must be closed. Virtually nothing moving
159 Tonymctigue : I thought airlines were not obliged to compensate passenger for delays oustide the control of the airline? All I know is that I'm disappointed not to
160 BFSBHD : Just two diversions that im aware of up here from DUB. The SAS from CPH and an EI 320 have diverted into BFS.
161 Aer Lingus : Well i'm just back from DUB having had my flight cancelled. Actually i'm quite annoyed to be honest. Having been monitoring the situation on my compu
162 Aer Lingus : I wonder how many piles of snow will DUB have later this evening or tomorrow? Yesterday there were four piles of snow roughly three metres in height n
163 LUPOR1D : Whatever about that, but I pity the poor pax on the BRS-NOC flight which diverted to cork!!
164 Aer Lingus : There was four when I left.
165 CarbHeatIn : I don't mean to sound harsh but you're flying Ryanair... Suck it up or pay to fly a proper airline. DAA only provide info they receive from FR. The d
166 ThrottleHold : The DAA only provide the info that the airline passes onto them. Even that amount of contmination can have a detrimental effect on performance. Howev
167 Aer Lingus : I'm well aware of the breaking co-efficient minima. I'm not referring tot hat. My point was that given the amount was so small and that it wasn't eve
168 OA260 : Hopefully it will be back to normal tomorrow , I will probably head to the airport anyway and see if the flight goes.
169 Shamrock321 : I agree, I think your speaking in anger Aer Lingus. I have to agree with alot of your points however, it is a sham that the country has stopped becaus
170 Aer Lingus : Indeed. Considering I had an important job meeting to attend in central London in the morning I am more frustrated than usual. Now it is cancelled fo
171 OA260 : True although I have to say some parts are worse than others. Here it was just white icy roads and heavy snow around 1pm this afternoon. Nothing sinc
172 Post contains links and images EI320 : Headed to SNN the minute I heard that DUB was closing, pretty hectic down there. There were 8 EI's on the ground at one stage, 6 diverted 320's, the 3
173 CarbHeatIn : It seems like the small amount of precipitation has frozen, turning the runway into the proverbial ice rink Another Guinness?
174 Shamrock321 : Listening to DUB ATC, they hope to have runway open in 10 minutes. Was listening to SK536, female pilot wanted to know if she could taxi and be first
175 M6480 : 5 aircraft holding at the moment. I would hate to be on the BOS flight earlier, they made it to the runway, then had to go back to the gate!
176 Shamrock321 : My freind was crw on that flight, there was only 22 passengers on it. They sat for 8 hours and then sent home! She will go to BOS tomm. OA are you fly
177 OA260 : Where did that quote come from ? lol... must be the snow ! No Aer Lingus to LGW !! I wish it was BMI to LHR . Checked in online anyway so will just g
178 BrianDromey : There is always some fool! Last night there was a stranded taxi at the bottom of our street. Taxi driver was just standing in the middle of the very
179 Shamrock321 : SK536 lined up and waiting on 28, BD127 cleared for ILS approach. FR flights from RZE, MAN, ORK all in the hold. RYR6NS also in the hold. BD being use
180 Shamrock321 : So running OK now, SK536 just went over my house and FR4444 to KIR just gone aswell. All controllers and pilots in good spirits.
181 M6480 : Its excellent, I can’t get away from it!
182 Shamrock321 : BD landed and stand occupied by EI A320, BD captain not happy, he said passengers on board for 8 hours! EI109 pushed they gave him that stand!
183 OA260 : Thats mad.
184 Shamrock321 : EI333 SXF-DUB on the way back from SNN, anyone know of the passengers were bussed?
185 AmricanShamrok : EI109 took off there about 25mins ago - 5 hours late. They're hoping to make up 3 hours by the return tomorrow morning according to aerlingus.com.
186 OA260 : Well said and totally agree time to truce. I do understand that a missed opportunity for a job is very upsetting and have been there myself in 2009 w
187 Post contains links DavecFlyer : I was listening to the braking action discussion live on ATC. ATC reported that the fire crew could not determine the level of braking action due to
188 DavecFlyer : Just on that particular flight, he was at the holding point for a long time waiting for a gap in inbounds to take off. It was just at the time when t
189 BestWestern : Not the airports responsibility to provide busses and tow trucks. have you not read the multiple threads here over the last few weeks - most of them
190 DavecFlyer : Yes, of course. That was a stupid thing for me to say
191 OA260 : You think someone would invent an under runway heating mechanism, like under floor heating in a house but on a larger scale. Maybe it exists already?
192 Post contains links and images EI320 : What a mess.... Don't think there's been this much disruption since the time of the DUB ATC failure in 2008. No snow forecast for the DUB area tomorro
193 OA260 : Thats the best news ive heard all day
194 Irish251 : OT on an aviation forum, but after the heavy snow showers most roads around Dublin City were frozen solid with no gritting/salting yet in place. Even
195 Eirbus06 : It's reported on another site that there were only 38 pax on board so 1 coach should be ok! Thats a long journey though.
196 EI320 : Forecast looks good for LGW too, for the first half of the day at least. The Turkish 738 is on it's way back up to DUB, this radarvirtuel is fantasti
197 CarbHeatIn : Quite common, happens all the time. The assessment of runway surface friction characteristics is an inexact science that both the FAA and EASA are cu
198 Ei2ksea : Ah yes, I was in that queue myself heading to BOS. Seemingly an A332 was subbed for an A333 so all manner of havoc occured for what was a full flight
199 EIDAA : My parents were on the RYR7094 (DUB - MJV) today and sat on stand in the aircraft for over 4hrs before finally having the flight cancelled and deplane
200 OA260 : Bit of a mess again this morning. Nightmare journey to DUB from Newry. BE/UB cancelled services without telling anyone and finally got a bus from Dund
201 BestWestern : Quick thinking... If you are nice to the staff, they will be nice back...
202 M6480 : Dubai Royal Flight - B747-200 - A6-GDP Its just leaving DUB
203 Eirbus06 : Just annouced that Ireland west airport knock is now CLOSED for the day!!
204 Post contains links Sawtooth : Derry also closed this morning. http://www.rte.ie/news/2010/0107/weather.html
205 Post contains links Aer Lingus : http://www.rte.ie/business/2010/0107/ryanair.html Aer Lingus confirms start of United venture Aer Lingus has formalised its code-share agreement with
206 JWMD123 : Just checked on their website and flights between MAD and Washington are bookable. Mind you, not cheap. Return flights in May nearly €1,000 per per
207 OA260 : Yes there were two on the desk one from Dublin one from the North lovely girls made a few phone calls to make sure the 1045 was also cancelled then a
208 Shamrock321 : Good to hear EI staff handling the crap in such a good way! I got hammered over christmas and spent much of it working on my own, and had yesterday to
209 Pe@rson : Most of their financial announcements have shown this...
210 AmricanShamrok : SXL and WAT are closed now in addition to NOC. CFN and GWY are open but with significant delays according to aerarann.com...[Edited 2010-01-07 06:25:4
211 BFSBHD : Weather causing more havoc north of the border today again. BHD closed to inbounds due to freezing fog atm. Three Ryanair's have diverted to BFS alrea
212 Wexfordflyer : Just heard a woman on liveline singing EIs praises as to how they dealt with delays yesterday. I only half caught it but something to do with sending
213 Eiegaa : I see BHD is still closed. I work in the city centre and the fog has been really bad since about lunchtime. Visibility must only be about 100 metres.
214 M6480 : I see a B763 of Onmi Air is doing the BOS as EI-137 - N342AX How can they be short of a 330?[Edited 2010-01-07 08:49:37]
215 EIBoston : Not sure why they are short to be honest. I do notice from the EI website that the 137 is scheduled to go on to JFK after BOS. So what happens to the
216 Post contains links Sawtooth : The company behind www.harbourair.ie are having problems with planning permission, still aiming to launch in 2010 though. Could be useful if the snow
217 Shamrock321 : You will always get people who see things for what they are on days like this, staff will do all they can which sometimes can be very little! Then you
218 BFSBHD : The pax are being transferred up to BFS. BFS departures board showing final call at a few gates for the Ryanair flights. At least one Flybe has diver
219 BestWestern : And the passengers who are polite and understanding to the ground staff get treated better than those who jump up and down like a six year old after
220 Eiegaa : Must be getting a bit busy up at BFS!
221 EI320 : Red Bull gives you wings........need I say more? If this operation is as shoddy as their website I think I'd rather walk.
222 Shamrock321 : Its true, and the same in any sort of customer service envoirment, if you are nice, staff will do al they can to help. Being nasty gets you no where a
223 BFSBHD : So busy they've actually ran out of de-icing fluid and are taking no more diverts!
224 BestWestern : Wonder if this will be more widespread over the next few days - nobody expected a 30 day sub zero winter season.
225 Kaitak : Just wondering if there's any word on what DL will be operating from ATL to DUB this Summer; I know they have some A330s based in ATL ... might be pos
226 EICVD : Thought that myself. The Dubai racing carnival starts soon so I guess that was the reason for it arriving.
227 CarbHeatIn : RE's evening ORK-BHD-ORK canceled[Edited 2010-01-07 11:22:07]
228 OA260 : Not sure never seen it before. Just here sitting at LGW EI 249 back to Dublin now leaving at 2130 , not too bad considering. Hoping no last minute ca
229 EICVD : I guess LGW re-opened earlier than it was due too. Thought it was closed untill 2200 for arrivals.
230 Shamrock321 : Your flight showing delayed until 2255 on DUB website OA, thank god you didnt get messed up today, will we be treated to another trip report? Ill have
231 Kaitak : I was on that flight (249) coming home just before Christmas and there were quite a lot of U2 cancellations there, including flights to Berlin and Mu
232 Tonymctigue : Oh to be that lucky. Any chance to fly a DC 10 nowadays must be cherished.
233 Post contains links Kaitak : Another part of the Mannion "legacy" to be swept away ... http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/...nance/2010/0108/1224261896206.html Aer Lingus is to r
234 OA260 : Just out of bed ! Had a bit of a performance last night , we were all in the holding area near the shops in Gatwick South then the flight kept saying
235 Post contains links Teahan : Confirmation of the 'end' of the Gatwick base. Down to 3 aircraft with only the Irish routes (including a new LGW-OR and AGP remaining. http://www.inv
236 OA260 : Shame to see it go , unfortunately it didnt work for them. Easyjet must be pleased.
237 Teahan : And I'm wondering how long until Ryanair announces more flights LGW-ORK (presently 1x daily).
238 Post contains links Sawtooth : Not a complete closure, DUB, NOC, AGP & a new ORK route to survive according to this release with 3 aircraft. I thought LGW could work once the brand
239 DavecFlyer : Cheers for the info CarbHeath. I had a divert to Marseille from Nice one night and he was sitting behind me. We were waiting around for a couple of h
240 EI320 : Gatwick has turned out to be somewhat of a disaster for EI, a shed load of money lost and sweet FA gained. Effectively the end of the base really, jus
241 Shamrock350 : Very disappointed about the Gatwick base, I thought given time it could have worked quite well for Aer Lingus but obviously Christoph Mueller has a ve
242 EI320 : I was thinking the same. EasyJet will want to drive EI off LGW-Europe for good so I'm guessing they'll make life as difficult as possible for EI on t
243 Wexfordflyer : This whole LGW thing is a bit of a shambles. For a base to be slashed as this has been, so soon after it opened shows that very little proper thought
244 Styles9002 : Criminal? Slight hyperbole? Or, are you advocating they be arrested and prosecuted for violating some law? As neither Mannion not Coyle are employed
245 EISHN : With the big cuts at LGW, BFS basically being stagnant, the cutting of IAD and LAX plus SFO (for the Winter at least), the muck up of Dubai, the depar
246 TravelExec : It might have helped if some of that advertising was spent in places like AGP, where the local population have flight to DUB, ORK, BFS & LGW and yet
247 COEI2007 : There is no agreement for UK staff to operate to DUB, ORK or SNN. 3 a/c to operate DUB, NOC, ORK and AGP seems a lot. I'd say a one or two of the oth
248 BrianDromey : That would explain why it was killed so quickly and why Astraeus were shown the door unexpectedly. Very random just to have the one Irish route. The
249 Kaitak : I was wondering about that; I was on a 320 coming into MAN on the 28th Dec, in Cat III conditions; we landed on 05L and rolled right to the end ... n
250 EI320 : Hyperbole, although I do think the decision made by Mannion to enter Gatwick was a wreckless and possibly a rushed one. Launching European routes fro
251 COEI2007 : Diversification outside of Ireland was mentioned by CM before, so there must be a reason for the cutbacks at LGW? Maybe Oneworld is on the cards? I'm
252 Neutral : Gatwick to Malaga is showing 3 daily after March,Dublin 5 daily,Knock once daily,Cork not showing yet,all the remaining European routes from Gatwick s
253 BrianDromey : It will be interesting to see if the aircraft serving DUB will originate in DUB or LGW. I suspect that the timetable will look something like this fo
254 Irish251 : There's quite a difference between "wreckless" and "reckless"! Thankfully, given Aer Lingus's excellent safety record, it has been "wreckless" for ab
255 Kaitak : Gosh, it's amazing that it's nearly 25 years since EI-BEM crashed; I recall it fairly well; it was landing at EMA and I think wing icing was found to
256 Neutral : The first flight is from Dublin on their timetable so it looks a Dub based plane From Dublin(DUB) to London Gatwick(LGW) Flight No Depart Arrive Days
257 BrianDromey : I wonder if the timetable will change over the coming days? If the aircraft were to be LGW based then arrival in LGW from DUB would not be before 100
258 EI320 : My bad, well spotted. And long may it last.
259 Kaitak : Thanks for posting that link; it's incredible; I've been tracking arrivals into LHR; bring the scale down enough and you can see the movement as it's
260 COEI2007 : I'd say DUB-LGW will stay as a DUB based aircraft as it allows an early arrival into LGW from DUB. There is no agreement for LGW crew to fly into ORK
261 OA260 : Yes I have alot of time for him, he was one of the last 5 passengers to board we were waiting for and was rushing into the A/C, the crew said to him
262 BrianDromey : It certianly has been an exceptionally cold winter here across Ireland and the UK, there are lows of -17C in Aberdeenshire. Fair enough, I was not su
263 Post contains links and images OA260 : Scotlands always cold even in Summer   DUBLIN AIRPORT: AER LINGUS passengers queued for up to an hour at Dublin airport yesterday to purchase ticket
264 Post contains links Kaitak : All aboard, settle down with a hot toddy while we de-ice ... Irishness Aloft: 2/10 (by Kaitak Jan 8 2010 in Civil Aviation)
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