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CO To Start IAH-AKL  
User currently offlineWeb From United States of America, joined Jun 2005, 437 posts, RR: 0
Posted (6 years 1 week 12 hours ago) and read 32702 times:


Who saw this coming?

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User currently offlineetops1 From United States of America, joined Nov 2005, 1172 posts, RR: 1
Reply 1, posted (6 years 1 week 12 hours ago) and read 32651 times:

Not me.Awesome news .Way to go CO!!

User currently offlinenewark777 From United States of America, joined Dec 2004, 9348 posts, RR: 27
Reply 2, posted (6 years 1 week 12 hours ago) and read 32665 times:

I find this tidbit more interesting than the route info itself:

"Continental is the first airline in the world to formally announce specific, initial route plans for its Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet."

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User currently offlineAirport From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 3, posted (6 years 1 week 12 hours ago) and read 32590 times:


Wow! I would've never seen that one coming. Way to go CO for thinking outside the box, I hope they find success in the new service. It sure aint your usual route announcement.


User currently offlinedavescj From United States of America, joined Jun 2007, 2328 posts, RR: 0
Reply 4, posted (6 years 1 week 12 hours ago) and read 32585 times:

Great news! But (to be picky) didn't CO serve AKL back when they flew to Melbourne and Sydney back in the mid 80s?


Can I have a mojito on this flight?
User currently offlineDualQual From United States of America, joined Mar 2006, 1043 posts, RR: 1
Reply 5, posted (6 years 1 week 12 hours ago) and read 32441 times:

Quoting davescj (Reply 4):
Great news! But (to be picky) didn't CO serve AKL back when they flew to Melbourne and Sydney back in the mid 80s?


I believe you are correct. Although AKL was a tag on from something else (HNL I think) and not non-stop.

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User currently offlinereadytotaxi From United Kingdom, joined Dec 2006, 4287 posts, RR: 2
Reply 6, posted (6 years 1 week 12 hours ago) and read 32381 times:

A new "chase the sun" route as NZ does from LHR via LAX.
Well done CO, wonder if it will attract European traffic down to Houston?

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User currently offlinecommavia From United States of America, joined Apr 2005, 13502 posts, RR: 62
Reply 7, posted (6 years 1 week 12 hours ago) and read 32320 times:

Wow that's cool.

Hopefully this also puts pressure on AA/QF vis-a-vis DFW-SYD.

User currently offlinejunction From United States of America, joined Mar 2005, 798 posts, RR: 0
Reply 8, posted (6 years 1 week 12 hours ago) and read 32318 times:

Big surprise. I thought DXB from IAH would have been first. Maybe not a priority anymore with IAD-DXB already flying.

User currently offlineUALWN From Andorra, joined Jun 2009, 3435 posts, RR: 3
Reply 9, posted (6 years 1 week 12 hours ago) and read 32276 times:

Exciting stuff! However, isn't Nov. 16th 2011 kind of too far in the future to commit to a service like this? We will see. Another thing: according to the schedule, the 787 will spend about 10 hours on the ground at AKL. Isn't that too much? Could they squeeze an AKL-SYD-AKL run (or BNE, CNS, MEL, whatever) in between?

User currently offlinepeanuts From Netherlands, joined Dec 2009, 1716 posts, RR: 4
Reply 10, posted (6 years 1 week 12 hours ago) and read 32191 times:

There goes the a.net theory that you must have strong O/D traffic to make a route work...  

I guess time will tell...

I believe a route like this will rise or fall dependent on the fuel price...even on a 787.

This will put some pressure on the competition for LHR, FRA, CDG passengers as traveling westbound is kinder to the body and the difference in mileage going east or westbound from Europe to AKL is negligible.
If NZ's LHR-LAX-AKL flight hasn't put a dent in the competition, this one may...

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User currently offlineSATexan From United States of America, joined Jul 2009, 291 posts, RR: 0
Reply 11, posted (6 years 1 week 12 hours ago) and read 32129 times:

Great News for Texas! IMHO a bad route though...

User currently offlineoneworld77 From United Kingdom, joined Sep 2008, 238 posts, RR: 0
Reply 12, posted (6 years 1 week 12 hours ago) and read 32088 times:

Quoting readytotaxi (Reply 6):
European traffic down to Houston?

I doubt it - for Europeans transferring in the US is not attractive. Much easier and more pleasant transfer experience via DXB/HKG for NZ

Of course sometimes there are no alternatives but since 9/11 and 'security' increases it's not as pleasant as it once was.

Well done CO!! The reason for a 787 is a route like this!

User currently offlineseabosdca From United States of America, joined Sep 2007, 7322 posts, RR: 7
Reply 13, posted (6 years 1 week 12 hours ago) and read 31988 times:

That route will be a great test of real-world payload range for the 787-8.

I would never have thought of it, but it's a great way for CO to leverage its new alliance partner NZ.

User currently offlineCOflyerBOS From United States of America, joined Jun 2007, 335 posts, RR: 0
Reply 14, posted (6 years 1 week 12 hours ago) and read 31883 times:

A cool route that came out of Left field for sure.

That said, I am slightly bummed as I was hoping NZ would start that route instead!

User currently offlineFlyingSicilian From Italy, joined Mar 2009, 1764 posts, RR: 1
Reply 15, posted (6 years 1 week 12 hours ago) and read 31748 times:

Quoting junction (Reply 8):
Big surprise. I thought DXB from IAH would have been first. Maybe not a priority anymore with IAD-DXB already flying

Exactly, and EK flies IAH-DXB non-stop daily, plus DL "originates" its ATL DXB flight number at IAH to try to siphon some traffic as well.

Great news on the Kiwi route!

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User currently offlineBMI727 From United States of America, joined Feb 2009, 16744 posts, RR: 28
Reply 16, posted (6 years 1 week 12 hours ago) and read 31743 times:

Great news for CO er, UA. Anyway, what do any of you think about the possibility of adding a tag on to SYD? I think that a single plane service from IAH could be more than a connection at LAX or SFO and a nonstop for some people, plus, the AKL-SYD segment could of course be sold by itself. If QF/AA start DFW-SYD, it could be a problem, but I wonder if UA could get any draw on such a route.

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User currently offlineUAL777UK From United Kingdom, joined Nov 2005, 3356 posts, RR: 1
Reply 17, posted (6 years 1 week 12 hours ago) and read 31699 times:

Great and unexpected news. One assumes NZ will codeshare. I just wonder though if the route out of ORD or EWR might be better, so as to offer better conections to the East Coast etc as opposed to having to back track?

User currently offlineCOflyerBOS From United States of America, joined Jun 2007, 335 posts, RR: 0
Reply 18, posted (6 years 1 week 12 hours ago) and read 31663 times:

Just read the press release. Funny how CO spun it to talk about this route representing how important the IAH hub will continue to be once (if) the airline merges with UA and moves the headquarters to Chicago. Was this a proverbial throwing a bone to the politicos who are upset about the proposed merger?

As for a tag-on to Sydney, I don't think it will happen. CO and NZ are partners and the press release states the connecting opportunities this route opens on both ends.

User currently offlineB747forever From Sweden, joined May 2007, 17805 posts, RR: 10
Reply 19, posted (6 years 1 week 12 hours ago) and read 31591 times:

Interesting route!

Why have they announced the route so early?

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User currently offlinebiggsfo From United States of America, joined Jun 2005, 3042 posts, RR: 6
Reply 20, posted (6 years 1 week 12 hours ago) and read 31590 times:

Quoting BMI727 (Reply 16):
Great news for CO er, UA. Anyway, what do any of you think about the possibility of adding a tag on to SYD? I think that a single plane service from IAH could be more than a connection at LAX or SFO and a nonstop for some people, plus, the AKL-SYD segment could of course be sold by itself.

They will probably leave the AKL-Australia connections to NZ.

User currently offlineLAXdude1023 From India, joined Sep 2006, 8378 posts, RR: 25
Reply 21, posted (6 years 1 week 12 hours ago) and read 31593 times:

Great for CO.

I actually saw this coming. It makes perfect sense with the 787. With IAH and AKL being Star hubs, it fits nicely.

It is what it is...
User currently offlineLAXintl From United States of America, joined May 2000, 29183 posts, RR: 50
Reply 22, posted (6 years 1 week 12 hours ago) and read 31546 times:

Good deal.

A Star hub to hub link.

Quoting UALWN (Reply 9):
he 787 will spend about 10 hours on the ground at AKL. Isn't that too much? Could they squeeze an AKL-SYD-AKL run (or BNE, CNS, MEL, whatever) in between?
Quoting BMI727 (Reply 16):
what do any of you think about the possibility of adding a tag on to SYD?

Why? You have a Star partner in Air NZ that can offer a whole bunch of connection opportunities. Why needlessly incur the added operating cost.

Quoting UAL777UK (Reply 17):
I just wonder though if the route out of ORD or EWR might be better, so as to offer better conections to the East Coast etc as opposed to having to back track?

How is the East Coast back-tracking via IAH?

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User currently onlineUnited1 From United States of America, joined Oct 2003, 7087 posts, RR: 10
Reply 23, posted (6 years 1 week 11 hours ago) and read 31463 times:

Quoting LAXintl (Reply 22):
Quoting UAL777UK (Reply 17):
I just wonder though if the route out of ORD or EWR might be better, so as to offer better conections to the East Coast etc as opposed to having to back track?

How is the East Coast back-tracking via IAH?

IAH is a great connecting point for traffic out of the East, South and Midwest and the west will continue to be served via the existing UA/NZ code share. I wouldn't be surprised to see UA/NZ form a JV at some point on flights between the US and Oz/NZ.

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User currently offlineFlyPNS1 From United States of America, joined Nov 1999, 7100 posts, RR: 23
Reply 24, posted (6 years 1 week 11 hours ago) and read 31463 times:

Very interesting. Defnitely not the first route I saw CO using the 787 for, but not a bad choice. Is this the first ever nonstop to the South Pacific from east of the Rocky Mountains?

Quoting peanuts (Reply 10):

I believe a route like this will rise or fall dependent on the fuel price...even on a 787.

Absolutely. Fuel could definitely kill this one...as it can with any ultra-long haul.

Quoting biggsfo (Reply 20):
They will probably leave the AKL-Australia connections to NZ.

Agreed. In fact, the only way this route can survive is with some beyond AKL connections. The market for AKL by itself, just isn't big enough. But if you throw in connections to CNS, BNE, SYD, MEL, etc, then you have a better chance.

[Edited 2010-05-26 10:08:54]

25 UAL777UK : Isn't IAH somewhat south based on what I have said or am I missing something?
26 Post contains links United1 : If your flying JFK-AKL its about 150 miles shorter if you connect through IAH instead of LAX. http://www.gcmap.com/mapui?P=jfk-iah-akl,+jfk-lax-akl[E
27 readytotaxi : just a thought, is there a strong cargo requirement US to NZ that CO can tap into to boost revenue?
28 Adam T. : You know what, yesterday I was just thinking how it would be cool to see IAH-AKL and wondered whether CO or NZ would first start the route. I am ecsta
29 jetsetter629 : Continental Micronesia + United's routes to SYD and MEL + AKL from IAH = New United strong presence in the South Pacific
30 UAL777UK : Point taken. I wonder if DL will respond and look to counter with ATL-AKL?
31 justloveplanes : Exactly, Behold the game changer - 787 - Global fragmentation coming up.....
32 ANstar : Perhaps to fend off comeptitors thinking of starting new AKL-USA services... like JQ/VA/DL etc????
33 peanuts : Doubtful at this time. The reason CO is starting this route is because of the StarAlliance connection. NZ will help CO to make this route work. Also,
34 ThePinnacleKid : Well at 7400 miles IAH-AKL it is still 1000 miles shorter than a DFW-SYD run would be roughly.... American additionally is proposed ordering the 787-9
35 BMI727 : DFW-SYD should fall into the range of the 787-9, and I think that the -9 is still slated to be the longest ranging member of the 787 family.
36 STT757 : This is very exciting, and just the begining. With 50 787s on order CO/UA have an exciting opportunity to exploit their leading postiion from strength
37 Post contains images fxramper : Any chance they'll try and tie in Air Mike to AKL or just the *A connection?
38 FlyPNS1 : Interesting idea, but I don't know if the demand would really be there. Plus, right now the only thing in Air Mike's fleet that could do it is the 76
39 CALPSAFltSkeds : Wow, I love the news. Will there be more coming with the 787? More extended thinner routes than the 772ER flies? More India, maybe from SFO? DXB? 1.)
40 ikramerica : This is going to be the Orlando/Miami express. 400nm shorter to Florida this way vs. via LAX. Pretty much a wash to the NorthEast USA, and 100nm+ furt
41 RJ111 : Is there an argument for it going via SFO in the future? I know IAH has better connections, but it's quite a diverstion for the west coast. Probably n
42 CALPSAFltSkeds : If anything, CO/UA would add service between GUM and SYD as it could be done with a 73G or a 752 if some units were placed there. The 73G swapout to
43 spdbrdconcorde : IIRC ...There was a law or rule where US carriers were not allowed to fly thru the Mexican airspace enroute to the South Pacific..One reason why the C
44 YULWinterSkies : Yeah, but it's quite longer. NZ routes its flights to Europe via LAX; if it would hurt them, they wouldn't do it. Neither New Zealanders nor most Eur
45 Post contains images justlump : Wow, we have over forty responses to this thread and no one has yet complained about the new UA/CO livery!!!!!!
46 Post contains images homer71 : Paint all of the 787s with *A livery...
47 Post contains images kiwiandrew : Wow ! I always thought that we would eventually see IAH-AKL , but not so soon , and on NZ metal ( or should that be 'plastic' in the case of the 787 )
48 airbazar : So you don't think there's significant demand between 2 *A hubs? Interesting. In addition, AKL-IAH-Europe is about the same distance as AKL-Asia-Euro
49 surfandsnow : Ugh, please don't remind us! Either way, it will be great to see UA back in AKL. I wonder if they might pick up the SFO-AKL route or one of the daily
50 FlyPNS1 : I'd be surprised if 10 people do IAH-AKL on an O+D basis. Obviously, connecting traffic on both ends will determine this routes survival. Not really
51 yellowtail : With the nice sked, I would not discount the LatAm feed. It will be brilliant for me! As someone said earlier...this might turn into the Disney expres
52 76794p : So what will the flight time be?
53 Post contains images Someone83 : It's still a hub-to-hub route
54 OA412 : I don't have the exact numbers, but I highly doubt that there is all that much demand between Houston and New Zealand. As you mention it is hub to hu
55 fun2fly : Great Route! It should do well on connecting traffic, the 787 will draw some, and the fact that NZ is downsizing A/C into LAX. Not that surpising of a
56 PITrules : Air Tahiti Nui flew nonstop PPT-JFK
57 Viscount724 : JFK-IAH-AKL is only 4 nm further than JFK-AKL nonstop. It's almost on the great circle route.
58 Super80DFW : I hope that this announcement will put pressure on AA to finally start DFW-SYD.
59 aznmadsci : Wow! I'm amazed with this routei like many, and even wanting NZ to have started the route, but now it's a route I will definitely have to do! Actually
60 timz : Nobody knows what ETOPS-or-whatever mileage they'll be allowed?
61 OA412 : I would be surprised if AA starts that route. I think that if anyone starts DFW-SYD, it will be QF.
62 homer71 : Flying time (someone check my math), assuming 17-hour difference in summer, 18-hour difference in winter: Summer IAH-AKL 14h40m Winter IAH-AKL 15h45m
63 Post contains images peanuts : I didn't say that. I was referring to the "general" a.net "wisdom" that a nonstop route needs a significant amount of local O/D traffic to make it wo
64 bastew : I'm sure they would have the time but it's not always the economical thing to do. The NZ - OZ market is pretty cut throat already. You have NZ and QF
65 aznmadsci : I don't know about the calculations, but AKL-IAH should have a shorter flight time than IAH-AKL, so your flight times seem reasonable.
66 Kaiarahi : They need a visa waiver or a visa. And the cattle-treatment transiting at LAX is the worst part of AKL-LHR-AKL on NZ. Watch for NZ to eventually do A
67 COEWR787 : I can see UA-CO going after the SFO - BLR sector using a 787 in not too distant future - the proverbial Silicon Valley Express.
68 STT757 : No, the reason why they avoid crossing over Mexico is avoid paying fees to the Mexican Government.
69 homer71 : However, there is a discrepancy between summer and winter flying times, maybe I have the time zones mixed up...
70 aznmadsci : From the "other" website,
71 CALPSAFltSkeds : I believe there's a charge for flights though Mexican airspace, not a ban. I've seen CO's IAH-HNL go over Mexico, but it must be a monetary decision
72 c5load : Are they going to use the 777 in conjunction with the 787 until there are enough 787s to make the daily trips? If so, will the 777 be payload restrict
73 Post contains links LAXintl : No such law. You just pay for the appropriate overflight fee. And the Hawaii flights also do as needed operate via Mexico. Here is one from this Mond
74 STT757 : According to rumors on the other site there will be two additional announcements forthcoming for the new 787s coming in 2011, my guess would be also f
75 seabosdca : The 777 and the 787 should do about equally well on this trip, assuming the 787 performs as expected. Under normal conditions either aircraft should
76 gemuser : Standard time: AKL = +12 IAH = -6 Standard time difference = 18 hours Northern Summer AKL = +12 IAH = -5 Northern Summer difference = 17 Southern Sum
77 yellowtail : So guesses? MAD DXB LOS ICN or somewhere in China
78 STT757 : The 787-8 does not have the range for IAH-SYD, otherwise CO would be announcing that route too. IAH-SYD is going to have to wait for the 787-9s.
79 OA412 : I don't know about LOS. I'm sure CO would like to start the route, but the Nigerian government has not exactly been open to granting US airlines freq
80 gemuser : I think it vey likely that QF will add SYD-DFW before CO/UA can add IAH-SYD. QF could do it now with current A380s, the IGW versions will do it easil
81 seabosdca : I think it's going to be very tricky even with a 787-9. We'll see where the 787-9 range ends up coming out.
82 BMI727 : I am not sure that QF could fill an A380 to DFW. I read somewhere that traffic from down under drops off a lot as you ,move east. Maybe if they end L
83 OA412 : I don't know. IAH-AKL is Star hub to Star hub. DFW-SYD would likewise be Oneworld hub to Oneworld hub. However, without a partner in SYD, CO would ha
84 DavidByrne : The Tasman route (between Australia and NZ) is extremely competitive. AKL-SYD currently has NZ, QF, DJ, EK, JQ, AR and LA operating it. I don't think
85 gemuser : QF don't need to "fill" the A380. The do need a higher enough load factor to make money. IMHO they can do that with a combination of O&D AND, mos
86 fxramper : Who will handle the a/c in AKL? You might see QF add the route before IAH-AKL; just saying...
87 BMI727 : But is there really enough traffic between Australia and the eastern portion of the US to really justify an A380? I think a 787 would be a better bet
88 zkpilot : Since it won't spend much time on the ground in IAH this will allow time for mx to be done... since NZ does its mx in AKL and will have 787s also it
89 gemuser : Yeah, you just might, but I wouldn't bet the farm on it. I really think so. Yes a lot of that will come from traffic that currently goes via LAX, so
90 Viscount724 : CO started their South Pacific service on May 1, 1979 but didn't take delivery of their first 2 DC-10-30s (actually the only 2 they bought new) until
91 robo65 : Yes Continental flew to NAN, PPT, AKL, MEL, SYD, BNE, CNS in the 80's and early 90's. The AKL service was discontinuned on October 31, 1993.
92 ash185 : Your correct. They flow 747s into AKL
93 ash185 : I wonder what demand will be like. I mean UA and CO are likely to merge (or not). If they do it will under UA name and CO colours. Just thinkin about
94 ash185 : Never mind that - just read it wilk be nearly 15 hour flight
95 JasonCRH : Actually, No. There's no way that Continental and Air New Zealand, or United and Air New Zealand, can have these conversations. They do not have antit
96 homer71 : Yes I did forget, thanks for the correction(s)
97 ash185 : If I were flying from UK i would be avoiding ALL US airports. But wouldnt CO like to codeshare on domestic routes or tasman? Doesnt UA already codesh
98 AF Cabin Crew : I don't remember the correct routes but I think they did LAX-PPT-AKL, they also did PPT-HNL and PPT SYD but I am not sure about that one.
99 StarAC17 : DFW is a better transit market for all of North America because it's AA's biggest hub with more connection options to the Midwest, the eastern seaboa
100 777STL : I guess we won't have to worry about the combined UA/CO canceling its order for the 787.
101 MCO2BRS : This is fantastic for CO, they will be sure to pick up a lot of traffic from the South/East coast that would otherwise transit thru LAX. I have always
102 USAirALB : I'd like to see them add a GUM-Mainland US connection.
103 Post contains links PITrules : Not sure about PPT-SYD; here are some route maps: http://www.departedflights.com/CO090485.html http://airchive.com/html/timetable-a...-maps/continent
104 worldtraveler : DL could very well add LAX-AKL using a 332 or even a 763T. precisely.... it's an attempt to dangle carrots in front of legislators at all the new ben
105 OA412 : I seem to recall that they also did LAX-NAN with continuing service to AKL or SYD, though maybe I'm confusing that with PPT.
106 Super80DFW : Of course I may be wrong, but if QF starts DFW, I wouldn't be surprised if DFW-LAX-DFW on AA metal is cut down just a bit too.
107 AF Cabin Crew : Thanks for all the links ! I can't see their HNL-PPT... I know it existed as my mother flew that flight, it was a DC10.
108 laca773 : No. I can't see NZ giving up one of their successful LAX-AKL flights. I for one, will go on NZ anyday over UA. With NZ already operating service on S
109 OA412 : Cool. It looks like I was wrong. They did not fly NAN from LAX, but from HNL continuing to SYD and MEL.
110 CALPSAFltSkeds : PPG was served for a few years (definitely in 1979), but discontinued due to low yields if I recall correctly. NAN, the other enroute stop for the DC
111 EWRCabincrew : We flew HNL-PPT, HNL-NAN, PPT-LAX, PPT-AKL. From AKL, we flew to MEL, SYD, BNE and HNL. Our CNS flying was from HNL and then on to BNE. It was a trian
112 motorhussy : You are indeed correct, I flew SYD-PPG in July 1980 and PPG-HNL later in the month, then HNL-LAX in August (it was a DC-10 Series-10 on all legs). Th
113 Post contains links United1 : United has ATI with Air New Zealand... actually has had it since 2001. Here is a good reference for who has what with whom... http://ostpxweb.dot.gov
114 EWRCabincrew : The LAX crews did the LAX-PPT-LAX flying and the HNL crews did the SYD-AKL-PPT-AKL-SYD flying. It was a 10 day trip for us (HNL-SYD (layover)-AKL-PPT
115 motorhussy : That's correct.
116 CALPSAFltSkeds : No way is it 10 across. The question is 8 or 9 across, but it looks like 9 across to me. The 787 is said to be about 5 inches narrower than the 772.
117 motorhussy : Surprised they're not looking at a Y+ for such a long route. It's very attractive option over these sectors and a good way of improving yield methink
118 kiwiandrew : I am pretty sure that in the very early days of COs AKL ops they did for a brief time use DC-10-10s LAX-HNL-PPG-AKL for at least some flights pending
119 laca773 : Since this was just announced and CO's configuration had probably already been mapped out. Perhaps they have not decided how much capacity Y+ will ha
120 BMI727 : I don't know what is going on behind the scenes, but I would be kind of surprised if Y+ did not survive the merger.
121 777ER : Y+ would certainly get my business with CO. Wonder when Air Mike will announce AKL flights
122 UALWN : NZ also flies AKL-HKG-LHR-HKG-AKL (same plane service both ways: NZ 38/39). And there's just no comparison between HKG and LAX as transiting points.
123 UAL777UK : I sure as hell hope so. I wonder with CO boys running the show if they might even consider making this a different class altogether, different meals,
124 tayser : MEL & IAH: BHP Billiton / Rio Tinto / BP / OzMinerals / RoyalDutchShell / any number of resource companies have very large presences in both citie
125 zkpilot : NZ has had a longstanding relationship with UA, and has recently begun a serious relationship with CO also. With the prospect of UA and CO merging, It
126 NZ107 : It's very interesting to see another airline on the AKL-USA market. If DL do start AKL, I'd like to see either the 764 or 77L being used. Would they t
127 Post contains images tayser : hold on a sec... ETOPS restrictions? All the current South Pacific - North America non-stops with the announced AKL-IAH with ETOPS 180 showing... Big
128 RJ111 : That'll be about a 200nm diversion with Etops 180. With Etops 207 that would go down to about 50nm.
129 Post contains images NZ107 : Maybe America can find an island halfway between PPT and the US mainland Interesting that even the great circle distance between AKL and LAX crosses
130 Post contains images tayser : Don't you mean Mexico?
131 DavidByrne : I made three return trips London-NZ involving PPT on some legs on CO in the late 1980s. My records show that on the PPT sector, flights in Nov 1987,
132 Post contains images NZ107 : Either or, it'll still plug the hole
133 ash185 : Yeah definitely natural resources and energy sector for houston route Yeah the 787 is perfect for new routes and current current routes that cant sus
134 Post contains images Fly2CHC : Do you think the guy at NZ who introduced AKL-PPT-DFW in the late 80s moved to the Network Planning Department at CO
135 laca773 : With UA's largest hub @ ORD, I see NZ adding ORD-AKL. In addition, I was thinking JFK would be a definite given but now that CO is part of Star, I se
136 NZ107 : Is *A's main New York hub in JFK or EWR, ie which airport has more CO/UA service?
137 gemuser : All things considered I cannot see a nation of less than 5 million people supporting non stop flights from AKL to LAX, SFO, YVR, IAH, ORD and EWR/JFK
138 RJ111 : Unlikely the 787 would be able to do NYC-AKL. And if you want to compete with EK on the NZ-Europe route, good luck to you. IAH should cover all of the
139 tayser : Although, they do only have to fill 228 seats (36 J as per their media release (assuming it will be 2-class with 198Y seats)) as opposed to 450 odd o
140 gemuser : True, but I'd still consider that more "risky" than an A380 from a country 5 times larger, the planes only twice as large! Not saying it won't work,
141 AA777223 : EK already flies the route with 772LRs. I don't know if COs ERs have the legs?
142 STT757 : EWR is a major hub, CO handles more passengers through EWR than AA, B6 or DL handle between EWR, JFK and LGA combined.
143 Web : Definitely EWR; CO's second largest hub is there, and neither airline has much presence at all at JFK.
144 Post contains images airbazar : That all depends on what aircraft you fly and how much of a GC deviation you need to allow for weather and ETOPS And weather and ETOPS No there isn't
145 ti717 : The 10 hour layover I would guess is for crew rest. This way the crews will have rest time and not get 2 day (on a 5 times a week schedule) paid holid
146 RJ111 : It's really getting boring having to point out that the 787 won't be able to make some of these routes being suggested. It's not an A345/772LR.
147 STT757 : Huh?.. CO has been a member of Star Alliance for a year now.
148 UALWN : Merger or not, CO is a member of *A, so there is a *A hub at EWR.
149 mayor : I thought it was just last October that it was official?
150 STT757 : Doesn't matter if it was yesterday, EWR is a Star hub contrary to what the poster in reply #144 stated.
151 aznmadsci : When CO announced they were ordering the 787s, IAH-DXB was early on their wish list, along with EWR-BLR and EWR-MAA or CCU. Instead, they first annou
152 Post contains images Jacobin777 : NZ's Fye has specifically stated AKL-ORD is one route they will be adding to the network once they get the B789.... No, carriers can't afford that. I
153 seabosdca : The persistence around here of the idea that the 787 is a ULH aircraft, despite endless threads on 787 range, really baffles me.
154 zkpilot : Possible but not likely. Even if the crew were to get 30 hours slip time that really isn't enough time for flights that are around 14hours length (if
155 mayor : I understand that, but since we're in a correcting mood, that's what I was asking you. It HASN'T been a year since they joined STAR.
156 Post contains images airbazar : My bad. I can't explain how CO's entry into *A has completely escaped my mind but oh well
157 Viscount724 : Not quite. October 27, 2009.
158 Post contains images aznmadsci : Well it sure does feel like it!
159 Super80DFW : CO would definitely test the waters with a 762 before a 787. They could right now.
160 tayser : CO arr in AKL at 5:10am as per their schedule dep AKL 6:30am arr MEL 8:40am, dep MEL 11:10am, arr AKL 4:50pm. (used current Qantas timetable of 4h10m
161 Post contains images Kaiarahi : It adds *A connections into the Eastern U.S., Eastern Canada (there's a surprising amount of O&D traffic to NZL) and direct *A connections into m
162 LAXdude1023 : No. It makes no sense without hubs on both sides. I think if CO wanted to fly to SCL, there would be no need to wait. If they wanted to, they would b
163 thomasphoto60 : Wow, great news for IAH and Houston. I try to make OZ/NZ every couple of years to see family and friends. I would love to make inaugural flight and th
164 Post contains images STT757 : Some visuals, CO at Auckland; UA at Auckland;
165 seabosdca : Where, if anywhere, did they stop? LAX-AKL is a long flight for a DC-10-30.
166 ZKSUJ : Are we up to 5 million now.... wow. I am suprised at IAH-AKL, but I suppose we'll see how it pans out. Stranger things have happened in Aviation...
167 STT757 : Honolulu.
168 SonomaFlyer : Where, if anywhere, did they stop? LAX-AKL is a long flight for a DC-10-30 They stopped at HNL
169 CALPSAFltSkeds : I don't think so. just ignore the date line confusion - the flights are about 14 hours plus a 10 hour t/a. That means two units can do it and leave e
170 seabosdca : Thanks.
171 Post contains links ash185 : http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/3747.../Houston-Auckland-flights-welcomed http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/n...ticle.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=1064792
172 DavidByrne : Or PPT, or, apparently, at HNL and PPG.[Edited 2010-05-27 17:23:52]
173 LAXintl : The 787 is being certified for up to 330-minute ETOPS. Not the traditional current 180/207 max.
174 COflyerBOS : The key to success will be the ability to fill the 36 bizfirst seats. With onward connections at both ends, I think this can happen quite easily. I am
175 onaclearday : This is completely incorrect. For pilots, at least, the required rest period after a flight of this duration is 18 hours. This 10-hour turn is most l
176 vin2basketball : My thoughts on the route: "At first glance, this route seems almost impossible to sustain. And it would seem so, especially because there is very litt
177 drerx7 : With the master plan of IAH looking alot like ATL I could see it being a formidable hub in the next 10-15yrs. To boot, Houston's economy is very diver
178 LAXdude1023 : Its not the local market their after because there really isnt one. Its the connections IAH and AKL can provide on their ends.
179 AirCanada014 : This is great news for CO, finally adding new destinations or returning to AKL. I never thought this would come at all. I wish them luck, lets hope th
180 bartond : Interesting point but let's face it - oil/gas companies in Houston are and will be for decades "hooked on" oil and gas. It's not a necessarily a nega
181 ANstar : Yup, NZ CEO this was a route NZ had planned witht heir 787's but due to delays it will mean CO will operate it instead.
182 motorhussy : Prior to receiving the DC-10-30's they used DC-10-10's and routed LAX-HNL-PPG-AKL and LAX-HNL-NAN-AKL. The Series-30's flew one-stop trans-Pacific fl
183 zkpilot : This maybe true but IIRC Texas is leading the way in the USA in windfarms and solar.
184 gemuser : AKL is not a "huge" hub. It is a Star Alliance and NZ hub, but "huge" it's not. Connecting traffic is not all that large anyway. Where is there to co
185 Post contains images NZ107 : I think there could be another reason behind it; that of publicity. New Zealand is known around the world as a 'clean, green' country. Sending the 787
186 worldtraveler : very well said and I completely agree despite people here trippign over themselves w/ glee at this new route. Opening a new route to the S. Pacific f
187 sunrisevalley : ORD is 700nm further and subject to many more traffic delays than IAH. Take a look at CO's route map, there is hardly a city of any size east of the
188 motorhussy : Huge in this part of the world, the only *ALLIANCE one for Oceania.
189 airbazar : That's not saying much if you consider that Wind power in all of the US only accounts for 2% of electricity generated. Solar is even less. On top of
190 sunrisevalley : Tayser...looking at the outline of the ETOPS/LROP/EDTO diagram , it appears that the alternates are PPT, CXI and MZT for the purposes of 180/205-min
191 LAXdude1023 : Actually there are alot of destinations that DFW serves that IAH doesnt in the US. But IAH has the upper hand in Latin America, so that might even it
192 Post contains images gemuser : And how do you get to CHC from N. America??? Gemuser
193 peanuts : Haven't you heard? DL is introducing n/s service from ATL to CHC, starting in 36 months...:D
194 Post contains images CAL764 : Me thinks some more exciting routes are coming
195 Viscount724 : Europe-New Zealand is also a sizable market and CO's one-stop routing via IAH will be almost as short as existing routes. CO should be able to pick u
196 kiwiandrew : True , but it would have to be majorly discounted to counter the disadvantage that there is no transit capability , ie all connecting pax have to dis
197 Kaiarahi : LHR is not exactly Europe. AKL-HKG-LHR-FRA: 10,494 AKL-LAX-LHR-FRA: 10,935 Avoiding LHR: FRA-ORD-AKL: 10,888 FRA-IAH-AKL: 10,991 FRA-YVR-AKL: 10,483
198 LJ : However transiting thru Asia has much less hassle than transiting thru the USA. There is a reason why the NZ wanted a flight via Asia to LHR and not
199 LAXdude1023 : It depends on the schedule. If the schedule arrives in the early afternoon in Houston, they might be able to. If it arrives in the early morning (whi
200 RJ111 : CO/UA won't capture much European traffic. Because... It's a longer route to LHR and anywhere East is even longer. CO/UA product vs EK/CX/SQ product?
201 COflyerBOS : You actually couldn't be more wrong. You should try a google search next time before you post such nonsense. Houston is the home to places like Chevr
202 Post contains images yellowtail : Hey, sounds like someone at City HAll should give you a job in promoting the City Good job!
203 Viscount724 : On a 10,000 mile trip, those mileage differences are meaningless. Good connections are more significant. And the UK is by far the largest O&D mar
204 Post contains links LAXintl : I have Boeing documents, but here are a few public links that make various references to 330-minute. Boeing Aero Magazine Article: "Boeing plans to c
205 GoldenJet707 : International transit baggage does not need to be claimed and rechecked in IAH. It is being transferred to the connecting flight automatically. You d
206 Post contains links yeogeo : Not in these days of reduced flights and additional runway. ORD has changed, if you haven't been in and out of there lately. In these March figures I
207 Post contains images kiwiandrew : That certainly is good to know and would make a transfer via IAH less unattractive , although there is still the hassle of having to deal with border
208 Kaiarahi : Agreed - except that connecting through IAH is the highest mileage, and offers fewer UK/EU destinations than HKG, LAX, and ORD. I still don't underst
209 aznmadsci : This been verified by others and posted on some old posts. I know this is true if you're doing a international-international flight while connecting
210 Kaiarahi : Thanks - it doesn't alleviate immigration, but at least it alleviates the carousel and rechecking zoo. On at least half the occasions I've transited
211 MilesDependent : The connections to Europe look pretty good. For example, if I was to travel AKL-CDG: CO: AKL-IAH 1540/1150 IAH-CDG; 1540/0815 EK: AKL-SYD-DXB 1800/054
212 Boeing747_600 : I hate to rain on everybody's parade but we're jumping way ahead of the gun here. Note that the article stated "with plans to begin nonstop Boeing 787
213 zululima : Anyone care to speculate on ticket prices?
214 CALPSAFltSkeds : The flight times have been posted. Of course, the market needs government approval and times are important for the application. My guess is CO could
215 aznmadsci : While I'm a bit biased, it's really nice to go through US CBP at IAH than anywhere else. I have usually seen a CO Rep near the baggage carousels from
216 alangirvan : If the flight starts as advertised, it will be at the start of Northern Winter, which is ideal for toursim to New Zealand. People may not think there
217 BMI727 : That is probably a worthless exercise, since even CO states that almost all pax will be connecting, so the tickets will be based on their total itine
218 ZK-NBT : Great to see a US carrier back in AKL! AKL Airport have visited 85 countries and put Business cases to 50 airlines to fly to AKL! CZ will fly here lat
219 alangirvan : DL and DJ/VA have their Joint Operation between Australia and US in for approval. With the DJ/NZ alliance on the table for Trans Tasman, it makes oth
220 MrSkyGuy : Something tells me this has more to do with COA/UAL selling the merger to Congress (and others) than anything else.. the route is great, but as for th
221 777ER : DL use DJ for Australian connections, so DL could use PacBlue for NZL domestic connections. Wonder if DL would also put their pax on DJ coded NZ regi
222 Post contains links LAXintl : International to International connections at several US airports don't require baggage reclaim. The secret it that both must be on the same airline.
223 kiwiandrew : Thanks for that but the examples you gave above are not actually connections - they are same aircraft through services ( PPT-LAX-CDG through same pla
224 LAXintl : No sir, its possible at LAX, and again the key is that it must be on the same carrier. For example, United Airlines has had in the past when its Mexi
225 Boeing747_600 : Maybe I should have clearly stated that I'd like to see schedules AND flight numbers WITH the opportunity to book flights. And even then I'd take it
226 Dalavia : I transferred through DFW on separate AA flights from SJO-DFW-LHR last month. I did not have to collect and re-check my bags, although I did have to
227 STT757 : I'm just going speculate that the reason why IAD-KWI worked and not ATL-KWI is because of the strong local O&D in the DC area especially with Gov
228 Post contains images Boeing747_600 : I envy your enthusiasm
229 COalways : Nice New Route Seems like IAH is going to Expand Alot which is nice! Since CO didnt recieve the HND slots maybe the 2 New 777 coming in third Qrt will
230 CALPSAFltSkeds : You would think as soon as the rejection of HND,a new route would have been announced if the aircraft would become available. Most likely, we'll see
231 aerorobnz : Cheapest regular fare ex AKL will likely be 1899NZD or about 1399USD
232 CODC10 : It would be irresponsible of CO to announce the route and (at some point) begin selling seats if they weren't at least somewhat confident that they w
233 hohd : Among all the routes that CO has introduced this one is the most doubtful. There is not a pent up demand to New Zealand from USA which is not already
234 drerx7 : As its been said before...2 large star hubs on both ends to fill up a relatively small plane.
235 gemuser : But will that be enough??? Especially given that AKL is a small hub (in world terms). Gemuser
236 drerx7 : hopefully so. This will be a route from the largest hub of the largest airline in the world...its funny when DL starts a route like this from ATL...a
237 DavidByrne : It's not the size of the hubs that is important, but the potential to provide swift connections to key destinations. In this case, there will be conn
238 thomasphoto60 : Not really, it's Houston's fate to be marginalized and underestimated. Thomas
239 Boeing747_600 : At ther risk of sounding like a broken record, that's what NW did with their AMS-BLR route. The issue then may not have been aircraft availability, b
240 gemuser : No argument. Whats the potential feed? 150-200 million? True but the potential feed thru that hub is also important. For IAH no problem, for AKL its
241 Post contains links LipeGIG : This is becoming too long and in order to allow better access for members using dial-up connection, please continue the discussion on the Part II , ju
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