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Qantas To Announce New Strategy On Aug 24 - Part 1  
User currently offlineLondonCity From United Kingdom, joined Nov 2008, 1494 posts, RR: 0
Posted (3 years 3 months 11 hours ago) and read 28143 times:

Get set for a major announcement from QF on August 24. According to this report in an Australian business travel magazine, "Qantas will embark on a substantial overhaul of its international flights with CEO Alan Joyce set to reveal plans for a 'strategic renewal of Qantas international' on August 24."

I am sure London will be unaffected by any changes but I wonder if the Frankfurt route will survive. Or whether, instead of serving Frankfurt direct, QF will code-share with BA via Heathrow.


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User currently offlinetolmachevo From Germany, joined Jun 2006, 111 posts, RR: 0
Reply 1, posted (3 years 3 months 10 hours ago) and read 27957 times:

Could we see an announcement regarding services either through QF or JQ to either the new BER / SXF, tying in with the AB hub for onward connections or MAD and IB? On Great Circle Mapper, SIN-SXF is 6165mi, SIN-MAD is 7078mi, not fully representative, but gives an idea of the difference in distance.

User currently offlineFlyingsottsman From Australia, joined Oct 2010, 548 posts, RR: 0
Reply 2, posted (3 years 3 months 10 hours ago) and read 27846 times:

It would want to be a very very good strategy, fleet wise as well as network wise.

User currently offlinejoffie From Australia, joined Mar 2006, 810 posts, RR: 2
Reply 3, posted (3 years 3 months 10 hours ago) and read 27816 times:

The QF brand will cease to exist, and will be known as Jetstar with all staff receiving a 50% pay cut     

Meh, just so the mods dont delete this due to having nothing to do with anything, it will be interesting to see what Joyce says. Maybe he will be stepping down and someone who knows how to run an airline will be put in charge...

User currently offlinetruemanQLD From Australia, joined Feb 2007, 1543 posts, RR: 0
Reply 4, posted (3 years 3 months 8 hours ago) and read 27537 times:

Quoting LondonCity (Thread starter):
I am sure London will be unaffected by any changes but I wonder if the Frankfurt route will survive. Or whether, instead of serving Frankfurt direct, QF will code-share with BA via Heathrow.

I was under the impression the 747's were going at near full capacity both ways. I dont think it will be lost, it would be very sad to see QF with only 1 destination in Europe/UK

Quoting tolmachevo (Reply 1):
Could we see an announcement regarding services either through QF or JQ to either the new BER / SXF, tying in with the AB hub for onward connections or MAD and IB? On Great Circle Mapper, SIN-SXF is 6165mi, SIN-MAD is 7078mi, not fully representative, but gives an idea of the difference in distance.

Wait for the 787's for SXF but I wouldnt expect to see MAD anytime soon. MAYBE by JQ

User currently offlineEK413 From Australia, joined Nov 2003, 4919 posts, RR: 4
Reply 5, posted (3 years 3 months 8 hours ago) and read 27483 times:

Quoting joffie (Reply 3):
The QF brand will cease to exist, and will be known as Jetstar with all staff receiving a 50% pay cut

Meh, just so the mods dont delete this due to having nothing to do with anything, it will be interesting to see what Joyce says. Maybe he will be stepping down and someone who knows how to run an airline will be put in charge...

Today we announce the merge of QF & JQ... The QF brand will cease to exist and will be replaced by JetStar - Spirit of Australia...

I certainly hope the announcement is somewhat positive and no more cost cutting measures which tend to be the trend these day's at QF under the watch of Mr AJ... Hopefully the announcement of Mr AJ stepping down and a NEW board of directors and CEO!


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User currently offlineStickShaker From Australia, joined Sep 2004, 756 posts, RR: 5
Reply 6, posted (3 years 3 months 8 hours ago) and read 27454 times:

QF have been softening up the market for this one for months with statements describing how an Australian based carrier simply cant compete with the rest of the world. We have witnessed the CEO (Joyce) saying that QF dont know what to do with their international operations - an incredible admission by any airline CEO.

Be prepared for something that will be very contentious and provocative involving:
1. Major offshoring of aircraft and crews in the Asian region. Potential bases include Singapore, Shanghai and others.
2. The transfer of many routes to Jetstar (based out of Singapore).
3. Further offshoring of maintainance activities.
4. Establishing subsidiaries based in the above locations.

Whatever form the new strategy takes it will likely precipitate a brawl with unions and potentially with the Australian government.

There are many in the industry who see QF's current problems as of their own making in very poor fleet and network decisions that have lagged well behind the rest of the world. QF have lost their trans-Pacific cash cow and cant compete with the point to point services of middle eastern carriers to Europe. QF's continual refusal to integrate any model of the 777 into their fleet has come back to haunt them in a big way.

I think there are going to be some very turbulent times ahead.


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User currently offlineJackbr From Australia, joined Dec 2009, 666 posts, RR: 0
Reply 7, posted (3 years 3 months 8 hours ago) and read 27420 times:

I've heard from several sources (reliability - unsure, but the fact it's being said is interesting in itself) that we will basically see the majority of QF groups focus moving directly onto Jetstar and the new "Qantasia: Spirit of Malaysia". And, most disturbingly, a belief that QF long haul tails will only be seen in LHR, LAX and DFW and the Asian stop over cities to London. A most depressing outlook to hear from Qantas employees.

That Kangaroo needed Borghetti...

User currently offlineAAIL86 From Finland, joined Feb 2011, 409 posts, RR: 3
Reply 8, posted (3 years 3 months 8 hours ago) and read 27235 times:

How about SYD-DFW-BNE-SYD going double daily??  

User currently offlinetruemanQLD From Australia, joined Feb 2007, 1543 posts, RR: 0
Reply 9, posted (3 years 3 months 7 hours ago) and read 27094 times:

Quoting Jackbr (Reply 7):
Qantasia: Spirit of Malaysia

Has it been confirmed it will be Malaysia? I find it unlikely now considering MH is joining OneWorld.

I do think it will heavily involved QFAsia though which is also due to be announced in August...

User currently offlinezkpilot From New Zealand, joined Mar 2006, 4830 posts, RR: 9
Reply 10, posted (3 years 3 months 7 hours ago) and read 27052 times:

Quoting StickShaker (Reply 6):
There are many in the industry who see QF's current problems as of their own making in very poor fleet and network decisions that have lagged well behind the rest of the world. QF have lost their trans-Pacific cash cow and cant compete with the point to point services of middle eastern carriers to Europe. QF's continual refusal to integrate any model of the 777 into their fleet has come back to haunt them in a big way.

And once again its the staff that are paying for these poor management decisions. It is not too late for QF to order a fleet of 10 or so 77W to replace its 744s which will fit in nicely beside the A380s. They could then do SYD-DFW-SYD direct.

I expect to see more coming out about a deal with MH... I wouldn't be surprised to see QF take a 25% stake in MH.

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User currently offlineBaroque From Australia, joined Apr 2006, 15380 posts, RR: 59
Reply 11, posted (3 years 3 months 7 hours ago) and read 27034 times:

Quoting Jackbr (Reply 7):

You would have thought that by now the dangers of reliance on other countries would have started to dawn after the various debacles there have been. And if the brown material hits a fan, Australia is probably not going to like too many of the court processes that arise - remember Vietnam QANTAS?

Asia is a nice place to visit, a nice place to do business with, but to rely on .......... Hati hati as the Indonesians say.

User currently offlineanstar From United Kingdom, joined Nov 2003, 5244 posts, RR: 6
Reply 12, posted (3 years 3 months 7 hours ago) and read 26939 times:

My guess would be a few routes axed and a few more given to Jetstar (and some more A330'a moving to JQ from mainline)

Axed routes:

Buenos Aires

Routes to Jetstar:
Auckland - LAX
and perhaps one or 2 more AKL/CHC frequencies.

I also think a refocus of 2 transit points from Australia to London/Frankfurt. I would suggest they focus on SIN and HKG and operate JQ from SYD-BKK replacing QF. If they dont want to tread on CX's feet then I would suggest dropping the HKG-LHR leg for

User currently offlineEK413 From Australia, joined Nov 2003, 4919 posts, RR: 4
Reply 13, posted (3 years 3 months 7 hours ago) and read 26890 times:

Quoting Jackbr (Reply 7):
I've heard from several sources (reliability - unsure, but the fact it's being said is interesting in itself) that we will basically see the majority of QF groups focus moving directly onto Jetstar and the new "Qantasia: Spirit of Malaysia". And, most disturbingly, a belief that QF long haul tails will only be seen in LHR, LAX and DFW and the Asian stop over cities to London. A most depressing outlook to hear from Qantas employees.

That Kangaroo needed Borghetti...

Very well said and I have been saying it from the day QF announced his departure from QF.... I was somewhat disappointed when I heard the announcement that the flying kangaroo will be run by a CEO with obviously no knowledge on how to operate a lucrative national carrier such as QF which has a very well known reputation for safety and 90 years of history... BUT sadly this has been destroyed over the years by Mr GD and now Mr AJ will continue what GD started...
QF allowed their B763 and B744 operate for way to long and its now come back and biting them on the arse!
Carriers of the likes of SQ, EK, CX have clearly demonstrated the B77W is a perfect B744 replacement frame even though EK never operated the type, they have demonstrated the aircraft's efficiencies and reliability..


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User currently offlinesq_ek_freak From United Kingdom, joined Dec 2000, 1633 posts, RR: 20
Reply 14, posted (3 years 3 months 6 hours ago) and read 26709 times:

Quoting anstar (Reply 12):
Axed routes:

Buenos Aires

Routes to Jetstar:
Auckland - LAX
and perhaps one or 2 more AKL/CHC frequencies.

Do you think maybe Manila might go to JetStar? Seems to be a very premium light route with mostly VFR traffic. Or I might be wrong...

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User currently offlineanstar From United Kingdom, joined Nov 2003, 5244 posts, RR: 6
Reply 15, posted (3 years 3 months 6 hours ago) and read 26671 times:

Quoting sq_ek_freak (Reply 14):

Do you think maybe Manila might go to JetStar? Seems to be a very premium light route with mostly VFR traffic. Or I might be wrong...

I missed Manilla - but yes - I agree with the jetstaring of that route also.

User currently offlineLAXdude1023 From India, joined Sep 2006, 7611 posts, RR: 24
Reply 16, posted (3 years 3 months 6 hours ago) and read 26676 times:

Quoting anstar (Reply 12):
Axed routes:

Buenos Aires

I wonder if SYD-GRU is feasible?

User currently offlineanstar From United Kingdom, joined Nov 2003, 5244 posts, RR: 6
Reply 17, posted (3 years 3 months 6 hours ago) and read 26600 times:

Quoting LAXdude1023 (Reply 16):

I wonder if SYD-GRU is feasible?

Im guessing they will focus on LAX/DFW/JFK/LHR and the through hubs of HKG/SIN/BKK with the rest going to JQ OR overseas based new business ie JQ Asia.


Looks like they are looking at establishing a long haul full servbice carrier in Asia. If that is the case Id expect them to base in SIN and operate the SIN-LHR/MEL/BNE/PER/SYD flights with Asian crews - like Jetstar do with SIN-AKL flights.


QANTAS is pushing ahead with plans for an Asian-based full-service airline as part of wide-ranging moves to fix its international operations, which lost $200 million in the past year.

The airline, which yesterday announced that it expected to make an underlying profit of $500m-$550m before tax for the 2010-11 year, up 46 per cent on last year's $377m, is looking

at several potential bases similar to its Jetstar operations in Singapore.

Both Singapore and Kuala Lumpur have been touted as possible sites for a full-service airline, and Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce would not rule out China.

He said a decision on whether and how it would proceed would be revealed on August 24.

[Edited 2011-06-22 09:00:13]

User currently offline9MMPD From Australia, joined Oct 2005, 286 posts, RR: 1
Reply 18, posted (3 years 3 months 4 hours ago) and read 26379 times:

I think several things could happen.

I think they will boost their relationship with CX (at the moment it is sh!t). I can see QF moving the MEL-HKG-LHR-HKG-MEL service to be routed via PVG and have flights from SYD, BNE, PER and maybe even ADL to connect to the PVG - LHR service and leave the HKG market. to OW partner CX. HKG would still be served by QF from SYD where as PER and BNE to HKG would be dropped.

I think if they were smart they would do the following to their A330 fleet.

A) The domestic A330-200s that came with 7 abreast seating should be reconfigured with skybeds and be sent on international missons like PER-PVG or BNE-PVG.

B) Some of the A330-300s should be used on domestic missons only. This way they can compete more effectivly against Virgin with Skybeds. The A330-300 is too big for the morning PER-SIN and PER-HKG service.

C) The remaining international A330-300s should have premium economy installed.

QF1/2 should be moved from BKK to DEL. thus serving India. a flight from PER to connect with the DEL - LHR would work and give the resource rich State direct access to one of the worlds fastest growng economies. BKK should be left to the domain of JQ as it is mostly lesuire.

I also think that they really need to take advantage of MH in OW and their network in India and Europe. QF really do need to look at flying some flights from PER, BNE, ADL, SYD & MEL to compliment MH's services to KUL as well as placing codeshares on flights which I am sure will be done soon. I can see MH being the Joint venture partner for services to AMS, CDG, FCO, FRA and IST.

KUL flights can also connect with OW partner RJ for deeper access to the Middle East as right now RJ seems to be under utilised (along with MA) in the OW family. I can't see RJ starting SIN services till their 787s arrive.

JQ might be the vehicle into KUL whilst QF will at SIN and use SIN as the tranist hub for the BA joint venture and connections to AY. Someone either MH or mostly likely JQ has to start flying from Asia to Berlin so as to connect Australia to that European mainland hub.

The above would cover the "working with joint ventures more" & "flying to where our customers want to go" comments from Alan Joyce. China and India are two places where businesses are wanting to fly especially from resource rich states like W.A & QLD and company headquaters located in MEL & SYD.

I had to have a little chucke at Alan Joyce though today as he claimed their market share had dropped alot. I mean of course it has just look at how many routes you have slashed. Perth itself used to have BKK, KUL, CGK, HRE, JNB, DPS, NRT and one point same plane services to FCO, CDG and later LHR. These have all since been slashed.

User currently offlinekoruman From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 19, posted (3 years 3 months 2 hours ago) and read 26177 times:

Here is my new A Joyce model for Qantas.

1. Continue to force UK and Europe passengers to transit Heathrow.
2. Blame the unions when passengers then choose Emirates, Etihad or Singapore Airlines so they don't have to transit Heathrow.
3. Persist with long-haul aircraft too large to fly point-to-point from Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth, and make passengers from those ports transit Sydney.
4. Blame the unions when passengers from those ports choose EK, SQ, VA or NZ so they don't have to transit Sydney.
5. Fail to offer Premium Economy on leisure routes like Honolulu, and offer inflated Business class fares or economy as the only choice.
6. Be surprised when high demographic leisure pax to ports like HNL buy a $1500 economy ticket because Business fares were $7000 and QF hadn't bothered to sell $3000 Premium Economy tickets.
7. Blame the unions for that too, and pull out, forcing passengers who actually want Premium Economy to HNL on QF to buy "Business" on Jetstar, and then be surprised when rather than reclaiming their luggage at SYD and paying for a bus between terminals they buy a ticket from HA, NZ or CO instead.

User currently offlineyellowtail From United States of America, joined Jun 2005, 6171 posts, RR: 2
Reply 20, posted (3 years 3 months 2 hours ago) and read 26062 times:

Although it is still loss making at this point, I think they would be foolish to abandon S. America with their own metal esp when that region is now beginning to boom. Maybe they should move the service to a SYD-AKL-GRU

Witness SQ getting in there...TK, QR, EK ..all the EU carriers adding service....KE....

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User currently offlineUSAirALB From United States of America, joined Sep 2007, 3079 posts, RR: 2
Reply 21, posted (3 years 3 months 1 hour ago) and read 25909 times:

Will inflight service levels be effected by this?

User currently offlinebill142 From Australia, joined Aug 2004, 8451 posts, RR: 8
Reply 22, posted (3 years 3 months 1 hour ago) and read 25833 times:

Quoting USAirALB (Reply 21):
Will inflight service levels be effected by this?

Almost certainly. Joyce is the former CEO of an LCC and is a number man so everything has to be done at cost price. So expect QF to be wound up and everything transferred to Jetstar, his baby.

User currently offlinejfk777 From United States of America, joined Aug 2006, 8375 posts, RR: 7
Reply 23, posted (3 years 3 months 1 hour ago) and read 25726 times:
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Quoting koruman (Reply 19):
1. Continue to force UK and Europe passengers to transit Heathrow.

The Malaysia Air connection with OW will give QF access to all kinds of cities in Europe Malaysia flies to. No more BA connections over LHR to the main European cities.

User currently offlineUnited Airline From Hong Kong, joined Jan 2001, 9169 posts, RR: 15
Reply 24, posted (3 years 3 months 1 hour ago) and read 25442 times:

I believe MEL-HKG-LHR as well as SYD-EZE will stay. FRA will probably stay too

25 lhr380 : That already happens now. No one is forcing anyone to transit LHR (And Im getting fed up of people moaning about this topic) The flights are all busy
26 LAXdude1023 : Its a tiresome topic. How exactly do you force people to connect in a certain city?
27 tullamarine : The 77W cannot do DFW-SYD direct without significant payload restrictions. VA has payload restrictions on LAX-MEL which is significantly shorter. The
28 AusA380 : I have had a love hate relationship wtih QF for many years, but have generally stuck with them due to FF. However, I am finding my loyalty is disappea
29 Lutfi : Jetstar Asia to set up a base in HK I guess.
30 koruman : Precisely. Joyce spent much of yesterday whinging about Qantas' low Market share on the Kangaroo Route and to the USA. Yesterday evening my Olympic t
31 lhr380 : EK/QR/EY (Oil rich and a heck of a lot of money to play with) aside, name me a major player that goes to multiple destinations in a country as small
32 Post contains images truemanQLD : I agree almost 100%! Thank you! We have too many arm chair CEO's on A.net if you ask me :P LHR is obviously working for them or they wouldnt still be
33 tullamarine : SQ and all of the major US carriers all service UK to multiple ports.
34 koruman : Over 50% of Australians still have relatives living in the UK and Ireland beyond London and the home counties, but this is a mature market, not a jun
35 airbear : Hi lhr380, well, how about KL for starters. The major-league players may go into MAN as well as LHR and/or LGW, but in August I'll be using either CX
36 Post contains images truemanQLD : Are you joking? Drop the partnership with BA? That has been one of the best things for QF for many years. As I have explained before, QF really only
37 Lufthansa : Too much demand to china. 5th freedoms also need to be considered, and china is a difficult place for connecting pax as the chinese gov requires visa
38 777ER : Maybe with the merger of NZ/VA services on the Tasman routes, JQ will announce WLG-BNE with maybe 1 daily JQ service on either SYD or MEL with QF oper
39 thegeek : 9MMPD, I agree with some of what you are saying, particularly regarding the A333s. SYD-BKK-LHR could go via India, but why DEL over BOM where they alr
40 9MMPD : To get on side with CX QF need to let the HKG-LHR leg go. There have been strong tensions between the two carriers even beck when QF was operating th
41 EK413 : You got to be kidding me right... No way in hell am I transiting via DEL... & you expect passengers to fly on that low-cost arm JQ... Fat chance
42 Post contains images lhr380 : Very good post As per truemans post, yes US Carriers as your example send planes to other UK Ports, but they are small (mostly 75, 1 or 2 76), some n
43 gemuser : Yes the ASA was still in place when I looked last year Gemuser
44 mal787 : Could not agree more, I always fly into LHR and connect to flights to Prague Budapest or whatever city is 1st on my list when doing my Euro trip. Sur
45 9MMPD : J class pax could always make it to BKK with MH via KUL or with QF - SIN then CX from SIN - BKK. Nope being deadly serious. DEL has a brand spanking
46 koruman : What do you think a 77E is? It would be a perfect vehicle to use with Asian crews both sides of a single Asian hub in a configuration with a similar
47 mikey72 : Right or wrong I blame the Australian Government. They shoud have better protected QF against these 'interlopers' because QF are being thwarted by th
48 PanHAM : There are 2 facts that speak against the FRA service, the possible night ban from 11 pm to 5 am and the fact the FlyBe cancelled their services to FRA
49 koruman : It is really misleading to suggest that in some way Emirates and Etihad have a geographical advantage making multiple UK ports viable, which Qantas ca
50 LondonCity : One drawback in flying QF/BA into LHR from Australia is that you arrive into T3 so, for most connections, you must transfer to another terminal (T5 i
51 truemanQLD : But they do! And why would the Indian passengers pay any less that Australia/NZ passengers? The first reason that they have an advantage is that EK c
52 SInGAPORE_AIR : Emirates just launched a US$1bn bond with a 5.125% coupon. Hardly interest-free. I would also challenge anyone, including myself, to find any evidenc
53 mikey72 : BA and QF have JV's etc so...... What's to stop BA starting LHR - FRA - DXB on a 777 ? No reason why cabin crew can't operate LHR - FRA - DXB. Night s
54 truemanQLD : Sorry I take it back, but there was talk a while back on a.net of 'special' loans (loans that QF, BA, AA etc couldnt get). I mean, how else it is pos
55 Auchmithie : MAN/BHX/GLA/NCL - India F&J Fares are anything but low yield and EK sell plenty.
56 Lufthansa : Give up on the relationship with Cathay... they aren't interested pure and simple. Malaysia is the hope for this one now. Cathay dont need qantas for
57 PanHAM : Export financing by European banks with European government guarantee. QF or AA could get these loans as well if they buy Airbus BA, LH, AFKL could n
58 9MMPD : But Qantas needs Cathay & Dragonair for access to China.
59 Lufthansa : Says who? It would appear cathay doesnt sell to them on favourable terms right now, so these people just go buy the ticket 100% on cathay and get all
60 9MMPD : Then there is no harm moving QF29 to PVG or to DEL.
61 BA174 : What about an IAG takeover bid...... Probably most QF employees dream based on Willie Walsh past with closing down LCCs at legacy carriers.
62 mikey72 : BA would carry regular passengers LHR - FRA or LHR - CGD etc If I were a BA Club Europe passenger I woudn't mind finding myself in Club World from ti
63 Lufthansa : You would lose the BNE connection... But yes I think moving QF29 to via India is seriously wouth looking at, given that BA will have no trouble selli
64 Lufthansa : Actually no better idea. Add an entirely new flight MEL-India-MAN. Find the busiest MAN-India city pair and send the 332 Direct nonstop, then continue
65 SCL767 : It sounds similar to the relationship between LA and BA. BA is not interested in LA one bit and their code-share agreement is pathetic to say the lea
66 bill142 : Too many hoops to jump through. IAG are more likely to focus on Europe. But I wouldn't be surprised if QF does look to tie up with another airline. T
67 Ben175 : Why MEL? Why not PER and allow connections to all major Eastern markets? With the integration of domestic and international terminals, connecting wil
68 bastew : I had dinner with one of my tenants last night who is a QF manager in SYD. He believes the August 24th announcement will also include an agreement bet
69 Lufthansa : Because the biggest demand for travel to any city in Australia from India is Melbourne. Adding another connection doesnt provide any advantage over co
70 9MMPD : True. PER would need its own flight say on A332 (but lets face it it will probbaly be on a 787). The resource sector is doing more and more trade wit
71 Lufthansa : The problem here is basically this all requires some more radical thinking... and trying 'new things' Qantas hasn't been big on this since the days of
72 travelin man : I wonder if this means the end of the LAX-JFK QF metal flight.
73 Lufthansa : I hope not! Two of the big appeals of this flight are that it is long haul international service all cabins especially premium ones all the way, and
74 travelin man : Yes, I hope not as well. But from the sound of things (emphasizing OW partners), QF is probably looking at AA's 10x flights per day LAX-JFK and doing
75 thegeek : Would be odd. It's just gone back to daily from 5x weekly. You could add BNE-PVG or BNE-DEL flights. But why not via BOM? QF already have a presence
76 Post contains images truemanQLD : Unless QR joins OneWorld A QR join up would be good, and since QR doesnt have an almighty presence in Australia/NZ at the moment (only MEL I believe)
77 thegeek : Re: LAX-JFK, I think it may not matter if it goes out with no economy passengers.
78 9MMPD : Absolutely. PER & BNE are two booming cities that have been neglected by QF for two long. ADL is is practly abandoned. ac ity with a population o
79 pnd100 : IT's current HQ is in BLR & like most of the Indian carriers the majority of their flights split between BOM & DEL. In the interim you will s
80 thegeek : PER-SIN is double daily. Not sure how it's exactly neglected. Lack of flights to South Africa on QF? BNE-SIN is daily, up to 744 from an A333 recentl
81 StickShaker : From PER the only QF mainline destinations are SIN and HKG - thats very neglected for a city that is the major hub for the Australian resources indus
82 thegeek : Didn't know they'd dropped PER-NRT. But where do you think they should fly non stop from PER? JQ rightly cover CGK and DPS.
83 koruman : Where should Qantas fly from Perth? 1. London non-stop daily on a 77L should be a given. 2. Johannesburg daily on a 250 seater should be a given as we
84 thegeek : If it's a given for QF, it's even more so for BA as they already operate the 777. So I can't see that this a given at all. So they should add a new t
85 StickShaker : A direct flight from PER to China is long overdue - PVG is the obvious starting point but there could be other possibilities (PEK). There is a steady
86 9MMPD : All the above an add PVG or PEK. China has a large business interest in Perth as well as many international students that study here. I would add Ind
87 thegeek : Not saying it can't work, but why would PER-PVG do better than MEL-PVG?
88 Post contains images truemanQLD : OK, I know everyone on A.net (including myself) loves being an arm chair CEO but surely, if the route (AKL-PER) is sooooooooooooo profitable wouldnt
89 sydaircargo : why axing a perfect working route. FRA-SYD is always in good numbers , PAX and Cargo wise. so is the return . i would not want to fly 23 hours and th
90 Post contains images sydaircargo : would love to see QF bringing in the A380 as bnew Service to BER. at least one International carrier in the German Capital and of course feed into the
91 VIDP : Actually the Corporate Office of Kingfisher Group as a whole is in Bangalore (BLR) while the Corporate Office of Kingfisher Airlines is in Mumbai (BO
92 StickShaker : There's a lot of (2 way) business traffic to China generated by resource companies based in Perth, in particular PER-PVG. Most of this traffic curren
93 koruman : If you think about it, a fleet of 250 seat 777-200ER and 777-200LR aircraft would be perfect for Qantas to operate a large proportion of it's long-hau
94 thegeek : PER-AKL-LAX is achievable with A332s, probably at a lower cost than with 777s. Makes perfect sense to me that they didn't order 777s. They had the 74
95 9MMPD : The odd 77L would do SYD-PER so as to poisiton it for the LHR flight. True the 77L was not available at the time. I was under the impression that peop
96 skyhigh : I LOVE this idea. It would be like playing Emirates at its own game and taking advantage of Dubai's excellent location. oneworld could market it as t
97 Post contains images CXB77L : SQ flies 3x daily. Ok, so PER-SIN is served a total of 5x daily, but QF/JQ only account for 2 of them. PER-HKG has also been neglected by QF: whereas
98 Ben175 : Why not replace SYD-AKL-LAX-JFK with PER-AKL-LAX-JFK, and retime one of the SYD/MEL/BNE-AKL flights to connect with the new service? Open up a one sto
99 mikey72 : Just out of interest is there much traffic to Europe from the QF7 DFW service ? Does anybody know ?
100 PanHAM : One can always dream but as I have said above already, the awakening, ruled by decree, could be the realisation of a nightmare.
101 gemuser : Are you serious? If you are, a quick update. Under the terms of their co-operation agreement (approved by both the Australian & RSA governments)
102 Post contains links jetfuel : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZ3yqUDiLAk&feature=player_embedded You have to see this, for a quick laugh
103 BA174 : Probably. I always wondered why QF continued to trundle their own metal across the states when they could simply pass their pax onto AA at LAX.
104 Post contains images truemanQLD : OK so we have been over the fact that QF should (in some opinions, not really my own) have ordered the 777. But it would be lunacy to do it now with
105 Zkpilot : An A332 would seem an ideal canditate for this route... since it is flying from PER it doesn't have to make much of a dogleg for ETOPS (unlike VAs ME
106 VH-BZF : Interesting that Joyce used a Rod Eddington (Ansett) quote when he stated that Qantas' International business is 'a great airline, but a poor business
107 StickShaker : Sorry but I disagree completely on that one. The lack of a long haul 300 seater over the last 15 years is one of the poor fleet decisions that has le
108 Post contains images jetfuel : 100% And stupid Alan Joyce gets up and says we refuse to spend any more money on International. Doesn't he see that this mess is all because they did
109 yellowtail : LAN does extremely well with Cargo on it flights to AKl and SYD Somebody is going to have to draw the line and try to do it. I somehow suspect if som
110 pnd100 : This is what I have been saying with respect to AC but it applies to any carrier / alliance. This is actually what DXB wants. EK will have no problem
111 yellowtail : Could this be remotely why AA ordered the 773s? All of their hubs to DXb are doable with it.
112 sunrisevalley : The 77L would need 3-AFT's to make a ~40t payload PER-LHR. There is the volume to just do it. A flight plan prepared by SX1899 showed about 19hrs wes
113 AA1818 : Why not have oneworld align itself with EY instead of EK, and plug some of the holes that way? In years to come, the Abu Dhabi model should provide m
114 pnd100 : AUH is not as developed as DXB & with the arrival of DWC, Dubai will be THE destination in the region for years to come. Only 63 nm from DXB also
115 yellowtail : AUH, DXB or DOH could work in this scenario, but DXB has the best airport infrastructure in place /on the drawing board.
116 ditzyboy : Qantas has two flights daily on the route and Jetstar one per day - so three in total. Cathay has a much larger operation/connection market out of HK
117 bill142 : Competing with EK at DXB has to be the most daft idea ever. You don't think the authorities in DXB won't bend over backwards to protect EK? I'm faili
118 Post contains links thegeek : Was skeptical about this one (PER-JNB), but it seems that it is only a 433km diversion: http://www.gcmap.com/mapui?P=per-25s...e-jnb%2Cper-jnb&MS
119 pnd100 : This is what EK wants & what DXB wants. They have been trying this since 1985. The strategy was to build Dubai as a world class city & by ext
120 fiscal : There are only two real sources of income for an international flight - passengers and cargo. However, when it comes to costs, it gets a whole lot mor
121 Post contains links thegeek : How would PER-CPT go for QF? Would it be within the current bilateral? Seems operable by A332, A333 or 744 with perhaps a weight restriction westbound
122 pnd100 : Excellent analysis.
123 StickShaker : The 332 was no match for the 77E (in terms of range) back in 1998 and has only recently gained SIN/BKK to Europe range with the latest 238 tonne upgr
124 AirNZ : Excellent post and I would only really somewhat disagree with the two points above, although on genera basis. Very many passengers indeed enjoy a goo
125 thegeek : When I said Europe, I meant the mainland, not LHR. Thought it was clear enough. When did the A332 become capable of SIN-CDG? I'd expect early 2000s at
126 Post contains images vaustralie : I think Manila already is served by JQ via DRW? I may be wrong... Agreed... ^_^ There might be - but it sure is fun! Of course it is... Why is this?
127 thegeek : According to SQ's website, they do not fly SIN-CPT non stop. You must go via JNB, although they do have 1 flight number: 478/9, so presumably a same
128 Ben175 : Just wondering, would a direct PER-LAX-PER be feasible on the 77L? Not in terms of demand or yields, just range. Any payload restrictions on the westb
129 Zkpilot : It would take a payload hit of about 24,000lb (11t). 8098nm is the GC distance. Westbound would have headwinds so the payload hit would be more (it w
130 jetfuel : I have been advocating for a PER-CNS-LAX service for a while. It would create a single flight # for flights from PER to LAX and a non-stop flight fro
131 thegeek : But it's only a minor upgrade compared to current options such as interchange in MEL. It is possible there is demand for this, but it is mostly QF co
132 Post contains images shamrock604 : Cant you Kiwi's ever learn that DUB is in the REPUBLIC of Ireland and the UK??
133 jetfuel : Actually no. The favourite way to get to LAX from PER is with NZ PER-AKL-LAX. CNS is crying out for a direct service to LAX - QF pulled the plug on t
134 ZK-NBT : I wonder if AKL-LAX will stay other than to use the A332 for LAX-JFK? Personally I think BKK-LHR may go to PVG, with SYD-BKK going to JQ. HKG-LHR will
135 thegeek : And put up with the 13h25m wait at Auckland outbound, 8h10m inbound? Must be very patient pax. It's doing that badly? Wasn't long ago it was operated
136 truemanQLD : I hardly think 'most' Americans are using the CO service as it requires going through Guam and is only operated by a 738. Unfortunately, North Queens
137 Baroque : Indeed an excellent post. I find Premium Y quite comfortable on QF but horrendously expensive. Years ago I went Y+ on some BA flight (?about 1994 ish
138 Flyingsottsman : Do you realy think Buenos Aires will go? Yeah I reackon that will stay to, maybe they will do what they do with the MEL/AKL flights they are 738s, wi
139 thegeek : Be that as it may, it requires an exceedingly long wait for the connection in AKL (13h25m east 8h10m west). I'd prefer to endure interchanging at SYD
140 IndianicWorld : Yes. It can be easily served by LAN's flights into SCL. Always a matter of cost though. Will people pay more for the privledge? A non-stop sector on
141 ZK-NBT : They atleast need the A332HGW so they can carry a full load LAX-AKL. Poor planning that they ended up with HGWs in domestic config. When it was MEL-A
142 IndianicWorld : ^^ I do not see FRA going. EZE, MNL, HNL and BOM are the most likely to go, IMHO. EZE can be covered by LAN, MNL and HNL are already JQ destinations,
143 thegeek : Never heard that before. Where did you hear that? Many people on hear think that BNE-LAX could be done with the HGW version, with some restrictions.
144 mikey72 : If only aircraft could cruise at say 900mph with the same fuel burn. Qantas wouldn't have any worries then. We can make them bigger, more fancy and fu
145 truemanQLD : FRA wont go. Loads are super high, if anything I would see increased frequency or SXF...
146 Post contains images Zkpilot : Can't you Irish ever differentiate between Aussies and Kiwis? Last I checked Queensland was a state in AUSTRALIA
147 brad330 : QF need to do the following: -Recive 10 NEW 763's with new interior in 20J,44W,154 configuration as compensation for 787 delay -Scrap the 7 RR/ACE or
148 ditzyboy : I have often wondered why Qantas has not one down this path (lke LAN, for instance). Even 764s could be purchased in such a quantity (20 units) to al
149 thegeek : I've sometimes wondered this also, but I think the opportunity to do so has passed, really. I have read on this forum that at least one of the 764 op
150 GlobalCabotage : The power of the alliance! Now if there was only a plane that could economically fly SYD-LHR/MAD/DFW/JFK/ORD (OneWorld Hubs) round trip nonstop with f
151 thegeek : Further to my previous comments on this, I don't think you would get to a fleet of 20 764s. You are really talking about SYD-MEL and SYD-BNE. It woul
152 LAXintl : I don’t know why there is shame in Qantas becoming ‘Sydney Airways’, the same manner BA has become London Airways. Not every airline can serve e
153 Lufthansa : It was there because of the premium classes and freight. pre GFC that F class was always solid, and business very full, though economy usually pretty
154 Ben175 : "Indefinitely suspended" - but come on, it's Qantas. They've been looking for an excuse to pull this route for years.
155 SCL767 : LAN may receive up to 7 B-787-8s next year; thus LAN would not require the A-343s for long-haul flights to Europe. LAN also operates 10 daily flights
156 mikey72 : It's a ridiculous notion. You might aswell call EK Dubai Airways.
157 truemanQLD : Why do they need an 'excuse' except for it isnt making profit? Seems like an excellent excuse to me.
158 Ben175 : For starters, you could fit 20 UAE's or UK's inside Australia. It's alot quicker to get from MAN to LHR or AUH to DXB than it is from PER to SYD or A
159 Lufthansa : For PER passengers probably better to send them to hong kong and then transfer them to JAL
160 mikey72 : What's the population of Australia compared to the UK ? Maybe you should be slightly more supportive of an airline with 91 years of history, an airli
161 IndianicWorld : If they wish to continue such a move, its their loss really. In many ways QF mirrors BA, which until recently also had a less than ideal set up at it
162 IndianicWorld : In all reality, they are, hence Etihad, Air Arabia and RAK Airways starting up service from their own emirates. EK is a piece of the Dubai Inc puzzle
163 Ben175 : I'm not 'proud' to call Qantas my national carrier when they want to charge me nearly $12,000 PER-SYD-HNL return on 20 year old aircraft with a 90's
164 tayser : Simple statistic: at the height of Sydney's dominance as an international gateway during the olympics, 51-52% of international traffic arrived/departe
165 Post contains images mikey72 : There has never been a gap in BA's network at other airports in the UK because it is impossible for BA to funnel traffic through a hub like DXB. Airl
166 AirNZ : Could you perhaps explain what you mean more fully? Hmmm! you can't create demand......you can only service it. Then, aren't you completely contradic
167 koruman : What LAXintl and Mikey72 don't seem to get is that while Sydney is the biggest inbound market, it is a basket-case of an outbound market. Melbourne an
168 Post contains images truemanQLD : Again, QF is a business and if they think that way is more profitable, they will do it. And rightly so! I think everyone needs to take a deep breath
169 EK413 : Give them time to adapt? QF has seen this coming for years and has not budged to push the competitors back... QF by now would've had a the aged B763
170 vhqpa : I think it's going to be very difficult for Qantas to take back market share from the likes of Singapore Airlines and Emirates even if they wanted to
171 LAXintl : QF has 747 freighter service to JFK these days. That is relatively new. Well sitting around does not cost fuel, crew time etc. I think the question r
172 mikey72 : It didn't exist. BA can't replicate what EK have done from the UK regions even if they wanted to. You and I have talked about this before. There simp
173 thegeek : How often? If not daily, then there is still a possibility of getting more premium freight into the belly of QF107/108, which also has good connectio
174 bill142 : Those 747 freighter flights are operated by atlas remember and demand for cargo and demand for pax are two different things.
175 LAXintl : According to QF Freight timetable it says 4x weekly currently. Indeed, however someone prior mentioned cargo demand ex JFK being a partial reason for
176 Viscount724 : But is the yield super high? Load factors are often a very poor indication of yield and profitability.
177 Post contains links Zkpilot : Interesting read... outlining how QF subsisidizes JQ, http://blogs.crikey.com.au/planetalk...-before-the-august-24-restructure/
178 tullamarine : Because I am the customer and the customer makes the choice. I have no problem if QF only want to fly out of SYD but they shouldn't bleat about it wh
179 mikey72 : Well I just hope you realise that in a few years time there won't be much competition around to keep airlines like EK in check. Travellers on a budge
180 IndianicWorld : Dont sound so damn alarmist. Airlines like EK have their place in aviation as much as your apparent beloved BA. Its called choice, and if airlines do
181 Flyingsottsman : Well LAXintl its a bit like this, Yes we are a very big country with a small population, our 3 biggest citys are on the Eastern Seaboard Sydney,Brisb
182 AirNZ : Okay, can you give me the factual basis for that? I actually can't see any 'traditional' carriers making the same mistake as your beloved BA did, and
183 Flyingsottsman : When Ansett collasped in 2001, I was sitting next to a couple we were on United coming back from the US when UA did the LAX/AKL/MEL flights direct. T
184 BA174 : QF is a lot smaller than BA in terms of fleet size, passenger numbers and routes. I personally think that had QF not set up Jet Star and concentrated
185 worldliner : Its sad to see QF in this position. They seem to be getting a lot of bad press, aswell as Joyce coming out and shooting himself in the foot every five
186 EK413 : I believe you should've double checked who's being supportive of QF the national carrier & get back to me... EK413
187 Flyingsottsman : It is. Whats even more sadder is many Australians are chosing to fly other carriers than Qantas I hope after August, they will have made some decissi
188 jetfuel : When another airline offers you a cheaper fare, more comfort, newer planes, a 1 stop flight rather than 2 stop with a change of carrier plus a faster
189 mikey72 : Bizarre language ? I don't love BA. I just reference them alot because the UK aviation market/climate is such a long way down this route and BA have
190 truemanQLD : However by investing more and more is Qantas just, as the saying goes, flogging a dead horse? Will QF ever be able to compete in the international ma
191 Post contains images EK413 : [quote=EK413,reply=169]Quoting mikey72 (Reply 160): I was never defending QF and I totally agree with your arguments... You included me in a quote wh
192 mogandoCI : QF to announce new strategy..... or ANY strategy? Their current strategy involves 1. a plane too short-haul (A33x) for growth and expansion 2. a fleet
193 LAXintl : Yes thank you for your good comments. Yes I've been to your nice country, and do understand things like the distances involved. So at the end of the
194 Lufthansa : But it does at times attempt to seek protection. Then it has had to change its strategy. I'll give you an example. BNE-LAX nonstop. That only started
195 mikey72 : They've still lost money though. They either jeopardise their Sydney hub by allowing another carrier to draw traffic away from it or they lose slight
196 Lufthansa : It means their business model is broken. BA can hub most of europe through to most of north america... and does quite well out of cities like Stockho
197 koruman : There is another big loser in Qantas' current strategy - Far North Queensland. We know that inbound tourism from the UK is fairly evenly distributed,
198 jfk777 : Qantas could sell its A380's to BA, who would use them, and get itself a big 777LR and 77W fleet like Cathay is getting. QF's lack of 777 has been th
199 Post contains links jetfuel : JETSTAR have been criticised for being too lenient on an alleged drunk passenger who urinated on fellow travellers. Read more: http://www.news.com.au/
200 kiwiandrew : Ironic isn't it? One traveller who they definitely had good reason to ground in the last couple of weeks and they let him off with a warning. (I have
201 jetfuel : JQ cabin crew are usually very young, inept, inexperienced and just not capable of dealing with these situations. Remember passengers see the Qantas
202 thegeek : That's interesting. However, with the way some posters in this thread are talking, you would think that QF didn't also fly MEL-LAX, MEL/BNE/PER-SIN/H
203 IndianicWorld : Increase in fares??? Really? Evidence??
204 OzGlobal : So QF's sin always boils down for some Americans to not having had the sense to buy 777's. Whilst there is a case to be made, SYD and MEL - LAX is NO
205 Post contains images truemanQLD : The A380 is 100% the right aircraft for Qantas. They operate very long non stop routes with a high volume of passengers. By that, I am not saying the
206 EK413 : As of May 2011 Qantas and its subsidiaries operate 279 aircraft, which includes 59 aircraft by Jetstar Airways, 53 by the various QantasLink-branded
207 BA174 : BA have more or less the same number in their mainline fleet alone. QF mainline is not a big airline compared to the likes of other flag carriers e.g
208 jfk777 : QF's strategy should be about not being so Sydney-centric. While there is a place for A380 from MEL and SYD to LAX, what about Brisbane and Cairns. W
209 koruman : You could basically run the entire international network with a combination of the E, L and W 777s. It would fix every problem and enable passengers
210 jfk777 : OZGlobal, Hong Kong is 11 times zones from New York with flights being 16 hours from JFK to HKG But Cathay still has 4 777-300ER daily, 3 nonstop. CX
211 ditzyboy : Only one of the three QantasLink airlines is a 'franchise' carrier - Cobham/National Jet. Sunstate and Eastern air wholly-owned. It isn't even a fran
212 Airvan00 : That's because on that route there are no curfews at either end and there is an effective 4hr flight time (when using local times). If you look at LA
213 Post contains images truemanQLD : I fail to see how people are saying Qantas doesnt have frequency on the LAX route. While I dont think frequency is important on this route, demand is
214 IndianicWorld : Its only 1 these days on MEL-LAX.
215 Airvan00 : 2 if you want to count QF25
216 bill142 : It's not. The poster was highlighting the flow on effect that QFs lack of attention to FNQ is having on hotels and the local economy.
217 Post contains links jetfuel : http://www.ausbt.com.au/qantas-to-ou...=flipper&utm_campaign=home-flipper London is only 250 kilometres further to fly via Tokyo than via Singapor
218 Baroque : Even though I know SIN is well S of the Gt Circle, that is always surprising. On a W bound trip, what is the average effective distance that way bear
219 truemanQLD : Exciting for QF/JQ and JL, though I dont think this is the 'big' news we are waiting for. I think there will also be a QFAsia. QF/JQ would be crazy to
220 cws818 : It's called oneworld. AA carries the LAX-YYZ passengers. It's called code-sharing. AF carries the SIN-CDG passengers.
221 Post contains images thegeek : I cannot imagine there is enough demand to have a QF 744 operate to YYZ. Aren't there issues with QF flying to CDG? I think they aren't able to get t
222 flythere : I believe the Aug 24 announcement would mainly be around the new Jetstar venture to be established in Japan. One or two more pieces to add along, but
223 truemanQLD : Probably not and the fees at YYZ are very high IIRC. They would, and have said many times they would, but they were limited to only 3 or 4 x pw by th
224 koruman : Can you call Jetstar's services a "network" when you can buy a Business Class ticket from BNE to HNL and they won't even connect your luggage at SYD?
225 OzGlobal : As has been demonstrated by other posters, QF are servicing high volume, ultra-long haul routes as their 'bread and butter'. Oz-UK and Oz-US. All rou
226 thegeek : Quite a rant. You don't think that connecting flights on Jetstar's "Network" are something which may well be on the agenda for the Aug 24 announcemen
227 truemanQLD : It may not be announced then but as the QF group shifts more and more towards JQ, connecting flights will be inevitable.
228 StickShaker : This is the part I cant figure out - why Japan when the country is in so much difficulty (and will be for quite some time). Need a big emphasis on th
229 jfk777 : All that has changed is QF now uses the A380 in place of the 744's. IT still sends 4 flights daily to LHR from Melbourne and Sydney. TO LAX its 3 A38
230 gemuser : It's only 2 A380s to LAX, 1 daily from SYD and one some days from MEL (4 or 5 weekly, I think). QF 107/108 is still a B744 One daily A380 from both S
231 Airvan00 : Just to add to the above; even with the delivery of the next A380. MEL-LAX will still not be daily. From 29 October, day 2 will still be a 744, mainl
232 gemuser : Airvan, do you know if MEL-LAX will go daily when "Nancy" is returned to service in Jan 2012 (or there abouts)? Gemuser
233 Airvan00 : I expect it will be before that, but I don't know for sure. That one flight, Tuesdays 93/94, will be the only one missing from the A380 schedule afte
234 TruemanQLD : After looking around a bit I realised that Japan really hasnt caught on to the LCC craze that most of the first world has. Japan has a population of
235 Flyingsottsman : Sorry EK413 I miss read the quote that you quoted to me And I totaly agree with you on that remark, they have been crying wolf ever since the Geoff D
236 StickShaker : No problems with that - it just masks the true performance of each indiviual business unit within QF. Regards, StickShaker
237 Baroque : Are there any significant differences in the performance of the later A380s to the earlier ones? The later frames are supposed to be lighter - not su
238 gemuser : I believe the cut in (for QF) is at number 13, VH-OQM, which is the first delivery of QFs second A380 order. It's due in late 2012/early2013. Don't k
239 Baroque : Thanks. I had assumed it was earlier. Must look up the MSN number for VH-OQM
240 Airvan00 : It's 091, the first of the "3 class"
241 AJ : Swap the Js for Qs, poor old OJK is not coming back.
242 Airvan00 : Sorry, got my "Q's" mixed up. All QF A380's are in the OQ series.
243 EK413 : For a moment there I was wondering how in the world did -OJK make it back into the fleet when she's sun baking in the desert... EK413
244 Post contains images Baroque : Again many thanks. Probably ought to get you guys to book my next ticket too!
245 aerohottie : Is the layout of the 3 class A380's out yet?
246 ZK-NBT : I take it the rumour of all 20 A380s being 4 class isn't happening then? Or could this be announced in August aswell?! I've heard that through differ
247 gemuser : IMHO this will be ONE of the points announced in August. Three class has. of course been announced but I do hear it's being reconsidered, have no ide
248 jetfuel : This was found elsewhere as a Qantas Announcement - it is fiction, but wouldn't it be nice! Speech by Alan Joyce Over the last six months we have cond
249 Post contains images Baroque : It was going well until you got to the third and fourth paras.
250 EK413 : No harm done, just had to clear it up... Very well said... We can only dream... EK413
251 bill142 : Lol.................
252 airnewzealand : Part of this announcement will include the NEW service in Business and Economy. Both of these cabins are again getting a totally revamped service. Eco
253 thegeek : +1. The 777 boat has left for QF. Stepping off the wharf now would result in them getting somewhat wet. Although I do see a greater number of A333s b
254 Post contains images Baroque : You would think to both of those propositions. Where is most of the QF business these days seems the apposite question. ?Kanga and LAX seem to be les
255 staralliance85 : I think it would be smart for QF to drop Frankfurt. Out of all the European cities that is the worst choice because it is Not a Oneworld hub city. It
256 TruemanQLD : But again, the FRA route has a high load factor (I know that doesn't necessarily mean high yield but it is a good indication) and while FRA may be a
257 mal787 : Why drop it when from what I hear most flights go out full. Ok it is not a OW hub , I have flown both in and out of Frankfurt , and although a OW mem
258 BA174 : I always found OJKs retirement odd. I wonder why they chose to retire it instead of the last GE non ER VH-OEB? After all OEC/D have been long since r
259 Post contains links EK413 : The MNL incident was probably the number one reason behind VH-OJK's retirement and I also her lease expired... http://www.aussieairliners.org/b-747/v
260 bill142 : Complete overhaul maybe? Possibly a new seat?
261 qf002 : Really? I'd have though that a dozen new A332s with a smaller Business cabin, 3 or 4 rows of Premium Economy and the new A380 Economy would be great
262 CX288 : Indeed, and one should also note that a route's profitability depends on both the passenger operations (which could, as argued, easily be handed over
263 Post contains links and images SA7700 : This thread will be locked for further contributions. Any posts added after the thread lock, will be removed for housekeeping purposes only. Part 2 of
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