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Forgotten Major Air Disasters  
User currently onlineflyguy89 From United States of America, joined Feb 2009, 2000 posts, RR: 21
Posted (3 years 5 months 19 hours ago) and read 39008 times:

I recently had the great opportunity to explore some of the CVG archives thanks to a family friend and learned many fascinating aspects about it's history and development. One of the things that struck me the most though were the plane crashes that occurred at CVG throughout the years. I had known about the Air Canada flight 797 emergency landing but was surprised to learn of these other major crashes that occurred:


January 12, 1955; TWA Martin 2-0-2 flight from the then "Boone County Airport" to Cleveland; Collided with a privately owned DC-3 shortly after take-off killing all passengers and crew on both aircraft totaling 15 fatalities.

American Airlines flight 383: November 8, 1965 was a NYC-CVG flight on a 727-123; The aircraft crashed into a hillside on final approach to the airport killing 58 out the 62 people on board.

TWA flight 159: November 6, 1967 was a NYC-CVG-LAX flight on a 707; Crashed after an attempt to abort take-off after having clipped a Delta DC-9 which was reported to have cleared the runway but hadn't. 1 passenger was killed. Just 14 days later.....

TWA flight 128: November 20, 1967 was a LAX-CVG-PIT-BOS flight on a Convair 880; The aircraft struck trees and crashed short of the runway after being cleared for the final approach, killing 70 of the 82 passengers and crew aboard. A close friend of the family's grandparents were actually killed in this crash and there is apparently a memorial near the airport for this crash as well as the American one.

The flight 383 and 128 crashes were particularly major news at the time and I find it interesting all these big accidents that devastated and shocked the community have now been all but forgotten. I'm curious, are there perhaps other major accidents since forgotten that have occurred at your local airport? Feel free to comment and offer up any additional information you might have.

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User currently offlineMEA-707 From Netherlands, joined Nov 1999, 4358 posts, RR: 35
Reply 1, posted (3 years 5 months 19 hours ago) and read 38947 times:

Of course only a few people will remember all the hundreds of major accidents, just like that most posters here probably have forgotten most ship and train accidents. A major factor is if Air Crash Investigations on National Geographic did something about it. These things get repeated daily and everybody in bars and on birthday parties talk about crashes like Alaska 261.
It also really depends on who were on board. The Afriqiyah A-330 crash of May 2010 was major news in the Netherlands as 70 Dutch were on board, but elsewhere or on Airliners.net it didn't get one percent of the attention of the Air France A-330.
Older major crashes involving the Netherlands about which you hardly hear people in third countries are the DC-8s or Martinair on a hadj charter in 1974 and of Surinam Airways in 1989. Both killed about 190 people.

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User currently offlineWA707atMSP From United States of America, joined Oct 2006, 2264 posts, RR: 8
Reply 2, posted (3 years 5 months 15 hours ago) and read 38569 times:

I think about the AA 727 and TWA 880 crashes every time I approach CVG out of the north. How close are the crash sites to one another?

Some crashes that have been almost forgotten do get attention decades later. A memorial will be dedicated next month to the victims of a Northwest Airlines Martin 202 crash near MSP in March, 1950.

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User currently offlineglbltrvlr From United States of America, joined Oct 2007, 770 posts, RR: 0
Reply 3, posted (3 years 5 months 14 hours ago) and read 38393 times:

Don't forget TWA 260 out of ABQ. One of the few if only site where the public can still view the wreckage.


User currently offlinesshd From Spain, joined May 2011, 74 posts, RR: 0
Reply 4, posted (3 years 5 months 14 hours ago) and read 38244 times:

The latest big crash in Spain was Spanair flight JK5022 MAD-LPA. 2008.
Aircraft: MD82.
Fatalities: 154

Still under investigation, but seemed that the crew took off without flaps http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanair_Flight_5022

User currently offlineGlareskin From Netherlands, joined Jun 2005, 1308 posts, RR: 1
Reply 5, posted (3 years 5 months 14 hours ago) and read 38205 times:

Quoting MEA-707 (Reply 1):
The Afriqiyah A-330 crash of May 2010 was major news in the Netherlands as 70 Dutch were on board

But even more so because one little boy (Dutch) survived the crash which was remarkable if you saw the debris left on the crash site.
How about the Tenerife crash, still the most lethal in history I think? Is it just me because there was a KL 747 involved or is this one of the most remarkable crashes of all times?

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User currently offlineKC135TopBoom From United States of America, joined Jan 2005, 12179 posts, RR: 51
Reply 6, posted (3 years 5 months 13 hours ago) and read 38150 times:

Yes, that tragidy involved a KL B-742 and a PA B-741. The only survivors were aboard the PA B-747.

User currently offlineMEA-707 From Netherlands, joined Nov 1999, 4358 posts, RR: 35
Reply 7, posted (3 years 5 months 13 hours ago) and read 38061 times:

Quoting Glareskin (Reply 5):
How about the Tenerife crash

I mentioned three relatively forgotten Dutch crashes as that's what the OP was asking for. The Tenerife one is not exactly 'forgotten' as it is still discussed by professionalists and hobbyists.

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User currently offlineLoneStarMike From United States of America, joined Jul 2000, 3867 posts, RR: 34
Reply 8, posted (3 years 5 months 12 hours ago) and read 37956 times:

Allegheny Flight 853 is another is another crash you seldom hear about any more. It happened on September 9, 1969 when an Allegheny DC-9 & a Piper Cherokee collided over Indiana killing everyone aboard both flights.


User currently offlinedstc47 From Ireland, joined Sep 1999, 1490 posts, RR: 3
Reply 9, posted (3 years 5 months 12 hours ago) and read 37837 times:

The Staines Trident crash is beginning to slip from memory, despite the many controversial aspects associated with it.

First aircraft accident where I knew some of the persons killed.

User currently offlineGonzalo From Chile, joined Aug 2005, 1996 posts, RR: 2
Reply 10, posted (3 years 5 months 11 hours ago) and read 37734 times:

Quoting flyguy89 (Thread starter):
Feel free to comment and offer up any additional information you might have.

Well, maybe this is not exactly what you are expecting as additional information, but regarding the subject of how easily we can forgot major air disasters, I can tell you that I have a personal database, where I have listed all the major Jet crashes since the year 1973 ( when I was born ), with the requirement to enter in the database of the aircraft being a Civilian jet ( freighter or pax service ), and being written off as a consequence of the crash. So far, I have listed 690 crashes, with an average of 18 crashes per year / 1,5 crash every month between 1973 and today. Considering this numbers, you can see that it is basically impossible to remember every crash in the aviation history, even if you exclude all the crashes that involve props / turboprops and you put a limit in the timeline like me. I never checked the number of crashes between the first Comet crashed and the first crash of my database in 1973, but I'm pretty sure there were a lot of civilian aircraft that suffer big accidents in that period too.



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User currently offlinejonathanxxxx From United States of America, joined Feb 2011, 673 posts, RR: 1
Reply 11, posted (3 years 5 months 11 hours ago) and read 37731 times:

Personally I havent seen much talk about the AA crash in Cali in 1995.

User currently offlinebmacleod From Canada, joined Aug 2001, 2377 posts, RR: 0
Reply 12, posted (3 years 5 months 11 hours ago) and read 37718 times:

As a Canadian, it surprises me not much is told about the 1978 PWA (Pacific Western) crash in BC.


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User currently offlineTSS From United States of America, joined Dec 2006, 3070 posts, RR: 5
Reply 13, posted (3 years 5 months 10 hours ago) and read 37250 times:

There was Galaxy Airlines Flight 203 out of RNO on January 21, 1985, which resulted in the deaths of 70 of the 71 people on board. The sole survivor of that crash was found still strapped to his seat sitting upright in the middle of Virginia Street, Reno's main North-South thoroughfare.


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User currently offlinetype-rated From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 14, posted (3 years 5 months 10 hours ago) and read 37103 times:

Also forgotten was the TW 529 Constellation crash in a corn field in Claredon Hills, IL in 1961. I had relatives living across the street from the corn field that it crashed into. Supposedly a bolt came out of the elevator boost assembly causing loss of control. It had departed MDW just a few minutes earlier. The trip was BOS-IDL-PIT-MDW-LAS.

The area around the crash site was developed, but nothing was built on the site itself. There isn't a memorial, but the circle indicates ground zero. The Claredon Hills fire department back then was only a volunteer fire department and they didn't have enough equipment to handle the disaster. There were quite a number of children on this flight traveling with their parents. My aunt that lived near by said that quite a few people were arrested for looting valuables from the dead and their luggage. Just despicable.

User currently offlineJamake1 From United States of America, joined May 2004, 1023 posts, RR: 2
Reply 15, posted (3 years 5 months 10 hours ago) and read 37020 times:

I recently came across these photos of the SAS DC-8 that ditched in Santa Monica bay while attempting to land at LAX in 1969. 15 passengers and crew were killed in the accident, however 30 survived.


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User currently offlineedina From United Kingdom, joined Jul 2003, 747 posts, RR: 9
Reply 16, posted (3 years 5 months 10 hours ago) and read 36978 times:

UT772.......the 1989 bombing of a UTA DC10.


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User currently offlineozark1 From United States of America, joined Mar 2006, 535 posts, RR: 1
Reply 17, posted (3 years 5 months 10 hours ago) and read 36851 times:

You guys can help me on this one. I think AA's 727-100's were actually referred to as 727-023's? I know the 200's were 223's but it sure seems to me that i remember 023 being the number designated on the passenger safety information card.

User currently offlineflymia From United States of America, joined Jun 2001, 7276 posts, RR: 6
Reply 18, posted (3 years 5 months 10 hours ago) and read 36557 times:

One that I did not even know about until about a year ago. Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 705 was a scheduled passenger flight operated on 12 February 1963 by a Boeing 720 aircraft which broke up in midair and crashed into The Everglades shortly after take-off from Miami International Airport in a severe thunderstorm. A midair break up that is some serious stuff right there.

Another one is National Airlines Flight 2511 which in January 6, 1960 crashed en-route from MIA to JFK/ Idlewild when a bomb exploded which was planted in the plane by Julian A. Frank, a lawyer from New York City. It is thought he did it to do a murder suicide. This flight should have been a loaded 707 but becaue of a cracked window they had to split the passengers between a DC-6 and Electra.

National Airlines Flight 967 another aircraft which is thought to have gone down from a bomb mid flights on a MIA-TPA-MSY route, lost in the Gulf.

It is crazy how often accidents happened.

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User currently onlineflyguy89 From United States of America, joined Feb 2009, 2000 posts, RR: 21
Reply 19, posted (3 years 5 months 10 hours ago) and read 36548 times:

Quoting MEA-707 (Reply 1):
Of course only a few people will remember all the hundreds of major accidents, just like that most posters here probably have forgotten most ship and train accidents.

It's not so much that I expect everyone to remember, I realize there are hundred of fatal crashes throughout history. I suppose I was more surprised that it wasn't remembered more in the Cincinnati area. It's a mid-sized city so events like these really make an impression on the community and micro-fiche reels from the news papers show that it was front-page news for days, just surprised I hadn't heard about them sooner I guess.

Quoting LoneStarMike (Reply 8):
Allegheny Flight 853 is another is another crash you seldom hear about any more.

Wow yeah hadn't heard of that one, at least it seems to have an entire website dedicated to it though, thanks for sharing!

Quoting WA707atMSP (Reply 2):
I think about the AA 727 and TWA 880 crashes every time I approach CVG out of the north. How close are the crash sites to one another?

I always do get curious when landing if that's the approach we'll take, hard not to if you're aware of these accidents, I suppose at the time that approach to CVG was considered fairly dangerous?

Quoting TSS (Reply 13):
The sole survivor of that crash was found still strapped to his seat sitting upright in the middle of Virginia Street, Reno's main North-South thoroughfare.

That's pretty incredible, sounds he cheated death.

Quoting glbltrvlr (Reply 3):
Don't forget TWA 260 out of ABQ. One of the few if only site where the public can still view the wreckage.

Reminds me of the Capital Airlines crash.

Quoting Jamake1 (Reply 15):
I recently came across these photos of the SAS DC-8 that ditched in Santa Monica bay while attempting to land at LAX in 1969.

Those pics look pretty epic, hard to believe more weren't killed.

User currently offlineTripleDelta From Croatia, joined Jul 2004, 1124 posts, RR: 7
Reply 20, posted (3 years 5 months 10 hours ago) and read 36518 times:

There is also the mid-air collision above Vrbovec, Croatia back in 1976... until Überlingen in 2002, this was Europe's worst post-war collision: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1976_Zagreb_mid-air_collision. Even today, its consequences and ramifications remain fresh within Croatian ATC...

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EDIT: I seem to be having some problems with posting the link...

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User currently offlinenotaxonrotax From Ecuador, joined Mar 2011, 540 posts, RR: 1
Reply 21, posted (3 years 5 months 9 hours ago) and read 36342 times:
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A crash that gets very little attention, considering the lethal ending; is TAM 3054 at Congonhas!
"Air Crash Investigations" never made an episode on it, which is strange……….
It is such an interesting case, as it came down to weather, runway conditions, malfunctioning systems in the aircraft and pilot error / judgment.

As was said before, like them or hate those shows on Discovery Channel, they do make people remember certain crashes a lot more than others!

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User currently offlinetype-rated From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 22, posted (3 years 5 months 9 hours ago) and read 36123 times:

Not typically a crash but I recently read about a NW DC-9 that made a precautionary landing in Colorado somewhere and ended up in a snow bank. The Captain forgot to depressurize the aircraft and took the crash axe to the L1 door. When he hit the door, the axe bounced back and hit him in the forehead putting a deep cut in his forehead. Then the F./O depressurized the aircraft and the door opened with ease.

Anyone know the details?

User currently offlineBOAC911 From United States of America, joined Sep 2004, 454 posts, RR: 0
Reply 23, posted (3 years 5 months 8 hours ago) and read 35044 times:
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A chartered Nationair DC-8 Stretch in Jeddah, around 1987 with pilgrimers, heading to West Africa (IIRC Nigeria or Chad?). Fire in the wheel well right after takeoff; cause was determined to be under-inflated tires. Fire burned so intensely that some passengers (IIRC I believe 6, two rows on the left side) fell out the fuselage. Aircraft crashed in the proximity of threshold, after turning around and trying to make an emergency landing. No survivors. Nationair went belly-up shortly thereafter.

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User currently offlinePillowTester From United States of America, joined Nov 2004, 245 posts, RR: 0
Reply 24, posted (3 years 5 months 7 hours ago) and read 34669 times:

Quoting type-rated (Reply 14):
Also forgotten was the TW 529 Constellation crash in a corn field in Claredon Hills, IL in 1961. I had relatives living across the street from the corn field that it crashed into. Supposedly a bolt came out of the elevator boost assembly causing loss of control. It had departed MDW just a few minutes earlier. The trip was BOS-IDL-PIT-MDW-LAS.

The area around the crash site was developed, but nothing was built on the site itself. There isn't a memorial, but the circle indicates ground zero. The Claredon Hills fire department back then was only a volunteer fire department and they didn't have enough equipment to handle the disaster. There were quite a number of children on this flight traveling with their parents. My aunt that lived near by said that quite a few people were arrested for looting valuables from the dead and their luggage. Just despicable.

I live and am currently typing from just a block or so south of this accident site. Walk past it many times, you would never tell it was there except that all the streets end around this square block of wooded area.

I always try to find more information about this larger crash that happened right down my street but it's hard to come by. There is no memorial, and are there any photos?

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101 vhqpa : In Australia there were quite a few accidents in the sixties. - 10 June 1960, TAA loses a Fokker F27 in the Coral sea on approach into Mackay to date
102 WA707atMSP : Robert Serling's excellent book "Loud and Clear" discusses the investigation of this crash. This book has been out of print for 40 years, but it isn'
103 type-rated : This accident was caused by the high sink rate a 727 can have with 40 degrees of flaps. When the 727 first came out there were quite a few accidents
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105 Post contains links 777jaah : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wXdOOVhtp8 Since I was born and raised in Cali, that's a crash that comes out very often between our friends. I knew a
106 isitsafenow : EA66 from MSY...a micro burst as it was coming over the lights on 22L...or was it 22R? EA212 cockpit boys were on final in light fog talking about ev
107 LoneStarMike : The book was titled Sound of Impact LoneStarMike
108 Post contains links and images david_itl : Well we did have a thread about it on it's 35th anniversary that produced a tremendous number of replies. We've also got the BEA Viscount crash aroun
109 Post contains images SKYMILER : I will never forget seeing the huge pall of black smoke from the wreckage of the TCA DC-8 (CF-TIW) near YYZ in 1970 ....
110 luv2fly : Southern Airways flight 242 April 4th DC9 and Northwest 1482 and Northwest 229 a DC9 and 727 that collided in DTW on the runway in heavy fog. December
111 SKYMILER : I was in New York that sad day ..... remember it well ....
112 moose135 : 22 Left, per the NTSB report (which the forum won't let me include a link to...)
113 Post contains links jsnww81 : Another often-forgotten one is the 1973 crash of Texas International Flight 655, a Convair 600, in the mountains in west-central Arkansas. The plane w
114 Post contains links Jamake1 : Here is an intriguing news report 30 years after that accident: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHkSo7djNlE
115 tonymctigue : Major accidents according to the Wikipedia page on Shannon: December 28, 1946 - TWA Lockheed Constellation Flight 6963 crashed attempting to land at t
116 BAViscount : I'd never even heard of it till I read this. Yes, the response was a tad underwhelming!
117 type-rated : Texas International Flight 655 was caused by the pilot scud running. We have all heard not to do it, but he did and while they weren't paying attentio
118 Post contains links and images FlySSC : If everybody remembers the PA/KLM at Tenerife, and the TK 918 (DC10), it seems that everybody has forgotten the very first crash of a B747 : Flight Lu
119 Post contains links BoeingGuy : http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,834039,00.html 85 fatalites. No-one ever seems to remember this one. It was 261, not 263. This wasn't
120 1stfl94 : However that top picture of the Lufthansa crash has often been erroneously described as being one of the Tenerife crash.
121 Post contains links jamake1 : Actually, it was a crash. The aircraft was totally destroyed. Furthermore, 4 passengers received serious injuries and 29 passengers were treated and
122 sparky35805 : Anyone remember United Viscount flt 823 on July 9 1964?Flight 823,PHL-DCA-TYS-HSV was being operated by The first Viscount 745 delivered to Capital,N7
123 BoeingGuy : Yes, one of two incidents where a 707 was able to maintain control and fly and land with an outboard engine and 25-30 feet of wing missing. They were
124 727LOVER : Sorry, the other being?????? Southern DC-9 at Huntington WV Wasn't there a movie about this like 5 years ago?
125 moose135 : Yes, the crash was a charter for the Marshall University football team. The movie "We Are Marshall" tells the story, although it really is more about
126 727LOVER : KE DC-10 at Tripoli.....1989?
127 PROSA : Growing up in Connecticut I was quite interested by that crash as it occurred in New York State very close to the Connecticut line. The Connie was tr
128 EDTrauma : Just picked up William Stockton's book on this accident. An absolutely riveting read.
129 FX1816 : The crash of Emery 017, DC871F on take off from MHR is not really talked about at all but it was and is still very important to me. N8079U FX1816
130 Post contains links Ty134A : That's an interesting one: Lauda 004 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DNOLq-tnFU
131 Post contains links BoeingGuy : http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,833903,00.html
132 Post contains images Braniff747SP : Damn. My apologies.
133 BoeingGuy : No prob. The important thing is that kind of accident never happen again, regardless of the flight number. When you consider the population and numbe
134 WA707atMSP : A Pan Am 707 had an uncontained engine failure on takeoff from SFO, which caused portions of one of the wings to fall off, but the aircraft was able
135 BoeingGuy : Yeah, one of the most spectacular incidents ever, that fortunately ended happily. They supposedly didn't want to come back to SFO or OAK because of q
136 falstaff : That is the first and only jet liner crash site I ever have seen while all the wreckage was still there. I remember all the local TV coverage like it
137 isitsafenow : I think it was called WE ARE MARSHALL......probably pick up the disc in Walmart or Target. In the movie the production used a DC9 model 10 on the ram
138 BWI5OH : I'm not sure of dates or airline (though I believe it was a PanAm 720) in the '60's that was in a holding pattern while descending into PHL. The plane
139 BoeingGuy : It was a Pan Am 707. Crashed at Elkton, MD.
140 moose135 : That was a Pan Am 707, flight 214, from San Juan to PHL, with a stop in BWI. After the stop, it was holding en route to PHL, and was struck by lightni
141 Post contains images KL5147 : On 6 oct 1981, NLM Cityhopper's Fokker F-28-4000 Fellowship, PH-CHI crashed near Moerdijk (NL) close to Rotterdam. Aircraft entered a tornado, which r
142 EIRules : I dont wish to start a diplomatic incident, and I do understand that there are more flights within the USA than most other comparable areas. But is it
143 BoeingGuy : How many accidents have their been by US based carriers in the past 10 years? Almost none: AA A300 and Lexington come to mind as far as major fatal a
144 Post contains images canoecarrier : One that comes to mind is the 1970 Wichita St. University football team crash near Loveland Pass, CO. It was a Martin 404 that couldn't climb out of t
145 Post contains links LoneStarMike : Another crash not mentioned yet (unless I missed it) was United Flight 227. This crash happened at SLC on November 11, 1965 - just 3 days after the AA
146 BoeingGuy : I believe that was the one where the pilot flew into the canyon for sightseeing, not realizing it was a box canyon that they got trapped in and could
147 EIRules : What about CO connection outside Buffalo? US in the Hudson (though I know there were no fatalities it was pretty miraculous). US express in Charlotte
148 727LOVER : N709PA, IIRC, which was a VERY early 707 bird. Interestingly, back on the 40th anniversary, one of the local papers here in Tampa Bay recently did a
149 milesrich : JAL DC-8 that landed in San Francisco Bay Southwest 737 at Burbank that slid through the fence and into the road. BAC 111 that hit the snowbank at TV
150 BoeingGuy : Yes, I was referring to fatal accidents. Then we'd also add the Pan Am 707 that lost 25 feet of it's wing and right engine at SFO (link I provided in
151 Post contains links rikkus67 : http://www.airdisaster.com/photos/pw-cal/photo.shtml It truly was amazing that everyone got off in this incident, when compared to a near exact same a
152 Post contains links UltimateDelta : One other one I'd heard about before, but forgot about (what does that say?) until this thread: http://aviation-safety.net/database/record.php?id=1968
153 canoecarrier : The NTSB report said that the plane was overloaded. That and poor management by the charter company. They had an equipment swap from a DC-6 to two Ma
154 Post contains links BoeingGuy : I remembered correctly: "During the flight to Denver he visited with passengers in the cabin, advising them that after refueling they would take a sc
155 Scooter01 : I'm surprised noone has remembered SN 548 -the first fatal crash of a Boeing 707 in commercial service. Just outside Brussel, killing the entire US fi
156 Post contains links and images DaBuzzard : Think you got the wrong accident. The one you refer to happened at YYC (uncontained engine failure on takeoff roll, stopped on runway, all evacuated
157 Post contains links canoecarrier : There's a little more information in the NTSB report. They weren't sightseeing flying around the mountains like tourists, but they did take the sceni
158 BoeingGuy : This one is especially sad because of the circumstances. The F/O was arming the speedbrakes shortly before touchdown but accidently deployed them. On
159 BAViscount : I know it's been a long and interesting thread, but it's there.
160 n5014k : Two crashes in Maryland that I recall. Someone already mentioned the Pan Am 707 that was struck by lightning. The other was a United Viscount that fle
161 Post contains links LoneStarMike : That would be United Flight 297 LoneStarMike
162 sparky35805 : Capital lost two Viscounts in Maryland,one in a mid-air with a T33 and the other due to severe turbulance.The latter was on the same day in May 1959 t
163 falstaff : I drove through that area dozens of times in the 1980s and never knew what happened there. Looks ok to me...
164 CairnterriAIR : A few come to mind... *The Avianca Boeing 707 that ran out of fuel while in a holding pattern at JFK and ended up crashing in someone's back yard out
165 jessbp : I was just thinking about that one. Wasn't it the case that the BA 707 had to taxi past the remains of a CP DC-8 that had crashed on approach to HND
166 moose135 : That very nearly ended up in my backyard - it came down less than 4 miles from my house. And I'm on the main road heading up to that area, so we had
167 canoecarrier : I remember thinking at the time how many people drive through the tunnel everyday that have no idea that 31 people died there in '70. My guess is tha
168 Post contains links BHMNONREV : Another one not mentioned was the Ozark Flight 809 FH-227 (N4215) which crashed about 2.5 miles from runway 30L at STL on July 23, 1973. 38 of 44 peop
169 LoneStarMike : The report you linked to also stated that LoneStarMike
170 Post contains links jamake1 : Here is a local news story about that crash with photos of the wreckage... http://www.kfvs12.com/story/13521438...irlines-flight-809?redirected=true
171 ajd1992 : Peter Nielsen was his name - I know a guy who's an ATC at Copenhagen airport who was in his graduating class for his ATC training and knew him well.
172 9MMPD : I remember a Martin Air DC10 crashing in Faro in the early 90s.
173 Post contains links golfradio : In 1996 a mid-air collision involving a Saudia Boeing 747 and an Air Kazakhstan IL-76 near New Delhi, India killed all 349 passengers and crew in both
174 Post contains links iberiadc852 : The Spantax CV-990 at TFN 3-12-1972 killing all. (155). It started the black legend of TFN, but was eclipsed by the KLM-Pan Am one. It's not even ment
175 Post contains images dlednicer : One that has fascinated me and isn't talked about much: On June 27, 1980 an Itavia (Aero Transporti Italiani) DC-9-15 (I-TIGI), Flight 870, crashed in
176 Solent : Remember the Air NZ Antarctica one only to well. My father and stepmother perished on that crash. Air NZ took my sister down to Antarctica early this
177 Post contains links ferengi80 : Two pretty much forgotten accidents in the UK happened around MAN. Both involved aircraft landing. The first was on 14th March 1957, when British Euro
178 Post contains links Jalap : One that came very close to being a major disaster: the Air Sahara crash at New Dehli airport. During a training flight it crashed onto the internatio
179 727LOVER : What about the two AI crashes on Mt. Blanc(?) What years, what planes and how far apart? I earlier mentioned the first TWA 800, any details? Hard to l
180 richierich : This accident did get lots of press coverage after it happened, but that was nearly 40 years ago. It is becoming 'forgotten' because it was on an air
181 Post contains links moose135 : Here you go... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TWA_Flight_800_%281964%29 Googled "TWA Flight 800 Rome" and this was the first hit.
182 727LOVER : Thanks moose. I've got another TWA 707 accident, but this time no details other than it was across the pond. My mother had saved newspapers from Kenn
183 sancho99504 : I remember maybe 10 years ago, seeing a few programs on discovery channel about that flight, improper usage of thrust reversers at gate to help groun
184 BoeingGuy : Yeah, the other problem was forgetting to arm the speedbrakes.
185 sancho99504 : Didn't they land about midway downfield as well? I remember hearing the CVR. FO was PF, told the captain he wasn't comfortable with the approach, cap
186 dlednicer : Interestingly, the pilot-incommand of this flight was Vernon W. Lowell, who went on to write Airline Safety Is a Myth (New York: Bartholomew House, 1
187 type-rated : Wow, the pilots thought engine no. 2 was reversing while it was actually producing thrust with no indication of such. How in the hell do you overcome
188 milesrich : And Captain Lowell recounted the TW800 Rome accident in his book.
189 EDTrauma : Crashed just across the street from MidEx's old headquarters building in Oak Brook, WI. It was a true testament to the guts of the MidEx'ers of the t
190 MEA-707 : I also think what helped was that the press was not all over them the way they were on Valujet. MidEx existed only for less then 2 years, had 3 DC-9s
191 Post contains links and images Viscount724 : Yes, March 5, 1966. Photo below of the BOAC 707-436 taxiing for takeoff past the wreckage of the CP DC-8-43 that crashed on landing the day before, k
192 Post contains links Aesma : In the same vein, there is West Caribbean Airways Flight 708 that crashed in 2005 in Venezuela. MD-82 with poor crew, 8 crew and 152 passengers kille
193 Geezer : I remember the above three accidents very well ! From approx. 1962 to 1969 I worked at the Texaco bulk terminal on River Road, just west of downtown
194 Post contains links and images zippyjet : Though it is far from forgotten its interesting that the syndicated radio show Coast To Coast AM has never done any shows or features on Eastern fligh
195 AR385 : If I recall correctly, the team that did the investigation had to add a chapter where one of the team members dissented from the probable cause. His
196 Post contains links iberiadc852 : And what about the nearly collission between JAL 744 and JAL DC-10? in 2001 near Tokyo?. It was very close to being the deadliest accident surpassing
197 Geezer : I put that program into the same category as Jerry Springer.................................... Charley
198 Post contains links and images N202PA : One that gets little attention is the 1974 crash of TWA flight 514 just outside Washington, DC: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TWA_Flight_514 TWA Flight
199 isitsafenow : DESTINATION INCORRECT....Flight was bound for DCA and DIVERTED due to DCA weather to IAD. safe.
200 OzarkD9S : One thing rarely mentioned about that crash, probably due to the bad taste, was the fact that the looters got to the victims before the rescue teams.
201 isitsafenow : LET ME CORRECT MY ERROR Flight was bound for DCA and diverted to IAD due to wx at DCA sorry for the confusion in post Number199. safe
202 N202PA : Correct; this was copied and pasted from Wikipedia, so it should be corrected on there...but it does explain the nature of the diversion in paragraph
203 Post contains links maxpower1954 : TWA 514 was the accident that finally led to the development of GPWS. Agruably the greatest safety improvement of the last 30 years. That same day, De
204 EA CO AS : You'd be surprised how horrible people in general can be following an accident. I was at work in the Phoenix Reservations Center on the afternoon tha
205 N202PA : Minor point, but it was a ferry flight to pick up the Baltimore Colts, who had just played the Bills that day. A terrible day in aviation, to be sure
206 Post contains links B727LVR : Here is a video of that site: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97ehY2ReSRQ I have not made the hike up the hill, but I would really like to, I live onl
207 Post contains links PROSA : Then there's the old wreck site just below the summit of Mt. Charleston near Las Vegas. The aircraft managed to hit near the peak of the tallest moun
208 B727LVR : There was a survivor of the KLM 747. The only reason she survived was because she chose not to reboard the flight to be with her boyfriend, since Ten
209 maxpower1954 : Thanks, I've been laboring under that misconception for years. It's my understanding much of the wreckage was left on site at Bear Mountain.
210 aggieflyboi04 : Sept 29, 1959 Braniff Flt 542 en route from Houston to Dallas crashed in Buffalo, Texas. Aircraft was an L-188 Electra 29 passengers and 5 crew member
211 isitsafenow : Whirl Mode was the problem. N9705C was delived to Braniff Sept 18 and went down Sept 29th. safe
212 josekmlb : I did not see anyone say it on here but I might of missed it. JAL123 the B747 that had its tail section ripped off while the pilots fought the plane f
213 iberiadc852 : And I didn't see the Chicago O'Hare's AA DC-10 either. This thread is so "successful" that accidents that don't appear here, automatically become "for
214 type-rated : And they lost another L-188 on the same route in 1968, BN 352. The "official" cause was flying into a thunderstorm cell, but there are those out ther
215 Argonaut : I've occasionally had the same thought, especially about the long list of Pan Am 707 accidents. In a similar vein: BOAC had four fatal crashes in 195
216 Post contains links Group51 : I was appalled to learn about this disaster and the likely causes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cubana_Flight_455 Next time I'm in Barbados, I'm going
217 Flaps : I was kind of thinking the same thing. I've studied aviation safety and crashes for many years and very few of the crashes listed above strike me as
218 727LOVER : USAir at CLT , also in 1994. CO 707 near Unionville, Missouri in 1962(?) First successful bombing of a commercial jet. World Airways DC-10 at BOS in 1
219 PROSA : If I'm not mistaken, some conspiracy nuts claimed that communications equipment in the secret Mount Weather facility interfered with the aircraft's n
220 maxpower1954 : Yes, nuts is correct. Completely without any basis. In the industry, TWA 514 is one of the most influential accidents of the jet age. It directly led
221 isitsafenow : Now here was strange one. The 727-100 went into Lake Michigan almost 15 miles from shore coming into O'Hare. It was a clear summer night August of 19
222 type-rated : I think we are repeating some of these accidents over and over again....
223 Post contains links srbmod : Found an article from the time about that one: http://www3.gendisasters.com/georgia...tliner-crashes-on-takeoff-may-1960 I also found on that site ab
224 maxpower1954 : Isitsafenow - actually, this one was very different from the other accidents you mentioned. The UA 727 flew into Lake Michigan at well over 200 knots,
225 isitsafenow : Thanks for your post....that's what I really like about A-net...you learn! When you mentioned the DC8 that almost went into the ocean, I then remembe
226 Gonzalo : Don't remember the poster or reply ( this thread is really long, in time and replies ), but somebody mentioned early the UA585 and then made the usua
227 Post contains images charlienorth : Agreed..while it is interestind pretty much all air disasters are forgotton in time, only remembered by those who knew people on the flight, witnisse
228 Post contains links LoneStarMike : Another decent source is wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Categor..._accidents_and_incidents_templates Each year has it's own link listing the m
229 jamake1 : See reply #15 in this thread. I posted a link with pics of the ill-fated SAS DC-8 resting in Santa Monica Bay.
230 type-rated : That link contains more crash reports than I have seen anywhere except for the NTSB site. It's loaded with literally lots of forgotten crashes.
231 PROSA : A year or two after the crash of US 427 I read a magazine article about the investigation, and one thing that jumped right out at me was that the firs
232 N202PA : I had the same experience after reading the book about the crash of Turkish flt. #981, which also was an aircraft that flew straight into the ground
233 type-rated : If you dig into some of the NTSB reports to find out what an aircraft went through before striking the ground, you have to wonder if the people in it
234 maxpower1954 : This thread has taken a macabre turn... On March 17, 1960 Northwest 710, a Lockheed Electra was enroute from MDY to MIA at 18,000 feet. Suddenly, clea
235 Post contains links milesrich : http://www.airliners.net/photo/Trans...irlines/Douglas-DC-9-14/0526114/L/ It was N7434U, not C. Also, the 1965 United 727 crashes were 727-22's, not 1
236 iberiadc852 : What about the China Airlines 676 in 1998 in Taiwan?. I don't know if exactly forgotten, as It's relatively recent and many people may remember it, bu
237 isitsafenow : I didn't say it was a 122. The Pacific Ocean loss was a model 100QC....so say the Boeing book AND the United QC's were registered numbered in the low
238 type-rated : I didn't intend for it to come out that way. I think that even people who fly tend not to think of these kind of things. As a pilot I view it as a re
239 type-rated : to add to my previous post: While it does bother crash investigators to go through a crash site they have to view the incident in a more clinical and
240 Post contains links LoneStarMike : This should bring back memories, then Chicago Fire Dept. - Midway Airport United Flight 553 Crash in 1972 The first part seems to be right after the
241 type-rated : By the time we got there, the area was already roped off. But we were about 6 houses down from the actual site. It was a cloudy, cold, wet day. We onl
242 desediez : I remember that Aeropostal of Venezuela (LAV) lost two Lockheed Constellations during the 50's. One near New York due to a free spinning prop after an
243 N202PA : Macabre, perhaps, but I've always felt that it's disrespectful to the dead in these accidents that we gloss over how they died. I don't think it shou
244 Post contains links N202PA : If you can stand it, there is a video recreation of the accident showing the view from the cockpit here: http://www.emarkay.com/Electra/ Not sure how
245 BoeingGuy : Actually SAS was 5 days before the UA accident that you refer to. Amen. EGPWS ("Enhanced") is even better. It fills a few holes in the old radio alti
246 richierich : I know this has come up before but does she really count as a survivor? Despite probably being on the passenger manifest, she wasn't on the plane at
247 Post contains links LoneStarMike : There's a documentary on this crash (in three parts) on Youtube that shows a lot of footage from that day, as well as interviews with the parents of
248 Post contains images isitsafenow : Over Staten Island Friday, Dec 16, 1960 around 10 40 am. And that's from memory.................. safe
249 richierich : For me, the accident is not forgotten even though it occurred well before I was born and even though I had the wrong year in my post. I realized afte
250 Post contains links vatveng : December 13, 1994, American Eagle flight 3379, a Flagship Airlines Jetstream 31 operating GSO-RDU crashed about 4 miles from RDU around Morrisville, N
251 PROSA : I suppose it might be more disturbing to clean up intact bodies. At least when there's not much left, it may be possible to think of the remains as n
252 Post contains links maxpower1954 : For those interested in the early Electra crashes of 1959-1960, here is the Life Magazine article from July 25, 1960. I wish comtemporary reporting co
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